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Acidity in the body: the residues of metabolism proteins are acidic, especially if they are of animal origin. If the system is controlled with alkalizing foods that the compensates. Otherwise, the final result of metabolism is acidic, which could allow the agency to use reserves alkaline salt (calcium, magnesium) to regulate the pH in automatic procedure of own body. Disorders due to overload when the form of the joint or limb is not normal, for example when the legs are bent and one leg is longer another, there is a higher load on any o of the joint portion thereof which supports a weight more heavy. Local injury: when there is a fracture, shots important or inflammation of any kind on joint recovery is never complete and cartilage tend to deteriorate faster. Overuse: due to repetitive movements due to sport or at work.

What is osteoarthritis? In normal joints, the process of synthesis and cartilage degradation are balanced. In the case of osteoarthritis, repair process deteriorates and cartilage is destroyed. All joints are affected, especially hip, knees, fingers and also the vertebrae.

Origin of osteoarthritis

The reasons that cause or exacerbate problems hinge are: Lack of certain nutrients: lack of vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients may be the element trigger a musculoskeletal problem.

Tobacco and alcohol: these practices are harmful to bone, cartilage, heart and lungs.

Page 2 Age: recovery of tissue is diminished with taking age and proves to be an important factor behind aggravation of this problem even though this process may return through diet or supplements adequate. Obesity: Obesity causes osteoarthritis in the hips and knees as overweight articular cartilage deteriorates. Longstanding problems and serious

Take 30 ml of Silicon G5 Siliplant morning fasting (one cap) and 30 ml plus or minus 10 minutes before meals + applying a compress Silicon G5 Original before sleep + applying the gel with a slight massage on areas to treat the required number of times (3-4 times per day usually sufficient).


Extraordinary results were To apply the compress soak a piece of cotton or gauze the size of the area to be treated with organic Silicium G5 Original and cover with plastic wrap to prevent evaporation. It is better to use a plastic film for food because minor joints can be covered easily without the need for tape standing alone. Maintain overnight or at least two hours in case it mind. It can sometimes feel to feel some tingling in the body (usually qualified electrical), heat or cold sometimes. This is normal. Sometimes it happens to feel no sensation of this kind but that does not mean that the organic silicon is not. It is recommended to take and implement the parallel basic treatment, and in all cases use product natural following:

obtained for the problems of the musculoskeletal system. It is field of action best known organic silicon. There is important to follow a regular treatment since improvements are gradual.

Recent and light problems

Take 15 ml of Silicon G5 Siliplant the morning fasting and 15 ml 10 minutes before meals + Application of the gel on the areas to treat the number of times necessary. Normally applying the gel 2-3 times per day, a decrease of pain already feel after a few days.

Page 3 G7 Aloe Vera 50 ml per day The body naturally eliminates toxins derived from the diet and the environment. But when its level is excessive and the liver can no longer filtering, the body uses as joint solution Emergency deposited in joint tissues such toxins, including heavy metals, which destroys the cartilage. Aloe Vera cleanses the liver and thus helps improve joint problems. Payback

The recovery time needed to find a improvement, both in terms of the pain of improving mobility and improved agility, may vary location, duration of the disease and pain intensity existing.

Chia seeds 2 tablespoons twice in The Cha that brings the greatest amount Omega-3 nature has an antiinflammatory and also provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to regenerate the joint tissue: vitamins A, E, B2, B3, B6, B8, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron, iron, selenium, copper, zinc between other. Mix with water or juice and let stand drink for 15 minutes until the gel formation.

While it is true that in some cases the recovery is very Quick and notorious, we recommend not to stop and continue with a long-term treatment for at least 6 months to allow the cartilage to improve and avoid prompt return of symptoms.

Tremendous results we see in the local application and oral intake simultaneously and we advise to continue parallel processing steadily.

Sport Recovery Cream Apply once in the morning carrying a massage after applying the gel to activate the circulation local level.

The duration of treatment may vary depending on the location and the importance of pain. After a certain period of time sufficiently long oral, between six months and one year, it may produce an increase of bone and cartilage allowing the regeneration and / or strengthening of tissue connective in general.

Page 4 subjected to loads or forced. Otherwise it could be detrimental and could accelerate the pain and its evolution Instead of improving osteoarthritis. It is also advisable to swim exercise ground or walks.

General recommendations for osteoarthritis in parallel with the natural treatments

Drinking enough water To produce a sufficient amount of bile (1.5 1l l) whose body needs each day to digest food, the liver need a lot of water. In addition, the water supply can maintain normal blood volume, and to dilute the cells connective tissue to eliminate toxins and perform well other functions. To be sure some of these functions, it is recommended to take between 4-8 glasses of water per day. The most important time of day to drink Water is just upon waking. Take one drink warm water to facilitate the expulsion of urine in the kidneys. Then a second glass will help cleanse the digestive system.

Protect joints Avoid subjecting joints overloads that could cause an increase in pain because the increase of the damage. It is recommended to avoid movements which produce pain and use of preferably undamaged joints.

It is best to limit the use of the limb joints less affected by osteoarthritis (excess sports overload weight, ...) without falling into stillness.

Reduce alcohol consumption Alcohol is a liquid refined sugar and acid the body makes. It is why it removes minerals from the body. Consumption Alcohol affects the liver in particular. Much of alcohol ingested into fat deposits that foment the appearance of gallstones in the liver. Alcohol, like coffee and tea, have a strong effect dehydrating. It reduces the level of water in the cells of

Exercise Strengthen the muscles to prevent joint is soft and reduce rigidities. The exercise should be done slowly without cause pain. The results are more beneficial when the joints are not

Page 5 body, blood, bile and lymph, prevents the movement of the blood and disposal of contaminated products. Under the influence of alcohol and dehydration, there is a deterioration in the nervous system, metabolic and hormonal causes the appearance of gallstones in the gallbladder and the liver. in liver cells and therefore gallstones are formed. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of meat, especially red meat, is one of the most effective means to combat osteoarthritis and also fight against the formation of gallstones, against cancer and heart disease. All types of animal protein decreasing the solubility of the bile, which is a risk factor in the formation of gallstones. Avoid fried foods and too fat.

Avoid eating too Excessive intake of food helps to cause gallstones. Eat with restraint and fast occasionally contributes to the functioning of the system to treat digestive food premises that have not yet been digested.

Follow a regular meal Sleep, hormone secretion and digestive juices, waste disposal, etc.., follow a daily routine specific. If this routine continues, the body is unbalanced and has difficulties in exercising its vital functions. Follow a schedule regular meals helps to prepare the body to produce and secrete the right amount of digestive juices. Having a meal schedule disorderly also stops the production cycles of bile

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