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Personal Management
Policy statement is completely written in Policy Statement Format proper format All clauses written in proper format Clause Format Out of 5 points Policy statement mostly follows proper format with a small error Proper format is mostly followed. Policy statement has a couple of formatting errors. A few problems with formatting of clauses. Several formatting errors No policy statement in policy statement submitted. Several formatting errors No operative clauses in clauses submitted. Final Score

Exemplary - 100%

Proficient - 88%

Developing - 76%

Emerging - 64%

Communication - Written
Policy statement is well written with excellent word choice. Evidence of thoughtful writing Policy statement is nicely Policy statement is written. Some places basic. Understandable, where more thought but not much more. could be demonstrated. Delegate's stated position is pretty clear Delegate's purpose / goal is primarily clear in each clause. Delegate's stated position is fairly clear. Delegate's purpose / goal in clauses is clear with some questions. Policy statement does not meet requirements. Poor writing demonstrated. Delegate's stated position is difficult to determine. Delegate's purposes / goals in clauses are confusing. No policy statement submitted. No policy statement submitted. No operative clauses submitted. Final Score Delegate's stated postion indicates some understanding of the issue and is a mix of realistic and non-realistic stances. Delegate's stated position demonstrates lack of understanding of the issue and is primarily the opposite of country's real stance Delegate's clauses are Delegate's clauses are more impractical than a mixture of practical and practical. Limited impractical. Needs to knowledge of topic understand topic better. shown in clauses.

Policy Statement

Delegate's stated Clarity of position (Policy position is perfectly clear Statement) Delegate's purpose / goal is perfectly clear in Clarity of clauses each clause. Out of 10 points SS Intended Learnings

Delegate's stated position indicates understanding of the issue and mostly supports country's real stance Delegate has submitted Delegate has submitted clauses that are practical clauses that are mostly SSIL M.SS2.10 Propose and demonstrate practical and show a solutions to current and thorough knowledge of good overall knowledge global issues topic. of topic. M.SS2.8 Analyze the causes of significant current and historical events and/or global issues Delegate's stated position indicates thorough understanding of the issue and supports country's real stance Out of 20 points

No policy statement submitted.

No operative clauses submitted.

Final Score

Communication Speaking
Voice clarity / volume

MUN DELEGATE EVALUATION SHEET - Conference Exemplary - 100% Proficient - 88% Developing - 76% Emerging - 64%
Delegate speaks with an easily understood voice and can be easily heard. Delegate did an excellent job of making eye-contact with entire delegation. A few problems with Delegate is usually easy voice clarity, but can be to hear and understand. understood. Delegate made some Delegate did a good job eye contact, but was of making eye-contact limited to certain areas of with entire delegation delegation. Lack of voice clarity makes it difficult to understand delegate.

Delegate did not speak

Eye-contact Out of 10 points Critical Thinking

Delegate rarely looked at delegation while Delegate did not speak speaking. Final Score

Logical Thinking

Delegate did an outstanding job of supporting / opposing clauses with logical thought and evidence. Delegate demonstrated excellent skills in questioning speakers

Questioning Out of 10 points

Delegate demonstrated Delegate did a good job some logic in supporting of supporting / opposing / opposing clauses, but clauses with logical had difficulty with logic at thought and evidence. times. Delegate raised good Delegate demonstrated points to speakers, but good skills in questioning had some difficulty speakers expressing self clearly.

Delegate had difficulty developing logical support or opposition to clauses. Delegate had difficulty forming questions in a clear manner.

Delegate did not speak in this manner.

Delegate did not speak in this manner. Final Score

Personal Management / Procedure Skills

Out of 5 points

Delegate demonstrated Delegate demonstrated Delegate followed most some knowledge of complete understanding parliamentary procedure Parliamentary procedure of rules of Parliamentary rules correctly while struggling with procedure. other rules.

Delegate did not seem to understand most of the Delegate did not speak rules of Parliamentary procedure. Final Score