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Greetings from the Weston clan in Stonyford!

November 2013, Volume V, ssue V

!he "ord has been ans#ering $rayers in our tiny Northern %alifornian to#n& '(evin) have been $reaching regularly and am currently finishing cha$ter si* of the Gos$el of +ohn& !he "ord has blessed #ith a good res$onse to ,is Word& -ur men and #omen.s /ible studies have been going #ell& We have seen a lot of gro#th in many individuals as #e have been studying though the gos$el of 0atthe#& 1ecently, $ut together a 0en.s retreat for a grou$ in our church& We had seven guys meet in the mountains to study God.s #ord and re2uvenate& We had times of $ersonal sharing and $reaching& shared t#o messages on fighting for the "ord in the trenches of our community& We had a cou$le 3V3 messages by 3avid Gibbs and -tto (oning& We also discussed the to$ics of ministry in our #or4 lives, our family lives, and our church lives& We #ere recently encouraged #ith a short visit from our 3istrict 1e$resentative, Walt +acoby& ,e s$ent an evening #ith us and our church board leaders& ,e brought us some encouragement and advice for this year and the follo#ing, as #ell as an u$date on the "ord5s #or4 throughout other Village 0ission churches& t is great to be reminded that our #or4 here is actually a $art of a great ministry that touches so many lives around North 6merica& -ur vision is to hel$ train many of our ne# believers& -ne #ay #e have achieved this is by our ne# #ee4ly disci$leshi$ class& We have been studying through /ible basics& We5ve been ecstatic about the res$onse! nitially, #e had only a cou$le individuals interested in this ty$e of disci$leshi$ class& We have outgro#n our $arlor study

in our home and have moved over to the church fello#shi$ hall to accommodate an average of 17 attendees& 6s another e*tension of e8ui$$ing ne# believers #ith the Word, a member of our church is hosting a #ee4ly class called the !ruth 9ro2ect& 3arleen 'and the children) has been faithfully serving in so many different #ays in our community at as #ell& 3arleen is to continually adding u$dates to im$rove our #ebsite& %hec4 it out: htt$:;;#estonmissions&#ord$ress&com;& <ou can find information about ho# to donate to our ministry as #ell as other things li4e our recent gallery of $hotos, and a recent children.s 9ee#ee 9irate $erformance& 3arleen is also teaching the %hildren5s %hurch #ith 0a2esty 0usic5s 9ee#ee 9irate %lub 9rogram& !heir material em$hasis learning /ible truths through song and /ible memori=ation& We have been busy> yet, tremendously e*cited in our #or4 here in Stonyford& God has ans#ered $rayers sent u$ by $eo$le li4e you& 9lease continue to $ray for us as #e fight the good fight& Some s$ecific $rayer concerns are listed belo#: %ontinue in $rayer for (eith as he finishes alcoholic rehab and $re$ares to come bac4 to Stonyford& !he "ord has #or4ed miraculously in his life and #e are e*cited to see his ne# gro#th in the "ord& 9ray for our disci$leshi$ class as #e teach the truth of God5s #ord& 9ray for our church outreach for our u$coming %hristmas service, 3ecember 17th& 9ray for services and the $reaching of God5s Word& 9lease be in $rayer as $re$are and share from God5s #ord in another local community& !he "ord has o$ened the door for my to $reach on a Saturday, 3ecember ?th& n the Service of our "ord, (evin, 3arleen, 6ddie, William, @ 9hili$ Weston 6ddress: 9&-& /o* 1AB Stonyford, %6 C7C?C ,ome $hone: '730) CA3D30?2 EDmail: #estonmissionsFgmail&com Website: htt$:;;#estonmissions&#ord$ress&com;