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THE COSMIC AND PLANETARY HIERARCHY PROTECTION MEDITATION 2004 All Rights Reserved by the Estate of Joshua David Stone, PhD.

!all forth Ar!hangels "i!hael and #aith and their $egions of #irst Ray Angels. also !all forth "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a and Ar!hangel "etatron, as (ell as 'y )igher Self and "ighty A" Presen!e. begin by !alling forth fro' "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a and "etatron for a Platinu' *et to an!hor and to re'ove all negative and i'balan!ed energies fro' 'y field. also re+uest at this ti'e that all negative i',lants and ele'entals be i''ediately !leared fro' 'y field. !all forth to all the -os'i! and Planetary "asters gathered, for a ,er'anent .Pillar of -os'i! and Planetary $ight, $ove and Po(er. to be ,la!ed around 'e no(. !all forth fro' "el!hi%ede& for an additional ,er'anent golden do'e of ,rote!tion to be ,la!ed around 'e. !all forth to "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a and "etatron to ,la!e around 'e, a ,er'anent (all of .light ,rote!tion/. !all to Ar!hangel "i!hael to ,la!e his ,er'anent 0lue Shield Ar'or of Prote!tion around 'e. !all to Ar!hangel #aith to ,la!e around 'e, a ,er'anent, ever1re2uvenating ring of red roses that (ill absorb all negative energy, before it enters 'y field. !all to the "ahat'a to ,la!e a ,er'anent .rainbo( bubble of light. around 'y auri! field as an additional ,rote!tion. !all to Ar!hangel "etatron to ,la!e a ,er'anent Platinu' 3ube of $ight around 'e as still an added ,rote!tion. !all for(ard $ord 0uddha, $ady "aster *ada, $ady "aster Portia and the 4ar'i! 0oard and re+uest a ,er'anent .ban of interferen!e. against all energies of ,sy!hi! atta!& fro' (ithin and (ithout. 5$isten !losely for their res,onse.6 !all forth to )elios and 7esta to ,la!e around 'e a .!o,,er1golden sun of ,rote!tion. that is so bright and so filled (ith 89D:s $ove that all 'is+ualified or negative energy is i''ediately burned u, and trans'uted into the ,ure, radiant $ight of 89D. no( !all forth "el!hior to bring forth a .'at!hsti!&:s (orth. of the -os'i! #ire fro' the 8reat -entral Sun to burn a(ay, in a !o',letely safe 'anner, any negative energy that re'ains in 'y field. !all forth $ord of Ar!turus to an!hor the Ar!turian $i+uid -rystals, to dea!tivate and rebalan!e all

negative energy in 'y field. !all forth Dr. $or,han and the 8ala!ti! )ealers to tighten 'y grids and to strengthen 'y s,iritual, ,sy!hologi!al and ,hysi!al i''une syste'. !all forth the )ealing Angels to no( balan!e 'y ;< !ha&ras and four1body syste'. !all forth $ord of Ar!turus and As!ended "aster D2(hal 4hul to no( an!hor and a!tivate the Prana =ind -learing Devi!e, to blo( ,rani! energy through all of 'y 'eridians and nadis, to !lear the', strengthen the' and to !o',letely !lear 'y ;21body syste'. !all forth to the Divine "other and the $ady "asters to bring for(ard a Platinu' *et through 'y entire a,art'ent !o',le>, to !lear it of all etheri!, astral and 'ental energies that are not !o',letely of the -hrist?0uddha energy. !all for(ard to beloved Saint 8er'ain and $ady Portia for the an!horing and a!tivation of a ,er'anent ,illar of the 7iolet #la'e that (ill trans'ute any and all 'is+ualified energy fro' entering 'y auri! field fro' (ithin and (ithout. !all forth the legions of #irst Ray Angels and 'y 8uardian Angels to stand as sentries around 'e, to ,rote!t 'e on all sides@ 24 hours a day, A days a (ee&, <BC days a year, during both (a&ing and slee,ing hours. !all for(ard the ;4 "ighty 'ale and fe'ale Elohi' to an!hor and a!tivate a s,e!ial Elohi' Shield of Prote!tion against all negative thoughtfor's fro' (ithin and (ithout. !all forth "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a and "etatron to bring do(n a Platinu' *et around 'e every 'orning, every afternoon and every night before bed, for one year:s ti'e as a s,e!ial dis,ensation of ,rote!tion. as& that this be done i''ediately. !all forth the Divine "other to ,la!e a ,er'anent Platinu' *et of Prote!tion around 'y house or a,art'ent, and in every door(ay, every (indo( and every o,ening of 'y house or a,art'ent. !all forth the Divine "other and $ady "asters to ,la!e around 'e a ,rote!tive field of ,in& .$ove $ight/, that is so filled (ith Divine $ove that no 'is+ualified energy !an ,enetrate itDs radian!e. as& that this be done i''ediately. !all for(ard the )oly S,irit to undo all negative energy and !onfli!t that has been set in 'otion in the ,ast, so as to erase the need for any &ar'i! return of as 'u!h negative energy as ,ossible. as& that this trans'uted energy be used to in!rease un!onditional love and servi!e of the ,lanet. !all for(ard $ord of Ar!turus and the Ar!turians to bring for(ard their advan!ed Ar!turian te!hnology to ,rote!t the energy fields of this Son or Daughter of 89D. !all for(ard -o''ander Ashtar and the Ashtar -o''and to overlight 'e (ith one of your lightshi,s and?or light!rafts, fro' your "othershi,s, to ,rote!t 'e at night (hile slee, and during the day (hile de'onstrate 89D on earth. !all for(ard $ord "aitreya and $ord 0uddha to ,la!e around 'e a .,illar of (isdo' and light/, (hi!h !auses all negative energy fro' (ithin and (ithout, to boun!e off this ,illar as though it is a rubber ,illo(.

!all forth to the Seven -hohans to !reate a .ring ,ass not. around 'e that serves to !reate an invulnerable ,rote!tive shield that is invin!ible to negative energy, fro' (ithin and (ithout. !all for(ard $ady "aster Euan Fin to ,la!e 'e in a lotus blosso' of ,in&1blue light of ,rote!tion. !all forth 7y(a'us and D2(hal 4hul to tighten the etheri!, e'otional, 'ental and s,iritual (ebbing of 'y four1body syste' to ,rovide greater ,rote!tion as (ould be 89D:s =ill. !all for(ard "other "ary to no( ,la!e around 'e an etheri! rosary filled (ith the full ,rote!tive ,o(ers of "other "ary herself, in all her glory. !all for(ard the ;4 'ale and fe'ale Ar!hangels to ,la!e around 'e a s,e!ial Ar!hangeli! $ight of Prote!tion that re+uest be reinfor!ed every 'orning and every night as a Divine dis,ensation of ,rote!tion. !all for(ard the $ord of Sirius and the $ady "aster of Sirius to no( fully an!hor and a!tivate (ithin 'e, 'y Anointed -hrist 9verself 0ody and 'y Gohar 0ody of $ight, for the ,ur,ose of s,iritual advan!e'ent and greater ,rote!tive light. !all forth $endu!e and Sanat 4u'ara to ,la!e around 'e an .as!ension !olu'n of light. for greater s,iritual advan!e'ent and ,rote!tion. !all for(ard sis and Sera,is 0ey to ,la!e around 'e a ,er'anent .,yra'id of golden1(hite light. that (ill serve as a 'ysti!al shield of ,rote!tion the rest of this in!arnation. no( as& that this enor'ous ,rote!tive field that has been established be !o',letely !leansed fro' (ithin, so that only energies of 89D and -hrist?0uddha -ons!iousness live no( (ithin this ,rote!tive for!efield. !all forth the entire Planetary and -os'i! )ierar!hy fro' the 3hree1#old #la'e of 89D and the 3(elve -os'i! Rays of 89D and re+uest a Divine dis,ensation for the 'erging of your $ight 0odies (ith 'ine. 3his (ill serve as an invulnerable shield of love, (isdo' and ,o(er the rest of this in!arnation so that 'ay be free to dedi!ate 'y life to serve 89D and 'y brothers and sisters. !all for(ard the beloved Presen!e of the 8odhead to no( ,er'anently an!hor and fully a!tivate the $ord:s "ysti!al 0ody for the su,re'e ,ur,ose of ,rote!tion, by your Divine 8ra!e. no( fully !lai' and o(n 'y ,ersonal ,o(er. no( ,la!e around 'yself a golden bubble of light to &ee, out other ,eo,le:s negative energy and any negative energy and?or thoughtfor's fro' 'y !ons!ious and sub!ons!ious 'ind in the for' of negative thoughts or negative feelings. no( fully !lai' 'y un!onditional love and self1(orth. no( fully !lai' 'y attune'ent to 89D, to 'y o(n "ighty A" Presen!e and to 'y o(n )igher Self, (hi!h visuali%e as a tube of ,latinu'1gold light !o'ing do(n dire!tly fro' 89D through 'y "ighty A" Presen!e and )igher Self, into 'y -ro(n -ha&ra and entire !ha&ra !olu'n and an!horing into the !rystalline !ore of "other Earth. see this ,latinu'1golden light filling 'y entire ;21body syste' on a ,er'anent basis. see this bubble of ,rote!tion &ee,ing out all negative energy, but allo(ing in all thoughts and feelings of love, ,ositivity and &indness (hile all negative, ego, fear1based and?or se,arative energies are denied entran!e.

no( 'a&e a !o''it'ent to 89D and to 'yself, to never allo( a negative thought or negative feeling to enter 'y !ons!iousness, to the very best of 'y ability. Every ti'e a negative thought tries to enter, 'a&e a sole'n oath to 89D and to 'yself that (ill re'ain vigilant to ,ush those negative thoughts and feelings out of 'y 'ind and (ill re,la!e the' (ith only -hrist?0uddha ,ositive thoughts and feelings. no( 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent to 89D and to 'yself, to never allo( 'yself to lose or give a(ay 'y ,ersonal ,o(er, ever again. 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent to 89D and to 'yself in this 'o'ent to never give 'y ,o(er to any ,erson, to 'y 'ind, 'y e'otions, 'y ,hysi!al body, to fatigue, to 'y sub!ons!ious 'ind, to 'y inner !hild, to lo(er1self desire, and 'ost of all to the negative ego thought syste'. 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent in this 'o'ent to 89D and to 'yself to be de!isive at all ti'es and to never allo( 'yself to be inde!isive and Hsit on the fen!e/. 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent in this 'o'ent to be vigilant at all ti'es to deny any thought that is not of 89D to enter 'y 'ind. 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent in this 'o'ent to never allo( 'yself to have any atta!h'ents to anything, only ,referen!es, (hi!h hen!e allo(s 'e to be ha,,y if so'ething is ta&en a(ay. 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent in this 'o'ent to !hoose to ,er!eive everything that ha,,ens in 'y life as a tea!hing, lesson, !hallenge, and 'ost of all, a s,iritual test. n this 'o'ent, 'a&e a fir' !o''it'ent that (ill ,ass every test to the best of 'y abilities and if don:t, (ill forgive 'yself, learn the lesson, gain the .golden nugget of (isdo',/ and do better the ne>t ti'e. a!&no(ledge that there are *9 'ista&es, 9*$F lessons. 'a&e u, 'y 'ind in this 'o'ent that (ill fully !lai' 'y ,ersonal ,o(er in an un!onditionally loving 'anner, even in relationshi, to the inner ,lane As!ended "asters and in relationshi, to 89D, (ho (ants 'e to o(n 'y ,o(er and 'y true identity as the Eternal Self that A". 'a&e a ;00I !o''it'ent no( to 89D and to 'yself that (ill be a S,iritual =arrior on earth for 89D and un!onditional love, and that no 'atter (hat ha,,ens in life and no 'atter ho( a' tested, (ill not give u,, even for an instantJ As 'a&e this !o''it'ent, Ar!hangels "i!hael and #aith, "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a, Ar!hangel "etatron, 'y 8uardian Angels, and the $egions of Angels of Ar!hangels "i!hael and #aith, and all the "asters hel,ing in this 'editation, all ste, for(ard in front of 'e and bo( to 'e in res,e!t, as the S,iritual "aster that A", in truth. $ord "el!hi%ede&, the "ahat'a, "etatron and Ar!hangel "i!hael no( anoint 'e (ith their .light rods. on the to, of 'y head. 3hey also (ave their !olle!tive light rods around 'y auri! field to ,er'anently seal all the (or& that has been done in this 'editation. 3hey bid 'e no( to go for(ard, handing 'e one last gift that they ,la!e in 'y left hand, (hi!h is the .Rod of $ove, =isdo' and Po(er/. 3hey bid 'e to go forth in absolute &no(ingness that A" no( !o',letely ,rote!ted, for the As!ended )osts are ,rote!ting 'e, but 'ore i',ortantly, A" ,rote!ting 'yself as (ell. 3he inner ,lane As!ended )osts 'a&e one final re+uest of 'e, (hi!h is every 'orning (hen first

arising (ill re1attune to this 'editation for at least <0 se!onds. 3hey say that it (ill be there ;00I even if don:t@ ho(ever, it is i',ortant for the !ons!ious 'ind to re1attune ea!h 'orning, even if 2ust for a se!ond, to resolidify it for the !ons!ious 'ind to &ee, the 89D #la'e of Self "astery ever ,resent in 'y !ons!ious 'ind. 3hey also re+uest that in e>tre'e situations (hen testing 'ay be o!!urring that this 'editation be done every day and even t(i!e a day if ne!essary until ;00I self1'astery and ,rote!tion is fully established again, (hi!h is 'y natural 8od1stateJ S9 $E3 3 0E =R 33E*J S9 $E3 3 0E D9*EJ 4adoish, 4adoish, 4adoish, Adonai 3sebayothJ 4adoish, 4adoish, 4adoish, Adonai 3sebayothJ 4adoish, 4adoish, 4adoish, Adonai 3sebayothJ 0aru!h ha She' Adonai 0aru!h ha She' Adonai 0aru!h ha She' Adonai 3o rea!tivate this 'editation any ti'e you need a boost of ,rote!tion, !all to 89D and the 89D #or!e and say, . no( re+uest to rea!tivate the full $ove, =isdo' and Po(er of Prote!tion of 'y Prote!tion "editationJ.