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So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily.

Acts 16:5

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Dennis and Valerie Rew 1808 Pioneer Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15226 412-922-7183 dvrew619@gmail.com

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News and Prayer Letter December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas Season Holidays are always exciting, but for many Christmas tops the list. This is true at our house. We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving with Vals family, and were reminded of the blessings of having family members who are believers. We are thankful for this, but realize that this wasnt always the case. Our family heritage doesnt contain generation after generation of believers, like some of yours might. It started with one person trusting in Jesus, the Messiah. Why do we bring this up? Because it reminds us that there are people all over our neighborhood that can experience the same blessing of having a true Christian family and it will most likely start with one person. Pray for open hearts this month as many people are more open to consider the true meaning of Christmas.
Bible Studies We are 6 weeks into our Bible Study. God has allowed the Gospel to go forth clearly each week. We consistently have 3 who attend, and are thankful for their continued desire to come. Several others have expressed interest and we are praying that they may attend at some point. Meetings and Support On December 1st we had our last meetings of the year. We were at Springside Baptist in New Bethlehem, PA in the morning and Salina Bible in the evening. While we have enjoyed our time traveling to various churches, we realize that the more engaged we get in establishing a church here, the less time we have to travel around. God has been directing all along the way. It has been amazing to see how God has provided resources for us over the last year. We are excited to share with you that last month 2 additional churches took us on for monthly support! This brings our support to 96%. Our God is good and deserves all the praise for anything that has been accomplished. Community Involvement As we started praying about how to best have an impact in Brookline, we felt strongly about being involved in our community. This will allow us to have a better understanding of the people, establish relationships, build trust, and grow our burden for this neighborhood. Several possibilities for this include: community council meetings, clean-up groups, neighborhood watch, volunteering at library, community center, kids sporting leagues, and a local organization that helps single parents. Pray for opportunities to open up in these areas or possible others. Attached on the 2nd page is a list of items we will need as we move forward. Several have provided money and items already. Thank you! The Rews

Sending Church
Middletown Road Baptist Church 2660 Middletown Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15205 www.mrbcministries.org

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June 19, 2004

Prayer Needs

1. Bible Studies 2. Evangelism Efforts 3. Strength both physical and spiritual 4. Monthly support

Snow already!

Needs for Church Plant:

Needs Gospel Tracts Sound Equipment Digital Recorder (sermon recording) Digital Piano Whiteboard Adding Machine New Believers Booklets Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Heavy Duty Multi-hole punch Visitor packets Nursery Equipment CCLI License for song projection

Cost $300 $500 $200 $625 $120 $20 $30 $145 $28 $250 $116

Provided $50

Provided Provided Provided Provided