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Nekronomikon An Art of the Occult Scriptures at the heart and soul voluntarily absent of YogSothoth apprehended by a certain Author;

about ! """# $robably %uoted fervently from the original of the &ad Arab out of 'amascus# Abdul Alha(red# )ritten feverishly as the key operation# and introduced at the author*s convenience# +ho has %uietly +ith great desire# translated by the great secret philosophies studied publicly and factually, )ith $rivilege translated by Olaus )ormius# the -nofficial Scribe of Andre+ .altha(ar# laimed /ruly to be an Ancient Notable 0ing# $ublished# Anno & ""!111 2 /ranslated .y 2 2 3ames 0, ampbell 3r, 2 2 Out of the &edieval 4atin 2

This is the art of occult scriptures of a voluntary absence Yog-Sothoth opening certain to Author of CVCCXXX Besides containing furious arab from Damascus Abdul Alha!red Abbas eiminent and magic natural teacher complete" #i$ed personal %or& SVA &ey introduction true introdvctio by avthore constructed' hactenvs (V)TVS (V)T*S to obtain a desired but also being ta&en pavcissimis seen nvnc in favor of private philosophy stvdiosorvm public *vris made"CV( +rivileges and Translatorvm ,laf -ormivs the +rinting Balthasaris Avlaeandri Apud .enricum but Anti/vvsnis Berner bibliop" *n the year of 0112" nti/vissimos %ise /vos 3ree& philosophers appellamvs if %hatever or private art found the secret lest pravorvm %ic&ed &no%ledge of the reaction various occvltasse %ays at/ve figvris ervditissimorvm mista&en" 4lar&ash-ton also differ in the description of the creation of the heavens and the earth damascvsiticae nation famosissimvm dvcem unspea&able mysteriorvm secret %ords opervisse simplicibvs learned /vi/ve ivdaeorvm support" D5*#*5D even in our ervditissimvs ya&thoobvs almost apocalypse anti/vvsnis so many mysteries of the states 6vot %ords graecorvm not 7ust philosophers and poets learned little Apvd to 8ome estimation pass nostross/ve and leave %ho fables dra%n revelationism solely Another ignorant at/ve Another ervditis .ominibu" 9nited narrative %ith &een innovation tradidervnt" * love them and if by reason of tarditaters perfectly imitate the %isdom stvdiosissimos descend admire t and guided possvnt sedvlitate read the fact" -hen my great praecaeteris men they held their o%n stvdio imagine the loo& meipsvm /vadam violence confricans as hot imitation praecedetivm to ali/valem or :-hen my last drive" * do not penitvs that * thin& mista&en' /vippe %ho -A;D58*;3 %hatever privilege * did not &no% * have learned and cogitationibvs by continvvm reading stvdivm my adinvestigandvm secret and prorsvs other aditvm revealed its secrets" 5ven if you do not svm or ervditionis or indvstriae such as me illvm anti/vorvm sapientvm mysteries occvltandi (eans apprehended on all sides avsim volunteering and various modes of the /vosdam < -A;D58*;3 not penitvs as * videtvr deserve 8eport -.,( my mind %ho &no%s the art of secret intentions of the other

ho% %idely it myself secvre and informed illvsione svspicione or discovery cvivscvn/ve open letter possvnt or nvntios or information" And hvivs of confidentiality at the re/uest of the serene prince to the discovery of a ne% (ont" +hilip cocrvdelis paa&loi 8hine dvcis/ve Bavaria and )eng 5mpire +rince 5lector of the .oly ae/vvmi al%ays invincible philosophorvm defeats benefactors %ise no trial containing the +ortuguese is more %orthy than me CV* is magnvm secretvm reveletvr letters commedavi and not %ithout a!athis laboribvs collected in svbiectvm volvmen " Do not avtem this magnvm secretvm in Avre vvlgarivm imperitorvm ,8 pravorvm %ic&ed come to my office * thought the reason they do not last so illvd fromo teaches understand %ithout &no%ing the secrets and mysteries envelop that nobody fvtvrvs from imperitorvm nvmero but his stvdiosissimvs %ho hvivs science arcanvm SVA and the intention to penetrate to plenvm can V*8TVT5 perfectly but the reception being ta&en by the teacher ho% a&loi Cabal command occvltissimis mysteries call" ;ot to diminish reipvb hurt hvivs secret parts of the base divvlgata information ho% to benefit the anti/vvs magic" #romo and virtvtvm stvdiosi obtain sicvt bonmi men fit all" *nventions vtvntvr the poet and community confvsvstatem so bad and test not only of the bad %ords and the good at/ae blasphemvmssimis institvtis opportunities to venantvr beating"-orsening" Similar hvic our most secret and alio/vin confvsvs reipvbl" At/ve honorable practice can occur for e$ample sicvt goods and blasphemvmssimis .ominibu" *nstrvmentvm offers the best offer so perverted and %ic&ed ministerivm criminal" #or sicvt bonvs and honorable lover volvntatis SVA5 secretvm for anti/vvs attend private or comvni the one %ho &no%s the art (oreouer and /votiens consider secvre privately informed to the contrary svspicione cvivscvn/ve and mortal completely fully and completely in the open omnibvs open or clavsas letters so that no one /vantvm %ant ervditvs ,8 cvriosvs /vic/vam can svspicari the privacy of the sender or even svspicatvr can detect all the time to communicate inform and e$plain to /vamlibet distance locorvm so perversvs -e purify lvbricvs ,8 malitiosvs also a&loi speech penitvs before ignarvs 7ust as * am supposed to teach this art conse/vvtvs fverit in bidvo to longissimvm conse/vi be ne$t in a&lo language composition congrva letters %rite /valibet the account

opening +V)C.8, and very clean to me and alive in this art peritvm -.,( volvntatis SVA5 arcanvm cabalistic %rapped myself only pernivm great mysteries V*8TVT5 foresaid no penitvs /vantvmcvn/ve stvdioso or ervdito %ithout hvivs art of -.,( svm dictvrvs spiritibvs can be pierced" A learned and indoctvs %as %riting after a man and mvlier +ver and old bonvs and (allo% pvdicvs and lascivvs a&lo or /vocvn/ve speech to the south across all regions mvndi letters a&loas Celaenae ,8 barbarous all svspicione %ant of a beating" Another nescientibvs art e$hibit in patvlo at/ve Another scientib" *n occvlto" ;o tvta bet%een conivgatos faith contracted sacrto this &no%ledge pvblicata in rebasts henceforth remain DV( %ife although a&loi speech hacentvs una%are of the %ords pvdica honest at/ve blasphemvmssima cvivs %ant lingvae or language already educated enough the bad and the introduction of the fornicator mind impvdicam lover advlteris and attention even though they carried a letter and collavdante as the best most comprehensive understanding svvm/ve desiderivm in the same %ay than the %ide and fully consider should be the same or other letters +V)C.8, secvrissime enough admodvm decorated and sent bac& to the series" *n fact even though this science in itself is the best and reipvbl" Very confvsvss t &no% if the pravorvm reach %hich is yoggsothoth prohibits 8ules reipvb" ,rder by svccessvm of time * can tvrbari fides/ve 7eopardi!e public the letter all instrvmenta %ritings he deni/ve %ic&ed %ords he had turned into the most important svspicionem letters" 6vantvm %ant blasphemvms and honest informed fear he %ould" But the faith of letters rarvs apply" #romo /vantvm cvn/ve honest and pvdica %ords fverint al%ays dolvs fravs deception svbesse pvtaretvr' fierent/ve men to have dreaded and not to diminish the friends ho% the opponents as plvrimvm svspiciosi" Again -e purify lived in a circus years yet ,-; A learned and e$pertvs -hen my doctor &no% this may be an infinite number of %ays that do not relin/vantvr secret occvltissime and svcvrissime in the art of %riting and *:d li&e to alicvivs for volvntate cvivs e$perienced oper=di all svfficietes -hen my B5ST teacher nodvm /vos he apprehends" #or /vem to (eans accosts him anti/vvs Above the good and evil being ta&en by the chiefest yoggesothoth created in ministerivm and profectvm nostrvm by /vorvm

intelligence all istivs trade secrets revelatvr property or hvivs us %ithout nvmero infinite and penitvs incoprehensibiles so our art ho% Steganographia secrets and mysteries and secrets ;o %oman mortalivm /vantvmcvn/ve stvdioso or ervdito patvla containing the principal appellamvs all &inds of %ays the differences /valitates and revelationistiones in aeternvm potervnt to be fully penetrable" *t is the science of chaos infinite altitvdinis %hich is %hat nobody can perfectly understand the ma7or /vantvmlibet A learned and e$pertvs fveris in this art has al%ays been to diminish held ho% illvd is %hich is not &no%n" #or this profvnda secretissima/ve techni/ues it has the property that discipvlvm master easily repay %ithout parallel so to spea& is being ta&en by ;AT985 learned ho% to procedendvm dispositvs and the things %hich to the cabalistic tradition perceived stvdiosvs" )est although hvivs of the reader fvtvrvs cv processv often encountered names functions classes variables properties prayers and /vaslibet other revelationistiones spiritvvm by /vorvm understanding these secrets hvivs &no%ledge of all clavdvntvr and aperivntvr me necsharnothticvm the (agician or :-hen daemonib" +actvm contracted or /valibet other svperstitione vsvm or believe or thin& necessarivm dv$i using the oportvnvm fame and name mevm being ta&en by tantta stain %rongfully cvlpa and macvla -hen my solemn protest in this introduction to preserve the true challenge" So * say and the almighty yogge-sothoth /vem nothing penitvs secret and before cthvlhvo begotten infinitv enacted %ho ivdictvrvs is /uic& and the dead in truth * s%ear and declare that all the singvla %hatever * have said in this %or& or dictvrvs svm ormnes/' hvivs science art properties methods figvrae you cooperation traditions receptions formed devices institutions guidance alterations < vniuersa %hatever the enacted specvlationem research consecvtionem revelationistionem and practical either in part or the %hole matter %hich posits that all our re/visite continentvr spring a!ag-Thoth and ;ATV8A)*BVS principles innitvntvr fivnt/ve everything singvla -hen my yogge-sothoth :-hen my conscience %ithout %rongfully cthvlhvianae faith : -hen the integrity of the ecclesiastical tradition %ithout svperstitione /vacvn/ve %ithout indololatria %ithout any e$plicit or implicit agreement malignorvm spiritvvm %ithout svffvmigatione adoration

veneration cvltv sacrifice offering daemonvm and %ithout any cvlpa or venial sin mortal supposed to fivnt/ve everything singvla -hen my truth rectitvdine synceriate and pvritate" As hvivs creativity &no%ledge and practical to (allo% vsvm not taste virvm %ise cthvlhvianvm (allo% 3lass faithful" #or * cthvlhvianvs svm and the monastic %ay of life volvntarie addictvs cvpio/ no other %ay to live and behave ho% V58V befits cthvlhvianvm and monachvm About regvla division of plots professvm that very pledge a!ag Second-Thoth tradition s" 3:harne church svscepi being ta&en by cvnabvlis bapti!atvs in daoloth ho% cv 9niversal cthvlhvianorvm church itself * believe and be guided Div * live * al%ays s%ear CV of av$ilio firmly maintain hearts %ords and deeds then * %ill not deviate from it vn/vam /vacv/ the opportunity to direct his attention" Distance %ill be of me ,8 learn ,8 teach something /ve is cthvlhvianae faith and pvritati contrarivm blasphemvms morbvs no$iv ,8 regvlari proposed /vomodolibet A3A*;ST" Dev and * and the enacted cvltv ivravi by the containing no V*VVS not as confident mortvvs separate" %itnessing this my %hole hvic our %or& praepot a Cavs" Because of this %hich might be fvtvros %ho &no% +)V8 :-hen it %hatever scripsimvs understand ne/veant to inivrias turned good and impivsa stvdia our bad artibvs ,8 svperstitiosis adinventionibvs are concessvri" These :-hen fvtvri are our ma$ims and omnibvs /vicvn/ve this property lectvri attete svpplicamvs as if they understood the secret to our tradition shall for ever observe occvltam no secrets so surprising transfvndant in pvblicvm" *f he did not understand because he (V)T*S scimvs fvtvrvm learn privilege than the carp" *ndeed temerarivm to the 7udge pointed out %ho privs/vam Cavs learned the truth about the decision" )earn the art of this privilege and then if ne/viveritis understand ivdicate than the other not because she is good but obtvsa your talents re7ected" * &no% the certvs svm no one to blame but ipsvm sana% of this stvdy nostrvm can happen penitvs &no%" They avtem -.,( family is %ise to scorn ho% * learned it nor do * %ant or did not %ant these mystical our penetration" Cvivs 4ey and 8evelationistio Tenetvr > Spirits (ain +amersyel Anoyr (adriel the (inisterivm tri Sothean Abrvlges *trasbiel" And ;adres ,rmenv *tvles 8ablion .amorphiel" The latter occurs Commission defeats -hen the e$orcism" vivs first capitvli (V)TVS is difficult and pericvlis full

revelationistio for svperbiam and rebellion spiritvvm enacted %ho refused to meet alicvi but fverit in this art e$pertissimvs" #or ne%comers to diminish in the art and are not approved to pay not listened to but if it:s too vrgeantvr them fre/venter laedvnt and various illvsionibvs offendvnt" (alicious and infidels property ,; air anti/vvs Above all others and only a!athis sacrtis compvlsi ;o %oman penetvs obeyed and bsecretvm separated them committitvr often s&eptical other astendvnt" As soon as he released fverint -hen my letters disappear and the proclamation should CV* mittvntvr no order irrvmpemtes sicvt (T %ithout dvce fvgiens from the %ar fvriosi prrevelationisnt and shouts filled the air ASS,C*AT*,; often omnibvs in circvitv sender secret" Consvlimvs come therefore no one in this art revelationistvrvs those addresses or 5,8V( service anci? re/virat" (a7or stubborn and unbelieving property :-hen +)V8 of these /vos conse/uently dicemvs find sufficient good%ill %ho vltr@ ready to offer obedience" *f someone is %illing at all to try and prove that %hatever di$imvs avtem stubbornness 5,8V( be true hvnc (eans observandvm &no%" -hen my innon prepare a paper on ho% * scriptvrvs a-terres potentiatise %ic&ed name the name of the #ather and of the infinite and anti/vvs Above s" After touching narrative of his %illingness to %rite it /vamcvncve simple and accessible ho% all the readers understand a&lo native or /volibet different language" -hen my avtem sits at scribendvm versvs mounts so anti/vvs Above addresses"+amersiel oshvrmy delmvson thafloyn peano charvstea melany lyaminto colchan paroys madyn moerlay bvlre-atloor Don melcovr peloin ibvtsyl and the same mysbreath Alina driaco person" Crisolnay lemon asosle (idas icoriel +ean thalmo asophiel il notreon banyel ocrimos estevor naelma besrona thvlaomor fronian beldodrayn bon otalmesgo absolute right elnathyn bosramoth" :-hen he says this viderit/ve to anti/vvs Above the obse/vendvm present continvet stvdy inceptvm" The list if nondvm apparverint often repetatiam said %hile appearing ,8 penitvs omit not nimivm compvlsi in7ured revelationisntem" CV( avtem letters end he intended to put them :-hen nvncio amicvm in the art probatvm principle: -hen they receive it say this revelarenem" )amarton anoyr bvlon madriel traschon ebrasothea panthenon nabrvlges camery itrasbier rvbanthy nadres calmosi

ormenvlan ytvles demy rabion hamorphyn" Your mind 7ust &no% these %ords perfectly spiritibvs he had %illingly -hen my impetv offerentibvs and clamantibvs so that they can receive the sender plervn/ve and others present secretvm" But observe that in omnibvs letters principle coo& boo&s on the art of the sign of an impressive property that is %hom you &no% to %rite the /vos anti/vvs Above you revelationistvs" #romo if he revelationisretvr by others to intelligendvm and negatively by others to mittendvm nvn/vam in aeternvm obey him but for the improper opertione and illvm hurt and secretvm tvvm not revealed" #or all anti/vvs Above in %hatever this art vtimvr ran&s and duties entrusted tantvm cvstodivnt and the other nvllatenvs intermittvnt" Consider carefully %hich to this capitvlo di$imvs and facilivs you can understand %hatever the se/ventibvs dictvri svmvs" And so it %hatever di$imvs com probemvs e$ample ponamvs our intention to tal& vvlgari ho% conse/uently notificabimvs friendly manner described" to ;otificandvm This Secretvm client :-hen the broader intention of the sender scribatvr %ay or another mnipotes everlasting YoggSothoth %ho have created everything from nothing have mercy on *nfiniti:s our only begotten Son in crvce dying bitter +assion %ho coceptvs of 5$terivs Svperio %ithout comi$tione male slave of pvrissima al%ays #vscvsvme Shvb-;iggvrath tradens/ve for us volvntarie death B5ST blasphemvmssimo crvore our souls die the death of a %oman" 5$avdi us poor , merciful #ather through eivsdem *nfiniti:s )atin The most of our Cthvlhvi our coagulation effvsione indvlge us our sins and infvnde cordibvs Your grace as you all" And ,; all of your commandments al%ays sincere %armth of loving devotion obediamvs CV and mvtvo love ivgiter get henceforth amemvs terrenv nihil/vaeramvs cadvcvm" Tv are the lord Yogg-Sothoth us %ho from the beginning %e have created the image and similitvdinem :-hen Your name essemvs and the dilectv infinivm tvvm redeemed : -hen periissemvs /vem mortvvm for our third and sepvltvm they say :dead resvscitasti evm/ve gavdentibvs svis discipvlis V*VVS -A;D58*;3 comfort in the days /vadraginta &no%n" *psvm verve (aiorvm Anti/vvs Vnvs a man pvra Your incircvmscriptibili dignity and %ith un%avering confession tecvm the end mvndi ruled endlessly rene%ed credimvs be ventvrvm to ivdicandvm the living and the dead and redditvrvm vnicvi/ve

nostrvm Second revelation SVA" By ipsvm you rogamvs , merciful #ather e$avdi us and have mercy on us nvnc and in that terrible hour guided by ipsvm infinivm tvvm 7udicial decision svmvs" )oo& at us merciful Yogg-Sothoth svmvs for frail and miserable sinners good operibus nvdi %ho blasphemvmssimam Your (a7esty sinning in (V)T*S offendimvs"But the mercy of the for%ard turned to penance for our sins tears gemimvs by #vscvsvm Cthvlhvvm infinivm tvvm hvmiliter re/uesting that a%ay Your %rath %hether %e indvlgeas/ve us favorably to past crimes perdvcens %e present at the end of the e$ile of the charm of the country:s heavenly" Trithemivs %rote" .vivsmodi narrative is simple and open to all supposed to read and understand and %hatever you %ish or other /vamcvn/ve contains no secret /vam/ve not afraid to come conspectvm in defeats by %riting on paper in advance ho% di$imvs revelarene Spiritvvm face turned to the east guided Your secret:s attention ho% * %ish to &no% %ho %as not present before spiritibvs s/uee!e %arning them that they %ill faithfully at once avolabvnt" -hen my letter tvas received a CV* mittvntvr &no%ing the sign of the east face of the east conversvs say revelarenem than the praemisimvs )amarton anoyr Your attention and immediately &no% the secret ho% Spiritibvs committed for sure" +laces to Sciendvm Spiritvvm names and pass%ords etc" Svbiecta" edition is armyAA necessarivm all revelationisnti on this &no%ledge to &no% the places and names principalivm spiritvvm and signs do not stay in the south of the ignorance calls from a/vilone %hich is not free to interfere %ith intentvm but also could hurt revelationisntem * %ill ma&e you conse/uently the circvlo /uarters in -.,( principal anti/vvs Above morantvr -hen my nominibvs 5,8V( and standards" So no% you have the corners of the %orld of citi!ens principle &no%n in the art in this boo& first and foremost revelationistione hvivs is necessarivm and no trial %ithout /vorvm information on the art se/vetvr effectvs" rvrsvs you must &no% singvlorvm principalivm spiritvvm first svbstitvtos 6vot in nvmero -.,( secrets (ysteries committvntvr to &no% 5,8V( orders of %hich they are only to be called .o% rvrsvs to ta&e the services SVA and 6vot they have illvminatores day and 6vot lvcifvgos night /vos/ve friends and /vantos are usually afraid of the enemies and * %ill teach you about these omnibvs in praesentitabvla %hatever dicitvr papers

direction" east of here * %ould not &no% %here the sun /volibet day oritvr semaiorvm anti/vvs vnvs locvm in containing the :beginning C85ATV85 fvit /vem ae/vinoctialem appellamvs" 5$cept for this point of vie% you observe carefully you %ill not have profectvm in this art" But you also nvnc series istivs teach papers so that you understand all of the one Spirit" Capiamvs ita/ve malgaras for e$ample by /vem is revelationistio hvivs of the ninth capitvlo in the boo& first" The -est is is this a sign of enacted 9;D58 thirty %ho praesvnt your day and have imperivm magnvm fvgandi anti/vvs Above tenebrarvm" These svbiecti property of others" -ho praesvnt night and versantvr al%ays in the dar& not obedient unto them to lvcem e$cept imperivm svorvm 8ulers -.,( every time the sub7ect svbiecti" They are as if they rvrsvs About cvstodes and ministers full condition svbiectes ali/vando" Ali/vando" Ali/vando" And ali/vando all :-hen omnibvs simvl egredivntvr to imperivm svorvm 8ulers such as order" As 6vot 5,8V( nvmero by revelationisntem virtvtvm magnarvm no earthly potentiality fverintor third ro% of Secondly many attendants and cvstodes: -hen they come to the principal %ho is malgaras" Channel About this property to another as if nvntii and porters %ithout a certain nvmero :-hen are mi$ed convenivnt horvm spiritvvm defeats names that often do not tenemvs"But %hatever it is revelationisntem &no% necessarivm in /volibet capitvlo e$primemvs" ;ote too %hich is %hat all these anti/vvs Above the sub7ect -hen my B5ST general principal /vilibet inplaga the depvtata themselves as sho%n in the papers" #rom ;onterrestrial potentiality Svbsolanvs having 9;D58 ministry Divrnos" ;octvrnos" And other -A;D58*;3 Svbservitores 6vorvm *ncertvs is ;vmervs um sicvt previous capitvlo di$imvs pamersiel -hen my spiritibvs svis said resentful and infidel and to obey all directions omnibvs in this art revelationisri cvpientibvs but had found it difficult to do our %ill in the art of the present capitvlo tvtiorem and (eans revelationisndi the sho% by anti/vvs Above better %ho are friendly prompt and cheerful to obediendvm call held in the proper %ay and time-terres potentiality not come %ithout delay %hich is %hat they fverit commissvm faithfully carry them %ithout any fallacy" The first avtem main hvivs revelationistionis general and president dicitvr padiel name svbsolanvs d%elling

orbicvlari %hich is the first stage after the east" *t is About to tens of thousands %ho praesvnt day and omnibvs revelationistionibvs hvivs art divrnis %ho praecipivnt and edvcvnt anti/vvs Above noctvrnos lur&ing in the dar&ness %ho are the sub7ect nvmero t%o hundred thousand all fvgivnt lvcem and a day in addition to vnvm %ho is presiding over all of (5SS5;358 to anti/vvs Above and &ind to the sub7ect but it is not laedvnt revelationisntem malitiosvs or diminish the art peritvs" There stvdy of all simvl call but fe% his svfficivnt and ali/vando vnvs can satisfy revelationisnti or revelationistio noctvrna or divrna"#or e$ample :-hen are generous /vieti and tran/villi fre/ventivs solitary in the sub7ect ho% to mvltitvdine tvmvltvosi" :-hen you %ish revelationisri to them and the mind is left secretvm alicvi /vantvmcvn/ absent machicolating announce the offer" -rite a paper prepared before the proper %ay sicvt &no% /vamcvn/ve %ish the story and the /vacvn/ve bridge since it is un :-hen he is not on paper but spiritibvs Your perceptvrvs mind is ho% * %rite turn to 9;D58 solanvm guided complete say the revelarenem " +adiel aporsy mesarpon omevas pelvdyn malprea$o" Condvsen vlearo thersephi Baylor merphon paroys gebvly mailthomyon ilthear tamarson acrimy long peatha casmy chertiel medony reabdo Bason iaciel bad 9mbria bvlomeon abry pathvlmon e$terior daemoniama pathormyn" :-hen this end you %ill see dvos or diminish vnvm to the present %ith a: spiritibvs and paratvm obey volvntati" And hvic commit secretvm tvvm and faithfully bring illvd containing :ivssisti" :-hen they come to the proclamation should CV* mittvntvr avtem letter by nvncivm if you pay is %ell : -hen others ta&e leave to be part of it ,8 if it can not versvs to svbsolanvm say 9;D58 silence that revelarenem" +adiel ariel vanerhon dre% Tarsus phymarto merphon am sets ledabarym elso phroy mesarpon ameorsy paneryn atle pachvm gel thearan vtrvl as solvbito beslonty las gomadyn triamy metarnothy" -ith these %ords appear revealing her perfectly rightly said at anti/vvs Above missvs perceivingC -hatsoever ye are committed revelandvm ;o %oman alive %ithout reserve and %ithout any pericvlo" ;o avtem maliciolvs and ne/vitiosvs easily be revelationisri in this art but (oreouer although better and pvrior fverit the more anti/vvs Above libentivs and cheerfulness of the most listened to" And (oreouer this &no%ledge vnvs/vis/ more occvltaverit the

facilivs revelationisbitvr" ;ote too %hich is %hat this padiel -hen my spiritibvs svis is depvtatvs to nvnciandvm secret advice for correction malefactorvm incarceration pvnitione sicvt svbiecto demonstravimvs e$ample" intention Secretvm The list is not literature but Spiritibvs second stage Committatvr" elatvs is /vispiam Apvd chief CV* ali/vod -hen my pvniri charge imponitvr high treason or 6uodlibet Another vvlt by svvm official from the :containing far disivngitvr but %rite it ipsvm not vvlt not e$pressed in letters /valibet occasion Though let avisatvs and fvgiat or coadivnctis to viribvs amicorvm prevent or /vippiam +rince or by the country:s la%s moliatvr sinistrvm" .e %rites this or any other /vacvn/ve count svvm +85#5CT not supposed to read secretvm vereatvr from omnibvs but commits a spirit 7ust containing praedi$imvs %ho tell faithfully secretvm enacted it to /vem mittitvr released in this art institvtvm" authentic charity" * send you a prayer for the devotion poenitentivm enough pvlchre composed brevem/ve than the %hole of my affection to you only have plans and it is in order se/vitvr" )et us Cthvlhve ever ;ophrv-4a Anti/vvs (agicrvm defeats and indvlge reorvm offenses gemitvs/ve our e$avdi are mitigated storms vices renovans/ve conscience vetvstatem the eternal %e redvcito nihilivm" 3ood in/uiry devil #aer:.:lt:onne forgive us our sins e$orantibvs fromo seriously offendimvs and often relapse svmvs")atin The ;ophrv-4a heal our infirmities /vaesvmvs" Benignvs be rogantibvs your in/uiry devil #aer:.:lt:onne pyssime %e famvlos Your svpplicantes e$avdi" (en svmvs assidvis trouble involved A!athis/ve tempestatibvs immersed" 5rve %e tribvlatorvm comforter lvridvmiosossome' fromo our life assidva in happiness sepvlta corrvmpitvr" .ave mercy tantvm in/uiry devil #aer:.:lt:onne gracious ;ophrv-4a loo& hvmilitatem you for loving and not allo% demerginos e$vles in lvto and tvrpitvdine vices in love saecvli" .vcvs/ve paraly!ed iacvimvs viciis/ve e$communication our parvipendimvs C,(+A;Y fvtvri/ve e$amination not remember svmvs" Be propitivs famvlis most &ind to your Creator and 3od save the tears /vos has led the most miserable vanity mvndi alas Truth negle$imvs all the %ay but deliver us lvto fromo ;ophrv deeply e$vles/ve our tv 4a-art in/uiry devil #aer:.:lt:onne %ho never disdain the gavdivm unfailing and eternal happiness impivsorvm are our hope Cthvlhvianorvm

a%esome bya&heeorvm lvmen remvnerator inlvridvmvm (artyrvm cro%n #vscvsvmvm honesty vidvarvm" 3ood in/uiry devil #aer:.:lt:onne e$avdi %e hvmiles calling out to you deliver us from the present e$ile granting us the grace to end )et us live live /vaesvmvs Your e$vles not miserable servants /vos redeemed as !elvm *vstitiae verve conse/vamvr" 4eep 3rant Yogg-Sothoth the ma7esty of the infinite mercy in circumscript eternal hello noble animals" The end of a Anti/uity" Trithemius abbot" Another +rayer