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Elmsworth Health Trust: Patient's Charter

At Elmsworth Health Trust, we are committed to delivering a world-class service. Our standards apply whether you are: A patient A relative or friend of a patient Someone simply see ing advice. This !atient "harter sets out what we can do for you and what you are entitled to.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Elmsworth Health Trust is to: !romote good health #iagnose and treat those who are ill !rovide health care for those with continuing needs. Elsmworth Health Trust is committed to these o$%ectives: &rrespective of the individual's a$ility to pay &n partnership with people and other organisations (ithin the resources that are made availa$le.

Codes of Conduct
Our staff will introduce themselves to you and e)plain how they can help. All staff will wear a name $adge to ena$le you to identify them.

Individual Standards of Behaviour

All staff shall adhere to the highest standards in the following areas:

*ou have the right to $e treated in a courteous manner at all times $y every mem$er of the hospital staff. At all times our staff we will treat you with courtesy and dignity, and will respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality.

*ou have the right to have your privacy respected, especially when the nature of your clinical condition is $eing discussed with you or your relatives $y hospital staff.

*ou have the right to total confidentiality in respect of your medical records. *ou have the right to re+uest the hospital to ma e details of your relevant medical records availa$le to you. Hospitals will normally meet your wishes in this regard, e)cept where it would $e considered that this would cause serious harm to your physical or mental health. &n such circumstances, the information may $e communicated through a health professional, normally your family doctor.

Religious Beliefs
*ou have the right to $e treated with respect for your religious and philosophical $eliefs.

Consultant-based Services
(e provide a ,--hour consultant-$ased medical service, which means that you will normally $e seen $y a consultant when you visit the hospital in order that you receive the $est possi$le care.

Nursing Services
(e will ensure that a named, +ualified nurse, midwife or other health care professional ta es a personal responsi$ility for your treatment and care during your time with us.

Standards of Service
Staff at our hospitals and health centres are committed to achieving specified standards in the following areas:

Elmsworth Health Trust has set the following standards for hospital appointment:



&f you are referred for a routine appointment, you will normally $e seen within ./ wee s of your date of referral. 0nfortunately, for some clinics the wait is longer and we are aiming to reduce such waiting times during the coming year. *ou will $e given a specific appointment time and will $e seen as +uic ly as possi$le.



&f you are referred to us $y your 1! for an urgent outpatient appointment, we aim to see you within one wee of referral.

#aiting Times $uring


&t is our intention that you should $e seen $y a doctor or other professional no later than /2 minutes after your appointment time. &f for any reason these standards cannot $e met, you will $e given an apology and full e)planation for the delay.

Admissions to Hospital
Elmsworth Health Trust has set the following standards for hospital admissions:

Emergency Treatment
Should you re+uire emergency treatment, you will $e admitted immediately to your nearest hospital.

"rgent Treatment
&f you are in need of urgent attention, you will $e admitted as soon as is practica$le, normally within one wee .

Planned Treatment

&f your consultant puts you on our waiting list for a planned admission again you will $e seen as soon as possi$le. &n 324 of cases, this means admissions within ./ wee s of your outpatient appointment. &n 524 of cases admission is within -6 wee s. 7or others it may $e longer, $ut it is our intention that no one should wait longer than .8 months. 7ollowing a planned admission to hospital, you will $e seen $y a mem$er of the medical staff as soon as possi$le. This should always $e within one hour of your arrival.

Accident and Emergency Services

&f you re+uire accident and emergency treatment, and arrive at your "asualty #epartment, you will $e assessed immediately $y a professional and your needs identified. Emergency treatment will always ta e priority over minor in%uries. However, we aim to see all the patients within -9 minutes of their assessment. &f this is not possi$le, a full e)planation will $e given to you $y a mem$er of staff. &f you need to $e admitted to hospital from the "asualty #epartment, we guarantee to admit you to a ward as soon as possi$le. &n the vast ma%ority of cases this should $e within one hour of a decision $eing ta en to admit you.

Discharge from Hospital

(e will ensure that you and your family are involved in the planning of your discharge from hospital. A discharge plan will $e provided for your continuing health and social care needs. This will $e communicated to your 1eneral !ractitioner. *our 1! will $e notified promptly of your discharge.

Services or Children
(e recognise the fears and concerns of children and parents when hospital care is needed. #etailed standards are availa$le from staff in the "hildren's Services. (here children re+uire treatment in the Accident and Emergency #epartment we will ensure, wherever possi$le, that children are not detained for more than one hour in total.

%nformation and Records

Our staff will provide you with sufficient information to ena$le you to ma e informed decisions a$out your treatment and care. &f you so wish, we will ensure that arrangements are in place to inform your relatives and friends a$out your progress.

Delays and !ostponements

:ecause of unavoida$le circumstances such as staff sic ness or emergencies we may have to postpone your appointment or admission date. Should this happen, you will $e given an apology and notified $y letter or telephone: we guarantee to give you a full e)planation for the postponement. &f your admission is re-scheduled, we guarantee to admit you to our hospitals within one month of the original admission date.

Identity of Staff
*ou have the right to $e informed of the name of the consultant under whose care you are $eing placed, and, if you are to $e referred to another consultant, you have the right to $e informed of the reasons for such referral.

"edical Information
*ou have the right to $e informed of the nature of your illness or condition in language that you can fully understand, and to $e informed concerning: The results of your tests and )-rays The purpose, method, li ely duration and e)pected $enefit of the proposed treatment Alternative forms of treatment !ossi$le pain or discomfort, ris s and side-effects of the proposed treatment &n circumstances where a staff mem$er considers that disclosure of medical information would cause serious harm to your physical or mental health, the information may $e communicated through a health professional, normally your 1eneral !ractitioner.

Teaching and Research

*ou have the right to refuse to participate in the teaching of medical students $y your consultant. *our permission must $e sought $efore a consultant can involve you in the teaching of students. However, your co-operation would $e important in view of the need to ensure that future doctors o$tain the $est possi$le training. *ou have the right to refuse to ta e part in any clinical trials or research concerning the use of new drugs or medical devices. "linical trials and e)perimental treatment should never $e carried out without your informed consent $eing o$tained $y the hospital or medical personnel.

Hel! "s To Hel! &ou

At Elmsworth Health Trust we view our relationship with you, the pu$lic, as a partnership.

#eeping $s Informed

*ou can help us deliver a +uality service $y: Arriving for all appointments on time Advising the relevant department directly if you are una$le to attend Telling us if your personal details change--for e)ample, your address or 1eneral !ractitioner ;1!< details Showing consideration for other people in the hospital and health centres, and eeping noise levels to a minimum "omplying with signs around the hospital and health centres, including those as ing you not to smo e, not to use mo$ile phones, and our advice on the num$er of visitors and visiting times.

Submitting eedbac%

*our ideas and suggestions for improving our service are always welcomed. &n this way, you can ena$le us to $uild upon the service we are already providing and to ta e account of your needs and wishes. (e hope that you will feel a$le to fill in any patient satisfaction +uestionnaires that we circulate to you. =i e all large organisations, Elmsworth Health Trust may not always meet the high standards it sets itself. &t is our policy to encourage patients and visitors to inform us when a service falls $elow the desired standard.

"a%ing a Complaint
&f you feel you wish to ma e a specific complaint, please do so in writing to The "hief E)ecutive, at Elmsworth Health Trust, who will ensure that you will receive an ac nowledgement of your complaint within ,- hours and a full response as soon as possi$le, $ut certainly no later than one month after your complaint was made.