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Concrete Admixtures

ADVA Flow 411 Self-Compacting Concrete Admixture

ADVA Flow 411 is a high efficiency, new generation admixture designed to impart extremely high workability and enable the production of self-compacting concrete having exceptional workability retention. ADVA Flow 411 is based on next generation polycarboxylate polymers and offers concrete producers the advantages of the latest advances in concrete admixture technology. ADVA Flow 411 conforms to EN 934-2 and is manufactured under closely controlled conditions to give a high quality consistent product. After the addition of ADVA Flow 411, a further mixing cycle of at least 2 minutes is recommended to enable ADVA Flow 411 to efficiently disperse the mix components.

Compatibility with Cements

ADVA Flow 411 can be used with all types of cement, including limestone cement. It is also effective in concrete containing pulverised fuel ash or ground granulated blast furnace slag. For use with special cements we recommend that you consult Grace Construction Products.

Typical Properties
Appearance: Brown liquid. Air Entrainment: 1.5% approx. Chloride Content: Nil.

Compatibility with Other Admixtures

ADVA Flow 411 should not be pre-mixed with other admixtures. The performance of the material may be affected by the presence of other chemicals and we would recommend that Grace be consulted in such circumstances.

Method Of Use
ADVA Flow 411 is supplied ready for use. When producing high workability concrete it should be added in its supplied form with part of the batching water after the addition of the cementitious component.

Addition Rates
Range: 600 ml - 1200 ml per 100 kg cement. As with most products of this type, the magnitude of the effect obtained with ADVA Flow 411 is governed by the quantity of product used, water-cementitious ratio, and the specific nature of the concrete and its constituent materials. It is necessary, therefore, to assess performance under site conditions using site materials to determine optimum dosage and effect on both plastic and hardened concrete properties, such as cohesiveness, workability retention, set characteristics, early rate of strength gain, ultimate compressive strength and shrinkage when these are of consequence. As a guide to these trials, an addition level of 0.8% ADVA Flow 411 volume/ weight of

Benets & Advantages

ADVA Flow 411 allows the production of very high flow, self-compacting concrete at normal water contents. Concrete cohesion and rheology are improved, such that SCC can usually be produced without the need for a separate viscosity control admixture. Using suitable mix designs, Self Compacting Concrete produced with ADVA Flow 411 flows and compacts around reinforcement without blocking or segregation. ADVA Flow 411 produces Self-compacting concrete which retains its initial workability for 60-90 minutes. Self Compacting Concrete produced with ADVA Flow 411 is especially suitable for large-scale civil engineering applications as it has near-neutral setting time and high early strength, allowing rapid progress to be achieved. Concrete produced using ADVA Flow 411 is tolerant of variations in water content and aggregate grading, thus minimising problems in the field.

cement is recommended. For advice and assistance with your trials we would recommend that you consult Grace.

Technical Service
The Technical Service department of Grace Construction Products is available to assist you in the correct use of our products. Contact: Grace Construction Products Limited 830 - 832 Fountains Court Birchwood Boulevard Birchwood Warrington WA3 7QZ Tel: 01925 855330 Fax: 01925 855350

Effects of Overdosing
The effects of overdosing ADVA Flow 411 are a function of the degree of overdose. When producing high workability concrete, overdosing will increase the level of workability and may induce the onset of segregation. Depending on the extent of the overdose, an increase in the setting time may also occur, especially in low temperatures and/or when employing sulphate resisting cement or cement replacement materials. In any situation where overdosing is suspected, a careful inspection of the concrete in its plastic state should be conducted. Particular attention should be paid to consistency and cohesiveness, prior to a decision on the suitability of the concrete for the particular application in question.

It is preferable that liquid admixtures for concrete should be introduced into the mixer by means of automatic dispensing equipment. Such equipment is available from Grace and details will be supplied on request.

Health and Safety

ADVA Flow 411 is formulated from chemicals which present no fire or health hazards. If, however, it is spilt the floor will be made slippery and should be washed down immediately with cold water. For further information see ADVA Flow 411 Material Safety Data Sheet, or consult Grace Construction Products.

ADVA Flow 411 is supplied in 205 litre non-returnable containers and in 1,000 litre transi-tanks. Alternatively, bulk deliveries can be arranged.

ADVA Flow 411 should preferably be stored protected from frost. If the product does become frozen, it should be carefully mixed after thawing out to restore it to its normal state. Storage Life In Manufacturers Drums: 12 months from date of manufacture. Storage Life in Bulk Storage: 12 months from date of delivery.
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