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NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL COUNCIL (ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT) Particulars, functions an $% Ai#s an O&'!cti(!s )* uti!s of Accounts D!"art#!


The basic objective of Accounts Department is to keep records of financial transactions of NDMC in an accurate, transparent and timebound manner. Accounts Department is also responsible for preparing accounts of the Council on monthl basis and earl basis !hich are also placed before the Council in its meeting. The mission of preparation of monthl accounts is to enable one to kno! the financial position of the Council on a particular date. The Accounts Department is also responsible to provide the "ualified Accountants in various departments of the NDMC and impart them practical training from time to time as !ell as to conduct refresher courses so that the are kept !ell informed !ith the latest developments in the s stematic accounting procedures. +% Mission,-ision)*

Mission of the Accounts Department is to keep the accounts of Council upto date in a transparent and time-bound manner as per rules and regulations follo!ed in the Council. #t is the $ision of Accounts Department to adopt ne!er techni"ues of accounting to keep pace !ith the modern accounting s stem. .% /ri!f 0istor1 an &ac23roun for its !sta&lis0#!nt)*

Accounts Department is being run as a functionar right from the inception of NDMC. %efore enactment of NDMC Act, &''(, this Council !as governed b )unjab Municipal Act and the provisions of Municipal Account Code, &'*+ !ere being follo!ed. After enactment of NDMC Act, &''(, NDMC is in the process of framing its o!n Account Code,Account Manual and b e-la!s under the NDMC Act. )reviousl the accounts of NDMC !ere being maintained on single entr basis -.n cash basis/ prevailing in Central 0overnment Departments,1tate 0overnments. After the directions of the 1upreme Court of #ndia during the ear 2++&, NDMC is in the process of converting its accounts from 1ingle 3ntr 1 stem to Double 3ntr 1 stem -Accrual %ased Account 1 stem/ so as to reflect the true financial status in its annual accounts. The first balance sheet on the basis of accrual based s stem for the ear 2++(-+4 on!ards up to

2++5-+6 has been displa ed on NDMC !ebsite under Accounts Department. 4% Or3ani5ation C0art)

The Accounts Department is headed b Director -Accounts/ !ho is assisted b three 7oint Chief Accounts .fficers -# 8 ##, ###/ and a Deput Director -Cash/ as per .rgani9ation Chart. 6% Allocation of &usin!ss)

3ach branch,unit functioning under Accounts Department has been assigned the follo!ing business:-

a/ *

Co#"ut!r /illin3 S!ction)* )reparation and passing of salar ,arrears bills for all ;egular emplo ees,3<- emplo ees,Contractual emplo ees of the Council and filing of monthl ,"uarterl , earl #ncome Ta< returns. )assing the salar contract basis. 7un s /ranc0)* Maintenance of Accounts of 0eneral )rovident =und of NDMC emplo ees. 1anction of advances subscribers of 0)=. and final !ithdra!al to the bills in respect of emplo ees engaged on

* b/

=inal settlement of 0)= Accounts of retiring,deceased emplo ees. 1anction of amount admissible under Deposit >inked #nsurance 1cheme to the families of the deceased emplo ees, !ho had been subscribing to!ards 0)=, !herever applicable. #nvestment of 0) =und accumulations as per polic , guidelines given b the Council from time to time.

* * c/ *

#ssuance of Annual 1tatement of 0)= Accounts to the subscribers. Maintenance of Accounts of the subscribers under Ne! )ension 1cheme, 2++(. Accounts /ranc0)* 1anction of ?ouse %uilding Advance, Conve ance )urchase Advance, Computer )urchase Advance, =estival Advance etc. to the Municipal emplo ees, passing the bills thereof for disbursement, !atching the recoveries and maintaining accounts thereof. )assing the bills of empanelled hospitals and reimbursement of medical e<penditure incurred b the emplo ees for purchase of medicines, medical diagnosis, e"uipments etc. based on the recommendations of doctors of empanelled hospitals. )assing of bills relating to 0rant-in-Aid to Aided schools and institutions engaged in social and cultural activities. )assing of contingenc bills. )assing of bills relating to TA,DA Advances, final bills of TA,DA etc. )assing of bills of vendors relating to ); Department and filing of #ncome Ta< and D.$at returns. In(!st#!nt S!ction)* #nvestment of available surplus funds of NDMC !ith various banks in accordance !ith the polic ,guidelines approved b the Council. * ;eceipt of 0rant-in-Aid,)lan and Non-)lan funds for various schemes and M>A,M)>AD =unds from 0overnment of National Capital of Territor of Delhi and Central 0overnment. PENSION /RANCH)* 1ettlement of 1uperannuation pension,famil pension.

d/ -

!) *

* * * * * * *

;evision of superannuation pension,famil pension. Consolidation of 1uperannuation,famil pension. )assing of 1uperannuation pension,famil pension bills. )assing of gratuit bills. )assing of commuted value of pension bills. #ssuance of pension book to the pensioners,famil pensioners. Maintenance of records of disbursement of superannuation pension,famil pension. SL8IS /RANCH)* To keep the record of pa ments made to subscribers of 1>0#1 1cheme after their retirement. To prefer 1>0#1 1chemes claims !ith >#C of #ndia. )assing of bills of 1>0#1 claims received from >#C of #ndia and pa ment to the subscribers. Accrual /as! Accountin3 S1st!#)*

f) * * *


Compilation of Monthl ,Annual Accounts of the Council. Classification of income and e<penditures of the Council as !hole. To provide actual e<penditure to %udget %ranch for preparation of budget in the form of 0-(. #ntroduction of Double 3ntr 1 stem of Accounting kno!n as Accrual %ased of Accounting 1 stem. )reparation of financial statements. Cas0 /ranc0)*

a h/ on da to da basis. i/ !*fin "ro'!ct Allocation of /usin!ss 7unctions an r!s"onsi&iliti!s of !*financial Pro'!ct offic!)

Collection of municipal dues from the pa er. Disbursement of salar to the staff and pa ment of contractor@s bills etc. ;econciliation of %ank Account. To deposit the receipt through che"ue and cash in %ank. To make pa ment of all vouchers as passed and received


2. *. (. 4. B.

To co-ordinate for ;e"uirement gathering from the user departments and help in finali9ation of the 1 stem ;e"uirement 1pecification after detailed discussions !ith the concerned officers and -Members of Core group/ NDMC. Aser Acceptance Testing -AAT/ before implementation To act as coordinator bet!een the user departments and M,s e0overnment =oundations, the developer of the soft!are, in respect of an soft!are related problem. To supervise the !ork of development of soft!are modules of e=inancial 1oft!are applications being developed b M,s e0overnment =oundations. for Accounts departments of NDMC To get the ne! modules developed as per the re"uirements of Accounts Department. To monitor maintenance of the soft!are application b e0overnment =oundation, the soft!are developer during the support phase. Duti!s to &! "!rfor#! )


The main duties performed b the officers of Accounts Departments and various units of Accounts %ranches are as follo!s:To record,get recorded initial entries of all financial transactions in the initial books of record and to ensure their proper maintenance. )reparation and submission of monthl Accounts. )reparation and submission of monthl broadsheet to A. -A%A1/. )reparation and submission of monthl progress reports of !orks-in-progress,targets. To reconcile inter-divisional, departmental monthl ,"uarterl Accounts and adjustment of differences. To reconcile the annual Accounts,March =inancial Accounts !ith the A%A1 %ranch. To prepare and submit the annual accounts of the Division,1ection. To control the budgets and maintain the Accounts books of records for budgetar control. To prepare the annual budget estimates,revised estimates of the division,section. To maintain .bjection %ook of Accountants,Asstt. Accounts .fficers. To test check and internall audit the accounts of subdivisions,sections. To tender financial advice to the Divisional .fficer.

To maintain the #mprest Account of the Division and ensure its periodical recoupment. To maintain the Misc. Advance ;egister and ensure adjustment of outstanding advances. To assist Audit )art during the annual audit b Audit )art of Chief Auditor@s .ffice or #A% and present all books of accounts and other records as and !hen re"uired b the Audit )art . To maintain the $oucher ;egisters and all the monthl vouchers properl . To maintain and keep updated all the subsidiar books,registers of accounts vi9 C propert register, stock register, inventor register, T8) ;egister, Contractor >edger and other related records,registers. To pass all the bills of e<penditure after proper scrutin and e<ercising all the checks. To check all the transactions of the division vis-D-vis regularit and propriet . To repl the audit paras,CT3 observations and ensure settlement of the same. An other !ork speciall assigned b the Divisional .fficer or the higher authorities.


D!tails of S!r(ic!s r!n !r! )

The Accounts Department renders the follo!ing main services relating to general public:;% Disbursement of pension, famil pension. =acilitating the public to pa their dues at a center nearest to their place of inhabitance,!ork more convenientl . #ntroducing the state of art collection centers !ithin the vicinit of the consumers.

Citi5!n int!raction)

The citi9ens interact !ith Accounts Department !ith regard to follo!ing:-a/ -b/ )a ment of their dues on account of various charges pa able to NDMC. Collection of pa ments b vendors,suppliers on account of services rendered and supplies made.


;edressal of grievances of pensioners,famil deceased emplo ees of NDMC. of A r!ss t0!



<% Postal a r!ss attac0! ,su&or inat! offic!% S%N o




D!si3nation Director -Accounts/ 7t. C.A...-#/

T!l!"0on! No% 2*5(2B'( 3<tn.No. 2B&& 3<tn.No. 2B+6 3<tn. No. *'+5 3<tn. No. 2B&+ 3<tn. No. 2B+5 3<tn. No. 2B&* 3<tn. No. 2B+& 2**BB++& 3<tn. No. 2B+( 3<tn. No. 2B+B 2**((&2* 3<tn. No. 2224

;oom No. B+&&, Bth =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi 2. ;oom No. B++6, Bth =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi *. 7t.C.A...--##/ ;oom No. &'+2, &'th =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi (. 7t. C.A... C-###/ Me99anine =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi 4. 1r.A... -)ension/-# ;oom No. B++5, Bth =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi B. A... -)ension/-## ;oom No. B++5, Bth =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi 5. A... -#nvestment 8 ;oom No. 2B&+, Bth =loor, =unds/ )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi 6. 1r.A... -A%A1/ ;oom No. B++&, Bth =loor, )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi '. 1r.A... -C%1 8 ;oom No. B++B, Bth =loor, A,Cs/ )alika Eendra, Ne! Delhi &+. D . Director 0round =loor, )alika -Cash/ Eendra, Ne! Delhi $=% Ma" of offic! location)

N.D.M.C. )alika Eendra, 1ansad Marg, Ne! Delhi-&&+++& -.pposite:- 7antar Mantar/ $$% Wor2in3 0ours for offic! an "u&lic)

The office hours are from '.++ a.m. to 4.*+ p.m. on all !orking da s e<cept 1aturda and 1unda , including ga9etted holida s. The

timing for cash collection is from '.++ a.m. to 2.++ p.m.- from ever Monda to 1aturda e<cept holida s. =or the convenience of the public, the cash branch can be opened on 1unda s or holida s for !hich appropriate advertisement and public notice is published in the leading ne!spapers. $+% Pu&lic int!raction) )ublic has fre"uent interaction !ith Accounts Department in connection !ith procurement of various forms of receipts and pa ments and mode of receipts and pa ments. 1take holders can vie! the financial position of the Council for the ear upto 2++5-+6 at an time on NDMC !eb-site. )arts for the ear 2++6-+' and 2++'-&+ are being updated 8 !ill be available on !ebsite !ithin a span of t!o months -App<./. 8ri!(anc! r! r!ss!s #!c0anis#)


The aggrieved person from the public can freel visit the office of Director -Accounts/ on all !orking da s bet!een *.++ p.m. to (.++ p.m. -the time fi<ed for ?.Ds for such meetings/, for redressal of their grievances.