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Reliable screw pumps for professional machining processes

- with a guaranteed supply of cooling lubricant

Small space required:
Compact design

Low maintenance:
Designed for easy servicing, simple installation and removal

Long service life:

Wear-resistant hardened housing, PVD-coated spindles made from special steel and long pumping system

Despite shorter processing times and falling prices, there is a constant demand for improved quality in the products from todays metal working processes. Higher cutting speeds, longer tool life, faster workpiece feed rates and increased process reliability all result in the need for just as reliable cooling lubricant pumps. Grundfos has developed the new MTS range of screw pumps to complement its existing selection of pumps for the metal working industry. The new range offers high pressures up to 130 bar, smooth pumping, a long service life and a low heat input to the cooling lubricant.

All the benefits at a glance:

Powerful partner:
Grundfos is one of the worlds leading pump manufacturers. In everything that we do, we take responsibility for our customers, for their customers and for the environment. For this reason we are constantly thinking ahead and developing new and innovative products.

Optimum design:
Carefully designed range, 7 sizes and 15 models

Experienced team:
We have a team of experienced specialists serving the machine tool and cooling lubricant industries. The members of our team offer expert consultancy, perfect design and a reliable service.

High pressure-resistant design:

Long, pressure compensating piston with labyrinth seal

Permanently lubricated, external ball bearings

Reliable products:
Grundfos pumps use high quality materials, have triedand-tested designs and offer the highest levels of quality. Our efficient logistics system with its worldwide sales and service organisation ensures timely delivery, high levels of availability and customer service all over the world.

Low operating costs:

Efficiency levels above 80%, low heat input to the cooling lubricant, low recooling requirements, efficient system design

Smooth and quiet:

Smooth, pulsation-free pumping, hydrostatic axial thrust compensation system with special compensating bush

Low operating costs:

Our carefully designed range of pumps offers the best possible design and operation, with high levels of efficiency. As a result, you and your customers have the highest levels of process reliability, low heat input and an efficient system configuration.

Long service life:

Maintenance-free, silicon carbide seal in accordance with DIN EN 12756 (in the D8.6 model)

Extensive range:
Grundfos has the cooling lubricant pump for you, regardless of whether you need a central or decentralised supply, large or small quantities, high or low pressures or fixed or variable flow rates. > Grundfos MT range:
MTS (E) 80-40 R 46 D 8.6

Two models and six installation options

The screw pumps from the MTS range are available with axial inlets and shaft seals (DQ model) or with radial SAE flange fittings and mechanical seals (D8.6 model).

Both models are ideally suited for vertical installation in or on a tank, but only the D8.6 model can be operated at a precharge pressure of up to a maximum of 10 bar. This carefully designed range of highly efficient pumps includes the right pump for every application.

Grundfos MTS 140 D8.6 screw pump with radial inlet with SAE flange and mechanical seal also suitable for horizontal dry installation

Performance data
Flow rate Q
Media temperature t Inlet pressure p2 Discharge pressure difference p Final pump pressure pd
Grundfos MTS 20 DQ model screw pump with axial inlet with pipe thread and shaft seal for vertical installation in or on a tank

10 to 900 l/min up to 80C up to 10 bar up to 100 bar (emulsion) up to 120 bar (oil) up to 130 bar up to 2.000 mm/s up to 250 mg/l up to 100 m

Model range Model range with integrated frequency converter Size/pressure (bar) Spindle thread direction (R=right) Spindle thread angle (degrees) Design features Shaft seal/fittings

Viscosity range v Contamination level Filter rating


Being responsible is our foundation Thinking ahead makes it possible Innovation is the essence


Cooling lubricant pumps for pressures up to 130 bar

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