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New Dawn, Diamond mining thread I'm not an expert, this is something I've picked up by watching others.

After seeing other guild members express an interest in extra diamonds without paying I thought we could have a collaborative guide to help each other I'll start the ball rolling with my experiences !pretty successful"# and hope others can correct$modify and add information for the good of the guild. %% &lease note I'm pretty sure this isn't against the rules !and can't see how it could be ' as we are allowed and encouraged to start new lands.# (ut I'd respectfully ask that this information is kept fairly low key !within the guild and to close friends# simply because if the developers of )o* google +get )o* diamonds for no money, and find these tips it's conceivable they might change things to make this no longer viable. -# .ining diamonds from other worlds / )orge of empires encourages us to +play in a new world, each time we log in 0 in these other worlds we can do 1uests, I think %tbc% that +hidden, or +random, rewards can be diamonds. I've recently started 2 other cities to do these 1uests and mine me some free diamonds, following are basic guides and tips that I've found work for me ' please correct me if you know better" !I can'd find any decent info about this on google and as above think it's better it stays that way"# 3reate a city in each of the worlds, when you're logged in there's no easy way of knowing which world you are in ' my cities are numbered in the order they show up in the log in screen !this one being the last at 45# my cities have names which tell me where I am at a glance and also include my mot$pol prefs !such as 67& *instown, 76& Deusville, 67& third Ave etc.# In the cities I suggest keeping your era low ' this is much better for 1uests !for example delete$recruit 8 spear fighters for a random reward costs 29c$s and takes about a minute.# 7ome of my cities are iron age as the archers are a great defence against raids but in hindsight keeping them bron:e and taking other measures to prevent plunder might be better !see below.# ;hatever age your city stock it with the highest paying long wait houses !chalets$cottages,# a decent army !long range, short range and some fast troops to slow melee attackers,# and if possible < of each production buildings for 1uests !8 blacksmiths if Iron age,# If you do plan to advance past bron:e then you'll need a production building also !or if you plan to stick to bron:e but want =(s in the future to use up spare )&.# As we all know a guild is a huge help" In the mining cities it's also very handy !trading, extra mot$pol, motivated buildings cannot be plundered is a good advantage also, extra people to mot$pol for 1uests etc etc.# >bviously we couldn't commit to 2 guilds with the dedication New Dawn deserves, but my new friend 7ue?@2 runs +)AI*ND7 B> C7 ADD, guilds in most other lands which are perfect for mining towns ' try and be active, trade and help when possible but the guild is not as intense as ND and you'll see a lot of inactive players. Euests ' Don't worry much about Aagu and his 1uests unless it's something you need to do anyway !for an extension$boost or you need the coins$supps fast# and concentrate on the soldier, Fester and production lady ' abort every 1uest that gives coins$supplies etc again unless it's very easy or you were going to do it anyway. ;hen you get a 1uest that offers a random or hidden reward ' get on it" >ften the production 1uests are <G hour runs so I try and set everything running at the same time !all production for <Gh along with goods also for <G hours.# I can then set a browser extension timer !I use countdown 9.- for chrome# for - day with the message -02 depending on the world !I like to collect asap to prevent plunders ' a good army and regular motivation of supplies should suffice unless your hood is unbalanced.# Instead of putting all your )& into research !making 1uests slower and more expensive# you might like to try to aim for some military or goods great buildings in the long run. Donate to friends, guild, hood =(s to get started, then when you have your own you can arrange same world )&

exchanges or clubs """important note see below"""" %%%%%%%%%%% ;AANIN= you must not swap )& across worlds"" .aking a city to donate the )& to someone while they do the same for your main city will get you kicked" 7wapping in the same world is fine !like our clubs and various agreement we have with each other.# note/ this is a great time to start as you can enFoy the winter 1uests in every city you own ' stars like coins and supplies are all bound to the world you are playing in unlike diamonds which carry acroos to whichever land you are in !which makes this mining scheme work"# &lease add any tips or corrections and we can come up with a definitive guide for this process ' for the record I visit my cities about 80G times each day for a few minutes each time. In the last two days I've made well over -HH diamonds from this !idk if this is average, but imo it's worth a try"# 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 <# 7econdly this is no big secret ' you can earn diamonds doing surveys, registrations, getting free 7I. cards etc. Iust go to the buy diamonds page and click +earn my diamonds, at the bottom. ;hile you must follow the terms and conditions of these offers, some of the sites are rather spamtastic. If you happened to make typos when filling out your address, email, tel 4s and any other personal info then you could avoid a lot of Funk" %pro0tip I have a +no Funk mail, sticker on my door, any company who ignores this has all their information saved into a form filling extension. ;hen signing up with dodgy companies !usually for cash, vouchers etc. but also in game currency such as diamonds,# - click fills out the company info ' they spam me a leaflet, and in return they get a lot of phone calls, emails and Funk mail ' that's karma baby" %pro0tip 4< A lot of the companies who run these programs limit you to one offer per household !so if you got a free sim from say swagbucks, then they might not allow you to get one from )o* or gifthulk etc. !anyone interested in earning money, vouchers etc and doesn't know these sites pl: mail for tips and if you're feeling kind my referral details"# If an offer tells you you've already completed it, you can often work around it by switching your router on$off to reset your I& address !only works with dynamic I& ' iirc most people in the C? have this,# also delete cookies, cache from your browser %this can delete some browser flash games saves ' if in doubt use <J browsers dedicated to various tasks !I use opera for it's +off0road, mode proxy browsing which unblocks sites from other countries !nothing illegal, Fust for sites which are for C7 residents only for example,# 3hrome for casual flash games only and firefox as my main browser for all other stuff other stuff inc )o* ' this means I can safely wipe ff data regularly !this helps performance as well as other benefits# without losing my kongregate saves"# .essage if you need more help" K everything above is Fust my musings, together maybe we can form it into a proper guide )or the record I have bought diamonds once for +cash,, this was from my paypal balance that ILve made easily by doing selective online earning !not hours of tedious surveys"# Bhey are great for that last (& that never turns up, and the <HH diamond extensions are good in my opinion !only < at that price then GHH$@HH$5HH etc. diamonds.# I have no problem whatsoever with people buying diamonds for cash, my son spends loads on extras for his playstation games !DD3 packs # Bhe above is for anyone with a bit of spare time to get a few extras from for a small amount of work !but especially for us tight wads"""#