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Capability Overview

Flow Assurance

Striking a balance between ease of subsea design and flow assurance operability is vital to establish the most pragmatic system design.
Genesis has a well established global flow assurance group that has performed flow assurance analysis on a variety of development concepts at various water depths, involving different fluid types in a variety of geographical regions. Our studies/projects have covered a range of system configurations, each with particular challenges that require to be managed both subsea and topsides. The Genesis flow assurance group is focused around a large number of experienced personnel with an unrivalled understanding in system wide design and integration of the fluid flow paths. This deeper understanding of all elements of the development means that Genesis often takes on the role of system integration and optimisation during the field concept selection phase. Flow Assurance is therefore a key feature of Genesis business and Genesis is recognised by most Oil and Gas majors as the leading flow assurance provider within the upstream market. This is demonstrated by our track record and the level of repeat business from our clients.

Key Activities
Steady State and Transient Multiphase modelling of single pipelines/networks Detailed Well Modelling (start-up, shutdown, well stability) Hydrate Management (prediction, inhibition and remediation) Wax Management (wax chemistry and deposition) Production Chemistry and Chemical Requirements Dynamic Modelling of Integrated Facilities subsea / topsides Corrosion Analysis Erosion Analysis Compositional Tracking Analysis (chemical distribution) Solids Transport Assessment Single Component Modelling (CO2)

Areas of Expertise
Production Chemistry HP/HT Developments

Deepwater Developments
Heavy Oil CO2 Injection/Storage Production Optimisation Wax Deposition Hydraulic Stability (Slugging/Liquids

Thermal Characterisation (Bundles &

Heated Flowlines)

Slugging assessment, mitigation and slugcatcher sizing

Modelling of pipeline thermal interaction CFD Analysis Development of Operating Strategies and Procedures

Project Involvement
During all stages of a project life cycle, solutions are produced in a multi-disciplinary integrated environment which ensures a robust, installable and operable design. Feasibility Studies and Concept Design Front End Engineering Design Detailed Design Operational Troubleshooting and Support

Debottlenecking and Asset Expansion

Mitigation and Remediation Strategies Production Chemistry and Fluid Evaluation Coordination of Fluid Testing Programs Production Optimisation.

Genesis Flow Assurance - Key Differentiators

Over the last 25 years Genesis has developed one of the largest global flow assurance capabilities with
specialists local to you and an active worldwide knowledge sharing community.

The Flow Assurance Group includes senior personnel with an operator background and extensive practical

The Group has access to additional production chemistry and operations experience in-house. We have a proven track record of hundreds of Flow Assurance Projects involving a variety of development
concepts delivered as stand-alone analyses or integrated in multi-disciplinary engineering project teams.

We are one of the worlds largest users of OLGA and have access to other industry recognised software:

Genesis Flow Assurance Engineers recognise close cooperation with our clients is essential to understanding
your challenges and we are able to address these throughout all project phases.

Genesis Flow Assurance Engineers add value through development of concepts that minimise risk and maximise
delivery whilst ensuring flexibility to respond to future changes that may arise from changing business drivers.

Our high calibre team offer an efficient, local, personable service on a global scale and operate with a deeper
understanding to maximise project value.

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