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Dont Trust your Mind

Gan, Chennai
Created on 1st June 2013 Last modified

Our existence falls in anyone of the three states Viz, Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep State. Our Minds work all the ime except during Deep Sleep State. We are always riding on the !orse called Mind, most of the time if not "#x$. We think e%en without knowing that we are thinking. &sk any'ody what ha%e you thought during past one hour. (o'ody can come out with any clear explanation. We are addicted to hinking. )ather houghts ha%e addicted us.

Know the difference between Thoughts and Consciousness

*irst of all, we should know that we are not houghts. +f we keenly watch while you think or speak, we will find that 'etween two consecuti%e thoughts, a small gap occurs, which would remind us of our rue houghtless Self, called ,onsciousness-&wareness. his is our rue Self. he se.uence is like this/ houghts 0 ,onsciousness0 houghts0,onsciousness and so on. &wareness is the 'ackground in which houghts occur like wa%es arising in a still ocean. 1our houghts are dependent upon the ,onsciousness and the ,onsciousness is not dependent upon the houghts.

&ll thoughts are merely like clouds passing through the Sky. he Sky which is similar to ,onsciousness is in no way affected 'y the clouds. he Sky can exist e%en without ,louds. Similarly ,onsciousness can exist without the Mind. *irstly, there is nothing separately called Mind. here is 2rain. here are houghts. 2ig %olume of thoughts

'ecomes an entity called Mind. houghts are discrete. &ssem'led thoughts gi%e the feelings of Mind.

Whats wrong about the Mind?

houghts in themsel%es need not 'e perfect as there is no well defined limit for perfection. 3erfection of mind can go up to n th degree without end. So, &44 M+(DS &)5 S6275, O +M35)*5, +O(. ,O(S,+O6S(5SS alone is 35)*5, . &s long as you li%e in M+(D conflicts are o'%iously 'ound to happen. 3lease understand, M+(D means prone to +M35)*5, +O(. With so many M+(DS conflicting each other D+S0!&)MO(1 is certain to happen in the society. 5%en though you can not take these happenings easy, at least try not to take them %ery seriously.

Then, Should I not Think all the Ti e when I a


ake the simple case of watching a Mo%ie. Why do you not notice the ime mo%ing while watching the Mo%ie. 1ou are simply a'sor'ed in it. hat is, your consciousness is a'sor'ed in it. here are no thoughts arising during such time, except during 'rief periods. 1ou forget your own self during such times. 1ou forget all your pro'lems also at that time. his e.ually applies for all acti%ities where%er you are a'sor'ed fully without a trace of a thoughts like )esearch, Work, Sleep, 4o%e, Watching (ature, Writing 5xams 8Mostly Su' conscious )ecalling9 etc.

houghts arise on their own accord from su'conscious mind. he poof is, you cannot know what your next thought is at any moment. ,onsciously you can:t decide what:s your forth coming thought. We

gi%e only impetus to our thoughts 'y aggra%ating our in%ol%ement, like pouring oil in fire.

Is Mind not a Trust worthy !lly?

+t depends on how you ha%e trained it. 4ike, how your su'conscious Mind has 'een rained 'y your ,onscious Mind. he su' conscious Mind is Store ;eeper and the ,onscious Mind is the <ate ;eeper. One more nota'le thing called Vasanas and Samskaras are already 'rought into your su'conscious mind through heredity, en%ironment, society, culture, family 'ackground and many unknown reasons. 2ut still, nothing can enter the Stores without the permission of the <ate ;eeper. Similarly nothing can go inside your Su' ,onscious Mind without a ,onscious choice. +t is also dangerous if you don:t ha%e any conscious choice, like a sleeping gate keeper.

What are "asanas and Sa skaras?

Vasanas generally refers to the tendencies of past li%es most of which lie dormant in the mind. Only those appear which can find scope in this life. 2ut samskaras are the su'0conscious states which are 'eing constantly generated 'y experience. Vasanas are innate samskaras not ac.uired in this life time.

!6M&( 25+(<S too much identify themsel%es with the M+(D and think they are M+(D and get totally 4OS in the <&M5 of D6&4+ 1. his in turn creates *)+, +O( within you leading to !O6<! S, 5MO +O(S, *554+(<S etc. he M+(D can work only in D6&4+ 1. his creates S&MS;&)&S and V&S&(&S in the M+(D. 64 +M& 541 !5 <&M5 O* 4+*5 <O5S O( &(D

O( *O) 5V5). !5 M+(D functions on !)55 +M3O) &( 4&15)S. <OOD0 2&D, )+<! 0W)O(<, and 3OS+ +V50(5<& +V5. +t keeps all the human 'eings preoccupied and 'usy through constant entanglement and friction. 1ou 'ecome a 36335 of the M+(D, e%en without your own &W&)5(5SS. Mind has the capacity to =ustify e%erything. Mind does its work faithfully. Don>t fall %ictim to it. !re we like #obots or Machines?

?@A of the people are )o'ots. 2alance B@A think that they are not )o'ots. hat:s the only difference.

$our state ent is contradictory% $ou say, we create "asanas and Sa skaras using our free will% &ut now you say e'erybody is a #obot%

+n all pro'a'ilities it looks as though Di%ine Will is more powerful than our will. 5%en though we share the same stuff of the Di%ine, we fall short of the %ery Di%ine which has created us. his is 'ecause for a Di%ine Drama or 4ila this 'ecome a'solutely essential. +f you think <od 5n=oys your suffering, <od would say, the %ery person who is suffering himself is <od only. hen the e.uation 'ecomes correct.

There is constant chattering in

ind% (ow can I a'oid this?

,onsciously watch your M+(D. ,onsciously watch all your actions. Don:t 'e addicted to your M+(D. Don:t 'elie%e your M+(D. 3ut the

M+(D in O2S5)V& +O( Mode. 3ut a check to your Mind:s &uthority. ,rush the 5<O. &ssociate with people who ha%e less 5<O. Deploy all actions to put M+(D under control like Meditation, 3rayer, Satsang etc. *ire all your engines to 'ring the M+(D under control. &ll &DD+, +O(S are 'ad, whether it is <ood &ddiction or 2ad &ddiction

Whats your )inal ad'ice?

(e%er rust your Mind. &ll that arises from one:s M+(D must 'e thoroughly put to S,)6 +(1 'efore 'eing accepted 'y your S54*. ;now that you are playing a game called >4ife>, 'ut try to play it somewhat 'etter, e%en though much of the game is not in your hands.

One can always take the ad%ice of their well wishers who are sound in the su'=ect concerned, when one is in crisis while taking important decisions. We don:t lose anything 'y sharing our houghts. 2ut, we are certain to lose many things when we don:t share our houghts with others.

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