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GENERAL FEATURES Brand Model ID Form SIM Size SIM Type Touch Screen Business Fea!ures all Fea!

ures /andse! olor Sony Xperia Z1 Bar Micro SIM Single SIM, GSM Yes, apaci!i"e

Documen! #ie$er, %ushmail &Microso'! ()change *c!i"eSync+, ,eader Mode -oudspea.er Blac.

PLATFORM 0pera!ing Fre1 0S %rocessor Graphics DISPLAY Type Size ,esolu!ion olor TFT 4 Inches Full /D, 1695 ) 1535 %i)els 1? M GSM 2 345, 655, 1355, 16557 8MTS 2 9155 *ndroid ":;9 &<elly Bean+ 9;9 G/z =ualcomm Snapdragon 355, =uad *dreno >>5 ore

0!her Display Fea!ures T,I-8MI@0S Display $i!h X2,eali!y, Dus!2resis!an! &I%44 and I%43+, Sony B,*#I* (ngine, 0p!i on!ras! %anel, Aa!erproo' &I%44 and I%43+ CAMERA %rimary amera amera Yes, 95;B Megapi)el Yes, 9 Megapi)el -(D Yes, 1695 ) 1535 /D, Full /D Digi!al Zoom 2 3)

Secondary Flash

#ideo ,ecording /D ,ecording Zoom 0!her

amera Fea!ures Social amera *pplica!ions, Sony G -ens, *d"anced 0p!ics -ens, ()mor ,S Son Image Sensor, BI0@Z Sony %rocessing (ngine, 8nparalleled %ho!os and #ideo, Zoom 2 >), yCer2sho!, -o$ @oise, #ideo Image S!aCiliser, #ie$'inder, Social -i" In'o2eye, Timeshi'! Burs!, *, (''ec!, /D, 'or %ho!o and #ideo

DIMENSIONS Size Aeigh! BATTERY Type Tal. Time S!andCy Time >555 m*h 1: hrs &9G+, 14 hrs &>G+ 335 hrs &9G+, 345 hrs &>G+ B:)1::)3;4 mm 1B5 g

MEMORY AND STORAGE In!ernal ()pandaCle Memory Memory 1? GB microSD, up!o ?: GB 9 GB ,*M

INTERNET & CONNECTIVITY In!erne! Fea!ures %reins!alled Bro$ser G%,S (DG( >G Ai'i 8SB onnec!i"i!y (mail *ndroid, Google Yes, 15B .Cps Yes, 96? .Cps Yes, :9 MCps /SD%*7 4;3 MCps /S8%* Yes, 359;11 aDCDgDnDac Yes, micro 8SB, "9 8SB, Ai2'i /o!spo! *2G%S, $i!h Google Maps hrome

Te!hering @a"iga!ion Technology Blue!oo!h

Yes, ":, Suppor!ed %ro'iles &DI% 1;>, /ID%, /S% 1;9, *#, % 1;>, M*% 1;5, %M%01;5, 0%% 1;1, G*% D -(, /F% 1;?, S%% 1;1, *9D% 1;9, /D% 1;1, /, 1;1, %*% 1;1, %*@% 1;5+ >;4 mm Yes

*udio <ac. D-@* MULTIMEDIA Music %layer #ideo %layer FM Sound (nhancemen!

Yes, Suppor!s F-* , M%>, A*# Yes, Suppor!s *#I, X"iD, A(BM, M%:, ME#, >G%%, M:#, Full /D Yes

@oise Suppression, #oice (nhancemen!, %layS!a!ion er!i'ied, Sony (n!er!ainme @e!$or., >D Surround Sound, lear *udioF, Trac.ID Music ,ecogni!ion, )-oud ()perience

,ing!one OTHER FEATURES all Memory SMS Memory %hone Boo. Memory Sensors *ddi!ional Fea!ures


Yes Yes Yes *ccelerome!er, Magne!ome!er, Gyroscope, e ompass, *mCien! -igh! Sensor, %ro)imi!y Sensor

%air $i!h Magne!ic harging Doc. DE>1 $i!h @o @eed !o 0pen a 8SB ap, ST*MI@* Mode Ba!!ery, Micro /DMI Suppor!, *udio S!reaming, #ideo S!reaming M/- onnec!i"i!y, @F Suppor!, Screen Mirroring, #oice Inpu!, T# 0u! %or! Google %lay, Sony Music *pp, Sony (n!er!ainmen! Tele"ision, Sony %ic!ures, BIGFli), *sphal! B, -I@(, *lCum *pp, Mo"ies *pp, A*-EM*@ *pp, Social -i'e

Impor!an! *pps