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Appendix B

UPCED hosts NCRTE 2013

The UP College of Education (UPCED) hosted this year the National Conference on Research in Teacher Education (NCRTE) held on cto!er 2"#2$ at UPCED%s &enite' Theatre( Dr( )sagani Cru'* +ournalist and educator* ,ho tal-ed on ./ho is the 0lo!al Teacher1 ,as the 2eynote s3ea-er( The conference ,hich has for its the4e Globalizing Teacher Education for National Development ai4ed to e53lore current issues and challenges in research in teacher education through 3lenary and 3arallel sessions(The sessions featured acade4ic 3a3ers of scholars* researchers* ad4inistrators* and teachers on 6arious refor4s and inno6ations that highlight the contri!ution of teacher education to national de6elo34ent(

Review for LET in January starts Dec. 7

Re6ie, for the 7anuary 2$* 201" 8icensure E5a4ination for Teachers (8ET) ,ill start on Dece4!er 9* 2013( Registration is still o3en(To register 3lease contact 2aren &autista at 3hone no( :2$3::$ or 0:0$";10"01( Registration fee is Ph3 $*000(00( <ull 3ay4ent should !e 4ade on or !efore the first day of the re6ie,( Re6ie, sessions ,ill !e held e6ery =aturday and =unday* fro4 ;>00 a(4( to ?>00 3(4(* on the follo,ing schedules> Dece4!er 9@;* 1"@1?* and 7anuary ?@$* 12@13( A33licants for 8ET are ad6ised to a33ly online through the nline A33lication =yste4 de6elo3ed !y the Professional Regulation Co44ission( <or 4ore details* 3lease 6isit the PRC ,e!site( htt3>BB,,,(3rc(go6(3hBonlineBa33licationB

Dean Alonzo formally closes NISMED onference

Dean Rosario )( Alon'o of the College of Education for4ally closed the 2013 National Conference s3onsored !y the National )nstitute for =cience and Cathe4atics Education De6elo34ent (N)=CED) held on cto!er 23#2"* 2013 in N)=CED UP Dili4an* Due'on City( )n her closing 4essage* Dean Alon'o related ho,* as a young 3rofessional* she eagerly attended conferences and se4inar#,or-sho3s* too* for her o,n 3rofessional de6elo34ent( =he e5horted the 3artici3ants to 4a-e use of ,hat they learned to enhance their s-ills and engage students in 4eaningful learning( The Conference ,hich has for its the4e ..E43o,ering Teachers for the 2 to 12 Curriculu4 through 8esson =tudy1 ,as attended !y a!out "00 ele4entary and high school science and 4athe4atics teachers* faculty of teacher education institutions* graduate students* 3rinci3als* su3er6isors* curriculu4 de6elo3ers* and researchers( The Conference o!+ecti6es included> 1) 3ro4otion of lesson study as a 3rofessional de6elo34ent 4odel to enhance the ca3a!ility of teachers in i43le4enting the 2 to 12 Curriculu4 for 4athe4atics and science E 2) 3ro4otion of teaching of science through inFuiry and teaching of 4athe4atics through 3ro!le4 sol6ing in lesson studyE 3)

Appendix B
3ro6iding a foru4 for discussing lesson study and sharing lesson study e53eriences and research results related to lesson studyE and* ") initiation of a local net,or- on lesson study( UP Dili4an Chancellor Dr( Caesar A( =alo4a ,elco4ed 3artici3ants to the conference on the first day* 22 cto!er 2013( Ge cited the 2 to 12 curriculu4 as a 4a+or educational refor4 ,ith the uni6ersity set to 3lay its role to 4a-e <ili3ino youth co43etiti6e in the glo!al arena( The De3uty Chief of Cission of the E4!assy of 7a3an* Cinister Tetsuo A4ano also deli6ered a congratulatory 4essage to the 3artici3ants during the o3ening 3rogra4( The -eynote s3ea-er of the conference ,as Prof( =hi'u4i =hi4i'u of Tei-yo Uni6ersity (7a3an)( Ge focused on the i43ortance of enhancing the ca3a!ility of teachers to de6elo3 scientific and 4athe4atical 3roficiency of students through acti6ities that 3ro6ide learners o33ortunities to construct -no,ledge and shar3en their co44unication s-ills( A no6el feature of the conference ,as the conduct of .o3en classes*1 one in 4athe4atics and the other in science integrated ,ith 4athe4atics( The first one ,as conducted !y a 7a3anese teacher ,ith 20 0rade )H <ili3ino 3u3ils( The second ,as conducted !y a teacher of =ta( 8ucia Gigh =chool ,ith "thyear high school students( Post# lesson discussions ,ere held after each o3en class ,ith the teacher first reflecting on ho, heBshe i43le4ented the lesson follo,ed !y co44ents fro4 a 3anel of three* consisting of e53erts fro4 a4ong the s3ea-ersB3a3er 3resenters and N)=CED staff ,ho ser6ed as .-no,ledgea!le others(1