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Mature Age Special Entry Information Pro-forma

This form is intended for those applicants without formal educational qualifications who are seeking admission to the Uni ersity! The purpose of this form is to ena"le you to pro ide a supporting case demonstrating reasona"le prospects for academic success at U#E! This supporting case should e$plain how your education% work and life e$periences demonstrate you ha e the literacy and other competencies rele ant to your intended uni ersity studies! Please note this pro-forma cannot "e used for admission to some U#E courses such as &aw and Medicine! It is your responsi"ility to check that you meet all the admission requirements of your intended course! The admission requirements for each course are located in the 'ourse and Units 'atalogue http())www!une!edu!au)courses) ! If you are applying directly to U#E% scan the completed pro-forma and attach it to your online application! *or applications made through UA' or +TA'% scan your completed pro-forma and send it to U#E through AskU#E http())www!une!edu!au)askune) ! Pro-formas may also "e posted to( Admissions Team% Student Administration , Ser ices% U#E% #S- ./01! Title Last Name First Name Second Name Date of Birth

Mailing Address __________________________________________ __________________________________________ _________________________________________ _______________________postcode__________

Mobile or Phone Number Email Address

What UNE course are ou see!ing admission into"

#o$ ha%e ou applied& directl to UNE' through UA( or )TA("

UNE*UA(*)TA( Application Num+er

2o you ha e 3ear 1.4 If so% when and where did you complete it4 2id you achie e a UAI or equi alent4 If you don5t ha e 3ear 1.% what was your final year of school e!g! 3ear 164 7a e you changed your name since 7igh School4 If so% what was it4

7a e you e er completed any TA*E 'ourses4 If so% when and what did you complete4 *or e$ample% 8'ertificate I9 in Training and Assessment% .66.% Armidale TA*E:!

Updated 12 September 2011

7a e you e er attempted any Uni ersity studies4 If so% where and when4 2id you complete units ;su"<ects=4

In the past si$ years or so% ha e you undertaken any other training or other self-impro ement acti ities4 Please include information a"out the qualification gained% duration of the training and content of the training!

7a e you recently completed any significant employment-"ased or other tasks that can demonstrate your capacity for sustained application to uni ersity study4 Please gi e an e$planation of the tasks! ;An e$ample would "e the completion of a ma<or pro<ect of that took some weeks to complete and required good time management skills and a commitment to completion in a set period of time!=

Pro ide any other facts a"out yourself that you wish to share with us in support of your application! This is your opportunity to raise any rele ant matter in support of your application that is not co ered in the a"o e questions!

Do you have access to a computer and an internet connection that can be used for study purposes?

, declare that , ha%e read the Declaration and -ri%ac ,nformation on the Undergraduate Admission Application Form' and declare that the information pro%ided a+o%e is true and correct. , understand that if admitted to a course and , enrol in it' UNE $ill file this form as part of m student record. 2
Updated 12 September 2011


Updated 12 September 2011