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Standard: W.5.2d Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic.

- Ask the students if they remember when we talked about puzzles. - Tell them that a puzzle piece connects things. - Transition words are like puzzle pieces they connect things together. - Transition words or connecting words are used to bridge the gap between two ideas. - They also provide a smooth reading when changing paragraphs. - ! will be giving you your own copy of transition words to keep in your writing folder in this classroom to take to your regular classroom. ! will also give you a copy to use and keep at home helping you write. - "st box doesn#t need any connection words. - $nd box is green because green means go. - %rd and &th boxes are yellow because we are moving carefully while writing. - 'th box is red because we are preparing to stop. Guided Practice: - Ask the students to think back to when we were writing about (my favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs). - *ead the finished product from page $$. - Ask the students to look over their list of green list connecting words. - +ave the students pick out a connecting word that they think will work. - The teacher will type the transition word they choose in the box. ,using the -romethean .oard/ - The teacher will then ask the students to read the sentence to see if the connecting word sounds like it fits. - The teacher will do the same for all of the boxes. - The 0irst box will be typed in green the second and third will be typed in orange ,yellow/ and the last box will be typed in red. - The teacher will then read what the students suggested. - 1xample2 0irst ! eat breakfast. - 3econd at around noon ! eat lunch. - 4astly ! eat dinner at the end of the day. - After all the boxes have gotten transition words the teacher will type the whole piece over again to show how the transition words help put the pieces of the paragraphs together. Independent Practice: - The students will then get out their healthy meal writing from the week before. - The students will add connecting words to help with their writing. - After they are done adding their connecting words they may write their paragraphs using the transition words. - The teacher will assist in spelling and other 5uestions during this time. - !f there is time left over they may color their puzzle pieces. - 6hen time is up the students will put their writing in their folders and put the folders in the wire basket. Closure: The teacher will ask (6hy do they think it#s important to use connecting or transition words in their writing7) Materials: -encils 6riting folders -romethean .oard 8omputer Transition words hand out.