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Annual Report 2012-13


What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is:A child or young person under the age of 18 years whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take part or whole responsibility for the care of a person who is ill, has a disability, is experiencing mental distress, is affected by substance misuse or HIV/AIDS.


To provide appropriate support for young carers To involve young carers fully in the development of the service To raise awareness in the community about young carers issues


Increased number of young carers receiving support Increased resilience & confidence Better access to information and advice Young carers feel better supported in caring role Improved educational outcomes Young carers have increased involvement in the support they receive Improved service for young carers Increased number of teachers/NHS staff/ Social workers able to identify hidden young carers Improved awareness of young carers issues in wider public


Congratulations to all the people, staff and volunteers, who have contributed to another very busy and successful year for Fife Young Carers. While continuing our day-to-day work we have also been looking to the future and Community Enterprise helped us to produce a Business Plan. This enabled us to submit an application to the Big Lottery Fund and we expect a reply very soon. Unfortunately we had to take some hard decisions during the past year due to lack of core funding. We reduced the number of group sessions for the seniors and also decided not to meet on a regular basis during school holidays. However, thanks to other sources of funding, we ran various special outings and trips during the holidays as you will see from the following report. Thanks to a successful bid from the Carers Information Strategy monies, we were very pleased to welcome a new Schools Worker, Dawn Murray, in October. Dawn has made a very good start, initially in West and Central Fife. Another success story is the introduction of Young Carers Authorisation cards. Fife is one of the pilot areas and indications are that these are being very well received. While core funding remains very tight we are especially grateful for all the donations and fundraising which has been received this past year. Without this we would not be able to do all the things which our Young Carers really appreciate and benefit from. Helen Guild Convenor

Fife Young Carers in numbers


Our total caseload as of March 2013 was 191, an increase of 13 from the previous year. For these young carers we provided over 2000 group sessions, over 600 respite breaks/trips and 130 1:1 sessions. Fife Young Carers received 93 new referrals in 2012/13, of which 60 % were living in a single parent household.

28 42 23

Male Female

1518years 12-14 years 8-11 years



The Statement of Financial Activities shows a surplus of 13,634 for the year, compared with a deficit of 7,033 for the previous year. However, this included an advance payment of 8,754 for use in 2013-14, so the surplus for the year is in effect 4,880. Core funding from Fife Council was overspent by 4,552 because of pressure arising from the very high workload, but this was compensated by underspending on restricted funds. Total incoming resources for the year (252,707) increased by 35,106 compared to the previous year. The grant from Fife Council remained the same (134,768) and this constituted most of the incoming resources. Carer Information Strategy Funding from the Scottish Government amounted to 64,610. Donations received amounted to 18,308, an increase from the previous year of 4.199.Fundraising rose from 453 in the previous year to 1,794. The pie chart shows diagrammatically the sources of income for the year.

Funds Received

Fife Council

CIS Donations Other funding received

Total resources expended for the year were 239,073, an increase of 14,439 from the previous year. This was due mainly to the increased cost of charitable activities. Salary costs were up by 11,262, arising from the payment of extra hours necessary because of workload pressures. Transport costs were again up significantly by 4,293, and the cost of telephones, postage and stationery was up by 5,077, most of the increase arising from Carers Information Strategy and Youth Authorisation Cards. Costs in some other areas were reduced to compensate for these rises. The surplus of 13,634 has resulted in an increase of reserves from 20,569 in 2011-12 to 34,203 at 31 March 2013. This result is due to the careful control of financial resources by the Manager and his staff. In accordance with Regulation 11 of the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006, the Accounts were Independently Examined by Paterson Boyd and Co. The Independent Examiners opinion is that no matter has come to attention which gives them cause to believe that the requirements of the charity in relation to its accounts have not been met. Nor is there any matter to which the charitys attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached. Ian Dorward Treasurer


Managers Report

Another year and more highlights and demands for Fife Young Carers who said that working in the voluntary sector was relaxing and stress free! Over the last 4 years, since I joined Fife Young Carers, I have witnessed an increasing awareness of young carers issues and an increasing demand for services. In terms of a higher profile for young carers issues, the undoubted priority development was the launch last June of Fife's own young carer strategy 'Getting It Right for young carers in Fife'. I must thank all the partner agencies for their commitment and participation but special thanks should go to Jacqueline Price of the Education Service who has led the initiative with skill, determination and good humour. I was particularly proud of the involvement and input of the young carers from the Focus group in this process. With Nina Collins, they have thrown themselves into everything that was asked of them, in the development and now delivery of the strategy. Many thanks to them.

I was also delighted to recruit Dawn Murray to the Schools Worker post, funded through the Carers Information Strategy, whose work is already reaping rewards in terms of schools awareness of young carers issues and the identification of schools champions and peer support. It is a huge agenda (19 Secondary and 142 Primary schools) however I am very hopeful that our current bid to the Big Lottery will be able to deliver increased resources to this area of work and maybe free up Carers Information Strategy money for other young carer initiatives?! Personally I was also really pleased to able to support the National Agenda by becoming co-chair of the Scottish Young Carers Alliance, which provides a network of support and guidance to young carer projects throughout Scotland. The Alliance


also plays a role in advocating on young carers issues with the Scottish Government and is a major partner in the strategic development of services for young people providing a caring role. But to be honest, the main highlights for me are always when you are in the company of our young carers from Fife. Whether its playing games at Ballast Bank, seeing off some of our young carers on the train to Blackpool, joining our older young people for their first Christmas meal at the mexican restaurant (very mature), chilling out at Carlogie House or watching McFly at the Young Carers Festival before spending 3 hours in A&E with a young carer with a swollen knee! All these experiences are a privilege and despite our occasional hassles this job is still one of the best you can get. Thank you. As ever I must give wholehearted thanks to all the staff, sessional workers and volunteers, who have gone above and beyond their remit (and hours) to deliver a service for young carers. Whenever we have had problems or challenges to meet our increasing demand, I have been supported to, solve problems, fill gaps and of course make posters! I of course also must thank our committee, who provide support and guidance and without whom we would not exist. Roy MacGregor Manager


Local Support for Young Carers

Despite the many opportunities we have developed for young carers in Fife, the primary focus of our work remains the service based around our local respite support groups in Tayport, Kennoway, Glenrothes Inverkeithing, St Andrews and Cupar. This service is delivered by our local area Support Workers, Kay Templeman (Central), Rose Davis (West) and Jordana Gold (NE Fife). Over the years our number of referrals have increased considerably from 39 in 2008/9 to 93 in 2012/13 and this year we have had to increase and adapt our groups from just juniors and seniors - to juniors, intermediates and seniors (15 years plus). Unfortunately due to financial restraints the seniors groups can only meet monthly and this group have been very voluble (I am glad to say) in their concern about having a reduced service. Over the past couple of years we have made a determined effort to find out what kind of service young carers want and they have overwhelmingly reaffirmed the benefit of attending these respite groups. In many cases they would like to meet together more often than we can afford to provide! Assessments Support to families Running respite groups

1:1 Support

Support Worker Role

Day trips

Advocacy Partnership working Residential breaks


Support Goup Activities Over year there is an ebb and flow to their work with the focus on support groups in school terms interspersed with other activities, residential and small group outings for young carers during holiday periods. 2012/13 has been no different and we have tried to deliver a range of experiences and supports which we hope will reduce the negative effects of these young peoples caring responsibilities. Examples of some of our work:Allotments in Glenrothes Issue Based Sessions (i.e. bullying, healthy living, team building) Arts and Crafts (special ongoing thanks to Majorie Lyon, committee member) Cooking Movie Nights Fashion Shows Beach BBQs Weather Project Day Trips/Outings:Pantomimes Meals Go Karting Visit to Fife Animal Park Cinema Swimming Fife Youth Theatre Edinburgh visits Visit to Scottish Parliament Residential and Holidays:Young Carers Festival Blackpool Dalguise Outdoor Education Carlogie House


Young Carers Schools Worker

In October 2012 Fife Young Carers was delighted to access funding from the Carers Information Strategy to appoint a new Young Carers School Worker, Dawn Murray. As well as meeting the needs of Fife Children's Services Plan and the Carers Information Strategy the post particularly addressed the requirements of the newly launched Fife Young Carers Strategy. In particular the need to identify and support young carers in the school setting. The objectives were To raise awareness and encourage a greater understanding amongst school staff of the needs of young carers and to emphasise how caring responsibilities can impact on achievement and attendance. To introduce staff and pupils to new initiatives for Young Carers i.e. the authorisation cards, profile pages for schools and School Champions. Raise awareness with peers in order to promote understanding, empathy, support and inclusion. Help reduce bullying and social isolation. Initially Dawn engaged with young carers currently in our service. She gathered their views on what information to include in awareness sessions to pupils and staff on young carers issues. Dawn would like to thank the young carers for sharing their experiences and for highlighting ways young carers could be supported in school. A priority for young carers schools work is to assist both primary and secondary schools to appoint a Young Carers Champion. A Young Carers Champion is a member of staff with a special responsibility for Young Carers. An important part of Dawns work has been to encourage and support schools in developing young carers champions in their schools. As well as developing young carers champions Dawn also delivered awareness sessions to both staff and pupils in school. Sessions have been delivered to 870 secondary pupils and 600 P6/7 pupils. Feedback from pupils show that their understanding of young carers issues increased by between 80 and 90% and these sessions I thought it was interesting and l found it amazing to know that other people live so differently I enjoyed this workshop/ talk and if l need help I know where to go. Thanks.

Young Carers Schools Worker contd

Comments from teachers Class were very engaged It was a really informative and useful session.


Comments from teachers Great awareness exercise for us all. We will follow this up.

Dawn will continue to work with schools to ensure that pupils are aware of the support not only provided by Fife Young Carers and their school, but also by other services across Fife. The goal over the coming year will be to have a Young Carers Champion in not only all the 19 secondary schools in Fife but also in the 142 primary schools as well. Thanks to all the schools who have engaged with Dawn to ensure that young carers have access to additional support in school.


Young Carers Trip to Holland

16 young carers were offered a break this year which happened in September following some fantastic fundraising by employees at Canvas Holidays. The fundraising group gave up their own time and took part in a variety of sponsored activities such as walks, marathons, Ben Lomond climb, bake-a-tons, lunches and a collection at Raith Rovers in order to raise the money. Those who werent walking or climbing were digging deep to contribute to the ever growing fundraising total. The campsite boasts a theme park and water park on site so no wonder all the young carers where so excited when they took off from Edinburgh bound for Holland. Some had never flown before and were glad of the distraction of having the other young carers around them. It was a late arrival that night at the campsite so it wasnt until the next morning that they got the chance to take in where they were. The first stop that day was the fantastic theme park where they thoroughly enjoyed all the rides. The group visited the waterpark every evening where the favourite was the lillypad water slide exit from it is upside down, poor Kirsty (one of the staff) just couldnt do it, but enjoyed trying!!! The second day was spent on a trip to Amsterdam, unfortunately we hadnt been able to book a visit to Anne Franks House but the group saw the house when they were on the canal boat cruise. Whilst they were in Amsterdam they visited the Nemo Science centre



where some brave young people tried the raw fish (YUCK!!). The giant bubbles and pulleys were a highlight of the visit. On the final day the group took a bike ride to a nearby beach. Everyone was desperate for a paddle however only three brave souls managed it in the end as the sea was absolutely freezing!!! The last stop before the journey home was to a local pancake restaurant where they were allowed to customise their own pancakes with chocolate, cream and sweets. (YUM!!) Fife Young Carers would like to sincerely thank the Fundraising Team at Canvas Holidays especially Mike, Gillian and Leona (who did all the coastal path walk) and everyone else who raised or donated money. The young carers had a fantastic holiday, the memories of which will keep them going when times are hard, thank you so much!!!

Young carers enjoying a meal at the pancake restaurant

Farewell HollandThe best holiday ever!!


Scottish Young Carers Festival 2012

There was even more excitement about the Young Carers Festival this year instead of one overnight stay the Scottish Government had funded a two night break for young carers from all over Scotland. In August, 24 young carers packed their rucksacks or suitcases with wellies, hair straighters (!), sun cream (well you never know!), torches, the kitchen sink(!) and set off for the festival. They joined the other 500 or so young carers from all over Scotland for the 5th young carers festival, Two of our young carers were part of the media team this year and prior to the festival they spent a week receiving training on interviewing and how to operate the festivals radio station. They put the skills to good use and helped to man the festival radio station over the weekend. For the rest of the group the two days were filled with activities such as giant inflatables, zip wire, cake making, animation and drama workshops, stage make-up and discos . Well done to all the young carers who were brave enough to climb the giant pole (especially those who stood at the very top!!) and the giant zip wire (wheee!) Sunday at the festival is traditionally political debate day where invited guests such as MSPs, councillors, social work, health and education representatives, visit the festival and answer young carers questions about the support they need. A group of young carers from Fife took part in the debates and shared their views with both local and national representatives. Thanks to all the partners who organise this event and to Carer Information Strategy funding which enables our young carers to take part.

YCs chat to Cllr Alex Rowley




Nineteen young carers enjoyed a care-free break in Blackpool during the summer holidays. The group enjoyed visits to Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Dungeons and to the beach its self. It was an opportunity to spend time with friends whilst having a rest from their caring roles. Thanks to the Royal Wedding Fund and Carers Information Strategy who funded this trip.


Ten young carers had the chance to spend three days at Dalguise outdoor education centre in Perthshire. They took part in a variety of activities including wall climbing, Jacobs Ladder and Go-Karts. The activities are aimed at improving self-esteem and confidence as well as the opportunity to try new challenges.

Thanks to Fifes Short Break fund which allowed these young carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities .


Information and Training for Young Carers

Nina Collins is our Development Worker, her post is funded by NHS Fifes Carers Information Strategy funds. Funding for 2012-13 has allowed Fife Young Carers to run a pilot of an induction group for newly referred young carers. This was based on a programme being run by Angus Young Carers. The groups ran for a total of 6 weeks during which young carers had respite from their caring role and took part in activities exploring issues common to young carers such as bullying, healthy eating, and coping with stress, In total 27 young carers took part in the pilot, the majority of which went on to receive further support at FYCs groups. Feedback from young carers about the Induction group: It helps me be more confident and it gives me a break It gave me a place to unwind and relax It helps me control my anger better & I met lots of new friends like Sarah and other young carers Its the funniest and best group ever

Stress Workshop

Team building activity

Overall the induction group was successful in delivering information and support to newly referred young carers. It also allowed for the assessment of the level of caring of the referrals and decisions were made following the group about the necessity for ongoing support for individual young people. Due to logistical factors such as locality, age and date of receipt of referral, Fife Young Carers will not be seeking funding to duplicate the Induction groups in 2013-14, however some of the activities used at the group will be able to be used at groups.

FYC Focus Group


Funding from Fifes Carers Information Strategy also allows Fife Young Carers to run a Focus Group of Young Carers who meet every month out with their support groups. Highlights in 2012 13 for the group include: The launch of Fifes Young Carers Strategy. Policy and Guidance meeting at Fife Council Filming an Information Commercial Attending the Children in Scotland conference Following the strategy launch the group have gone on to develop a Young Carers Profile document which can be used to share information about the support they need from education, health and social work staff. Respite Break Included in the application for the Focus group was funding for a respite break to allow young carers a break from their caring role and the opportunity to further develop the groups interpersonal skills and cohesion. The group planned the break themselves including all the activities they took part in; they decided to go to Carslogie House Hotel in Carnoustie overnight with skating, cinema and a visit to Camperdown Park. Carslogie House Hotel is a social enterprise project run by East Ayrshire Carers Centre with profits being used to provide East Ayrshire Young Carers respite breaks.

The break- away was great, Ive never

been on a break/holiday before, it was full of emotion (happy, scared) I loved meeting new people and loved learning to ice skate. I never fell once on the ice so am proud of myself. Usually I dont get to sleep until 3.30 in the morning, last night I was asleep by 11.30! Funding for the group, who come together from all over Fife, has ensured that young carers are more included in the services delivered to young carers, both by Fife Young Carers and by other professionals through Fifes Young Carers Strategy.


Young Carers Authorisation Cards

Young carers are often excluded from discussions and decisions about the person they care for as they are not recognised by professionals as a carer. In order to address this issue the Scottish Government decided to pilot a scheme which would allow young carers to be more easily identified. Fife was one of six pilot areas across Scotland, and Nina Collins our Development Worker has been responsible for the scheme in Fife. Our card was launched in June 2012 at an event which also saw the launch of Fifes new young carers strategy Getting it Right for Young Carers in Fife. The card allows professionals, with the consent of the cared for person, to share information with young carers which they would not normally be able to do because of confidentiality rules. The card can also be used in schools to allow young carers to identify themselves and access support more easily.

Initial feedback from both young carers and the people they care for shows that this scheme has been successful in improving the information and support provided to young carers. If you would like more information about the card please contact Nina Collins, FYC Development Worker on 01592 223894 or email nina@fifeyoungcarers.co.uk

Committee Members, Staff and Volunteers. 2012-13


Many many thanks to all who supported Fife Young Carers but particularly volunteers and committee. Special additional thanks however to Marjorie Lyons for doubling up as a committee member, fundraiser and volunteer and to Olga Pasportnikov for her strenuous effort to raise funds. Committee: Staff:

Helen Guild Convenor Roy MacGregor Manager Olga Pasportnikov Vice Convenor Denise Spence Administration Ian Dorward Treasurer Nina Collins Development and Liaison Marjorie Lyons Secretary Kay Templeman Support Worker Alison Farrow Rose Davis Support Worker Josephine Mitchell Jordana Gold Support Worker Michaela Sullivan Dawn Murray Schools Worker Cherry McIntyre Link Officer Fife Council - Susan McLean

Sessional and Volunteer Bank Staff: Barry Clark Cheryl Bell Paul Greig Marjorie Lyons Jill McKay Juliet Sherriff Kirsty Yeoman Chloe Smyth Other Thanks Fife Rotary Clubs, Fife Council, NHS Fife, Exxon Fife, On Fife, Fife College Buckhaven High School Paula Little Sue Caulkett Michael Andrews Lee Wilson Hannah Williams John Thomas Anne Weir

Inner Wheel Sainburys Canvas Holidays Breast Friends FVA Cupar Swimming Club Youth 1st Pitteuchar Health Centre Havelock Europa Auchmuty High School Asda Balwearie High School Strathallan Primary School

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