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Recruiting Employee Potential: Case Studies Recruitment Account Officer (AO) HR management systems in companies run implementable strategies

ranging from stage human resource planning, human resource management, and human resource development. The third stage of the management system is structurally managed by HR. So the optimization of the functional role of human resource management functions run by pillars HRMS (Human Resources Management System). HR planning needs related to the recruitment and selection of employees. eeds of

employees in the organization is determined by the management as a strategic planner. This is according to Mathis and !ac"son (#$$$% &#) HR information systems related to the planning process became the basis of the most vital in the competitive strategy of the organization of a company to maintain the competitiveness of the organization, analysis and assessment of HR effectiveness must be done by the company. Thus the organization can achieve its ob'ectives. HR recruitment usual cases ( have encountered is the presence of several considerations underlying the demand for employees in the company, among others, the e)istence of vacant positions *ithin an organizational position, the need for additional human resources to improve organizational productivity, adding area mar"et share, as *ell as organizational development plan for structure of the ne* office for future business development. +nalysis is the consideration of the human resource needs of the early stages of planning processes that are tailored to the organization,s goals and strategies. The systematics by Mathis - !ac"son (#$$$% ./) *ould be very effective in integrating the ob'ectives and business strategy factors *ith planning re0uirements for the achievement of the strategy. The second stage is a stage in human resource planning human resource needs assessment plan. The assessment process is applied to companies *ith *hom *e are human resources recruitment and selection. 1ale (#$$2% &) defines that the recruitment and selection is to achieve the desired end hasl, getting the right people for the 'ob. Recruitment and selection process starts from the 'ob3posting process in the media, the administration file selection, calling employees and intervie* process either by managers or directors directly. The main method used in the measurement of employee selection process that ( did not 'ust simply use the intervie* alone. (ntervie* method *as effectively done as a consideration in the decision receipt of 0ualified candidates. (t is not enough to provide an

assessment of the validity and reliability of measurement ob'ectivity in the selection process. +s e)pressed by 1ale (#$$2% &) that the most commonly used method is a face3to3face intervie*s, only has a coefficient of $.#. (t added that based on the method means there is a huge possibility to obtain the best candidates. Therefore need to be supported *ith other methods to sho* the method of selection of the 4best4. 1ale (#$$2% &) *rote that the method of selection of the 4best4 has a predictive validity coefficient of $.5. (t has a good level of probability to predict that the subse0uent performance of each candidate *ill be in accordance *ith the criteria. 6sychological testing is one method that can be used in the measurement of human selection. +nastasi - 7rbina (#$$5) *rote a psychological test as a measure that has ob'ective standards that can be used *idely, and can actually be used and compare the state of psychic or individual behavior. Measurement using the method of psychological tests in the selection of important human resources. 6sychological test method is standardized ob'ective method. 6sychological testing methods have high levels of reliability and validity in the measurement. Seeing the importance of basic psychological test methods in human resources needs assessment, it is necessary to the implementation of psychological tests as part of a comprehensive "eefe"tvitasan selection methods. (mplementation of psychological tests in this case is to find a viable potential candidates and fill positions +ccounts 8fficer (+8). Methods of selection a comprehensive needs assessment can provide ob'ective measurement of individual competence in accordance *ith the standards of competence in the account officer positions. 6otential candidates certainly have a positive correlation to achieve high performance in office. 9enefits and purpose *ill ( get is% &. 8btain measurement results that correspond to the needs of human resource selection #. :etting a picture of an individual,s competency in accordance *ith the standards of office organization. 2. :et a candidate profile in the conte)t of 4potential people4. .. Recommend candidates *ho have the potential to conform to the re0uired standard of competence in the selection of human resources.

Measurement aspects of competence for this +8 recruitment cases, among others% the ability of analytical thin"ing, conceptual and strategic thin"ing, technical e)pertise, +8, *or" persistence, motivation, interpersonal communication, persuasive communication, negotiation s"ills, decision ma"ing, team*or", *or" responsibilities , *or"ing speed, *or" accuracy and endurance *or". The test "its are used *ith measurements above customized competency re0uirements, among other uses% Test (ST, 6api"osti", ;arteg Tests, Tests 9+7M - 1+6, and 6auli test. 6resentation of the results of the recruitment models is a description (profile) of the individuals that lead to the recommendation is accepted < not account for the position of 8fficer (+8) is. =)ample: "candidates have pretty good communication. Candidates were Able to mingle with other people, and be Able to collaborate with others to make it Easier in the process of extracting information related to the ob. !his is supported by the attitude of openness in interaction with the social environment. Candidates "ncluding one who Able to be flexible in providing services to others. candidate himself Able to place well in serving others # customer. Candidates Able to $emonstrate a proactive attitude to customers primarily related to ob duties. he was able to provide information with regard to both employment areas under their control ". Therefore, by their competence potential candidates, then the corresponding recommended < suggested to fill the position of +ccount 8fficer (+8) in accordance *ith the potential to 7nfold.

Merekrut Karya an yang !erpotensi : Studi Kasus Perekrutan Account Officer (AO) Sistem mana'emen S1M di perusahaan ber'alan secara implementatif mulai dari tahapan strategi perencanaan S1M, pengelolaan S1M, serta pengembangan S1M. >etiga tahapan sistem mana'emen tersebut di"elola secara stru"tural oleh HR1. !adi secara fungsional peran optimalisasi mana'emen S1M di'alan"an oleh pilar fungsi HRMS ( %uman &esources 'anagement (ystem). 6erencanaan S1M ber"aitan dengan "ebutuhan, re"rutmen dan sele"si "arya*an. >ebutuhan "arya*an didalam organisasi ditentu"an oleh piha" mana'emen sebagai perencana strategis. Hal ini menurut Mathis - !ac"son (#$$$% &#) sistem informasi S1M ber"aitan dengan proses perencanaan tersebut men'adi dasar yang paling vital dalam persaingan strategi organisasi dari suatu perusahaan untu" men'aga daya saing organisasi, analisis dan penilaian efe"tifitas S1M harus dila"u"an perusahaan. 1engan demi"ian ma"a organisasi tersebut dapat mencapai tu'uannya. >asus re"rutmen S1M yang biasa saya 'umpai adalah adanya beberapa pertimbangan yang men'adi dasar permintaan "ebutuhan "arya*an di perusahaan tersebut antara lain, adanya posisi "osong didalam suatu 'abatan organisasi, "ebutuhan a"an tambahan S1M untu" mening"at"an produ"tivitas organisasi, penambahan area pangsa pasar, serta rencana pengembangan organisasi untu" stru"tur 'abatan baru untu" pengembangan bisnis "edepan. +nalisa pertimbangan "ebutuhan S1M tersebut merupa"an tahapan proses a*al perencanaan yang disesuai"an dengan tu'uan dan strategi organisasi. Sistemati"a tersebut menurut Mathis - !ac"son (#$$$% ./) a"an sangat efe"tif dalam mengintegrasi"an antara fa"tor tu'uan - strategi bisnis dengan "ebutuhan perencanaan untu" pencapaian strategi tersebut. Tahapan "edua dalam perencanaan S1M adalah tahap penilaian a"an rencana "ebutuhan S1M. 6roses penilaian tersebut yang diterap"an perusahaan yang men'adi mitra "ami adalah pere"rutan dan sele"si S1M. 1ale (#$$2% &) mendefinisi"an bah*a pere"rutan dan sele"si adalah untu" mencapai hasl a"hir yang diingin"an, mendapat"an orang yang tepat untu" suatu 'abatan. 6roses pere"rutan dan sele"si dimulai dari proses ob)posting di media, sele"si ber"as administrasi, pemanggilan "arya*an, dan proses interview bai" oleh mana'er maupun langsung dire"si. Metode utama yang dipa"ai dalam pengu"uran proses sele"si "arya*an yang saya la"u"an tida" hanya hanya mengguna"an *a*ancara sa'a. Metode *a*ancara memang efe"tif dila"u"an sebagai pertimbangan dalam pengambilan "eputusan diterimanya calon

"andidat yang memenuhi "ualifi"asi. Hal tersebut belum cu"up memberi"an penilaian terhadap validitas dan reliabilitas obye"tivitas pengu"uran pada proses sele"si. Seperti yang diung"ap"an oleh 1ale (#$$2% &) bah*a metode yang paling sering diperguna"an yaitu suatu *a*ancara tatap mu"a, hanya memili"i "oefisien $,#. 1itambah"an pula bah*a dengan berpedoman pada metode tersebut berarti ada "emung"inan yang sangat besar untu" memperoleh "andidat yang terbai". 8leh "arena itu perlu didu"ung dengan metode lain untu" menun'u""an metode sele"si yang ?terbai"?. 1ale (#$$2% &) menulis"an bah*a metode sele"si yang ?terbai"? memili"i "oefisien validitas predi"tif $,5. Hal tersebut memili"i ting"at "emung"inan yang bai" untu" mempredi"si bah*a "iner'a selan'utnya dari masing3masing "andidat a"an sesuai dengan "riteria. Tes 6si"ologi adalah salah satu metode yang dapat dipa"ai dalam pengu"uran sele"si S1M. +nastasi - 7rbina (#$$5) menulis"an tes psi"ologi sebagai alat pengu"ur yang mempunyai standar obye"tif sehingga dapat diguna"an secara meluas, serta dapat betul3betul diguna"an dan membanding"an "eadaan psi"is atau ting"ah la"u individu. 6engu"uran mengguna"an metode tes psi"ologi dalam sele"si S1M penting dila"u"an. Metode tes psi"ologi merupa"an metode yang terstandar yang obye"tif. Metode tes psi"ologi memili"i ting"at realibilitas dan validitas dalam pengu"urannya. Melihat dasar pentingnya metode tes psi"ologi dalam asesmen "ebutuhan S1M, ma"a perlu dila"u"an penyelenggaraan tes psi"ologi sebagai bagian dari "eefe"tvitasan metode sele"si yang "omprehensif. 6enyelenggaraan tes psi"ologi pada kasus ini adalah untu" menemu"an "andidat yang berpotensi dan laya" mengisi posisi Account Officer (AO). Metode asesmen "ebutuhan sele"si yang "omprehensif dapat memberi"an obye"tifitas pengu"uran "ompetensi individu sesuai dengan standar "ompetensi pada 'abatan account officer. >andidat yang berpotensi tentu sa'a memili"i "orelasi yang positif untu" dapat mencapai high performance dalam 'abatannya. Manfaat dan tu'uan yang a"an saya dapat"an adalah% &. Memperoleh hasil pengu"uran yang sesuai dengan "ebutuhan sele"si S1M #. Memperoleh gambaran "ompetensi individu sesuai dengan standar 'abatan organisasi. 2. Mendapat"an profile "andidat dalam "onte"s @potential people?. .. Mere"omendasi"an "andidat yang memili"i potensi sesuai dengan standar "ompetensi yang dibutuh"an dalam sele"si S1M.

+spe"3aspe" pengu"uran "ompetensi untu" "asus re"rutmen +8 ini, antara lain% "emampuan berpi"ir analitis, berpi"ir "onseptual dan strategis, "emampuan te"ni"al +8, "ete"unan "er'a, motivasi, "omuni"asi interpersonal, "omuni"asi persuasif, "emampuan negosiasi, pengambilan "eputusan, "er'a sama tim, tanggung'a*ab "er'a, "ecepatan "er'a, "etelitian "er'a dan "etahanan "er'a. +dapun alat tes yang dipa"ai disesuai"an dengan "ebutuhan "omptensi pengu"uran diatas, antara lain mengguna"an% Tes (ST, 6api"osti", Tes ;arteg, Tes 9+7M - 1+6, serta Tes 6auli. Model 6enya'ian hasil re"rutmen adalah berupa des"ripsi (profile) individu yang mengarah pada re"omendasi diterima<tida" untu" posisi account 8fficer (+8) tersebut. Aontoh% "kandidat memiliki komunikasi yang cukup baik. kandidat mampu membaur dengan orang lain, serta mampu men alin ker a sama dengan orang lain sehingga mempermudahnya dalam proses penggalian informasi terkait dengan peker aannya. %al ini didukung sikap keterbukaan dalam berinteraksi dengan lingkungan sosial. *andidat termasuk seorang yang mampu bersikap fleksibel dalam memberikan pelayanan kepada orang lain. kandidat mampu menempatkan dirinya dengan baik dalam melayani orang lain#customer. *andidat mampu menun ukan sikap proaktif dengan customer terutama berkaitan dengan tugas peker aannya. "a mampu memberikan informasi dengan baik yang berkaitan dengan bidang peker aaan yang dikuasainya" . 8leh "arena itu dengan potensi "ompetensi yang dimili"i "andidat tersebut, ma"a yang bersang"utan dire"omendasi"an<disaran"an untu" dapat mengisi posisi account officer (+8) sesuai dengan potensi yang terung"ap.

6embahasan 6si"ologi personalia merupa"an ilmu pengetahuan yang mempela'ari perila"u indivudu dalam "egiatan organisasi<perusahaan atau study sistematis tentang ttinda"an dan si"ap yang ditu'u"an orang3orang dalam organisasi. Sedang"an untu" personalia sendiri adalah istilah yang diguna"an dalam organisasi untu" menamai departement yang menangani "egiatan3"egiatan seeperti% penari"an<pere"rutan, sele"si, pemberian "omponsasi dan pelatihan "arya*an selan'untnya istilah tersebut diganti management sumber daya manusia (S1M) , namun demi"ian dalam masa peralihan management personalia dan sumber daya manusia merupa"an istilah yang paling banya" diguna"an. 1alam arti"el diatas membahas tentang fo"us utama personalia ya"ni pere"rutan "arya*an