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124 Class: 703 Pros and Cons of Modern Technology

Rafeena Karim 12/4/13

Technology is very important in our life. Technology helps people in many different ways. Such as it helps us to save our work. It also helps us to do work on the computer. It can also help us send emails to people that we have to send it to and it can help us print things we have to print. Technology is a very important thing to our life. The word technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in industry. Some people ask a question. The question they ask is What is technology? An interesting quote about technology is everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. By: Gertrude Stein. Another quote about technology is technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. Some general information about technology is technology has changed peoples lives for a long time. Technology can save lives and help people in many ways. Technology can help people clean floors, wash things, paint your house, and many other things. Technology is very important to our lives. We will always need technology in our lives, it is important to us. Next, some history of technology is this course is an introduction to the consideration of technology as the outcome of particular technical, historical, cultural, and political efforts, especially in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. The history of technology is the history of the invention of tools and techniques, and is similar in many ways to the history. Background knowledge has enabled people to create new things for technology. The Society for the History of Technology is dedicated to the historical study of technology and its relations with politics, economics, labor, business, the environment, public policy, science, and the arts. The history of technology can be approached not only as a chronology of machine development and a study of artifacts, but also as a study of economic and social development. A third theme

to emerge from this review of the history of technology is the growing importance of education. The Society for the History of technology was formed in 1958 to encourage the study of the development of technology and its relations with society and culture. An interdisciplinary organization, SHOT is concerned not only with the history of technological devices and processes but also with technology in history--that is, the relationship of technology to politics, economics, science, the arts, and the organization of production, and with the role it plays in the differentiation of individuals in society. Technology goes way back into the world before I was born. Then, there are many pros of technology. Here are some. The bullet is the fastest train source. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Technology has made life very comfortable for us. Cell phones, computers, even coffee makers are now so much more efficient. Got robots vacuuming and scrubbing our floors. Had we ever thought that a single chip would replace an entire assembly line of workers? This has helped in eliminating human errors and made work faster and more efficient. There was a time when a person diagnosed as HIV positive was ostracized from the society as people thought that they would be infected too if they even touched the infected person. But thanks to the advancements in the field of medicine and health, now these people are treated with love and care and have a hope to live. Technology has helped us in many ways. Technology has also helped save peoples lives and also cures people when they are very sick. About 71 percent of inhabitants in industrialized counties have access to the internet. The internet generates openings for isolated communities to exchange information with populous places. Instant messaging programs and internet, phones are able to let you talk to friends and family far away. Technology greatly helps the human race and its contributions by way of innovations and breakthroughs are publicized regularly. Technologys most popular contribution includes its ability to enhance education and communication. Access to technology advances education. For example, the Alice Springs School of the Air in Australia relies on satellite technology to teach children from distant communities. The school gives these children access to high quality education and opportunities for future career development. Technology is very helpful to use in

life. Technology has always flourished for the gain of mankind. The major achievements or technology has left man spell-bound and every part or the world today is enjoying the comforts provided by technology. Technology had led to many useful applications such as X-rays and shots among others-rays help in showing cavities and shots may prevent mumps and measles. Pasteurization, vaccination and many more life saving discoveries are all thanks to modern technology. With modern technology we are living in an era of industrialization and modernization. Machines are now doing the job of man and the labor force.This has give man more time to relax and have fun. Man now has time for his family and friends that he does not have time to see. Technology has always influenced peoples lives. Technology can also save peoples lives in many different ways. Technology can really save lives and help people. Technology can help you figure out when something very bad is going to happen. Technology has allowed to enable to people to lead healthier lives through the scientific research is has created and given results for, for example cures to diseases and hospital equipment where doctors can search the body for any illnesses. The current technology which we have today can cure some of these or significantly benefit and help these people. Also through the use of improved communication people can be a lot more productive, depending on their type of work. Businesses to benefit from technology massively! Technology has helped mankind live longer because technological advances have lead to better care of the sick. These are all of my pros for technology. Last, there are many cons of technology. Here are some. Texting and driving can cause a very big problem in life. Opened my laptop and within 10 mins I had all the rock numbers. The other day I got late for my office by 2 hours. The reason: I was caught up in a jam. Why? Because someone was talking on the mobile while driving and met with a brutal accident. Hacking is the most common sophisticated crime nowadays. It has engulfed a major chunk of the young and talented pool of today. Every second day there is a new type of deadly software virus which we are made aware of. Modern inventions and techniques are not for everyone. Throughout most of the world, the name Hiroshima has come to represent mans technological capacity for massive destruction. Hiroshima was

the culmination of the high-altitude bombing and long-range killing that came increasingly to characterize World War II. However, despite of technology contribution to society, it is also used for evil purposes like war and environmental destruction. If you are on the computer all day it will hurt your eyes. People con also hack on your computer. People also like to bully other people on the internet. When technology is misused, it can lead to environmental degradation and even the destruction of the human race. It also increases the gap between developed and third-world countries. Access to technology is often limited to those who can afford it. Access to technology determines educational outcomes, for example students who have access to the Internet at home can submit more informative assignments. Lack of access to technology because of poverty or isolation can entrench disadvantage. Also when robots are doing construction it can go bad and kill people. People will no more have a job. People will not be healthy and be very lazy. People will never want to do work again because of the helpful robots. People will always want robots to get them things and do other things. People will want robots to do everything for them in their life. Constant debate is that it is that of genetic engineering and its application to food. We can sustain the ever-growing population of the world and can fight famine in certain parts of the world. Technology is sometimes very bad in life. Technology can also kill people, hurt people, and can do many other things to people. Technology is very dangerous because it can kill you and it can hurt you, and also do many other things to you. Technology is very dangerous. With nuclear weapons and sophisticated gun, criminals and terrorists are easily punished and crime can be reduced. Technology is also bad because people use it to bully other people and to make them feel very sad. Technology can be bad for your life in situations where you come to rely heavily on it or it consumes you. You should have back-ups to modern technology in case of emergencies such as a power outage where modern technology cannot necessarily be of use. If you constantly find yourself browsing the internet or texting so much that it interferes with your everyday life, perhaps you should consider taking a break from technology and instead focusing on a face-to-face social life. Your life may seem to be going bad but that is natural, because people bully you and also hurt your feelings because of technology. Technology is also bad because when you are texting and driving

you can get hurt also you can get in a very big problem. Technology can also get you in a lot of trouble and you can get in a bad accident and you can get killed or hurt. These are all of my cons for technology. To sum up, pros and cons are a very important part of our lives. Understanding the importance of technology is a must for young people and senior citizens. With the technology to be a huge part of our lives, we need to know more. Technology is so important in our lives because it keeps us informed. Mainly with the Media. Also, it is extremely important for safety and emergencies, such as calling the police/fire/medical on the phone. Also, keeping in touch with other people plays a very important role in technology. E-mail, lets us talk and chat with friends and other people. And lastly, businesses need technology in order to have a successful business. They need Computers for send E-mail and keeping files handy. This is mainly why technology is so important in your lives. Technology eases daily life with the expanded access to information, communication, and the efficiency of actions and processes. For example, cell phones, computers, and even video games can help us in many ways like cooking or listing to music and or simply talking to others. Technology is important in life because it is the only economic force that is guaranteed to move in a forward direction (though the rate of forward movement very much depends on the factors acting upon the economy). To the individual, technology is important because it allows people to utilize tools that allow overcoming of mental and physical boundaries. Computational machines, for example, allow humans to calculate large, complicated formulas that would otherwise be difficult or timely to solve. Technology improves production methods, increases the quantity and quality (including security and integrity) of communication, and store and collect massive amounts of data (as well as analyze said data). So technology is a very important part of our lives. Then, Technology is important for many different reasons, depending on the type of technology you are referring to. Technology is a term that describes a wide variety of things: from the technology used to make cars and airplanes go to medical technology to computer technology, there are many different things in our everyday lives that depend on technology. Technology addresses problems

relating to all aspects of society and helps to solve those problems through technological means. Technology is important for many different reasons, depending on the type of technology you are referring to. Technology is a term that describes a wide variety of things: from the technology used to make cars and airplanes go to medical technology to computer technology, there are many different things in our everyday lives that depend on technology. Technology addresses problems relating to all aspects of society and helps to solve those problems through technological means. The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated by the use of it in our daily lives. And we often have no idea how science and technology really affect us. We live and work in structures given to us by science and technology. We are transported around on the ground, across the water and in the air by vehicles that are the direct result of science and technology. Modern societies are literally built on science and technology. When we turn on the tap, flush the toilet, or flip a light switch, we are accessing science and technology. Medicine is wall-to-wall science and technology, and anyone who is more than mildly ill or has been injured in more than a minor way will benefit from science and technology. No food in modern society is not touched by science and technology, either in its origin, packaging and processing, transportation or vending. Without technology, we would not have a TV, computer, phones and other things without science, we would hardly know anything about our planet, country or even our local area. One bad effect of technology on life is that with more technology placing barriers between people, face to face meetings happen less. This small, simple change leads to a whole host of very serious problems with society in general. People are becoming lazier; choosing to stay at home and play video games than go to a basketball game or get together with friends. On top of that, the new barriers that are made because of technology gives those who are most affected by them a decaying sense of pride in their country. In fact, it is this lack of pride that has spurred many of the anti-American feelings that are felt and publicized by people of this very country. Not all technology is bad or evil, but we do need to be careful that we don't become slaves (meaning obsessed with, not actual slaves) to our own creations. Newspapers and local agencies and music stores have been forced to shut down since items are available online. Also, the more technology that we

create the more technology that we dispose of. This problem is exponentially growing. Practically everyone has a cell phone which has a life span of about 3 or 4 years, when we replace them they are usually thrown into a big pile and left to leach harmful agents into the environment. Over the years as technology keeps improving, more and more people are using it in their lives. Technology has become a significant matter in all our lives.