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I can not figure out your mistake. but I have updated with ie8 java.

you must open Citron SEDRA Backup then Backup Document Citron . Click on the red icon down if it does not open automatically. then choose the model and click methods then go to the third picture that tells the wiring diagram and you're done

add OPR left and there you have to install svg

Tested on SEDRE Citroen

If you have IE8 open the default home page press F12 key and set Browser Mode: Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) -Document mode: Standard of (IE7) and exit. Open this address= if it works put that page in your bookmarks and open it every time you want just after the icon on tray stops blinking. Good luck

Si despus de instalar el programa Sedre de citroen o Peugeot no os arranca seguir estos pasos Arrancar el programa. Esperar a que el icono de la barra de tareas deje de parpadear. Abrir firefox o explorer y pegar esto Peugeot Citroen

And it works I really works best with firefox but opens with the two.

Instructions -----------------------------------------------

Navigate to java.com website or use the file in the java folder and install Java Runtime Enviroment (jre). Do NOT install the ask.com toolbar.

Let's install Peugeot:

Mount the ServiceBox 09.2011 Peugeot Disk1.iso (I used DAEMON Tools Lite, do NOT install the crapware that is bundled with it) The disk should autostart.

Choose English as language and press ok. Next. Choose no and press next. Write down the "Installation code" and start the Peugeot keygenerator "PeugeotKG.jar". Only works under windows XP - windows XP mode, free from microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx Populate the installation code and choose country "US". Click "generate" and copy the activation code. Paste the activation code in the setup window and press next. Enable both tickmarks and click next. Next. Accept the license and click next.

Choose "Standalone installation" and click next. Choose "Complete installation" and click install. Wait for the installer to finish and press "finish". Wait for the installer to ask for DVD 2/2. Unmount disk 1 and mount disk 2; wait for it to mount and press ok to continue setup. Choose "Standalone installation" and press next. Choose "Complete installation" and press install. Wait for the installer to finish and press "finish". Press finish again to exit the installer. Run PSA Date Validator on Windows 7, I ran it in compatibilty mode for XP sp3 and run as admin http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-windows-vista-compatibility-mode/

Add some years to the license period for both Peugeot and Citroen. I used 10 years which worked fine. You might need to do this a couple of times before it works, you can confirm the validity date by right clicking the Peugeot logo in the system tray and choosing "about".

Install should be completed now.

If your software DOES NOT RUN and get error that is must be updated and is out of date, start it IN COMPARABILITY MODE FOR WINDOWS XP SP3. THIS FIXED THE ISSUE!


The complete fookin Registry entries:







C5 9362