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1. Concerning The Meta Sigil:

Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos join to form a Greater Darkness, but only slimy, tentacled Mythos seems to be charging ahead, eru ting !ith determined force into uncharted territory" laces !here e#en entagrams and itchforks fear to tread. $ challenge the Satanic faiths and hiloso hies to rear their demonic #isage in our direction, to !atch !hat !e ha#e accom lished and to su ort those aims !hich are so #ery similar, not to mention necessary% &or decades, these t!o branches of the 'eft (and )ath ha#e del#ed farther do!n into man*s disturbing unconscious than any other religions. +oth aradigms fre,uently find common ground, yet a !ealth of unta ed otential still lies unrecogni-ed. .ou see, both Satanism and the Mythos try to unco#er something dark and secret. This esoteric un!holesomeness could be about the !orld, mankind, or the unkno!n forces that e/ist outside reality. 0nd then there are some !ho don*t #ie! Satanism or the Cthulhu Mythos as articularly religious1 but !hat is religion2 )rioriti-ing. 0rranging things in order of im ortance. (o! better to rioriti-e than assigning a su er3natural significance to certain conce ts2 Such areas as obtaining !hat !e desire, li#ing by an honorable and noble code, becoming more than !ho !e currently are"that*s all religion is for. $t is merely a strongly held belief3 system to kee us mindful of !hat has the highest #alue. Deities and other ious tra ings are almost incidental"almost. There*s still something fruitful in reali-ing that !e are not the biggest fish in the uni#erse. Getting back to Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos, these e/treme religions are each onto something fundamentally truthful. 4ne could say they court the same !oman: the ossibility of attaining more"e/ loration !ith an eye to!ards con,uering% Creating lasting change for our benefit. 5ho among us does not cra#e transformation, o!er, control, fulfillment, accom lishment, and recognition2 So !hy not embrace these similarities2 5hy not join forces2 +ecause it*s fashionable to ut do!n 6the other7, that*s !hy. Together, the 'o#ecraftians and the De#il !orshi ers can unmask !hate#er it is that e/tends beyond our human reach. 5e !ere all born under a nameless sign" one that re,uires us to seek out gruesome mysteries and uns eakable lore. .es, it is our calling" to enetrate the blackest reaches that lead to!ard sal#ation% +ut don*t forget Chaos Magic, 'uciferianism, Setianism, 5otanism, 8oudoun, (ermeticism, 9nochian, :abbalah, Theoso hy, and so forth" 0ll of these aths ha#e something to contribute. 'et the 0ncient 4nes ; 0:4 < !ho are the beginning and the end, our origin and final destiny, recogni-e this mark of Greater Darkness. (ail the 0:4%

=. The 0nointing >itual:

5ise is the Cultist !ho anoints the regnant belly carrying his imminent s a!n. The anointing is to be done !ith green slime made out of non3to/ic substances ;such as green food coloring and clear :aro Syru <. Sim ly dri--le the jade ichor u on the #essel*s baby bum , then roceed to rub it around as the Cultist feels inclined. My recommendation is to !ait until at least se#en months ha#e trans ired before erforming the anointing ritual. &or those !ondering about !ords" one should mark the occasion !ith !hate#er intuiti#ely seems a ro riate. >eference to the 0ncient 4nes collecti#ely or a certain 0:4 in articular is a good lace to start. The Cultist could #oice his desire for health, ha iness, and a certain ro ensity for darker #irtues. Mention of the e/ ected baby*s name is another anointing sta le. $f the mother3to3be has something she*d like to add, then by all means she should be allo!ed to s eak. This ritual is #ery much like a ba tism, e/ce t anointing comes before the birth. $t a#es the !ay, consecrating and making sacred the #essel !hich nurtures the unborn. 0ny kind of greenish li,uid can be used to symboli-e green slime, the thicker the better though. Green is the traditional coloring of Dread Cthulhu, it is the hue fa#ored by our religion. Green represents life, alienated, and cosmic horror. Slime is considered to be disg sting, nclean, and often tho ght of as a fo l secretion. As different from !ater as da" is from night. 0s some might remember, $ erformed my first anointing ritual a cou le years ago. Tonight, ho!e#er, $ erformed my second yet far more im ortant blessing. This !as a key moment because $ anointed the #essel and forthcoming child !hich s rang from my #ery o!n seed. )re aration for +riella 9merald Satanis has been made. $ feel satisfied !ith my magic" e/tending my slimy green hand out to the similarly coated tentacles eru ting from the great outer blackness. My Scarlet )rincess and $ are e/tremely roud of !hat !e*re about to bring into this !orld. $ ho e you enjoy the miraculous leasure of anointing your o!n s a!n in the Cthulhu Cult tradition. To the creation of a ne! and better race"

?. The 'ost >itual 4f The 4o-e 4f The 8oid 0nd The Tentacled 5orms:
$t !as a time for high ho es and a time in !hich $ sa! all ho e dashed u on the !atery rocks belo!. Cthulhu 4ne, the first con#ention held on May 9#e =@@A in !hich S.T. Boshi and >obert M. )rice !ere the guests of honor, had been an enormous success. Cthulhu T!o held on May 9#e =@@C, ho!e#er, !as another matter. $t !as so s arsely attended that $ might as !ell not e#en organi-ed the e#ent to begin !ith. .et, organi-e it $ had. $ did !hat $ could to make the best of it. The May 9#e ritual !ould ha#e to be o!erful and e#ocati#e enough to o#er3com ensate for the other!ise dismal

failure of our second con#ention. $ !rote it the day of, in a trance3like state surrounded by green lights, blas hemous idols, and co ies of 'iber 0:4" cold off the resses. Those !ho artici ated !ere s iritually ra! u on the dark rite*s com letion, their hearts and minds taken to a lace unfathomable. $, in articular, felt ri les in the magical !ater D ri les that !ould continue to resonate throughout our uni#ersal ocean. Something had broken free that night% 0midst the confusion of life and my o!n ersonal struggles, the ritual erformed !as subse,uently lost. 5here the manuscri t had disa eared to, $ had no clue. $t !as some!here, $ !as sure, but after months of searching $ had gi#en u ho e of e#er finding it. Then, just as mysteriously as it disa eared, the original, hand3!ritten ages materiali-ed a cou le of nights ago. 5ith only a fe! small corrections, $ submit this ritual in all its urity for your #ie!ing leasure. +ehold, here is The 'ost >itual, 8oid 4o-e and Tentacled 5orms% 5e ha#e come to o en the gate" Eothing human, nothing gained. Dee archi#es of emerald #ibrational sendings. 0rchitectural crystalli-ations of radiant fear. 0 thousand and one beasts cra!l u on the mud3caked altar !here abhorrent dreams li#e in deathless trium h. The horrors from outside ha#e arri#ed. 'oosed, #iral, chaotic D unimaginable terror oo-ing out like jaundiced !ounds o#er the monolith*s eyes. .og3Sothoth, !andering ur le mage, albino madman, teacher of night !isdom and master of absent stars. .ou !ho are the first shell, the re#ealed face beneath our mask D re#eal your greatness to those !ho !orshi you, .og3Sothoth% Eyarlathote , the ebony man of syru y tentacles and foul secrets D so alien is your hy notic #isage, glorious and re ulsi#e, there are none so blas hemous as you, our messenger. Sa#agery emanates from your blood3soaked celebrants. Eyarlathote , +lack )haraoh" gi#e your !orshi ers strength% Dread Cthulhu, dreamer of change, emerald di#inity, a ocaly tic #oyager into the beyond and the #astness of inner s ace, unholy lord !ho has no e,ual. .ou are the God !ho s eaks to his ser#ants of delicious cruelty and lustful con,uest. .our kingdom no! and fore#er. 0s our Cult has taken your name, so !e ask that you grant us your fa#or" (ail Cthulhu%

Together, !e lumb such aborted de ths that suggest the last nightmare D a final e/humation of nocturnal de ra#ity from !hich there is no esca e. 5here only the darkness itself can be seen, reflected u on the mirrored souls of those !ho tirelessly seek absolute truth in limitless gulfs that only demonstrate the #oid*s true nature. 0 far more gruesome reality see s do!n into us, belo! e#ery surface of skin and ore. 5ithin the flesh, s!im untamed ri#ers that are so black they shine sickly green for those !ho ha#e the eyes to !itness such eldritch sights. Streams of ichors, sliming the cyclo ean stones belonging to another age" a time of dreams and flo ing, lo ing beings barely hanging onto a semblance of humanity. 4ur children2 4ur ancestors2 'et our !omen gi#e birth to Shoggoths% 0 magician*s mastery is force under control and a etite slo!ly unleashed. The !orld is not ready, nor should it e#er be. To destroy natural creation is our ur ose. The things !hich hang from the sky, eyes of an alien hue" !atching, fore#er !atching. 0t once our desire shall be deli#ered unto us as a flo!ing ocean of #oid oo-e. .og3Sothoth, !e summon your form D s heres !hich encom ass all ossible realities. Eyarlathote , you slither do!n the mountain as a gigantic, crimson, tentacled !orm. 9ffortlessly sho!ing the !ay to sal#ation. Cthulhu, such infinite soft bilious green illumination, tumescent tentacles crushing and ri ing through time and s ace until all enemies are #an,uished. To slee , erchance to !orshi " This is the ninth hase. 0 cycle broken through, succumbing to all that is degenerate, rotting, foetid, and un!holesome. 5e !ho ha#e emerged from the natural order to refute the demiurge and his lans of sla#ery and nourishment. The unbound terror !hich goes beyond. 'oathsome, demonic ser#itors D a scul ture of re tilian bloodlines from !hich !e might be fashioned. Car#ed from fresh green ony/, glo!ing faintly in the gibbous moonlight. 0 ho!ling, yammering entity ambles out of the !ater and onto the reci ice1 it kneels !ith ner#ous antici ation before the un,uiet #oid. 0s 'o#ecraft died, his !ork !as born. 0s our dead masks are sacrificed, so our !ork continues. :*-in than r*-ith oola ye#. Talek oola loth n*thsoon. 0n unutterable breach shall be felt. Subjecti#ely and objecti#ely, by !orm and God alike. 0 thick, harle,uin slime oo-es beneath reality. 5ith the collecti#e force of our !ill, such a yello!ish green coagulation of elder blood dro!ns the !orld, sustaining those !ith the hideous lore of ghastly, #iridescent aeons. 4ur !ill be done%

The Cult*s allegiance to indescribable Gods manifests in the sinister de#otion of its riests. Those !ho stri#e for the great ans!ers and the ri e fruit may recei#e the enlightenment that is as nameless as it is otent. &or not many can discern their !ill. )raise the 0ncient 4nes% So it shall be% The diseased head, rambling, reaching, #omiting, tentacled nightmare !orms !ith such #oracious a etite leading to the !orld*s demise. 0 ro#idential darkness rolls in under a current of chartreuse madness. .our ser#ants lost in the fog, found by dee ones on the shore of a s ectral beach. (esitant, !eak reality hides a!ay, drifting into non e/istence. Eothing left but broken atoms that !atch the decline of yet another crumbling ci#ili-ation. The Ser ent )eo le march beneath Saturn*s obsidian yramids, asymmetrical. This is our home D !here men*s minds come to frolic in the bloodletting. Trium h and jubilation% Eo! is the !ay of black ri#ers, emerald #eined and conscious. Come unto us, slithering obscenity% S read thy legs for your disci les" $a $a Cthulhu Cult% The change is for us to decide. The change is for us to decide. The change is for us to decide"

F. The 5al urgisnacht >itual:

0s the celebrants !his ered the !ell3kno!n hrase, 6$a $a Cthulhu &htagn7 throughout the ceremony, $ s oke the !ords from the Cthulhu Cult*s Grimoire, Flesh Stealing Shadows: Prophecies of Terror. (orned De ra#ities" consecrate this mad distortion. The natural la!s a#ert their eyes as !e artake of the loathsome membrane that is reality. >eady to be eeled back to re#eal ne! and greater horrors. Eecromantic slithering )agan3folk, hear me as $ say that this ritual chamber, this 'o#ecraftian grotto is beyond constraints of s ace and time. 5e Cthulhu Cultists make our o!n !ay in life D disturbing the #ast, bleak oceans of the ultimate. Dread Cthulhu, hear my call"% The Satanic Doctrine of the 4ld 4nes, hear my call"% 0ll3 er#asi#e 9#il of (ellish and Eonsensical Gulfs eering out!ard in fungous illumination, hear my call"%

(umanity may be as sand, but some remain the black sand that ans!ers to no one. 4ur Dro!ned 'ord, !e ask for nothing less than the Destruction of >eality% The structure and substance of our !orld is dying by our hand, glo#ed in Deathless Eightmare. .ou ha#e sent these #isions to your ser#ants D half remembered cities !eird in angle and mesmeri-ing in ambition. The dark croaking of your demon dreams gi#es us ause before the Crimson Throne of Satanis, as !ell as, (is 4cto oidal 9minence. Tis a delicious time, my Master. 'et all tremble before a ne! 0ge of Cthulhu% 'et the ulsating stars dri their foul ichors before a ne! 0ge of Cthulhu% 'et the unclean, incongruous minds of his !orshi ers kneel in su lication before a ne! 0ge of Cthulhu% Eo! the hallucination mas,ue has fallen. The truth of our non3e/istence is a arent. )h*nglui mgl!*nafh Cthulhu >*lyeh !gah*nagl &htagn $n (is >*lyeh tomb, Cthulhu lurks belo! the !a#es of consciousness, re aring to a!ake, corru ting us !ith his barbarous, throbbing #ibrations. 5e are the ioneers of the strange. To slee , erchance to !orshi " $ am the slimy guardian thirsting for blood, madness, and o!er. $ am (is name !rithing as midnight tentacles. $, 8enger Satanis, 0M the (igh )riest of the CG'T 4& CT(G'(G"% 4ur male#olent God is the alien form of humanity*s uns eakable soul. 0 great chasm in s ace, the gate!ay to infernal dimensions, is no! o en. 5e are the key, the slee ers !ho must become the 0ccuser% 0 Dark Current infects our uni#erse. +y all the degenerate, shambling &iends of the )it, it is our 5ill to alter the !ay of things. +ringing a ne! aeon of shado!y emerald dri ings. Mindful of entities older than time" our +rothers. (ail Cthulhu, Gnkno!n Gsur er !hose bilious taint bathes us in annihilation. So it is done%

A. The +a tism 4f Bade $chor:

This is a self3initiation ritual erformed in order to resonate one*s #ibrational fre,uency ;or soul signature< at a higher le#el. The Cultist can re3sha e his !a#eform by di ing his hand in green slime and then lacing it u on his forehead. 0lternati#ely, another magician artici ating in the ba tism could lace his slimy green hand u on the Cultist*s head.

5hile the Bade $chor oo-es o#er the celebrant*s head, meditate for se#eral minutes. &inally, s eak these !ords" $ am reborn in the Bade $chor that dri s from (is foul tentacles. Eo longer a sla#e in this rison1 $ am 0!ake. My flesh ba ti-ed !ith slime and my essence urified by the eldritch green flame. +y the hideous glory of Cthulhu, our !ill is re#ealed%

H. The >itual 4f The 4ld 4nes:

>eality is an alien fluid that resists our molding as it simultaneously acce ts it. $t is a malleable thing !hich rejects thought3forms rojected by the a#erage human. 4nly those indi#iduals !ho ha#e broken out of their rison can achie#e a symbiotic relationshi !ith the !orld around them. &irst, ho!e#er, you must become one !ho kno!s. 9#erything de ends on changing one*s being, and it starts !ith Self3>emembering. >eality is the s ace around us allo!ing energy to flo!. 9nergy is constantly mani ulating us just as !e send out similar #ibrations. Gnfortunately, the human mind can rarely concentrate long enough and !ith the necessary intensity to alter reality. Man is aslee and therefore he has no !ill. (e cannot kee his attention on himself !hile focusing on the matter at hand. $f he could, then things !ould be different. Man !ould be able to launch his sorcerous desires !ith enough o!er to create change. This is a ceremonial magic ritual for the Cult of Cthulhu. $t !ill hel the mage to a!ake, if only briefly. )erforming this arcane sacrament !ill allo! the cultist to ac,uire control o#er himself, de#elo his o!ers, and disturb the uni#erse. Dead S heres of :aleidosco ic Eightmare% 0ntedilu#ian (arbingers of the Great and 0!ful Change% &orces from the 0bsolute" (orned and Tentacled, Slimy and $nfernal D hear me% $ 0M your ser#ant. $ 0M your master. $ 0M that $ 0M" 5hosoe#er journeys to :*thana #isits the chaos of crimson and jade. $ #isit the sunken grottoes of endless, bloodthirsty !ar% Confrontation is needed. $ turn in order to face myself as $ become the di#inity*s reflection. Desire is not assi#e. 0ggression breeds the strength !hich darkness needs. Con#iction gro!s from the blood. $ am cut from this !arrior race. The o#ercoming !ashes o#er the inner and outer cosmos like magenta moonlight. My soul a sa#age night of stars, our inner sel#es a dreamlike aradise of demonic truth. The re tilian insect things hang in the air like dri ing, chattering, cor ulent bodies. They enter this !orld at my command. These entities bring the kno!ledge of all things hidden, and lea#e !ith all that drains our energy.

(ere $ stand to honor the 4ld 4nes. (ere $ stand, no!, looking u on my flesh from outside myself. 9#ery $ !ithin me ga-es u on the #iolet flame gro!ing like a loathsome flo!er in the abyss. Simultaneously, the many 6$*s7 eer in!ard. $a $a Shemhamforash% Earro! is the Dark 5ay and fe! are the black magicians !ho may !alk its ath. 5ithin myself there are many #oices, and each #oice emanates from a horrible red mouth slur ing the green #ital juices that oo-e from the foul source. 4nly the elite can rule. Certain forces must dominate others. Secret la!s ha#e to be obser#ed before !e can become a singularity, a Godlike being. 5hen all of reality is understood to be an illusion, $ can e/tend my !ill. Consciousness is a gift from Cthulhu and Satan% Those !ho understand are near" $ en#ision myself in all the unclean shades of rain bo!ed hideous aradise. Dead S heres of :aleidosco ic Eightmare% 0ntedilu#ian (arbingers of the Great and 0!ful Change% &orces from the 0bsolute" (orned and Tentacled, Slimy and $nfernal D hear me% $ 0M your ser#ant. $ 0M your master. $ 0M that $ 0M" So mote it be%

I. )icture 4f :ort*thalis, The Meta ;Mind< Sigil: