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CAMP ROCK Shane Gray: I don't want to waste my summer at some camp!

I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud! Nate: Hey man we used to love this place. Three years ago we were campers. ason: !eah man" this is where #onnect $... connected! Nate: %shakes his head& 'nd you get to see our (ncle )rown. Shane Gray: Ha! %rolls his eyes& Shane Gray: Not a selling point. Nate: *oo+ man" right now you're that ,ad ,oy to the press" and the la,el has a pro,lem with that" which means" we have a pro,lem with that. ason: 'ctually" I don't really have a pro,lem with that. %Nate glares at him& ason: -e have a pro,lem with that! Nate: This camp thing is supposed to fi. it" it's great /0. So do your time" en1oy the fresh air... %sniffs in& Nate: ... get a tan... ason: 2h" and can you ma+e me a ,irdhouse or something3 Shane Gray: %scoffs at Jason& 2ne word. /ay,ac+! ason: That's two words! 4itchie Torres: %in canoe& I don't thin+ we're doing this right. Shane Gray: -hat" you don't li+e going in circles3 #aitlyn: Her mom is a great person. -hat's your mom li+e3 )arron: (hh" she's li+e a mom. Shane Gray: %on the phone with Nate and Jason& I learned my lesson! I showered in cold water! I loo+ed at a tree! It5s ,een three hours" I need hair product. Nate: I guess it5s time to em,race the 6natural6 loo+. ason: 2h have fun. %they hang up on Shane& Shane Gray: Guys. Screaming Girl: 'hhh! There he his! %the girls chase him and he trips and falls. Then he hides behind some trees& Nate: %answer his phone on speaker& Hello3 ason: Hey ,uddy! How's my ,irdhouse coming3 Nate: ason! ason: Sorry! It's not my fault you didn't as+ him to ma+e you anything. Nate: I didn't want anything. ason: -ell" I wanted a ,irdhouse! Nate: 'nd what do you want a ,irdhouse for3 ason: I wanted to se more ,irds a,out... Shane Gray: %interrupting Jason& Guys! Nate" ason: %together& Sorry. )rown #essario: I hate when I have to ,e uncool. ason: Guess who3 Shane Gray: !ou're in the room" I can see you. ason: I can see you too man! )rown #essario: (p ne.t" we have 4argaret 7upree. 8lla: -ho's 4argaret3 /eggy: I am. 8lla: Go" 4argaret! Shane Gray: That's the song! Nate: So that must ,e the girl. ason: !a thin+3 8lla: %sleepily& 4itchie3 4itchie Torres: (m... !ou're dreaming. !ou're a roc+ princess. 8lla: 2+ay. I roc+. Shane Gray: So I guess my search is over. 4itchie Torres: That depends on who you5re loo+ing for. Hi" I'm 4itchie. Shane Gray: I'm Shane. 're you up for a canoe ride later3 4itchie Torres: I wouldn't miss it.

4itchie Torres: Tess" stop tal+ing to me li+e that. Stop tal+ing to everyone li+e that. I may ,e the coo+'s daughter and my father may not ,e rich" ,ut I'm a much ,etter person than someone who feels good a,out herself ,ecause she ma+es everyone else feel ,ad. 'nd I'll ta+e that any day. Shane Gray: So here's some advice. It's not all a,out your image. None of it means anything unless people see who you really are. 'nd your music has to ,e who you really are. It's gotta show how you feel" or it doesn't mean anything. Shane Gray: %Mitchie is walking, but stops when she sees Shane playing guitar& #an't a guy get some peace3 4itchie Torres: Sorry. I didn't mean9sorry. Shane Gray: !ou said that already. 4itchie Torres: Sorry. I uh... was that you playing3 It sounded +inda different. Shane Gray: %Shane rolls his eyes& Than my usual stupid coo+ie cutter pop star stuff3 Sorry to disappoint. 4itchie Torres: %she laughs& !ou didn't. I li+ed it. I mean" it was good for stupid coo+ie cutter pop star stuff. Shane Gray: %he smiles& -ow. !ou really +now how to ma+e a guy feel ,etter. 4itchie Torres: I thought you loved you're sound. !ou created it here. !ou're li+e a #amp 0oc+ legend. Shane Gray: Some legend. I only play the music that the la,el thin+s will sell" thats it. 4itchie Torres: !ou don't thin+ that song would sell3 Shane Gray: I don't +now. 4itchie Torres: -ell" you'll never +now if you don't try. 'nd ,y the way" I +now of one girl that would ,uy that song. Shane Gray: %Shane is singing by a canoe& Turn on that radio. 's loud as it can go. Gonna dance until my feet can't feel the ground. 4itchie Torres: %Mitchie walks up& So" does your voice sound ,etter over here3 Shane Gray: -hy don't we get in one of these things and you can tell me. 4itchie Torres: %out on the lake, Mitchie is laughing, and her and Shane are going in circles with the canoe& 0eally3 Shane Gray: !eah. It was awesome. 4itchie Torres: %laughing& !eah. I don't thin+ we're doing this right. Shane Gray: -hat3 !ou don't li+e going in circles3 4itchie Torres: So" have you found you're special girl yet3 Shane Gray: -hy" are you 1ealous3 4itchie Torres: er+. Shane Gray: Hey" ,eing a 1er+ is part of the roc+ star image. 4itchie Torres: :eeping up an image can ,e tiring. Shane Gray: )ut it +eeps the posers away. I never +now if people are hanging with me for the free stuff or for the parties. 4itchie Torres: 2h" definitely the free stuff. Shane Gray: ;unny. 4itchie Torres: #ome on" I +now you're really not a 1er+. I mean you're helping 'ndy with his dancing" and those screaming girls seem to li+e you. Shane Gray: -hich ,rings me ,ac+ to the whole 1ealous thing. 4itchie Torres: I ta+e that ,ac+. !ou are a 1er+. Shane Gray: It must ,e the same for you too" huh3 4itchie Torres: -hat3 Shane Gray: )ecause of your mom. 'nd her 1o, at Hot Tunes. /eople pro,a,ly always fa+e around you. 4itchie Torres: (h yeah" right. Totally. Shane Gray: !ou +now" it5s nice tal+ing to someone who gets it. 4itchie Torres: !eah. 4e too. #onnie Torres: Honey" you were great! I'm sorry you didn't win. 4itchie Torres: )ut I did. I won the ,est summer of my life" than+s to you. ason: 2h and can you ma+e me a ,ird house3 ason: Group hug! %hugs Shane and Nate who don't hug back& ason: 2h" much ,etter. It hasn't ,een the same 1ust hugging Nate. Nate: %sarcastically, as being let go& !eah" it hasn't ,een.

Steve Torres: %Mr. Torres is grilling burgers& So" how was wor+3 4itchie Torres: (h" you +now )arney's. -e serve ,urgers with a )arney smile. So whats for dinner3 Steve Torres: )urgers. #onnie Torres: -ell" our -orld ;amous Torres ,urgers. 4itchie Torres: (m" I'll pass. Steve Torres: 2+ay" I can't stand it. Tell her. #onnie Torres: -ell Steve she 1ust got home. 4itchie Torres: Tell me what3 #onnie Torres: %to Steve& 2+ay honey" drum roll. 4itchie Torres: 4om! #onnie Torres: 2+ay! !ou're going to #amp 0oc+! 4itchie Torres: -hat3 Steve Torres: She said you're going to #amp 0oc+! #onnie Torres: -ell actually" we're going. #onnie's #atering is going camping. )uisness is slow in the summer. This is a steady 1o, and you get to go to camp at a discounted rate! 4itchie Torres: 'aahhh! #onnie Torres: )ut you have to help out in the +itchen. 4itchie Torres: Than+ you! Than+ you li+e a million times! %they all hug& 4itchie Torres: %Mitchie and her mom drive up and Mitchie sticks her head out of the window& -e're here! #onnie Torres: !eah! 're you e.cited3 4itchie Torres: ' little. 2+ay" a lot! !es! 4a1or! Than+ you" mom" I'm gonna have so much fun! %she sees a limo& 4itchie Torres: -oah! %a girl steps out looking fabulous& 4itchie Torres: -oah. #onnie Torres: 2+ay" sweetie" lets get settled in. 4itchie Torres: %she lays her stuff on her bed& Settled! %a man walks in& )rown #essario: That's great! )rown #esario. #amp director<founding meme,er and ,ass guitar of the -et #rows and you must ,e #onnie Torres" our new coo+. #onnie Torres: Thats me. 'nd this is my daughter" %the cabin door shuts& #onnie Torres: who is already gone. )rown #essario: 'h" no worries. She pro,a,ly 1ust wanted to get out there" get to it. !ou +now what I mean3 -hen the music calls" you got to answer. #onnie Torres: I can't wait for you to meet her though. She has got a great voice. *oo+ at me" I'm already ,ragging. )rown #essario: 'h" you gotta ,rag" love. *earned that from the 4icster. agger. #onnie Torres: !ou +new 4ic+ agger3 )rown #essario: !eah. )ac+ed him up for years. Great times" great times! )ut not as great as the time when I taught 'erosmith... %scene drifts off& 4itchie Torres: %Mitchie is looking around and walking backwards and she bumps into a girl& Sorry! I didn't9 I didn't see you. Tess Tyler: 2,viously. %she walks away& #aitlyn: %another girl is sitting on the stage with a laptop& Thats Tess Tyler" the diva of #amp 0oc+. 4itchie Torres: Is she really good3 #aitlyn: Shes good at trying too hard to ,e good. (nderstanda,le ,ecause her mom is T1 Tyler. 4itchie Torres: The T1 Tyler3 Shes got li+e a trillion Grammy's. #aitlyn: (h" trillion and one" I thin+. Hi" I'm #aitlin. #amper today. Top selling music producer tomorrow. #hec+ me out. %She plays something on her laptop& 4itchie Torres: #ool. I'm 4itchie. #aitlyn: Hi. %a lady runs on stage& 7ee *a 7u+e: Hi gang! I'm 7ee *a 7u+e" the musical director here at #amp 0oc+. 4itchie Torres" #aitlyn" Tess Tyler" /eggy" 8lla" *ola" Sander" )arron"

*ola's 7ancer =>: Hi 7ee. 7ee *a 7u+e: Here at #amp 0oc+ we %singing& 7ee *a 7u+e: siiinngg. So lets try that again. 4itchie Torres" #aitlyn" Tess Tyler" /eggy" 8lla" *ola" Sander" )arron" *ola's 7ancer =>: %singing& Hi 7ee. 7ee *a 7u+e: Sounds good. ' little pitchy in places" ,ut we'll fi. that ,y the ;inal am.

CINDERELLA STORY )ree: !ou may live in the ?@>A@ ,ut you're still 1ust... a Bero. 4ary: -e live in the ?@>AA" genius. 7ustin: 2nce upon a time there was this chill hottie. She left oey /ar+er now that was real naughty. Now here's / to tell you more. Now put down your pencils and give / the floor. 4ary: -e +eep meeting li+e this. oey /ar+er: !ou have shrimp in your hair. oey /ar+er: 7ance with me. 4ary: 7ance with you3 No than+s. oey /ar+er: -ell" may,e I'm wrong. )ut you're the most amaBing dance partner I've ever had... 8ven though I taught her everything she +nows. 4ary: That's funny ,ecause you said that you forgot why you even started dancing... until you met me. oey /ar+er: So why don't you ,ring yourself up here and show me why I remem,er.

4ary: !ou don't have to pretend li+e you li+e me. I've had enough charity to last a lifetime. )ritt: If you tell him it was you" this video will ,e all over the Internet. )ree: Hello" !ouTu,e! 4ary: !ou ,arely +now how to wor+ the toaster" let alone !ouTu,e. oey /ar+er: )elieve me. 4ary: I ,elieve you. oey /ar+er: Good. )ecause I'm totally +issa,le. )ritt: I love him. )ree: !ou have ,acon in your ,races. 4rs. /ar+er: 2h" and oey" try not to ,ring up the time she dissed you on T0*. 4r. /ar+er: She said she didn't mean it. 7ustin: How do you call someone overrated and not mean it3 )ritt: !ou have two managers3 oey /ar+er: 'pparently. )ritt: !ou must ,e a real handful. -anna ma+e out3 4ary: !ou figured you could toy with me until someone ,etter came along and I wouldn't mind ,ecause some ,ig star wanted me" well you +now what really suc+s a,out falling for a guy you +now you're not right for3 !ou fall anyway ,ecause you thin+ he might turn out to ,e different 4ary: It doesn't matter 9 it's done" we're done. oey /ar+er: %mary does a fancy dance move& -hat was that3 4ary: Guess the music 1ust spea+s to me. oey /ar+er: %he does a fancy dance move& -ell i guess we don't have a language ,arrier. oey /ar+er: 2ne of the reasons I came ,ac+ was to remem,er why I started dancing in the first place. -hen i'm dancing with you im starting to remem,er. oey /ar+er: -hy don't we pic+ up here tomorrow. 4ary: 's in this my house or as in this position. oey /ar+er: 'h" i'm not that +ind of guy. 4ary: 'h i don't find that that convincing. 7ustin: % rit and re do really bad dances& Hahahah did you guys see that3 That was 1ust terri,le. Than+ God that's over. Natalia: I'm sorry 4ary" I didn't see you standing there. It's li+e you were totally invisi,le. %walks away& Tami: 2h yeah" well chec+ my totally invisi,le finger! Natalia: I'm sorry 4ary" I didn't see you standing there. It's li+e you were totally invisi,le. %walks away& Tami: 2h yeah" well chec+ out my totally invisi,le finger! oey /ar+er: %Mary is walking, and Joey calls her over& 4ary! %She turns the other direction. !e runs after her& oey /ar+er: Hey! 4ary3 4ary" slow down! Hey hey hey. -hat's wrong3 I've ,een calling Tami trying to get a hold of you. %Mary looks like she's about to cry& oey /ar+er: -hat did I do3 4ary: It doesn't matter. It's done. -e're done. %she walks away& oey /ar+er: %Joey catches back up to her& -oah. -hat are you tal+ing a,out3 4ary: 7id you feel sorry for me3 -as I your charity case3 Is that why you as+ed me out3 oey /ar+er: -hat does that even... 4ary: %Mary interrupts him& !ou figured you could toy with me until someone ,etter came along" and I wouldn't mind ,ecause I was luc+y a ,ig star wanted me. -ell" you +now what really suc+s a,out falling for a guy you +now you're not right for3 !ou fall anyway ,ecause you thin+ he might turn out to ,e different. %She tries to leave, but Joey stops her& oey /ar+er: 4ary... 4ary: 'nyway" than+s for all the dance moves" ,ut I'm done dancing. Good,ye.

TWILIGHT ames: 2h" still stu,,orn" aren't we3 Is that what ma+es you so special to 8dward3 Isa,ella Swan: How old are you3 8dward #ullen: Seventeen. Isa,ella Swan: How long have you ,een seventeen3 8dward #ullen: ' while. Isa,ella Swan: #lair de *une is great. 8dward #ullen: %"dward spins #sabella around and she gives him a look& -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: I can't dance %laughs& Isa,ella Swan: . 8dward #ullen: Hmm... -ell" I could always ma+e you. Isa,ella Swan: I'm not scared of you. 8dward #ullen: %laughs& -ell you really shouldn't have said that. essica Stanley: )ella! Guess who 1ust as+ed me to prom. I totally thought 4i+e was gonna as+ you" actually. (m" it's not gonna ,e weird though" right3 Isa,ella Swan: No" no. Cero weirdness. !ou guys are great together. essica Stanley: I +now" right3 ames: )eautiful. Dery visually dynamic. I chose my stage well. Isa,ella Swan: 're you going to tell me how you stopped the van3 8dward #ullen: !eah. (m... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. !ou can Google it. 8dward #ullen: -hat did you e.pect3 #offins and dungeons and moats3 Isa,ella Swan: No" not the moats. 8dward #ullen: Not the moats. Isa,ella Swan: Graduation caps3 8dward #ullen: /rivate 1o+e. -e matriculate a lot. 8dward #ullen: The hunt is his o,session. He's never gonna stop!

Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& I'd rather die than to stay away from you. 8dward #ullen: 'nd so the lion fell in love with the lam,. Isa,ella Swan: -hat a stupid lam,. 8dward #ullen: -hat a sic+" masochistic lion. Isa,ella Swan: -ill you tell me the truth3 8dward #ullen: No" pro,a,ly not. % ella turns away slighly angry& 8dward #ullen: I'd rather hear your theories. Isa,ella Swan: I have considered radiocative spiders and +ryptonite. 8dward #ullen: 'll superhero stuff right3 )ut what if I'm not the hero3 -hat if I am the ,ad guy3 Isa,ella Swan: !ou're not. %"dward smiles& 8dward #ullen: I only said it would ,e ,etter if we weren't friends" not that I didn't want to ,e. Isa,ella Swan: -hat does that mean3 8dward #ullen: It means if you're smart... you'll stay away from me. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay" let's say for argument's sa+e that I'm not smart. 8dward #ullen: That's what you dream a,out3 )eing a monster3 Isa,ella Swan: I dream a,out ,eing with you forever. Isa,ella Swan: !ou +now" your mood swings are +inda giving me whiplash. 0osalie Hale: Here comes the human. % ella and "dward walk around the corner& 8sme #ullen: %$uns up to ella& )ella! -e're ma+ing Italiano for you. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay. 8dward #ullen: )ella" this is 8sme" my mother for all intents and purposes. Isa,ella Swan: )uongiorno3 8sme #ullen: 4olto )ene! 7r. #arlisle #ullen: It gives us an e.cuse to use the +itchen for the first time. 8sme #ullen: I hope you're hungry. Isa,ella Swan: !eah" a,solutely! 8dward #ullen: She already ate. 0osalie Hale: % reaks the bowl she's holding& /erfect! Isa,ella Swan: !eah9it's 1ust that I +now... I +now you guys don't eat. 8sme #ullen: 2f course" that's very considerate of you. 8dward #ullen: ust ignore 0osalie. I do. 0osalie Hale: !eah! *et's 1ust +eep pretending li+e this isn't dangerous for all of us. Isa,ella Swan: I would never tell any,ody anything. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: She +nows that. 8mmett #ullen: !eah" well the pro,lem is... you two have gone pu,lic now so... 8sme #ullen: 8mmett! 0osalie Hale: No" she should +now. The entire family will ,e implicated if this ends ,adly. Isa,ella Swan: )adly as in... I ,ecome the meal. %%lice comes in through the window& 8dward #ullen: %to ella& !ou are my life now. Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& How did you get over to me so fast3 8dward #ullen: %to ella& I was standing right ne.t to you" )ella. Isa,ella Swan: No. !ou were ne.t to your car" across the lot. 8dward #ullen: No" I wasn't. Isa,ella Swan: !es" you were. 8dward #ullen: )ella" you hit your head. I thin+ you're confused. Isa,ella Swan: I +now what I saw. 8dward #ullen: 'nd what e.actly was that3 Isa,ella Swan: !ou stopped the van. !ou pushed it away with you hand. 8dward #ullen: -ell" no,ody's going to ,elieve you. Isa,ella Swan: I wasn't going to tell any,ody. I 1ust need to +now the truth. 8dward #ullen: #an't you 1ust than+ me and get over it3 Isa,ella Swan: Than+ you. 8dward #ullen: !ou're not going to let this go" are you3 Isa,ella Swan: No. 8dward #ullen: -ell then I hope you en1oy disappointment.

*aurent: %to &ullens& I am *aurent" and this is Dictoria" and ames. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: I'm #arlisle" this is my family. %looks from side to side at family& *aurent: So" could you use three more players3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %glances in "dward's direction& Sure" why not3 ' few of us were leaving" you can ta+e their place. -e'll ,at first. %tosses baseball at 'aurent& Dictoria: %catches ball in front of 'aurent& I'm the one with the wic+ed curve ,all. 8dward #ullen: %shuts car door& #arlisle" what's going on3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %sighs& -aylon ;orge was found in a ,oat out near his place" I 1ust e.amined the ,ody. Isa,ella Swan: He died3 How3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: 'nimal attac+ %looks at "dward& Isa,ella Swan: %glances at "dward& %to &arlisle& Isa,ella Swan: -as it the same one that got that security guard down at 4ason3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %sighs, then glances at "dward& 4ost li+ely. Isa,ella Swan: It must getting closer to town then... 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %cuts ella off& )ella" you should go inside. -aylon was your father's friend. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay. %glances at "dward and walks up stairs& Isa,ella Swan: %turns around to &arlisle then to "dward& (m" I'll see you later. %&arlisle turns to "dward& Isa,ella Swan: *oo+" !ou gotta give me some answers. 8dward #ullen: !es. No. To get to the other side. (h" A.EE>FG... Isa,ella Swan: I don't need to +now what the sHuare root of pi is. 8dward #ullen: !ou +new that3 )illy )lac+: %to ella& -e came for your flat9screen. 'nd ,ecause aco, wouldn't stop tal+ing a,out seeing you again. aco, )lac+: Than+s" 7ad. Nice. )illy )lac+: I'm 1ust +eepin' it real" son. 8ric !or+ie: #ute" 4i+e. *et a playa play! 0osalie Hale: %after "dward asks her to put on ella's coat to distract James& -hy should I3 -hat is she to me3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %!ands her the coat& )ella is with 8dward. She's a part of this family" and we protect our family. 8dward #ullen: I should go ,ac+ there and rip those guys' heads off. Isa,ella Swan: (m... No" you shouldn't. 8dward #ullen: !ou don't +now the vile" repulsive things they were thin+ing. Isa,ella Swan: 'nd you do3 8dward #ullen: It's not hard to guess. 8dward #ullen: #an you tal+ a,out something else3 7istract me so i won't turn around. Isa,ella Swan: !ou should put your seat ,elt on. 8dward #ullen: Haha... you should put your seat ,elt on! 0osalie Hale: %after "mmett catches the baseball by climbing a tree& 4y mon+ey man! 8ric !or+ie: %to ella& So I was wondering... if you have a9 a da... 4i+e Newton: %shakes wet hat over ella's head& 'sup 'riBona3 How you li+in' the rain" girl3 8ric !or+ie: !eah" 4i+e" you're real cute. !ou +now that3 4i+e Newton: -hat's sup" 'riBona3 How you li+in' the rain" girl3 Isa,ella Swan: 8veryone's staring. 8dward #ullen: No" not that guy. 2h wait" he loo+ed. 8dward #ullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. Isa,ella Swan: Then don't. Isa,ella Swan: 8very,ody's staring. 8dward #ullen: Not that guy. No he 1ust loo+ed. )rea+ing all the rules now anyways. %looks at "mmett, $osalie, Jasper, and %lice&

8dward #ullen: Since I'm going to hell %slips arm around ella's shoulder& Isa,ella Swan: 7id you follow me3 8dward #ullen: I... I feel very protective of you. Isa,ella Swan: So you followed me. 8dward #ullen: I was trying to +eep a distance unless you needed my help and then I heard what those low9lives were thin+ing. Isa,ella Swan: -ait. !ou say you heard what they were thin+ing3 Isa,ella Swan: So what you... you read minds3 8dward #ullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There's... 4oney. Se.. 4oney. Se.. #at... 'nd then you" nothing. That's very frustrating. Isa,ella Swan: Is there something wrong with me3 8dward #ullen: See... I tell you I can read minds and you thin+ there's something wrong with you3 Isa,ella Swan: %'ast lines& No one will surrender tonight" ,ut I won't give in. I +now what I want. #harlie Swan: 7id he hurt you3 Isa,ella Swan: No. #harlie Swan: )rea+ up with you or something3 Isa,ella Swan: No" I9I ,ro+e up with him. #harlie Swan: I thought you li+ed him3 Isa,ella Swan: !ea" that's why 9 that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home. #harlie Swan: Home... !our mom is not even in /hoeni.. Isa,ella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road. #harlie Swan: !ou're not going to drive home right now. !ou can sleep on it. If you still feel li+e going in the morning" I'll ta+e you to the airport. Isa,ella Swan: N9No I want to drive" it will give me more time to thin+. 'nd if I get really tired" I'll pull into a motel. I promise. #harlie Swan: *oo+" )ella" I +now I'm not that much fun to ,e around" ,ut I can change that. -e can do more stuff together. Isa,ella Swan: *i+e what3 *i+e watch ,ase,all on the flat screen3 8at at the diner every night3 Stea+ and co,,ler. 7ad" that's you" that's not me. #harlie Swan: )ella" come on. I9I 1ust got you ,ac+. Isa,ella Swan: !ea" and you +now if I don't get out now" I'll 1ust ,e stuc+ here li+e mom. 8dward #ullen: Hold on tight" spidermon+ey. %climbs up tree& 8dward #ullen: 7o you trust me3 Isa,ella Swan: In theory... 8dward #ullen: #lose your eyes. %Jumps to ne(t tree and climbs to top& 8dward #ullen: % ella gasps& -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: This isn't real. This +ind of stuff 1ust doesn't e.ist. 8dward #ullen: It does in my world. Isa,ella Swan: )adly as in... I ,ecome the meal. %%lice comes in through the window& 'lice #ullen: Hi )ella! %)alks up to ella and hugs her& 'lice #ullen: 2h" you do smell good. 8dward #ullen: 'lice" what are you93 'lice #ullen: It's o+ay. )ella and I are going to ,e great friends. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: Sorry" asper's our newest vegetarian. It's still a little difficult for him. asper Hale: /leasure to meet you. 'lice #ullen: It's o+ay asper" you won't hurt her. 8dward #ullen: 'lright" I'm going to ta+e her on a tour of the rest of the house. 'lice #ullen: -ell" I'll see you soon. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: I thin+ that went well. 8sme #ullen: %to $osalie& #lean this up! Now! Isa,ella Swan: %*oice+over& 7eath is peaceful 9 easy. *ife is harder. Dictoria: I'm the one with the wic+ed curve ,all. asper Hale: 2h well I thin+ we can handle that.

ames: %,esturing towards ella's handheld camera& I ,orrowed this from your house. Hope you don't mind. #ora: %!anding a plate to the author of 'Twilight'& Here's your veggie plate" Stephenie. Isa,ella Swan: -ho are they3 'ngela -e,er: The #ullens. essica Stanley: They're" um" 7r. and 4rs. #ullen's foster +ids. They moved down here from 'las+a" li+e" a few years ago. 'ngela -e,er: They +inda +eep to themselves. essica Stanley: !eah 'cause they're all together" li+e T2G8TH80 together. (h" the ,londe girl" that's 0osalie" and the ,ig dar+9haired guy" 8mmett" they're li+e a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal. 'ngela -e,er: ess" they're not actually related. essica Stanley: !eah" ,ut they live together. It's weird9and" o+ay" the little dar+9haired girl is 'lice. She's 08'**! weird" and" um" she's with asper" the ,londe one who loo+s li+e he's in pain. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to "dward, when he is attacking James& 0emem,er who you are. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %while "dward is sucking the venom and blood out of ella& 8dward" stop. Her ,lood is clean. !ou're +illing her. Stop. ;ind the will. 'ngela -e,er: Smile! %camera clicks& Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay. 'ngela -e,er: Sorry" I needed a candid for the feature 8ric !or+ie: The ;eature's dead 'ngela" don't ,ring it up again! Isa,ella Swan: It's o+ay" I 1ust... 8ric !or+ie: I9I got your ,ac+ ,a,y. 'ngela -e,er: I guess we'll 1ust run another editorial on... Teen 7rin+ing... Isa,ella Swan: !ou +now" you could always go for... eating disorders3 Speedo padding on the swim team. 'ngela -e,er: 'ctually" that's a good one... essica Stanley: :ir+ right3 'ngela -e,er: %in unison& :ir+. essica Stanley: That's e.actly what I thought. 'ngela -e,er: -e're tal+ing 62lympic SiBed6. essica Stanley: There's no way 9 he's so s+inny" it doesn't ma+e sense. 'ngela -e,er: Totally. 8ric !or+ie: Hey" 4i+ey 9 you met my home girl" )ella 4i+e Newton: 2h" you9yo9your home girl3 8ric !or+ie: !eah. 4i+e Newton: !eah3 4i+e Newton: 4y girl. Tyler #rowley: %kissed ella's cheek, and pulls Mike's chair out from under him& Sorry I had to ruin your game" 4i+e. 4i+e Newton: %chases Tyler through &afeteria& essica Stanley: 2h my god" it's li+e" the first grade all over again" you're the shiny new toy... 8dward #ullen: I'm the world's most dangerous predator. 8verything a,out me invites you in. 4y voice" my face" even my smell. 's if I would need any of that. 's if you could outrun me. 's if you could fight me off. I'm designed to +ill. 0osalie Hale: Is she even Italian3 8mmett #ullen: Her name is )ella. 0osalie Hale: Get a whiff of that. 0osalie Hale: Here comes the human. Isa,ella Swan: I can't ,ring myself to regret the decisions that ,rought me to ;or+s. They also ,rought me to 8dward. 8dward #ullen: I hate you for ma+ing me want you so much. essica Stanley: Hey you're from 'riBona right3 Isa,ella Swan: !eah. essica Stanley: 'ren't people from 'riBona supposed to ,e li+e" reall tan3 Isa,ella Swan: !eah" may,e" that's why they +ic+ed me out. 8dward #ullen: I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend.

8dward #ullen: %pushes microscope towards ella& *adies first. Isa,ella Swan: !ou were gone. 8dward #ullen: !eah" um" I was out of town for a couple of days" personal reasons. Isa,ella Swan: %pushes microscope towards "dward& (h" prophase. 8dward #ullen: 7o you mind if I uh" loo+3 % ella shakes her head& 8dward #ullen: It's prophase. Isa,ella Swan: *i+e I said. 8dward #ullen: So you en1oying the rain3 % ella laughs& 8dward #ullen: -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: !ou're as+ing me a,out the weather3 8dward #ullen: !eah" I9I guess I am. Isa,ella Swan: -ell" I don't really li+e the rain. 'ny cold" wet thing I don't really... 8dward #ullen: %laughs& Isa,ella Swan: -hat3 8dward #ullen: Nothing uh" %laughs& 8dward #ullen: it's uh" anaphase. Isa,ella Swan: !ou mind if I chec+3 8dward #ullen: Sure. Isa,ella Swan: 'naphase. 8dward #ullen: %smiles& *i+e I said. Isa,ella Swan: I'd never given much though to how I would die. )ut dying in place of someone I love" seems li+e a good way to go. I can't ,ring myself to regret the decisions that ,rought me face to face with death. They also ,rought me to 8dward. 8dward #ullen: !ou don't +now how long I've waited for you. )illy )lac+: I'm down with the +ids. #harlie Swan: %sarcastically& 2h yeah" you're the ,om,. 'ngela -e,er: 4ay,e he'll adopt me. 8dward #ullen: 8di,le art3 % ella knocks over the apple and "dward kicks it up and catches it & 8dward #ullen: )ella. Isa,ella Swan: Than+s. !ou +now your mood swings are +inda giving me whiplash. 8dward #ullen: I only said it'd ,e ,etter if we weren't friends" not that I didn't wanna ,e. Isa,ella Swan: -hat does that mean3 8dward #ullen: It means if you were smart" you'd stay away from me. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay well let's say for argument sa+e that I'm not smart" would you tell me the truth3 8dward #ullen: No pro,a,ly not. 8dward #ullen: -hy didn't you move with your mother and /hil3 Isa,ella Swan: -ell" /hil's a minor league ,ase,all player" and uh" he travels a lot" and my mom s9stayed home with me" ,ut I +new it made her unhappy" so I figured I'd stay with my dad for a while. 8dward #ullen: 'nd now you're unhappy. Isa,ella Swan: ...no. 8dward #ullen: I'm sorry" I'm 1ust 9 I'm 1ust trying to figure you out" you're very difficult for me to read. Isa,ella Swan: Hey did you get contacts3 8dward #ullen: No. Isa,ella Swan: !our eyes were" ,lac+ the last time I saw you" and now they're li+e" golden ,rown... 8dward #ullen: !eah I +now it's the uh" it's the flourescents" um. (gh. %walks away& Isa,ella Swan: Hey dad I have a date with 8dward #ullen. #harlie Swan: He's a little old for ya" isn't he3 Isa,ella Swan: No" uh" he's a 1unior I'm a 1unior. I thought you li+ed the #ullens. #harlie Swan: I thought you didn't li+e any of the ,oys in town. Isa,ella Swan: 8dward doesn't live in town" technically. He's right outside. #harlie Swan: He is3 Isa,ella Swan: !eah he wanted to meet you" officially. #harlie Swan: 'lright"

%cocks gun& #harlie Swan: ,ring him in. Isa,ella Swan: #ould you ,e nice3 He is 9 he's important. %&harlie draws invisible circle around his head, as to be a halo& 4i+e Newton: So" you and #ullen... I don't li+e it. He loo+s at you li+e you're something to eat. Isa,ella Swan: 7o you do this a lot3 8dward #ullen: ust the past couple of months. I li+e watching you sleep. I find it fascinating. Isa,ella Swan: %freaking out& !ou can't leave me! 8dward #ullen: Shh... -here else would I go3 %he leans in to kiss her forehead& Isa,ella Swan: ',out three things I was a,solutely positive. ;irst" 8dward was a vampire. Second" there was a part of him" and I didn't +now how dominate that part might ,e" that thirsted for my ,lood. 'nd third" I was unconditionally and irrevoca,ly in love with him. %notices Mike Newton dancing against a tree& #harlie Swan: *oo+s li+e the Newton ,oy's got a ,ig smile for ya'. %"dward enters ella's room via her window& Isa,ella Swan: %flustered& 4om" can I tal+ to you later3 0enee 7wyer: #ome on" we gotta tal+ ,oys! 're you ,eing safe3 % ella -uickly hangs up the phone, embarrassed& essica Stanley: !ou guys should +eep )ella company. (mm... her date ,ailed. 8ric !or+ie: -hat date3 Isa,ella Swan: Hey" did you get contacts3 8dward #ullen: No. Isa,ella Swan: !our eyes were... ,lac+ the last time I saw you. 'nd now they're li+e... golden ,rown. 8dward #ullen: !eah I +now. It's the uh... it's the fluorescents... (m... %walks away awkwardly& 4i+e Newton: *oo+ at you" huh3... !ou're '*ID8! 8dward #ullen: -hat's in ac+sonville3 Isa,ella Swan: How did you +now a,out that3 8dward #ullen: !ou didn't answer my Huestion. Isa,ella Swan: -ell" you don't answer any of mine so... I mean" you don't even say hi to me. 8dward #ullen: %pause& Hi. 8dward #ullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. Isa,ella Swan: Then don't 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to $osalie, after she is tagged .out.& 6Nice +itty!6 Isa,ella Swan: !ou +now every,ody's staring3 8dward #ullen: Not that guy %points& 8dward #ullen: ... uh... no he 1ust loo+ed. 8dward #ullen: I'm ,rea+ing all the rules now anyway. Since I'm going to hell... %puts arm around ella& 8dward #ullen: %to ella before going into the prom after Jacob leaves& I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend. 4i+e Newton: !ou and #ullen huh3 %bella nods& 4i+e Newton: I don't li+e it. He loo+s at you li+e... you're something to eat. Isa,ella Swan: How did you get in here3 8dward #ullen: The window. Isa,ella Swan: 7o you do that a lot3 8dward #ullen: ust the past couple of months. essica Stanley: )ella! Guess who 1ust as+ed me to prom. %looks at "dward when he walks away because he was talking to bella & essica Stanley: I totally thought 4i+e was gonna as+ you" actually. (m" it's not gonna ,e weird though" right3 Isa,ella Swan: No" no. Cero weirdness. !ou guys are great together. essica Stanley: I +now" right3 8dward #ullen: -as that as weird for you as it was for me3 Isa,ella Swan: I don't +now.

%looks at the graduation caps on the wall& Isa,ella Swan: Graduation caps3 8dward #ullen: !eah private 1o+e. -e matriculate a lot. Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& !ou're impossi,ly fast. 'nd strong. !our s+in is... pale white" and ice cold. your eyes change color. and sometimes you spea+ li+e li+e your from a different time. you never eat or drin+ any thing. you don't go into the sunlight. Isa,ella Swan: How old are you3 8dward #ullen: Seventeen. Isa,ella Swan: How long have you ,een seventeen3 8dward #ullen: ...a while. Isa,ella Swan: I +now what you are. 8dward #ullen: Say it" out loud say it. Isa,ella Swan: Dampire... 8dward #ullen: 're you afraid3 Isa,ella Swan: ...no. Isa,ella Swan: )adly as in... I ,ecome a meal. %%lice comes in through the window& 'lice #ullen: Hi )ella! %)alks up to ella and hugs her& 'lice #ullen: 2h" you do smell good. 8dward #ullen: 'lice" what are you93 'lice #ullen: It's o+ay. )ella and I are going to ,e great friends. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: Sorry" asper's our newest vegetarian. It's still a little difficult for him. asper Hale: /leasure to meet you. 'lice #ullen: It's o+ay asper" you won't hurt her. 8dward #ullen: 'lright" I'm going to ta+e you on a tour of the rest of the house. 'lice #ullen: -ell" I'll see you soon. Isa,ella Swan: 2+ay. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: I thin+ that went well. 8sme #ullen: %to $osalie& #lean this up! Now! ames: !ou're alone... ,ecause you're faster than the others. )ut not stronger... 8dward #ullen: I'm strong enough to +ill you. 8dward #ullen: (h" yeah this is my room. Isa,ella Swan: ...No ,ed3 8dward #ullen: 'h no i don't" i don't sleep. Isa,ella Swan: 8ver3 8dward #ullen: No" not at all. Isa,ella Swan: 2+" hmmm" ,oy you have so much music" what were you listening to. 8dward #ullen: It's 7e,ussy. Isa,ella Swan: #lair de *une is great. 8dward #ullen: %"dward spins #sabella around and she gives him a look& -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: I can't dance. 8dward #ullen: %laughs& Isa,ella Swan: ... 8dward #ullen: Hmm... -ell" I could always ma+e you. Isa,ella Swan: I'm not scared of you. 8dward #ullen: %laughs& -ell you really shouldn't have said that. 8dward #ullen: %he /umps out his bedroom window and lands on a tree& !ou ,etter hold on tight spidermon+ey! 8dward #ullen: %he climbs up tree& 8dward #ullen: 7o you trust me3 Isa,ella Swan: In theory. 8dward #ullen: Then close your eyes. 8dward #ullen: %Jumps to ne(t tree and climbs to top& 8dward #ullen: % ella gasps& -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: This isn't real. This +ind of stuff 1ust doesn't e.ist. 8dward #ullen: It does in my world. Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& #an I tal+ to you for a minute3 8dward #ullen: %"dward walks away for &arlisle and $osalie cause he was talking to them and walks over to ella& -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& How" how did you get over to me so fast3 8dward #ullen: I was standing right ne.t to you )ella. Isa,ella Swan: No. !ou were ne.t to your car" across the lot.

8dward #ullen: No I wasn't. Isa,ella Swan: !es you were. 8dward #ullen: )ella you hit your head. I thin+ you're confused. Isa,ella Swan: I +now what I saw. 8dward #ullen: 'nd what e.actly was that. Isa,ella Swan: !ou9 you stopped the van. !ou pushed it away with you hand. 8dward #ullen: -ell" no,ody's going to ,elieve you so. Isa,ella Swan: I wasn't going to tell any,ody. I 1ust need to +now the truth. 8dward #ullen: #ant you 1ust than+ me and get over it. Isa,ella Swan: Than+ you. 8dward #ullen: !ou're not going to let this go are you3 Isa,ella Swan: No. 8dward #ullen: -ell then i hope you en1oy disappointment. *aurent: %to &ullens& I am *aurent" and this is Dictoria" and ames. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: I'm #arlisle" this is my family 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %looks from side to side at family& *aurent: So" could you use three more players3 %looks at &arlisle's face& *aurent: ust one game. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %glances in "dward's direction& Sure" why not3 ' few of us were leaving" you can ta+e there place. -e'll ,at first. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %tosses baseball at 'aurent& Dictoria: %catches ball in front of 'aurent's face& I'm the one with the wic+ed curve ,all. asper Hale: 2h I thin+ we can handle that. 8dward #ullen: Is it not enough to have a long and happy life with me3 Isa,ella Swan: !eah" for now... 8dward #ullen: 4y family" we're different from others of our +ind. -e only drin+ animal ,lood" ,ut it's your scent. It's li+e a drug to me. It's li+e you're my own personal ,rand of heroin. Isa,ella Swan: -hy did you hate me so much when we met3 8dward #ullen: I did" only ,ecause of wanting you so ,adly. I still don't +now if I can control myself. Isa,ella Swan: I +now you can. 0osalie Hale: %after "dward asks her to put on ella's coat to distract James& -hy should I3 -hat is she to me3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %!ands her the coat& )ella is with 8dward. She's a part of this family" and we protect our family. -e protect our family. Isa,ella Swan: 8dward" I said leave me alone. 8dward #ullen: )ella" don't do this please. Isa,ella Swan: Its over. Get out! #harlie Swan: Hey" hey" )ella" whats gong on3 Isa,ella Swan: I 1ust gotta get out of here. I'm leaving now. %shuts the door on &harlie's face& #harlie Swan: %knocks on ellas door& )ella. Isa,ella Swan: %to "dward& -hat am I going to say to him3 I cant hurt him. #harlie Swan: )ella" whats going on3 8dward #ullen: !ou 1ust have to. I'll ,e down in the truc+. % ella comes out of the room& #harlie Swan: 7id he hurt you3 Isa,ella Swan: No. #harlie Swan: )rea+ up with you or something3 Isa,ella Swan: No" I9I ,ro+e up with him. #harlie Swan: I thought you li+ed him3 Isa,ella Swan: !ea" that's why 9 that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home. #harlie Swan: Home... !our mom is not even in /hoeni.. Isa,ella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road. #harlie Swan: !ou're not going to drive home right now. !ou can sleep on it. If you still feel li+e going in the morning" I'll ta+e you to the airport. Isa,ella Swan: N9No I want to drive. It will give me more time to thin+. 'nd if I get really tired" I'll pull into a motel. I promise. #harlie Swan: *oo+" )ella" I +now I'm not that much fun to ,e around ,ut I can change that. -e can do more stuff together.

Isa,ella Swan: *i+e what3 *i+e watch ,ase,all on the flat screen3 8at at the diner every night3 Stea+ and co,,ler. 7ad" that's you" that's not me. #harlie Swan: )ella" come on. I9I 1ust got you ,ac+. Isa,ella Swan: !eah" and you +now if I don't get out now" I'll 1ust ,e stuc+ here li+e mom. 8dward #ullen: 7o you trust me3 Isa,ella Swan: In theory. 8dward #ullen: I can't ever lose control with you. 8dward #ullen: !our scent" it's li+e a drug to me. !ou're li+e my own personal ,rand of heroin. Isa,ella Swan: I'm here. I trust you. 8dward #ullen: -hat if I'm not the hero3 -hat if I'm the ,ad guy3 8dward #ullen: I'm going to ma+e it go away" )ella. I'm going to ma+e it go away. 8dward #ullen: See3 !ou're dancing. Isa,ella Swan: ',out three things I was a,solutely positive: ;irst" 8dward was a vampire. Second" there was a part of him9and I didn't +now how dominant that part might ,e9that thirsted for my ,lood. 'nd third" I was unconditionally and irrevoca,ly in love with him. Isa,ella Swan: %"dward /umps down off the roof of ella's truck& #ould you act human3 2+ay" I have neigh,ors. 8dward #ullen: I'm gonna ta+e you to my place tomorrow. %0ulls dent in ella's truck back into correct place & Isa,ella Swan: Than+s... 8r" wait" li+e with yout family3 8dward #ullen: !eah. 8dward #ullen: -9what if they don't li+e me3 8dward #ullen: So you're worried" not ,ecause you'll ,e in a house full of vampires" ,ut ,ecause you thin+ they won't approve of you3 %laughs& Isa,ella Swan: %unsmiling& I'm glad I amuse you. ames: %catches ella's scent from across the field& 'h... you ,rought a snac+. 8dward #ullen: %to ella as they sense the trackers arriving& /ut your hair down. 0osalie Hale: %scoffing& *i+e that'll wor+. I'd smell her from across the field. 8dward #ullen: Shh... Shh... I'm here. Isa,ella Swan: -e can't ,e apart. 8dward #ullen: -here else would I go3 %as $osalie smash hits the baseball at the same time the thunder crashes& Isa,ella Swan: %to "sme& 2:" now I see why you need the thunder. )ut it's gotta ,e a home run" right3 8sme #ullen: %shakes her head& 8dward's very fast. asper Hale: -hat is it3 -hat do you see3 'lice #ullen: The trac+er. He 1ust changed course. asper Hale: -here will it ta+e him" 'lice3 %,rabs %lice a pen and paper& 'lice #ullen: 4irrors. ' room full of mirrors. %starts to sketch never looking down at the paper& Isa,ella Swan: 8dward said the visions weren't always certain... asper Hale: She sees the course people are on while they're on it. If they change their minds" the vision changes. 8dward #ullen: -hat's in ac+sonville Isa,ella Swan: How did you +now a,out that3 8dward #ullen: !ou didn't answer my Huestion Isa,ella Swan: -ell" you don't answer any of mine so... and" you don't even say hi to me 8dward #ullen: Hi Isa,ella Swan: 're you gonna tell me how you stopped the van3 8dward #ullen: !eah. I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. !ou can google it Isa,ella Swan: ;loridians. That what's in ac+sonvill... 8dward #ullen: 't least would you watch where you wal+3 8dward #ullen: *oo+" I'm sorry if I'm ,eing rude all the time. I thin+ it's the ,est way.

8dward #ullen: Shall we3 Isa,ella Swan: !ou're serious3 8dward #ullen: 2h" why not3 Isa,ella Swan: %sighs& Hmm. 8dward #ullen: See3 !ou're dancing. Isa,ella Swan: %giggles& 't prom. 8dward why did you save me3 !ou should've 1ust let the venom spread. I could ,e li+e you ,y now. 8dward #ullen: !ou don't +now what you're saying. !ou don't want this. Isa,ella Swan: I want !2(. 'lways. 8dward #ullen: I'm not gonna end your life for you. Isa,ella Swan: I'm dying already. 8very second I get closer" older. 8dward #ullen: That's the way it's supposed to ,e. Isa,ella Swan: 'lice said she saw me li+e you. I heard her. 8dward #ullen: Her visions change. Isa,ella Swan: !eah" ,ased on what people decide. I've decided. 8dward #ullen: %somewhat bitterly& So that's what you dream a,out" ,ecoming a monster. Isa,ella Swan: I dream a,out ,eing with you" forever. 8dward #ullen: ;orever3 % ella nods& 8dward #ullen: 'nd are you ready right now3 Isa,ella Swan: %hesitant& !es. 8dward #ullen: %sighs& Is it not enough" 1ust to have a long and happy life with me3 Isa,ella Swan: %after a second of thought& !eah. ;or now. Isa,ella Swan: %voiceover& No one will surrender tonight" ,ut I won't give in. I +now what I want. Isa,ella Swan: I +now what you are. !ou're impossi,ly fast and strong. !our s+in is pale white and ice cold. !our eyes change color... and sometimes you spea+ li+e" li+e you're from a different time. !ou never eat or drin+ anything. !ou don't go out in the sunlight. How old are you3 8dward #ullen: Seventeen. Isa,ella Swan: How long have you ,een seventeen3 8dward #ullen: ' while. Isa,ella Swan: I +now what you are... 8dward #ullen: Say it" out loud" say it. Isa,ella Swan: Dampire. 8dward #ullen: 're you afraid3 Isa,ella Swan: No. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: !ou've got to ma+e a choice" 8dward" to prevent the change from happening. 8dward #ullen: no... N2! 'lice #ullen: It's gonna happen" 8dward. I've seen it. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: It doesn't have to ,e that way. She still has what she has. 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to %lice, about ella's broken leg& Give me a hand... ta+e your ,elt off. %%lice takes her belt off& 8dward #ullen: #arlisle" what's my other options3 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to %lice& tie it a,ove my hand %%lice ties it above his hand& 8dward #ullen: #'0*IS*8! 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to %lice& go 'lice" go! 7r. #arlisle #ullen: %to "dward& Try suc+ the venom out. 8dward #ullen: you +now i won't ,e a,le to stop! 7r. #arlisle #ullen: Then find the will... or choose. She only has minutes left. 8dward #ullen: %to ella& I'll ma+e it go away" )ella. I'll ma+e it go away. #harlie Swan: ...your hair's longer Isa,ella Swan: Hmm3 I cut it since the last time I saw you. #harlie Swan: 2h. I guess it grew out again. Isa,ella Swan: It's li+e diamonds... you're ,eautiful. 8dward #ullen: )eautiful3 This is the s+in of a +iller" )ella... I'm a +iller. Isa,ella Swan: I don't ,elieve that. 8dward #ullen: That's ,ecause you ,elieve only the lies... the

camouflage. I'm the world's most dangerous predator" )ella. 8very thing a,out me invites you in. 4y voice" my face" even my smell. 's if I would need any of that... as if you could out run me... as if you could fight me off. I'm designed to +ill. Isa,ella Swan: I don't care. 8dward #ullen: I've +illed people ,efore. Isa,ella Swan: It does not matter. 8dward #ullen: I wanted to +ill you at first. I've never wanted a human's ,lood so much" ,efore. Isa,ella Swan: I trust you. 8dward #ullen: 7on't. 8sme #ullen: %wraps her arm around ella's shoulders& )ella" I'm glad you're here. -e need an umpire. 8mmett #ullen: %walking past, tossing a ball in his hands& She thin+s we cheat. 8sme #ullen: I +now you cheat. Isa,ella Swan: So what are they really3 aco, )lac+: It's 1ust a story" )ella. 8dward #ullen: -hat3 Isa,ella Swan: I can't dance 8dward #ullen: -ell" I could always ma+e you Isa,ella Swan: I'm not scared of you 8dward #ullen: !ou really shouldn't have said that. 0osalie Hale: %after watching "mmett climb a tree to catch a baseball& 4y mon+ey man. )illy )lac+: See" I told you she'd love it. I'm down with the +ids. #harlie Swan: 2h" yeah" dude. !ou're the ,om,. 8dward #ullen: I don't +now. Isa,ella Swan: No one will surrender tonight. )ut I won't give in... I +now what I want. 8dward #ullen: So that what you dream a,out3 )ecoming a monster3 Isa,ella Swan: I dream a,out ,eing with you forever 8dward #ullen: ;orever3 % ella nods& 8dward #ullen: I 1ust wanna try one thing. 8dward #ullen: )e very still... don't move. 'lice #ullen: %'ooks up at the sky thoughtfully& It's time. %first lines& Isa,ella Swan: %voiceover& I'd never given much thought to how I would die... )ut dying in the place of someone I love seems li+e a good way to go. Isa,ella Swan: %first lines in the movie& I've never given much thought to how I would die. )ut dying in the place of someone I love seems li+e a good way to go. So" I can't ,ring my self to regret the decisions to leave home. I would miss /hoeni." I would miss the heat... I would miss my loving" erratic" hare9,rained mother" and her new hus,and. /hil 7wyer: #ome on" guys! I love you ,oth" ,ut we have a plane to catch! Isa,ella Swan: )ut they want to go on the road. So" I'm gonna spend some time with my dad... and this will ,e a good thing... I thin+. 8ric !or+ie: -hoa whoa! #hilla.! No feature!

GARFIELD A TAIL OF TWO KITTIES on 'r,uc+le: *iB" will you marry me3 %shows the ring to 'i1& *iB -ilson: !es. %"veryone starts clapping& Garfield: !ou +now a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. /rince: %holding up lasagna plate& /lease sir. 4ay I have some more3 %gives big eyes& on 'r,uc+le: -hoa" whoa" whoa" whoa" whoa. Garfield" what are you doing3 Garfield: I'm security" pal. ust protecting you from yourself. on 'r,uc+le: Garfield" you've caused enough trou,le today. Now you have food" water" and company. Garfield: %points at 2die& -hich one is he3 on 'r,uc+le: )e good. Garfield: on" he's hilarious. )e careful" she's a maneater! %Jon closes the door& Garfield: 2h no. He's under her spell. %2die still looks for the hamburger in the cabinet& Garfield: 2+ay" 2die" I'll give you one small clue... Iit's not in there!I on 'r,uc+le: Garfield3 2die" wh9wh9what are you doing here3 /rince: Garfield3 -hat the devil is a garfield3 %sees two dogs on a horse+driven cart& Garfield: Hey" 2die" it's one of those royal corgis. %also sees the -ueen on the cart& Garfield: Hey lady" you got any leftover liver3 %no response from the -ueen& Garfield: 'h" stuc+9up little pun+. 2h" I +now she heard it" they had the top down. 2die... 2die3 %2die starts peeing on a ritish soldier's foot& Garfield: 7'uh9oh! 2die" no" don't do the ugly 'merican thing! %soldier looks down at 2die& Garfield: %running away with 2die from the soldier& The )ritish are coming" the )ritish are coming! -ell" you made him crac+ anyway. /rince: %after falling out of hotel window& Sore ,ottom" a little disorientated" ,ut undeterred! -inston: %"nd scene, in pool& Great party" sire! Garfield: !ep. -hen the going gets tough" the great ones party. %gets his butt stuck in the door of the play castle& Garfield: 7oes this ma+e my ,utt a little too ,ig3 -inston: /ut your leather glove on. %blows a stinker in ,arfield's butt& -inston: 2oh" darn it. -ell struc+" sire. Nice chord. Strong finish. Should we have a loo+ at the +itchen3 Garfield: 7id I hear you say... the +itchen3 Deterinary 'ssistant: They're gonna ,e fine" on. on 'r,uc+le: !ou +now" Garfield's never stayed in a +ennel ,efore" so I'm afriad he might have some separation an.iety. Deterinary 'ssistant: %assuring& No. He's pro,a,ly fast asleep in his cage ,y now. %in the cage room, ,arfield and 2die are in a cage and ,arfield shouts while striking the cage door& Garfield: !2( H8'0 48 -'078N3 I H'D8 TH8 0IGHT T2 084'IN SI*8NT! %strikes the cage door again& Garfield: 'N!THING I S'! #'N 'N7 -I** )8 H8*7 'G'INST 48 IN ' #2(0T 2; *'-! %shakes the cage door& Garfield: 'N7 I H'D8 TH8 0IGHT T2 'N 'TT20N8! T22" /'*!

%stomps the floor of the cage& Garfield: 'N7 I; I G8T ' ;2084'N" 2N8 4(ST )8 /02DI787 ;20 48 )! TH8 #2(0T! %,arfield shakes the cage door very hard, causing it to swing open with him on it& Garfield: N8D80 4IN7! %,arfield lets go of the cage door and falls to the floor& Garfield: I 1ust ,ro+e out! Garfield: %/umps onto a table& -e gotta put an end to this torture. %meaning the soft music& Garfield: Time for a new 7 . %switches the track to a loud fast+paced song& *iB -ilson: %to Jon& 7on't let 2die out of your sight they might deport him. Garfield: %very interested& I7eportI 2die3 2oh" I li+e this country already! 2ops... %the table tips over and the bag and ,arfield fall onto the floor& Garfield: %getting up& 2:" I'm gonna need a litter,o." a 0oom Service manual and the TD remote and" in that order. If anyone needs me" I'll ,e in my office. %walks towards the bathroom& on 'r,uc+le: %looks into his bag and gets surprised that his clothes are gone& -here are my clothes3 Garfield: %in the toilet& #ool. 4y very own cat tu,. %turns on the buttwasher and turns it back off immediately after being s-uirted by water& Garfield: Gol9ly! %spits some water out& /rince: So it's hide9and9see+ you want to play3 'lright" I'll count to A@@. %$ommel barks& 7argis: Hello" 0ommel! /rince: A" >" $" F" G... %3argis continues walking with 0rince in the basket& /rince: $G" $J" $E" $K... %3argis approaches the river& /rince: ?J" ?E" ?K" ??" A@@. 'lright" fair warning. 0eady or not" here I co 9 9 me! %3argis throws the basket in the river with 0rince in it& 7argis: )on voyage" /rince! /rince: 2h" dear me. I may have mis1udged the old ,oy. /erhaps he is somewhat of a scoundrel. 'fter all" this is InotI the way one plays hide and see+. on 'r,uc+le: Garfield" since when do you say 6no6 to lasagna3 /rince: ...!ou do realiBe I'm a cat" don't you sir3 %0rince is handed a plate of lasagna& /rince: Good *ord! -hat gruel is this3 Garfield: -hat do they want" ,lood3 I have ,een eating and sleeping my heart out for these animals. Still not enough. *i+e I'm as good as a royal cat could ,e3 %,arfield and 0rince start mirror+playing against a bush doorway& Garfield: %after 0rince collapses face first& 'ha! I so... +new you weren't me. /rince: 'nd you must ,e Garfield. Garfield: How do you +now my name3 /rince: I've lived your life for the past few days. !es" if ever a man loved a cat" it's your on. 0eturn to him" Garfield. 0eturn to your home. Garfield: !our Highness" you don't have to tell me twice. )ye9,ye. /reston: It's the real /rince. The genuine article. /rince: !es" my friends" I have returned to you at this" our dar+est hour. So tell me -inston" what e.actly is *ord 7argis up to3 -inston: He intends to level our homes and +ill us all. /rince: 2... +ay. -ell" in that case" I decree that we pac+ our ,ags and get our scraggy ,ottoms out of here. /erhaps to the castle ne.t door. Garfield: 2h ,oy. Nigel: -ell" that was inspirational. )olero: )rilliant. 4c)unny: I am so fired up.

Garfield: !ou +now" I'll have to ,elieve we can do ,etter. /reston: I thought you were leaving. Garfield: Hey. )utton the ,ea+" ;root *oops" or I'll stic+ that thing on ,ac+wards. *oo+" *ord 7oofus is 1ust another ,ully. 'nd what do we do to ,ullies3 4eenie: -ell" generally" we run from them. Garfield: No" we don't leave. -e stand and we +ic+ royal ,utt. Trust me" if you ,eastsssss can ,a+e a two9cheese lasagna" you can ,eat 7argis. /reston: -ell" do you have a plan" Garfield3 Garfield: Tell you what. ;or the duration of this ,attle I would prefer to ,e called 6G9#at6. 'nd we" have two plans. Garfield: I'm the +ing of the cul9de9sac. That's what I'm tal+ing a,out. on and I have everything I could ever want. ;ood in the fridge. #a,le and satellite. 'nd don't forget" lasagna. That's right. It's good to ,e +ing. Garfield: This is a huge mista+e" on. 2ne of your ,iggest. 7on't roam. Stay home. 2die and I are not 1ust going on for the ride. %2die runs over ,arfield and leaps into the car& Garfield: %spits out some grass& This is actually an intervention. %a duck takes a dip into the pool& 7argis: %shoos away the duck& !ou savage ,east! How dare you! Get out of here! Smithee! There's something in the pool" Smithee! %Smithee comes with a towel& 7argis: %dries himself& There's a duc+ in my pool" Smithee! ' duc+! Smithee: ' duc+" sir3 7argis: ;ilthy wild animal soa+ing itself in my pool. -hat do you intend doing a,out it3 Smithee: I shall... spea+ to the duc+" sir3 2h ,y the way" the solicitors are here for the reading of *ady 8leanor's will. 7argis: 8.cellent. In a few moments I'll ,e the master of this entire state. 'nd from this day on things will ,e done my way. 4c)unny: :eep still. They're reading *ady 8leanor's will. #hristophe: I've got a ,ad feeling a,out this. 8enie: I can't watch. If *ord 7argis gets the estate" we're done for! 4eenie: -e're done! 4c)unny: Luiet! Garfield: Hey" 4ario 'ndretti. !ou're driving on the wrong side of the road" and I've got an entire pie in my stomach. Smithee: 7on't worry" /rince. !ou'll feel ,etter when we get ,ac+ to #arlyle. Garfield: )us driver" pull it over. I've got a pie ,elch coming that might ,rea+ windows. %burps loudly& Garfield: 'aahh. %Smithee stops in front of &arlyle &astle, gets out, and opens the door for ,arfield& Smithee: #ome on" /rince. Garfield: %gets out of the car& !eah" yeah" I used to ,e +nown as /rince" ,ut you can 1ust call me" Ga 9 r 9 field. %awestruck by the castle& Garfield: -ow. Get a load of this dump. Garfield: Holy cow. I could hear my footsteps. 4om... 7ad... I'm home. -inston: !our highness! Garfield: !ou're tal+ing to me" froggy3 -inston: It's me" your trusty servant" -inston. Garfield: Hey... %shows off some fighting moves& Garfield: -arning" I don't fight fair. I scratch" and I ,ite. -inston: It's alright" sire. 'll is well now" your home. Garfield: Home3 ' retirement home" a happy home3 So what is this... is this an insane asylum3 'm I ,eing +idnapped3 -inston: Ha" ha" ha. Dery funny" sire. !our loyal su,1ects await you. They need to ,e comforted ,y your word. Garfield: Hey... trust me" wind,ag. There's no way I'm gonna give a speech to a ,unch of deranged... -inston: 'nd then of course" following your words" a royal feast. Garfield: %interested& I thin+ I'm 1ust gonna do a tight two minutes" see if that will calm 'em down" o+ay3

Nigel: Got it. #ould have 1ust come down and told me that" couldn't he3 'lright" listen up. )arnyard newsflash. I've got some good news and some ,ad news. -hich would you li+e to hear first3 #hristophe" )olero" 8enie" 4c)unny: The ,ad news. Nigel: *ord 7argis 1ust threw /rince in the river. %animals panic& -inston: 2+ay" give me the good news. Nigel: He was in a lovely picnic ,as+et. 8enie: If he throws us in the river" we'll never survive! #hristophe: !ou're duc+s" you could swim. 8enie: 2h. /reston: %enters the barnyard with a scroll& -inston" I'm ne.t in line for the throne. )olero: (h9oh. This could get ugly. /reston: %rolls out the scroll& I have here a new list of rules for governance. -inston: /reston" I hardly thin+ that's necessary. /reston: 0ule num,er one. The ,arnyard animals congregate entirely too close to the castle. -e house pets need our space. 4c)unny: 2h" you've got enough space" laddie" right ,etween your ears! %animals laugh& /reston: !ou ta+e that ,ac+! I command you! 's your new +ing... -inston: *oo+. There's still a chance /rince may find his way ,ac+ here. In the meantime" #laudius" you go into the castle and find out what 7argis is up to. I" #laudius: I'm on it. I'm your mouse on the inside. -inston: I'll see what I can learn from my end. -inston: 2yeB" oyeB. /rince MII has returned. %ducks trumpet& Garfield: Than+ you wind,ag" for that flo,,ering introduction. Hello" every,ody! %animals look in astonishment& Garfield: Hey" listen up... %flicks )inston's nose& Garfield: is this an audience or a landscape3 2+ay" great to ,e ,ac+ here at the palace. I loo+ out" I see a sea of... of dum, ,arnyard animals. I'm here in your country to ,rea+ up a romance ,etween the guy who owns the house I live in and a girl who's way out of his league. I +now that whatever it is that you have" there's some sort of affliction that produces this glaBed loo+ ,ehind your eyes. I hope you defeat it. -ish I could ta+e every,ody home with me. Than+ you. %walks away& Garfield: I +illed. -inston: Dery funny" sire. -ell done. Nigel: I didn't realiBe it was amateur hour. 8enie: -hat's up with /rince3 #hristophe: 2h" he's on the catnip again. I" #laudius: Hold on" chaps! Have I got news for you! 4c)unny: -hat's the word" #laudius3 I" #laudius: 7argis is going to ,ulldoBe the ,arnyard and feed us to the tourists! Nigel: *et him try. He'll have to deal with these fists of fury first" wouldn't he3 %animals complain& -inston: #alm yourselves" everyone. -e're alright as long as /rince is alive. 4c)unny: -ell" o,viously" that feline is not /rince" you idiots! /reston: He's not even a cat formerly +nown as /rince. %animals argue& -inston: -ait" he doesn't have to ,e /rince. He 1ust has to loo+ li+e him. If he fooled me" he'll fool them. 4c)unny: )ut what's to stop 7argis from getting rid of this cat too3 -inston: 4c)unny's right. -e must protect this cat at all costs. 2ur fates rely on it. on 'r,uc+le: %dries 0rince with a towel& 4r. and 4rs. on 'r,uc+le... *iB 'r,uc+le... 8liBa,eth 'r,uc+le. /rince: *isten" you dolt. There's ,een a coup d'etat. 'ttempted murder most foul. I am /rince MII of #arlyle.

%smoothens fur& /rince: %to 2die& !ou there" with the wise and thoughtful loo+. Hello. #onvince this man there's ,een a mi.9up. on 'r,uc+le: %comes out of the bathroom with a blow+dryer& Garfield" I want you to ,e at my wedding party. /rince: -edding party3 on 'r,uc+le: Thin+ you can hold a ,as+et of flowers in your mouth3 /rince: 8nough with the frooming" you dunce. 4y su,1ects face mortal 1eopardy. %gets off the bed& /rince: %to 2die& 7og" approach. %2die approaches 0rince& /rince: -e must plan my escape" and I'm relying on your e.pedience and cunning. %2die begins chasing his tail& /rince: %sighs& 2+ey9do+ey" new plan. Garfield: #ome" my pump+in wind,ag. -e're ready to roll. -inston: 0oll3 -here to3 Garfield: !ou +now" to the hotel" to on. -inston: !our master3 The one who's leaving you for his new wife3 Garfield: He's not leaving me. It's more of a... temporary insanity thing. -inston: Garfield" your master started a new life. It's time for you to ,egin yours. #ome on" I wanna show you something. Garfield: *oo+ at this room" for e.ample. How are you gonna liven this place up3 -inston: )ut sire" this castle is centuries old. Garfield: It's a museum. It's ,oring. 'nd you +now what's missing when your cri, is a museum3 It's called fun! -inston: ;un3 Garfield: It's not that hard" you 1ust need a running start at something. ust... whoa... -inston: This is gonna end up so ,adly. %,arfield slides across the floor and bumps into a table which sends a flower vase falling to the floor& Garfield: It was already crac+ed. -inston: Ha9ha. Nothing escapes you" sire. Garfield: !eah" I li+e the way this feels. !ou slide" ,a,y. -hoa... %knocks over a china vase and breaks it& Garfield: 7'uh oh. -inston: 7on't worry a,out that. That one was crac+ed as well. Garfield: %leans against a statue& 2h" I can rela.. 2ops. %the statue tips over, knocking down all the other statues in succession & 7argis: %enters the museum& -hat the... 2of! %last statue falls on 3argis& 7argis: Smithee! Get this thing off me! Garfield: 2h" let's go try another room. -inston: Good idea" sire. Garfield: #areful. That's high9Huality 'merican card,oard you're tossing around in there. )eautiful" fellas. Hang the plasma over the slip9 and9slide. -inston: Sire" a word3 Garfield: owls" my lad. Guess what your enlightened" all9powerful ruler has ,rought to the castle. /reston: 2h" I can't wait to hear this. -inston: 7on't tell me" a 0enaissance painting. Garfield: ;oos,all" you +now" foos,all. -inston: ;o9fo9fo9foos,all3 /reston: -hat do you thin+ this is" a pu,3 Garfield: ust ,ecause we don't have opposa,le thum,s" doesn't mean we don't play ,argains. -inston: !es sire" ,ut I feel your life is in danger. Garfield: *isten" -inne,ago" if I may call you that. -hen history spea+s of me" and she will" I wanna ,e remem,ered as the /arty /rince. -inston: 's you wish. Nigel: !ou chaps +now me" I'm no sno," right3 )ut this cat is too much. /reston: That is an em,arrassment to our whole way of life.

Nigel: He's a disgrace to the furry race. 64y pillow isn't soft enough" my TD remote won't wor+...6 -inston: 7on't get your +nic+ers in a twist. I +now he's a pain in the nec+ ,ut we 1ust gotta +eep him safe till 4onday. %ducks trumpet& Garfield: !eah" my loyal and fragrant su,1ects. /lease" than+ you. )riefly" I hate 4ondays. I hate 'em. Therefore I decree" from this day forward" there will ,e no more 4ondays. 8enie" 4eenie: -hat3 Garfield: Got it3 Today is Tuesday" then. Happy Tuesday" every,ody. #hristophe: !eah" I thin+ he's lost it. -inston: *i+e I said" we 1ust gotta +eep him safe till Tuesday. %after being served a plate of &arlyle log& Garfield: (gh. 7oes a Great 7ane live here3 -inston: It's your #arlyle log" my lord. ' savory of liver and spleen served in a sleeve of sheep's intestines. Garfield: 'nd... you're supposed to eat it3 -hat is this" ;ear ;actor3 Intestines" spleen3 %pushes the plate away& Garfield: I'm the +ing" right3 -inston: /rince" actually. Garfield: Same difference" I rule. !es3 -inston: !es" !our Highness. Garfield: Great. -ell" feed this to the humans" and 1ust ,ring me a piping hot dish of lasagna. 2+ay3 -inston: I'll see to it at once" sire. Garfield: 2+ay. %/umps onto the table& Garfield: Hold it right here" all you animals. -hat goes on here" -inston3 -inston: -e're preparing the royal lasagna" sire. (nless you prefer another dish. Garfield: 7id you say dish3 *asagna's not a dish" wind,ag. It's a way of life. ' state of ,eing one's perfect achievement. -hat did the Indians serve to the /ilgrims3 *asagna. -hat did 4arie 'ntoinette scream to the re,el3 6*et them eat lasagna.6 -hat did Neil 'rmstrong say when he landed on the moon3 6That's one small slice of lasagna.6 It's not a dish. It's the stuff of dreams. It's the food of the gods. It's what's for lunch. -inston: -ell" it seems we've already muc+ed it up. Garfield: !ou 1ust need a little guidance" that's all. Garfield: !ou +now what" I've got two words for that guy: you're fired. -inston: If only it were that simple" sire. on 'r,uc+le: -hat am I gonna do3 How am I supposed to find Garfield3 *ondon's very ,ig. %2die fetches some newspaper from the trash can and hands it to Jon& on 'r,uc+le: %after reading the headline& I don't care a,out some alien love ,a,y" o+ay3 I'm worried a,out Garfield. %2die /umps on Jon and licks him, telling him to turn the paper over& on 'r,uc+le: 2+ay 2die" you +now what" you're ,eing a real... %reads the article about 0rince& on 'r,uc+le: 6*ady 8leanor #arlyle inherits her entire estate to her ,eloved cat /rince MII.6 4ay,e some,ody mistoo+ this cat for... Garfield! #ome on! Good ,oy! /reston: Hogwash! This cat is moc+ing us at every turn. -inston: /reston" calm yourself. He's only doing what's ,est for us. /reston: How much longer should we sustain this charade3 %,arfield peeks into the door& /reston: I can't ,elieve this cat is so stupid as to thin+ he is actually erotic. -inston: -ell" he does. 'nd house cat or not" we need him. Garfield: -ha 9 3 House cat3 -inston: ust have a little patience. /reston: /atience3 ;ine. 'dmit it" -inston. This ,uffoon couldn't groom the paws of a real +ing. Garfield: )uffoon3 %after being locked in a dungeon by 3argis& Garfield: %from inside a sack& !ou creep! 7argis: There's more than one way to s+in a royal cat!

Garfield: I'm not a royal cat" I'm a self9centered house cat! -ait! %gets out of the sack and runs to the door& Garfield: -hy" you thin+ I'm gonna crac+ in here3 (h9uh. No. This is gonna ,e a treat. I'm finally gonna have some Huality alone time. I'm gonna write that novel I've ,een putting off. I'm gonna learn a couple of foreign languages" I'm gonna start a whole new wor+out regimen. I'm gonna lose all this. Get myself in top physical condition... than+ you! !eah" I love it here. !ou've done me an enormous favor. -ho's laughing now3 %laughs timidly& Garfield: 'nd there's the time I got hit ,y that car" %scratches a line on the wall& Garfield: and the time I ate that si.9day9old hali,ut. %scratches another line on the wall& Garfield: That's only seven lives. I got two more. I'm gonna get out of this. %a rock falls, creating a hole in the wall& Garfield: )ingo. I" #laudius: %pokes his head through the hole& -inston and I have come to your rescue. Garfield: Too+ you long enough. -hat" did you finally hear my stomach growl3 I" #laudius: %enters the dungeon& No" ,ut we heard your tiresome monologue. )ad hali,ut indeed. %a rock moves, revealing an escape path from the dungeon& -inston: *et's get you out of here" your royal highness. Garfield: -inster. -inston: The solicitors are here. -e have to move Huic+ly. Garfield: Huh. -inston: Then we lunge in" your royal highness. Garfield: !eah" you can drop that shti+" drool ,oy. I heard you and the ,ird. How a,out the 6house cat6 part3 I love that. -inston: 2h" all right" all right" so we weren't e.actly honest. -e had to do it. -hat would you have done3 Garfield: Save your ,reath" chu,,y chee+s. I shall a,dicate my throne and return to my TD chair. -inston: !ou're our only hope. Garfield: The only hope of the hopeless. Garfield: %to 2die& 2+ay" ,loc+head. Time to ,ust out of here and catch up with on. ;irst let's gra, some chow ,efore I eat your liver" %in a '!annibal 'ecter'ish voice& Garfield: with some fava ,eans a nice #hianti. %,arfield and 2die get off the bed& Garfield: %to housekeeper& (h" sorry" we left a ,it of a mess in the ,athroom" than+s.

GARFIELD 2004 Garfield: 'nother day ruined. %on seeing 2die bringing Jon's paper in for him& Garfield: 2h" you little suc+9up! *iB: There's nothing wrong with Garfield. He's 1ust a happy" fat" laBy cat. Garfield: No need for a second opinion. %,arfield shoves 2die off a chair& Garfield: 7own" dum, dog! %2die /umps on ,arfield's chair again& Garfield: -hoa... what part of 6no6 don't you understand3 The push9 off9the9chair3 %pushes 2die off the chair& Garfield: 2ff! I don't wanna play! %2die /umps on ,arfield's chair one more time& Garfield: *oo+" what am I supposed to say3 Than+s" for saving my hide with *uca3 2+ay" than+s for saving my hide with *uca. %pushes 2die off the chair& Garfield: Get off!

%Jon slips on a purple ball& Garfield: There's my ,all. Garfield: 2nce again" my life has ,een saved ,y the miracle of lasagna. Garfield: %2die throws a pillow at him& oooooohhhhhh... that was a cheap shot %walks up to odie with the pillow& Garfield: %gesturing to the pillow& hey" I saw this and I thought... pretty sure it was your... Garfield: %hits odie& oh" I love to dish it out! Garfield: %,arfield is pigging out on flavor blasted ,oldfish and then he burps& 'h" and that's a sign that the tan+ is full. %first lines& Garfield: I hate 4ondays. Garfield: 2h" Sleeping )eauty" wa+e up. !ou can stop dreaming a,out me" ,ecause I'm here. Now 1ust wa+e up. !ou got wor+ to do. !ou're not 1ust my owner" you're my primary caregiver. Now ,e a... on 'r,uc+le: Not now" Garfield. %)raps arm around ,arfield& Garfield: %choking& Get9 '9 'h9 ust9 'll right. #ut the sweet stuff. 8asy now. ust9 %breaks free& Garfield: Trying to cuddle with me" huh3 Trying to avoid your duties" eh3 -ell" that 1ust ain't gonna fly! It isn't gonna wor+ with me. See" I'm getting my e.ercise" doin' my 1o,. ust one Huic+ #'NN2N)'**! %/umps from T* and hits Jon in the stomach& Garfield: 4orning. on 'r,uc+le: Garfield! Garfield: Houston! we have a pro,lem! 2die" get off the pail. -ould you get off the pail" please3 'lright" time for a new game. It's called 64y #law In !our )utt6 game! #ome on! Get ,ac+ here! I'll 1ust use my left claw! If my legs were longer I would have caught you ,y now! #ome ,ac+ here! ust a second. %panting& Garfield: Slow... down... Garfield: on! on! 2die is on TD" and he's wearing liederhosen! on 'r,uc+le: -hat am I gonna do with you3 Garfield: *ove me" feed me" never leave me. Garfield: I thin+... I'm going to ,low cat chow chun+s. Garfield: %to mouse after spitting him out& Have you tasted yourself lately3 *ouis: Hey" it wasn't e.actly the first9class lounge in there for me" either. Garfield: Get yourself lost" *ouis. Ta+e a powder for a couple days" get a haircut" and grow a ,eard. *ouis: #ool. I owe you one" G. Garfield: So much time" and so little... I need to do. on 'r,uc+le: Garfield" did you eat all four ,o.es of lasagna3 Garfield: %hiccups& It's not my fault. They started it. Garfield: 2:" here's the drill. #ats" scratch li+e you never scratched ,efore. 7ogs" ,ite ,ut don't chew" and rats" see if you can get that pretty nec+lace around his nec+. %cats 4 dogs start growling, and rats start s-ueaking& Garfield: #anines" felines" and 'vermines'" it's showtime! 'rlene: %%rlene and Nermal see 2die out of the house& /oor 2die. That cat is such a pig. Nermal: Garfield's a pig3 'rlene: !ou never leave the dog out at night. Nermal: -hy not3 'rlene: )ecause dogs run away. Garfield: I love the smell of #innamon 'pple in the morning. It smells li+e victory. on 'r,uc+le: %a mouse runs by& 4ouse! Garfield: No than+s" I'm full. %mouse runs away& on 'r,uc+le: Get him Garfield! Garfield: %looks at mouse then back at Jon& Get him on. Garfield: Huh3 That's his last name" SchnitBel3

on 'r,uc+le: %in the phone& I'll call you later. Garfield is ,eing... Garfield. Garfield: %after seeing Jon baby talk 2die& !eah" wish me luc+ with the nightmares. Garfield: I can do this. )eyond this intersection is 1ust another intersection" and another" and another. 2n the other hand" I wonder if there's any meatloaf left in the fridge. No" now is not the time for a plate of meatloaf. Now is the time for a plate of courage. *adies and gentlemen" Garfield has left the cul9de9sac! 'rlene: Garfield" are you alright3 Garfield: I thin+ so. *uca's a,out to have 2die for lunch. 'rlene: If it wasn't for 2die" you'd ,e *uca's chew toy. Nermal: !eah" he saved your life. 2die's a hero! Garfield: -hy" ,ecause I wasn't ripped to shreds3 No. 2die's an im,ecile until further notice. Garfield: on" you had me a chic+ magnet" and now you got a tic+ magnet! Nermal: Garfield" on ,rought a dog home. Garfield: I'm aware" Nermal. Nermal: -hy would he do a thing li+e that3 Garfield: Gee" I don't +now" Nermal. Nermal: -ell it 1ust sounds li+e a weird thing to do" ,ringing a dog into a house that already has a cat. Garfield: #an we drop it3 I mean it's no ,ig deal. It's 1ust a splattered ,ug on the windshield of my life. Nermal: '... ,ug3 Garfield: ' dim9witted" smelly" goofy... splattered ,ug that I will deal with properly and enthusiastically. on 'r,uc+le: %to 2die& #ome on" ,oy! Garfield: 's you can see" I'm still on's favorite. Nermal: See you later" Garfield! Good luc+ with the ,ug thing! Nermal: Garfield" on's ta+ing 2die on his date with *iB and he's leaving you ,ehind. Garfield: I +now" Nermal. Nermal: They're off on an adventure and you're still here. Garfield: 'nd your point is...3 Nermal: -ell" that's gotta feel ,ad" ,eing left ,y on while he ta+es 2die out" it's li+e... you're not his favorite anymore! Garfield: Hey" what do you say we play ,rain surgeon3 -ould you go get my power tools3 Hmm... %,arfield sees the truck leaving the house& Garfield: This is so sad. on has completely lost his mind. He doesn't realiBe how important I am to him. Garfield: -hy" why has this happened3 I was the one... it was all a,out me. Not a,out some... stupid" sniffling" smelly" high9maintenance... Idisco dog!I Garfield: !ou 1ust can't do this" on. He's trying to tear us apart" don't you see that3 !ou +now me. I'm too laBy to try to destroy your house. I was provo+ed" pushed" prodded" driven mad. !ou can't +ic+ me out of my own house li+e I'm some +ind of animal! %Jon closes the door& Garfield: %scratches the door& 2h come on" on. on! !ou +now I'm scared of the dar+. Garfield: Sure" on. I'll eat all your lasagna for you. *uca: Hey" what are you loo+ing at3 Garfield: Nothing. ust loo+ing for some company. Nermal: :eep wal+ing" creepo. Garfield: -hat's going on3 'rlene: -e +now how much you hated 2die. -e +now how much you wanted him gone. Garfield: -ait a minute. 'll I wanted was to sleep in my own ,ed. 'rlene: 'nd to do it" you cast 2die out into the cold" cruel world3 Nermal: -e saw you loc+ed 2die out last night! Garfield: Gee" I don't ,elieve you guys. I didn't +now 2die was gonna run away. He's a dum, dog. No offense" *uca. *uca: (h... what3 Garfield: !ou can't ,lame me for that. Nermal: 'ny one of us could ,e ne.t.

'rlene: !eah. There's no room for any,ody else in Garfield's world. Garfield: %after being left alone by 'uca, %rlene and Nermal& 2h that was a little traumatic. -ell may,e I've ,een a little... tough in protecting my turf" ,ut" um... I don't hate the guy. Garfield: /oor 2die. He faces a life of torture" neglect and degradation... Hey" no,ody gets to mistreat my dog li+e that e.cept me! /ersni+itty: -ill you please +eep Huiet3 God" god! 2h" this really is too much. Garfield: Hey" /ersni+itty! Happy #hapman's cat! -hat are you doing here3 /ersni+itty: I was his cat" until I outlived my purpose. 'nd then he replaced me with a dog and dumped me in this wretched place. 'll humans are the same. Garfield: Not my owner. He only does what's ,est for me. He puts up with me and he feeds me. /ersni+itty: 'nd he lets you vacation in this charming animal pound. Hello. Garfield: Not for long" /ersni+itty. /ersni+itty: -ould you please 1ust stop calling me that3 4y name isn't really /ersni+itty. It's Sir 0oland. Garfield: Sir 0oland. /ersni+itty: !eah" that's another one of Happy #hapman's acts of cruelty. I was trained in a classical theater" you +now" mm9hmm. )ut now I'm a cele,rity ca,le castoff cat" with a name I can never live down. Garfield: -ell this may hurt a little" ,ut" I'm trying to rescue the dog that replaced you" /ersni+itty... I mean" 0oland. Happy and 2die are getting on a train in less than two hours" to ,ecome regulars on Good 7ay New !or+. Span+y: -ait a minute. 7id I 1ust hear that3 !ou're a cat that's trying to rescue a dog3 Garfield: It's true" I +now" it's a crime against nature. 't first I thought he was a pain ,ut" he's grown on me li+e a wart you wanna have removed until you realiBed it defines you in some funny way. /ersni+itty: !ou +now what" that is a,solutely charming. Span+y: *et me as+ you one Huestion" chu,,y. -hat are you tal+ing a,out3 Garfield: How could you understand3 He's my friend. Garfield: *et me tell you something" Happy. To you" 2die might ,e 1ust a dum," stupid" smelly dog. )ut to me" %2die barks twice& Garfield: he's all that and much more. He's my friend. Garfield: %to 2die& 2die" try something else. 4ay,e there's a game on. %2die presses a button on the remote and a shock causes !appy to do a backflip& Garfield: !eah" 1ust one ,ig" happy family. %notices 2die with him on his chair& Garfield: !eah" right. Hit the floor. %pushes 2die off his chair& Garfield: No" come on" seriously" you can come up. #ome here" ,uddy" come up. %2die climbs on ,arfield's chair& Garfield: 7own you go. Garfield: %pushes 2die off his chair again& Garfield: -e 1ust hit it off so great ,ecause we ,oth love the same thing and that is... %2die climbs on ,arfield's chair one more time and ,arfield pushes him off again& Garfield: me.

NARNIA 1 %Mr eaver is carefully testing the strength of the ice. #t starts to crack beneath him& 4rs. )eaver: !ou've ,een snea+ing second helpings" haven't you3 4r. )eaver: -ell" you never +now which meal's gonna ,e your last. 8specially with your coo+ing. 4r. )eaver: -hen 'dam's ;lesh and 'dam's ,one sits at #air /aravel in throne" the evil time will ,e over and done. Susan /evensie: !ou +now that doesn't really rhyme. ;o.: ;orgive me" your 4a1esty. adis The -hite -itch: 2h" don't waste my time with flattery. ;o.: Not to seem rude" ,ut I wasn't actually tal+ing to you. %looks at "dmund& ;o.: This is what ,ecomes of those who cross the witch. 4r. )eaver: !ou ta+e one more step" traitor" and I'll chew you to splinters! ;o.: 0ela.. I'm one of the good guys. 4r. )eaver: !eah3 -ell" you loo+ an awful lot li+e one of the ,ad ones. ;o.: 'n unfortunate family resem,lance. )ut we can argue ,reeding later. 0ight now we've got to move. ;o.: Greetings" gents. *ost something have we3 4augrim: 7on't patroniBe me! I +now where your allegiance lies. -e're loo+ing for some humans. ;o.: Humans3 Here in Narnia3 That's a valua,le ,it of information" don't you thin+3 %Mr. eaver takes the 0evensies to his house& 4rs. )eaver: Those aren't ,adgers! Ginarr,ri+: %to "dmund& This way for your num9nums. Susan /evensie: The professor +new we were coming. 8dmund /evensie: /erhaps we've ,een incorrectly la,eled. adis The -hite -itch: I can ma+e anything you li+e. 8dmund /evensie: #an you ma+e me taller3 adis The -hite -itch: !ou +now" 'slan" I'm a little disappointed in you. 7id you honestly thin+ ,y all this that you could save the human traitor3 !ou are giving me your life and saving no one. So much for love. Tonight" the 7eep 4agic will ,e appeased" ,ut tomorrow" we will ta+e Narnia forever! In that +nowledge" despair... and die! %about to charge into battle& /eter /evensie: ;or Narnia and for 'slan! /rofessor :ir+e: !ou seem to have upset the delicate internal ,alance of my house+eeper. /eter /evensie: -e're very sorry" sir" it won't happen again. Susan /evensie: It's our sister" sir. *ucy. /rofessor :ir+e: The weeping girl3

Susan /evensie: !es" sir. She's upset. /rofessor :ir+e: Hence the weeping. 'slan: If the -itch +new the true meaning of sacrifice" she might have interpreted the deep magic differently. That when a willing victim who has committed no treachery" is +illed in a traitor's stead" the stone ta,le will crac+" and even death itself would turn ,ac+wards. 'slan: %almost in a roar& 7o not cite the 7eep 4agic to me -itch. I was there when it was written. /eter /evensie: %to "dmund after hitting him with the cricket ball& -a+e up" 7olly 7aydream! 4augrim: )e still" stranger" or you'll never move again. -ho are you3 8dmund /evensie: I'm 8dmund. I met the Lueen in the woods. She told me to come ,ac+ here. I'm a Son of 'dam! 4augrim: Hmmm" my apologies" fortunate favored of the Hueen. 2r else" not so fortunate. /eter /evensie: -hen are you gonna learn to grow up3 8dmund /evensie: Shut up! !ou thin+ you're dad" ,ut you're N2T! /eter /evensie: -hy can't you thin+ a,out anyone ,ut yourself3 !ou're so selfish! !ou could have got us +illed! /eter /evensie: %to "dmund, after 'ucy heals him& -hen are you gonna learn to do as you're told3 8dmund /evensie: %to Susan& !es mum! 8dmund /evensie: If home's still there. %the witch has discovered "dmund has been rescued by %slan's forces, and ,inarrbrik tied to the tree in "dmund's place& Ginarr,ri+: !ou're not going to +ill me3 adis The -hite -itch: Not yet. Susan /evensie: -hy are they all staring at us3 *ucy /evensie: 4ay,e they thin+ you loo+ funny. 4r. )eaver: /eter said" 'Get out of here!' 8dmund /evensie: /eter's not +ing yet! 4r. Tumnus" the ;aun: 'nd what a,out you3 !ou must ,e some +ind of ,eardless dwarf3 *ucy /evensie: I'm not a dwarf! I'm a girl. 'nd actually" I'm tallest in my class. 4r. Tumnus" the ;aun: !ou mean to say that you're a daughter of 8ve3 *ucy /evensie: %confused& -ell" my mum's name is Helen... 4r. Tumnus" the ;aun: !9!es" ,ut" you are in fact... human3 *ucy /evensie: I wouldn't lie a,out this! 8dmund /evensie: -ell" I ,elieve you. *ucy /evensie: !ou do3 8dmund /evensie: !eah" of course. 7idn't I tell you a,out the foot,all field in the ,athroom cup,oard3 %Mrs. eaver is packing food before they flee from the wolves & /eter /evensie: -hat's she doing3 4rs. )eaver: 2h" you'll ,e than+ing me later. It's a long 1ourney" and )eaver gets pretty cran+y when he's hungry. 4r. )eaver: I'm cran+y now! /eter /evensie: 4ay,e we could call to the police. Susan /evensie: %waving Maugrim's parchment& These '08 the police! /eter /evensie: -e 1ust want our ,rother ,ac+. Susan /evensie: %about 'ucy& She thin+s she's found a magical land... In the upstairs wardro,e. /rofessor :ir+e: %eyes widening, he rushes to the children& -hat did you say3 /eter /evensie: (m" the wardro,e. (pstairs. *ucy thin+s she's found a forest inside. Susan /evensie: She won't stop going on a,out it. /rofessor :ir+e: -hat was it li+e3 Susan /evensie: *i+e tal+ing to a lunatic. /rofessor :ir+e: No" no" no. Not her" the forest! Susan /evensie: %stares& !ou're not saying you ,elieve her3 /rofessor :ir+e: !ou don't3 Susan /evensie: )ut" of course not. I mean" logically it's impossi,le. /rofessor :ir+e: -hat do they teach in schools these days3 Susan /evensie: )esides" we could all use the fresh air. 8dmund /evensie: It's not li+e there isn't air inside.

/eter /evensie: I'm gonna +ill him. 4r. )eaver: !ou may not have to. Has 8dmund ever ,een to Narnia ,efore3 4rs. )eaver: It's the world" dear. 7id you e.pect it to ,e small3 Susan /evensie: Smaller. *ucy /evensie: 're you all right3 !ou loo+ awful. 8dmund /evensie: -ell" what do you e.pect3 I mean" it's freeBing! How do we get out of here3 /eter /evensie: She's right. He's gone. 8dmund /evensie: Then you'll have to lead us. %pause& 8dmund /evensie: /eter" there's an army out there" and it's ready to follow you. /eter /evensie: I can't. 8dmund /evensie: 'slan ,elieved you could. 'nd so do I. /eter /evensie: %to 2reius right before battle& 're you with me3 2reius: To the death. adis The -hite -itch: %to "dmund& Tell me" 8dmond. 're your sisters deaf3 8dmund /evensie: No. adis The -hite -itch: 'nd your ,rother" is he unintelligent3 8dmund /evensie: -ell" I thin+ so. )ut 4um says... adis The -hite -itch: %shouting& Then how dare you come alone! adis The -hite -itch: I have no interest in prisoners. :ill them all. 4r. Tumnus: %sees 'ucy looking at picture& Now" that... that is my father. *ucy /evensie: He has a nice face. He loo+s a lot li+e you! 4r. Tumnus: No. No" I'm not very much li+e him at all" really. *ucy /evensie: 4y father's fighting in the war. 4r. Tumnus: 4y father went away to war too. )ut that was a long" long time ago. 4r. Tumnus: Now" are you familiar with any Narnian lulla,ies3 *ucy /evensie: Sorry" no. 4r. Tumnus: -ell that's good" ,ecause this pro,a,ly won't sound anything li+e one. 2lder *ucy: %looking at the lamppost as 5ueen of Narnia& Spare '2om! 4augrim: %circling 0eter who is holding a sword& #'mon. -e've ,een through this ,efore. -e ,oth +now you havn't got it in you. %the )hite )itch is about to kill the 6o(& 8dmund /evensie: -ait" no don't. )eaver said something a,out The Stone Ta,le. 'nd that 'slan had an army there. adis The -hite -itch: 'n army3 Than+ you" 8dmund. I'm glad this creature got to see some honesty... ,efore he dies! %Jadis turns the 6o( into stone& 4r. )eaver: #ome on" humans. -hile we're still young! /eter /evensie: If he tells us to hurry one more time" I'm gonna turn him into a ,ig" fluffy hat. 'slan: 2nce a +ing or Hueen of Narnia" always a +ing or Hueen. 4ay your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens. *ucy /evensie: It's all right! I'm ,ac+! I'm all right! 8dmund /evensie: Shut up! He's coming! /eter /evensie: !ou +now" I'm not sure you two have Huite got the idea of this game. *ucy /evensie: -eren't you wondering where I was3 8dmund /evensie: That's the point. That was why he was see+ing you! Susan /evensie: 7oes this mean I win3 /eter /evensie: I don't thin+ *ucy wants to play anymore. Susan /evensie: I'm 1ust trying to ,e realistic! /eter /evensie: No" you're trying to ,e smart" as usual! adis The -hite -itch: %after stabbing %slan& The great cat is dead! 2lder 8dmund: !ou all right" /hillip3 /hilip the Horse: %panting& I'm not as young as I once was. /eter /evensie: I don't suppose saying 6we're sorry6 would Huite cover it3 *ucy /evensie: No" it wouldn't. %pelts him with a snowball& *ucy /evensie: )ut that might!

4augrim: %to Susan and 'ucy& /lease don't try to run. -e're tired... -olf: ...'nd we'd prefer to +ill you Huic+ly. 4augrim: !ou may thin+ you're a +ing" ,ut you're going to die li+e a dog! adis The -hite -itch: How do I +now your promise will ,e +ept3 %%slan roars& %last lines& /rofessor :ir+e: -hat were you all doing in the wardro,e3 /eter /evensie: !ou wouldn't ,elieve us if we told you" sir. /rofessor :ir+e: %tosses the cricket ball that had been hit through the window, to 0eter& /rofessor :ir+e: Try me. %later, alone with 'ucy, who is trying to use the wardrobe to enter Narnia& /rofessor :ir+e: I don't thin+ you'll get ,ac+ in that way. !ou see... I've already tried. *ucy /evensie: -ill we ever go ,ac+3 /rofessor :ir+e: 2h" I e.pect so. )ut it'll pro,a,ly happen when you're not loo+ing for it. 'll the same... ,est to +eep your eyes open. %%slan roars& /eter /evensie: -ell done" 8d. 8dmund /evensie: !ou ,owled it! %first lines& 4rs. /evensie: 8dmund! Get away from there! /eter! %to "dmund& 4rs. /evensie: -hat do you thin+ you're doing3 /eter! Luic+ly" the shelter! Now! %0eter hands "dmund a fur coat& 8dmund /evensie: )ut that's a girl's coat! /eter /evensie: %nods& I +now. *ucy /evensie: %to Susan, after meeting 6ather &hristmas& Told you he was real! 'slan: It is finished. 4r. Tumnus: %of %slan& He's not a tame lion. *ucy /evensie: No... ,ut he is good. *ucy /evensie: %holds out her hand& /leased to meet you 4r. Tumnus" I'm *ucy /evensie. %Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand curiously& *ucy /evensie: 2h" you sha+e it. 4r. Tumnus: -hy3 *ucy /evensie: I... I don't +now. adis The -hite -itch: 7o you +now why you're here" ;aun3 4r. Tumnus: )ecause" I ,elieve in a free Narnia. adis The -hite -itch: !ou're here ,ecause IheI turned you in... for sweeties. *ucy /evensie: Narnia! It's all in the wardro,e li+e I told you! Susan /evensie: 7id that ,ird 1ust 6pssst6 us3 /eter /evensie: He said he +nows the faun. Susan /evensie: He's a ,eaver" he shouldn't ,e saying anything! /eter /evensie: %looking out towards &air 0aravel& 'slan" I'm not who you all thin+ I am. 'slan: /eter /evensie" formerly of ;inchley. )eaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat. 'slan: To the glistening eastern sea" I give you Lueen *ucy the Daliant. To the great western wood" :ing 8dmund the ust. To the radiant southern sun" Lueen Susan the Gentle. 'nd to the clear northern s+y" I give you :ing /eter the 4agnificent. Susan /evensie: Gastrovascular... #ome on" /eter. Gastrovascular. /eter /evensie: Is it *atin3 Susan /evensie: !es. 8dmund /evensie: Is it *atin for 6worst game ever invented63 %Susan shuts her dictionary& *ucy /evensie: -e could play hide and see+3 /eter /evensie: )ut" we're already having so much fun. %looks at Susan& 4r. )eaver: There's a right ,it more than hope. 'slan... is on the move. 4r. Tumnus: How would it ,e if you came and had tea with me3

;ather #hristmas: -inter is almost over. 4r. Tumnus: 'lways winter" never #hristmas. /eter /evensie: I thin+ you've made a mista+e. -e're not heroes! Susan /evensie: -e're from ;inchley! *ucy /evensie: 7on't ,eavers ma+e dams3 4r. )eaver: I'm not IthatI fast" dear. *ucy /evensie: 2h" I should go. 4r. Tumnus: It's too late for that" now. I'm such a terri,le faun. *ucy /evensie: 2h" no. !ou're the nicest faun I've ever met. 4r. Tumnus: Then I'm afraid you've had a very poor sampling. *ucy /evensie: !ou can't have done anything that ,ad. 4r. Tumnus: It's not something I have done" *ucy /evensie. It's something I am doing. *ucy /evensie: %suspiciously& -hat are you doing3 4r. Tumnus: %whispers and in tears& I'm +idnapping you. It was the -hite -itch. She's the one who ma+es it always winter" always cold. She gave orders. If any of us ever find a human wondering in the woods" we9we9we9we're supposed to turn it over to her! *ucy /evensie: )ut" 4r. Tumnus" you wouldn't. I thought you were my friend. Susan /evensie: %to 0eter& *oo+" 1ust ,ecause some man in a red coat hands you a sword it doesn't ma+e you a hero! adis The -hite -itch: If it's a war 'slan wants" it's a war he shall get. Gryphon: They come" your highness" in num,ers and weapons far greater than our own. 2reius: Num,ers do not win a ,attle. /eter /evensie: No... ,ut I ,et they help. 8dmund /evensie: %horse rears up& -hoa" Horsey. /hilip the Horse: 4y name is /hilip. %after "dmund apologi1es for lying about not having been in Narnia& *ucy /evensie: %-uoting "dmund& That's all right. Some little children 1ust don't +now when to stop pretending. 8dmund /evensie: I shouldn't have encouraged her ,ut you +now what little children are li+e these days. They 1ust don't +now when to stop pretending. %0eter sees Mr. eaver in the woods and doesn't yet know he can talk & /eter /evensie: Here" ,oy" ts+" ts+" ts+. %holds out hand& 4r. )eaver: I ain't going to smell it if that's what you want. Ginarr,ri+: %taunting "dmund, who has been tied to a tree and gagged& Is our little prince uncomforta,le3 7oes he want his pillow fluffed3 Special treatment for the special ,oy! Isn't that what you wanted3 %Mrs. eaver is healing 6o(, who was in/ured by the )olves& ;o.: I wish I could say their ,ar+ was worse than their ,ite. 2w! 4rs. )eaver: 2h" stop sHuirming! !ou're worse than )eaver on ,ath day. 4r. )eaver: -orst day of the year. %Susan enters Narnia for the first time& Susan /evensie: Impossi,le! 'slan: /eter" clean your sword. %the children and the eavers are fleeing from the wolves in an underground tunnel& 4rs. )eaver: !ou should have ,rought a map! 4r. )eaver: %referring to Mrs. eaver's insistence on packing food before leaving& There wasn't room ne.t to the 1am! Ginarr,ri+: %to "dmund& How dare you address the Lueen of Narnia3 Susan /evensie: Than+ you for your hospitality" ,ut we really have to go. 4r. )eaver: 2h" you can't 1ust leave. *ucy /evensie: He's right. -e have to help 4r. Tumnus. adis The -hite -itch: -e have wor+ to do. 8dmund /evensie: -ho's 'slan3 4augrim: %to 6o(& !our reward is your life. It's not much. )ut still... 4rs. 4ac0eady: /rofessor :ir+e is not accustomed to havin' children in this house. 'nd" as such" there are a few rules we need to follow. There will ,e no shoutin'. 2r runnin'. No improper use of the dum,waiter.

%Just as Susan is about to touch the nose of a marble bust on the stairway landing, Mrs. Mac$eady shouts& 4rs. 4ac0eady: No touchin' of the historical artifacts! %Mrs. Mac$eady resumes her authoritative voice& 4rs. 4ac0eady: 'nd a,ove all" there shall ,e no distur,in' of the /rofessor. /eter /evensie: 4rs. 4ac0eady3 4rs. 4ac0eady: I'm afraid so. %pause as she looks the kids over and their meager baggage& 4rs. 4ac0eady: Is this it" then3 Haven't you ,rought anything else3 /eter /evensie: No" 4a'am. It's 1ust us. %'ucy nods her head yes& 4rs. 4ac0eady: Small favors. %She nods her head for the children to climb into the horse cart& HIGH SCHOLL MUSICAL 2 Sharpay 8vans: %to 6ulton& I told you to hire Troy )olton" not the entire 8ast High student ,ody! Sharpay 8vans: -hat did I do to deserve this3 I've never lied" e.cept when necessary" and I always ,ought mom and dad e.pensive gifts... using their credit card of course. I don't deserve this humiliation. 4r. ;ulton: !ou need to get out there. 0yan 8vans: %to Troy& I don't really want to see my sister crash and ,urn... at least I thin+ I don't. 4r. ;ulton: !ou will ,e serving 4iss 8vans. ason #ross: -ho's that3 4r. ;ulton: 'lways address our mem,ers as 4r" 4rs" or 4iss. Haha. *et's practice shall we3 64iss 8vans" would you care for a lemonade36 ason #ross: 'ctually" I'm not 4iss 8vans. I'm ason. %holds out hand to shake& Troy )olton: 7ad" do I seem different to you this summer3 ac+ )olton: !ou dress a lot ,etter" that's for sure. %after hearing about the staff not being allowed to perform in the talent show, ,abriella confronts Sharpay& Ga,riella 4onteB: Sharpay! ;orget a,out the rest of us" how a,out the fact that your ,rother has wor+ed e.tremely hard on this show3 Sharpay 8vans: 2h ,oo9hoo" he'll ,e in the show" he'll do his cele,rity impersonations. 7on't lecture me a,out 0yan" giving the way you've ,een interfering with Troy's future. Ga,riella 4onteB: -hat3 Sharpay 8vans: !ou've gotten him written up ,y ;ulton for snea+ing on the golf course and swimming after hours. I had to step in 1ust to save Troy's 1o,. Ga,riella 4onteB: I'm not interested in what you thin+ you're doing for Troy" that's ,etween you and him. )ut you're messing with my friends and my summer and that's not o+ with me. Sharpay 8vans: !ou don't li+e the fact that I won. Ga,riella 4onteB: -hat's the priBe3 Troy3 %Troy walks up behind ,abriella and hears the rest& Ga,riella 4onteB: The StardaBBle award3 !ou have to go through all this 1ust to get either one3 No" than+s Sharpay. !ou're very good at a game that I don't want to play. So" I'm done here. )ut you ,etter step away from the mirror long enough to chec+ the damage that will always ,e right ,ehind you. Sharpay 8vans: %upset and mad& IGirlsI! %Sharpay walks off and as ,abriella goes to walk away, Troy runs up& Troy )olton: Hey! -hat do you mean you're done here3 I mean" you can't Huit. Ga,riella 4onteB: (s wor+ing together sounded good ,ut plans change and people change. The clu, talent show was a ,ig deal for Sharpay and evidently for your future" so it's cool" 1ust ma+e it happen" wear your new Italian shoes. Troy )olton: Hey" I'm still me. Ga,riella 4onteB: )lowing off your friends" missing dates" if that's you then it's good to +now. Troy )olton: No" no" no. I was only doing that ,ecause I'm wor+ing on the scholarship thing and you +now that. Ga,riella 4onteB: )ut if along the way you act li+e someone you're

not" pretty soon that's who you ,ecome. Troy )olton: I meant what I said a,out movies" and summer" and 1ust ,eing together. Ga,riella 4onteB: I'm sure you did" at the time. )ut I also meant what I said: that I want to remem,er this summer" ,ut not li+e this" Troy. %after the "vans family hit the golf balls in random directions and walk off& #had 7anforth: -here did it... Troy )olton: I have no idea. #had 7anforth: Ne.t time I see #ountry #lu, /rincess" I'm gonna launch her and her pin+ cart straight into the la+e. Troy )olton: I'll ,uild the ramp" ,uddy. Sharpay 8vans: %after falling in the pool and in an angry voice& -hat are you doing here3 Ga,riella 4onteB: I'm the new lifeguard. #had 7anforth: !ou got game3 0yan 8vans: ' little. #had 7anforth: %after the baseball game& 'll right" so you call that a 6little6 game3 0yan 8vans: *ittle *eague. -orld Series. %clears throat& 0yan 8vans: Newport" 0hode Island. #hampions. Taylor 4c:essie: %about Sharpay& That girl's got more moves than an octopus in a wrestling match. #had 7anforth: %about Troy& Nah. He +nows how to swim. Ga,riella 4onteB: %lifts light& Here's to our future Troy )olton: No. Here's to right now. %they both lean in to kiss& Sharpay 8vans: 2h" come here" :elsi. I have a summer 1o, for you" at our country clu,. 2ur rehearsal pianist is evidently moving. :elsi Nielson: %aside& 2r hiding. Sharpay 8vans: /ardon3 :elsi Nielson: %perks up& Sounds great! Troy )olton: % ritish accent& How shall we get the food today" chap3 #had 7anforth: % ritish accent& Hmm" I don't +now. /erhaps s+ipping3 Troy )olton: % ritish accent& 'h! Dery well then. #had 7anforth: %links arms with Troy, still using ritish accent& Shall we3 Troy )olton: %skipping with &had& Hipty s+ipty. Hipty s+ipty. Hipty S+ipty. Hipty S+ipty. #had 7anforth: %during Troy's 'hipty skipty' chant, while skipping along side him& )om )om )om! )om )om )om! )om )om )om )om )om )om )om )om )om )om Sharpay 8vans: 8.cuse me. Than+ you. %singing& Sharpay 8vans: Iced tea imported from 8ngland<*ifeguards imported from Spain<Towels imported from Tur+ey<'nd tur+ey imported from 4aine. Sharpay 8vans" 0yan 8vans: %singing& -e're gonna rela. and renew. Sharpay 8vans: %singing& !ou go do. < I want this fa,ulous" that is my simple reHuest" < 'll things fa,ulous" ,igger" ,etter and ,est. < I need something inspiring to help me get along" < I need a little fa,ulous" is that so wrong3 Troy )olton: 7ude" 4s. 7ar,us has snapped her cap! #had 7anforth: 7ude" you're actually listening3 Sharpay 8vans: I said +eep an eye on them. Not turn them into the cast of Grease. 0yan 8vans: /retty cool" huh3 Sharpay 8vans: 7o you want us to lose the Star 7aBBle award to a ,unch of... dishwashers3 0yan 8vans: (s3 -ell" I guess that's show,iB. Sharpay 8vans: -hen did you ,ecome... one of them3 0yan 8vans: !ou +now" I'll ta+e that as a compliment. )ut you and Troy have a good show" sis. Sharpay 8vans: %scoffs& 2h. -e plan too. Sharpay 8vans: There you are! Than+ goodness you've come to your senses! /lug in the volcano. Humu humu's ,ac+ on. 0yan 8vans: 8n1oy your pineapple on your own sis. I'm not doing the

show. Sharpay 8vans: -hat3 /ut some fresh ,atteries in your ti+i warrior outfit and let's get going. 0yan 8vans: Too+ your advice. Sold it online. !ou've always wanted the spotlight. Now you've got it. )rea+ a leg. 4a. :elsi Nielson: %after being asked what she's going to do for the summer& Grow" write music... grow. Sharpay 8vans: 0yan" who is the a,solute primo ,oy at 8ast High3 0yan 8vans: I'd say Troy )olten has that category pretty much loc+ed up" don't you thin+3 Sharpay 8vans: 'nd 8ast High's primo girl3 %$yan looks over Sharpay's shoulder at ,abriella& Sharpay 8vans: ust answer the Huestion! 0yan 8vans: %sarcastic& Gosh" um... you3 Sharpay 8vans: %dreamily& Troy... Sharpay. Sharpay... Troy. Sharpay... 0yan 8vans: %$yan snaps his fingers in front of her face& Shar. Sharpay 8vans: It 1ust ma+es sense. 0yan 8vans: 8vidently not to Troy. 0yan 8vans: %after 7ou %re The Music #n Me, and into a walkie talkie& Goldenthroat" this is aBB SHuare" we may have a pro,lem. Troy )olton: Hey! -hy did you switch songs3 Sharpay 8vans: %confused& Switch songs3 -hat3 Troy )olton: !eah" 0yan said... 4r. ;ulton: %interrupts& )olton! %6ulton rushes Troy onto the stage& Sharpay 8vans: )ut I didn't learn a new song. 0yan 8vans: %smirking& 8.actly. 4r. ;ulton: %to the )ild &ats& !ou're all ,eing paid to wor+" not play 7r. /hil! #hop" chop! Sharpay 8vans: %imitating ,abriella& Going to movies" listening to music" and golly" Troy! I have first aid training! 'ha9ha9ahah oh please. Troy )olton: %singing& -hat a,out us3 -hat a,out everything we've ,een through3 Ga,riella 4onteB: %singing& -hat a,out trust3 Troy )olton: %singing& !ou +now I never wanted to hurt you! Ga,riella 4onteB: %singing& -hat a,out me3 Troy )olton: %singing& -hat am I supposed to do3 Ga,riella 4onteB: %singing& I gotta leave" ,ut I'll miss you... Troy )olton: -hat was the first thing you said to me when I started wor+ing here3 Sharpay 8vans: )ring me more iced tea3 Ga,riella 4onteB: 4y mom said summer 1o,s are good on college applications. Troy )olton: 'll part of the frightening concept called our future. Troy )olton: ...I promise. Ga,riella 4onteB: /romise is a really ,ig word" Troy. #had 7anforth: %to Troy& *isten: -e've ,een li+e ,rothers since preschool! If I don't +now who you are these days" then who does3 4r. ;ulton: %hands Troy a tie& In case you arent familiar with this particular item" it goes around your nec+. *i+e a dog collar. #hop" chop! ac+ )olton: %to the )ild &ats& It can't ,e Ga,riella" ,ecause everytime she calls he 1ust ,lushes. Troy )olton: Good 1o, +iller" ma+e the ,all fear you. Troy )olton: %after Sharpay dumps out her pink golf balls& #ool ,alls. Troy )olton: I always li+ed the idea of ,eing in charge of my future" until it actually started happening. Ga,riella 4onteB: So" let's 1ust thin+ a,out right now. #had 7anforth: %about Sharpay& That girl needs to ta+e up +nitting... or some sport where she can only in1ure herself. Troy )olton: How's your show going3 Sharpay 8vans: How's it going3 This show ma+es the captain of the Titanic loo+ li+e he won the lottery. 4r. ;ulton: 7anforth. )olton. !ou're caddying today. ;ourty dollars a ,ag. !ou've ,een reHuested. #had 7anforth: -hat3 Troy )olton: )y who3

#had 7anforth: 7ude" who cares3 ;or F@ ,uc+s" I'd caddy for GodBilla. 4r. ;ulton: #lose. Dery close. ason #ross: %after Troy leaves with the 8 of % basketball players& -ould you guys get mad if I as+ed him where I could get one of those 0edhaw+s 1ac+ets3 0yan 8vans: Hey" :elsi's got some great new ideas to spice up the talent show... Sharpay 8vans: I'm thrilled.(h" that new duet that Troy and Ga,riella sing... I need it :elsi Nielson: 'ctually" it's not availa,le Sharpay 8vans: 0epeat3 :elsi Nielson: -ell" it's something I wrote for Troy and Ga,riella 1ust in case they wanted... Sharpay 8vans: !ou're an employee9 not a fairy godmother! 0yan 8vans: Hey" my 7ad says you're doing a great 1o, with the 0ed Haw+s. Troy )olton: %nods& (h" yeah... playing with them is li+e ,eing in a different world. Ga,riella 4onteB: -ell you missed out on a fun night. %$yan imitates swinging a baseball bat& Ga,riella 4onteB: It was a great game. 0yan 8vans: )ut the dessert afterwards had to ,e the ,est part... her mom ma+es the ,est ,rownies in the entire world... Troy )olton: %interrupts& !a" I +now... I've had them... :elsi Nielson: 2+ay. 8veryone. 0yan" the show's on. 0yan 8vans: -here's the music3 %9elsi hands him the music& 0yan 8vans: -here's Troy3 Troy )olton: %entering& Tal+ed to Sharpay" everything's cool. 0yan 8vans: Hey spea+ing of my sister" she wants you to learn a new song. %hands Troy the music& Troy )olton: %disbelieving chuckle& 68veryday.6 I can't learn a new song! 0yan 8vans: :elsi will help you with it. Troy )olton: -hat3 :elsi Nielson: %grabbing Troy's arm and leading him out& #ome on! Troy )olton: %as he's leaving& Hey! 0yan 8vans: It's showtime! Sharpay 8vans: %as ,abriella walks by& Ga,riella. I understand you've moved every summer for the past five years" and I'd hate to thin+ today is %trying to supress a smile& Sharpay 8vans: ... good,ye. Ga,riella 4onteB: No worries. 4y mom promised I'm here until graduation ne.t year. Sharpay 8vans: ...)less 4om's little heart. Ga,riella 4onteB: So you coming to the ,ase,all game3 0yan 8vans: I'm not staff. -asn't invited. Ga,riella 4onteB: Hey" everyone's invited. #ome on hop in. %first lines& 4s. 7ar,us: !ou must remem,er" young thespians" learning is never seasonal" so do allow the shimmering lights of Summer to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds. #had 7anforth: -hat is she tal+ing a,out3 #had 7anforth: Summer. :elsi Nielson: Summer. Ga,riella 4onteB: Summer. 0yan 8vans: Sis" we've got the pool" the entire clu, and the whole Summer to en1oy it. ac+ie: 'nd the spa has ,een redone. *ea: There's a guacamole facial" and a seaweed ,ody scru, on the menu. 8mma: -hat could ,e more fa,ulous3 4r. ;ulton: !our ,rother is one of those -ild #ats" I'm told. Sharpay 8vans: 2h" don't you mention that traitor to us.

Troy )olton: %to ,abriella& -hatever happens" long as we're together" it's cool" right3 #had 7anforth: Suddenly" I'm ,eginning to miss detention with 4s 7ar,us. How sic+ is that3 Troy )olton: #ome on" we got hoop out ,ac+" two free meals a day" and we only have to wear these stupid outfits on duty. :elsi Nielson: %singing& Na" na" na" na. Na" na" na" na. !eah < !ou are the music in me. < !ou +now the words 6once upon a time6 < 4a+e you listen" there's a reason. :elsi Nielson" Ga,riella 4onteB: %singing& -hen you dream there's a chance you'll find < ' little laughter" or happy ever after. Sharpay 8vans: 0yan" it might ,e wonderful if Troy participates in our Talent Show. 0yan 8vans: -hat3 If he sings with Ga,riella then our whole show is gonna ,e the 'Troy and Ga,riella Show'3 Troy )olton: I love your shoes. Sharpay 8vans: !ou li+e 'em3 Troy )olton: I really do. Sharpay 8vans: I ,ought them in New !or+. I have them in nine colors. Girls" again from the top! Troy )olton: %to ,abriella& So may,e today we could have our... Sharpay 8vans: Troy! Troy )olton: %to ,abriella& 'h" what time is your lunch ,rea+3 Sharpay 8vans: Troy! Sharpay 8vans: I thin+ we were meant to sing together" don't you3 Troy )olton: I need some air. Sharpay 8vans: %to Troy& !ou are a good guy" Troy. 'nd actually" right now I thin+ I li+e you ,etter then I li+e myself. %confused& Sharpay 8vans: 7id I 1ust say that3 0yan 8vans: -hat a,out our song3 -hat a,out Humu Humu3 Sharpay 8vans: #hange of plans. 0yan 8vans: -hat am I supposed to do with my ti+i warrior outfit3 Sharpay 8vans: Save it for Halloween" go to a luau" sell it online" I don't +now! )ut in the meantime +eep an eye on those -ildcats. If they're planning to ,e in the show... which I dou,t once they hear a,out Troy and me... I don't want any surprises. 2h and don't worry" I'll find a song for you somewhere in the show. 2r the ne.t show. 0yan 8vans: %sarcastic& 0eally3 7on't strain yourself " slic+. %walks off angrily& Sharpay 8vans: %to 9elsi& 8ntertainers are so temperamental. %walks off cheerily& Sharpay 8vans: Transpose! 0yan 8vans: %surprises ,abriella at the pool& *oo+in' good. Ga,riella 4onteB: %turns to see $yan& -ow -ildcat! 0yan 8vans: Too much3 Ga,riella 4onteB: (m... only in daylight. %laughs& Ga,riella 4onteB: 8ast High colors. Dery impressive. 0yan 8vans: Hey" ,e true to your school right3 Ga,riella 4onteB: ',solutely. 8veryones e.cited a,out doing the show. 0yan 8vans: Hey" loo+" I +now everyone thin+s that I'm Sharpay's... poodle" ,ut I really thin+ that I could... Ga,riella 4onteB: Hey" if they were thin+ing that" they're not thin+ing that today. How do you do that swing step you did last night3 0yan 8vans: 2h that's easy. %starts to dance with her and they laugh, then Troy shows up& Sharpay 8vans: %Screams loudly so the whole of 'aca Springs hears her& -hat do you mean your not doing the show3 Troy )olton: 8.actly that. Sharpay 8vans: -e're singing a duet Troy! ' duet means two people! -ell mostly me in this case ,ut whatever! 7uet! Troy )olton: I'm an employee. 8mployees aren't allowed in the show. Sharpay 8vans: No" no" no" no. No" no. !ou're an honorary mem,er. Troy )olton: Not any more. I as+ed ;ulton for my +itchen 1o, ,ac+. Sharpay 8vans: -hat3 Troy )olton: Sharpay" I don't li+e the way you've ,een treating my

friends. 'nd I don't li+e the way I've way I've ,een treating them either" so I'm doing something a,out it. Sharpay 8vans: 'n entire ta,le of (niversity ,oosters are coming to see you" than+s to me. Troy )olton: So I'll ,e there ,e their waiter. They'll ,e thrilled. Sharpay 8vans: Troy" Troy. This could change your life! Troy )olton: I'm more interested in what my friends thin+ of me. 'nd what I thin+ of myself. Sharpay 8vans: 2h we can hold hands around the campfire some other time! 0ight now we got a show to do. %,rabs Troys arm to make him follow her& Troy )olton: %0ulls away and points at her& No. !ou've got a show to do. I'vegot a +itchen to clean. %)alks away& 4s. 7ar,us: %Standing at the front of the class lecturing& !ou must remem,er" young thespians" learning is never seasonal. So" do allow the shimming lights of summer %the class /umps at the word .Summer.& 4s. 7ar,us: to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds. #had 7anforth: %'eaning on his basketball talks to Troy& -hat's she tal+ing a,out3 4s. 7ar,us: The future greets you with it's magic mirror" %&lock behind her gets bigger and the ticking gets louder& 4s. 7ar,us: reflecting each golden moment" each em,oldened choice. Troy )olton: %'ooks back at ,abriella and smiles& Ga,riella 4onteB: %Smiles back& Troy )olton: %'eans back to &had& 7ude" 4iss 7ar,us has snapped her cap. #had 7anforth: 7ude" you're actually listening3 ason #ross: %0uts hand up& 4s. 7ar,us: !es" ason. ason #ross: So" what was your favorite summer memory" 4iss 7ar,us3 4s. 7ar,us: %"veryone sighs& Summers have passed fleetingly since I was your age" %&lock behind her gets even bigger and ticking becomes even louder & 4s. 7ar,us: ,ut I remem,er each with poignant clarity. #had 7anforth: %Taps Troy's shoulder& Summer. Summer. #had 7anforth: %Martha /oins in& Summer. Ga,riella 4onteB: Summer. Taylor 4c:essie: Summer. #had 7anforth: Summer. Sharpay 8vans: Summer. 0yan 8vans: Summer. Troy )olton" Ga,riella 4onteB" Taylor 4c:essie" #had 7anforth" Sharpay 8vans" 0yan 8vans" ason #ross: % ell goes& -hoo! Sharpay 8vans: %,rabs ,abriella as she's walking past& Ga,riella. I understand you've moved every summer for the past five years" and I hate to thin+ today is %'ooks thrilled& Sharpay 8vans: good,ye! Ga,riella 4onteB: No worries. 4y mom promised I'm here until graduation ne.t year. Sharpay 8vans: %6akes !appiness& )less mom's little heart. Ga,riella 4onteB: Sharpay we got off to a rough start" ,ut you really cam through. I mean you helped me with the -inter 4usical. Sharpay 8vans: I did3 Ga,riella 4onteB: Those vocal e.ercises3 %Mocks Sharpay and $yan's pre+show e(ercises and knocks Sharpay against the lockers& Ga,riella 4onteB: See ya. Taylor 4c:essie: Ga,riella and I have had li+e five 1o, interviews" ,ut we +eep getting ,eat out ,y college +ids. 4artha #o.: !eah" same here. I guess I'm ,ac+ in the ,a,y sitting ,usiness. :elsi Nielson: Hey 4artha" hey Taylor. 4artha #o.: Hey :elsi" what are you pallning to do this summer3 :elsi Nielson: Grow" write music" grow.

Troy )olton: !our summer activities consultant has arrived. Ga,riella 4onteB: Hopefully some of thos activities will include a 1o,. Troy )olton: Hey" whatever happens" as long as we're together" it's cool" right3 Ga,riella 4onteB: !ou promise3 Troy )olton: Here's my promise. %0uts the T necklace on ,abriella& Ga,riella 4onteB: ITI as in Troy3 Troy )olton: -ell" I... !eah. Troy )olton: %They're about to kiss but some kid comes up to Troy with a year book& Hey man" how's it going3 %Signs book& Troy )olton: There you go" ,oss. Sharpay 8vans: %Mocking Troy and ,abriella& 6Going to movies listening to music.6 6'nd" golly" Troy I have first9aid training.6 'ha aha aha. 2h please. %sees 9elsi& Sharpay 8vans: 2H. #ome here :elsi. I have a summer 1o, for you. 't our country clu,. 2ur rehearsal pianist is evidently moving. :elsi Nielson: 2r hiding. Sharpay 8vans: /ardon3 :elsi Nielson: Sounds great! %)alks away& 0yan 8vans: #heer up" Shar" it's summer. -e can do whatever we want to. 8verything changes. Sharpay 8vans: 0yan" who's the a,solute primo ,oy at 8ast High3 0yan 8vans: I'd say Troy )olton has that category pretty much loc+ed up" don't you thin+3 Sharpay 8vans: 'nd 8ast High's primo girl3 0yan 8vans: %'ooks over at ,abriella& Sharpay 8vans: ust answer the Huestion! 0yan 8vans: Gosh" you3 Sharpay 8vans: Troy" Sharpay. Sharpay" Troy. Sharpay... 0yan 8vans: %Snaps fingers& Shar. Sharpay 8vans: It 1ust ma+es sense. 0yan 8vans: 8vidently not to Troy. Sharpay 8vans: )ut it's summer 0y. %0uts on sunglasses& Sharpay 8vans: 8verything changes. %&loses locker and walks away&

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 Sharpay: -e need to save our show from people who don't +now the difference ,etween a Tony 'ward and Tony Haw+. 4rs. )olton: 7id we really fly all this way 1ust to play more ,as+et,all3 ac+ )olton" Troy )olton: !eah. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %about singing previously& -ell" you sound li+e you've done a lot of singing" too. Troy )olton: !eah" my showerhead is very impressed. The )as+et,all team: ;rom our team to yours. G9297909'949'9#9*9 (9) Troy )olton: 8.clamation point. 4s. 7ar,us: -ell" loo+s li+e us wildcats are in for an interesting afternoon. 0yan: Go" godra" godarma... Sharpay: -hen's the ,ig game3 Troy )olton: (h" two wee+s Sharpay: !ou are so dedicated" 1ust li+e me. I hope you come watch me in the musical. /romise3 Toodles. Troy )olton: Toodles. Sharpay: -ell congratulations" I guess I'm going to ,e the understudy in case you can't ma+e one of the shows" so ,rea+ a leg. %,abriella looks very confused& Sharpay: In theatre" that means 6good luc+.6 %smiles and walks away& %repeated line& #had: -H'T T8'43 The )as+et,all team: -I*7#'TS. #had: -H'T T8'43 The )as+et,all team: -I*7#'TS. #had: -H'T T8'43 The )as+et,all team: -I*7#'TS.

#had: -I*7#'TS3 The )as+et,all team: G8T#H'' H8'7 IN TH8 G'48. 4s. 7ar,us: %bell rings& -as that a cell phone3 :elsi: %-uietly& No ma'am" that was the warning ,ell. 4s. 7ar,us: 'ah. Ga,rilla 4onteB: The -ildcats' superstar is... afraid3 Troy )olton: No" no" I'm not afraid. I'm 1ust... scared. 0yan: -ow an 8instinette. So why do you thin+ she is interested in our musical3 Sharpay: I'm not sure that she is... )ut we needn't concern ourselves with amatures. )ut... there is no harm in ma+ing certain that Ga,riella is welcome to school activities that are... well" appropriate for her. 'fter all... she loves pi. 4s. 7ar,us: Holidays are over" people. -ay 2ver. Now" any more comments" Huestions3 %Jason raises hand& 4s. 7ar,us: ason. ason: So" how were your holidays" 4s. 7ar,us3 %after ,abriella spills lunch on Sharpay& Troy )olton: (h9oh. I ,etter... %!e tries to help but &had stops him& #had: No. !ou do N2T want to get into that man. Too much drama. Ce+e: %after Sharpay walks through the hall& I guess the ice princess has come ,ac+ from the North /ole. #had: She pro,a,ly spent the holidays the way she always does. The )as+et,all team: How's that3 #had: Shopping for mirrors. The )as+et,all team: 2oooh. Troy )olton: #all ,ac+'s the same day as the game3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: 'nd the school decathlon! Taylor: -hy would they do this3 #had: I smell a rat named 7ar,us... :elsi: 'ctually" it's two rats neither of them named 7ar,us. #had: 7o you +now something a,out this... small person3 :elsi: %sighs& 4iss 7ar,us might thin+ she's protecting the show" ,ut 0yan and Sharpay are pretty much only concerned with protecting IthemselvesI. #had: 7o you +now what I'm gonna do to those two overgrown showdogs3 Troy )olton: Nothing. -e're not gonna do anything to them. 8.cept sing... may,e. 'll right. Now this is only going to happenN if we all wor+ together... Now whose in3 Sharpay: %singing in response to everyone singing Stick to the Status 5uo& 8D80!)27! L(I8T!< This is not what I want< This is not what I planned< 'nd I 1ust gotta say< I do not understand!< Some thing is really... 0yan: %butting in& ... something's not right Sharpay: %,ives $yan an evil look& ... really wrong! %in mid+song& Sharpay: %singing:shouting& 8very,ody" Huiet! 4s. 7ar,us: %to &had& 4r. 7anforth! This is a place of learning" not a hoc+ey arena. Troy )olton: I'll call you" I'll call you tomorrow. Ga,rilla 4onteB: !eah. Troy )olton: Here put your num,er in. Troy )olton: Here. %!e takes her picture& Ga,rilla 4onteB: !ou too. Troy )olton: There you go. Troy )olton: -ell 1ust so you +now singing with you was the most fun I've had on this entire vacation. Troy )olton: So" uh where do you live3 %!e /ust reali1es that she has already left& Troy )olton: %looks at her picture, then says her name to himself& Ga,riella. The )as+et,all team: %Troy's coming off of the school bus& Troy" Troy" Troy. Troy )olton: Happy New !ear!

#had: !eah" it's going ,e a happy wild cats new year. In two wee+s we're going to the championships with you leading us to infinity and ,eyond. #had: -hat team3 The )as+et,all team: -ildcats! #had: -hat team3 The )as+et,all team: -ildcats! %the all walk the "ast high water sculpture, cheering& #had: *oo+" you're a hoops dude. Not a musical singer person. Have you ever seen 4ichael #rawford on a cereal ,o.3 Troy )olton: -ho's 4ichael #rawford3 #had: 8.actly my point. He was the 6/hantom of the 2pera6 on )roadway. Now my mom" she's seen that musical >E times and she put 4ichael #rawford's picture in our refrigerator. Not on it. IN it. So my point is" if you play ,as+et,all" you'll end up on the cereal ,o.. If you sing in musicals" you'll end up in my mom's refrigerator. Troy )olton: -hy would she put his picture in your refrigerator3 #had: I don't +now" one of her craBy diet ideas. *oo+" I don't attempt to understand the female mind" Troy. #had: %Mrs. 6allstaff, the librarian appears& It's foreign territory. %Troy sits down at a table and takes out a pencil and a piece of paper & #had: How can you e.pect the rest of us to ,e focused on a game when you're off somewhere in leotards singing 'Twin+le Town'... Troy )olton: %cutting off &had& No one said 'N!THING a,out leotards. #had: Not yet my friend" ,ut 1ust you wait. Troy )olton: %,ives &had a really weirded out look& #had: %Mrs. 6allstaff, appears& I tried to tell him" I really did. Troy )olton: %'ooks like he's thinking& Troy )olton: -hoa" don't tell me you're good at hoops too. Ga,rilla 4onteB: !ou +now" I once scored FA points on a league game. Troy )olton: %looks at her astonished& No way. Ga,rilla 4onteB: 4mhmm. !eah" and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwaved popcorn. Troy )olton: %grins wildly as he reali1es she tricked him& 'h" microwave popcorn. Haha" very funny. Troy )olton: 2+ay" now we will only ,e a,le to do this if we all wor+ together. S+ater 7ude: If Troy can tell his secret" then I'm coming clean. I play the cello! S+ater 7ude =>: 'wesome! -hat is it3 S+ater 7ude: %mimes playing the cello& S+ater 7ude =>: ' saw3 S+ater 7ude: No dude" it's li+e a giant violin! Sharpay: -e gotta do something. 2+ay" our call,ac+s are on Thursday" and the ,as+et,all game and scholastic decathelon are on ;riday... Sharpay: Too ,ad all of these events weren't happening on the same day" at the same time. 0yan 8vans: -ell... that wouldn't wor+ out ,ecause then Troy and Ga,riella wouldn't ,e a,le to ma+e the... %Sharpay looks at him with a .7eah;. face& 0yan 8vans: I'm proud to call you my sister. Sharpay: %laughs& I +now. %last lines& Sharpay: %running in the door where <eke is %t& These coo+ies are genius. The ,est things I've ever tasted. -ill you ma+e some more for me Ce+e3 %runs up to <eke and hugs him& Ce+e: I might even ma+e you a creme ,rulee. Sharpay: 2oh. Sharpay: %pacing after callbacks announced& How dare she sign up. I've already pic+ed out the colors for my dressing room. 0yan: )esides" she hasn't even as+ed our permission to 1oin the drama clu,. Sharpay: %slams hands down on table& Someone's gotta tell her the rules. 0yan: 8.actly. %long pause&

0yan: ... 'nd what're the rules3 Sharpay: %rolls eyes and walks off& #had: So" you're coming with me to the after9party" right3 Taylor: 's in" li+e" a date3 #had: 4ust ,e your luc+y day. Troy )olton: I'll sing with her. %meaning ,abriella& 4s. 7ar,us: Troy )olton3 -here is your sports posse" or whatever you call it3 Troy )olton: (hh" team. Troy )olton: 7ad" did you ever thin+ a,out trying something new" ,ut were afraid of what your friends might thin+3 ac+ )olton: -hat" you mean li+e going left3 !ou're doing great! 4s. 7ar,us: That'll ,e AG minutes for you as well" 4r. 7anforth. #ount 'em! Taylor: That might ,e difficult for #had" since he pro,a,ly can't count that high. Taylor: %to school friends& (gh" ,ehold the Boo animals heralding the new year. How tri,al. #had: *oo+" that music in those shows isn't hip9hop" o+ay" or roc+" or anything essential to culture. It's all show music. It's all costumes and ma+eup... oh" dude" it's frightening. Troy )olton: !eah" I +now. I 1ust thought it would ,e a good laugh. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %after Sharpay asks if ,abriella and Troy were going to sign up for the musical& 2h no" no" no" I was 1ust loo+ing at all the ,ulletin ,oards. *ots going on at this school. -ow. %Sharpay gives a look& Ga,rilla 4onteB: Nice penmanship. Troy )olton: Hey! How's it going3 So anyways %Troy starts talking and we are unable to hear what he's saying& ason: 7ream3 7o you remem,er the night ,efore3 Troy )olton: No" all I remem,er is li+e pin+ 1elly. /rincipal 4atsui: %after lecturing Mrs. 3arbus and Jack olton& So #oach" how's the team3 Is Troy whipping them into shape3 4s. 7ar,us: (gh! Ga,rilla 4onteB: 7o you remem,er in +indergarten"how you'd meet a +id" and +now nothing a,out them" then A@ seconds later you'd ,e playing li+e you were ,est friends" ,ecause you didn't have to ,e anything ,ut yourself3 Troy )olton: !eah. Ga,rilla 4onteB: Singing with you felt li+e that. ac+ )olton: -here's my team" 7ar,us3 %notices Troy and &had in a tree on stage& ac+ )olton: -hat the hec+ are those two doing in a tree3 4s. 7ar,us: It's called crime and punishment" )olton. )eside" pro.imity to the arts is cleansing for the soul. ac+ )olton: #an we have a tal+3 /lease3 ac+ )olton: %to Troy and &had& 'nd you two" in the gym... now. ac+ )olton: %notices that &had and Troy are not at practice& -here's Troy and #had3 %no answer& ac+ )olton: 7on't ma+e me as+ again. ac+ )olton: %yelling& -here's Troy and #had3 The )as+et,all team: 7etention. 4s. 7ar,us: 'nd" we have not got a pianist. 0yan 8vans: That's show,iB. Troy )olton: -e'll sing without a piano. :elsi: 2h no you won't. /ianist here" 4s. 7ar,us. Sharpay 8vans: !ou really don't want to do that. :elsi: 2h yes" I really do. %running to piano& :elsi: 0eady on stage! Sharpay 8vans: %shocked& 2h! 4s. 7ar,us: Now Ithat'sI show ,iB. 4s. 7ar,us: This school is a,out more than 1ust young men in ,aggy shorts flinging ,alls for touchdowns. ac+ )olton: )as+ets. (h" they shoot ,as+ets.

4artha #o.: Hip hop is my passion. I love to pop" and loc+" and 1am" and ,rea+. )rainiac =A: Is that even legal3 )rainiacs: Not another peep. 4artha #o.: It's 1ust dancing. Sometimes I thin+ it's cooler than homewor+. Ga,rilla 4onteB: In my other schools" I was the frea+y 4ath girl. It's cool coming here and ,eing... whoever I wanna ,e. So" you wanna do the call,ac+s3 Troy )olton: Hey" 1ust call me frea+y call,ac+ ,oy! Ga,rilla 4onteB: This should ,e AJ over pi... #hem Teacher: !es" 4s 4onteB3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: 2h" I'm sorry" uh... Shouldn't the >nd eHuation read AJ over pi3 #hem Teacher: AJ over pi3 That's impossi,le... %&hem teacher whips out a calculator& #hem Teacher: I stand corrected. #had: Hey" the whole team's htting the gym for free period" what do you want us to run3 Troy )olton: I can't 9 I" uh" have to catch up on" uh" homewor+. #had: -hat3 It's only the second day ,ac+" even I'm not even ,ehind on homewor+ yet. 'nd I've ,een ,ehind on homewor+ since preschool. Troy )olton: %laugh& That's hilarious. I'll catch you later3 4s. 7ar,us: 'll right )olton. #ards on the ta,le right now. ac+ )olton: Huh3 4s. 7ar,us: !ou're twea+ed ,ecause I put your stars in detention and now your getting even3 ac+ )olton: -hat're you tal+ing a,out 7ar,us3 4s. 7ar,us: !our allstar son showed up at my audition. Now I give every student an even chance which is a long and honora,le tradition in the theater something that you wouldn't understand ,ut if he is planning some sort of a practical 1o+e in my chapel of the arts... ac+ )olton: Troy doesn't even sing. 4s. 7ar,us: 2h" well you're wrong a,out that ,ut I will not allow my 'Twin+le Town 4usicale' to ,e made into farce. ac+ )olton: Twin+le Town3 4s. 7ar,us: See" I +new it. I +new it. ac+ )olton: %Mrs. 3arbus walks away& Sounds li+e a winner. Good luc+ on )roadway. 0yan: %convinced they are being 0unk'd& 4ay,e we'll get to meet 'shton. Sharpay: 2h shut up" 0yan. Troy )olton: Sharpay's +inda cute too. #had: !eah" so is a mountain lion" ,ut you don't pet it. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %to Troy& !ou're a cool guy" Troy. )ut not for the reasons your friends thin+. #had: -hat spell has this elevated IL temptress girl cast that suddenly ma+es you wanna ,e in a musical3 Troy )olton: *oo+" I 1ust did it. -ho cares3 #had: -ho cares3 How a,out your most loyal ,est friend3 Troy )olton: Should I go for it3 I ,etter sha+e this. !i+es. Ce+e: Hey Sharpay. I 1ust thought that since Troy )olton was going to ,e in your show" I... Sharpay: Troy )olton is not in my show. Ce+e: 2+ay" um" well I 1ust thought may,e" um" you could watch me play ,all sometime or something. Sharpay: %laughs& I'd rather stic+ pins in my eyes. Ce+e: -ell" wouldn't that ,e awfully uncomforta,le3 Sharpay: 8vaporate" tall person! Troy )olton: -hat's up3 #had: -hat's up3 2h let's see" um you miss free period wor+out yesterday to audition for some heinous musical" and now suddenly people are confessing. !eah Ce+e" Ce+e is ,a+ing. #rOme ,rPlQe. Troy )olton: 2h. -hat's that3 Ce+e: 2h" it's a creamy custard9li+e filling with a carameliBed surface" it's really satisfying. Troy )olton: !eah" cool.

Troy )olton: So dude" you +now that school musical thing3 (mm" is it true you get e.tra credit 1ust for auditioning3 #had: -ho cares3 Troy )olton: !ou +now it's always good to get e.tra credit" for... college. #had: 7o you ever thin+ *e,ron ames or ShaHuille 2'Neil auditioned for their school musical3 Troy )olton: 4ay,e3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: -hy is every,ody staring at you3 Taylor: Not me" you. Ga,rilla 4onteB: )ecause of the call,ac+s3 I can't have people staring at me. I really can't. 4s. 7ar,us: %after a duet& Dery... distur,ing! Go see a counselor! #had: %after .Stick to the Status 5uo. is sung& /eople are starting to do other stuff. 2+ay" stuff that's not their stuff. Troy )olton: 7ad" detention was my fault. Not hers. ac+ )olton: !ou haven't missed a practice in three years. That girl shows up... Troy )olton: %interrupts& That girl is named Ga,riella. 'nd she's very nice. ac+ )olton: -ell" helping you miss practice doesn't ma+e her very nice. Not in my ,oo+" or your team's. #had: 2+ay" so" my watch is E:FG 4ountain Standard Time. 're we synced3 Taylor: -hatever. #had: 'll right. Then we're on a go mode for lunch period. 8.actly A>:@G. Taylor: !es" #had. -e're a go. )ut we're not #harlie's 'ngels" o+ay3 #had: I can dream" can't I3 4s. 7ar,us: 'nd while we are wor+ing" let us pro,e the mounting evils of cell phones... perhaps the most heinous e.ample of cell phone use is ringing in the theatre. The theatre is a chapel of arts" a precious cornucopia of creative energy. Ga,rilla 4onteB: -hen I was singing with you" I felt li+e 1ust a girl. Troy )olton: !ou even loo+ li+e one too! Ga,rilla 4onteB: %music starts playing for . reaking 6ree.& I can't do this" Troy. Not with everyone staring at me... Troy )olton: Hey" hey" hey. *oo+ at me9 right at me. *i+e the first time together" remem,er... %,abriella nods& Troy )olton: *i+e +indergarten. Sharpay 8vans: %fake smiling to the crowd& I told you not to do the 1aBB sHuare. 0yan 8vans: %fake smiling too& It's a crowd favorite" everyone loves a good 1aBB sHuare. Troy )olton: 'nd you're not gonna here me sing guys" 'cause Ga,riella won't even tal+ to me. 'nd I don't +now why. #had: (m" we do. Ce+e: %taking something out of his lunch bag& Here" I ,a+ed this fresh this morning. !ou might want to try some ,efore you hear the rest. #had: %interrupting Troy and ,abriella's kiss& The team voted you the winning ,all. %shoves it in Troy's arms& Troy )olton: Than+s" than+s a lot man. Ga,rilla 4onteB: -ell" I guess I ,etter go find my 4om and wish her a 6Happy New !ear.6 Troy )olton: 0ight" me too. Not your mom" my mom... and dad. Sharpay: %finishes signing up for auditions& %turns head& Sharpay: 2h. -ere you going to sign up to3 4y ,rother and I have starred in all the school productions" and we really welcome new9 comers there are a lot of supporting roles in this show. I'm sure we could find something for you. Troy )olton: She has an amaBing voice. 4s. 7ar,us: /erhaps the ne.t musicale.

Troy )olton: %laughs& Now that's impossi,le. Sharpay: %comeing out from behind the sign up sheet& -hat's impossi,le"Troy3 I wouldn't thin+ 6impossi,le6 was in your voca,ulary. :elsi: 2h" actually" if you do the part with that particular song" I imagined it much slow... Sharpay: IIfI we do the part3 %laughs& Sharpay: :elsi" my sawed9off Sondheim" I've ,een in seventeen school productions. 'nd how many times have your compositions ,een slipped in3 :elsi: This would ,e the first. Sharpay: -hich tells us what3 :elsi: That I need to write you more solos3 Sharpay: No. It tells us that you do not offer direction" suggestion" or commentary. 'nd you should ,e than+ful that me and 0yan are here to lift your music out of its current o,scurity. 're we clear3 :elsi: !es ma'am. I mean" Sharpay. Sharpay: Nice tal+ing to you. Ga,rilla 4onteB: 7id you ever feel li+e there was a whole other person inside you 1ust loo+ing for a way to come out3 Taylor: No. Not really. ac+ )olton: %in denial of the fact <ac wants to sing& !ou're the playma+er... not a singer... right3 Troy )olton: 7id you ever thin+ that may,e I could ,e ,oth3 %drops basketball and leaves, passing his surprised father and friends& Troy )olton: I thought you were my friends! -in together" lose together" teammates. #had: )ut suddenly the girl and the singing. 4s. 7ar,us: -hat is going on here3 Sharpay: *oo+ at this! That Ga,riella girl 1ust dumped her lunch on me! 2n purpose! It's all part of their plan to ruin our musical. 'nd Troy and his ,as+et,all ro,ots are o,viously ,ehind it! -hy do you thin+ they auditioned3 'fter all the wor+ you've put into this show... %throws ,abriella a hate+filled look& Sharpay: ... it 1ust doesn't seem right! %first lines& 4rs. 4onteB: Ga,,y" it's New !ear's 8ve. 8nough reading. Ga,rilla 4onteB: )ut mom" I'm almost done! 4rs. 4onteB: The teen party3 I've laid out your ,est clothes. #ome get ready. Ga,rilla 4onteB: #an I have my ,oo+ ,ac+3 Taylor: The answer is yes! Ga,rilla 4onteB: Huh3 Taylor: 2ur Scholastic 7ecathlon team has its first competition ne.t wee+ and there is certainly a spot for you! Ga,rilla 4onteB: -here did those come from3 Taylor: 7idn't you put them in my loc+er3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: 2f course not... Taylor: -ell we'd love to have you on the team! -e meet almost everyday after school. /lease3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: I need to catch up on the curriculum here first ,efore I thin+ a,out 1oining any clu,s. Sharpay: %walking over& -ell" what a perfect way to get caught up. 4eeting with the smartest +ids in school! -hat a generous offer Taylor! Troy )olton: %faking e(citement after the Scholastic 3ecathalon reveals their 'surprise' for the basketball team& 2h... an eHuation. #had: %talking about Sharpay and $yan& 7o you +now what I'll do to those two show dogs3 'lan: It's hard to ,elieve that I couldn't sneeBe" er see" See that you were always there right ne.t to ,eside me 4s. 7ar,us: 'lan I admire your spun+... 's to your singing" that's a wonderful tie you're wearing. Ne.t! 'lan: %%lan smiles awkwardly and leaves& Troy )olton: %after ,abriella takes the ball and starts walking around with it& That's travelling. No" that's really ,ad travelling. Troy )olton: %after 3rama &lass& Hey. Ga,rilla 4onteB: I don't...

Troy )olton: )elieve it. Ga,rilla 4onteB: -ell me Troy )olton: 8ither. )ut how3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: -ell my mom's company transfered her here to 'l,erHuerHue. #had: Hey" you +now what3 Someday you guys might than+ me for this. 2r Not. Troy )olton: %singing& #oach said to fa+e right and ,rea+ left < -atch out for the pic+ and +eep an eye on defense < Gotta run the give and go and ta+e the ,all to the hole < 'nd don't ,e afraid to shoot the outside 6 6 < ust +eep your head in the game < ust +eep ya head in the game. Troy )olton: %singing& I gotta get my" get my head in the game. The )as+et,all team: %singing& !ou gotta get'cha" get'cha" get'cha" get'cha head in the game. 0yan: %singing& It's hard to ,elieve that I couldn't see. 0yan" Sharpay: %singing& !ou were always there ,eside me. < Thought I was alone with no one to hold < )ut you were always right ,eside me. Sharpay: %singing& This feeling's li+e no other. 0yan: %singing& I want you to +now. 0yan" Sharpay: %singing& I never had someone that +nows me li+e you do < The way you do. < I never had someone as good for me as you < No one li+e you. < So lonely ,efore I finally found what I'm loo+ing for. Troy )olton: !ou're my guys and this is our team. Ga,riella is not important. I'll forget a,out her. I'll forget the audition and we'll go out and get that champion for the team. 8very,ody happy now3 Taylor: )ehold lun+head ,as+et,all man. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %singing& I thought you were my fairy tale < ' dream when I'm not sleeping < ' wish upon a star that's coming true. 0yan: 4ucho Gusto. Sharpay: 'y" Hue fa,ulosa! 'y! 'y! 'y! 0yan: 'rri,a! Sharpay: Luien es ,ailar3 0yan: 4irame Sharpay: %singing& I ,elieve in dreaming" shooting for the stars. 0yan: %singing& )a,y" to ,e num,er one you've got to raise the ,ar. Sharpay: %singing& :ic+in' and a scratchin'" grindin' out my ,est. 0yan: %singing& 'nything it ta+es to clim, the ladder of success. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %to Taylor& I heard what he had to say. I'm on to him. Ga,rilla 4onteB: How well do you +now Troy )olton3 Taylor: Troy3 -ell" I don't consider myself an e.pert on that particular su,9species. )ut" unless you +now how to spea+ cheerleader" as in... %walks up to a group of cheerleaders& Taylor: 62hmygosh" isn't Troy )olton 1ust the hottie super,um36 %cheerleaders swoon over Troy& Taylor: See what I mean3 Ga,rilla 4onteB: %laughs& I guess I don't +now how to spea+ cheerleader! Taylor: -hich is why we e.ist in an alternate universe from Troy the ,as+et,all ,oy. Troy )olton: Hey! How how you doing3 %,abriella ignores him& Troy )olton: -ell" listen" there's something I want to tal+ to you a,out. Ga,rilla 4onteB: %interrupts Troy& and here it is. I +now what it's li+e to carry a load with your friends. I get it. !ou've got your ,oys Troy. It's o+ay. So we're good. Troy )olton: %looking confused& Good a,out what3 I was gonna tal+ to you a,out the final call,ac+s. Ga,rilla 4onteB: I don't wanna do the call,ac+s either. I mean who are we trying to +id3 !ou've got your team and now I've got mine. I'll do the scholastic decathelon and you win the championships. It's where we ,elong. %pulling something out of her locker& Ga,rilla 4onteB: Go -ildcats. Troy )olton: %still confused& )ut I... Ga,rilla 4onteB: %cuts him off& 4e neither. %walks away& Troy )olton: %even more confused than before& Ga,riella3

Sharpay: 2+ay so the 7ecathlon and the ,as+et,all game are on 4onday and the 'uditions are on ;riday. Too ,ad all these events weren't happening on all in the same day at the same time. 0yan: That wouldn't wor+ ,ecause then Troy and Ga,riella wouldn't ,e a,le to ma+e the... %$eali1es what his sister is up to& 0yan: I'm proud to call you me sister. Sharpay: I +now! Troy )olton: Hey I need to tal+ to you a,out something... Ga,rilla 4onteB: 'nd here it is" loo+ I +now what it's li+e to carry a love with your friends. I get it so we're good. Troy )olton: Good a,out what3 I came to tal+ to you a,out the call,ac+s. Ga,rilla 4onteB: I don't want to do the call,ac+ either. !ou've got your team and I've got mine go -ildcats. %hands Troy the music sheet and walks away& 4s. 7ar,us: %Sees Sharpays top& -hat is going on here! Sharpay: *oo+ at this! That Ga,riella girl 1ust dumped her lunch on me. 2n purpose! It's all their plan to ruin the musical and Troy and his ,as+et,all ro,ots are o,viously ,ehind it! Ga,rilla 4onteB: I guess I should go and wish my mom a Happy New !ear. Troy )olton: 4e too. I mean not your mom I mean my mom... and 7ad. 2h hey loo+ I'll call you! Ga,rilla 4onteB: !eah! /ut your num,er in. %!ands Troy her phone& Ga,rilla 4onteB: %they e(change numbers hand back their phones and ,abriella walks away& Troy )olton: *oo+ 1ust so you +now. Singing with you is the most fun I've had during this entire vacation. So where do you live3 %$eali1es she's already gone and looks at the picture of her on his phone& Troy )olton: Ga,riella. ac+ )olton: They have to paint sets for detention! If they have to do it they can do it tonight not during my practice! 4s. 7ar,us: If they were performers instead of athletes would you see+ special training3 /rincipal 4atsui: Guys" guys! -e are one school" one faculty can we all agree with that3 So coach how's the team coming3 Troy got them whipped into shape3

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 %from trailer& Sharpay 8vans: Hey" Troy" when's the ,ig game3 Troy )olton: !esterday. Sharpay 8vans: -ell" good luc+. Toodles! %from trailer& Ga,riella 4onteB: I'm a lot ,etter at saying good,ye than you. Troy )olton: -hy are you saying good,ye3 %from trailer& #had 7anforth: So I guess when they hand us that diploma" we're actually done here. Troy )olton: -hat ma+es you thin+ we're getting diplomas3 4s. 7ar,us: -e'll call it" Senior !ear! Sharpay 8vans: %sarcastically& Genius. #oach ac+ )olton: -e've dug ourselves a hole" and the only way out is on each other's shoulders. No more M's and 2's. ;orget the score,oard. Here's the num,er that means something... Si.teen minutes left in the game... the season... and for the seniors on this sHuad... si.teen minutes left in a -ildcats uniform. Troy )olton: %Troy and &had have /ust finished pushing Troy's truck back to his house& I'm saving up for a new fuel pump. #had 7anforth: %aggravated& Huh" save faster! Tiara Gold: %Sharpay crashes Tiara's performance in revenge& %singing& Tiara Gold: It's gonna ,e a night... to remem,er! Sharpay 8vans: %spoken& Surprise! immie Cara: !o yo yo" it's lunchtime! Troy )olton: 8ast High is a place where teachers encouraged us to ,rea+ the status Huo and define ourselves as we choose. -here a 1oc+ can coo+ up a mean crOme ,rulee" and a ,rainiac can ,rea+ it down on the dance floor. It's a place where one person" if it's the right person" changes us all. 8ast High is having friends we'll +eep for the rest of our lives" and that means we really are 'all in this together'. 2nce a -ildcat" always a -ildcat!

Troy )olton: %at graduation& 62nce a -ildcat" 'lways a -ildcat!6 #had 7anforth: -hat are you gonna do if ulliard says yes3 Troy )olton: I don't +now. #had 7anforth: That's not what I wanted to hear. Troy )olton: %singing& The way we play tonight is what we leave ,ehind. It all comes down to right now it's up to us. So what are we gonna ,e3 T989'94 Team! Gotta wor+ it out turn in on! Sharpay 8vans: )ut... you were so loyal. 'nd sweet. Tiara Gold: That's called acting. !ou should try it sometime. Troy )olton: I've never even heard of ulliard. 4s. 7ar,us: -ell" that may ,e the case" 4r. )olton" ,ut evidently ulliard has heard of you. Troy )olton: 4y prom is wherever you are. Taylor 4c:essie: 2h" honey. If that's what you call an invitation" you'll ,e dancing with yourself. Troy )olton: %singing& This is the last time to get it right. This is the last chance to ma+e it all night. -e gotta show what we're all a,out" wor+ together. This is the last chance to ma+e our mar+. History will +now who we are. This is the last game so ma+e it count. It's now or never. Troy )olton: %to $yan about Sharpay& )ut you are easier to dance with than she is. Sharpay 8vans: How can you ,e thin+ing of food at a time li+e this3 0yan 8vans: 4ay,e cuB its lunch time3 0yan 8vans: -ait a minute. 4rs. 7 says there's only one scholarship" there's two of us. Sharpay 8vans: -e're twins. They're gonna have to ta+e us ,oth. :elsi Nielsen" 0yan 8vans: %singing& It's our last chance to share the stage ,efore we go our seperate ways. High school wasn't meant to last forever. It's our last chance for us to shine" to ,ring you music one more time. So come on" come on" come on. #ome on" come on" come on! Troy )olton" #had 7anforth: %singing& The ,oys are ,ac+! The ,oys are ,ac+! The ,oys are ,ac+" gonna do it again" gonna wa+e up your neigh,orhood. #had 7anforth: So" um" hey" I was +inda may,e wondering if you'd" you'd may,e go with me. Taylor 4c:essie: 2h" hey #had. They have tuna surprise on the menu. It's good. 08'**! good. Troy )olton: 7ude. #had 7anforth: Taylor" hey" I'm as+ing you to prom. Taylor 4c:essie: 2h" I'm sorry" I can't hear you 'cause it's so loud in here. Troy )olton: 8veryone3 !o! #had 7anforth: 2h. Troy )olton: 4y friend has something to say! #had 7anforth: Taylor 4c:essie" will you /*8'S8 ,e my date to the senior prom3 Troy )olton: %!ands &had flowers& The garden clu, is rooting for you. Sharpay 8vans: He's doing some sort of yoga ;osse thing. Sharpay 8vans: 2h perfect! Go for it! Save the day" whoopee! Troy )olton: !ou +now" I'm not the only one that changed when you came to 8ast High" +ids that I 1ust used to pass in the hallway" we're friends now" and we're supposed to ,e doing this show together. The pro,lem is 8ast High changed when you got there and now it's changed again ,ecause you left. !ou might ,e ready to say good ,ye to 8ast High" ,ut 8ast High is not ready to say good ,ye to you. 0yan 8vans: %walks into music room where 9elsi is playing& 4orning! :elsi Nielsen: %notices& 4orning. :elsi Nielsen: %sits down and begins to accompany himself as he sings& I gotta lot of things I have to do" all these distractions" our future's coming soon. -e're ,eing pulled... 0yan 8vans" :elsi Nielsen: %together& 9a hundred different directions... 0yan 8vans: )ut whatever happens... 0yan 8vans" :elsi Nielsen: %together& I +now I've got you. 0yan 8vans: It's ,eautiful. :elsi Nielsen: Than+s. 0yan 8vans: No" I mean really" this" the prom num,er" everything... it's"

it's going to ,e a great show. %beat& 0yan 8vans: Spea+ing of prom" what are you doing3 :elsi Nielsen: -ell" that's two days ,efore the show. !ou +now" I'm writing orchestrations" fi.ing charts" I still have to write lyrics... 0yan 8vans: %cuts her off& Great. I'll pic+ you up at eight. 0yan 8vans: %key change, singing& !ou're on my mind" you're in my heart... 0yan 8vans" :elsi Nielsen: %together& It doesn't matter where we are. 0yan 8vans: -e'll ,e alright... 0yan 8vans" :elsi Nielsen: %together& 8ven if we're miles apart! Troy )olton: %on the phone with ,abriella& Hey! I 1ust showed my mom the tu.. Ga,riella 4onteB: -e need to tal+. I can't ,e a little adult right now" Troy. I'm hoping you understand that. Troy )olton: No" don't even say that. Ga,riella" prom is in two days. !ou're supposed to ,e on a plane right now. Ga,riella 4onteB: It's ta+en me two wee+s to get used to ,eing away from you. ;rom 8ast High and all my friends. Troy )olton: I +now. I +now. Ga,riella 4onteB: So what3 I come ,ac+" go to prom" and leave again3 'nd when its graduation I'll leave again. Troy )olton: That was our plan. Ga,riella 4onteB: I don't thin+ I can do it Troy. I thin+ I've run out of good,yes. Troy )olton: -hy do you +eep saying 6good,ye63 Ga,riella 4onteB: I love you" wildcat. )ut I need to stay right where I am. I'm sorry. %she hangs up& Troy )olton: Ga,riella... She's not coming ,ac+" man. #had 7anforth: Shes gonna miss the prom3 Troy )olton: No" she's not coming ,ac+ at all. #had 7anforth: -ow. That's lousy" man. Sharpay 8vans: Sharpay 8vans" you're wearing the wrong dress. #oach ac+ )olton: %Troy and &had are shooting hoops in the gym& 7anforth! )olton! !ou get out there and get onstage! Troy )olton: Never thought I'd hear my dad say that... Troy )olton: %talking to basketball team& -ho washed their luc+y soc+s3 2ut luc+y soc+s that we've worn for three straight play9off games... %hits shoe& Troy )olton: ... games that we won! #had 7anforth: 4ine never left my loc+er all season. Troy )olton: ason3 ason #ross: %shrugs& I +eep mine in my lunch ,ag. Troy )olton: Ce+e3 Ce+e )aylor: I vacuum pac+ mine. Troy )olton: There's my team. Sharpay 8vans: I heard :elsi is writing something amaBing for Troy and Ga,riella. 0yan 8vans: %beat& ' song" most li+ely. 0yan 8vans: %counting as everybody does the dance moves& 'nd A and > and $ and F and... %getting to Jason, who is doing a sort of weird arm swirly thing instead of the dance moves& 0yan 8vans: -hat are you doing3 E and K and 9 I li+e it! Troy )olton: I figured you'd ,e the last one out of the ,uilding. Ga,riella 4onteB: I don't ,elieve this. Troy )olton: I too+ a wrong turn on the way to prom. So did you. Ga,riella 4onteB: !ou are so craBy" -ildcat. 'nd what is it with you and trees3 Troy )olton: I guess I see things clearly from up here. Ga,riella 4onteB: -ell" you loo+ handsome. /rom is tonight in 'l,uHuerHue" A@@@ miles away. Troy )olton: %he /umps down from the tree& 4y prom is where ever you are. %he pulls out a corsage& Troy )olton: If I'm gonna have a last dance at 8ast High" it's gonna ,e

with you. %he puts it on her wrist& :elsi Nielsen: %)histles& Hoopsman" over here. !ou loo+ li+e you're having the time of your life. Troy )olton: 4essing up the dances" I'm messing up all the songs. I'm sorry. :elsi Nielsen: It's all of us. 'll of us pretty much +now why. If it wasn't for Ga,riella" this musical would ,e 1ust another 6Sharpay Show.6 It'll ,e fine. #had 7anforth: 2ne Huestion: does )er+ley play3 Troy )olton: 2h yeah. -e're scheduled to +ic+ some 0edhaw+ ,utt ne.t Novem,er. #had 7anforth: Game on" hoops. Troy )olton: !eah. #oach ac+ )olton: 7anforth! )olton! !ou get out there and you get on stage! Troy )olton: Never thought I'd hear my dad say that. 4s. 7ar,us: 'nd now a senior who I ,elieve has a decision to ma+e" 4r. Troy )olton. Troy. Troy )olton: %Troy steps forward& I've chosen )as+et,all. %the crowd cheers& Troy )olton: )ut I've also chosen theatre. %the crowd cheers more& Troy )olton: The (niversity of #alifornia )er+eley offers me ,oth. That's where I'm going to ,e attending ne.t fall... )ut most of all" I choose the person who inspires my heart. -hich is why pic+ed a school which is e.actly thirty two %Troy turns and faces ,abriella& Troy )olton: point seven miles from you. %,abriella takes his his and moves forward and stands ne(t to Troy& Troy )olton: 4iss Ga,riella 4onteB" Stanford (niversity. /re9law. Ga,riella 4onteB: %all sung& Troy! Troy )olton: 0ight now I can hardly ,reathe. Ga,riella 4onteB: 2h" you can do it 1ust +now that I ,elieve. Troy )olton: 'nd thats all I really need. Ga,riella 4onteB: Then come on! Troy )olton: 4a+e me strong! It's time to turn it up. Game on! 0yan 8vans: %to Troy and ,abriella after their rehearsal& /ity the actor that has to follow you. :elsi Nielsen: I ,elieve that actor is IyouI" 4r. #horeographer. 0yan 8vans: %"veryone chuckles& 2h really3 Ga,riella 4onteB: I guess my heart 1ust doesn't +now it's in high school. Tiara Gold: %to Sharpay& Good morning" 4iss 8vans" I'm Tiara Gold. I've 1ust transferred to 8ast High from *ondon. immie Cara: %to Troy& Troy" my ,rother" can I have your gym loc+er3 Taylor 4c:essie: %to the )ildcats& This year is the *ast -altB" ,ut don't ,e the last to get your tic+ets.