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Online education

Introduction: -studies and surveys have been conducted recently, over 5.6 million students now study online, with a 19% enrollment increase in the past six years. -compared to traditional education whose growth was a mere 1.8%. -growth is expected to continue for the next ten years, -why are people choosing online education? Points: 1 Convenience Convenience reasons include: flexibility, family circumstances, inability to travel, and scheduling conflicts. -their heavy work schedule gives them the flexibility to fit the course into their individual schedules. -their personal circumstances made a distance education the logical choice. 2 Good past experiences -positive experience with them. -accredited online universities work to maintain their certifications, providing quality education at an affordable price to the students. -solicit course and professor evaluations from the students, helps them to make adjustments as needed to ensure they keep a quality teaching faculty. 3 Frequent travel -online classes are accessible from any computer with an internet connection, -giving the students the freedom to check email, look at their course curriculum, schedule group conferences and even watch class sessions they missed that are recorded to video. -many universities are converting lectures to podcasts which make them accessible on any smartphone with internet capabilities. 4 Accelerated graduation -offer additional classes during break to accelerate their degree requirements and graduate sooner. -it is also possible to take an online course from an accredited online college in the summer and receive credit for that course when entering college in the fall.

5 Recommended by someone -there are many satisfied customers (graduates) in the online community. -the average graduation rate among those who take online courses is 71%. -Get free information about online education! 6 Need a different type of learning environment -more comfortable learning at their own pace. -some people need teachers standing over their shoulders to keep them motivated, however some

of them can do it by themselves. -these type of learners thrive (grow) in a distance learning environment. Conclusion -there are many options available. -do your research and choose the college and the degree plan that best fits your learning requirements, your desired major, and your schedule. -Gilbert Chesterton said, Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. -online universities give every member of society an opportunity to get an education and pass it on to the next generation. compiled by: Henry

) gain experience apart from extra knowledge - diverse range of settings and environments to develop general and subject based knowledge. 2) enhance social skills - Apart from learning responsibilities, leadership, teamwork, co-operation and loyalty, one learns to get along with people easily when he enters the working world. 3) widen views and perspectives - learn the ethics of social behavior, importance of consideration for other peoples feelings and love and care of his fellow beings. understanding of different cultures and traditions and learns to respect other peoples lifestyle and religion. 4) problem-solving - real-life situations and dilemmas are very different in terms of solving and handling compared to what is learnt inside a classroom. inside classroom (limited exposure), do not inspire critical thinking or for one to think outside the box. Introduction: - IMO, disagree - Technological progress is a continuous process - technology plays a huge part in our lives. Points: 1) technology advances have freed us from tiresome labour - IOW, makes things easier (X contradicting) - complete tasks more quickly - less time-consuming (quickly complete trivial tasks and MOVE ON) 2) Easier to find information - have given people increased access to information and entertainment - mentally improve the ability to analyze, research, and innovate to understand and get useful information among various sources. - borderless world provides unfettered resources 3) Medical treatment/save lives from illness/addiction - advanced technology in treatments saves us from fatal diseases - obtained the highest skill and techniques to date for treatment - obtained ways to a healthier lifestyles (think and conjure) 4) Better communication - Detects natural disasters (e.g. satellite, super computers calculation for the weather report)

- Communicate worldwide - User-friendly tech increases the worlds efficiency - become proactive. 5) Higher productivity and efficiency, fewer mistakes - Machines and robots with highly advanced technology are helping us make fewer mistakes. - Programme them with proper information - work accurately - fulfil the high demands of the ever-growing human population with higher productivity level - high productivity and efficiency reaps benefits and revenue. Conclusion: I strongly believe: - the perpetual seeking of convenience-based technologies ultimately benefit society. - find a balance between the positive and negative effects of the use of technology on the world and ourselves. babe, mine done. just copy and paste oni, thanks babe. remember to bring the pendrive too, terlupa nanti siap kami