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A Call to Action:


For some years now we have faced the tragedy of those in command taking God and prayer out of the schools, the communities and anything government-funded (with our tax money). Of more recent years we have seen that they have the audacity to separate Christ from Christmas. It is now proclaimed CHRISTmas is no longer in anymore and frankly, its now illegal. Who says?!! Its time to say Bah humbug to Happy Holidays. Certainly, removing all references to Christ in our public lives is a top priority on the devils agenda. And it really should not surprise us when we see the diabolic tactics of removing the Mother of Christs urgent Message to the world at Fatima. What can we do about it? Let us challenge the world every race, color, creed and rank in life to stand up and be counted. Together we can make a difference. Together our voice will be heard and heeded. Together we will be victorious! I have seen a few wonderful people out there promoting CHRISTmas but they cant do it alone. In the last couple of years a group of singers went into the Happy Holiday Malls and sang their CHRISTmas carols. It went on YouTube and spread to millions. Theres a clue millions were interested. We are not alone. We are just disconnected. There are so many ways you can participate in the Keep Christ in CHRISTmas Challenge small and large using whatever means God has given you. Wish a Merry Christmas: Say Merry Christmas and wish a Happy HOLY Christmas to everyone you meet regardless of whether they say Happy Holidays or not. Shout a Merry Christmas: Get a little bit more brazen when in the malls and stores pretend you see friends a distance away and shout out Hey, Merry CHRISTmas. I personally did this and yes there are a handful of people that are looking for the nearest straight jacket for you But MORE people got the point. Strangers smiled, some actually chuckled and as they passed me, made a point of saying loudly and clearly, Merry Christmas. It was rather exhilarating, this little gesture. The warmth received back from strangers filled the air. They felt the same way but needed a little push to not be embarrassed and open up. You can be that little push for Christ. Best Home Nativity Scene Prize If you belong to a group or have received Gods grace of being financially stable put out a contest with a nice Nativity Scene prize for the most inspirational Nativity Scene outside their home. I did this some years ago and the response was heartwarming. It encouraged more

people to publicly proclaim Christ on their property (seeing as its not allowed on public grounds) and the winning scenes were photographed and put in the local newspaper. You can even encourage your local TV station to put it on the local news. Keep Christ in CHRISTmas Essay Contest Post an ad in the local newspaper, put flyers up in store windows that will take them. Put flyers on telephone poles, in libraries, in Laundromats advertising a Contest for the best Essay on What you will do to keep Christ in Christmas. As far as your budget will go Have a prize for every age group. Seek permission from the local trustee for all the schools. Invite school children to participate. Get past the obstacle that the schools are not allowed to do this by telling them we are only advertising there is a contest if they wish to participate. We did this in our community and even some non-Catholic school teachers had their whole class do essays as a project. Challenge the Commercial Stores Talk to managers and tell them that there is a growing group of customers that are going to boycott their store if they dont stop boycotting CHRISTmas. Tell them you want to see Merry Christmas signs to their customers and that you are the majority not the minority. Challenge at the Checkouts Remember when there was not one checkout clerk that didnt wish you Merry CHRISTmas? Now they are directed that they are not allowed to say Merry CHRISTmas. Wish the checkout clerk a Merry Christmas and most try to smile and say Happy Holidays. Some remain silent and you can see they are clearly troubled they want to return the sentiment but know they may be fired if they do. I know, because some of them tell you. Wow we are closer to the 666 issue than we want to think! You cant work there if you dont deny Christ. What to do? Be brazen again say loudly enough so the rest of the lineup can hear you, I know you are forbidden to wish me a Merry CHRISTmas but I DO wish YOU a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Holy New Year. These are just a few of the Christmas challenges I have been involved in over the years. Other than contest prizes you dont need a lot of money to do them. But you do need Faith and Guts. For some, its not easy to speak out as I have noted above, but believe me, try it and when you do the warm and fuzzy feeling you will experience in your heart and soul will be one of the greatest gifts God has given you and your soul. Didnt you ever dream of being a hero? All you have to do is try; stand up for Christ and you will be on a heros path. I know there are many more things being done by Christs heroes out there. Your ideas and actions will be the faith of a mustard seed. Would you share them with us? Then we can share them further on our television, web and letters to millions more who think like you. We are waiting to hear from you What a wonderful gift for the Christ Child on His Birthday. Coralie Graham, Editor of The Fatima Crusader