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Logue 1 Kaylyn Logue Mrs. Tyree English III, Per. 6 3 December 2013 Outline I. Introduction A.

A tragic hero is one who begins life as an upright man, but due to a tragic flaw he must gain redemption, which will lead to his legacy. B. The Salem Witch Trials was a horrible event in our history. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller that describes the tragic events that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. A man named John Proctor had a simple, calm life as a farmer, but he could be seen as both the spark and the ending of the Salem Witch Trials. C. John Proctor was a noble man until his downfall came about when committing an affair, but he however was able to redeem himself by standing by his beliefs. II. Body Paragraph 1 A. John Proctor possessed several noble traits throughout the Crucible. B. A wide opinions running in the parish that the Devil may be among us, and I would satisfy them that they are wrong. (Act I, ll. 537-539). C. This shows John Proctor is not being fooled by childish accusations. D. This is important because Proctor is one of few people who do not believe that the most respected members of their parish have written their names in the Devils book. E. I have hardly stepped off my farm this seven month. (Act I, ll. 433-434).

Logue 2 F. This displays John Proctors commitment towards his wife and children. G. This is significant because Proctor is not falling into temptation and sneaking away from his family. H. Although John proctor possesses good traits, he also had flaws. III. Body Paragraph 2 A. John Proctors tragic flaw led him to a downfall that disrupted several lives. B. I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near! (Act I, ll. 423-425). C. This illustrates the affair between Proctor and Abigail. D. This is important because the affair is was Proctors tragic flaw that led to his downfall which affected several peoples lives. E. You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet! (Act I, ll. 471-472). F. This demonstrates that the affair between Proctor and Abigail was intense and ongoing. G. This is significant because the love Abigail has for Proctor has convinced her that being with him is worth breaking the law. H. John Proctor had a deep downfall that had severe repercussions, but redemption was still in sight. IV. Body Paragraph 3 A. John Proctor was able achieve redemption by fighting for and keeping true to his beliefs. B. I have known her sir, I have known her. (Act III, l. 842).

Logue 3 C. This presents John Proctor admitting to the sin of lechery in order to expose the reason why Abigail is accusing Elizabeth of being a witch. D. This is important because Proctor did not want Elizabeth to be punished for his wrong doings, although he will be condemned a lecher. E. He have his goodness now. (Act IV, 782-783). F. This shows that Proctor is a noble man once again before he is hung. G. This is significant because although Proctor could have choose to stay alive by saying he practiced witchery, he died in order to make a statement that witchery in Salem was a scam made up by foolish girls. H. Through his death John Proctor not only redeemed himself, but left a legacy making him as a tragic hero. V. Conclusion A. John Proctor was a well-respected man, which faced difficulties in his life all due to one bad decision. B. Proctor was faced with the temptation of adultery, which he did not resist; but by earning Elizabeths forgiveness and holding his beliefs firmly he was once again a noble man. C. Through John Proctors brave act of martyrdom, the Salem Witchcraft Trials was put to an end, which proves that doing what is right can make a difference.

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