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Car Care

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Automatic Wash Manual Wash Drying-aids High Pressure Cleaning Complementary Cleaning

The technology of the surfactants applied to the care of your vehicle

GuidelineFormulations Formulations Guideline

the washing process
1 pre-wash
During the first step most of the grime, road-film and large dirt particles are removed from the paintwork by spraying a high alkaline solution over the car in combination with the high pressure effect. The solution contains chemicals that begin loosening the roughest dirt which will be later removed entirely by means of the products applied in later steps , together with the action of the brushes. After the pre-wash, the surface of the car is wet down and prepared for the application of the detergents. The cleaning power required for the pre-wash is highly dependent on the degree and nature of dirt, which varies among different geographical zones, seasons and type of vehicle to be washed.

active foam

The combination of foam-forming surfactants, water and air creates a dense lather that covers the paintwork entirely, acting intensively during this period. Active foam ensures an outstanding cleaning action, while gently breaking down the dirt which has been left behind, carrying it away from the surface. The dirt is kept in suspension, which facilitates rinsing later. The chemical mixture typically contains some coloring agent, to make the foam more obvious and pleasing to the eye.


The shampoo plays an important role. Besides cleaning, it softens the surface of the paintwork, thereby maximizing the mechanical action of the brushes and protecting it from scratching. After applying the shampoo, the surface takes the acidic character, which necessary for the optimal performance of the rinse-aid agent.


Polishing is usually optional in most carwash tunnels. The objective of this step is to cover the scratches that the paintwork might have, providing an even surface. This process, apart from protecting, leaves the surface in better physical condition for applying the rinse-aid and protection waxes.

rim cleaner

Rims are particularly prone to dirt from the abrasive wear of the braking system. The rims should therefore be cleaned regularly, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also because of the possible damage that can be caused by abrasion particles burning into the rims. The effect of the wheel brushes in standard automatic carwashes, are generally not efficient. A specific chemical cleaner is often required.


This chemical blend, thanks to its hydrophobic character, reduces the surface tension of the water remaining from the rinse-off detergents; which creates an instantaneous water layer break. The water shrinks, forming large drops that are easily carried away from the paintwork by the effect of the blower. An efficient rinse-aid agent helps to reduce spotting and minimum wipe-down time can be achieved.

This cleaning sequence can be applied to both automatic tunnels and roll-overs. However, these can take different configurations and may offer more complex cleaning programs than the explained here.

Guideline Formulations
automatic washing
(*) order of addition S:stir

30 50 mL 1:50 Energic Wash Regular Wash

Alkaline AKYPO RLM 45 CA FINDET 13/21 MELIOSOL CU-40 TRILON M (40%) TPPNa NaOH (50%) Deionized water pH D-137 3.0 2.0 5.0 3.2 3.0 e.q. up to 100% 12.0 12.5 (*) 5 4/S 3 1/S 2/S 6/S 0 Alkaline DANOX DB-1 FINDET 13/21 TETRANYL DM-24 NaOH (50%) TRILON M (40%) TPPNa Na2SiO35H2O Deionized water pH

D-138 3.0 3.0 2.1 e.q. 4.0 3.0 3.0 up to 100% 13.0 6/S 5 4 7/S 2 3/S 1/S 0

For the toughest grime, D-138 offers the most outstanding solution. Containing DANOX DB-1, the emulsifying properties are enhanced and the cleaning power of the formulation makes it a secure option for all kinds of dirt. D-137 is the ideal choice for a lower level of demand, without renouncing the quality of surfactants. Dilution for manual application can range from 0.5% to 5%. For automatic wash, regulate the pump flow to have the same concentration as in manual. Leave the dilution in contact with the surface for two or three minutes, and rinse it off completely with water.

10 15 mL 1:500 Cheap & Effective

Neutral EMAL 227E or 228D ALFANOX 46 EDTA2Na NaOH (50%) Dye(s) Deionized water pH D-141 30.0 10.0 4.0 e.q. e.q. up to 100% 7.0 2 3 1/S 4 5/S 0 Alkaline ALFANOX 46 BETADET HR TRILON M (40%) TEA (100%) NaOH (50%) Dye(s) Deionized water pH

active foam
Premium Quality
D-143 20.0 10.0 10.0 5.0 0.2 e.q. up to 100% 12.0 12.5 3 4 1/S 2 5/S 6/S 0

When it comes to generating foam, the mixture of anionic surfactants is an effective and low-priced alternative (D-141). A more sophisticated foam, with higher quality and cleaning properties, can be achieved with the formulation D-143 thanks to the effect of the cocamidopropyl betaine. By adjusting the air/water ratio of the dossification pump, the foam volume ca be controlled.

Guideline Formulations
automatic washing
5 10 mL 1:1000 Ready for drying Soft Shampoo
Neutral EMAL 227E or 228D BETADET HR TRILON M (40%) BDG Citric acid (50%) Deionized water pH D-139 10.0 5.0 5.0 2.0 e.q. up to 100% 6.0 6.5 3 4 1/S 2 5/S 0 Acidic AKYPO RLM 45 CA SULFONAX BDG H3PO4 (85%) Citric acid (50%) Deionized water pH D-140 5.0 2.0 4.0 e.q. e.q. up to 100% <1 3 2 1 5/S 4 0


Should it become necessary to compensate a high pH of the waste water resulting from previous steps, an acidic shampoo has to be used (D-140). It also leaves the surface in the optimal condition for the rinse-aid application. If there are no pH restrictions, D-139 becomes a good alternative.

8 20 mL 1:500 Silicone and Oil free

D-145 D-146 TETRANYL CAR/AO EXCEPARL HO TETRANYL DM-24 BG BDG PnB Acetic acid (80%) Deionized water pH 13.3 4.0 10.5 3.5 1.0 14.0 8.0 1.0 5.0 7.5 1.0
D-145 D-146

Oil free - Top Quality
D-147 D-148 TETRANYL CAR/AO EXCEPARL HO TETRANYL DM-24 FINDET AR/52 BG BDG PnB Acetic acid (80%) Limonene Silicone rinse1 Deionized water pH 12.0 4.0 1 8.0 3.0 1.0 2.0 14.0 7.0 2.4 5.0 7.5 1.0 1.0 2.2
D-147 D-148

3 4 1 2 6 5

3 4 5 1 2 7 6

up to 100% 2-3 2-3

3 4 5 1 2 8 6 7

3 4 5 1 2 8 6 7 9

continuous stirring

up to 100% 2-3 2-3

continuous stirring

The oleic esterquat offers an excellent hydrophobicity, assuring the transparency of the formulation at the same time. It is usually formulated in combination with the fatty ester (EXCEPARL HO). D-145 is a simple but well performing formulation for the needs of certain tunnels. Formulation D-146, is recommended if a higher concentration of hydrophobics is required. D-170 is a premium rinse-aid formulation.

Guideline Formulations
manual washing
Premium Rinse-aid
D-170 TETRANYL CAR/AO EXCEPARL HO TETRANYL DM-24 BDG PnB Acetic acid (80%) Premix A Silicone rinse2 BDG Oleic fatty acid Deionized water

Foaming Wax
Acidic 3 4 5 1 2 8 6 TETRANYL CAR/AO EXCEPARL HO TETRANYL DM-24 QUARTAMIN TH-V BDG PnB Acetic acid (80%) Limonene Silicone rinse1 Deionized water pH D-144 15.0 7.0 1.0 4.0 5.0 7.5 1.0 1.0 2.2 up to 100% 2-3 3 4 5 6 1 2 7 8 9 10/S

14.0 7.0 1.0 5.0 6.5 1.0 3.0 42 40 18 up to 100% 2-3


manual washing

Manual Shampoo
Best care D-142 8.6 2.9 6.0 2.5 e.q. 4.0 up to 100% 8.0 2 3 4 5 6/S 0 1/S SULFONAX EMAL 270E or 270D EMANON XLF OXIDET L-75 C NaOH (50%) TRILON M (40%) Deionized water

Wax Protection
Carnauba Wax EMULSION AF-400 FINDET 10/18 Preservative Fragrance Dye(s) Deionized water

D-153 25.0 5.0 e.q e.q e.q up to 100% 1 2/S 3 4/S 5 0

Up-holstery Cleaner
D-152 AKYPO GENE KTS Deionized water Na2.Hydrogen Phosphate2H2O 20.0 79.5 0.5 1 2 3/S
AKYPO GENE KTS is a mixture of an ether carboxylate and a polymer that has a good cleaning action. Within a short time it dries into hard, solid needles that can easily be removed with a rag or by vacumming. It can be applied with a propellant, becoming an ideal product for the upholstery cleaning. Carnauba wax is widely known for its surface protection properties. It also has a leveling effect, giving a glossy and new apperance to the surface.

D-142 combines an excellent foam volume with a very high degreasing power, enhanced by the presence of EMANON XLF, a last generation surfactant. The almost neutral pH assures maximum protection of the paintwork and the skin.

Guideline Formulations
automatic washing

other formulations
Alkaline ALFANOX 46 FINDET 13/21 AKYPO RLM 45 BG TRILON M (40%) NaOH (50%) TPPNa Deionized water pH D-151 5.0 4.0 4.0 3.0 11.0 e.q. 3.0 up to 100% 11.0 11.5
The application method for high pressure is the same as described in the pre-wash process.

Rim Cleaner
Acidic 6 7 2 5 1 4/8 2/S 3 FINDET 13/21 QUARTAMIN TH-V H3PO4 (85%) MELIOSOL CU-40 Deionized water pH D-150 2.0 2.0 e.q. 2.0 up to 100% < 1.0
high rim surface, wait one to two minutes and rinse it off.

1 3 4 5/S 0

Apply the dilution at www.kaochemicals-eu.com 20 40 mL pressure over the

1:3 1:5

30 50 mL 1:50

BG BDG PnB NTA NTA3Na TPPNa NaOH TEA Silicone rinse1 Silicone rinse2 H3PO4 Na2SiO35H2O S Butyl glycol Butyl di-glycol Propylene glycol n-buthyl ether Nitrilotriacetic acid Sodium nitrilotriacetate Sodium tripolyphosphate Sodium hydroxide Triethanolamine DC-245 DC-536 Phosphoric acid odium methasilicate

formula consumption per car

30 50 mL 1:50
formula dilution for application

Formulation Components
anionic surfactants
Trademark EMAL 227 E or 228D EMAL 270 E or 270D SULFONAX ALFANOX 46 AKYPO RLM 45 CA MELIOSOL CU-40

Chemical Description Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Laureth Sulfate Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium -Olefin Sulfonate Laureth-6 Carboxylic Acid Sodium Cumen Sulfonate

Appearance at 20C Liquid Paste Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid

% Active Matter 27 70 95 min. 37 92 40

non-ionic surfactants
Trademark FINDET 13/21 EMANON XLF OXIDET L-75 C FINDET 1214N/16 FINDET AR/52 EXCEPARL HO FINDET 10/18 Chemical Description Isotrideceth-9 Glycerides, C8-10, Ethoxylated(7) Cocamidopropylamine Oxide Laureth-4 / Myreth-4 PEG-40 Castor Oil Cetyl Octanoate Deceth-6 Appearance at 20C Opaque paste Liquid Liquid Liquid Viscous liquid Liquid Liquid % Active Matter 100 100 33 100 100 100 100

amphoteric surfactants
Trademark BETADET HR Chemical Description Cocamidopropyl Betaine Appearance at 20C Liquid % Active Matter 30

cationic surfactants
Trademark QUARTAMIN TH-V TETRANYL CAR/AO TETRANYL DM-24 Chemical Description Steartrimonium Chloride Oleic TEA quat
Alkyl Trimethyl Ammonium Methosulfate

Appearance at 20C Liquid Liquid Liquid

% Active Matter 50 90 30


Chemical Description Non-ionic surfactants Anionic Surfactants and Polymers Waxes, Polymers and Non-ionic ..Surfactants

Appearance at 20C Liquid Opaque Liquid Opaque Liquid

% Active Matter 78 31 33

all surfactants are Readily Biodegradable according to European regulation 648/2004/EC All formulations have been submitted succesfully at 1month stability at 5C/RT/40C.

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