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Nicholas Holt English 2010 Professor Date Forced To Obey? Mom always said I was gullible when I was young, but to be fair I was just an innocent soul just like every kid. As I grew older I started to learn my rights and wrong and formed my own opinions and ideals. Its safe to say that the people Ive met along t he way helped made me to whom I am how. I feel fortunate, some might say blessed, that I was raised in a judgment free environment and was allowed to learn as much as I can. With all that being said, the world outside is different and sometimes can be a scary dark place. Ive discovered that not everyone has the freedom to learn and expand their minds. Today we are finding that many private schools in our nation are teaching creationism over the theory of evolution in their science classes and are getting away with it. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, there are individuals who arent free to critically think for themselves. Children are the future of this nation and we need to secure our education system for there sake and ours. Recent studies show that over 300 schools in our nation teaching are teaching creationism in their science classes. (Kopplin) Nearly half of the schools in the study are coming out of the state of Florida. 164 schools are participating in the voucher program in Florida to teach creationism in their curriculum. A survey that has been conducted in the Florida area has shown that over 50% of its population attends a Christianity based church, with protestant and catholic traditions as the dominate churches, and over 70% of the population believes in a god

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(pewforum). In a state that is heavily influenced by Christianity, is it really necessary to outcast subjects like evolution to ensure children dont stray away from their path? I understand that many parents are scarred that their child is going to take new things at heart and completely forget what came before. Do all kids believe everything they are taught? I know I certainly dont, if I did I would be scarred of Zeus smiting me and sending me to the underworld run by Hades. Just because I learned about the ancient Greek or Egyptian gods doesnt mean it is now my new religion or belief. Theres so many ways to look at the world and a lot of us would like for others to see it the way we do. In the US Constitution we are free to practice whatever religion and belief we see fit. So should we really allow the opportunity of growth to be stopped by private education systems? Every child has the right to get a proper education, whether through public or private institution. Private schools are exactly what they are called, a school that is privately funded. Even thought they are not funded by the government, there is still a curriculum the school has to follow to be classified as a legitimate learning institution. Even though we have the standard curriculum, many private schools and Florida arent following them. The 164 private institution in Florida has stated they do teach creationism in favor of evolution in there science classes despite rules and regulation. By sending children to private schools that voucher creationism is a form of brainwashing conducted by the parents of Florida. The stereotype these days is that scientists are considered atheist, well this is not true at all. Many scientist are actually affiliated with religion even Christianity. My biology teacher from high school so happen to be a Christian and happily enjoyed teaching us evolution. Parents

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need to get the idea of there child turning atheist from learning a simple subject such as evolution. With all this being said, education is critical and we must be allowed to learn all we can from our school system and have no restriction. Private institution may teach creationism and we can stop them from doing that, but making sure they teach evolution in there science class is something we can do. If institutions were to teach both, then the child has that great opportunity to learn from both sides. Reaching this middle ground is a hard task to accomplish since many can be stubborn. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in the state of Florida, since many of the private schools are favoring creationism. Lawmakers in Florida need to buckle down and be stricter about there curriculum for education. This is where we can make a stand to make sure every child is being given the same opportunity. There isnt a need to stop creationism teaching in private schools if they can accomplish teaching the standard curriculum in the process. Decades of our nations past we have come to compromises on big issue, and I know we can come to one for the creationism vouchers. Private schools are excellent places for a child to learn better with all the extra help, it just needs to be monitored and controlled. It is possible to have faith and contribute to science; we arent shackled down to one idea. Parenting is one of the most important jobs we have has human beings, and we need to make sure we are doing whats best for our children and not let our biased ideals get in the way that. Florida is largely populated with Christians and I dont think it will drastically change if we allowed children to learn about evolution. Like a point I made before, just because I learned

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that Apollo is the God of the sun doesnt mean I believe thats him rising and setting everyday. We have the right to learn and decide for ourselves, thats what our four fathers saw when they built this great nation. In the land of free and home of the brave, I hope to be free to think for myself and bravely do so.

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