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Sheridan1 Kayla Sheridan Professor Alicia Bolton English 101 12 September 2013 Express Yo rself!

Yo may not reali"e the different forms of English that yo gro# to se #itho t tho ght$ as a matter of fact$ yo may not e%en nderstand #hat & mean by 'different forms of English() *a+ority of the time$ the #ay yo comm nicate %aries d e to yo r s rro ndings( As for me$ there are tho sands of different ni, e %ersions of 'Kayla tong e) that & n-no#ingly se 2./0( 1he three that yo #o ld hear the most #o ld be$ my half ballet/half English tal-$ the secreti%e lang age bet#een me and my friends$ and the #ay & bring my %oice to life #ith my three year old ballet class! 2a%ing ta-en ballet classes since the age of three$ & find that 'ballet tal-) comes a little bit too easy for me( Ballet has a strong 3rench bac-gro nd$ '4 i 4 i5) 6ro#ing p #ith this constant terminology being po nded in my head$ it7s no #onder & almost al#ays catch myself spea-ing '3renglish() 8 st recently o r st dio gained a ne# ballet teacher$ *r( 9exi$ he along #ith many other instr ctors$ has a hea%y : ssian accent$ #hich on occasion can be misinterpreted( ;nderstanding #hat he is saying #o ld be pretty diffic lt if yo #ere not familiar #ith o r expansi%e 3rench %ocab lary( 1he lang age that #e share seems to be one of a -ind( &t has o%er a tho sand terms that relate specifically to the art of ballet( S ch as$ 'plie) #hich means to bend$ 'frappe$) to stri-e$ 'ronde<de<+a m) meaning aro nd$ or 'tend ) to pointe( 3or example d ring a simple ballet class yo might hear something li-e this= 'tombe pas de bo ree to fo rth preparation front$ piro ette en dehors to first position deto rne tend de%ant() >hile & am s re yo #ere more than li-ely nable to read any of that$ #e #o ld interpret and perform it as a simple t rning combination across the floor(

Sheridan2 Altho gh many of my friends already participate in #hat & refer to as 'ballet tal-$) there is still that portion of friends #ho #o ld not ha%e the slightest cl e on #hat #as being said( >hile they may be lac-ing at nderstanding ballet$ they are able to pic- p on practically anything and e%erything by a -ey #ord$ inside +o-e$ or e%en a hand motion( 3or instance$ last #ee- Sabrina and &$ #ere able to sa%e each other?s li%es from + st a simple eye gest re( Sabrina and & #ere on o r #ay to >algreen?s$ or so o r parents tho ght$ b t little did they -no# that #e #ere act ally on o r #ay to stal- her ex<boyfriend #ho had + st mo%ed bac- in to#n( &t #as aro nd ele%en o?cloc-$ #hen #e got p lled o%er by a 6eorgeto#n @o nty Sherriff( Anxio sly$ #e told her #here #e #ere really heading( >e not only came home #ith a A1BB tic-et$ b t also had t#o different stories going( As #e ner%o sly explained to my parents$ lea%ing as many details o t as possible$ #e fo nd o rsel%es sing silent eye and hand signals$ to help play off of each other?s lies( As terrible as all of that so nds$ ha%ing that type of comm nication comes in handy! 3rom already hearing abo t me and my friends snea-y #ays of comm nicating$ yo #o ldn7t thin- that it co ld possibly get any immat re than that( 4h$ b t it can! 1he change in the tone of my %oice$ personality$ and all aro nd appearance changes dramatically #hen teaching ballet to three year olds( &n order to teach a three year old$ yo basically ha%e to become one( 1o -eep their attention$ it7s important that & simplify my e%eryday lang age( Simply spea-ing$ belo# is a con%ersation bet#een me and Alana$ one of my three year old st dents( '*iss Kayla$ *iss Kayla!!) Alana sho ted( 'Yes ma7am5) & responded( '@an #e please please p#ease + mp o%er the p ddle$) She as-ed( '>ell of co rse #e can s#eetie! >o ld yo li-e to fill p the p ddle!!) & said( 'Yay$ yay$ yayyyy!) Alana screamed$ as she made an imaginary p ddle in the middle of the room o t of bl e scarfs

Sheridan3 'Alright no# ladies$ yo -no# that if yo leap into the p ddle yo #ill r in yo r bea tif l ballet slippers and yo r gorgeo s t t s$ #e #ant to ma-e s re that #e + mp o%er the p ddle!) & explained( E%ery day that & teach these children$ & ha%e to se my imagination to bring the acti%ities to life( An ho r of ballet so nds boring to any three year old$ no do bt! B t the energy they display in their passion inspires me to ma-e the most of the class time$ incorporating f n and techni, e( 4%er the years$ English has become not only a general lang age b t also a #ay to express yo rself( 1he modern #orld has shaped the #ay #e spea- and made noticeable the different forms of English( 9oo-ing at my day to day ro tine$ & ha%e noticed the %aried #ays my English adapts to my s rro ndings( 1hree of my most common forms #o ld incl de= 'ballet tal-$) the #ay & tal- #ith my friends$ and the excitement & bring to my three year olds in ballet class( 3rom p tting on the face of a 'perfect b n head) to finding my snea-y side #hene%er & am #ith my friends$ & g ess yo co ld say that my %ersions of English are rather ni, e( 1here are endless possibilities #hen it comes to the many forms of English$ all relating to each indi%id al?s #ays of expressing themsel%es( >ith that being said$ find yo r niche$ let it be #hat ma-es yo $ yo !