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Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Some%ime Ass%. S&p%. of olice# Madras

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Sri Ramanasramam# Tir&vannamalai Firs% reprin% +,/+ Second reprin% +,-.

Fran0 H. H&mphre1s is a name 2&i%e familiar %o %he devo%ees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Sri Bhagavan3s 4iograph1# Self-Realization 41 B. '. Narasimha S5ami# has %5o chap%ers on H&mphre1s# giving a 4rief s0e%ch of his life and Sri Bhagavan3s ins%r&c%ions %o him. 6hen H&mphre1s visi%ed Sri Ramana Maharshi in +,++# he conve1ed his impressions of Sri Maharshi and His ins%r&c%ions# %o Felicia Sca%cherd# 5ho 5as %hen edi%ing %he (n%erna%ional s1chic Ga7e%%e# London. These 5ere compiled in%o a 4oo0le% in +,.8 and %he chap%ers in SelfRealization are onl1 e9%rac%s from %his. H&mphre13s narra%ion of his e9periences 5i%h Sri Bhagavan is so simple and arres%ing %ha% %he readers find in i% an e9cellen% presen%a%ion of Bhagavan3s %eachings. S. Narasimha11a 5ho 5ro%e %he in%rod&c%ion %ha% follo5s 5as a Tel&g& M&nshi in 'ellore. He 5as a disciple of Sri Kav1a0an%a Ganapa%hi M&ni and Sri Bhagavan. (% is he and Kav1a0an%a %ha% 4ro&gh% H&mphre1s %o Sri Bhagavan. The 4oo0le% prin%ed originall1 a% %he La0shmi 'ilas ress# Thir&ppap&li1&r# is no5 reprin%ed a second %ime 5i%h a fe5 changes considered necessar1. A 4rief reference %o H&mphre1s3 visi% %o Sri Bhagavan and %he %eachings# in Mr. *s4orne3s Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge concl&des: ; olice service did no% prove congenial %o H&mphre1s. Sri Bhagavan advised him %o a%%end %o his service and medi%a%ion a% %he same %ime. For some 1ears he did so and %hen he re%ired. Being alread1 a $a%holic and having &nders%ood %he essen%ial &nanimi%1 of all religions# he sa5 no need %o change# 4&% re%&rned %o !ngland# 5here he en%ered a monas%er1<. SR( RAMANASRAMAM# Tir&vannamalai# Fe4r&ar1# +,=. UBL(SH!R


$HA)6($K *N HUM HR!"S

;He 5as %he firs% !&ropean %o visi% Bhagavan as far as is 0no5n or a% leas% %he firs% %o record his visi%. He has given a 4ea&%if&l pic%&re of him in %he 'ir&pa0sha $ave. The %eachings are defini%e and are a g&ide %o all 5ho come af%er. *f 5hom else is i% recorded %ha% Bhagavan said : >( am giving %hese ins%r&c%ions as a G&r& gives %hem %o a disciple?3 $er%ainl1 %here 5as some special %ie 4e%5een %hese %5o.< - A Sadhus Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi

( do no% li0e %o s%and 4e%5een %he earnes% reader and %his in%eres%ing piece of religio&s li%era%&re. B&% 5ea0 as ( am# ( shall do 5ha% li%%le ( can# 4eing as0ed %o do i%. This is an impressive and ins%r&c%ive descrip%ion 41 a 1o&ng man @eager in search of Maha%mas for enligh%enmen%A of his visi% %o# and e9periences 5i%h Maha%ma Sri Ramana Maharshi# a living Sain% of So&%h (ndia 5ho is 0no5n and revered as having a%%ained %he goal of %he 'edan%ic religion# and 5ho is %he fo&n%ainBhead of %he so&lBforce %o h&mani%1 in %hese da1s of rampan% ma%erialism. The descrip%ion is concise and vivid and needs# in m1 opinion# no preface or in%rod&c%ion. (n %he Mas%er3s presence# 5ha% a grea% vi4ra%ion %here is in %he 4od1# and ho5 eleva%ed %he mind and invigora%ed %he spiri% are# a man can onl1 feel 4&% canno% e9press. The Mas%er3s %eaching is C&s% 5ha% is needed in %hese %imes# 5hen men are shor% in life# 5ea0 in 4od1# and fee4le in spiri%# %heir en%ire a%%en%ion 4eing dra5n %o %hings ma%erial D apparen% and %emporal D in preference %o 5ha% is spiri%&al D real and e%ernal. The 5hole %eaching of Maha%ma Sri Ramana Maharshi %&rns on %he onl1 pivo%: ;Kno5es% %ho& %h1self# %ho& 5il% 0no5 ever1%hing and 5il% have no more %o 0no5.< He advoca%es a ver1 simple process of en2&ir1# vi7. ;6ho am (?< A p&re and cons%an% %ho&gh% of Atman devoid of form# name and a%%ri4&%e D %a0es %he %hin0er %o %he so&rce of all %ho&gh%s D %he hear%# 5here %he en2&irer and %he en2&ired are merged# or in a 5a1 los% in %he en2&ir1# 5hich is Mukti# li4era%ion or SelfBreali7a%ion. This reali7a%ion is %he real 5orship of Atman God 5i%hin and 5i%ho&%. The a&%hor of %his a%%rac%ive 4oo0le% seems %o have ga%hered informa%ion a4o&% Sri Ramana Maharshi from vario&s so&rces and a% differen% %imes. A 5ord or %5o as %o ho5 i% 5as %ha% Mr. Fran0 H. H&mphre1s chanced %o hear of o&r Maharshi and visi% him and 4e 4ro&gh% in%o %he roll of his admirers# ma1 in%eres% %he reader. F. H. H&mphre1s came %o (ndia as Assis%an% S&perin%enden% of olice in Ean&ar1 +,++. 6hen he reached Bom4a1 he 5as so 4ad in heal%h %ha% he had %o 4e %a0en %o %he Bom4a1 hospi%al 5here he remained &p %o %he middle of March. He arrived a% 'ellore on %he +-%h. of %ha% mon%h. 6hen ( 5en% %o him %ha% da1 %o 4egin Tel&g& alpha4e%s# %he firs% 2&es%ion he p&% me 5as: ;M&nshiF do 1o& 0no5 as%rolog1?< ( said ( did no%. The ne9% 2&es%ion 5as: ;$an 1o& ge% me an !nglish %ransla%ion of some 4oo0 on as%rolog1?< ( complied 5i%h his re2&es% 41 ge%%ing him a cop1 from %he George Union $l&4# 'ellore. *n %he morning of %he ne9% da1# %he +,%h.# 5hile re%&rning %he 4oo0 %o me# he as0ed me: ;)o 1o& 0no5 an1 Maha%mas here?< ( feigned no% %o 0no5 an1 sage and denied %he 0no5ledge of an1 s&ch grea% men. *n %he morning of %he %hird da1# %he .G%h.# he came &pon me 5i%h a searching and vehemen% 2&es%ion: ;M&nshiF 1o& said 1es%erda1 1o& did no% 0no5 an1 Maha%ma. ( sa5 1o&r G&r& %his morning in m1 sleep. He sa% 41 m1 side. He %old me some%hing 5hich ( did no% &nders%and nor did he# 5ha% ( said %o him. The firs% man in 'ellore 5hom ( me% in Bom4a1 5as 1o&.< 6hen ( 2&es%ioned him ho5 i% 5as %ha% he sa5 me in Bom4a1# %ho&gh ( had never %ravelled 4e1ond G&n%a0al# he said %ha% 5hen he 5as l1ing 5i%h high fever in %he hospi%al a% Bom4a1# he# in order %o 4e free from pain for a 5hile# diver%ed and direc%ed his

mind @a%%en%ionA %o 'ellore and# in his as%ral 4od1# %he firs% man he me% %here 5as (. ( lef% him sa1ing ( 0ne5 no% an1%hing a4o&% %he as%ral 4od1 or an1 4od1 for %ha% ma%%er save %he ph1sical one. $&riosi%1 ho5ever %emp%ed me %o %es% him# and in %he af%ernoon# ( %oo0 %o him a 4&ndle of pho%ographs of grea% men incl&ding %hose of o&r Maharshi and Ganapa%hi M&ni. ( silen%l1 placed %he 4&ndle 4efore him on his %a4le and 2&ie%l1 5en% %o Mr. L. $lif%# ano%her police gen%leman 5hom ( 5as %hen %eaching. 6hen ( re%&rned %o %he 5ri%er of %his 4oo0le% an ho&r la%er# he invi%ed me 5i%h %he 5ords: ;There is %he li0eness of 1o&r G&r&. (s he no% 1o&r precep%or? Tell me.< Th&s sa1ing# he poin%ed %o me %he pho%ograph of o&r Ganapa%hi Sas%riar# separa%ed from o%hers. This ac% of his s&rprised me. ( 5as ca&gh% and ( co&ld no% hide me or m1 mas%er. ( had regarded @and ( do s%ill regardA Ganapa%hi Sas%riar as m1 G&r&. (n +,G/ he %a&gh% me ho5 %o concen%ra%e and direc%ed me %o diver% and fi9 m1 a%%en%ion on Paramatma# 0no5n as Sri Ramana# a name dear %o m1 hear%. Sas%riar3s ins%r&c%ion is no% differen% from %ha% of o&r Maharshi. Mr. H&mphre1s again 4ecame ill and 5as advised 41 a doc%or %o go %o *o%acam&nd 5hich he did on +s%. April +,++. 6hile %here# he 5ro%e %o me a4o&% his mee%ing a s%range person# poorl1 clad 4&% 5ellB4&il%# 5i%h 4righ% e1es# ma%%ed hair and a long 4eard. The gen%leman 5i%h 5hom Mr. H&mphre1s 5as s%a1ing on %he hills said %o him %ha% he had never seen %ha% s%range man# %ho&gh he had 4een living %here for several 1ears. Mr. H&mphre1s as0ed me 5ho %ha% man co&ld 4e. ( simpl1 ans5ered %ha%# C&dging 41 %he descrip%ion he gave me# ( %ho&gh% he o&gh% %o 4e a Siddha His second le%%er from %ha% hillBs%a%ion 5as a re2&es% %o %each him !ata"ranayama. $onsidering %he 5ea0 s%a%e of his heal%h# ( did no% %hin0 i% righ% %o spea0 %o him a4o&% %he vol&n%ar1 and forced res%rain% of 4rea%h 4&% simpl1 %old him %ha% cons%an% and p&re %ho&gh% of Paramatma in o&r hear% 5o&ld 4ring a4o&% %he na%&ral kumbhakam# a4sorp%ion of mind in %he hear% D %he &l%ima%e s%age and s%a%e 5hich sages long for. His %hird 2&es%ion from %he Nilgiris 5as: ;6ill fleshBea%ing 4e a help or hindrance %o %he progress of medi%a%ion?< (n ans5er %o %his# ( 5ro%e %o him some five or si9 pages on ; Ahimsa "aramo #harma< e9plaining %ha% harmlessness or nonB0illing is %he grea%es% of %he vir%&es and concl&ded %he le%%er 5i%h 5ords : ;FleshBea%ing does no% help %he medi%a%or in medi%a%ion.< He replied %ha% 5ha% he sa5 in a dream %ha% morning 5as confirmed 41 5ha% 5as 5ri%%en in m1 le%%er received a fe5 ho&rs la%er# %ha% i% 5o&ld 4e hard for him %o give &p a% once his long acc&s%omed ha4i% of fleshBea%ing and %ha% he 5o&ld slo5l1 do i%. (n one of his le%%ers from !ngland d&ring la%er 1ears ( remem4er he 5ro%e %o me %ha% he had 4ecome a vege%arian. His fo&r%h le%%er from %ha% cool and sal&4rio&s heal%h resor% so&gh% m1 advice as %o 5he%her he co&ld Coin a m1s%ic socie%1# as he 5as %hen a4o&% %o comple%e .+ 1ears of age. He added %ha% %he mem4ers of %ha% socie%1 had %he privilege of mee%ing and %al0ing 5i%h Maha%mas face %o face and %ha%# in one of his former 4ir%hs he had 4een connec%ed 5i%h %ha% socie%1. As ( am nei%her a 4eliever nor a nonB4eliever in m1s%icism and as 5ha% ( 5an%ed 5as a simple Santi peace of mind and oneness 5i%h %he Atman 5i%hin D and as i% 5as m1 convic%ion %ha% p&re# simple and ceaseless %ho&gh% of Brahman# 5i%h no form# no name and no a%%ri4&%e 5o&ld sec&re me %his s&4lime s%a%e D a 4lessing D ( onl1 5ro%e %o him %ha% %hings 5o&ld 4e done according %o one3s o5n "rarabdha and if i% 5as his karma %ha% he sho&ld 4ecome again a mem4er of %ha% m1s%ic socie%1 no%hing co&ld preven% him and for %ha% reason ( co&ld give him no advice. A4o&% %he end of +,++# he re%&rned from %he hills. *ne da1# 5hen ( 5as %eaching him Tel&g& in 'ellore# he as0ed me for paper and pencil and dre5 a pic%&re of a mo&n%ain cave 5i%h some sage s%anding a% i%s en%rance and a s%ream gen%l1 flo5ing do5n %he hill in fron% of %he cave. He said he sa5 %his in his sleep and as0ed me 5ha% i% 5o&ld 4e. (mmedia%el1 %he %ho&gh% of o&r Maharshi# %hen d5elling in %he 'ir&pa0sha cave came %o m1 mind and ( %old him a4o&% Sri Ramana arama%ma. From %he da1 he sa5 Ganapa%hi Sa%rigal in his dream# he had 4een as0ing and &rging me %o %a0e him %o %he Sas%riar. Ho5 he happened %o


mee% Ganapa%hi Sas%riar and ho5 he 5as %a0en %o %he Maharshi# he has himself clearl1 e9plained in his 4oo0. S&4se2&en%l1 he %oo0 several independen% %rips %o o&r Mas%er 5henever %here 5as a do&4% %o 4e cleared or a 2&es%ion %o 4e as0ed. No5 ( shall rela%e 5ha% %ranspired in %he presence of %he Maharshi d&ring his firs% visi% %o him. He sal&%ed %he Maha%ma and remained in silen% pra1er and medi%a%ion for a fe5 min&%es. 6hen permi%%ed %o %al0 %he firs% 2&es%ion he as0ed 5as ;Mas%er# 5ill ( 4e helpf&l %o %he 5orld?< The Maha%ma3s ans5er 5as ;Help 1o&rself# 1o& 5ill help %he 5orld.< The same 2&es%ion repea%ed had %he same repl1 5i%h o4serva%ion %ha% he 5as in %he 5orld 4&% no% differen% @separa%eA from i%# nor 5as i% differen% from him# and %ha% %herefore 41 helping himself# he 5o&ld help %he 5orld BB @meaning %here41 %he oneBness of $i%a 5i%h AtmanA. The ne9% and %he las% 2&es%ion 5as: ;Mas%er# can ( perform miracles as Sri Krishna and Ees&s did?< This 2&es%ion 5as me% 41 a co&n%er 2&es%ion: ;6ere %he1# a% %he %ime 5hen %he1 performed miracles# a5are %ha% %he1 5ere performing miracles?< Mr. H&mphre1s# af%er a min&%e3s silence# replied. ;No# Mas%er. The1 5ere onl1 %he media %hro&gh 5hich God3s po5er did i%s 5or0.< Ho5 m&ch impor%ance can 4e a%%ached %o %hings m1s%ic in na%&re is vividl1 e9plained in %his 4oo0. )ear Bre%hrenF 5hen a man is los% in God# he 4ecomes a mere %ool in %he hand of God# and is one 5i%h God# having 4ecome a par% and parcel of GodH he ge%s %ha% peace and happiness @&naffec%ed 41 Co1s and sorro5sA 5hich can onl1 4e enCo1ed 4&% never descri4ed. Ma1 5e aim a% %his s%a%e of mind3s res% and peace in hear% 5hich %he hol1 ones are ever af%erF Madanapalle# .BIB+,.8. S. NARAS(MHA""A


B1 F!L($(A R. S$AT$H!R)
@;F!L(J RU)*L H<A

+ ;Mr. Th&rs%an3s ar%icles are of%en %al0ed of. 6e co&ld do 5i%h more a4o&% (ndia and visi%s %o %he Mas%ers.< So 5ro%e a friend 5i%h reference %o %he &nternational Psychic 'azette. The same da1 4ro&gh% me a pac0e% of le%%ers from a 1o&ng friend in (ndia. ( had no% seen him since he 5as in his %eens. ( shall call him Mr. Fran0. (% is his $hris%ian name# and s&i%s him admira4l1# so ( shall no% change i%. ( shall %ranscri4e his e9periences as far as possi4le in his o5n 5ords. . FRANK M!!TS H(S F(RST MAST!R A4o&% %hree mon%hs ago# ( me% in m1 sleep a grea% man. ( spo0e a4o&% i% %o %he Tel&g& M&nshi here. The M&nshi 4ro&gh% me some pic%&res. ( pic0ed o&% %he man a% once from %he o%hers. Las% Frida1# %his man 5as coming %hro&gh 'ellore %o go %o a Theosophical $onference# a% Tir&vannamalai. He does no% 4elong %o %he Theosophical Socie%1. All Mas%ers 5or0 for %he common good. 6hen %he %rain came in# ( recognised him a% once. He is a4o&% five fee% %en inches in heigh% and 5ell 4&il%# 5i%h a high ro&nd forehead# and a2&iline nose BB goodBloo0ing in ever1 sense of %he %erm. He go% o&% of %he %rain and 5e sa% %oge%her in %he 5ai%ingBroom. (% is impossi4le %o descri4e 5ha% i% is li0e %o 4e in %he presence of a Mas%er. ( did no% 0no5 he 5as a Mas%er# 4&% %o si% in his presence# %ho&gh he hardl1 said a 5ord# and does no% 0no5 !nglish# 5as %o feel oneself %hrilling %hro&gh and %hro&gh D %o feel ne5 impressions %o&ching one men%all1. (% 5as an e9%raordinar1 e9perience. ( learned la%er %ha% he 5as %he firs% Sans0ri% scholar in (ndia# and %ha% is sa1ing some%hing o&% here 5here Sans0ri% is %he lang&age of %he Scrip%&res and ever1 s%&den% of 5isdom learns i%. He 0no5s %he sciences inside o&%# and man1 lang&ages. "o& remem4er ho5 %he Apos%les s&ddenl1 ;spo0e 5i%h %ong&es.< 6ell# %here are people here# 5ho have 0no5n %his man all his life# and %he1 0no5 %ha% &p %ill one da1# he did no% spea0 a 5ord of Tamil# a ver1 diffic&l% lang&age. Fif%een da1s af%er5ards# he 5as a4le %o give a long lec%&re in p&re Tamil and %o read i% and 5ri%e i% as 5ell as an1 of %he professors. ( as0ed him ho5 he achieved %his fea% and he replied# ;B1 medi%a%ion.< Thin0 of %ha%F no 4oo0F no grammarF simpl1 medi%a%ing on God# as %hese men 0no5 ho5 %o# and as0ing %o 4e %a&gh% Tamil. His face# 5hen a% res% shines 5i%h happiness. A% %he leas% e9c&se he la&ghs# and of%en %&rns %o 1o& and sha0es his head in a 5a1 (ndians have# 5hich means: Tha%3s all righ%F $heerioF


He promised %o spend %he af%ernoon and evening of %oBda1 in %eaching me# and he 5ill %hen go in%o secl&sion for over a 1ear. He said if ( 5o&ld come %o Tir&vannamalai he 5o&ld %a0e me &p %o see %he Maharshi @a Maha%ma or ver1 Grea% Mas%erA 5ho lives %here# and 5ho is s&pposed %o 4e one of %he grea%es% Maha%mas in (ndia. I FRANK '(S(TS TH! MAHARSH( "es%erda1 ( go% a da13s leave and 5en% on 5i%h %he M&nshi %o mee% Sas%riar @%he Mas%er of 5hom ( have 4een 5ri%ingA. Sas%riar and %he M&nshi are 4o%h chelas @disciplesA of %he Maharshi. 6e heard Sas%riar lec%&re for an ho&r and a half in Tamil# %o a h&ge cro5d# and he appeared refreshed 41 his effor%s. A% . p.m.# he poin%ed %o %he cave 5here %he Maharshi lives# and 5e se% off &p %he mo&n%ain %o see Him. 6hen 5e reached %he cave 5e sa% 4efore Him a% His fee% and said no%hing. 6e sa% %h&s a long 5hile# and ( fel% lif%ed o&% of m1self. Then Sas%riar %old me %o loo0 %he Maharshi in %he e1es# and no% %o %&rn m1 ga7e. For half an ho&r ( loo0ed Him in %he e1es 5hich never changed %heir e9pression of deep con%empla%ion. ( 4egan %o reali7e some5ha% %ha% %he 4od1 is %he Temple of %he Hol1 Ghos% D ( co&ld onl1 feel His 4od1 5as no% %he man# i% 5as %he ins%r&men% of God# merel1 a si%%ing mo%ionless corpse from 5hich God 5as radia%ing %errificall1. M1 o5n sensa%ions 5ere indescri4a4le. Sas%riar %hen said ( migh% spea0. ( as0ed for enligh%enmen% D %eaching and He spo0e and 5e lis%ened. (n a fe5 sen%ences of 4ro0en !nglish# and in Tel&g&# He conve1ed 5orlds of meaning# and %a&gh% me direc%# 5hich He seldom does# and made me His chela no% of co&rse s&ch a one as %he Sas%riar# His o5n ver1 special chela 4&% as one of %he man1 %ha% grea% Mas%ers have. The mos% %o&ching sigh% 5as %he n&m4er of %in1 children# &p %o a4o&% seven 1ears of age# 5ho clim4 %he mo&n%ain# all on %heir o5n# %o come and si% near %he Maharshi# even %ho&gh He ma1 no% spea0 a 5ord or hardl1 loo0 a% %hem for da1s %oge%her. The1 do no% pla1# 4&% C&s% si% 2&ie%l1 %here in perfec% con%en%men%. He is a man 4e1ond descrip%ion in His e9pression of digni%1# gen%leness# selfBcon%rol# and calm s%reng%h of convic%ion. K FRANK3S S!$*N) '(S(T T* TH! MAHARSH( ( 5en% 41 mo%or and clim4ed &p %o %he cave. He smiled 5hen He sa5 me 4&% 5as no% %he leas% s&rprised. Before He had sa% do5n# He had as0ed me a 2&es%ion priva%e %o m1self# of 5hich He 0ne5# sho5ing %ha% He recognised me. !ver1one 5ho comes %o Him is as a 4oo0# and a single glance s&ffices %o reveal i%s con%en%s. ;"o& have no% 1e% had an1 food and are h&ngr1.< ( admi%%ed %ha% i% 5as so. He immedia%el1 called %o a chela %o 4ring me food D rice# ghee# fr&i%# e%c.# ea%en 5i%h %he fingers# as na%ives do no% &se spoons. Tho&gh ( have prac%ised ea%ing %his 5a1 ( lac0 de9%eri%1. So He gave me a cocon&% spoon %o ea% 5i%h# smiling and %al0ing 4e%5een 5hiles. "o& can imagine no%hing more 4ea&%if&l %han His smile. ( had cocon&% mil0 %o drin0# 5hi%e li0e co53s mil0 and delicio&s# %o 5hich He had himself added s&gar.

6hen ( had finished ( 5as s%ill h&ngr1# and He 0ne5 i% and ordered more. He 0ne5 ever1%hing# and 5hen o%hers pressed me %o ea% fr&i% 5hen ( had had eno&gh He s%opped %hem a% once. ( had %o apologise for m1 5a1 of drin0ing. He onl1 said: ;Never mind.< Na%ives are par%ic&lar a4o&% %his. The1 never sip nor %o&ch %he vessel 5i%h %heir lips# 4&% po&r %he li2&id s%raigh% in. Th&s man1 can drin0 from %he same c&p 5i%ho&% fear of infec%ion. 6hils% ( 5as ea%ing He 5as rela%ing m1 pas% his%or1 %o %he o%hers# and acc&ra%el1 %oo. "e% He had seen me 4&% once 4efore# and man1 h&ndreds in 4e%5een. He simpl1 %&rned on clairvo1ance as 5e 5o&ld refer %o an enc1clopaedia. ( sa% for a4o&% %hree ho&rs lis%ening %o His %eaching. @He had 4een sho5n a 4oo0# prin%ed from a MS. given me 41 Mrs. R. 6. ). Nan0ivell# %o ge% His opinion a4o&% i%. He praised i% highl1# and 2&o%ed from i%.A ( heard %ha% on one occasion# 5hen a chela as0ed Him a 2&es%ion# He pic0ed &p %he 4oo0# poin%ed %o a passage in i%# and said: ;There is 1o&r ans5er.< La%er on ( 5as %hirs%1# for i% had 4een a ho% ride# 4&% ( 5o&ld no% have sho5n i% for 5orlds. "e% He 0ne5# and %old a chela %o ma0e me some lemonade. A% las% ( had %o go# so 4o5ed# as 5e do# and 5en% o&%side %he cave %o p&% on m1 4oo%s. He came o&%side %oo# and said ( migh% come %o see Him again. 8 F!ARL!SSN!SS AN) A S!NS! *F S!$UR(T" !NG!N)!R!) B" $*NTA$T 6(TH TH! MAST!R (% is s%range 5ha% a change i% ma0es in one# for %he momen%# a% an1 ra%e# %o have 4een in His presence. ( am &sed %o dogs# 4&% s%ill 5o&ld feel dis%&r4ed if one se% on me in %he ordinar1 co&rse of even%s. "e% %his happened %here# and ( onl1 loo0ed a% %he dog and 5al0ed s%raigh% on# %ho&gh i% %ried %o 4i%e me %hree or fo&r %imes. ( fel% no fear# nor 5as ( in an1 5a1 &pse%. ( heard s%ar%led e9clama%ions 4&% onl1 realised %ha% %here had 4een an1 danger 5hen half 5a1 do5n %he mo&n%ain. A dog 4i%e is no Co0e in %his co&n%r1# no% onl1 4eca&se of %he savageness of dogs and %he ;germ1< s%a%e of %heir %ee%h# d&e %o %he carrion %he1 ea%# 4&% also on acco&n% of %he 4ad 5a1 5o&nds heal in %he hea%# and %o %he prevalence of h1dropho4ia. / FRANK3S '!RS(*N *F TH! MAHATMA3S T!A$H(NG A mas%er is one 5ho has medi%a%ed solel1 on God# has fl&ng his 5hole personali%1 in%o %he sea of God# and dro5ned and forgo%%en i% %here %ill he 4ecomes simpl1 %he ins%r&men% of God# and 5hen his mo&%h opens i% spea0s God3s 5ords 5i%ho&% effor% or fore%ho&gh%# and 5hen he raises a hand God flo5s again %hro&gh %ha% %o 5or0 a miracle. )o no% %hin0 %oo m&ch of ps1chical phenomena and s&ch %hings. Their n&m4er is legion D &%%erl1 indefini%eH and once a fai%h in %he ps1chical %hings is es%a4lished in %he hear% of a see0er# s&ch phenomena have done %heir 5or0. $lairvo1ance# claira&dience# and s&ch %hings are no%


5or%h having 5hen# s&ch far grea%er ill&mina%ion and peace are possi4le 5i%ho&% %hem %han 5i%h %hem. The Mas%ers %a0e on %hese po5ers as a form of SelfBSacrificeF ( 0no5 %he Mas%ers# %5o of %he grea%es%# and ( %ell 1o& %ha% %he idea %ha% a Mas%er is simpl1 one 5ho has a%%ained po5er over %he vario&s occ&l% senses 41 long prac%ice and pra1er or an1%hing else is &%%erl1 and a4sol&%el1 false. No Mas%er ever cared a rap for occ&l% po5ers for he has no need of %hem for his dail1 life. The phenomena 5e see are c&rio&s and s&rprising BB 4&% %he mos% marvello&s %hing of i% all 5e do no% realise and %ha% is %ha% one( and onl1 one# illimi%a4le force is responsi4le for:B @aA All %he phenomena 5e see# @4A The ac% of o&r seeing %hem. )o no% fi9 1o&r a%%en%ion on all %hese changing %hings of life# dea%h# and phenomena. )o no% %hin0 of even %he ac%&al ac% of seeing %hem or perceiving %hem 4&% onl1 of %ha% 5hich sees all %hese %hings Tha% 5hich is responsi4le for i% all. This 5ill seem nearl1 impossi4le a% firs%# 4&% 41 degrees %he res&l% 5ill 4e fel%. (% %a0es 1ears of s%ead1# dail1 prac%ice# 4&% %ha% is ho5 a Mas%er is made. Give 1o&rself a 2&ar%er of an ho&r a da1. Keep 1o&r e1es open# and %r1 %o 0eep %he mind &nsha0enl1 fi9ed on Tha% 6hich Sees. (% is inside 1o&rself. )o no% e9pec% %o find %ha% ;Tha%< is some%hing definite on 5hich %he mind can 4e fi9ed easil1H i% 5ill no% 4e so. Tho&gh i% %a0es 1ears %o find %ha% ;Tha%< %he res&l%s of %his concen%ra%ion 5ill soon sho5 %hemselves D in fo&r or five mon%hs3 %ime BB in all sor%s of &nconscio&s clairvo1ance# in peace of mind# in po5er %o deal 5i%h %ro&4les# in po5er all ro&nd BB al5a1s &nconscio&s po5er. ( have given 1o& %his %eaching in %he same 5ords as %he Mas%ers give i% %o %heir in%ima%e chelas. From no5 on5ards le% 1o&r 5hole %ho&gh% in medi%a%ion 4e no% on %he ac% of seeing nor on 5ha% 1o& see# 4&% immova4l1 on Tha% 6hich Sees. II


= D ATTA(NM!NT *ne ge%s no re5ard for A%%ainmen%. 6hen one &nders%ands %he idea# one does no% 5an% a re5ard. As Krishna said: ;"e have %he righ% %o 5or0# 4&% no% %he righ% %o %he fr&i% %hereof.< erfec% a%%ainmen% is simpl1 5orship# and 5orship is a%%ainmen%. (f 1o& si% do5n and realise %ha% 1o& onl1 %hin0 41 vir%&e of %he *ne Life# and %ha% %he mind# anima%ed 41 %he *ne Life in%o %he ac% of %hin0ing is a par% of %he 5hole 5hich is G*)# %hen 1o& arg&e 1o&r mind o&% of e9is%ence as a separa%e en%i%1# and %he res&l% is %ha% mind and 4od1 ph1sicall1 @so %o spea0A disappear and %he onl1 %hing %ha% remains is Being# 5hich is a% once e9is%ence and nonBe9is%ence# and no% e9plaina4le in 5ords or ideas. A Mas%er canno% help 4eing perpe%&all1 in %his s%a%e# 5i%h onl1 %his difference# %ha% in some# %o &s# incomprehensi4le 5a1# he can &se mind and 4od1 and in%ellec% %oo# 5i%ho&% falling 4ac0 in%o %he del&sion of having a separa%e conscio&sness. There is no e9plaining %hese %hings. As 'ive0ananda said: ;"o& do no% help %he 5orld a% all 41 5ishing or %r1ing %o do so# 4&% onl1 41 helping yourself.< - D R!L(G(*N

(% is &seless %o spec&la%e# &seless %o %r1 and %a0e men%al or in%ellec%&al grasp and 5or0 from %ha%. Tha% is onl1 religion D a code for children and for social life D a g&ide %o help &s %o avoid shoc0s# so %ha% %he inside fire ma1 4&rn &p %he nonsense in &s and %each &s# a li%%le sooner# commonBsense D i.e. a 0no5ledge of %he del&sion of separa%eness. Religion# 5he%her i% 4e $hris%iani%1# B&ddhism# Hind&ism# Theosoph1# hilosoph1# or an1 o%her 0ind of ;ism< or ;soph1< or s1s%em can onl1 %a0e &s %o %he one poin% 5here all religions mee% and no f&r%her. , D G*) Tha% one poin% 5here all religions mee% is %he realisa%ion# in no m1s%ical sense# 4&% in %he mos% 5orldl1 and ever1da1 sense D and %he more 5orldl1# ever1da1 and prac%ical %he 4e%%er D %he fac% %ha% G*) (S !'!R"TH(NG# AN) !'!R"TH(NG (S G*). From %his poin% %he 5or0 of %he prac%ice of %his men%al comprehension 4egins# and all i% amo&n%s %o is %he 4rea0ing of a ha4i%. *ne has %o cease calling %hings ;%hings#< and %o call %hem GodH and ins%ead of %hin0ing %hem %o 4e %hings# %o 0no5 %hem %o 4e GodH ins%ead of imagining ;e9is%ence< %o 4e %he onl1 %hing possi4le# %o realise %ha% e9is%ence is onl1 %he crea%ion of %he mind @for if %here 5ere no% e9is%ence %he mind co&ld no% see an1%hingA and %ha% nonBe9is%ence is a necessi%1 if 1o& are going %o pos%&la%e e9is%ence. The 0no5ledge of %hings onl1 sho5s %he e9is%ence of an organ %o cogni7e. There are no so&nds %o %he deaf# no%hing %o see for %he 4lind# and %he mind is merel1 an organ of concep%ion or of apprecia%ion of cer%ain sides of God. God is infini%e# and %herefore e9is%ence and nonBe9is%ence are merel1 componen% par%s. No% %ha% ( 5ish %o sa1 God is made &p of definite componen% par%s. (% is hard %o 4e comprehensi4le 5hen %al0ing of God. ... Tr&e 0no5ledge comes from 5i%hin and no% from 5i%ho&%. And %r&e 0no5ledge is no% ;0no5ing< 4&% ;seeing.< +G D R!AL(SAT(*N Realisa%ion is no%hing 4&% seeing God li%erall1. "o& m&s% read all ( 5ri%e li%erall1. *&r grea%es% mis%a0e is %ha% 5e %hin0 of God as ac%ing s1m4olicall1 and allegoricall1# ins%ead of prac%icall1 and li%erall1. Ta0e a piece of glass# pain% colo&rs and forms on i%# p&% i% in%o a magic lan%ern# %&rn on a 5hi%e ligh%# and %he colo&rs and forms pain%ed on %he glass are reprod&ced on %he screen. (f %ha% ligh% 5ere no% %&rned on# 1o& 5o&ld no% see %he colo&rs of %he slide on %he screen. Ho5 are colo&rs formed? B1 4rea0ing &p 5hi%e ligh% 5i%h a man1Bsided prism. So is i% 5i%h a man3s charac%er. (% is seen 5hen %he Ligh% of Life @GodA is shining %hro&gh i%# i e # in a man3s ac%ions. (f %he man is asleep or dead# 1o& do no% see his charac%er. *nl1 5hen %he Ligh% of Life is anima%ing %he charac%er# and ca&sing i% %o ac% in a %ho&sand differen% 5a1s# in response %o i%s con%ac% 5i%h %his man1Bsided 5orld# can 1o& perceive a man3s charac%er. (f 5hi%e ligh% had no% 4een 4ro0en &p and p&% in%o forms and shapes on o&r magic lan%ern slide# 5e sho&ld never have 0no5n %here 5as a piece of glass in fron% of %he ligh%# for %he ligh% 5o&ld have sho5n clearl1 %hro&gh. (n a sense %ha% 5hi%e ligh% 5as marred# and had some of i%s clearness %a0en from i% 41 having %o shine %hro&gh %he colo&rs on %he glass. So is i% 5i%h an ordinar1 man. His mind is li0e %he screen. *n i% shines %he ligh%# d&lled and changed 4eca&se he has allo5ed %he man1Bsided 5orld %o s%and in %he 5a1 of %he Ligh% @GodA and 4rea0 i% &p. He sees onl1 %he effec%s of %he Ligh% @GodA ins%ead of %he Ligh% @GodA Himself# and his mind reflec%s %he effec%s he sees C&s% as %he screen reflec%s %he colo&rs on %he glass. Ta0e a5a1


%he prism and %he colo&rs vanish# a4sor4ed 4ac0 in%o %he 5hi%e ligh% from 5hence %he1 came. Ta0e a5a1 %he colo&rs from %he slide and %he ligh% shines clearl1 %hro&gh. Ta0e a5a1 from o&r sigh% %he 5orld of effec%s 5e see# and le% &s loo0 onl1 in%o ca&ses# and 5e shall see %he Ligh% @GodA. A Mas%er in medi%a%ion# %ho&gh %he e1es and ears 4e open# fi9es his a%%en%ion so firml1 on ;Tha% 5hich Sees#< %ha% he nei%her sees nor hears# nor has an1 ph1sical conscio&sness a% all D nor men%al ei%her# 4&% onl1 spiri%&al. 6e m&s% %a0e a5a1 %he 5orld# 5hich ca&ses o&r do&4%s# 5hich clo&ds o&r mind# and %he ligh% of God 5ill shine clearl1 %hro&gh. Ho5 is %he 5orld %a0en a5a1? 6hen# for e9ample# ins%ead of seeing a man 1o& sa1# ;This is God anima%ing a 4od1#< 5hich 4od1 ans5ers# more or less perfec%l1# %o %he direc%ion of God# as a ship ans5ers more or less perfec%l1 %o her helm. ++ D S(NS 6ha% are sins? 6h1# for e9ample# does a man drin0 %oo m&ch? Beca&se he ha%es %he idea of 4eing 4o&nd D 4o&nd 41 %he incapaci%1 %o drin0 as m&ch as he 5ishes. He is s%riving af%er li4er%1 in ever1 sin he commi%s. This s%riving af%er li4er%1 is %he firs% ins%inc%ive ac%ion of God in a man3s mind. For God 0no5s %ha% he is no% 4o&nd. )rin0ing %oo m&ch does no% give a man li4er%1 4&% %hen %he man does no% 0no5 %ha% he is reall1 see0ing li4er%1. 6hen he realises %ha%# he se%s a4o&% see0ing %he 4es% 5a1 %o o4%ain li4er%1. B&% %he man onl1 gains %ha% li4er%1 5hen he realises %ha% he 5as never 4o&nd. The (# (# (3s 5ho feel so 4o&nd are reall1 %he (llimi%a4le Spiri%. ( am 4o&nd 4eca&se ( 0no5 of no%hing %ha% ( do no% sense 41 one of %he senses. 6hereas ( am all %he %ime %ha% 5hich senses in ever14od1# in ever1 mind. These 4odies and minds are onl1 %he %ools of %he ; (#< %he (llimi%a4le Spiri%. 6ha% do ( 5an% 5i%h %ools 5ho am %he %ools %hemselves# as %he colo&rs are %he 6hi%e Ligh%? Ees&s# %he man# 5as &%%erl1 &nconscio&s 5hen he 5or0ed His miracles# and spo0e His 5onderf&l 5ords. (% 5as %he 6hi%e Ligh%# %he Life# 6ho is %he ca&se and %he effec%# ac%ing in perfec% concer%. ;M1 Fa%her and ( are *ne.<L Give &p %he idea of ;(< and ;Mine.< $an %he 4od1 possess an1%hing? $an %he mind possess an1%hing? Lifeless %ools are 4o%h# &nless %he Ligh% of God 4e shining %hro&gh. These %hings 5hich 5e see and sense are onl1 %he spli%B&p colo&rs of %he *ne (llimi%a4le Spiri%. L He also said: ;M1 Fa%her is grea%er %han (.< D F.R.S. +. D 6*RSH( Ho5 can 1o& 4es% 5orship G*)? 6h1# 41 no% %r1ing %o 5orship Him 4&% 41 giving &p 1o&r 5hole self %o Him# and sho5ing %ha% ever1 %ho&gh%# ever1 ac%ion# is onl1 a 5or0ing of %ha% *ne Life @G*)A D more or less perfec% according as i% is &nconscio&s or conscio&s. God 5or0s perfec%l1 in o&r unconscious vir%&o&s ac%ions. A Mas%er 5hen ins%r&c%ing is far from an1 %ho&gh% of ins%r&c%ingH 4&% %o feel a do&4% or a diffic&l%1 in his presence is %o call for%h# a% once# 4efore 1o& can e9press %he do&4%# %he 5onderf&l 5ords 5hich 5ill clear a5a1 %ha% do&4%. The 5ords never fail and %he Mas%er 5i%h his hear% fi9ed on G*)# realising perfec%l1 %ha% no ac%ion is a personal one# ma0ing no claims %o have ei%her origina%ed %he %ho&gh% or %o have 4een %he means of des%ro1ing a do&4%# sa1ing never ;(< or ;Mine#< seeing onl1 G*) in ever1 %ho&gh% and ac%ion# 5he%her %he1 4e 1o&rs or his# feels no s&rprise# no especial pleas&re %o himself in having alla1ed 1o&r do&4%. He never desires %o feel pleas&re. He sa1s:

6ho is i% %ha% feels pleas&re? 6h1# God. 6ha% is pleas&re? 6h1 %he apprecia%ion D ins%inc%ive or o%her5ise D of G*). 6ho is %he soBcalled ;(<? (% is G*). God is pleas&re. (f ( desire perpe%&al pleas&re# ( m&s% forge% m1self# and 4e %ha% 5hich is pleas&re i%self# vi7.# G*). A Mas%er sacrifices his 5hole self# le%s i% do5n as an ar%ificial idea in%o %he *cean of G*) 6ho (s# and 6ho is# li%erall1# %he Ma%erial and %he $a&se of ever1%hing# and 4ecomes %he em4odimen% of happiness. Similarl1 he flings ever1 personal desire aside# even %he desire for vir%&e. He denies i% 4eing his o5n ac%ion and a%%ri4&%es i% %o G*)# %ill he 4ecomes %he em4odimen% of %ha% personal vir%&e he once desired# and no one can come near him 5i%ho&% 4eing 4lessed. He is %he em4odimen% of all vir%&es. S&ch is %r&e 5orship and i%s res&l%s. III TH! MAHARSH( The fac%s %o 4e gleaned a4o&% him are sparse and meagre# 4&% f&ll of in%eres% 41 reason of %heir rare simplici%1. ( have 4een for%&na%e eno&gh %o o4%ain %5o pho%ographs of %he Maharshi# si%%ing in differen% pos%&res# in deep medi%a%ion. *ne of %hese accompanies m1 4rief Co%%ings. (% is no &se 5ri%ing %o me for f&r%her de%ails. ( am p&4lishing all ( am permi%%ed %o ma0e 0no5n. + D H*6 TH! $ALL $AM! A chela 5hom ( 0no5 %old me %his s%or1: 6hen %he Maharshi 5as si9%een 1ears old he had %he %r&e A5a0ening. B&% He con%in&ed %o live 5i%h His 4ro%her &n%il %he crisis 5hich came on A&g&s% .,# +-,/. Tha% da1# seeing Maharshi si%%ing crossBlegged and a4andoning Himself %o medi%a%ion# %he elder 4ro%her re4&0ed Him# hin%ing %ha% one 5ho 5ished %o live li0e a sadh& had no righ% %o a home life. Maharshi lef% home leaving a no%e. He s%ar%ed off in o4edience %o The $all 5hich 5as from Ar&nachala. He lived in %he Ar&nachales5ara Temple and o%her places 4efore He chose %o live in %he cave 5here Fran0 sa5 Him. He is a4o&% %hir%1Bnine 1ears old# and has lived in %he cave no5 for man1 1ears. . D H*6 H! S !NT T(M! (N TH! $A'! Af%er %he firs% %5o 1ears he lapsed in%o silence. For 1ears he never spo0e a 5ord. There 5as no fana%icism in %his e9cep% a disinclina%ion %o 4e engaged in conversa%ion. He has 4een spea0ing and %eaching for %he las% si9 1ears. He spea0s %he lang&ages of So&%hern (ndia# and !nglish. He 0no5s %he mos% impor%an% par% of %he Hind& Scrip%&res 41 hear%# and is 5ell ac2&ain%ed 5i%h $hris%ian His%or1 and Bi4le Times. No% man1 0no5 his name or an1%hing more a4o&% him %han %he s%or1 of leaving his home 5hich he has himself %old %o his chelas# and %ha% he is a Brahmin 41 4ir%h. His personali%1 is %he s%ri0ing %hing a4o&% him# and s%range s%ories are %old 41 credi4le 5i%nesses. For e9ample: I D A H(N)U '!RS(*N *F G()!*N AN) H(S FL!!$!


*ne 1ear d&ring %he earl1 da1s of %he Monsoon# %he Maharshi 5as si%%ing a% %he foo% of %he mo&n%ain in %he open air# in deep medi%a%ion. A cer%ain 5oman# 0no5n %o %he narra%or had gone %o %a0e him an offering and %o as0 for his 4lessing. *n %he 5a1# she 5as ca&gh% in a heav1 clo&d4&rs% and shel%ered &nder a roc0 or %ree# a4o&% %hree h&ndred 1ards from 5here he 5as sea%ed. She sa5 him si%%ing rap% in medi%a%ion all %he %ime. 6hen %he rain 5as over# she 5en% &p %o him and fo&nd %ha% all aro&nd him# for %he space of a4o&% fif%1 1ards# %he gro&nd 5as comple%el1 dr1. K D TH! MAHATMA 6H* $AUS!) TH! MAHARSH( T* BR!AK H(S T6!L'! "!ARS3 S(L!N$! No &nders%anding of %he Maharshi is possi4le 5i%ho&% 0no5ing %he de%ails of his rela%ionship 5i%h Ganapa%hi Sas%riar @see &nternational Psychic 'azette for E&neA. *ne da1# Sas%riar came %o him and spo0e in Sans0ri% verse# and %he %5elve 1ears3 silence 5as 4ro0en. Tha% is si9 1ears ago# and %he Maharshi has 4een spea0ing and %eaching ever since. Sas%riar# so %o spea0# em4odies %he in%ellec%&al aspec% of Mas%ership# and %he Maharshi %he devo%ional. Never%heless# Sas%riar is highl1 devo%ional# and %he 0eenness of %he Maharshi3s in%ellec% is indisp&%a4le. 6ha% Sas%riar himself al5a1s sa1s is:B ;(% is no% ( 4&% %he Maharshi 5ho does %hese %hings< D He eviden%l1 regards himself as %he Maharshi3s ins%r&men%# as %he 5ielder of %he po5er genera%ed 41 %his greatest of li%ing Mahatmas. B&% %his m&s% no% 4e %a0en %oo li%erall1. (% is merel1 a ded&c%ion from %he fac%s regarded as a 5hole. (% is no%e5or%h1 ho5 immedia%el1 %he devo%ional man recognised %he in%ellec%&all1Bdeveloped man# and ho5 %he la%%er ins%an%l1 1ielded %o %he s5a1 of %he medi%a%ive sain%l1 devo%ee. 6hen Sas%riar 5as approaching %he foo% of %he mo&n%ain 5i%h Fran0# on %he occasion of Fran03s firs% visi% %o %he Maharshi# he made %5o prophecies# one of 5hich has 4een f&lfilled and %he o%her a5ai%s %he %ime of f&lfilmen%. As %he1 came close &p %o %he mo&n%ain# Sas%riar said: ;H&shF 5e m&s% 4e 2&ie% no5. 6e are dra5ing near %o Him.< Sas%riar has a s&4%le sense of h&mo&r. *nce Fran0 as0ed a 2&es%ion a4o&% a pas% incarna%ion. Sas%riar loo0ed a% him and said: ;6ai% for %5o mon%hs and ( 5ill %ell 1o& all 1o&r pas% incarna%ions# 5i%h f&ll de%ails.< For a momen% Fran0 5as ver1 pleasedH %hen he reali7ed %he Maha%ma 5as %es%ing him. And Sas%riar la&ghed gen%l1 in his inimi%a4le 5a1 and m&rm&red: ;6ha% good? 6ha% good 5o&ld i% 4e?< 8 D SASTR(AR3S L!ARN(NG *nce Sas%riar fel% spiri%&all1 called %o go and %each Sans0ri% in a small %o5n. He 5en%. There 5as a vacanc1 in %he school and he applied for i%. Said %he a&%hori%ies: ;Ho5 do 5e 0no5 %ha% 1o&r Sans0ri% is good Sans0ri%?<

(mmedia%el1 Sas%riar 5en% &p Nor%h %o Benares# passed %he severes% %es%s# %oo0 %he highes% degrees# re%&rned 5i%h his cer%ifica%es %o %he li%%le %o5n# sho5ed %hem %o %he people# and %hen %ore %hem %o shreds and %hre5 %hem a5a1. A 5ellB0no5n Sans0ri% scholar sa1s 1o& can give Sas%riar an1 s&4Cec%# a% random# and he 5ill C&s% 5al0 &p and do5n a fe5 min&%es# and %hen reel off Sans0ri% verses# perfec% in form and sense fas%er %han 1o& can 5ri%e %hem do5n# dealing 5i%h %he chosen %heme. / D SASTR(AR3S $LA(R'*"AN$! AN) S"$H($ G(FTS A man 5as sen% %o find o&% if Sas%riar 5as a sedi%ionar1. He fo&nd him in a cave# si%%ing in medi%a%ion. The man 5as in disg&ise# and said he revered Sas%riar and 5ished %o 4ecome his chela. Sas%riar received %he visi%or 5i%h 0indness and p&% him a fe5 2&es%ions. The man had 4een primed and ans5ered readil1. Th&s %he1 sa% for some li%%le 5hile and Sas%riar fell again in%o medi%a%ion. The man had come s%raigh% on his mission# so %here 5as no means 41 5hich Sas%riar co&ld have received ne5s of his coming. He had p&% Sas%riar no 2&es%ions and had merel1 posed as a prospec%ive chela Then Sas%riar said: ;"o& come from s&ch and s&ch a %o5nH 1o& 5an% %o find o&% if ( am a sedi%ionar1. 6h1 did 1o& %ell me &n%r&%hs?< The man o5ned &p# and even%&all1 4ecame Sas%riar3s chela. Sas%riar has %5elve special chelas. To each he has en%r&s%ed %he s&4Cec% he is 4es% fi%%ed %o e9po&nd. *n one occasion he en&mera%ed %he s&4Cec%s %o a chela# as0ing him %o choose. This %he chela did. *n loo0ing &p# he de%ec%ed a 2&ie% smile on %he Mas%er3s face# 5hich %old him %ha% he 0ne5 4eforehand 5hich i% 5o&ld 4e. Ano%her %ime Sas%riar said: ;!ngland# France# German1# (%al1# America D ( go ever15here.< S&ch %hings are said simpl1# 5i%ho&% a s&spicion of 4oas%ing# as mere s%a%emen%s of fac%. Sas%riar 5as as0ed: $o&ld a man remain in perpe%&al medi%a%ion? $o&ld he 0eep his e1es open so long? Sas%riar said ;"es.< Then he 5as 5a%ched da1 and nigh% for a 5ee0# d&ring 5hich %ime he never closed his e1es. (f 1o& loo0 a% %he Maharshi3s pho%o# 1o& 5ill see %ha% %he e1es are open. "e% he is s&n0 in deep medi%a%ion and o4livio&s %o all in %he o&%er 5orld. Those 5ho have slep% in %he cave 5i%h %he Maharshi# sa1 %ha% prac%icall1 he never sleeps a% all. = D H*6 TH! MAHARSH( ANS6!RS TH! $UR(*US 6hen people as0 2&es%ions o&% of sheer c&riosi%1 he 5ill remain a li%%le 5hile in concen%ra%ion# and 5ill sa1: ;( have no% received a&%hori%1 from God %o ans5er %his 2&es%ion.< *r he ma1 repl1: ;"o& sa1# (# ( 5an% %o 0no5. %ell me 5ho is %ha% (? Kno5 firs% %ha% (# and %hen 1o& 5ill 0no5 ever1%hing.<


B&% in %he case of %hose see0ing spiri%&al ligh%# he is mos% a4le and 5illing %o arg&e an1 poin% for %he sa0e of e9plana%ion. 6i%h 4o%h %hese men i% is invaria4l1 %he same. Unless alread1 in %he %rain of ans5ering 2&es%ions# %he1 5ill never repl1 s%raigh% off 4&% drop firs% in%o medi%a%ion. F. R. S.