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DeFoe 6th Grade Honors LA Period 1 18 November 2011 Stanley Yelnatss Character Change From Shy to Confident From the beginning of the story Holes, the author describes his main character by making him the target of school bullies who lower his self-esteem. In the novel, the author, Louis Sachar transforms his main character, Stanley Yelnats into a confident boy from a lonely and low-esteemed one. When Stanley Yelnats, an overweight and unsociable teenage boy is sentenced to a jail for misbehaved boys called Camp Green Lake for 18 long torturous months, he is shy after being the main victim of the bullied at his middle school. For instance, on page seven, the author tells the reader that Stanley, Didnt have any friends at home. He was overweight and the kids at his middle school often teased him about his size. The passage clearly shows that Stanley thinks of himself as useless because of the cruel comments about what others see of him. Stanley grabs the chance to fit in with his fellow campers at camp green lake by doing favors for them. Therefor, this shows that Stanley tried to change his character at Camp Green Lake because he recognized the opportunity to belong with a group that he could call his friends. Towards the end of the story, Stanley gains more confidence and courage as his personality becomes stronger at the strict and mysterious Camp Green Lake when he rebels against the rules of Ms. Walker, the Warden. For example, because the Warden

Lu 2 had been running a hazardous and cruel camp, on page 229, Sachar explains that, The Attorney General closed Camp Green Lake. Ms. Walker, who was in desperate need of money, had to sell the land which had been in her family for generations. This proves that Stanley and the Attorney General closed Camp Green Lake after finding that the camp was unreliable and used for selfish purposes. Stanley Yelnats became unashamed of his looks and changed because he disliked the rule of digging holes all day for the Warden on the dry, barren landscape of Texas. Instead, Stanley and his friend Zero ran away from the encampment, disobeying rules and showing that they could stand up for themselves. As the story Holes progresses, Stanley Yelnats changes from a shy, embarrassed boy to fearless and confident. The book Holes will entertain and humor the reader as Louis Sachar gradually changes Stanleys personality as he realizes camp was far worse than he expected. The difference in Stanleys character shows an important lesson about change not just to Stanley, but also the audience. Holes emphasizes that although there will always be a moment where you believe that you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, there will always be a need to know that things will change.