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40. VSWR is minimum when

distance of I cm with the long side parallel to

the long wire. and carryting a current of 10 amp.
The resultant force on the loop is

(a) Line is terminated with full load

(b) Line is terminated with load equal to the
characteristic impedance of the load


(a) 1.06 x 10-' N towards long side

(c) Line is short circuited

(b) 1.06 X 10-3 N towards short side

(d) Line is open circuited

(c) 1.06.66 N on the long side

(d) 106.66 on the short side

An electron is placed midway between two

equal and opposite charges. The electron will


(a) be thrown out of the field

The work done in moving a charge Q on an

equipotential Iine 1'0. a distance 'd' will be

(b) SI~i!1in the field

(a) Zero

(c) remain stationary


(d) oscillate between the charges

(b) Q. d
(d) QV

48. The unit of polarization is the same as that 01"


The average power flow per unit area In a

uniform plane wave in an electric field of
maximum voltage Eo and impedance Zo is :



(d) 10. Zo

(b) different

(b) 8.54 x 10-12 Him


(d) 8.854 x 10-7 Him

Maxwell's curl equation for state magnetic
field is given by :


(a) VxB = IloJ

(c) V. B

= /l{J J


(b) VxB = 0

(d) V X B =/l{J/J

The magnitude and direction of the electric

field balancing the weight of electron is

5.6 x ro' I ntlC upward

(b) 5.6 x 10-11 ntlC downward

(c) 6 x 10-12 ntlC downward

(d) 5.6 x 10-11 ntlC at L45


Dielectric constant and dielectric strength are

(a) 41t x 10-7 Him

(c) 41t x 10-12 Him


(d) None of the above

(d) one is dimensionless and the other is

Pick out the wrong statement.

43. Absolute permeability 11 is equal to


(c) Charge

(c) one is a number and the other indicates

when the breakdown of the dielectric
occurs when.a p.d. is applied

(c) 2 Za

(b) D

(a) same

(b) 10 Eo

(a) Zo

(a) E

There is a long wire carrying 20 amp. There is

a rectangular (30 x 8 cm) loop of wire at a

A copper sheet is placed in a plane

perpendicular toB acting froin below. A sudden
change in B is not detected above the sheet

(a) the sheet obstructs the view of the magnetic

field below

(b) the magnetic field is not able to pierce the

copper sheet
(c) an induced emfis setup in the sheet which
opposes the field

51. The electric intensity for free space is given by

(a) D/EO

(b) 0/Eo

(c) EoD

(d) cr/eo

48. The electric field strength at any point equals:

.(a) the potential gradient at that point
(b) negative of potential gradient at that point
(c) the charge at that point ..