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address at #69 Cubao, Quezon City, do hereby constitute, designate, and appoint Atty. ERNANI T. TADILI, of legal age, with postal address at 12 C! "ay#undo, $asig City, as #y true and lawful %&&'"()*+I(+F%C&, duly authorized to do and perfor# the following, to wit, 1! &o represent and appear for and on #y behalf in all proceedings, #eetings, hearings, conferences, discussions, and negotiations in-ol-ing his clai#s and defenses arising fro# the case entitled, . PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES VS. PHIL LOCSIN, doc/eted as Cri#inal Case (o! 11+1 , pending before the 0etropolitan &rial Court of Quezon City, 1ranch 213 2! &o appear at any and all #ediation proceedings, pre+trial or preli#inary conference or any #eeting before the court and4or a court+appointed co##issioner fully authorized to, 2!1 2!2! 2! ! 2!6! 2!7! 2!6! 2!9! )nter into a#icable settle#ent3 5ub#it to alternati-e #odes of dispute resolution3 )nter into stipulations or ad#issions of facts and docu#ents3 5ub#it legal and factual issues to a Co##issioner3 5i#plify the legal and factual issues3 8ecide on the necessity or desirability of a#end#ents to the pleadings3 and :i#it the nu#ber of witnesses to be presented during trial!

! &o sign, -erify, deli-er and recei-e any and all agree#ents, instru#ents, pleadings, #otions, notices, affida-its, and other docu#ents and papers, e;ecute the -erification and certification of non+foru# shopping for legal actions, and other docu#ents and papers in relation to the abo-e+specified #atters3 6! &o ta/e all re#edial #easures and legal actions, including the filing of independent or related suits to protect the rights and interests of the undersigned3 and 7! &o perfor# any and all acts incidental and necessary to acco#plish all the foregoing!

<)")1* =I>I(= %(8 ="%(&I(=, unto the said attorneys+in+fact full powers and authority to do and perfor# all and e-ery act re?uisite or necessary to carry into effect the foregoing authority as fully to all intents and purposes as I #ight do if personally present, with full power of substitution and re-ocation and confir#ing all that #y said attorneys+in+fact or their substitute shall lawfully do or cause to be done by -irtue hereof! I( @I&()55 @<)")'F, I ha-e hereunto set #y hand this 22th day of (o-e#ber 221 at Quezon City!


5igned in the presence of , 0IC<%): A'"8%( :)1"'( A%0)5

ACKNOWLEDGMENT "epublic of the $hilippines City of QC)D'( B B 5!5!

1)F'") 0), a (otary $ublic for and in the City of $asig, this 22 th day of ('>)01)" 221 , personally appeared 0)=%( *'C(=<C51%(8, e;hibiting to #e her 8ri-erEs :icense (o! 6769F9 issued on 21 Aune 2212, by :and &ransportation 'ffice, personally /nown to #e and to #e /nown to be the sa#e person who e;ecuted the foregoing 5pecial $ower of %ttorney consisting of two G2B pages and he4she ac/nowledged to #e that the sa#e is her free and -oluntary act and deed! @I&()55 0* <%(8 %(8 5)%: on the date and place first abo-e+ written! %1I=%I: 8) $C:$': (otary $ublic for and in the City of 0andaluyong Cntil 8ece#ber 1, 221 $&" (o!12 67640andaluyong I1$ (o! 99F7664 26+26+114 $asig "oll of %ttorneys (o! 6696F

8oc! (o! HHHH3 $age (o! HHHH3

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