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DIRECTIONS: Number the following word sets 1-5 in alphabetical


A. B. C.

_______ delight _______ abrupt _______ grow

_______ dance _______ ask _______ gesture

_______ daze _______ arrange _______ glaze

_______ door _______ art _______ gray

_______ decide _______ ash _______ good

DIRECTIONS: Choose in which set of pair words can the given word be found.
Write the letter on the blank.

_____ D. mixture ________ E. popular ________ F. crocodile

A. mix-up - mogul A. poor - pork A. cross - crusty

B. misery - missile B. pool - pope B. criminal - crop
C. mobile - modest C. population - port C. creepy - croak
D. mistake - moan D. porch - poster D. crisp - crock

DIRECTIONS: Ring the letter of the word which goes between the given words.

G. gravel ____ green H. dial ____ dictate I. angel ____ animal

A. gravy A. diagram A. animation

B. grave B. dictionary B. ankle
C. grass C. diamond C. ancient
D. grill D. devote D. angle



DIRECTIONS. Add one of the above suffixes to the underlined root word to
complete the sentence. Write your answer on the blank.

_____________ 1. Pope Benedict VI was speech before the very

huge crowd.

_____________ 2. The mother’s weary disappeared when she saw

her baby smile.

_____________ 3. Sudden an army of angels appeared and sang

praises to God.

_____________ 4. The children were joy when classes were


_____________ 5. Joe always has something hand and useful.


DIRECTIONS. Form 5 words with double affixes from the words in the box. Do
not repeat the suffixes.

ly ful dis un re less

ness y respect happy ing honest

order ed obey

1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________

4. ____________________

5. ____________________


DIRECTIONS: Write a synonym for each underlined word in the sentence on the
blank before each number. Choose from the words in the box.

almost extraordinary additional duty

exhausted fearless pick let

cold nearly

_____________ 1. The brave soldiers fought the rebels in Mindanao.

_____________ 2. The players were very tired but happy, because they won
the game.
_____________ 3. We nearly had an accident because a truck ran the red
light at an intersection.
_____________ 4. I am almost finished with my project.
_____________ 5. It is every student’s responsibility to study his lessons.
the Crossing Over ceremony.
_____________ 6. It was very chilly this morning.
_____________ 7. I brought an extra shirt for you.
_____________ 8. Please choose the book you want to buy.
_____________ 9. An unusual thing happened to me this morning.
_____________ 10. Mrs. Lacuna did not allow the class to play during


DIRECTIONS: Read the story “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters” (p. 109, On the
Horizon Book)

A. DIRECTIONS: Arrange the events as they happened in the story. Number

the sentences 1 – 5.

_________ Manyara stole out of the village while everyone slept.

_________ Nyasha became the Queen of the Land.

_________ Nyasha tended her garden with Nyoka at her side.

_________ Manyara saw a small boy in the forest and told him to
get out of her way.

_________ Manyara disliked Nyasha because the villagers praise her

best and because she though Nyasha was their father’s

B. DIRECTIONS: Write the letter of the correct answer.

__________ 1. What is the main idea of story?

A. The favorite daughter becomes the queen.

B. Kindness and virtue, and not beauty alone, are qualities of a good queen.
C. A proud woman will end up as the queen’s servant.
D. It is not good to have a favorite daughter.

__________ 2. What do you think would happen if Manyara was as kind and
loving as her sister?

A. Their father would be very sad if the king chose one of them as queen.
B. They would not have gone to see the king.
C. The king would find it very difficult to choose a queen.
D. Manyara would also enjoy gardening.

___________ 3. Based on the story, which of the following is an

example of FANTASY?

A. A small boy appeared in the path in the forest and asked for food.
B. An old lady warned Manyara not to laugh at the trees.
C. Nyasha greeted the trees warmly.
D. The king took the form of Nyoka, the snake.

___________ 4. Based on the story, which of the following is an

example of REALITY?

A. Manyara was afraid of snakes.

B. The villagers liked Nyasha because she was kind to them.
C. Nyoka was actually the father of Manyara and Nyasha.
D. Manyara was polite to the old man.

__________ 5. What do you think Nyasha felt for Manyara after she was
chosen to be queen?

A. She disliked Manyara who tried to beat her to see the king.
B. She felt pity for Manyara, because Manyara wanted so badly to be queen
but still loved her as a sister.
C. She did not want to be Manyara’s sister anymore, because she was now
a servant.
D. She was angry at Manyara for cheating.

__________ 6. Who was the second person Manyara met in the forest on
her way to see the king?

A. the old lady

B. the man whose head was tucked under his arm
C. the small boy
D. the five-headed snake

__________ 7. In what country do you think the story happened?

A. United States of America D. Africa

B. China
C. Egypt
__________ 8. Why was Manyara unhappy?

A. She was jealous of how the villagers preferred Nyasha.

B. She wanted to be queen and make Nyasha her servant.
C. She disliked Nyasha.
D. Nyasha was more beautiful than her.

__________ 9. What do you think would have happened if Manyara gave

food to the small boy and obeyed the old lady in the forest?

A. She would have become happy.

B. She would have been chosen as queen.
C. She would have been lost.
D. She would have been her father’s favorite daughter.

C. DIRECTIONS: What is the meaning of the underlined words in the following

sentences. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

10. That night, when everyone was asleep, Manyara stole quietly out of the

A. She robbed the other villagers.

B. She caught a thief in the village.
C. She quietly left the village.
D. She acted like a thief and left the village.

11. There, silhouetted against the moonlight, was an old woman seated on a
large stone.

A. her back was facing the moonlight

B. looking at the moonlight
C. with shadows formed by the moonlight
D. glowing with moonlight

12. As the wedding party moved through the forest, brightly plumed birds
darted about in the cook green shadows beneath the trees.

A. noisy
B. big
C. sleeping
D. colorful

D. DIRECTIONS: Draw a ☺ beside the sentences which show the similarities

between Manyara and Nyasha.

_________ 1. They were the daughters of Mufaro.

_________ 2. They enjoyed tending their gardens.

_________ 3. They were very beautiful.

_________ 4. They loved their father.

E. DIRECTIONS: Draw a ☺ beside the sentences which show the differences

between Manyara and Nyasha.

_________ 1. Nyasha was kind while Manyara was proud and always in a
bad temper.

_________ 2. Manyara was mean to Nyasha while Nyasha loved Manyara

despite her attitude.

_________ 3. Manyara gave food to the small boy while Nyasha ignored
the old woman.

_________ 4. Nyasha hated to leave her village to go to the king while

Manyara could not wait to see the king to be chosen as the queen.

F. DIRECTIONS. Read the statements in the box. Complete the outline below.
Write the number only.

Minor Ideas

1. Manyara ignored the advice of the old lady in the forest.

2. Manyara stole quietly from the village while everyone was asleep.

3. Manyara was almost always in a bad temper and jealous of her sister.

4. The snake turned into the king and he chose Nyasha to be his queen.

5. One day Nyasha saw a snake in the garden whom she befriended.

6. One day a messenger from the city arrived saying the king will choose The
Most Worthy and Beautiful Daughter in the Land who will be queen.

I. Life in the Village

A. A man named Mufaro lived in a village with his two beautiful

daughters, Manyara and Nyasha.
B. ________
C. Nyasha kept a plot of land where she grew yams, millet, vegetables
and sunflowers.
D. ________

II. Message from the City

A. ________
B. Manyara wanted to be queen and tried to convince Mufaro to make
Nyasha stay.
C. Mufaro insisted that king should meet both his beautiful daughters.
D. ________

III. Journey of the Daughters in the Forest

A. Manyara refused to give food to the small boy.

B. ________
C. Nyasha gave yam to the small boy and seed to the old lady.

IV. At the King’s Palace

A. Manyara was terrified and told Mufaro and Nyasha not to go in the
palace because there was a five-headed snake in there.
B. Nyasha bravely entered the palace and saw her friend the snake on a
C. _________