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Masters of Architects Marcus Vitruvius Pollio 1.

Presents a classification of requirements set for buildings firmitas, utilitas & venustas Andrea Palladio architecture Robert Venturi 3. less is bore 2. I Quattro libri dellarchitectura known The father of modern picture books of

Frederick Law Olmsted 4. The World Columbian Exposition built in 1863 which chief architect are Daniel Burnham and_______. Louis Sullivan 5. form follows function 6. ornament is a crime

Adolf Loops

Alexandre Gustav Eiffel7. Is the most famous for the eye catching tower he constructed in Paris for the exposition universally of 1889 work of Eiffel tower. Louis Henry Sullivan building, U.S. Yamasaki and Roth Palazzo Ducale and draft man. Adolf Hitler Frank Gehry 11. Who said The will of the epoch translated into space 12. In 1989 he received the prtzker prize commonly referred to a s The Noble of 9. Arch of the famous Twin Tower World Trade Center. 10. One of the most sublime painters and sculpture and one of the most influential architect 8. One of the pioneers of the modern movement in American architecture. Work auditorium

Architecture the loftiest recognition. It is a lifetime achievement award granted to living architect whose body of work represents a superlative contribution to the field. Erich Mendelsohn 13. His first designs were drawings of fantastic architectural visions in steel and glass as

well as costume and poster design. Kahn, Louis 14. Much of his works has been described as postmodern, since he rejected the excessive

abstractionism of architects such as Le Corbusier and strove instead to incorporate the valid elements of older style. Antonio Gaudi 15. Spanish architects, one of the most creative practitioners of his art in modern times. His

style is often described as a blend of neo-gothic and art nouveau, but it also has surrealist and cubist elements.

Buckminster Fuller

16. One of the worlds 1st futurist and global thinkers. His 1927 decision to work always

and only for all humanity led him to address the largest global problems of poverty, disease and homelessness. Lucio Costa Peter Behrens Peter Behrens and Van de Rohe. Le Corbusier Saarinen, Eliel 20. A house is a machine to live in philosophy belongs to 21. Finnish architect, who by preserving a rigor from Art Nouveau and never quite 17. This famous axiom Each one sees whatever he wishes to see belongs to, 18. This philosophy When change needs, asks a stranger belongs to, 19. He was called Masters master where his students are architects like Gropius, Breuer

succumbing to the full sentiment, produced extracting structures and restraint.

Felix Candela

22. Nicknamed The Shell builder because of his extensive exploration of the structural

possibilities of lightweight concrete roof construction, often using complex curve forms to exploit the tensile strengths within this versatile material. Marcel Breuer 23. The youngest of the pioneer modernists, was instrumental in shifting the bias of the

Bauhaus from the Arts and Crafts to Art and technology. Frank Gehry S.O.M 24. One of his strangest work is a fish-shaped restaurant in Japan called Fishdance 25. Architect of the John Hancock Center, Chicago

Kenzo Tange

26. A city is subjected to growth, delay and rebuilt belongs to,

Bernini Giovanni Lorenzo 27. Transformed the renaissance tradition of the universal artist-genius into the style which came to be known as Baroque- a fusion of the arts of archre, sculpture and painting to create new forms which above all created a dramatic impact and involved the spectator. Gropius Walter Le Corbusier Paul Rudolph 28. Founder of the Bauhaus 29. Architect of the pilgrimage chapel of Notre dame de Haut at Ronchamp. 30. Architecture is a personal effort remarked by.

Juan Nakpil Pablo Antonio Juan Arellano Tomas Mapua Francisco Maosa Leandro Locsin

31. less in more 32. Far Eastern University 33. Metropolitan Theater 34. De La Salle University 35. Tahanang Filipino (Coconut Palace) 36. Cultural Center of the Philippines

Andres Luna de San Pedro 37. Perkins House also known as El Nido (The Nest)

Philip Recto Froilan Hong Felino Palafox

38. Architect at the One San Miguel Avenue 39. Architect of the PHIVOLCS building in C.P. Garcia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City 40. Architect of the Rockwell center