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Introduction of Allied Bank Ltd:

The Bank started out in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before independence in 1942; and became Allied Bank of Pakistan in 1974. In August 2004, because of capital reconstruction, the Banks ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Group; therefore, it was renamed as Allied Bank Limited in 2005. Today, with is existence of over 70 years, the bank has built itself a foundation with a strong equity, assets and deposit base. It offers universal banking services, while placing major emphasis on retail banking. The Bank has a large network of over 830 online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele. Allied Bank Limited operates by the following Vision, Mission and Values:

To become a dynamic and efficient bank providing integrated solutions in order to be the first choice bank for the customers.

To provide value-added services to our customers. To provide high-tech innovative solutions to meet customers requirements. To create sustainable value through growth, efficiency and diversity for all the stakeholders. To provide a challenging work environment and reward dedicated team members according to their abilities and performance. To play a proactive role in contributing towards the society.

Core Values:
Integrity Excellence in Service High performance Innovation and Growth

Allied Bank has gained a place in the market where it is easily recognizable. It gained a profit of 11.7 billion last year and stood 4th in the top 5 list of Banks of Pakistan. Allied Bank is in the run to success.

There are 14 groups of HR management in Allied Bank. HR group Finance group Banking services group Special Asset & Managements Group Compass Rose Benefits Group Commercial & Retailing Banking Corporate &Investment group RMG ( Risk Management Group) BSIG (Banking Services Investment Group) CAG (Corporate Affairs Group) TG (treasure group) Compliance Group Audit Group Banking System Implementation Group

Brief of the interview taken:

We went to Allied Bank for the interview. We were warmly welcomed and professionally treated. We went to the Allied Bank Head Office, Kalma Chowk, Lahore. We interviewed Mr. Hassan in the HR department. Our purpose was to know the HR working in Allied Bank. We were briefed. All the things that we wanted to know are as under. Staffing process Planning Organizing Leadership Control Bonuses and appraisal system Promotions Facilities provided to the employees Training and orientation Communication Grievances management

The process of staffing is very brief and time taking in Allied Bank. They shortlist only those applicants who have GPA 3 or above. The applicants are interviewed by the panel of 8-10 people who briefly check the applicants ability and they try to check their affection for work and check their work experience (if any). They judge the applicant on the basis of the nature of the job. After the applicants pass through the shot-listing process, they are briefly interviewed keeping in mind the nature of the job. After that they are often sent to the training center in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad for the training. When the applicant is fully polished then he is assigned to his/her duties. While the applicant is being trained, on the back hand MIS department starts verifying the applicants whereabouts, his/her educational history and authentication of their degrees. They check that whether the applicant involved in any Police case or fraud, if any than he is rejected.

In the planning phase Allied Bank has a brief strategy that looks into planning. The process of planning is time consuming. It includes the higher ranks in the management and the people to whom the plans are to be implemented. They use the unique process called MPP (man power planning). They are the pioneers in this process of planning; they introduced this system in Pakistan. It is time consuming but very efficient and effective.

When it comes to organizing, Allied Bank outshines itself. It is well organized among its ranks. Employees are fully aware of the tasks, duties and disciplines. Every department knows their place and they know how and when they have to deliver their work. They are so well organized that they do not bother about the working of other departments.

The leadership in Allied Bank is very helpful and they possess the leadership qualities. They know how to take care and make sure that the employees get motivated and strengthened. They maintain the morale of the employees. They make the right decisions at the right time.

Control in Allied Bank is very strict. They know what is going to happen and how they should react to it. Employees know that they are being monitored so they abide by the rules and follow the SOP. Things are always in grip and monitored. Employees are penalized if found guilty in any case.

Bonuses and Appraisal System:

Bonus is a big responsibility on the shoulders of the HR management. They must ensure that every deserving person gets what he/she deserved and worked for. In Allied Bank HR managers keep this thing in mind that every hard worker should get the reward of his/her work. Bonuses keep the employees motivated and they struggle for more. It helps the bank to develop.

Promotion is also a big responsibility in the HR department. Promotions are made on the basis of some basic things. 1. Employee should be permanent and should be an employee of Allied Bank for three years at least. 2. Employee should be hard working and he/she should be recommended by all of the panel members, his/her department head or branch manager. 3. He/she should be able enough and must increase his/her excellence in fields related to the business.

Facilities provided to the employees:

Employees are as hard working as the business cares for them, so the employees are facilitated in each and every aspect. In Allied Bank, employees are facilitated to the level of extent where the Bank can go. Allied Bank is very good to its employees. Facilities given are as under; 1. 2. 3. 4. Car lease House finance Personal loan Health fund

Training and orientation:

In Allied Bank the employees are well organized and trained in their respective fields. They know their work and they are very efficient in it. To make them efficient and up to the mark Allied Bank trains them to the highest level of designated tasks. They are sent to the training centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. They are given chances to take courses in universities and attend different workshops to strengthen their skills. They are given the opportunity to excel in their field of work and make out the best of their skills. Employees are given complete briefing about their responsibilities and they are made to know each and everything about the work they are assigned.

In Allied Bank communication process is very fast. They communicate via e-mail. Employees are given their I.Ds from the top management to the lowest ranks, so that, each and every person gets the orders and information without any problem and in no time. When there is urgency then phone-calls are also made. They have the online system that even allows the employees to put-up their leave application. This all is done just to make sure there is no communication gap among the employeesmanagement-decision makers.

Grievances Management:
Grievances can arise in any organization, may it be in decision making, bonuses, promotions or recruitment. Allied Bank notices all that is happening among their ranks. They go into the issues and resolve them by discussion and by maintaining peace inside the organization. Allied Bank has very strict rules over this, they do not let anyone to make groups and carry on alliances.

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