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Shanquilla Harvey English 101 Bolton November 5, 2013

Annoted Bibliogra hy! Steven "asey, #$ouble %ision& A 'ob in the medi(al )ield (omes *ith many res onsibilities and duties+ ,here is little room )or errors or mista-es but *e are humans and sometimes errors (an ha en+ As in Steven "asey story #$ouble %ision&+ A radiologist $r+ Barbara .ador *as vie*ing an /0 ray on a atient leg to determine his diagnosis+ 1n(e she rea(hed her diagnosis and announ(ed to a grou o) interns, another do(tor 2ar- Anderson noti(ed that there *as a roblem *ith the /0rays+ He ointed and out and they loo-ed at it together+ 3) $r+ Anderson didn4t oint out *hat he sa* *as *rong then the atient *ould have been given unneeded surgery+ 2y resear(h a er is )o(used on the revention o) medi(al errors and atient sa)ety+ 5o(us on Health 2016 #$o you really -no* *ho is roviding your 2edi(al "are7 ,his ubli(ation, *hi(h is based on medi(al (are, it is about atients -no*ing and understanding *ho is roviding their medi(al (are+ 3t (enters on -no*ing *ho your hysi(ian is, in(luding nurses and assistants+ 3t is im ortant )or a atient to -no* *ho is involved in roviding their (are in(luding the training, edu(ation, degree, (lini(al and li(ensure e/ erien(e o) ea(h erson+ 3) the atient is a*are o) this valuable in)ormation they are *ell ositioned to ma-e the best de(ision )or their (are+ 8e(ently in ,e/as legislation requires health (are roviders to *ear badges (learly identi)ying themselves in

the interest o) im roving atient sa)ety+ ,he badges have to be labeled and may even be (olor0(oded0nurses may *ear red badges, *hile hysi(ians may *ear green badges+ Similar legislation has been ena(ted in t*elve other states+ ,he arti(le gives an e/am le o) anesthesia roviders, an anesthesia "are ,eam (onsist o) a hysi(ian anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist assistants and nurse anesthetists+ ,o assure the most o timal (are a hysi(ian anesthesiologist should al*ays loo- over other members o) the Anesthesia "are ,eam, a((ording to the Ameri(an So(iety o) Anesthesiologist+ 9no*ing *ho is on your #(are team& and *hat edu(ation and training they have, hel s assure you that you are *ell re ared to a(hieve the most o timal (are+ ,his arti(le is reliable be(ause it rovides in)ormation )rom an a(tual hysi(ian anesthesiologist+ ,his arti(le *ill be hel )ul to my essay be(ause it )o(us on medi(al (are and roviding sa)ety and the best (are )or atients+ As en, :hili + :atient Sa)ety! A(hieving a Ne* standard o) "are+ 3nstitute o) 2edi(ine + 2006 ,his ubli(ation is mainly about atient sa)ety and *ays to im rove it+ A atient sa)ety rogram is the involvement o) atients and their )amilies in the ro(ess+ #A (ulture o) Sa)ety (an be de)ined as an integrated attern o) individual and organi;ation behavior based on shared belie)s and values, that (ontinuously see-s to minimi;e atient harm that may result )rom the ro(ess o) (are delivery <9i;er, 1===>&+ Health ro)essionals should re ort in'uries, and near misses sa)e )rom blame, retaliation and humiliation+ 8e orting is a -ey in (reating an environment that is sa)e )or atients+ Health (are ro)essionals should be adequately re ared both hysi(ally and mentally to (arry out their res onsibilities+ ,hey need to be a*are o) the environment in *hi(h they ra(ti(e and see- to eliminate

distra(tions that (an be avoided+ ,hey also need too be vigilant in identi)ying ha;ardous situations and able to res ond to these situations i) they o((ur+ ,his in)ormation a ears reliable, be(ause it gives )a(ts on *hat health ro)essionals are required to do+ ,he in)ormation *ill be hel )ul )or my essay be(ause it )o(uses on atient sa)ety and that is my (ounterargument )or my essay+ 3 (ould use the in)ormation to hel e/ lain *hat health ro)essionals should do to rovide atient sa)ety+ Agen(y )or Health(are 8esear(h and ?uality+ #20 ,i s to hel :revent 2edi(al Errors! :atient )a(t sheet+ 8o(-ville 2+$+ Se tember 2011 ,his *ebsite is based on the revention o) medi(al errors+ ,he *ebsite gives ti s in *ays to revent medi(al errors+ 2edi(al errors (an involve medi(ines, surgery, diagnosis, equi ment, or lab re orts+ #1ne in seven 2edi(are atients in hos itals e/ erien(es a medi(al error+ 2ost errors result )rom roblems (reated by today4s (om le/ health (are system+ But errors (an also ha en *hen do(tors and atients have roblems (ommuni(ating+& 1ne o) the ti s )or surgery states, i) a atient is having surgery@ they need to ma-e sure they and their do(tor and surgeon all agree on e/a(tly *hat *ill be done+ 3) the atients have a (hoi(e on the hos ital *here their surgery *ill be er)orm, they should (hoose a hos ital *here many other atients have had the ro(edure or surgery they need+ Also resear(h has sho*n that atients tend to have better results *hen they are treated in hos itals that have a great deal o) e/ erien(e *ith their (ondition+ :atients should also as- questions about their (on(erns they may have+ :atients should ma-e sure that their rimary (are do(tor has their im ortant health in)ormation+ 3t is also good )or atients to )ind out *hy a test or treatment is needed and ho* it (an hel them,

sometimes it may turn out they don4t need it+ :atients should learn about their (onditions and treatments by as-ing their do(tor and nurse or by other reliable sour(es+ ,his *ebsite is (redible be(ause it is a government *ebsite+ ,he in)ormation )rom this *ebsite *ill be very hel )ul )or my essays be(ause it gives ti s on *hat atients should do to hel revent medi(al errors *hi(h are hel )ul )or atient (are+

Bas-in, ,ourgeman+ #8adiology de artment, human )a(tors, and organi;ational ers e(tives! Asing a(tion resear(h to im rove atient sa)ety&+ 3srael Bournal o) Health :oli(y 8esear(h 2013 260+ ,his arti(le is based on atient sa)ety and radiology+ 2edi(al (are ro)essionals no* re(ogni;e the im ortan(e o) learning )rom otential adverse events as a means o) limiting medi(al errors and im roving atient sa)ety+ Adverse events, ne*ly errors *ith adverse out(omes+ Almost adverse events are events, *hi(h are errors *ith no adverse out(omes or errors (orre(ted be)ore an AE (ould o((ur+ :otential adverse events, *hi(h are errors *aiting to ha en@ meaning )ailures in the system that may remain )or a long time and an adverse out(ome+ 8adiologist must obtain in)ormation )rom the atients attending hysi(ian in order to er)orm the (orre(t test and rea(h a diagnosis+ A atient arriving at a radiology de artment asses through a ro(ess o) registration, a ointment setting, e/amination, one or more radiology ro(edures )rom a sim ly /0ray to (om li(ated invasive ro(edures and )inally a diagnosis is rea(hed+ 3n ea(h o) these stages o) the ro(ess there are many ra(titioners involved and ea(h stage there is a otential o ortunity )or human error, li-e a ty ogra hi(al error in a atients name or an

erroneous diagnosis+

,his arti(le is trust*orthy be(ause all in)ormation *as based on a study that the do(tors er)ormed themselves+ ,his in)ormation *ill be hel )ul be(ause it tal-s about radiology and the story 3 (hoose )or my resear(h a er is on radiology and error that o((urred *ith an /0ray+ #:atient Sa)ety& 5ilms on $emand+ 5ilms 2edia Crou , 200D+ Eeb+5+Nov+2013Fhtt !Gdigital+(omG:ortal:laylist+as /7aidH3503 g//dH3IJJ2 ,his )ilm, )o(used on atient sa)ety and the relationshi bet*een do(tors and atients+ :atients should al*ays )eel en(ouraged to as- their do(tors and nurse questions they may have+ Health roviders *ant atients to as- questions so they (an understand their (ondition and *hat is needed to be done to ma-e them better+ #:atients should be e/ e(ted to (ommuni(ate (learly and )requently+& :atients need to learn as mu(h as they (an about their (ondition+ ,he more the atients -no* the more (om)ortable they should )eel around their do(tor and nurses+ ,he more atients are involved *ith their treatment rograms the better their overall sa)ety *ill be+ ,his )ilm is (redible be(ause it involved a(tual do(tors and atients+ ,he in)ormation 3 gathered )rom this )ilm *ith be use)ul )or my resear(h a er be(ause it4s about atient sa)ety and *hat they (an do to ma-e it better+