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Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!

Aug. 27, 2009 Vol. 51, No. 34 50¢

If this is a recovery . . .
Where are the jobs?
By Fred Goldstein garded University of Michigan report
on consumer confidence showed a sharp
term structural crisis of the system will
become apparent—a growing era of job- SEPT. 20-25 IN
Capitalist economists, experts and
stock market gamblers cannot make up
drop; a rise had been expected. U.S. stock
markets fell, followed by a sharp drop in
less recovery.
Mark Zandi, the chief economist at PITTSBURGH
their minds as to whether or not there is Asia and then a further decline back in Moody’s, put it this way:
a “recovery.” the U.S. “We’re going from recession to recovery,  Unemployed March
 Union support grows
For workers who are losing their jobs, Credit card defaults, foreclosures and but at least early on, it’s not going to feel
their homes, their health care, their wag- layoffs are all on the rise. Close to 30 mil- like one.” (New York Times, Aug. 1) The
es and are deeply in debt, there is no am- lion workers are either unemployed or un- threat of double-digit unemployment
biguity. There is no recovery. deremployed and the number keeps ris- looms and wages are declining despite
However, at the slightest hint of less-
bad news—news that is not as bad as the
ing. Personal bankruptcies are on the rise.
How can sales do anything else but
the pickup in the stock market and an up-
tick in corporate profits. HEALTH CARE
news from the period before—the well-
paid experts are quick to declare that a
recovery is in sight.
drop? The masses have little to no money.
Whatever they have is being hoarded to
pay off debts, get their children through
Jobless recovery
a global problem
For example, on July 31 the govern- school, pay for medical care, or just hold Workers need to pay close attention to • Reform & the Truman era 6
ment announced that the economy had on to basic survival. the talk of “recovery.” It clearly does not
declined by “only” 1 percent in the second This is why more than 100 banks have include them. • Healthcare-NOW!
quarter, compared to 6.4 percent in the failed since the crisis began. This year 77 For example, reading the paragraphs leader speaks 7
first quarter of 2009. On Aug. 6, a week U.S. banks have gone under. Another 300 buried in the announcements of revival in
later, it announced that “only” 247,000 are on the watch list of the Federal De- Europe and Japan is enlightening. After • Town hall racism
workers lost their jobs in July and that posit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Five Continued on page 6 EDITORIAL 10
unemployment declined—from 9.5 per- banks failed just in the week of Aug. 10-14
cent to 9.4 percent. alone.
It turned out that, in addition, 422,000
workers had dropped out of the work- Capitalism’s new
force and were not being counted. So the and dangerous stage
unemployment rate would actually have This back-and-forth about recovery, no
gone UP to 9.7 percent if the discouraged recovery, weak recovery, etc., goes on in
workers had been counted as part of the the face of an unabated increase in suf-
workforce. fering, hardship and poverty among the
It certainly does not take much to en- workers and oppressed.
courage capitalist experts who are desper- Here is the contradiction.
ately in search of optimism. After all, op- Capitalism is traditionally not sup-
timism makes stocks go up. So they paid posed to work this way. The way it is sup-
scant attention to this little “discrepancy.” posed to work is this: When there is an
On Aug. 10, more good news. French economic crisis, there is a crisis for the
and German capitalism had slight growth workers. When there is an economic re-

after long periods of economic down- covery, there is a recovery for the work-
turn. This was followed two days later by ers. A downturn brings bad times. A re-
the announcement that Japan had slight covery brings better times.

Wins a new hearing

growth, too, after a long and drastic eco- But what happens if there is a busi-
nomic contraction. ness recovery and it is still a crisis for the 10
Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Re- workers? Clearly capitalism is in a new
serve System, pronounced light at the end and dangerous stage as far as the workers Troy Davis in 1991.
of the tunnel: the recovery was on the ho- are concerned.
rizon in the second half of the year. Not one of these experts knows if there
Business was supposed to be picking
up. The economists could almost taste
is going to be any sort of capitalist recov-
ery of business or if, instead, the whole
‘Whose factory?
the recovery. economy is going to collapse once the
stimulus money runs out here and in Eu-
Our factory!’
False promise of ‘good news’ rope and Japan—or perhaps before that. Stella D’Oro workers
But then, on Aug. 13, came news that But if they manage to engineer a recov- continue fight
retail sales had fallen—even at Wal-Mart, ery for the bosses and bankers by handing
Kohl’s and other giant stores that sell to them trillions of dollars in bailout funds
the workers. On Aug. 14, the highly re- taken from the workers, the real long-

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Clinton in AfriCA Imperialism’s new strategy 8 AfGHAniStAn Phony elections, increased casualties 9
Page 2 Aug. 27, 2009

The Mellons
Keeping Pittsburgh poor
H In the U.S.
By Stephen Millies
Where are the jobs? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Pittsburgh made the Mellons rich. The city was The Mellons, part 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
hell for workers. Sept . 20 Pittsburgh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
A 12-hour day was standard in the steel mills.
Labor support for unemployed march . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Five hundred twenty-six workers were killed on
the job in Allegheny County, which includes Pitts- Gov’t not helping homeowners, renters . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
burgh, between July 1, 1906, and June 30, 1907. Capitalist crisis in light of Marxism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Sixty percent of women workers earned less than March for justice in Cleveland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
$7 per week, according to the “Pittsburgh Survey,”
On the picket line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
a pioneering sociological study.
Pittsburgh had the highest death rate from ty- Stella D’Oro workers still rise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
phoid fever in the country, since the water wasn’t Sickness & struggle, part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
even filtrated until 1907. Children suffered the Interview with Ajamu Sankofa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
worst. Between 1900 and 1907, an average of 226
Letter to the editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
out of 1,000 babies died before their first birthday.
This misery mattered to the Mellons about as much as Pittsburgh steel worker. Troy Davis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
the Johnstown, Pa., flood did. African Americans. The same year 28 Black firemen at
Henry Clay Frick established the South Fork Fishing J&L’s South Side Works in Pittsburgh—incensed that H Around the world
and Hunting Club for Pittsburgh’s wealthy elite, includ- white counterparts were earning 11 cents more per hour— Behind the Clinton tour of Africa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
ing steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. Frick’s friend Andrew shut down the power plant and idled 11,000 workers. Phony Afghanistan election . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Mellon was one of the first members. Millions of Black sharecroppers never had the power
Ahmad Sa’adat transferred to isolation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
On May 31, 1889, the club’s poorly maintained dam that thousands of Black steel workers were using against
broke, pouring out 20 million tons of water that would the mightiest corporations in the land. GI refuses to go to Afghanistan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
kill 2,209 people in Johnstown. It conveniently put out U .S . offensive in Latin America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
of action the Cambria Iron and Steel works, Carnegie’s Urban removal
More U .N . repression in Haiti . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
biggest competitor, for more than a year. The Mellons didn’t like this power. Pittsburgh had the
Bighearted Andy Mellon gave $1,000—45 cents per worst anti-communist witch hunt. H Editorials
victim—in chump change to the relief fund. Ben Careathers and fellow Communist Party members
What those guns signify . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
In those “good old days” before successful lawsuits, were framed in both state and federal courts on thought-
legal cases against the South Fork Fishing and Hunting control charges. Steve Nelson, who fought in Spain
H Noticias En Español
Club were thrown out of court. Club member and Mellon against fascists, spent two years in jail.
family lawyer Philander Knox successfully claimed the In 1940 the Census counted 90,060 Black people in Al- De Honduras a Colombia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Johnstown flood was an “act of God.” legheny County. Ohio’s Cuyahoga County, which includes Carta sobre California . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Knox collected his reward by being selected to Cleveland, had 87,145 African Americans.
be a U.S. senator, attorney general and secretary
of state. After Panama was stolen to build a canal,
Part 3.
3. By 1970 the Black population in Cuyahoga
County had increased more than four times to
Attorney General Knox advised President Teddy Roos- 351,574. African Americans in Allegheny County saw Workers World
evelt, “Do not let so great an achievement suffer from any their numbers increase by only 67 percent, to 150,118. 55 West 17 Street
taint of legality.” Why the difference in these two industrial areas just New York, N.Y. 10011
130 miles apart? No other Black community in a major Phone: (212) 627-2994
Summoning Black labor to Pittsburgh Northern metropolitan area grew more slowly than Pitts- Fax: (212) 675-7869
The “Great Migration” of African Americans from the burgh’s. No other metropolitan area is under the thumb E-mail:
South to Pittsburgh started during World War I. The of one billionaire family—the Mellons. Web:
Pittsburgh Courier became one of the most influential “We have saved this city from becoming a Camden or a Vol. 51, No. 34 • Aug. 27, 2009
Black newspapers in the country. Gary,” bragged John P. Robin in 1980. The head of the lo- Closing date: Aug. 18, 2009
By August 1917 there were 4,000 Black workers in the cal urban removal authority was actually claiming he pre-
U.S. Steel plants around Pittsburgh. Jones and Laughlin vented Pittsburgh from becoming a Black and Latino/a Editor: Deirdre Griswold
Steel employed 1,400 African Americans. A generation majority city. Technical Editor: Lal Roohk
later, in 1944, there were 11,500 Black workers in the “The philanthropist Richard King Mellon” was de- Managing Editors: John Catalinotto, LeiLani Dowell,
area’s steel mills. scribed by the New York Times (May 13, 2000) as having Leslie Feinberg, Monica Moorehead, Gary Wilson
The dirty and dangerous jobs that African Americans led this urban removal campaign, dubbed “Renaissance I.”
West Coast Editor: John Parker
held often gave them a chokehold on production. Steel In the Lower Hill District 1,500 Black families were driven
mills need coke, and apartheid in steel had reserved coke out so an arena and luxury apartments could be built. Contributing Editors: Abayomi Azikiwe,
ovens for Black workers. One result of this relatively smaller Black commu- Greg Butterfield, Jaimeson Champion, G. Dunkel,
African Americans at U.S. Steel’s Clairton, Pa., works nity was Local 1199 being thrown back when it tried to Fred Goldstein, Teresa Gutierrez, Larry Hales,
carried out a series of strikes against discrimination be- organize Pittsburgh’s hospitals in 1970. John Black, a Kris Hamel, David Hoskins, Berta Joubert-Ceci,
tween December 1943 and February 1944. They threat- founding member of Workers World Party who died in Cheryl LaBash, Milt Neidenberg, Bryan G. Pfeifer,
ened to idle nearly 30,000 employees by cutting off coke 2006, was one of the organizers. Even today health-care Betsey Piette, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Gloria Rubac
and coal gas. workers’ wages in Pittsburgh are among the lowest in the Technical Staff: Sue Davis, Shelley Ettinger,
African-American communist Ben Careathers signed country. Bob McCubbin, Maggie Vascassenno
up 2,000 Black workers at J&L in the late 1930s. Source: “Out of the Crucible, Black Steelworkers in Western Mundo Obrero: Carl Glenn, Teresa Gutierrez,
In 1943, 450 Black workers at J&L’s Aliquippa plant Pennsylvania, 1875-1980,” by Dennis C. Dickerson Berta Joubert-Ceci, Donna Lazarus, Michael Martínez,
went on strike after the company refused to upgrade two Next week: War crimes of Gulf Oil Carlos Vargas
Supporter Program: Sue Davis, coordinator
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you. New York, N.Y. 10011. August 27, 2009 Page 3

Sept. 20 Pittsburgh
March for jobs right on time
By Steven Ceci
Labor support for unemployed march in Pittsburgh grows
On Sunday, Sept. 20, a National March for Jobs will The following resolution was adopted by delegates of the San Francisco Labor Council on Aug. 10. Similar
step off from the historic Hill District in Pittsburgh, resolutions were also adopted by the International Longshore Warehouse Union Local 10 executive board
declaring that the unemployed, the homeless, the on Aug. 11 and by the Golden Gate Branch #214, National Association of Letter Carriers on Aug. 5 in support
hungry and the poor must no longer be invisible and
of the March for Jobs and Global Week in Solidarity with the Unemployed–Pittsburgh, Sept 20-26:
silent. The march is set for just prior to a summit of
the G-20, the Group of Twenty finance ministers and
central bank governors, being held in Pittsburgh Sept.
This is particularly urgent for young workers, as
highlighted by New York Times columnist Bob Her-
bert on Aug. 10. Herbert wrote: “Two issues that ab-
solutely undermine any rosy assessment of last week’s
employment report are the swelling ranks of the long- Resolution in Support of the March for Jobs & Global week
term unemployed and the crushing levels of jobless- in Solidarity with the Unemployed—Pittsburgh, Sept. 20-26, 2009
ness among young Americans. … The plight of young
Whereas, there is no recovery in sight from the current economic crisis,
workers, especially young men, is particularly fright-
although government measures have enabled Wall Street to pocket hundreds of
ening. The percentage of young American men who
billions of taxpayer dollars, still unemployment, foreclosures and poverty
are actually working is the lowest it has been in the 61
continue to soar; and
years of record-keeping, according to the Center for
Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Whereas, in September the eyes of the world will be on Pittsburgh, where
Boston. the G-20 countries will meet on what to do about the global crisis, and this
“Only 65 of every 100 men aged 20 through 24 will be an excellent opportunity for labor and its allies to present OUR
years old were working on any given day in the first six workers’ recovery agenda; and
months of this year. … For male teenagers, the num- Whereas, while the G-20 meets in Pittsburgh, a Global Week in Solidarity
bers were disastrous: only 28 of every 100 males were with the Unemployed will highlight the suffering, desperation and anger of
employed in the 16- through 19-year-old age group. the millions whose lives are being devastated by this crisis, and demand that
For minority teenagers, forget about it. The numbers the U.S. and other governments address their needs; and
are beyond scary; they’re catastrophic.” Whereas, a March for Jobs will take place in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Sept.
John Smith, a 21-year-old unemployed Black resi- 20, calling for a real jobs program to provide full-time, living wage jobs.
dent of the Hill District, is typical of many young peo- Instead of bailing out banks and funding wars, there must be money to create
ple. Smith told an organizer for the Sept. 20 March for jobs, provide healthcare, stop foreclosures and bail out the unemployed; and
Jobs: “It’s hard out here. People can’t take care of their Whereas, from Sept. 19-26 a tent city dedicated to the unemployed, poor and
responsibilities. There are no jobs; we need a march underemployed will be erected next to Monumental Baptist Church, located in
for jobs because it could bring change.” an historic part of the African-American community in Pittsburgh called The
Another unemployed Black youth from the Hill Hill, not far from the G20 summit; and
District, 17-year-old Shardaya Brown, said: “The job Whereas, “March for Jobs” caravans of unemployed people and supporters from
situation is poor and I don’t see things getting better. I across the country will converge on Pittsburgh to join the march and tent
think we need to demand jobs, but I don’t know what’s city, similar to the marches for jobs that took place in the 1930s; and
going to happen. Because people can’t find work there
Whereas, Martin Luther King Jr. once called “the second civil rights move-
is more crime and I don’t feel safe.”
ment” the fight for the right to a job or a guaranteed income. King dedicated
Herbert called the 0.1 percent unemployment drop
the last year of his life to planning a mass movement for jobs, and his dream
in July “wildly deceptive,” because the decline was “not
has to be revived; and
because more people found jobs, but because 450,000
people withdrew from the labor market. They stopped Whereas, the San Francisco Labor Council in January 2009 called for a
looking, so they weren’t counted as unemployed.” National Recovery Plan, stating, “To end this recession and prevent a de-
Larry Hales, youth organizer for the Bail Out the pression, there needs to be gainful productive employment for all” and “any
People Movement, said: “Young workers, in particu- bailout needs to be for workers, their families, children, students, seniors,
lar youth of color, are demanding meaningful jobs and small farmers, small business–the everyday folks,” and calling for a massive,
education, not jail or the military. The ‘free market- publicly supported jobs program as existed in the 1930s; therefore be it
ers’ disrupting health-care town halls hide their anti- Resolved, that the San Francisco Labor Council endorse the March for Jobs
worker economic policies that increase poverty and in Pittsburgh on Sept. 20, 2009, and the Global Week in Solidarity with the
unemployment.” n Unemployed, on the occasion of the G-20 summit in that city.

Stopping foreclosures
and evictions
Gov’t programs not helping homeowners, renters
By Jerry Goldberg actual percentage of those helped constitutes a paltry have signed contracts with the federal government to
2.6 percent. evaluate all mortgage loans in their portfolios for modifi-
On Aug. 4 the U.S. Department of Treasury released Under federal law the Treasury announcement should cations under the program. The Treasury estimates that
its “servicer performance report” detailing the number have caused an immediate moratorium on foreclosures. 85 percent of all mortgage loans should be covered. The
of homeowners who have benefited from the federal Title IV of the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, banks and servicers receive enormous sums from the
Making Home Affordable Modification Program—also signed into law on May 20, includes a foreclosure mora- federal government—on top of the $700 billion in bail-
known as the Home Affordable Modification Program or torium provision. It states there should be a moratorium out funds they received last fall and winter—for signing
HAMP — launched in March. on foreclosures until the HAMP is implemented and de- these contracts: $2.8 billion for Wells Fargo, $2.8 bil-
The HAMP, initiated by the Treasury pursuant to clared operational by the secretaries of the Treasury and lion for Citi, $2.6 billion for Bank of America (including
the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (the federal the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Countrywide), and $2 billion for JP Morgan Chase, for
bank-bailout bill), is the primary federal program aimed But rather than invoking a moratorium based on the example.
at helping homeowners facing foreclosures. It provides lenders’ sabotage of the HAMP, the report cites a July 4
for loan modifications so that a homeowner’s mortgage letter from Secretary Timothy Geithner to the loan ex- Moratorium must be enforced by struggle
payments, including taxes and insurance, are set at 31 ecutives and a July 28 meeting of Geithner and the lend- A July 30 article in the New York Times discussed how
percent of gross income for five years, with interest rates ers in which the Treasury secretary discussed the impor- loan servicers are not implementing the HAMP because
reduced to as low as 2 percent based on a 40-year amor- tance of compliance. Geithner made no demands on the of the profits they make by charging enormous fees for
tization of the loan. bankers and lenders to comport with the terms of the delinquent home loans. As a home moves toward fore-
The Treasury reported that thus far only 235,247 trial HAMP or face consequences. There were no mandates closure, the servicers charge for title searches, insurance
loan modifications have been offered under the pro- or penalties threatened and there was certainly no men- policies, appraisals and legal filings, and typically funnel
gram. The report noted that this constituted 9 percent tion of a moratorium as the law requires. these orders to companies they own or with whom they
of eligible homeowners. However, the financialstability. Currently all Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-backed share revenues. The National Consumer Law Center
gov Web site actually states that 7 to 9 million home- loans are covered under the HAMP. About 40 mortgage noted recently that Countrywide made $400,000,000
owners should be benefiting from the program, so the lenders and servicers, including most of the major banks, Continued on page 6
Page 4 Aug. 27, 2009

From new intro to ‘High Tech, Low Pay’

Today’s capitalist crisis
On The
in light of Marxist theory Protect postal workers’
bargaining rights!
The Postal Workers union issued a
Here is the third installment of ex- duction under the internal compulsion The development of imperialism soon
cerpts from a new introduction to the of the system, socializes the productive resulted in the complete division of the call Aug. 3 to protest an amendment to
ground-breaking work “High Tech, Low forces—bringing workers everywhere into globe among the imperialist powers, as Senate bill S. 1507 that would completely
Pay.” The book, written by Sam Marcy objective cooperation in the production described by Lenin in 1916 in his book negate postal workers’ bargaining rights.
during the early stages of capitalist re- of commodities. He scientifically dem- “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capi- The overall purpose of the bill is to
structuring and first published in 1986, onstrated how this socialized production talism.” It meant that capitalism had out- eradicate the U.S. Postal Service’s deficit,
has long been out of print and will soon comes into conflict with private property, grown the national state as a framework but, as APWU President William Bur-
be reissued. Fred Goldstein, who wrote resulting in repetitive crises for the work- for development. Soon it came to pass rus notes, “Relief cannot be on the backs
this introduction, is author of “Low- ers and, ultimately, for society in general. that even imperialist expansion could of postal workers who would be forced
Wage Capitalism: Colossus with Feet of The fundamental assertion implied by not give capitalism sufficient room to to accept wages and working conditions
Clay.” Parts one and two of the excerpts the paragraph quoted above is that sooner grow by ordinary economic means. It had commensurate with the USPS deficit.”
from Goldstein’s introduction can be or later, capitalist property relations be- reached such an impasse that it could Mandatory arbitration, which includes
read in the Aug. 13 and Aug. 20 issues of come a “fetter,” a brake on further devel- only resolve its contradictions through a comparing APWU workers’ conditions to
WW, available at opment of the productive forces. Society devastating imperialist war. that in private industry, could easily wipe
cannot move forward any longer because The ruling classes in Europe survived out raises, cost-of-living increases and
Analyzing the present crisis of the stranglehold of private property. these post-war revolutionary crises, only protection against layoffs, warns Burrus.
The meaning of the crisis and its ulti- Revolution then ensues. The clash be- to soon be plunged into the Great De- To sign APWU’s online petition, visit
mate direction are questions for the rul- tween socialized production and private pression. It was during the world depres- and click on “Send a mes-
ing class and for the working class, from ownership can only be resolved by social- sion of the 1930s that the question of the sage to your senators.”
diametrically opposed points of view. The izing the ownership—that is, by bringing absolute decline of capitalism was widely
bourgeoisie has no theoretical framework socialized ownership into harmony with discussed in concrete terms pertaining to Rite Aid workers
within which to begin to approach the
question. Their system is anarchic. Even
socialized production and setting society
on a new course of planned production
the immediate perspective of proletarian
demand contract
government intervention and some limit- for human need. For the entire decade, save for a brief Supporters of the freedom to form
ed planning cannot eradicate the anarchy Marx was referring not just to the pe- period in the mid 1930s, capitalist society unions demonstrated on Aug. 10 in seven
imposed on a system based on private riodic crises and suffering brought about appeared to be in a downward spiral with cities, including outside a pharmacy in-
profit. by capitalism. Nor does his point refer to no end in sight. Capitalism had reached a dustry conference in Boston, to demand
The bosses operate in competition and capitalism holding back development that dead end. It seemed to fulfill Marx’s gen- that Rite Aid workers—as well as all other
in secrecy. Their economists can really would be of great benefit to society—such eral prognosis that social revolution was workers—be able to join unions and
only look backward over time at what has as environmentally safe methods of pro- on the agenda. bargain free of intimidation, coercion and
happened and hope to divine some pat- duction and green products. Nor is it a Capitalist property, private property in illegal firings.
tern that can be used for the future. But question of the enormous waste and gross the means of production, the profit sys- Why Rite Aid? After Rite Aid ware-
they cannot, dare not, analyze the system; inefficiency produced by capitalism. These tem itself, had become a “fetter” on the house workers in Lancaster, Calif., at-
they can only describe its behavior in a are relative brakes on development. further development of the productive tempted to join the International Long-
pragmatic, strictly empirical fashion. Marx posits that at some point, capital- forces. Capitalism had brought about shore and Warehouse Union in 2006,
Marxists have a broad theoretical ism inevitably becomes an absolute brake the socialization of the productive pro- the company hired a high-priced union-
framework combined with powerful, sci- on the development of the productive forc- cess on a world scale. Yet a small group busting firm that carried out an intimida-
entific analytical tools at their disposal. es, with a consequent crisis for the masses. of property owners, monopolists, owned tion campaign. Despite that, the workers
These tools must be wielded on behalf of Society is stymied by capitalist private and operated this global system for the voted to join ILWU Local 26 in March
the struggle of the workers and therefore property and cannot go on in the old way. narrow purposes of enriching themselves 2008, but due to Rite Aid’s hostile tactics,
cannot be based upon wishful thinking or It is always helpful for clarity and educa- through exploitation and profit. they still don’t have a contract. Jobs with
pure speculation. tional purposes to discuss this fundamen- The Great Depression seemed to be Justice issued a special report on this
The broad theoretical framework with- tal premise put forward by Marx. It is the the end of the line. Capitalism was un- struggle to show why the Employee Free
in which to analyze the present situation starting point of understanding Marxism. able to revive itself by economic means. Choice Act is sorely needed. To download
was laid out by Marx in 1857, in his Pref- But it is only at rare historical moments In the mid thirties there was a slight up- the report, visit
ace to “A Contribution to the Critique of that the discussion goes beyond making
Political Economy”: a general historical point and is raised in
turn, but then world production contin-
ued to decline. Massive unemployment CWA contract with AT&T West
“In the social production of their life, relation to imminent developments. remained. The colonial countries stag- More than 23,000 workers in Califor-
men enter into definite relations that are This question arose at the end of World gered under the weight of the world de- nia, Nevada and Hawaii have reached
indispensable and independent of their War I when the economies of Europe had pression, which struck them even more a tentative three-year contract with
will, relations of production which corre- collapsed in the face of military devasta- drastically than the imperialist countries. AT&T West, announced Communica-
spond to a definite stage of development tion. There was revolutionary ferment in In the present period it is once again tion Workers District 9 on Aug. 13. The
of their material productive forces. The Germany, Hungary and other countries in helpful from a working-class point of view contract provides for a 9-percent wage
sum total of these relations of produc- the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. Cap- to revive this discussion in order to get an and pension hike, with a cost-of-living
tion constitutes the economic structure italism seemed to be on the ropes. World accurate estimate of the period, clarify a adjustment in the third year. It maintains
of society, the real foundation, on which War I had signified the beginning of the perspective and prepare for struggle. quality health care for all, including retir-
rises a legal and political superstructure historic crisis of the capitalist system. To be continued. ees, and establishes fully funded preven-
and to which correspond definite forms

March for justice in Cleveland

of social consciousness. … At a certain
stage of their development, the material
productive forces of society come in con-
flict with existing relations of production,
or—what is but a legal expression for the By Caleb T. Maupin ment Act of 1978 to be enforced and for Depressed situation demands
same thing—with the property relations Cleveland selective prosecution and unfair sentenc- fight back
within which they have been at work ing practices in Ohio’s courts to cease. When one walks through the streets
hitherto. From forms of development of Revolutionary and radical activists They will demand that the prison in- of the Cleveland area, be it the densely
the productive forces these relations turn have called for a mass demonstration on dustrial complex be dismantled and the populated urban districts or the residen-
into their fetters. Then begins an epoch Friday, Aug. 21, the anniversary of King’s death penalty be abolished. Youth in the tial neighborhoods of the suburbs, one
of social revolution. With the change in legendary “I Have a Dream” speech at coalition are demanding more funding cannot escape the harsh reality that the
the economic foundation the entire im- the March on Washington in 1963. The for education and a massive reduction of people are suffering immensely in a dying
mense superstructure is more or less march will begin at noon at West 6th college tuition. economy. The day labor centers for tem-
rapidly transformed.” Street and Superior Avenue in downtown The march plans to bring workers and porary work, where people can be hired to
This is Marx’s most general statement Cleveland. oppressed people right to the offices of work for one day, find themselves packed
about the basis for the revolutionary The fifth annual “Poor People’s March” the elected officials in the state, federal each morning with those who long for an
transformation of society. In numerous will demand a jobs program for the un- and local government who stand in the assignment that can sometimes mean the
places throughout his writings he applies employed, an end to home foreclosures way of the progressive demands the peo- difference between a meal and a full day
this theory to the capitalist system. He de- and evictions, freedom for U.S. political ple need for basic survival. without food.
scribes how capitalism concentrates the prisoners, and an end to police brutality The march raises the slogan “Keep Foreclosed homes dot the neighbor-
proletariat into factories and workplaces, and repression. Organizers are asking the Dream Alive,” and organizers ex- hoods, multiplying rapidly as so many
creating an increasingly complex division that Cleveland schools practice “educa- pect workers to pour into the streets to families find themselves thrown from
of labor in the productive process that tion, not criminalization” and that the demand that the dream for a world with the homes they have inhabited for years.
involves more and varied types of labor welfare reform laws, which drive women equality, freedom and dignity for all rise Countless young people near the college
from geographically diverse regions. into poverty and slavelike working condi- into being among the ruins of capitalism campuses speak of the difficulty in find-
Marx showed how capitalism, by con- tions, be repealed. that haunt the Cleveland area and fill so ing a summer job. Such jobs now belong
stantly revolutionizing the means of pro- Marchers will call for the Full Employ- many with despair and sadness. to adults who once had better-paying Aug. 27, 2009 Page 5

Picket Line ‘Whose factory? Our factory!’

By Sue Davis
Stella D’Oro workers still rise
tive care and company-funded, tax-free By Sara Catalinotto
health reimbursement accounts. This Bronx, N.Y.
settlement follows the Aug. 7 ratification
of a similar three-year contract by CWA A mood of working-class pride was in
members at AT&T Midwest. Negotiations the air on Aug. 15 as hundreds crowded in
are continuing in four other districts. front of the Stella D’Oro Biscuit Company
Even though the billion-dollar corpo- plant gates for a two-hour rally. The occa-
ration tried to impose draconian cuts on sion was the one-year anniversary of the
workers’ health care coverage and totally strike of Bakery Workers Local 50 mem-
cut it for retirees, the workers’ willing- bers against barbaric concessions that
ness to strike and to expose AT&T’s greed were being demanded by the owners, the
in public protests all over the country are vulture capitalist Brynwood Partners.
proving to be a winning strategy. Speakers recalled picket lines in the
heat, rain and freezing cold; the fact that
Court OKs use of company not one of the approximately 135 workers
crossed the line; Brynwood’s use of tem-
e-mail for union business porary scabs; winning a National Labor
It took nine years, but workers at the Relations Board case against the com-
Eugene, Ore., Register-Guard newspa- pany; returning to work on July 7, with
per finally won the right to use company back pay until May, only to learn that the
e-mail to discuss union business. In a bosses are scheming to sell and possibly
sharply worded ruling, the U.S. Court relocate production as early as October;
of Appeals for the District of Columbia and a July 29 N.Y. City Council resolution WW Photo: G. DuNkEl
supporting all efforts to maintain these Clarence Thomas with Mike Filippou
Circuit overturned a National Labor
Relations Board decision and exoner- jobs at decent pay in this community.
ated Newspaper Guild-Communication A common theme was the awareness urged everyone to get resource commit- cal 2, Service Employees Local 1199 and
Workers Local 37194 for sending three that any attack on the Stella D’Oro work- ments from every delegate assembly. the National Writers’ Union.
e-mail messages about Guild business ers is an attack on the community, and There was Ann Harrison of Hudson The multinational crowd included a
after work hours in 2000. Let’s hope this that a victory can strengthen all working Valley United Teachers, representing prominent number of younger faces, in-
ruling will help unionized workers all and unemployed people. 600,000 members “who didn’t buy Stella cluding electricians/apprentices, students
over the country. While the city’s top trade union officials D’Oro cookies for 11 months”; and Mike such as Kira from the State University of
took the longest to recognize the urgency Eilenfeldt, a CLC delegate and Bail Out New York Graduate Student Employees
Immigrant groups of material aid for Local 50, the need for
solidarity is well understood by a critical
the People Movement organizer, who union, and community organizers such as
urged further pressure on the city council Rob from the South Bronx Deserves Re-
demand action now mass of rank-and-file activists and lead- to act on their resolution. President Bar- spect Coalition, which is fighting Yankee
On Aug. 11, the day after President ers. As individuals or through organiza- bara Bowen of the Professional Staff Con- Stadium for the promised share of jobs
Barack Obama announced that immi- tions, including the Stella D’Oro Strike gress at the City University of New York and income for Bronx residents.
gration reform legislation would have Solidarity Committee, which still meets stated that the citywide university faculty One can optimistically conclude that the
to wait until 2010, twelve groups sup- weekly, people have been promoting the and staff union had stood “in admiration gravity of this struggle, whose main spokes-
porting immigrant rights, headed by the Stella D’Oro workers’ cause in unions, of and in solidarity with you.” persons are African-American union
Mexican American Political Association, communities and the media, with the in- In a new development, International officials and immigrants from Ghana,
demanded an immediate moratorium on volvement of strikers who have become Electrical Workers Local 3 Assistant Busi- Greece, Puerto Rico and elsewhere, is
all punitive enforcement procedures and highly respected leaders, and in coordina- ness Manager Luis Restrepo announced strong enough to override decades of
policies. A brief excerpt of their state- tion with the Local 50 leadership. that the union is prepared to “support exclusionism in the building trades. The
ment reads: “If we can’t have reform this It appeared on Aug. 15 that each of the whatever Local 50 wants us to do, with bosses’ racist and sexist ideology, coupled
year, we absolutely require relief in the locals, regional unions, community activ- our members and our resources.” He was with some level of economic privilege, has
form of a moratorium of the enforcement ists and clergy who had been there at one introduced by IBEW member and solidar- often been enough to keep a predomi-
of employer sanctions, raids, deporta- time or another during the strike were ity organizer Edwin Molina, a constant on nantly white, male sector of the labor
tions, e-Verify, and prolonged deten- now here all at once—not just to celebrate the Stella D’Oro picket line, who described movement from uniting with nationally
tion for immigration-related offenses, but to get further marching orders for how pickets “turned the tables on March oppressed workers and communities.
which are civil in nature. All non-violent how to solidify the partial, legal victory 11” when they prevented scabs from driv- In the book “High Tech, Low Pay,”
tactics need to be put on the table. ... We into real lasting job and contract security ing into the plant parking lot. Workers World Party founding chairper-
demand a fair and humane immigration for Stella D’Oro workers. Bakery Workers Local 50 Treasurer Cal- son Sam Marcy explained that it is harder
reform for all NOW.” n Three-fourths of the speakers were sup- vin Williams brought greetings from Pres- to divide workers once they are together
porters, ranging from San Francisco’s Clar- ident Joyce Alston. He and strike leaders at the workplace and once actual material
ence Thomas of the International Long- Mike Filippou, Emelia Dorsu, Sara Ro- conditions expose who the allies are—and
shore and Warehouse union to Teresa driguez and Eddie Marrero thanked sup- who, like investors such as Brynwood, are
jobs. In this economic collapse, they have Gutierrez of the May 1 Immigrant Rights porters for their dedication and asked that the true enemies of our class.
been forced to take the low-wage jobs that Coalition, who invited Stella D’Oro work- people “stay with us until we win this too.” Those in New York are asked to help
youth depend on. ers to lead next year’s May Day march in Among the union logos seen in the ensure that the Stella D’Oro workers’ con-
Prisscilla Cooper, an organizer for the New York; Reverend Luis Barrios and crowd were American Federation of State, tingent at the front of this year’s Labor
Family Connection Center, works to help two other clergy, who had each welcomed County and Municipal Employees District Day parade reflects an unshakable deter-
unemployed women find work before strike support presentations at their plac- Council 37, Teamsters Local 138, Transit mination to win. The contingent gathers at
government assistance is cut off. Every es of worship; and Mike Gimbel of the Workers Union Local 100, Empire State 10:00 a.m. on Sept. 12 at 45th Street and
day she sees more and more women lose New York City Central Labor Council, who Labor College, Metro Area American Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Check
their benefits and have their homes fore- declared the workers to be the leadership Postal Workers Union, New York Nurses and
closed or face eviction from their apart- of the labor movement at this time and United, United Federation of Teachers Lo- for breaking news. n
ments. Many even have their children

Help to publish High Tech, Low Pay

taken away from them. These women’s
inability to find work in a jobless economy
makes them “unfit” mothers in the eyes of
the state. The government gives billions to World View Forum is reissuing this classic printing, binding and promotional costs are high.
work by Sam Marcy, Workers World Party Help to get this book to working people, activists and readers
help banks, yet continues to treat unem-
founder, on the party’s 50th anniversary. nationwide—and to union halls, campuses, libraries and bookstores.
ployed women trying to feed their chil-
The book rings as true today as when Your contribution will make a difference! Everyone who donates
dren as a “burden.” it was first published in 1986. Marcy $25 or more will receive a copy of “High Tech, Low Pay.”
Many of Cleveland’s activists and orga- explained how the high-tech revolution was Yes! I want to help with publishing and promotional costs.
nizers see the situation in their city, not destroying high-paying jobs while changing
simply as a tragedy to mourn, but as a call the social composition of the working class, Here is my donation of n $500 n $250 n $100 n $50 n $35
for militant action in defense of people’s bringing more of the oppressed into work- n $25 $____Other
basic human needs. places, raising the potential for more (Write checks to World View Forum.)
Endorsers of the Aug. 21 march include solidarity and struggle.
the Family Connection Center, Stop Tar- Marcy’s analysis, strategies and tactics are Or donate $___ by n Visa or n MCd.
still on-target. A new introduction by Fred Name _____________________________________________
geting Ohio’s Poor, Black on Black Crime No.______________________
Goldstein, author of “Low-Wage Capitalism,”
Inc., Oct. 22nd Coalition, Bail Out the Address ____________________________________________
explains how world developments have height- Exp. Date ___ /___
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lace Food Justice Council and Cleveland While the writing, editing, proofreading, design Email ______________________________________________
New Black Panthers. n and artwork are all done by voluntary labor, the Return to World View Forum, 55 West 17th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011
Page 6 Aug. 27, 2009

Sickness & struggle

Cold War politics forced Truman’s hand
By David Hoskins outside of the universal insurance system. emerging McCarthy period of anti-com- evelt’s death early in 1945. By the time he
Truman went to great lengths to assure munist repression. The legislation effec- proposed his national health insurance
On Nov. 19, 1945—just three months potential opponents that his plan was not tively died in committee before Truman’s plan, World War II had come to a close.
after the brutal atomic bombings of Hi- a form of “socialized” medicine. It cer- term ended. The war had brought about the defeat
roshima and Nagasaki, Japan—Presi- tainly was not like the totally free, non- of German, Italian and Japanese impe-
dent Harry Truman became the first sit- profit state health systems being set up in Cold war influenced Truman plan rialism; severely diminished the capacity
ting U.S. president to propose a national East European countries where capital- Truman did not launch the struggle for of Britain and France; and positioned the
health insurance program. ism had been uprooted. Nor did it go as health reform. The American Association U.S. as the dominant imperialist pow-
Truman unveiled his five-point plan far in building government-owned health of Labor Legislation had pushed for a er. The war also ended with the Soviet
for universal health care in a special mes- facilities as Britain’s national health sys- form of national health insurance back in Union’s historic victory over fascism and
sage to Congress. He emphasized that tem, which was set up by the Labor Party 1906. The American Federation of Labor the defeat of the German Nazi armies. A
“everyone should have ready access to all after the war under great pressure from actually opposed this effort, acting in its new dynamic thus emerged which lent
necessary medical, hospital and related the working class. narrow bureaucratic interests out of fear itself to the intense competition between
services.” However, Truman’s attempt to inocu- that universal coverage would undermine the systems of capitalism and socialism
The plan’s centerpiece was expanding late himself from criticism did not pre- the importance of union membership. known as the Cold War.
compulsory insurance under the Social vent opponents from red-baiting the plan. In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Truman’s health reform plan was tied
Security system to cover medical, hospi- The American Medical Association took Moose Party platform called for “a system to the U.S. ruling class’s attempt to pre-
tal, nursing, laboratory and dental care. the lead in mobilizing opposition. of social insurance adapted to American vent the rise of widespread revolutionary
Other key points included federal funding The Journal of the American Medical use.” The 1906 and 1912 efforts were un- sentiment at home and abroad. The Bol-
for hospital construction, expanding pub- Association described the plan as “the able to gain significant momentum, and shevik Revolution of 1917 had brought
lic-health services, increasing investment discredited system of decadent nations President Franklin Roosevelt later failed with it a form of socialist medicine and the
in medical education and research, and a which are now living off the bounty of the to throw his support behind calls to in- promise of health care as a right to work-
cash benefit in the event of sickness and American people—and if adopted here clude national health insurance as part of ers across the globe. Truman’s plan was
long-term disability. it would not only jeopardize the New Deal legislation. an attempted appeal to convince workers
The Truman plan was introduced to
Congress in the form of a revised Wagner-
the health of our people but
would gravely endanger our
Part 2 . Truman did not have a reputa-
tion as a committed progressive
at home that capitalism could provide for
their health. This appeal died in commit-
Murray-Dingell Bill. The original bill had freedom. It is one of the final, irrevocable reformer. In fact, FDR’s selection of tee alongside the plan.
been introduced in 1943 by Democratic steps toward state socialism and every Truman as his running mate in the 1944 Truman also explicitly linked his health
Sens. Robert Wagner of New York and American should be alerted to the danger.” election was part of a shift to the right.
Vince Copeland, a founding leader of
Stopping foreclosure
James Murray of Montana, along with Reaction was riding so high that in
Rep. John Dingell Sr. of Michigan—and it 1947 a key House subcommittee investi- Workers World Party, described Tru-
never came to a vote in Congress. gating national health insurance charged man’s selection in his book “Market Elec-
The revised bill was doomed to a simi-
lar fate.
that Truman’s plan was a communist plot
supported by known communist sympa-
tions: How Democracy Serves the Rich.”
Copeland wrote: “In 1940, the ‘left’ New Gov’t program
homeowners, r
The plan was supported by a coalition thizers working within federal agencies. Dealer and Secretary of Agriculture Hen-
of workers and farmers led in part by the The AMA spent millions of dollars and ry Wallace was chosen for the second
American Federation of Labor and the hired the public relations firm Whita- spot. … In 1944 Roosevelt maneuvered
National Farmers Union. ker and Baxter in 1948 to help wage its Wallace out of consideration and gave the
aggressive anti-reform campaign. The vice president slot on the ticket to Harry Continued from page 3
Conservative mobilization Chamber of Commerce, the American Truman, who was in the right wing of the just from late fees in a one-year period.
defeated reform Bar Association and the American Legion New Deal. ... A great number of commen- In addition, the lenders and servicers
The program envisioned by Truman were among the organizations backing tators, including some radicals, have ob- are not set up to carry out millions of loan
had its own set of flaws, including an ex- the AMA drive to block universal cover- served that U.S. history was changed by modifications. They are in the business of
ception that allowed physicians to reject age. The campaign was the most expen- this decision, since Truman became an collecting debts, not helping consumers.
patients covered by the plan in favor of sive in U.S. history at the time. architect of the Cold War, whereas Wal- Borrowers who call the banks to discuss
those patients who could afford to pur- The accusations leveled by the conser- lace was a fierce opponent of it.” a loan modification are frustrated by their
chase private coverage or pay for services vative opposition were emblematic of the Truman took office following Roos- inability to find someone with knowledge
of the HAMP. Oftentimes modification
If this is a recovery . . . documents sent in by homeowners are
misplaced or “lost.”

Where are the jobs?

Borrowers who are eligible for loan
modifications are summarily denied. The
government has no mechanism set up to
enforce its own program. Calls to Trea-
Continued from page 1 that crisis will keep the capitalist system the tens of millions of workers out of a job sury result in borrowers being told to con-
from reviving as it used to. or underemployed, even during a recovery. tact the same lenders who are frustrating
trumpeting the “strong rebound” of Eu- It also means that if there is a recov- them every day.
rope in its headline, the New York Times Increase in rate of exploitation ery—and that is not guaranteed at all—it The Making Home Affordable Pro-
of Aug. 13 reminds its readers of the deepens crisis will be weak, short-lived and will come at gram is not the only federal program that
possibility that the recovery could stall. A very important figure that was pub- the expense of the workers, who will be is being violated continuously. Fannie
“[U]nemployment is expected to rise lished but not well publicized on Aug. left to compete for fewer and fewer jobs. Mae and Freddie Mac, both government
sharply this year as government pro- 11 showed a surge in the productivity of Capitalism has no automatic revival for owned, have initiated programs to protect
grams that kept people on private pay- labor in the midst of the crisis. Reuters the workers. The only way to revive the renters in foreclosed properties. Under
rolls throughout Europe begin to expire. put things quite bluntly in announcing a fortunes of the workers and the commu- the Fannie Mae program, a renter who
Already, the euro area’s unemployment jump of 6.4 percent in the hourly output nities is to open up a massive struggle for is not an immediate relative of the fore-
rate stands at 9.4 percent, its highest lev- per worker (annual rate). jobs, for income, for social services, health closed owner is entitled to continue stay-
el in 10 years, and the anemic growth of “U.S. output per worker rose at its fast- care, housing, food and all the needs of life. ing in the property as a renter or receive
the coming quarters will not be enough to est pace in six years during the second The bosses and bankers have made us $4,500 in relocation funds.
arrest the slide.” quarter as businesses wrung more from pay for this crisis with trillions of dollars Under the Freddie Mac program, the
The same type of optimistic headline shrinking staff in a sign that recovery in bailouts while we are thrown out of our rental option and relocation funds are
followed by the real grim news appeared from recession will be slow and unlikely jobs and homes. available to any residents of foreclosed
in the Times of Aug. 16: “Still the outlook to create a surge in hiring.” It is time that workers organize to push homes. These programs are not being en-
for Japan remains unclear, and some ana- Thus, the bosses have used the crisis back. It is time to declare that a job is a forced because the private property man-
lysts question whether the economy can to shed workers on a permanent basis right; housing is a right; health care is a agement companies hired by Fannie Mae
sustain this recovery after the stimulus through the use of technology, reorga- right; education is a right. And it is time to and Freddie Mac find it too bothersome
measures at home and elsewhere run their nization, speedup or other means. What mobilize unions, the communities and all to inform residents of their rights, and in-
course. Falling employment and wages this really means is that the capitalists mass organizations in a united struggle to stead carry out illegal summary evictions.
are also expected to weigh on consumer have increased the rate of exploitation of turn things around. n Similarly, any resident of a Federal
spending for some time. Japan’s jobless the workers.

Before the G20 Sum

rate hit a six-year high of 5.4 percent and Workers’ hours plunged 7.6 percent,
wages showed a record drop in June.” but production fell only 1.7 percent. Thus
“A self-sustaining recovery is still not the workers produced more in less time.

On SEPT. 20 MA
in sight,” declared a Japanese economist. This is what has caused a rise in corporate
In other words, even if there is a re- profits, despite a declining economy.
covery for the capitalists worldwide, for The struggle of each capitalist to squeeze
the workers there will still be a crisis of
unemployment and declining wages. And
more and more out of the workers means
the bosses will not have to rehire many of If you don’t have a job fight to get one Aug. 27, 2009 Page 7

Interview with

d plan to the needs of the U.S. military,

Healthcare—noW’s Ajamu Sankofa
which he saw as a necessary force to Some 50 million people in the U.S. have health insurance. With the
smash the emerging tide of revolutions have no health care insurance and 25 current economic crisis, layoffs
and national liberation struggles. million more are underinsured. Existing will make this skyrocket exponen-
In his 1945 message to Congress, Tru- programs such as Medicare, Medicaid tially.
man spoke of the connection between in- and Children’s Insurance, each state ad- The U.S. pays more than twice
adequate health care and military service: ministered, are under attack. In Califor- as much per person as any other
“As of April 1, 1945, nearly 5,000,000 nia, where budget cuts have drastically industrialized country for health
male registrants between the ages of 18 reduced access, 8,000 people lined up insurance, yet it is 37th in the
and 37 had been examined and classified when a volunteer health group recently world in health outcomes, mortal-
as unfit for military service. ... After actual offered free service. ity, morbidity and chronic disease,
induction, about a million and a half men On Aug. 13, WW reporter Gavrielle according to the World Health
had to be discharged from the Army and Gemma interviewed Ajamu Sankofa, a Organization.
Navy for physical or mental disability, ex- Harlem attorney who is also former na- Working people and unions are
clusive of wounds. … Among the young tional organizer for Healthcare-NOW! being forced to bargain away sal-
women who applied for admission to the and co-founder of the Private Health ary increases to maintain health
Women’s Army corps there was similar Insurance Must Go Coalition. WW asked benefits.
disability.” him to explain his group’s Single Payer The proportion of the deduction work- WW Photo: GAvriEllE GEmmA

Then he added, “These men and wom- plan. ers pay for employer-based coverage is the cost may be lower, it’s still high and
en who were rejected for military service Single Payer is based on the principle continuing to rise. The premiums are ris- many can’t afford it. Massachusetts then
are not necessarily incapable of civilian that health care is a human right and ing and co-pays are going up too. In most tried to penalize those who can’t buy the
work.” would provide coverage for everybody plans, if a worker has a chronic condition, insurance by having them pay higher tax-
Truman’s statement makes it clear in the country. It is modeled after Medi- there is a lifetime benefit and it will run es. It’s insane.
that, for a sizable wing of the U.S. ruling care. You would never be asked, “Can out. Even if they’ve been paying for 30 Companies still have the incentive to
class, health-care reform was not an issue you pay?” If you already have insurance, years, they’re left with no coverage at all. market their plans to the healthiest peo-
of justice but rather a matter of “nation- love your doctor and your hospital, your The financing in HR 676 would come ple and the richest people. This plan is an
al”—that is, class—security. choice remains the same. There would from a payroll tax that the employer pays apartheidlike system and the health care
Next: Soviet medicine—a workers’ be no premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and a progressive income tax, a tax on crisis remains. It creates a huge windfall
health plan nor discrimination in service. Health care stock transactions and an increase in the for the insurance companies, which will
would be publicly delivered, privately rate of taxes on the upper 5 percent—the be free to continue to accelerate costs and
provided. richest will have to pay more. Some 95 the plan will go under.
es and evictions Now, even if you have employer-based
insurance or buy your own, you have no
percent of the people will experience a net
saving on health care. So taxes are really
The right-wing disruptions of the hear-
ings on HR 3200—the “Obama” plan—

ms not helping
health care security. Each year employ- a nonissue. are financed by the pharmaceutical and
ers change plans, usually covering less. The corporate-controlled Republican insurance companies. Now the right wing
Many employers now require workers to and Democratic parties are not permit- enters calling Obama’s plan socialism.

renters pay part or all of the premiums, and co-

pays and deductibles are going up. Your
choice is greater with Single Payer legisla-
ting the Single Payer plan to be discussed
in Congress. A significant irony is that a
Single Payer national health care plan
The right-wing attacks are all bogus—they
want to destroy any public health care.
The challenge of the left is building in-
Housing Authority-insured home is en- tion—HR 676—in the House of Represen- saves between $300-$400 billion a year dependent political institutions that are
titled to an occupied conveyance and tatives, sponsored by Rep. John Conyers. just because the 30 percent administra- of, by and for working people. If we don’t
continued occupancy (a rental lease until Virtually all the industrialized coun- tive cost is gone. It stimulates the econ- get busy, we will be living with the right
HUD sells the home) after foreclosure. tries have some national health plan. The omy because people will spend less on wing everywhere.
But these options are routinely denied U.S. has the best health technology in the medical care and more on other goods— Single Payer has the capacity to win. It
renters and homeowners. In Detroit, for world, but it is wasted in the interest of and have the health to enjoy them. would take a campaign of a similar inten-
example, where there are thousands of profit and not accessible to everyone. sity to what was needed to dismantle Jim
The attitude of medical profession- The ‘Obama plan’ Crow. We are talking about one-sixth of
FHA-insured homes, only a couple of
residents have been offered this option als has evolved to predominant support Obama’s plan is modeled on Massa- the U.S. economy.
and in both cases only after lawsuits were for Single Payer. During the Franklin chusetts. It keeps the private health in- It is not an accident that Brown and
filed. Not only are residents deprived of Roosevelt administration the American surance industry in existence. The plan’s Black people have the greatest health dis-
the right to stay in their homes, but the Medical Association (AMA) destroyed “Public Option” is a government-subsi- parities in the U.S. There is one level of
homes end up being sold for a fraction of the move to Single Payer as an obstacle to dized insurance plan. It is a giveaway to service for people of color and another for
their values as the emptied-out and va- doctors making huge amounts of money. the insurance industry and perpetuates those of European descent and wealth.
cant houses are stripped and vandalized. Now the leading voices for Single Payer their profits. Massachusetts mandated For more information: Healthcare-
In the meantime, the lender is being paid are organized nurses throughout the U.S. everyone must buy this insurance. While, n
full value for the mortgage. and the majority of doctors.
The unwillingness and inability of the
federal government to enforce the few
This spring the “Baucus 13” challenged
this. Sen. Baucus (R-Montana) chairs the
Finance Committee, which has jurisdic-
Letter to the editor:
programs it has initiated to help hom-
eowners and renters speak to the need tion over health care. They had a hear-
for independent, militant, direct action by ing on reform and denied single-payer
advocates the right to be heard. Thirteen

victims of banks and lenders—supported
by their communities—to defend their members of Healthcare-NOW!, including
homes. doctors and nurses, were arrested, as well
In the 1930s the unemployed councils as members of Labor for Single Payer.
Congress’ newer
led by communists and socialists stopped A couple of weeks ago in Iowa nine
$200 million
protesters walked into the boardroom of The Pentagon and Congress are
tens of thousands of evictions and fore- C-37 jets–
an insurance company. They were young trading in their aging clunker C-20 jets
closures by preventing bailiffs from car- ‘A must have.’
and old, doctors and nurses. They dis- for newer $200 million C-37 jets. As re-
rying them out, or moving families and
rupted the board meeting because the ported in the Aug. 8 Pittsburgh Tribune, high-ranking government and Defense
their possessions back into their homes
company was denying people coverage the Pentagon asked for one new C-20 jet Department officials.’”
after evictions. Moratoriums on foreclo-
for previous medical conditions and un- but Congress insisted that the Pentagon Conveniently, $200 million for
sures and evictions were implemented
diagnosed symptoms. should have three new C-20 jets. The comfy planes can be found hidden in the
through direct action, and then laws were
One-third of premiums paid to insur- justification for the three newer jets was Pentagon’s $636 billion war budget and
passed in 25 states and upheld by the U.S.
ance companies go to the corporate de- that the old C-20 operates at a cost of approved by the House. Amazing that
Supreme Court ratifying the foreclosure
partments that deny you care and provide $6,100, while the newer C-37 jets oper- some of that $200 million could not be
moratorium. History teaches that justice
a rationale for it. The more I know, the ate at a cost of $2,700. removed from the war chests and comfy
for the workers and poor and defense of
angrier I get. The planes will be based at Andrews planes cost and put into health care for
their legal rights will be won through mili-
A 2002 study showed that 18,000 Air Force Base, conveniently located the poor and working poor.
tant action, not government reliance. n
people die each year because they do not in a Washington suburb for Pentagon Nevertheless, while the Pentagon and
staff and Congressional members. Congress ride in $200 million comfy

mmit in Pittsburgh
Congressional members that generally jets, the residents of Pittsburgh—where
fly these noncommercial jets include thousands of jobs have been lost and
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who flies caused a high rise in unemployment—


between Washington, D.C., and her will be joined by thousands of poor and
home in San Francisco. According to working poor in Pittsburgh on Sept. 20
the Pittsburgh Tribune, “The Pentagon to demand jobs, health care, and other
e—if you have one — fight to keep it describes the mission of the planes as
flying ‘worldwide special air missions for
human needs.
—Louise Covington
Page 8 Aug. 27, 2009

Behind the Clinton tour

Secretary of State reveals U.S.
imperialist policy toward Africa
By Abayomi Azikiwe provide no benefit to the majority of Nige-
Editor, Pan-African News Wire Developments indicate clearly that the interest in African affairs ria’s people. Recent unrest stems largely
by the U.S. administration means a continuation of promoting and from its reliance on the same oil firms
There was much anticipation on the that make huge profits at the expense of
African continent about Secretary of State advancing the economic & political priorities of the U.S. ruling class workers and farmers.
Hillary Clinton’s 11-day recent visit to Clinton raised the purported threat of
seven countries. However, the tour’s out- Following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, government because, “We are ready to “Islamic terrorism” during her Nigerian
come largely reaffirmed the continuance the U.S. increased its intervention in So- confiscate all these weapons.” visit. “Al-Qaeda has a presence in North-
of past U.S. policy toward Africa. malia and intensified efforts to overthrow In South Africa, Clinton attempted to ern Africa,” she said.
President Barack Obama has a direct the governments of Zimbabwe and Sudan. persuade the newly elected African Na- Such statements by the U.S. secretary
connection to the East African nation of tional Congress government of President of state reflect recent U.S. military policy
Kenya. African heads of state hope that U.S.-Africa policy under Obama Jacob Zuma to work with the U.S. to re- towards Africa. The 2008 establishment
this historic link will inspire the admin- At a regional trade conference in Ke- move Zimbabwean President Robert of the Africa Command (Africom) sig-
istration to look more seriously at U.S. nya, Clinton emphasized the adminis- Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African Na- naled U.S. willingness to intensify its in-
foreign policy towards Africa. tration’s intentions to increase trade be- tional Union, Patriotic Front party from terventions on the continent.
However, the same economic and po- tween the U.S. and African countries in the recently created inclusive government. Presently the U.S. has a military base in
litical interests that have driven U.S. pol- the region. She also met with the presi- South Africa has worked with the Zimba- the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti. U.S.
icy still prevail. U.S. imperialism’s strat- dent of the U.S.-backed Transitional Fed- bwe government to form a coalition with warships are patrolling the Gulf of Aden
egy has been one of domination through eral Government in neighboring Somalia. the opposition Movement for Democratic and the Indian Ocean under the guise of
mineral extraction, trade, political en- At a joint press conference in Nairobi Change, and to get Western sanctions fighting “piracy.” Other military opera-
gagement and military involvement. Aug. 6, Clinton and Somali President lifted. The U.S., Britain and the European tions are being conducted in the Gulf of
Starting with Sudan in 1956 and Gha- Sheik Sharif Ahmed discussed how Wash- Union imposed the sanctions in response Guinea off the West African coast—a ma-
na in 1957, former British colonies, and ington can provide additional financial, to the country’s land redistribution pro- jor source of oil exports to the U.S.
with former French possession Guinea- political and military support to the fledg- gram, which was enacted in 2000. Daniel Volman of the African Security
Conakry in 1958, the national liberation ing government that is largely propped- The ANC government resisted Bush Research Project in Washington, D.C., re-
movements in Africa gained tremendous up by the African Union’s “peacekeeping administration pressure to cut off power vealed: “In May 2008, the United States
momentum. forces” (AMISOM). Clinton is the high- supplies and implement an economic Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., hosted
In 1960, 18 countries gained their in- est-ranking U.S. diplomat to make direct blockade against Zimbabwe. South Africa ‘Unified Quest 2008,’ the army’s annual
dependence from England, France and contact with the Somali regime. has extended credit to the Mugabe gov- war games to test the American military’s
Belgium. Algeria won independence Somalia has been without an interna- ernment to offset the impact of Western ability to deal with the kind of crises that
from France in 1962. By 1963 there were tionally recognized government since the sanctions. Obama has continued sanc- it might face in the near future. [This]
more than 30 independent states on the U.S.-backed Siad Barre regime collapsed tions against Zimbabwe despite the coali- was especially noteworthy because it was
continent. in 1991. Although Bush’s administration tion government’s formation. the first time the war games included Af-
Nevertheless, the former European co- provided assistance for the AMISOM forc- In the Democratic Republic of the rican scenarios as part of the Pentagon’s
lonial powers and, increasingly, the U.S., es in Somalia, most of the aid was funneled Congo, Clinton raised the impact of the plan to create a new military command
still sought to dominate Africa’s politics through the United Nations and the A.U. ongoing civil war in the eastern region for the continent: the Africa Command or
and economies. In its coverage of the meeting, the Los of the mineral-rich central African na- Africom.” (, August 14)
In 1965, Kwame Nkrumah, the former Angeles Times reported, “Somali officials tion. The DRC has a long history of U.S. In an earlier article, Volman reviewed
president of Ghana and a key leader of said discussions centered on providing involvement. During the early days of the military budget submitted to Congress
the post-World War II African liberation additional weapons, boosting humani- independence in 1960-61, the CIA plot- by the Obama administration for 2010,
struggle, said that the U.S. had become tarian assistance and formalizing ties.” ted the overthrow and murder of nation- which “proposes significant increases in
the dominant imperialist power. The U.S. government recently announced alist leader Patrice Lumumba, and later U.S. security assistance programmes for
In his book, “Neo-Colonialism: The Last that it is sending 40 tons of weapons and backed Colonel Mobutu Sese Seko, who African countries and for the operations
Stage of Imperialism,” Nkrumah said: munitions, in addition to training a re- ruled for 37 years at imperialism’s behest. of the new U.S. Africa Command (Afri-
“Faced with the militant peoples of the ex- configured military force to protect the After Mobutu was overthrown in 1997, com). This shows that—at least initially—
colonial territories ... imperialism simply Ahmed government. the U.S. sought to continue its domina- the administration is following the course
switches tactics. Without a qualm, it dis- U.S. military involvement in Somalia tion of the DRC by supporting the govern- laid down for Africom by the Bush admin-
penses with its flags, and even with certain escalated during Bush’s administration. ments in neighboring Rwanda and Ugan- istration.” (, June 11) Vol-
of its more hated expatriate officials. This In 2006, when the Islamic Courts Union da. A regional war erupted in 1998, largely man says this budget includes funding for
means, so it claims, that it is ‘giving’ in- took control of much of the country, the at the instigation of former President Bill military education and training programs
dependence to its former subjects, to be CIA was suspected of funding warlords Clinton’s administration. The U.S. en- in at least 17 African nations.
followed by ‘aid’ for their development. inside Somalia who sought to promote couraged and financed the Rwandan and
“Under cover of such phrases, how- U.S. aims there. In December 2006, the Ugandan armies’ invasion of the DRC. A Administration policy
ever, it devises innumerable ways to ac- U.S.-backed government in Ethiopia mil- five-year war ensued that drew in Angola, continues imperialist aims
complish objectives formerly achieved by itarily invaded Somalia on behalf of the Zimbabwe and Namibia on the side of the These developments indicate clearly
naked colonialism. It is this sum total of Bush administration, supposedly to curb Congolese government. Millions died in that the interest in African affairs by the
these modern attempts to perpetuate co- the rising tide of “Islamic extremism,” this war between 1998 and 2003. current U.S. administration means a con-
lonialism while at the same time talking which was linked to Al-Qaeda. U.S. mining firms are still extracting tinuation of promoting and advancing the
about ‘freedom,’ which has come to be During Ethiopia’s occupation, the U.S. huge amounts of wealth from the eastern economic and political priorities of the
known as neo-colonialism.” Air Force carried out six aerial bombard- and southern regions of the country. The U.S. ruling class.
Nkrumah stressed, “Foremost among ments in Somalia, leading to the worst Obama administration has announced Gitau Warigi, a political analyst in Ke-
the neo-colonialists is the United States. humanitarian crisis on the continent. new initiatives to provide military training nya, wrote in the Daily Nation that that
... With methodical thoroughness and However, the Somali people’s resistance to the Congolese army. The U.S. also sup- there were “strategic interests involved”
touching attention to detail, the Pentagon forced the Ethiopian military to retreat in plies material and financial assistance to behind Clinton’s visit. This referred to
set about consolidating its ascendancy, January of 2009. the U.N. Mission to the Congo (MONUC) U.S. attempts to regain ground lost dur-
evidence of which can be seen all around Somali government officials see U.S. and its 17,000 peacekeepers, who are sta- ing the Bush administration, and Clin-
the world.” assistance as their only hope to coun- tioned in the country’s eastern region. ton’s criticism of the growing role of the
In the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. sup- ter the radical resistance movements of In Angola, Clinton lectured the govern- People’s Republic of China in Africa.
ported the most reactionary policies Al-Shabab and Hizbul Islam. However, ment run by the Popular Movement for These attempts at increasing U.S. mili-
towards Africa. Republican and Demo- Ahmed’s government has limited control the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) about tary involvement in Africa will not win the
cratic administrations opposed and un- there. Even Mogadishu, the capital, is the need for transparency there. Angola hearts and minds of the continent’s peo-
dermined national liberation movements largely under the influence of Al-Shabab is now the leading oil producer in Africa. ple. The majority have not significantly
and progressive states. The International and Hizbul Islam. During the first years of Angola’s in- benefited from trade agreements and the
Monetary Fund, World Bank, CIA and the The Al-Shabab and Hizbul Islam or- dependence, from 1975 to 1989, the U.S. presence of large-scale business ventures.
Pentagon sabotaged economic develop- ganizations have appealed to the Somali encouraged the efforts to undermine the U.S. imperialism’s military adventures
ment efforts. people based on U.S. pledges of greater former Portuguese colony by supporting are always designed to enforce exist-
After white minority rule was abol- support to the transitional regime. Al- the counterrevolutionary UNITA move- ing relations of production and unequal
ished on the subcontinent with the inde- Shabab Commander Sheik Muse Hassan ment, which was working on behalf of the terms of trade.
pendence of Namibia and South Africa Ali stated, “There is no difference between former apartheid regime in South Africa. It is only when the majority of the
during the early 1990s, the U.S. militar- Bush and Obama. Both are against Islam In Nigeria, Clinton criticized the gov- people in Africa take control of the own-
ily intervened in Somalia from 1991-93, and are trying to eradicate Islamic gov- ernment for corrupt practices and the ership and production of their economic
escalated its military involvement with ernments.” (Los Angeles Times, Aug. 7) lack of good governance. Yet no mention resources that the potential will exist for
Mubarak’s government in Egypt and, in Ali said he welcomed the shipment of was made of the role of U.S. and European genuine independence and national de-
1998, bombed Sudan. military equipment to the transitional oil firms that dominate the economy and velopment. n Aug. 27, 2009 Page 9

Phony election shows bankruptcy

of Afghan occupation
By John Catalinotto participation in the Afghanistan occupa- turn into some anger when the adminis-
of taking heavy casualties while failing to
tion a condition for each of these countries tration doesn’t change, and I don’t think
conquer Afghanistan.
More than 100,000 troops from the sharing in the domination and exploita- that anybody believes that Karzai is going
Despite this popular hostility to the
Pentagon and its NATO allies now occu- tion of the world. Thus the governments to lose. There is going to be frustration
war, Britain’s incoming army chief, Gen.
py Afghanistan. They are inflicting more push for war while the vast majority of the from people who realize there is not going
David Richards, has said, “I believe that
deaths and terror on the Afghans. They people prefer to stay out of the conflict. It’s to be a change. The bottom line is they are
the UK will be committed to Afghanistan
are also dying in record numbers now, a recipe for a collapse of the effort similar going to be thinking: ‘Four more years of
in some manner, development, gover-
nearly eight years after the initial U.S. to what happened in Iraq. this crap?’” (, July 9)
nance, security sector reform, for the next
invasion. More of the occupation troops were
30 to 40 years.” (BBC, Aug. 7) And Prime
A sober assessment killed in July—71—than in any other
The occupation forces plan to impose Minister Gordon Brown has continued to
from a U.S. officer month since 2001. August is following
a presidential election on that suffering defend British participation in the U.S.-
country on Aug. 20. The U.S. 10th Mountain Division— that trend. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
led occupation.
Incumbent Hamid Karzai, who the U.S. which does its training at Fort Drum in has been openly defending the war, as
A similar scenario is playing out in Ita-
appointed interim leader in 2001 and upstate New York near the Canadian does the president.
ly, Germany, France and Spain, where the
made sure came out on top of the 2002 in- border—is now in Afghanistan taking And they are openly backing the un-
governments are trying to increase their
fighting, won the first U.S.-managed elec- part in the U.S. offensive aimed at hold- popular Karzai, who is allied with the
military’s role, but where the populations
tion in 2004. Because of his scant popular ing things together for the election. Col. military leaders who ran Afghanistan into
are a majority to three-quarters for leav-
support across Afghanistan and his nar- David Haight commands the 3rd Brigade the ground and restored the opium trade.
ing Afghanistan either now or within a
row area of control, Karzai has been deri- Combat Team of that division in Logar Just as in Europe—as well as in Afghani-
year. These governments have taken ad-
sively referred to as the “mayor of Kabul.” and Wardak provinces near Kabul. stan—the people in the United States are
vantage of U.S. President Barack Obama’s
He is still Washington’s first choice for Haight had this assessment of the atti- unlikely to be ready to take “four more
popularity in Europe to defend participa-
president, and favored to win the Aug. 20 tude of the Afghans should Karzai win the years of this crap.”
tion in the unpopular occupation.
election. election: “I think that apathy is going to E-mail:
The reality is that Washington has made
Only the pro-U.S., pro-NATO, corpo-

Urgent: Ahmad Sa’adat transferred

rate media could possibly argue that an
election in an occupied country will give
“legitimacy” to the leaders there.

to isolation in Ramon prison!

Despite the strong U.S. backing for
Karzai, the corporate media hedge their
bets by explaining how he might lose, or
at least not win in the first round. Unless
he gets more than 50 percent of the vote, The following statement was issued Ahmad Sa’adat undertook a nine-day the+Ministry/Diplomatic+misions/We
a run-off will be needed in October. Polls by the International Action Center. hunger strike in June in order to protest b+Sites+of+Israeli+Missions+Abroad.
show Karzai with only 45 percent sup- Imprisoned Palestinian national leader the increasing use of isolation against Pal- htm) and to write to the International
port. (Reuters, Aug. 17) Ahmad Sa’adat, the general secretary of estinian prisoners and the denial of pris- Committee of the Red Cross and other
The Aug. 17 New York Times made fur- the Popular Front for the Liberation of oners’ rights, won through long and hard human rights organizations asking that
ther excuses for Karzai, blaming a loss in Palestine, was transferred on Aug. 11 to struggle. The isolation unit at Ramon they exercise their responsibilities and
votes for the incumbent on threats from Ramon prison in the Naqab desert from prison is reported to be one of the worst act swiftly to demand that the Israelis
the resistance in Pashtun areas. Karzai is Asqalan prison, where he had been held isolation units in terms of conditions and ensure that Ahmad Sa’adat and all Pal-
from the Pashtun ethnic group, so those for a number of months. He remains in repeated violations of prisoners’ rights in estinian prisoners receive needed medi-
areas are supposed to be his stronghold, isolation; prior to his transfer from Asqa- the Israeli prison system. cal care and that this punitive isolation
although they are also areas where the lan, he had been held since Aug. 1 in a tiny Sa’adat is serving a 30-year sentence in be ended. E-mail the ICRC, whose hu-
Taliban—the major group in the resis- isolation cell of 140 cm. by 240 cm. after Israeli military prisons. He was sentenced manitarian mission includes monitoring
tance—is strongest. being penalized for communicating with on political charges on Dec. 25 after a long the conditions of prisoners, at jerusalem.
Karzai himself made a last-minute another prisoner in the isolation unit. and illegitimate military trial, which he, and inform them about the
deal with “former Uzbek militia leader, Attorney Buthaina Duqmaq, president boycotted. He was kidnapped by force in a urgent situation of Ahmad Sa’adat!
Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, [who] jetted of the Mandela Association for prisoners’ military siege on the Palestinian Author- Ahmad Sa’adat has been repeatedly
back into Afghanistan from exile in Tur- and detainees’ rights, reported that this ity prison in Jericho, where he had been moved in an attempt to punish him for
key, perhaps to deliver enough support to transfer is yet another continuation of the held since 2002 under U.S., British and his steadfastness and leadership and to
swing the election for Karzai in a single policy of repression and isolation directed P.A. guard. undermine his leadership in the prison-
round.” (Reuters, Aug. 17) Even the pro- at Sa’adat by the Israeli prison adminis- Sa’adat is suffering from back injuries ers’ movement. Of course, these tactics
U.S./NATO corporate media call Dostum tration, aimed at undermining his stead- that require medical assistance and treat- have done nothing of the sort. The Pal-
a “warlord.” fastness and weakening his health and his ment. Instead of receiving the medical care estinian prisoners are daily on the front
leadership in the prisoners’ movement. he needs, the Israeli prison officials are re- lines, confronting Israeli oppression and
Casualties grow among NATO troops Sa’adat has been moved repeatedly from fusing him access to specialists and engag- crimes. Today, it is urgent that we stand
With an explosion that killed three prison to prison and subjected to fines, ing in medical neglect and maltreatment. with Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian
British troops—who now number over harsh conditions, isolation and solitary The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat prisoners against these abuses and for
9,000—the total killed of those soldiers confinement, and medical neglect. Fur- demands an end to this isolation and calls freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and
went up to 204. Popular anti-war senti- ther reports have indicated that he is be- upon all to protest at local Israeli embas- for all of Palestine!
ment is growing in Britain, which has a ing denied attorney visits upon his trans- sies and consulates (the list is available Visit the Campaign to Free Ahmad
long history, dating from the 19th century, fer to Ramon. at Sa’adat at

Sentenced to 30 days
GI refuses to go to Afghanistan
By Dee Knight As guards escorted him away, “he and chanting. Drivers passing by flashed orders. The penalty was the maximum
flashed a peace sign as supporters did the peace signs, held thumbs up and honked, specified under a plea agreement with
Iraq war veteran Victor Agosto was same and raised fists. Despite a guard’s proving that there is more of a bond than military prosecutors.
sentenced to 30 days in jail on Aug. 5 for repeated warnings of ‘no pictures,’ cam- most would suspect between the peace Agosto refused deployment to Afghani-
refusing to deploy to Afghanistan after eras clicked and film rolled,” according movement and the soldiers and military stan in April, after learning the Army was
the Army extended his enlistment. to Alice Embree of the Austin-based Rag families ground down by multiple de- keeping him beyond his enlistment date
Agosto returned from a 13-month com- Blog. ( ployments in seemingly unending wars.” under the hated “stop-loss” policy. “There
bat tour in Iraq in late 2007. He told the “At 7:00,” the Rag Blog report says, Attorney James Branum, who co- is no way I will deploy to Afghanistan,”
court in Texas he believes the wars in Iraq “under a still unforgiving Texas sun, chairs the National Lawyers Guild’s Mili- Agosto wrote on a military counseling
and Afghanistan violate international law. about 60 supporters gathered at the East tary Law Task Force and served as Agos- statement (a routine piece of Army paper-
(New York Times, August 6) At the hear- Gate of Fort Hood. Active duty soldiers to’s legal adviser, said Agosto will most work) which he turned in on May 1 to the
ing, in response to his sentence, which in- in Iraq Veterans Against the War were likely be held in a county detention cen- commander of a Fort Hood unit headed
cluded a reduction to the rank of private, joined by people from Killeen, Belton, ter in Belton, Texas, and then be returned for Afghanistan. “The occupation is im-
he ripped a patch showing his specialist Austin, and as far away as Fort Worth. to his unit at Fort Hood before receiving moral and unjust. It does not make the
rank off his uniform, to cheers from sev- Protesters stood across from the sprawl- an other-than-honorable discharge. He American people any safer. It has the op-
eral dozen members of the Killeen, Texas, ing military base—the country’s larg- was not charged with desertion or being posite effect.”
anti-war community. est—holding signs of support for Victor absent without leave, but with disobeying Continued on page 10
Page 10 Aug. 27, 2009

Sentenced to 30 days
GI refuses to go to Afghanistan
What those Continued from page 9
Rather than going AWOL or trying to
discharges (available at www.truthout.
org). Their stories “give a glimpse into the

guns signify
escape punishment, Agosto reported for world of GI resistance—the oft-hidden
work, but refused all orders that directly side of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Af-
supported the war, according to the Rag ghanistan,” which includes widespread
“work slowdowns, letter-writing cam-

Blog report.
hen a man dropped his gun at prevents a unified class struggle capable Agosto received strong support from paigns, and one-on-one organizing with
a town hall forum in Arizona, it of taking on the ruling class, from Wash- Under the Hood, a GI coffee house near fellow soldiers.”
was a sign that the town hall dis- ington to Wall Street. Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, as well as The GIs tell “how they convinced sev-
ruptions around the country were about In this respect health care is being from a whole network of supporters both eral in their unit to deliberately fail physi-
much more than health care reform. used as a wedge issue much the same local and national. Courage to Resist, cal training, called public attention to
Just a few days after the Arizona inci- as abortion, same-sex marriage and im- based in Oakland, Calif., set up a defense the insufficient training and gear … and
dent, a man bearing a sidearm appeared migration are used by the ruling class to fund for him, as it has for many GI resist- found creative ways to encourage soldiers
outside President Barack Obama’s Aug. divide workers. ers (see to ‘drop the military before the military
11 town hall meeting in Portsmouth, Why aren’t the leaders of organized In a statement on his court martial, drops you.’”
N.H. He was holding a sign stating, “It is labor mobilizing the rank and file against Agosto said: “I have learned that nothing Courage to Resist presented a work-
time to water the tree of liberty.” It was a racism and for jobs as well as health care? is more frightening to power than a direct shop on supporting GI resistance on Aug.
reference to Thomas Jefferson’s famous Where are the mass marches of work- and principled challenge to its authority. 7 at the annual Veterans For Peace/Iraq
statement, “The tree of liberty must be ers demanding a jobs program at a living The truth is on our side and those who Veterans Against the War convention in
refreshed from time to time with the wage? Where are the caravans of unin- have incarcerated me know it.” College Park, Md. Both organizations,
blood of patriots and tyrants.” It repre- sured and unemployed workers traveling with a combined membership approach-
sented a clear threat to the life of Presi- the country in a dramatic call for jobs Widespread resistance ‘under ing 10,000, have committed to ongoing
dent Obama. and health care for all? the radar’ support for organizing resistance among
Most recently about a dozen armed With more than 16 million workers “While some GI resisters go public,” active-duty GIs.
right-wingers were seen carrying guns organized at the points of production and writes Courage to Resist organizer Sarah
outside the Phoenix Convention Center, service delivery and hundreds of millions Lazar, “much resistance happens silent- British soldier refuses to fight in
where Obama spoke to veterans on Aug. 17. of dollars in union dues at their disposal, ly, under the radar, in circles of trusted Afghanistan
It is now safe to say what most observ- the only thing stopping the labor unions friends, in the small acts that fly in the face In England, court martial proceedings
ers already know in their heart—the town from mobilizing a mass movement of military obedience and command. Their have begun against Lance Cpl. Joe Glen-
hall disruptions have little to do with around these issues is the will to do so. stories serve as a reminder that there are ton, the first British soldier to speak out
health reform. In the absence of a sizeable left move- multiple ways to resist military control, publicly against the war in Afghanistan.
Yes, the topic of discussion at many ment in this country, the most reaction- and despite military efforts to quash dis- Glenton has joined the Stop the War Co-
of these forums is health care. And yes, ary elements of the right wing have been sent, these varied forms of resistance are alition. On July 30 he delivered a letter
there is a severe health care crisis in the emboldened. as ongoing as the wars themselves.” to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
United States that the Democratic health A highly significant step in building a Army AWOL rates are the highest since giving his reasons for refusing to fight an
care plan does far too little to address. working-class response to the economic 1980, and the desertion rate has jumped unjust war (See
That, however, is not why right-wing- crisis is the September 20 National 80 percent since the start of the Iraq War, His case has received widespread media
ers are bringing their guns to town. March for Jobs in Pittsburgh. The jobs Lazar observes. coverage, including on British Broadcast-
Health care is not the reason conser- march is scheduled just days before In early August Lazar published an in- ing Corp.’s TV News. Email support to jo-
vative radio host Mike Levin stated that government leaders and finance min- terview with two GIs who recently won n
Obama is “literally at war with the Amer- isters from some of the world’s richest
ican people.” Anger over health care does countries meet there as
not explain Fox News host Glenn Beck’s part of the G-20 Summit
comment that Obama “has a deep-seated to figure out how to save
hatred for white people.” It is insufficient themselves in the midst
to explain former Republican vice presi- of the global economic
dential candidate Sara Palin’s lie that crisis.
Obama was planning “death panels” for Some brave local
the elderly and the disabled. union leaders, including
No, what these words and actions the San Francisco Labor
expose is an orchestrated campaign by Council, the Interna-
the extreme right to whip up the most tional Longshore and
backward whites into a racist frenzy by Warehouse Local 10 and
using President Obama as a fall guy for the Letter Carriers Local
the worst economic crisis since the Great 214, have endorsed the
Depression. call for a jobs march.
It is an attempt to channel the legiti- Where will you be on
mate anger over joblessness and lack of Sept. 20?
health care into a racist backlash that For information on
divides the multinational working class, the National March for
separates white workers from their Black Jobs, see bailoutpeople.
and Latino/a brothers and sisters, and org.

• • • Bulletin • • •
Troy Davis wins new hearing
Troy Davis, 40, who has been imprisoned for half his life, may fi-
nally have a chance to prove his innocence.
The Supreme Court, in a highly unusual ruling, on Aug. 17 ordered
a federal judge in Georgia to hold a hearing at which Davis could
present evidence to disprove that he killed an Atlanta police officer
in 1989. Davis has three times come within hours of execution, but a
worldwide outcry has stayed the hand of the state.
Why should this ruling come as a surprise? Seven of the nine wit-
nesses who testified against Davis have recanted. One of the two re-
maining may be the real shooter. A hearing and/or a new trial should
be a no-brainer.
Yet until now Davis has been unable to get a court to hear this new
evidence. Justice Antonin Scalia said in his dissent that the Supreme
Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of an
innocent person. Yes, you heard it right. But this time, Scalia was in
a minority.
U.S. “justice” is seen around the world as a racist system that locks
up people without money, especially people of color, by the millions.
The Davis case has been proof of that. This ruling is a victory for all
who have been fighting the system. n Aug. 27, 2009 Page 11

U.S. offensive in Latin America:

A continent resists meet with the U.S. to clarify that coun-

By Berta Joubert-Ceci • The Human Rights International does best: militarize! Last year the U.S.
resurrected the infamous IV Fleet, which try’s relationship with Latin America.
Commission of the OAS will arrive on
now dangerously roams throughout the (
Hondurans continue the struggle in Monday to witness the violations. And
the streets. Defying criminal police and a commission of foreign ministers waters off Latin America, and goes as
Ecuador, the Citizens’ Revolution
military who repress, arrest and shoot of the OAS countries is supposed to far as into the heart of the countries,
tear and pepper gas, rubber bullets and arrive soon also. The resistance hopes through their rivers. The Plan Mérida, a
that the findings of these commis- copy of military Plan Colombia, but this An example of the advances that Wash-
live ammunition at them, the people have
sions will force the United States to time targeting Mexico, was signed into ington opposes is Ecuador’s. Last Aug.
protested the military coup regime every
pressure the Micheletti’s government law on June 30, 2008. 10, the same day as the UNASUR meet-
day for seven long weeks.
into resigning. The most recent and most danger- ing, Ecuador was celebrating the 200th
Through marches, cultural gatherings
ous military maneuver is the Pentagon anniversary of its independence and the
of resistance, assemblies and the mul-
Washington tries to revive Southern Command’s use of seven mili- second term in office of President Rafael
tiple other ways the collective ingenious-
Monroe Doctrine tary bases in Colombia. This move has Correa, mandated by the new constitu-
ness has been displayed, the National
faced the firmest opposition from Latin tion. The day before, Correa participated
Popular Front of Resistance Against the The Democratic administration in
American countries and movements, in an Indigenous ceremony accompa-
Coup D’état has fought. The labor move- Washington has made public statements
who see this military expansion as an nied by Guatamalan Nobelist Rigoberta
ment, women and men, young and old, supporting legitimate Honduran Presi-
enormous threat to the region, particu- Menchú and Bolivian President Evo Mo-
the Afro-Honduran Garifuna people and dent Manuel Zelaya’s right to return to
larly to Colombia’s neighboring coun- rales, where Correa was given a symbolic
the Indigenous peoples have given the office. The administration has also de-
tries of Ecuador and Venezuela, whose baton of leadership crafted by the com-
world a revolutionary lesson in united re- nied that seven military bases set for
governments consider the Pentagon’s munity.
silience and determination. Colombia will be U.S. bases. Both state-
takeover of the bases as an act of war. In his speech, Ecuador’s leader repeat-
They have earned the name, “Los In- ments are sheer hypocrisy, and both
Ecuador broke relations with Colom- ed what he has been trying to practice
cansables” (the tireless ones), whose events are part of a deliberate plan care-
bia after the Colombian military in 2008 through his administration: that “prefer-
main slogan is “Nos tienen miedo porque fully orchestrated by the Pentagon to re-
bombed a FARC diplomatic camp inside ential option for the poor, the young and
no tenemos miedo” (They are afraid of us gain control of the region.
Ecuador. Just now Venezuela stopped ancestral peoples ... for whom justice has
because we are unafraid). With growing frustration, Washington
trade with Colombia after Colombia ac- been too long delayed.” (Reuter, Aug. 9)
Their only weapons are matches to set has witnessed how Latin American coun-
cused Venezuela of providing weapons to Correa initiates his second term in of-
tires on fire and rocks, stones and sticks tries are detaching themselves from the
the FARC, a charge that both Venezuela fice with 66-percent popularity in a coun-
to defend themselves from the rifle and North’s imperialist control and assert-
and the FARC deny. try that previously had seven presidents
machinegun toting repressive forces of ing their sovereignty. Even countries like
The question of these U.S. bases in Co- in 10 years. He spoke vehemently and
the coup regime. This brave people have Brazil, with a moderate president, have
lombia was a major topic at a UNASUR movingly at the three events of the day:
taken on a historic task—defending their often questioned U.S. policies toward
meeting in Ecuador on Aug. 10. Colom- during the UNASUR meeting where he
right to have the kind of government that Latin America. Washington has watched
bian President Álvaro Uribe, anticipating succeeded Chilean President Michelle
they want and desperately need. with horror as Latin American countries
broad condemnation, refused to attend Bachelet in the presidency of that organi-
They are aware that their struggle will establish relations and trade with China,
the meeting. Instead he toured seven zation, at the official ceremony and at the
determine the future not only for Hondu- Iran and Russia.
countries—Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, evening popular celebration.
ras, but for all Latin America. They know To the U.S. rulers, these moves toward
Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay—to Correa gave an overview of the ac-
that their struggle is not only against sovereignty are a danger for “national se-
give his spin regarding the bases and at complishments of his government and
coup leader Roberto Micheletti’s illegal curity,” meaning their freedom to freely
the same time gather support for his ac- presented his plans for the new term. He
and criminal regime, but against U.S. exploit the continent.
cusations against Venezuela. spoke about the deepening of the revolu-
imperialism as well. Through the coup For example, Brazil, with the largest
Except for his stop in Peru, a country tion, the path of Ecuador towards “21st
in Honduras and other recent offensive economy of the region, has had since
already politically in line with Colombia century socialism,” and the formation of
moves on the continent, Washington is 1990 a strategic alliance with China. Ac-
and the U.S., Uribe’s efforts were wasted. Committees for the Defense of the Revo-
trying to reverse the progressive process- cording to an article in the Aug. 14 Mexi-
During the UNASUR meeting the coun- lution, among many other topics. Correa
es unfolding throughout Latin America. can daily La Jornada, “20 years ago Chi-
tries present called an urgent and special has an excellent relation with Ecuador’s
On Aug. 16 at the latest of a series of na was the 12th trading partner for Latin
meeting in Argentina for Aug. 28, which people. He and they demonstrate mutual
meetings and assemblies the Beverage America, with just $8 billion in trade; but
Uribe will be forced to attend to discuss respect and admiration.
Workers Union (STIBYS) has held to or- since 2007 it has been in second place,
the issue of the bases. Saying, “This Revolution belongs to the
ganize the resistance and report about with more than $100 billion in trade.
Brazilian President Lula Da Silva people,” Correa got great applause when
developments, the Popular Front shared And this year China was the first trading
added that UNASUR should talk directly he added, “Human beings are above capi-
the following information: partner of Brazil, surpassing the United
with U.S. President Barack Obama to tal and will never again be victims of the
States. It has also strengthened ties with
• An international delegation of human let him know about “our opinion and neoliberal machine and savage capital-
Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador.”
rights observers read their final report disgust.” Argentina’s President Cristina ism.” (Earth Times, Aug. 10)
So, what does Washington do to try to
documenting an extensive list of the Fernández also addressed the need to E-mail:
contain these advances? What the U.S.
coup regime’s violations.
• A representative of the Popular Labor
Union Federation of Brazil called the
coup a threat to all Latin America and
More U.N. repression in Haiti
said that his organization was joining By G. Dunkel the Haitian electricity company, EDH, Minustah spokesperson Sophie Boutaud
the Honduran struggle. had decided to cannibalize their genera- de Lacombe claimed that the Nepalese
After two days of a general strike, the tor to repair the one in Mirebalais. (Haïti- soldiers involved in the incident did not
• Artists affiliated with the Popular
people of Lascahobas, Haiti, held a peace- Liberté, Aug. 12-18). fire on the crowd, because it contained
Front announced a political-cultural
ful rally Aug. 6 and set up blockades on Lascahobas has just 7,500 people, ac- women and children, but she did admit
concert for Aug. 23.
the road to the Dominican Republic. They cording to the geography database Geo- that they fired in the air over protesters’
• Regional sections of the Popular Front were upset that, even though they had names. It is located on Haiti’s central heads. (Radio Metropole)
have been established in several cities. been without electricity for a few months, plateau, about 70 miles northeast of Port- One of the protesters, interviewed in
au-Prince, and is the administrative cen- the Zanmi Lasante hospital, stated: “Af-
ter for a larger region of about 135,000 ter I was shot in the arm, I couldn’t keep
people. on marching. I was leaning against a car,
Its mayor, Gérard Joseph, told the when some Minustah soldiers came up
MARxISM, REPARATIONS Haitian press that Minustah, the U.N.’s and shot me in the other arm. Then one
& the Black Freedom Struggle occupation force in Haiti, killed two pro-
testers and injured six. He said, “I saw
of them kicked me.” (Haïti-Liberté, Aug.
An anthology of writings from Workers World newspaper. The Haitian cops claimed that they did
soldiers firing from an armored person-
Edited by Monica Moorehead. Includes:
nel carrier.” He urged human rights or- not participate in this confrontation in
• Racism, national oppression & self-determination any fashion, but to avoid retaliation they
ganizations and the Haitian authorities
• Black labor from chattel slavery to wage slavery to investigate this situation. withdrew to Mirebalais, about an hour
• Black youth: repression & resistance While some of the figures varied away by car.
• Black & Brown unity: A pillar of struggle slightly, all the Haitian press reported Minustah is in Haiti to protect the po-
for human rights & global justice! that there was a serious confrontation in litical and economic interests of the Unit-
• Are conditions ripe again today? 40th anniversary Lascahobas. For example, Radio Kontak ed States, along with those of Canada and
of the 1965 Watts Rebellion France. Instead of its proclaimed, lofty
Inter reported that, in addition to Haitian
• Racism and poverty in the Delta police reports that two people were shot goals of “peace and security leading to
• The struggle for Socialism is key dead, seven more were injured, and two economic development,” Minustah has
• Domestic Workers United demand CovEr illuStrAtioN by SAhu bArroN of them later died. A number of Haitian brought Haiti terror, murder and heart-
passage of a bill of rights sources report that one of the dead was a ache. It is just an occupying power with
• Reparations for Africa & Caribbean Order from 7-year-old child. blue helmets. n
M NDO OBRERO ¡Proletarios y oprimidos de todos los países, uníos!


La política de Estados Unidos

amenaza a América Latina actual carácter consultativo del mov- no era bienvenido porque no era neutral.
Por Berta Joubert-Ceci deres de América Latina y del mundo
condenaran el golpe, Obama y Clinton imiento, que evalúa cuidadosamente Más de 40 días de constantes acciones
El viejo refrán, “Las acciones dicen también condenaron el golpe criminal y cada acontecimiento y desarrollo a fin de en las calles han ilustrado la aseveración
más que las palabras”, resalta una peli- dijeron que Washington reconocía sólo al planificar las acciones adecuadas. de Barahona de que el movimiento de re-
grosa realidad en lo que se refiere a cu- legítimo Presidente de Honduras, Manu- Barahona agradeció a MO/WW y el sistencia es cada vez más amplio y nuevos
alquier supuesto cambio en las relaciones el Zelaya Rosales. Centro de Acción Internacional su apoyo sectores se están sumando. El país está
de Estados Unidos con América Latina, Desde entonces, la administración y solidaridad: “Para nosotros, la solidari- prácticamente paralizado. Hospitales y
especialmente en cuanto a Honduras y Obama ha ayudado a los líderes del gol- dad y el apoyo que los pueblos del mundo escuelas han cerrado. Los trabajadores
Colombia se refiere. pe a través de diferentes maniobras y nos han dado es lo que nos mantiene en de la Compañía Nacional de Energía
En la última Cumbre de las Américas ha suavizado su oposición a los golpis- alta nuestra moral, con la firmeza y la Eléctrica se han sumado a la huelga. La
en Puerto España, en Trinidad y Tobago, tas. Clinton incluso públicamente se ha convicción de que vamos a derrotar a los Asociación Nacional de Meteorólogos de
el Presidente Barack Obama rompió con opuesto al intento de Zelaya de regresar golpistas”. Honduras ha declarado una huelga in-
la fuerte retórica del ex Presidente George a Honduras, llamando a Zelaya un “im- El dirigente de la resistencia continuó definida que afecta el tránsito aéreo en to-
W. Bush. Habló en un tono un poco más prudente” por tratar de cruzar la frontera diciendo: “Aquí estamos luchando firme- dos los aeropuertos, los cuales han tenido
conciliatorio hacia America Latina, y aún antes de lograrse un acuerdo. mente, resistiendo, organizando movili- que cerrarse. Los taxistas también se han
sobre Cuba, diciendo, “Nosotros no esta- A pesar de la ayuda del imperialismo zaciones masivas en contra del golpe de sumado a la huelga.
mos enraizados en las políticas que fuer- estadounidense que incluye una monu- estado. El próximo martes y el miércoles
[12 de agosto], miles de hondureños lle- COlOMBIA—
on formuladas antes de que yo naciera”. mental campaña mediática a favor de los
garán a San Pedro Sula y Tegucigalpa, la esperanza de EEUU
Esta aparente nueva actitud del norte golpistas criminales, el régimen golpista
procedentes de todo el país para for- para desestabilizar la región
trajo la esperanza de que la larga inter- tiene serios problemas. Una potente re-
vención imperialista en la región pudiera sistencia ha surgido uniendo a todos los talecer la resistencia. Esta semana una Mientras Washington titubea en con-
disminuir. sectores que se oponen al golpe de esta- comisión de la OEA [Organización de denar el golpe en Honduras, militariza
Pero los eventos en Honduras y Colom- do, que han puesto todas las diferencias Estados Americanos] encabezada por In- masivamente a Colombia, la que muchos
bia muestran que las famosas palabras de políticas a un lado y están trabajando sulza, acompañado por cinco cancilleres llaman el “Israel de América Latina” por
Simón Bolívar, “Los Estados Unidos de incesantemente y en cooperación con llegará aquí. Esperamos que el tiempo de su papel como flagrante títere militar de
Norteamérica parecen destinados por la un solo objetivo principal: la derrota del los golpistas esté próximo y [que] entreg- EEUU. El Pentágono tiene previsto au-
Providencia a plagar la América toda de golpe de estado. uen el poder al presidente legítimo”. mentar su presencia en Colombia mucho
miserias en nombre de la libertad”, pa- Frente a la represión, asesinatos, de- “Estamos exigiendo que Obama au- más allá de lo que fuera una simple susti-
rece prevalecer. tenciones masivas, torturas, toques de mente la presión en contra de los golpis- tución de funciones de la base de Manta
queda constantes, etc., este movimiento, tas, ya que hasta ahora nos parece que en Ecuador luego de que el Presidente
HONDURAS, organizado bajo el Frente Nacional Popu- el gobierno de los EEUU no ha hecho lo Rafael Correa se negara a renovar el con-
una encrucijada decisiva lar de Resistencia Contra el Golpe de Es- suficiente para presionar a los golpistas trato de 10 años.
Apenas dos meses después de la cum- tado, contrariamente a las expectativas de para que se rindan. Lo más importante es El Pentágono ahora tendrá un am-
bre, un golpe de estado reminiscente de los EEUU, ha crecido y se ha fortalecido. la demanda de suspender todo el apoyo plio acceso a otras siete bases militares
las dictaduras respaldadas por Estados Juan Barahona, de la Federación financiero y militar a Honduras. Esa es la en Colombia—tres del ejército, dos de la
Unidos en América Latina en los años Unitaria de Trabajadores de Honduras razón por la que no se rinden, porque es fuerza aérea y dos navales, una de ellas
setenta, se llevó a cabo en Honduras con (FUTH) y líder del Frente Popular puso como el oxígeno que les mantiene vivo”. en el Pacífico y la otra en el Caribe, muy
la ayuda de Washington. Inicialmente, de manifiesto la fuerza de la resistencia Más tarde, MO/WW se enteró de que cerca de la Guajira, región fronteriza con
las palabras de Obama y la Secretaria de en una entrevista el 8 de agosto. La prim- el régimen golpista de Roberto Micheletti Venezuela.
Estado Hillary Clinton parecieron tomar era llamada de Mundo Obreo (Workers había impedido que la delegación de la Washington y su títere presidente para-
el lado del pueblo hondureño. Y aunque World), encontró a Barahona en medio OEA llegara a Honduras, indicando que militar colombiano, Álvaro Uribe man-
hablaron mucho después de que los lí- de una asamblea, que a su vez refleja el el Secretario General José Miguel Insulza tienen que las bases son necesarias para
luchar contra el narcotráfico y el “terror-

Carta a la redacción
ismo” y que esto es simplemente una ex-
tensión del Plan Colombia. Ni siquiera las
llaman bases militares de EEUU.

Los bancos estrangulan a California Durante una reciente reunión con pe-
riodistas de habla hispana, Obama dijo:
“Ha habido algunos en la región que han
John Parker en su artículo del 13 de al ver que el porcentaje del presupuesto mil millones), y una agencia que vende estado tratando de mostrar esto como
agosto titulado, “Tax the corporations”, del estado para el pago del servicio de la bonos para cubrir el déficit presupues- parte de la retórica tradicional anti-yan-
(Que paguen las corporaciones), está en deuda iba creciendo. Entonces lograron tario ($1,4 mil millones) da un total de qui. Esto no es exacto. Hemos tenido un
lo correcto al decir que los ricos paguen que sus amigos en la legislatura de $12,4 mil millones sin incluir las otras acuerdo de seguridad con Colombia des-
por el déficit presupuestario de Califor- California modificaran la constitución autoridades. Los bancos compran bonos de hace muchos años. Hemos actualizado
nia. Ellos se han chupado todos los recur- estatal para que se pagara el servicio de de California con dinero de los impues- dicho acuerdo. No tenemos ninguna in-
sos humanos, financieros, y ambientales deuda antes de que se pagara cualquier tos federales bajo el Programa de Asis- tención de establecer una base militar es-
por siglos sin tener que pagar un centavo. otra cuenta. tencia para los Activos en Problemas, y tadounidense en Colombia”.
Hace aproximadamente 50 años, Qué gran ventaja para los bancos. después tenemos que pagarles nueva- “Esta es la continuación”, dijo Obama,
un nuevo plan fue lanzado en Estados Pronto descubrieron formas adicionales mente con interés, y los bancos no pagan “de la ayuda que les hemos estado pro-
Unidos para asegurar que los banqueros para robar. El estado formó “autori- impuestos sobre estas ganancias. porcionado. No tenemos ninguna inten-
y los súper inversionistas tuvieran una dades” de todas clases—fuera del control El estado podría declarar una emer- ción de enviar un gran número de tropas
forma legal y libre de impuestos para público, que también vendía bonos—que- gencia y posponer o no pagar el servicio adicionales a Colombia, y tenemos todo
transferir a sus bolsillos anualmente el dando el presupuesto de California como de la deuda y no tomar más prestado. el interés en que Colombia y sus vecinos
dinero que paga la población en impues- responsable por el servicio de la deuda. Todos los economistas burgueses operen pacíficamente”. (, 7
tos—servicio por la deuda. Hace cincuen- Es casi un secreto estatal poder encontrar gritarían, ¡Qué horror! La capacidad de agosto)
ta años California pagaba sus cuentas la cantidad exacta de la deuda y el servi- crediticia de California se iría al fondo. Pero los líderes de América Latina lo
con los fondos de sus ingresos generales. cio por la deuda que se paga anualmente. Bueno, ya está en el fondo forzando ven de manera distinta. Se han pronun-
Después comenzó a vender bonos a los Pero estos son algunos ejemplos: al estado pagar tasas de interés más ciado en contra de la creación de dichas
bancos inversionistas y a compañías de En el presupuesto actual, el pago altas. Hay que imponer impuestos a las bases como un suceso peligroso que pu-
accionistas. Cada año se rendía el interés directo por el servicio de la deuda es de corporaciones, las empresas agrícolas y ede conducir a una guerra en la región y
de estos bonos libres de impuestos. Y aproximadamente $7,0 mil millones. especialmente a los bancos y aumentar actuar en contra de sus países vecinos,
cada año se vendían nuevos bonos y los Si a esto se suma el Departamento de los beneficios a los/as trabajadores/as Ecuador y Venezuela, cuyos presidentes
intereses debidos (servicio de deuda), Recursos del Agua ($1,3 mil millones), el quienes son los/as que producen toda la ya han denunciado la instalación de nue-
crecían aún más. sistema de universidades de California riqueza. vas bases militares de EEUU en Colombia.
Los bancos comenzaron a preocuparse (el total no se sabe, es estimado a $2,7 –Gavrielle Gemma, Jersey City, N.J. Correo: