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"s Pin"s

PEOP!E OF THE PHI!IPPINES# Pl"intiff# &'e(sus& Criminal case No. 12345-A For: $u"lifie% Theft. Article 310 of the Revised Penal Code

CHRISTOPHER A)USTIN A*ES# Accuse%+ ,&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&,


C !"# N $% the com&lainant '( the )ndersi*ned attorne( and +ithin the re*lementar( &eriod &rescri'ed '( the R)les of Co)rt here'( files this motion for reconsideration from the iss)ance of the resol)tion of lac, of &ro'a'le ca)se '( the -)d*ement rendered '( Prosec)tor .onorio /ali&an of ffice of the Prosec)tor '( virt)e of ne+ vital +itness +hich +as not o'tained d)rin* the trial of this case and if &rod)ce +ill s)'stantiall( affect the decision of the .onora'le Co)rt% to +it:


cto'er 1% 2012% )ndersi*ned co)nsel for the Com&lainant received a co&(

of this .onora'le Co)rt0s Resol)tion den(in* the com&laint for 1)alified theft. /he dis&ositive &ortion of the Resol)tion states: 2-HEREFORE# IN *IE- OF THE FORE)OIN)# that an information for the crime of 1)alified theft filed a*ainst the res&ondent C.R3#/ P."R A4"# is lac, of merit. A co&( of the Resol)tion is attached hereto as Anne, .A5.

2. /he denial of the &etition on the follo+in* *ro)nds: a. For one to 'e *)ilt( of theft% the acc)sed m)st have an intent to steal 6anim)s f)randi7 &ersonal &ro&ert(% meanin* the intent to de&rive another of his o+nershi&8la+f)l &ossession of &ersonal &ro&ert( +hich intent is a&art from% ')t conc)rrent +ith the *eneral criminal intent +hich is an essential element of a felon( of dolo 6dolos mal)s7. /he animo 'ein* a state of the mind ma( 'e &roved '( direct or circ)mstantial evidence% incl)sive of the manner and cond)ct of the acc)sed 'efore% d)rin* and after the ta,in* of the &ersonal &ro&ert(. 9eneral criminal intent is &res)med or inferred from the ver( fact that the +ron*f)l act is done since one is &res)med to have +illed the nat)ral conse:)ences of his o+n acts. ;i,e+ise% anim)s f)randi is &res)med from the ta,in* of &ersonal &ro&ert( +itho)t the consent of the o+ner or la+f)l &ossessor thereof. /he same ma( 'e re')tted '( the acc)sed '( evidence that he too, the &ersonal &ro&ert( )nder a 'ona fide 'elief that he o+ns the &ro&ert(.

'. /he acts of Christo&her and the relevant circ)mstances that led to acc)sed him of stealin* the scra&&ed steel metal &rovide that there is no s)fficient 'asis for the findin* of &ro'a'le ca)se to file information a*ainst him for :)alified theft. 3n fact% it is eas( to infer from the fact)al milie) of the instant case the e<istence of all the elements necessar( for the &rosec)tion of the crime of :)alified theft.

c. !oreover% the element of :)alified theft +as lac,in* since 'ased on the res&ondent0s affidavit. And that the com&lainant did not &)rs)e the said alle*ation 3. /he com&lainant res&ectf)ll( moves for the reconsideration of the a'ove-cited resol)tion 'ased on the follo+in* *ro)nds:

a. $hile discretionar( a)thorit( to determine &ro'a'le ca)se in a &reliminar(

investi*ation to ascertain s)fficient *ro)nd for the filin* of information rests +ith the e<ec)tive 'ranch% s)ch a)thorit( is far from a'sol)te. 3t ma( 'e s)'-ect to revie+ +hen it has 'een clearl( )sed +ith *rave a')se of discretion. And indeed% *rave a')se of discretion attended the decision to

dro& the char*es a*ainst Christo&her as the(e /"s 0o(e th"n p(ob"ble c"use to p(ocee% "1"inst hi0 fo( 2u"lifie% theft.

'. 3n fact% it is o'vio)s from the -&int affidavits affidavits that he ,ee& the
scra&&ed metal and ma,e &rofis 3ndeed% as the his o+n testimon(% ahe ,ee& the tool 'o< in the 'arrac,s 'ecomes an evidence of intent to *ain.

c. /a,in* this fact into consideration% it cannot 'e denied that the +heels of the
felon( started t)rnin* da(s 'efore of ,ee&in* and sellin* the metals. And the ta,in* and &rofitin* +as a mere c)lmination of the crime that +as commenced in ;im-oco Constr)ction.

-HEREFORE% it is most res&ectf)ll( &ra(ed that the instant &etition 'e considered '( the .ono)ra'le Co)rt and f)rther *rant the com&laint other relief 'e *ranted as shall 'e deemed -)st and e:)ita'le in the &remises Cit( of ;as Pinas% cto'er 05% 2013.

ANDRES T+ CREUS 411 Paloma =)ildin* Pam&lona% ;as Pinas Cit(

Co&( hereof received '( cto'er% 2013.

fiice of the Prosec)tor% ;as Pinas Cit( this 5 th da( of

ATTY+ MARY JOY 3+ TA)!E Co)nsel for the Acc)sed

ASST+ FISCA! 4A!A)TAS 4A!A)TAS 1>>> .. ;i+asan% !anila

ANDRES T+ CREUS Co)nsel for the Acc)sed Notar( P)'lic ?ntil @ecem'er 31% 2013 P/R N . 1>220A 3ss)ed on Ban)ar( 1>% 2013 at ;as Pinas Cit(