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Guru Suite Download Meet your new Production Team Guru Suite is the fuel injection for your creative deadline, giving 18 Guru Pres ets in one budget-pleasing package. Save over 60% on hundreds of project templat es, effects presets and film looks that provide a fully customizable starting po int. You will quickly produce unique, high quality graphics by tapping into expe rt Red Giant software and helpful QuickStart videos. Every premade element is cr afted by Red Giant Gurus, industry-leading designers with decades of experience. For artists who want time to be creative, Guru Suite is your new production tea m, getting you started at the finish line. Guru Suite Download What's New NEW PRESET! Master Artists for Looks 2 gives 30 color treatments inspired by pai nters like Degas and Raphael. More film looks; same low price. Our Red Pledge: We know you will love Guru Suite. But if it's not exactly what y ou are looking for, don't worry. We believe in no hassles, just happiness. Upgrade to Guru Suite for only $199 if you already own four Guru Presets. Wow! M ore savings on creative inspiration. Guru Suite Download Includes over 500 professionally designed project templates, film looks and effe ct presets. Every design element is fully customizable so you can produce motion graphics, a nimated titles, color treatments and color correction that are unique and high q uality. Guru Suite covers key areas of design, delivering both professional film looks a nd motion graphics, to give every artist a bigger toolbox. Red Giant Gurus are talented professional artists who are part of your design co mmunity. Now the Guru artists are on your team, helping to meet your deadlines. Get started faster with QuickStart videos in which the Guru artists explain how to customize the design elements and Red Giant tools. Works with your favorite professional Red Giant tools, like Trapcode Suite, Magi c Bullet Looks and Knoll Light Factory. With Guru artists, your work is almost done before you start Meet the eight Red Giant Gurus, talented professional artists who are part of yo

ur design community. Now the Guru artists are on your team, helping to meet your deadlines. Guru Suite Download Cassidy 'Cass' Bisher is a freelance motion graphic designer, Apple Certified Pr o, and the owner/designer of Cassidy has worked with high-profile clients including Verizon and AT&T, and his work is on the Discovery Channel, Hi story Channel and TV commercials. Nick Campbell is a motion designer/photographer whose work at Digital Kitchen in cludes HBO, Showtime, Target, The Tonight Show and the TV show Dexter. Nick foun ded to explain how to be creative and get paid, and has su ccessful iPhone photography apps like ShakeItPhoto and CrossProcess. Nando Costa is an experienced graphic artist, book designer and Art Director who has crafted a wide range of animations, illustrations and print ads for brands such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe, Lexus and Fox. Eric Escobar is a digital filmmaker who has worked in filmmaking software develo pment at Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems. Eric currently works in a directors' coll ective called Kontent Films, where he directs, blogs and helps develop tools for filmmakers. Harry Frank is an accomplished motion designer, community leader and creative le cturer who is the on-staff Guru at Red Giant. Harry has worked with distinguishe d clients such as NBC, Blur Studio, Digital Kitchen, Salt, Justin Harder, Slaqr and Digital Arts magazine. Guru Suite Download Stu Maschwitz is a filmaker, photographer, and writer who spent four years at In dustrial Ligth & magic before co-founding The Orphanage post house. Stu wrote Th e DV Rebel's Guide, maintains a filmmaking blog at, directs TV comme rcials, and serves as Creative Director for Red Giant's Magic Bullet product lin e. David Vinson is a partner in Outpost Pictures, LLC, a multi Emmy award-winning p ost facility. David has worked on projects for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNT, DirecTV, CN8, The Comcast Network, The Weather Channel, Adobe Systems, Red Giant, MTV an d the Atlanta Hawks. Simon Walker is an Apple Certified Master Trainer who trains at companies includ ing Sony, BBC, MTV, Vodafone and Natural History Museum. Simon is Creative Direc tor of, a video production company that specializes in intera ctive training packages Guru Suite Download