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uple of days and had a few fun reagents lying around, so I though I'd try and make some

1-(4-methylphenyl)- -methylam suppose it would be commonly called! "ompleted within 4# hours, starting from toluene! $ach step is a first attempt only, again! %he first two steps work very nicely, but the yield killer is the final step, giving &4'(! )owever, this still correspon d overall+


was added over *- minutes to a solution of /*g (''-mmol) anhydrous aluminium chloride and 4.m, (' 'mmol, 40g) pro ternal ice bath! %he solution was allowed to stir for a further 1!' hours at - o", and was then carefully added to '--m, st ated off, and the a2ueous layer e1tracted with 1'-m, dichloroethane! %he combined e1tracts were washed with 11--m, ate! %he solvent was removed, and the ketone vacuum distilled at 1 *-1 . o", to give 1-(4-methylphenyl)-propan-1-one a

m, '( 3a4) instead of 11--m,! , simply because it is easier to remove under vacuum!



ol, */g) 4-methylpropiphenone in 1 'm, glacial acetic acid was added 1m, 4#( )8r followed by, over the course of an ho n mi1ture, which changed to a nice pink colour during addition, was stirred for a further 1!' hours, then slowly poured into on! %he cream-coloured precipitated product was taken up in --m, dichloroethane, and the a2ueous layer e1tracted wit d with 1 '-m, cold water, then dried over magnesium sulfate! %he solvent was removed under vacuum, taking care to ke bromo-(49-methylphenyl)-propan-1-one, which solidified almost immediately on cooling, into sparkling wa1y crystals!

emperature below *-o" when removing the solvent : coloured crystals indicate some decomposition (above were a very li vent since it could be stripped off at a lower temperature, causing less decomposition!

enone to 1-(4-methylphenyl)-2-methylaminopropanone hydrochloride

, water water phenone , water

-mmol) -bromo-49-methylpropiophenone in 'm, toluene held at - o" was added, over ' minutes, .! g methylamine in mmol) sodium hydro1ide in -m, cold water to a cooled solution of 1*!'g methylamine )"l in 1'm, water)! %he mi1ture w poured into 1'-m, ice-cold water! %he toluene layer was separated off, and the remaining freebase e1tracted with 1 -m with *1 'm, water, and then acidified with 11'm, dilute )"l! %he combined acidic e1tracts then washed twice with 'm, off-white solid to form! -m, acetone was added and was heated to boiling, forming a homogenous solution, which was t tals were filtered and rinsed with around 1--m, ice cold acetone!

hours at -o", which will inhibit pyra;ine formation! It may also lower the yield, but I'll see ne1t time I try! It's doubtful (I7 ep, because of the side reactions which can and do occur! on, but after concentration and re-filtering and washing of the 1--m, acetone washes, which provided a further 1g of pro emaining pyra;ine, and can be done from acetone>methanol!

a synthesis of a @yrovalerone analogue, 4-7@@), @yrovalerone with a he1ane chain instead of pentane! %hanks to our ende ! e is 2uite a powerful lachrymator, even when solid! %ake care with washing your glassware after the synthesis, and please ything with cold water first! (foxy2: "Methcathinone and ephedrine from propiophenone", Stimulants) , although I never managed the /--/4( yields

o be reduced in good yield to 4-methylephedrine, and then very easily made into (4-methyl)-methamphetamine! If you w re adding the methylamine! %his way, the methylamino group can be added under much more vigorous conditions, resulti around .-(, but I'm sure it could be increased!

oo! I was a bit scared about what snorting '-mg might do, but since I've been almost constantly abusing the (badly synth methcathinone with a butyl chain instead of the usual propyl), '-mg didn't do too much! I thought I'd wasted my time unt n it hit me! Intense rushes all over, lasting for well over *- minutes! ?ince I have 2uite a high cathinone tolerance at the g an hour or so after that! $ach time I could feel the rushes of energy coming across me, and after that, a fantastic sense t my beloved ecstasy!

since I only completed the synthesis . hours ago, and began the bioassay an hour later ! It's a fun drug, and although l gh), it's easy to make, and best of all, legalB )opefully someone will find this of use, or at least of interest!!!