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Circle the letter of the correct answer. 1.

If two people are exchanging ideas about places or events, then they have a good _______________ a. Sacrifice b. Conversation c. Restore 2. I have special skill in sewing, sewing means a. Rescue b. Restore c. Expertise 3. The soldiers, firemen, policemen, members of rescue teams and OFWs are some of our ____ heroes a. Living b. Dead c. Happy 4. A pronoun which specify a noun or pronoun a. Nominative pronoun b. Personal pronoun c. Demonstrative pronoun 5. It refers to persons, places, or things which are not definite or exact a. Indefinite pronoun b. Personal pronoun c. Demonstrative pronoun 6. Which pronoun should be used in the sentence, _________ are my favourite heroes a. He b. She c. Those 7. I found _______ painting unique a. Him b. Her c. This

8. ___ one of us could be a hero in our own little way a. All b. Each c. Everything 9. ________ of us should do our best to save our country a. Nobody b. All c. Somebody 10. If the dirty clothes were left in rounded pile, it is in ____ a. Robber b. Pledge c. Heap 11. Nice and humorous could also mean _____ a. Cute b. Witty c. Dirty 12. Which category has indifferent character a. Doctor, dentist , nurse b. Doctor, police, teacher c. Police, army, navy 13. What word was referred to by the pronoun him , My father is a policeman. Everybody respects him. a. Policeman b. Father c. Everybody 14. My friend donated ___________ weekly allowance to the flood victims in Leyte. What pronoun could best fit in the word my fdiend? a. Them b. Here c. Their 15. A very cheerful girl who always had a ready smile for everybody. a. Ronnie b. Rona

c. Robert 16. If you are cheerful, then you are ________________ a. Flame of fire b. Always glad and happy c. Spread out in place 17. If you spilled some milk, it will _____________ a. Deep b. Overflow c. Chop 18. Her dress was _______ on fire a. Caught b. Catch c. Catched 19. She _____ this several times until she collapsed a. Do b. Did c. Does 20. She ____ to put the flames out by hitting it. a. Tries b. Tried c. Trieded 21. I found a painting which is one of a kind. It is very ____________ a. Displease b. Unique c. Pioneer 22. He leads the production of organic rice. He is a ____________ of this undertakings a. Befall b. Mishaps c. Pioneer 23. We __________ a movie tomorrow at Ayala Cinemas a. Watch b. Watched

c. Will watched 24.Which statement is correct a. I guess Pacquio will win in the next fight b. I guess Pacquiao will won in the next fight c. I guess Pacquiao will winned in the next game 25. You have to decide what course to take when you finished high school. Decide means a. Garnered b. Destroy c. Determine 26. He had her first appearance professionally on stage in the king and I. First means a. Debut b. Wait c. Revival 27. Sinta was abandoned by her parents when she was still a baby that why she grew up in a convent. Abandoned means a. Loved b. Always scolded c. Left uncared for 28. The officer of our class volunteered to help in the feeding program of the school. Volunteered means a. Offered service on his own free will b. Offered service for a fee c. Did not participate 29. How was Sintas appearance different from her classmates? a. She was small, with curly hair, dark and with a pug nose b. She was smaller than the smallest girl in class c. She was very thin 30. How was Sintas concern for other people different from other people? a. She did not mind getting wet and getting soaked just to help other people b. She wanted her classmates not to walk through the dirty flood

c. She call o n the school guards to help the children 31. Sinta ________ (clean) the dining room of the convent this weekend. What is the correct form of the verb in the parenthesis? a. Cleans b. Cleaned c. Will clean 32. She prepares the table and ________(greet) everyone with a sweet smile on her face every morning. What is the correct form of the verb in the parenthesis? a. Greeted b. Will greet c. Greets 33. They ______ (see) her become successful one day. What is the correct form of the verb in the parenthesis? a. See b. Saw c. Will see 34. What is the meaning of the word massive? a. Produced at one operation b. Whiten c. A large structure 35. I will take a ________ this afternoon a. Sleep b. Nap c. Breath