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Hindustan is for Hindus, or at least for those who are ready and willing to realise that they are

all hindus primordially. Those are not the exact words of Subramanyam Swamy, but I am sure , he would not refute them. Thus, I as a Hindu, since i know my parents have been Hindu and so are my grandparents, have the complete right to stay in this nation, build it, relish its glory and can gleefully force those who do not conform to that idea, or leave my land. My land, India, with its borders on a tumultous Kashmir, barren Kutch, penisular south and west, cultural east and little known hill ranges of far east. This is my home. Here the aryans , pruportedly my forfaters, had come from " look out ", and settled. The setup a system and orgnistion in this land, of caste and creeds, of orders , wrote books that pre-dates any such thgouhtful boks from other parts of world, and set up a path for us. There were some irritants here back then, Dravidians and native indians, but they were moved to the lower rungs of society, the present day dalits, and other backward classes. Perhaps that mrks the begining of thie country, Bhaarat. Sadly, history has no clear account of the demise of this order , but very certainly this society degraded over time and oaved way for forein conquerors . The genghis khan, the taimur the mahmud ghazni. They were ruthless and with the greed of money and zeal of spreading islam settled on my land and sowed the seed of Islam in india. The order of country changed and remaind so for several years then. Along came the mughals in avatars of Aurangzeb, Shahjahan, and Akbar , some got moulded , some stayd true to their "aggressive" propulsion of ismlam. Yet with time , they degraded too, and gave way to modern indutrial power of Britain, and along came the wave of christianlity, thus mounting another serious attack on my culture and religion. The repression increased day after day, and all of that led to the increased idea of a foreign power ruling the indian land, people from all spheres of religion and creed came together to ovrthrow the repressive foreign power, and yet at the same time, the original dwellers like us, the Hindus, realised how different were we from the muslims. teh muslims had been the forceful converts of islam, who had refused to adapt themselves with the changing time and led thmselves to the more conservative ways f life. My forefathers, took note of the situation, and helped , to push the divide further ahead created a separate land from them. Not sure how that land was separate from mine, but they thought there was no other way to buy peace. The other side too thought, they had won the world for themselves. They moved to the other land, carved out of m own land. But , the situation did not get better, more than who had left stayed back in my coutry, they did not leave my country. It was sad, considering that I had already given a part of my land to them. My dream to have my own land had not ben fulfille by my fathers. They could not

pull out the people who had been destrying the ethic of this country, planting bombs increasing its population. THe problem perists till today, and none have been abe to solve it. However, with this forceful rise of Hindutva brigade, whihc I am sure is to the advantage of me community, I can hope to get my land back, purifid, and disilled of all the impurities that have poured in into it. Actually, I had a dream las night, where this dream had been realised. This land had been combed out of all non-believers , especilly muslims. Yeah there were other groups too that have been ousted. The parsis, the christians et al. And now, all that remains is the Hind , the land of Hindus. There has been a televised relay of thae adress to this nation. Never before has such homgenisation been achived. India had agreed to accept Hindi as the national language, the southern dissenters had been obliterated. Even he variants of the national language, the diferent dialiects had been planned to be phased out. English education had been done away with and the readng of Gita in schols had been mandated. The Gita , whihc is the basebook of my religion, has been brought out in the different languages of India . There had been attemt by some spiritualists to treat Gita s the doctrine of human struggle, but those dissenters have again been suppressed, and the Krishna of Gita has been establised as the unvesal god . Again, revolting shaivaites have been oblterated. A clear policy og obliteration has been framed. Either the individual agress to the laid out convernons or leaves the ountry.Following this clar policy of opposition helps resolves any dissent in fraction of seconds. THis hs been the most important process and step worad cleansing the country.Also, now there is no more cnfusion of gods . Ranging from tribals to all groups have been mandated to worship a uniform god, with Rama being the poneer among all. And then my eyes opened. Wide open. I speak Maithili at home, and this language is spoke by 1% of India's population. I belong to ertwhile Zamindar fmily and people who worked for us have been the dalits, chamars and et al. They still live in that same ghetto. I asked one of them one day, on the eve of republic day, what do you think is the even t tomorrow . He didn't know, besides the fact that there would be flag hoisting and free distribution of swets. I asked him , what was his nation? He said shyly, Kumhar of raiyaam , madhubani zilla. I asked him what does he think India is. He said, New Delhi, without waiting. My cook over here too had something similar to answer, "I am from Balasore , Orissa. Upper caste farmer and 26th Januray is celebrated for hoisting flag. " There is a very easy way to distinguish these statements, the seakers are all illiterate. Well, that is my point. Nation is a tyranny of majority over minorities. And Hinduism, althgouh noble in the vie that it seeks to atain homogensation is in turn going to trample and traduce all the minorities. Nation is a modern concept. People are to form nation and for that reason, if India ias any nation it is made of people wo are all minirties. THe educated and literate Indians have tyrannically denied this right o

minorities. But the groups have revolted. The dalits do not agree to the"Hindu" bandwagon. The tribals , are eager to maintain their seprate identity. So is svery group from north to south, The Dravidians want to remain uniquely diffferent from the north. And it has to be understood deep down, that India is a conglomerate of all such minorities, all at different levels. An this is ctual the strength og counry anf not its problem. True there has ben terrorism , and on indian soil majorly in th name of islam, but that does not explain the other problems that Idnia hs. The maoist problem is no less dangerus. The amount of destructioan havoc that they have couased osnt an less ether. But they re not dcsussed by Subraanyam Say, becasue it is the the terrorist who are hotting at middle class. The class that is in lok out of an ideology to live by, the consumerist class that has forgotten the idels of Gandhi and Nehru and seeks to establish itslef globallly as a unique identiyt and for that it need a distinctive label on its cover. The Hindu .

But this could not be further from truth. Who is a Hindu after all? ANd what is Hindustan? AS fasr as I understnd, as far as the history understands, it a congloerate if minoritoes, At diferent levels, The corgis, the tamils, the kannadigas, the keralites, the mangaloreans, the gujrati, punjabi, muslims, vaishnava, shaivaties, spirtualist , atheists, maathi, bihari, maithils, telangana, parsi., mallu chritians, mallu muslims,This diversity the Hisuism brigade is trying to dissole into one meling pot of a a Hindu philosphy, but this model cannot work fro a country as diverse as India, The milting pot would onl tyrranze the minoritoes, The mileting pot of Us had consuerism as the cmon philosphy, but the India cannog nd does nto apet tthe ame philosphy. It a a multiciutural reality . It is only one as a combination of whole and not the other ay. SO today when I see the Hindusim brigade getting stronger amon gthe upper middle class , I lament the doom fo this multivultural nation. Yet, the surver, also provided a heartening result that he people who harbour such views are a minrity , juas as the other minorotoes fo country, BJP is decline in all states ( except Gujrat, and Bihar) for diferent reasons ofoucrse, And fore sure the Hindutva Rhetoric doesnt work in Bihar, It is the easy way out to homgenise the coutry, to tyrranze, after all all nations are the same. But our greatness lies in holding together all the minorities and worshiping this india, Perhaps we all need our own moments of relaiasation. My moment had been this one, As a school kid, on 14th of August, out of brazenness of schhok id I went to my friend who was a muslma and wshed him Hapy Indenedence day , with a smirk on my face. He didn't reply, but there was a look in hi face, not only of anger , ut of dejection, of denial, of a helplessness., and I see the same face aorund me , whenever I see people talking of nation as their and not of others, and that was the last day I realised, the maxim, if there has to be a discussion on nation aong indians , realise that it belongs as much to him as to me. So mr.

Swamy, if ther are probems, use your knowledge and skill to solve them for all Indians instead of deepening the divide and etrying the very fabric of nation.