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about us
The beginning. From its initial inception in 1976 selling sea and pike baits, StarmerBaits has come a long way, gaining an international reputation for quality baits. The company was formed by Ian Starmer, whos passion for fishing from an early age naturally evolved into the well-known bait company of today. First boilies.In the early eighties, boilies as a carp fishing bait were gaining a strong foothold among fresh water anglers in the UK and swiftly became the best method to catch elusive carp. They soon outranked bread, maggots, sweetcorn or any other method previously used. It followed that in 1986 production of Starmer's very first boilies began. Those preliminary boilies bore very little resemblance to the scientifically formulated products currently offered. At that time, it was normal practice for boilie manufacturers to include preservatives in their formulas. This stopped spoilage through natural degradation in the shops prior to selling and were labeled as Shelf Life. StarmerBaits rapidly came to the conclusion that this was going to be of possible detriment both to the fish and their environment and began using freezing as a more eco friendly alternative. This gave the added bonus that the new frozen boilies were proving even more attractive to carp than their predecessors. Air dried revolution. However, the disadvantages of even this method were becoming apparent; with the ever present possibility of spoilage with defrosted boilies, making them an expensive prospect for customers if not used immediately. It was with this in mind that after more extensive research the current range of boilies was formulated; containing NO preservatives, needing NO freezing and is consistently attractive to carp. They deliver unquestionable protein and nutritional content in an attractive and convenient format, our signature air dried system is so effective it continues unchanged to this day. Green lip mussel. In 1997 the properties of the green-lip mussel were found to be an excellent carp attractor and so the green lip mussel range of boilies and the green-lip mussel enriched pellet were introduced. This ever popular range has gone from strength to strength as its fan base among anglers grows daily. 1998 also saw the introduction of the bio-multi-Vit range of boilies, which has become one of the foremost all time best selling bait. Lac fishabil. A unique water was also needed for these unrivaled baits and in 1998 trips started to Lac Fishabil in France, giving customers some great foreign fishing and the company an ideal test situation for new baits. StarmerBaits became an Official Sponsor of the World Cup 2000 held, where the baits featured prominently. By the end of 2002 Lac Fishabil formerly became part of StarmerBaits.

about us
New blood. Over 30 years on it has become StarmerBaits and son when Gareth Starmer joined the family run business in 2004. With his own unique drive and input the StarmerBaitsbrand is set to go from strength to strength into an exciting future in the world of fishing. Exciting new boilies.New and exciting baits have been successfully introduced over the yearsincluding BIO CP2 AMINOin 2007, pineapple c.s.l in 2008 & the octospice in 2009. 2010 saw a completely new boilie called the Coconut Fish. Having made coconut baits for 15 years it was ultimately time to see if this tried and tested product could be improved and this harmonious combination of coconut, fishmeal & green lip mussel extract proved just that. A brave new pellet shaped world. 2010 saw a bold and exciting step forward in another direction with a new pelleting plant introduced to the company. This gave ultimate control of quality and value with both features passed directly to the customer along with the knowledge that the same exacting standards are applied to all products made by StarmerBaits. New ways of thinking. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of manufacturing pellets, our design and development of baits has changed over the last few years. Now when developing a boilie or pellet, we dont just think on a single product scale, but an entire range, so when we develope a boilie, a pellet to match is made as well and vica verca. This duel development has enabled us to make much more compatible ranges than were possible before, ensuring your matching products are compatible right down to the smallest detail and scale. Brand new pellet matching boilies. 2011-2013 saw the introduction and release of a number of new boilies to the range. In 2011 & 2012 StarmerBaits released the garlic sausage, a new duel colour bait along with the hot chilli & hemp boilie. 2013 saw the release of the bloodworm & tuna along with the halibut & coconut boilies. Both these later boilies are designed to work in harmony with not one but two different pellets at the same time and since their release have accounted for stunning captures.

The StarmerBaits brand can now be found in many countries across Europe as our carp angling neighbours learn from us the delights of the sport.

50/50 milk protein enhanced boilies

The first boilies on the market back in the mid-eighties were the 50-50 Milk Protein boilie range. Many large fish have fallen for these over the years and they are still accounting for heaps of good quality fish nationwide. The 50/50 milk Protein boilies are based on a medium protein neutral base mix, which takes just about any flavour readily and is very digestible its dry base form, accepting any concentrated fish extracts and palatant enhancer. The majority of boilies used in England and in Europe are 50/50 Protein boilies and it is only when the carp becomes a little indifferent and your catch rates drop it becomes time to move on to a more sophisticated bait.

Banana cream


Honey nectar

Raspberry ripple

Peach passion

Tutti fruitti

White chocolate

200g 450g 900g 2kg 4kg See website for our bulk boilie deals.

15mm 20mm rrp rrp 2.78 2.78 4.98 4.98 7.98 7.98 15.98 15.98 31.98 31.98

60/40 sweet birdseed enhanced boilies

Birdseed boilies have been synonymous with winter carp fishing, having a make-up of 60/40 protein base mix with milk protein powders and a variety of crushed birdseeds. This makes these boilies resistant to absorbing decaying weed and silty smells which can reduce the effectiveness of some baits by making them lose their aroma. Our 60/40 birdseed base mix has excellent high leakage ability, ideal for cold conditions with a proven ability in weedy, choked water to attract fish from their hiding places. Used in summer, birdseed baits are even more effective due to their high leakage properties, accounting for many big carp in the UK and across Europe. Try fishing a pop-up over a bed of bottom baits!

Strawberry mivvi

Pineapple c.s.l

Tiger nut & maple

200g 450g 900g 2kg 4kg See website for our bulk boilie deals.

15mm 20mm rrp rrp 3.06 3.06 5.48 5.48 8.78 8.78 17.58 17.58 35.18 35.18

fishmeal & betaine enhanced boilies

StarmerBaits fishmeal boilies all contain elevated levels of betaine HCI extract. It is a highly effective fish attractor and carp respond extremely well when this is combined with specific blends of fishmeal such as anchovy, caplin white fishmeal, salmon, krill and sardine meal. These highly digestible fishmeal protein baits enhance steady growth which is essential when considering a bait for a long term baiting program. All the fishmeal's we use are heat treated and have low fat levels. Our kelp, shrimp, and blended fishmeal's, are superb attractors in their own right. However, this is not always enough, the carp has to enjoy its new food source and prefer it to the more natural substitutes. With this in mind, great care has been taken to gather information on the food in the carps own environment and these natural extracts have to be blended or replicated, especially on waters that have been heavily baited with fishmeal's. In effect, the fish are familiar with the food signal given off by loose feeds, but are given an extra inducement to pick up the bait where they would otherwise be indifferent. Contrary to belief combination fishmeal's are very effective when used in winter, it is only the straight fishmeal's that will fail to catch during the cold winter months.

Big fishmeal

Coconut fish

Bio multi vit

Tangerine fish

Monster squid

Garlic sausage

Halibut & coconut

200g 450g 900g 2kg 4kg See website for our bulk boilie deals.

15mm 20mm rrp rrp 3.06 3.06 5.48 5.48 8.78 8.78 17.58 17.58 35.18 35.18

green lip mussel enhanced boilies

Green lip mussel extract is a highly concentrated powder extract originating from Green Lip Mussels are harvested in the tidal regions where the fresh water meets the sea. These mollusc are filter feeders; filtering out impurities in waters around New Zealand. When the mussel is harvested the lip of the mussel is separated and this is the part that is dried and concentrated. Its own natural high betaine level combined with vitamins and amino acids becomes the vital attractor to carp. Included in a ready made boilie, Green Lip Mussel makes a tremendous bait. It will revitalise a carps taste buds when introduced and it has the ability to induce more intense feeding and overcoming in most cases shyness to boilies: often fish will be taken within the first few hours of being introduced to a water. Results from using these baits show that even on the hardest water carp respond immediately to this product. Try it for yourself and you will see exactly what we mean!

Bio c.p.2 amino

Green lip mussel

Bloodworm & tuna


Sweet plum seed

Hot chilli & hemp

200g 450g 900g 2kg 4kg See website for our bulk boilie deals.

15mm 20mm rrp rrp 3.06 3.06 5.48 5.48 8.78 8.78 17.58 17.58 35.18 35.18

attractor pellets
About low oil attractor pellets. Unlike our feed pellets, the attractor pellets are designed for maximum release of nutrients and a quick break down time. Perfect for attracting carp & coarse fish, but leaving as little food as possible ensuring your hook bait has as high a chance as possible of being picked up.
900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid 5mm rrp 3.00 6.00 21.15 6.98

Hot chilli & hemp

900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

5mm rrp 3.20 6.20 23.93 6.98

Coconut fish
900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

5mm rrp 3.00 6.00 21.15 6.98

Containing powdered bloodworm meal, this pellet is a great addition to any spod, method or our bloodworm & tuna boilie. Also works well on lakes with bloodworm beds due to the food source mimicry in the scent trails given off.

With food grade chilli flakes along with paprika powder this pellet contains a real, all natural, spicy kick. Perfect for adding into your cooked hemp for an extra little something. This pellet also matches out hot chilli & hemp boilie for perfect compatibility.

Using the same flavour and ground coconut as our coconut fish boilie this pellet is the ultimate complement to your hook bait. A strong long lasting flavour release combined with fast break down times ensures your hook bait gets maximum attention.

5mm rrp 900g 3.00 2kg 6.00 12.5kg 21.15 250ml liquid 6.98 Formulated to give off the same attraction signals as your sweetcorn hookbait this pellet is absolutely perfect for match fishing. Use in methods and groundbaits, or mould with warm water to make into its own method mix.

Tiger nut & maple

900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

5mm rrp 3.20 6.20 23.48 6.98

Sweet plum seed

900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

This awesome pellet contains ground tiger nut meal along with a goopy, extra thick maple flavour for serious pulling power. Perfect for carp or course, in methods, groundbaits or used with a single hookbait. Works great in conjunction with its boilie twin.

Our sweet plum boilie has been on the market now for over 20 years, catching in all conditions in all seasons, now it has the perfect companion attractant. Fast breakdown and brilliantly pungent, this pellet will quickly draw fish to your swim.

5mm rrp 3.20 6.20 23.48 6.98

Strawberry mivvi
900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

5mm rrp 3.00 6.00 21.15 6.98

Carp & coarse

900g 2kg 12.5kg

2mm rrp 5mm rrp 3.00 3.00 6.00 6.00 18.38 17.93

Theres not much to say about strawberry that already hasnt been said over the years, except we did something no one else has before and infused it in a pellet. A fantastic attractor in all seasons year after year. We use the same flavour as in our boilies, which happens to be one of our oldest and still humbly reliable baits.

The very first pellet we manufactured and our first steps into the pellet making world. This high protein, low oil fishmeal infused pellet mimics all the food properties of our marine pellets but with none of the oil. An absolute winner for fisheries where high oil pellets have been banned. can be used with any hook bait, flavour, glug or method.

marine pellets
About high oil feed pellets. Designed for maximum attraction and food content, these pellets are perfect for leaving large areas and beds of food. With a near instant release of nutrients and a longer break down time than attractor pellets you can be sure that carp will still find a bed of food to get there heads down on.

Green lip mussel

900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

2mm rrp 5mm rrp 3.20 3.20 6.20 6.20 23.93 21.15 6.98

Halibut marine
900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

2mm rrp 5mm rrp 3.20 3.20 6.20 6.20 24.90 22.05 6.98

Salmon marine
900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

2mm rrp 5mm rrp 3.20 3.20 6.20 6.20 23.48 21.15 6.98

StarmerBaits were the first to make boilies, or any other carp product for that matter, with green lip mussel powder, and this pellet is no exception to that rule either. The only pellet available with infused green lip mussel powder, this pellet is the ultimate complement to any baiting campaign or session.

Halibut pellets are halibut pellets right? wrong. Since we make all our pellets in house we manufacture ours with extra protein than the average halibut pellet. Perfect for carp or coarse fishing, in conjunction with any method, ground bait, flavour or glug, a real go to pellet for all occasions.

Infused with a thick, seriously pungent salmon oil of the highest quality this pellet was the product of over a year of testing and formulation. This pellet really comes into its own when used in conjunction with our fishmeal & betaine, or green lip mussel boilies for perfect signal parity.

Sardine & anchovy

900g 2kg 12.5kg 250ml liquid

2mm rrp 5mm rrp 3.20 3.20 6.20 6.20 23.93 21.15 6.98

Multi mix
900g 2kg 12.5kg 2-5mm rrp 3.00 6.00 21.15

For this pellet we located the highest protein sardine and anchovy fish meals available, combined them with some seriously stinky fish oils, and what came out was a seriously potent weapon for any tackle bag. Packed to the rafters with protein and some secret attractants fish just cant resist this awesome pellet.

Does what it says on the bag, a mixture of every pellet we produce in all sizes. Perfect for quick grab and go sessions for use with carp or coarse. The multi mix pellet has become a firm favorite for its variety of scents and mix of colours, giving fish plenty to grub around for.

High buoyancy, high leakage, all natural. These pop-ups are a perfect compliment to our boilies and our all natural design ensures your pop-ups also match your boilies in food content as well.
15mm pop-ups available in *Banana cream *Caribbean *Coconut fish *Honey nectar *Tutti fruitti *Peach passion *Raspberry ripple *Strawberry mivvi *White chocolate *Tiger nut & maple *Big fishmeal *Bio multi vit *Monster squid *Pineapple c.s.l *Tangerine fish *Bio c.p.2 amino *Green lip mussel *Octospice *Sweet plum seed *Garlic sausage *Hot chilli & hemp *Halibut & coconut *Bloodworm & tuna

rrp 100g 5.98

10mm match boilies

About match boilies. The first boilies produced from StarmerBaits focused specifically towards match angling. Produced only in 10mm and supplied in handy size pots, our match boilies are packed full of nutrients and attractors, ensuring that the target fish are well fed as well as attracted to the hook bait. We have also formulated these hook baits with coarse fish in mind, ensuring that all species are attracted, and not just focused towards carp like the rest of our boilie range.
10mm match boilies available in *Bloodworm & tuna *White chocolate *Bio multi vit *Pineapple cream *Tutti fruitti *Tiger nut & maple *Strawberry fish *Bio c.p.2 amino *Banana cream

rrp 120g 2.98

Matching flavours, high leakage, instant & long term effectiveness. These versatile glugs are designed for both long term and short term leakage from our boilies. Use for a few minutes for an instant attraction from your bed of bait. Alternatively glug your boilies for up to 2 weeks and get a slow controlled leakage from your boilies that can last for up to 8 hours, giving your swim and bait a more effective scent trail for longer.
GLUGS available in *Banana cream *Caribbean *Coconut fish *Honey nectar *Tutti fruitti *Peach passion *Raspberry ripple *Strawberry mivvi *White chocolate *Tiger nut & maple *Big fishmeal *Bio multi vit *Monster squid *Pineapple c.s.l *Tangerine fish *Bio c.p.2 amino *Green lip mussel *Octospice *Sweet plum seed *Garlic sausage *Hot chilli & hemp *Halibut & coconut *Bloodworm & tuna

rrp 125ml 5.98

method mixes
Firm tough texture, quick break down times, high leakage. Our versatile method mixes can be moulded into tough balls for your catapult, or even be used dry as a ground-bait. Either way your swim will benefit from a large cloud of bait with high nutrients and high attractant value. Perfect for either carp or coarse fish!
Method mixes available in *Green lip mussel *Big fishmeal *Hot chilli & hemp *Hempseed *Halibut marine *Red carp *Beastie ball

rrp 3.48 1kg 13.98 5kg 10kg 24.98

After a method for casting? Then take a look at the Beastie ball method mix. The beastie ball Method has been recorded up to distances of 110 yards, so if distance method feeding is your thing, this is the method for you!. Mix with eggs for an ultra stiff paste.

base mixes
Base mixes available in *50/50 milk protein *60/40 sweet birdseed *Green lip mussel *Big fishmeal Want to make your own boilies? Then this is the way to go! With 4 types of basic base mixes to choose from as well as 8 different colours of dye, you can really go to town with the combinations of bait you can make. Combine that with 36 different flavours & natural fish oils and your options for combinations and concoctions are virtually limitless. Our base mixes contain all the same base nutrients as the boilies we produce, so you can be sure that youre still getting maximum food value from the product.

Please note. any boilies you roll from our base mixes will need to be frozen to keep fresh. See instructions contained on packet for full details.

1kg 2kg 4kg

rrp 5.50 10.44 17.20

Flavours available in *Aniseed *Bananacream *Beef *Blackberry *Bloodworm *Butterscotch *Caribbean *Cheesestench *Cinnamon *Coconut *Condensedmilk *CreamyButter *Garlic *Honey *Lemon *Liver *Luncheonmeat *Monstersquid *Mussel *Peach passion *Peppermint *Pineapple *Raspberry ripple *Salmon *Shellfish *Shrimp *Spice *Strawberry mivvi *Sweethemp *Sweetplumseed *Sweetcorn *Tangerine *Tigernut&maple *Tuttifruitti *Vanilla *White chocolate

A great range of super strength flavours! At Starmer Baits we only use the best, human food grade flavours for our products. As we only expect the best, we offer these great flavours to you as well. Strong, versatile and long lasting they can be used in base mixes, method mixes, on pellets and pretty much anything else!

rrp 50ml 6.60 100ml 13.20

Dyes available in *Red *Yellow *Orange *Black *Brown *Green *Pink *Blue Add a splash of colour into your mixes! Strong, vivid and long lasting dyes that can be used in base mixes or method mixes.We use these dyes ourselves so are 100% confident in there quality and effectiveness.
Here you can see examples of how your dyes can look when made into a boilie using the recommended amounts. Try changing the ratios of the dyes until you achieve the unique look you want.

rrp 40g 4.98

fish oils
Fish oils available in *Squid oil *Salmon oil *Nod oil *Strawberry nod oil *Mackerel oil *Lamprey oil Natural stinky fish oils make fantastic attractors! Originally part of just our frozen pike bait range, Natural fish oils proved extremely effective when used with carp products. You can pour these oils on pellets, method mixes or even use in base mixes for an amazingly stinky fish smell. Best used in warmer weather for maximum oil scent dispersion.

rrp 250ml 6.98

Baseball caps
Sizes: one size fits all. rrp 4.99

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