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Niosh The functions of NIOSH are to provide training, consultation services, disseminate information and conduct researches in the

field of occupational safety and health (OSH).

As written in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the objectives of the institute are: - To contribute towards efforts in upgrading occupational safety and health through developing curriculum and training programmes for workers and employees, employers and those who are responsible, either directly or indirectly for occupational safety and health. -To assist industry, commerce and others in solving problems related to occupational safety and health. -To assist those who are responsible for occupational safety and health with the latest information in the field of occupational safety and health in the country and overseas. -To conduct short-term and long-term research in occupational safety and health related areas that will benefit and bring advantages to the country. -To disseminate information on research findings and to become the centre of reference in the field of occupational safety and health. As one of NIOSH core functions, information dissemination activities play a vital role in enhancing OSH awareness among industries, students and public as a whole. Among the activities NIOSH has actively conducted are seminars, road shows, external and in-house exhibitions to fulfill the growing needs of the industries for greater OSH awareness promotion. NIOSH also provides library services, OSHshop, OSH talks and distributes as well as publishes OSH publications such as Journal of Occupational and Safety and Health, FYI, Siri Panduan Asas, Safety Posters and OSH books to cater to the needs of industries. The NIOSH website www.niosh.com.my has proved to be the most effective delivery system, which has further improved information dissemination activities through information updates, rapid accesses and active interactions via NIOSH forum. With other organisations, training providers or agencies, NIOSH continued to work closely to increase its performance as well as to enhance its capabilities in OSH related matters. Strategic partnerships have enabled NIOSH to improve its services to the existing markets such as the oil and gas, constructions, small and medium industries and further exploration into new fields such as the agricultural sector and enhances collaboration with the unions and government sector. NIOSH will continue focusing on the government departments and its agencies, agricultural and service sectors. The focus on the new market will run concurrently with the strategy in maintaining the existing traditional market share on the manufacturing, electronics, constructions and oil and gas industries. The introduction of the new training programmes, products and services as well as the government's directive on the compliance of the OSHA will have a significant impact for new markets. It is our mission to become the partner of organizations towards full OSH compliance. Thus, NIOSH is constantly developing its manpower and expertise on the new and current hazards and issues on OSH such as stress at the workplace, problems related to manual handling, backaches and the detection, monitoring and control of chemical exposure resulting in work related accidents and diseases. Thank you for your support towards creating and promoting a safety culture at work.