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It had been five years since I last saw the Cullen’s and a lot had changed. Edward was no longer a
part of my life but I had something to remind me of him. I had my babies and they were the most
important thing in my life. They filled the huge hole their father left in my heart when he left, but I still
suffered. It still hurted to think of him and sometimes when looking at my kids I could see the
resemblance between them and Edward. That always brought memories that I wanted to keep away
for the sake of my sanity.
A week before my birthday Edward gave in and pushed away the boundaries he had carefully set. That
day I had asked him if we could go to our meadow. As always he didn’t waste any time. He liked those
peaceful moments as much as I did, when we couldn’t be interrupted by Alice’s bubbly personality or
Emmet’s booming laughter. We got carried away but I don’t regret one second of it.
“I like it so much here; it’s so beautiful, so peaceful.” I commented while taking in the meadow. I
could never get tired of looking at it. Every time we came here I would notice something I hadn’t the
last time.
“It’s nothing compared to you.” I could tell my blush creeping to my cheeks.” I love when you blush.”
“Well I love you, every single part of you.” I said looking deep in his eyes. They were bright golden.
He had just gone hunting the night before.
“I love you too Bella. My Bella” He said bending forward to kiss me. This time, instead of pulling away
like always did, he deepened the kiss. I was surprised but soon forgot it. Only he could make me feel
so alive and loved.
That’s when he threw all his boundaries through the window. I was now lying under him. He was
supporting his weight with his arms in order not to hurt me. He kissed me again, more urgently now,
until I could no longer stand the lack of oxygen. As I caught my breath he started kissing my neck. He
had never gone so far but I wasn’t going to complain. I wanted him more than anything.
“Bella maybe we should stop.”
“Why?” I asked breathlessly “You don’t want to?”
“Of course I do. God Bella! You can’t imagine how much I want you. I’m just afraid of hurting you. I
don’t know if I’ll be able to… stop myself before I hurt you. I don’t know if I can control my strength…”
“Shh!” I said placing my finger on his lips “I know you won’t hurt me. I trust you.”
“No! I love you Edward! And I trust you. You won’t hurt me.”
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“I never wanted anything so much. I love you Edward!” I said looking into his deep golden eyes. I
could see the lust but mostly the love his eyes held. That made me trust him more than anything for I
knew that his love for me would stop him from hurting me.
End of Flashback
A few days later came my disastrous birthday party followed by their departure. I still didn’t know how
his feelings could have changed so suddenly. Maybe what happened that afternoon had ruined our
relationship. Maybe we had done it too soon. But as I said I don’t regret it because if that had never
happened I wouldn’t have my beautiful children.
After they left I was so broken I thought I would never live again. I just wanted to die. When I found
out I was pregnant, two weeks after they left, I didn’t know what to think. The first thought that came
to my mind was that the test was wrong. It wasn’t possible for vampires to have kids. Edward was a
vampire. How could I be pregnant?
It was a very difficult time and I would have never survived without Luke. He is a vegetarian vampire
(and a doctor) and has been with me since I found out I was pregnant. He took care of me and helped
me through my ‘extremely dangerous pregnancy’ as he put it. It may have been dangerous but what
else had I left? The least I could do was giving these children a chance to live, even if it cost my life. I
knew that if something had happened to me, Luke would have taken good care of them and try to find
the Cullen’s. He’s like my older brother and has helped me a lot taking care of the triplets. They are
my family and my life.
That period passed and now I have the most wonderful children and the best brother anyone could ask
for, and I loved them with all my being.

Chapter 1
“Okay kids. I think we have everything, right?” I asked my four-years-olds while driving our shopping
cart. We had gone to the supermarket to get some food. The triplets were half human so they ate
human food. We were here on small vacations since Luke had to come to help a friend of his who
worked on the local hospital. I decided that the kids would enjoy coming, to get some fresh air.
“No mommy! We forgot the yogurts. Can we go get them alone?” Lillian asked smiling. It was hard to
resist that smile but if it was dangerous I would never let them go.
“Sure, but be careful: don’t talk with strangers and don’t run too fast. Call if you need something.” I
advised. I knew how distracted they could get while running and I didn’t want to risk our secret.
“Yeah! Thanks mommy.” They said in unison. They liked when I let them do something on their own,
and so they took off running towards the yogurts’ section. They were such angels, my angels, rarely
misbehaving and being very close to each other.
I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear two pairs of steps approaching me nor did I recognize
their scent due to my distraction.
“Bella?” A familiar voice asked with disbelief. I instantly froze. How had they found me? Not that I had
been hiding but still… In such a big world how come that they had come to the exact same place as
me? Unless it wasn’t a coincidence…“Is that you?” The same voice asked now slightly anxious. No! It
was a coincidence. Why would they want to find me again? They couldn’t know about the kids.
Otherwise they probably would have come to find me sooner… or not.
That didn’t matter; there was no way to escape it now! If only I had paid more attention… I scolded
myself. I must admit this was the last place where I planned to find them. The supermarket? After all,
vampires don’t eat. I guess they must be refilling their pantry to keep up the appearances. Couldn’t
they have come in another day?
I carefully turned around, afraid of what I was going to see. In front of me was a small pixie like
person with short black hair sticking in all directions. She was wearing a denim mini-skirt, a blue top
and a black leather jacket with high black stilettos. Beside her was a tall, well-built boy with blond hair
and wearing simply black jeans and a blue t-shirt. They both had gold coloured eyes. I immediately
recognized them as Alice and Jasper Cullen.
“Hi” I said waving my hand lightly and looking at them. I was now with my back to my shopping cart,
facing them. I had the slightest hope that they would leave before the kids arrive. That way everyone
would just go back to their lives. I didn’t want to trouble their existence with my life. Or force me and
the kids in theirs. What if they left again? Okay Bella focus on the present!
“Oh Bella! I can’t believe it’s really you” Alice spoke again while throwing herself at me and hugging
me tightly. I was stunned by her action and only responded a second later, returning her hug. “You’re
a vampire!” she gasped surprised.
“Yeah” I answered, shrugging my shoulders.
“Yeah? That’s all you have to say about it? This was not supposed to happen.”She said looking at
“Hi Bella, It’s great to see you again.” He said coming closer to embrace me. I hugged him too. I
guess that the fact that I was a vampire allowed him to be closer to me than before.
“You too Jasper.” I said while we pulled apart. “How have you been?” I asked
“Fine. I missed you so much Bella. Everybody does.” She said hugging me again, though this time it
seemed like she never wanted to let go. After a few moments we pulled apart. “What about you?”
“Good.” I told her simply.
“Are you babysitting or something like that?” She asked confused. What had she seen that lead her to
think that? Did she have a vision?
“No” I answered nervously. I was never good at lying or hiding things. ”Why do you ask?” I tried to
keep my voice as normal as possible but I could see by Jasper’s suspicious face that I wasn’t doing a
very good work.
Hell! Why was this happening to me? Could I not have a second of peace in my life? Why did I have to
find them now?
“Well… you have your car filled with a lot of things for kids: jell-o, special milk for kids, cereals,
cookies… not to mention all the draw material.” I took a quick glance at my shopping cart and realized
she was right. Of course I had a lot of other things like rice and meat, vegetables, but the ones that
she mentioned were on the top of the cart.
“Huh… I … Well…” Great! Why did she have to be so observant? I guess Alice would pay attention to
everything that had to do with shopping. Suddenly I looked above Alice’s head and what I saw made
me lose all hopes I had that they would not meet the kids.
Running towards me was a small lanky boy with bronze hair and gorgeous green eyes. His features
were very much alike his father’s. Concluding, my boy Luke was just like a miniature of Edward.
Anyone who knew both would see the similarities right away.
“Mommy!” He yelled happily while running towards me. “I got mines already.” He said coming to a
stop right beside and handing me the yogurts. Strawberry. His favourites.
“Mommy?”Alice said shocked. I ignored her for the moment; right now my attention was for the small
boy standing beside me.
“Don’t run so fast Luke.” I advised “Someone can see. Where are your sister’s Hun?” I asked a bit
worried while shuffling his hair.
“They’re still picking. Lizzie won’t decide which flavour she wants.” He answered a bit exasperated. I
guess that was the reason why it was taking them so long to come back. He looked so cute when he
was exasperated. Then he hid behind my legs looking up to Jasper and Alice before asking “Mommy
do you know these… people?” The way he hesitated made me see he knew they were vampires. “Who
are they?”
“They’re just some old friends of mommy Hun. Don’t worry they won’t hurt you.” I calmed him. “Do
you mind to go call your sisters? We’re already running a little late. Tell them that if they don’t hurry
up you won’t have time to play with Uncle Luke before dinner.” I knew they would hurry up now. When
he was no longer in sight I directed my attention to Alice.
“Mommy?” She asked again.
“Bella how can you have children?” Jasper asked right after her “Vampires can’t have kids!” He
sounded just as confused and shocked like Alice “Are they yours or have you adopt them?” I think he
already knew the answer, since no one would let an eighteen years old girl adopt a child, but I replied
“They’re mine. And I haven’t been a vampire since ever” I hinted.
“Oh! Oh!” Alice seemed unable to formulate sentence, I think she was starting to put the pieces
together “You have more than one?” Probably she was remembering the conversation I had a while
ago with my son “How many are they? How old are they?” If she kept shooting questions like that I
wouldn’t be able to answer, even if I wanted.
“They’re four-years-old triplets.” I told her.
“Are they vampires?” Jasper asked curious.
“Half-vampires.” I whispered.
“Mommy! Mommy!” Now there wasn’t just the boy. Behind him were two tiny girls. One had brown
curly hair and her eyes were deep chocolate pools. I wondered if that was how my eyes looked like to
Edward. No Bella, don’t think about that. The other girl had also brown hair but hers wasn’t so curly
just a bit waved, her eyes were a deep emerald green. Just like her brother’s. They were my girls:
Lillian and Elizabeth.
“I’m sorry momma but I couldn’t decide which flavour I wanted. Here.” She apologized handing me
her yogurts. Peach. She would always choose these, but only after thinking a lot. Lilly handed me hers
too. Pineapple. I put it all at the cart.
“Well we have to go now.” I said looking at Alice and Jasper. Lily and Lizzie were looking at them,
probably trying to figure out who they were. Lizzie looked a bit scared so I tranquilized her. “They’re
just some old friends of mommy.” Alice was getting ready to ask more questions before I left but my
cell rang. I quickly picked it up from my purse.
“Hello!” I answered without looking at the ID.
“Bells? It’s Luke.” He knew I almost never looked at the ID.
“I just wanted to tell that I finished hunting a minute ago. Are you done in the supermarket?”
“Yeah… we’re heading to the cash register” I said.
“Are you okay? You sound strange. Is everything okay?” He asked worried
“Well it happened something but I talk to you when I get home. Okay?”
“Sure. See ya.”
“Bye Uncle Luke.” The kids shouted
“Bye.” I said shutting off the cell.
As I was putting the cell back into my purse I noticed that the kids weren’t there. I immediately got
worried and look around trying to find them. I noticed them a few meters away, helping an old lady
who had dropped some of her stuff. They were quickly picking it up and handing it back to her. I
pushed my cart to where they were standing with the old lady. I noticed that both Jasper and Alice
followed me.
“Are you their sister? “The old lady asked smiling
“No. I’m their mother.”This seemed to shock the old lady but she quickly recomposed herself smiling
“Well you’ve raised them very well. And so young… They’re such angels.” She appraised.
“They are.” I agreed.
“Congratulations. You’re doing a very good job. I never met such wonderful children.”
“Thank you.” If I could I would be blushing.
“We were just helping this lady mommy.” Lizzie said handing the last item to the lady.
“You did very good honey.”
“You always taught us that we should always help the people who needed.” Luke said smiling.
“Here, these are for you” The old lady said giving each one a chocolate. “To thank you for your help.
Be good to your mommy. She’s very brave for taking care of you at such a young age, and she’s also a
very nice lady.”
“We will ma’am.” They answered in unison.
“Okay let’s go home. Uncle Luke’s waiting.” I said
“Bella wait!” Alice called “You have to tell us what happened!” She came closer and whispered “Who’s
their father Bella?” She asked like if she already knew the answer and was only waiting for a
“I really have to go Alice. Come on kids.” I said pushing the cart away from Alice and Jasper. At least
they didn’t come after me.
What was I going to do? I knew Alice had probably already figured out almost everything. There was
no going back now. What will I do?

Chapter 2
Alice’s POV
“Alice!” I heard Esme call. I quickly made my way downstairs finding her in the kitchen.
“Yes mom?”
“I need you to go to the supermarket. Our groceries are out of validity. I need you to buy some more.
You know… for the appearances.” She explained.
“Sure. I’ll take Jasper with me.”
“Thank you honey” She replied smiling sweetly. Esme was the best mother you could ask for.
“Jasper!” I called leaving the kitchen. “We have to go to the supermarket.”
“Okay I’m coming down Ali.” I grabbed my leather jacket and went to my yellow Porsche. I had bought
it two years ago and I absolutely loved it though I would appreciate it much more if Bella was here.
Without her our family wasn’t the same. It was incomplete; to think that we don’t see her in almost
five years… I have this strange feeling that I’m missing something very big in her life, but maybe it’s
just because I don’t see her in so long. Usually, five years would be nothing in a vampire’s existence
but the last five years had been the most long our family had ever been through. “I’m here” Jasper
said entering the car.
“Okay let’s go.” I said leaving the driveway.
The ride to the supermarket was calm and quiet. Jazz and I didn’t need to be talking or making out all
the time. We felt comfortable with silence and peace, just enjoying each other’s company.
“Let’s do this so that we can go make some real shopping.” I said smiling at Jasper.
“Sure honey.” He replied.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop but to go to the supermarket is not really shopping for me,
especially because I won’t eat anything. Of course shopping wasn’t so fun anymore because I couldn’t
get things to Bella or do her a makeover.
No matter what I’m doing, it always reminds me of Bella. That was the reason that made me think I
was wrong when right in front of me was a girl who smelled like Bella, it was just less potent. She had
her back turned to me but she the way she moved was also very similar to Bella however she was
very thin; thinner than Bella was. I decided to take a chance.
“Bella?” She froze. Yes! I couldn’t believe it was Bella. She still had her back turned to me. “Is that
you?” I pressed. God! I was so anxious. She turned around slowly, almost like if she was afraid.
“Hi” She said looking at us and waving her hand lightly.
“Oh Bella! I can’t believe it’s really you.” I said running to her and hugging her. That’s when I noticed:
her skin was cold, hard and paler than usual. “You’re a vampire.” I breathed. That’s why she smelled
different. I should have noticed as soon as she turned around. Her eyes were bright gold like ours.
She was ‘vegetarian’. I wouldn’t expect less from her. She was gorgeous. Not that she was ugly when
she was human, she was very beautiful, but now… Her beauty could even rivalize with Rosalie’s.
“Yeah” she answered shrugging her shoulders. How could she dismiss this fact? Didn’t she saw how
important this was?
“Yeah? That’s all you have to say about it? This was not supposed to happen.” I looked at Jasper to
see his reaction. As always he was very calm about this. How could he be so calm? Bella was
supposed to stay human, get married, have kids and grow older. This was why we left. Because
Edward wanted her to live a happy human life.
What had happened? Who turned her? Does she have someone else? What has she been doing? God!
So many questions I wanted to know the answer.
“Hi Bella! It’s great to see you again.” Jasper said embracing her. He had missed her too and now that
she was a vampire he could actually be close to her.
“You too Jasper.” She said hugging him back. “How have you been?” She asked
“Fine. I missed you so much Bella” I said hugging her again. If I could I would be crying right now. I
was so happy. I didn’t want to let her go. I don’t want to lose her again. She’s my best friend.
Eventually, I released her. “You?”
“Good.” She spoke. Then I noticed her shopping cart. It was full of things for kids. I was sure she
wasn’t going to eat any of that. Then something occurred to me.
“Are you babysitting or something like that?”
“No.” She answered nervously. Why was she so nervous? It was a very simple question. Was she
hiding something? She was never very good at lying. ”Why do you ask?” She was definitely hiding
something. I looked at Jasper’s and he seemed to agree with me. His face held a suspicious look.
“Well… you have your car filled with a lot of things for kids: jell-o, special milk for kids, cereals,
cookies… not to mention all the draw material.” I noted. She had more food than the one she needed
to keep the appearances and a lot of stuff was things that only kids ate. She glanced at the cart as if
making sure what I had said was true.
“Huh… I … Well…” She stuttered. Ha! I was right she was hiding something. I just had to figure out
what it was. It was going to be hard. What could she possibly be hiding from us that was related to
All of a sudden she looked above my head and her expression changed. You could see she was even
more nervous but she had a huge smile on her face and it seemed like she was glowing with
happiness. I looked questioningly at Jasper and then we followed her gaze. Running towards us was a
pale little boy with bronze hair and green eyes.
“Mommy! I got mines already.” He said handing Bella some yogurts. WAIT! Did he call her MOMMY?
“Mommy?” I asked shocked. Maybe this was what she was hiding but she is a vampire. Vampires can’t
have kids. She was no longer paying attention to me. She only had eyes for the little boy in front of
“Don’t run so fast Luke! Someone can see.” She advised him “Where are your sisters Hun?” she asked
shuffling the little boy’s hair. SISTERS? What the hell!
“They’re still picking. Lizzie won’t decide which flavour she wants.” He looked a bit impatient but he
was so cute. Then he noticed us and hid behind Bella’s legs. “Mommy do you know these… people?
Who are they?” The way he hesitated made me wonder if he knew that we were vampires. If so, how
could he know?
“They’re just some old friends of mommy Hun. Don’t worry they won’t hurt you.” She calmed him
looking tenderly at him. The little boy looked so familiar to me. He looked just like… like… Edward!
This boy was a miniature of Edward! What was going on? “Do you mind to go call your sisters? We’re
already running a little late. Tell them that if they don’t hurry up you won’t have time to play with
Uncle Luke before dinner.” She gently asked him. She waited until he disappeared before turning her
attention to me and Jasper.
“Mommy?” I asked again. She had some explaining to do. In fact, she had a lot of explaining to do.
“Bella how can you have children?” Jasper questioned right after me “Vampires can’t have kids!” I
could hear confusion and shock in his voice “Are they yours or have you adopt them?” That’s right!
She could have adopted them.
“They’re mine. And I haven’t been a vampire since ever” What? How could she have had kids? Who’s
the father?
“Oh! Oh!” Edward! Edward could be their father. That would explain why the little boy looked so much
like him. No. It couldn’t be. Vampires can’t have kids. “You have more than one? How many are they?”
I asked remembering she had asked the little boy to go call his sisters. How can Edward be the father?
She couldn’t have more than one kid… Only if… “How old are they?”
"They’re four-years-old triplets.” She answered. They were triplets! That way Edward could be the
father of the three but we still had the fact that vampires couldn’t have kids. Edward couldn’t be the
“Are they vampires?” Jasper asked curious.
“Half-vampires.” She responded. Edward had to be the father!
“Mommy! Mommy!” With the boy came two tiny girls. One had brown curly hair and also brown eyes.
She was like a little Bella, except that Bella’s hair wasn’t so curly. The other girl had also brown
slightly waved hair, just like Bella’s, but her eyes were deep green like her brother’s. They were so
“I’m sorry momma but I couldn’t decide which flavour I wanted. Here.” The green-eyed girl said
handing Bella the yogurts she had chose. Her sister did the same and Bella placed the yogurts on the
“Well, we have to go now.” Bella said. Oh no! There is no way she’s leaving without explaining this to
me. The little girls were looking intently at Jasper and me. The one with the green eyes seemed a little
frightened. “They’re just some old friends of mommy.” Bella tranquilized her, stroking her hair. They
were the most beautiful children I had ever seen.
I was getting ready to restart my questioning but Bella’s cell started ringing filling my ears with a
beautiful and soothing song. She quickly picked it up from her purse.
“Hello.” She answered without even looking at the ID.
"Bells? It’s Luke.” We were so close we could hear the entire conversation. Who was this Luke guy?
“Hey.” Oh probably he’s ‘Uncle Luke’ Bella talked about before
“I just wanted to tell that I finished hunting a minute ago. Are you done in the supermarket?” He was
a vampire too. Was he Bella’s boyfriend?
“Yeah… we’re heading to the cash register” She said
“Are you okay? You sound strange. Is everything okay?” He asked. He sounded worried
“Well it happened something but I talk to you when I get home. Okay?”
“Sure. See ya.”
“Bye Uncle Luke.” The kids yelled.
“Bye.” Bella said ending the call.
While she was putting her cell in the purse again the kids ran. She freaked a bit when she looked
around and they weren’t there but relaxed when noticed that they were a few meters away helping an
old lady. They weren’t just beautiful, they were also very kind. As soon as the old lady dropped some
stuff they ran to help her. They picked everything from the floor and handed it back to the old lady.
Bella made her way there and Jasper and I followed.
“Are you their sister? “The old lady asked Bella, smiling. Of course everyone would think of Bella as
their sister instead of mother.
“No. I’m their mother.”The old lady seemed shocked by Bella’s answer but quickly recomposed herself
and kept smiling.
“Well you’ve raised them very well. And so young… They’re such angels.” The lady complemented,
looking at the three kids who were now standing in front of Bella.
“They are.” Bella proudly agreed. I would be proud too, if I was the mother of those wonderful kids.
“Congratulations. You’re doing a very good job. I never met such wonderful children.”
“Thank you.” Bella said. I bet she would be blushing if she could.
“We were just helping this lady mommy.” The green-eyed girl explained.
“You did very good honey.” Bella praised them.
“You always taught us that we should always help the people who needed.” The little boy, Luke, said
“Here, these are for you” The old lady said giving each one a chocolate. “To thank you for your help.
Be good to your mommy. She’s very brave for taking care of you at such a young age, and she’s also a
very nice lady.” The lady spoke, now looking at Bella.
“We will ma’am.” They answered in unison. They are soooo cute.
“Okay lets go home Uncle Luke’s waiting.” Bella said after the old lady left for the cash register.
“Bella wait.” I begged “You have to tell us what happened.” I stepped closer to her and whispered
“Who’s their father Bella?” I needed to know I was almost sure Edward was the father but due to the
detail that vampires can’t have kids I couldn’t be certain. I needed a confirmation.
“I really have to go Alice. Come on kids.” She said moving the cart forward with the kids running
happily in front of her, chasing each other. I was going to follow but Jasper stopped me placing a hand
on my shoulder.
“Don’t Alice!”
“Why not Jasper? We have to know what happened to her, who is the kids’ father…
“Alice, this is hardly the place and the time to have such talk.” He said looking lovingly at me.
“But Jazzy…” I pouted. We needed to know! I had to be sure those little angels were my nieces and
nephew. All the clothes and toys I would be able to buy them…
“Alice let’s just finish what we came here to do and go back home. Rose and Em should be there
already and Carlisle must be arriving. We go back home and talk to them about this. Carlisle will have
an explanation.” He reasoned.
“You’re right.” Jasper was right. This wasn’t the time and certainly not the place for this, besides we
had to tell the others. Oh, Esme will be so happy! “I guess its good Edward is not here yet.” I thought
aloud. Edward would freak out.
“Yes it’s good.” Jasper agreed “We should figure this out before telling Edward.” He said.
“Ok let’s get this over with and go back home.” I chirped. I was so happy we had find Bella again.

Chapter 3
Jasper and I had just arrived home and were carrying everything to the kitchen. After putting the stuff
on the top of the counter I ran to living room and called Emmett, Rosalie and Esme.
“Has Carlisle arrived yet?” I asked Esme anxiously.
“No dear, he hasn’t but he must be on his way. Why are you so excited? Did you see something?”
“If you’re asking if I had a vision, the answer is no, but Jasper and I found something in the
“What did you find?” Esme asked curious.
“Maybe the correct question is who have we found?” Jasper said
“Who?” Emmet questioned impatient.
“Good afternoon!” Carlisle greeted entering the room. “Is there a reason why everybody is reunited in
the room?”
“Well, apparently, Alice and Jasper found someone when they went to the supermarket but they
wanted to wait for you to tell us who.”
“I’m here already, so who did you found?” Carlisle asked sitting in the couch next to Esme. I looked at
Jasper before answering.
“What?” Esme asked surprised. “You found Bella?”
“Great! We just arrived and we’re already moving again. I’m sure Edward will want to leave when he
finds out.” Rosalie said.
“That won’t happen. Bella is a vampire. There’s no reason for us to stay away from her now.” Jasper
“Bella is a vampire?” Esme asked surprised.
“How did that happened?” Carlisle questioned.
“We don’t know. We didn’t have the chance to talk much. She was accompanied.” How exactly were
we going to tell them that Bella had kids and that they were almost certainly Edward’s? We should
have asked her to come with us.
“Accompanied? Does she have someone else? I knew she never loved Edward. God! This family was
never the same since we left her and she just moved on like if nothing had happened.”
“Stop Rosalie! You don’t have the right to say that. Besides we weren’t talking about that kind of
company. Thought I’m still not sure if has someone.” I said
“She doesn’t Ali. I’m sure she doesn’t.” Jasper told me
“What kind of company were you talking about Alice?” Carlisle asked interested
“Her children.”
“Children? Vampires can’t have kids. Are they adopted?” Rosalie whispered. This must be really hard
for her. In fact I’m a little afraid of her reaction. A baby is all she had ever wanted. That’s why she
hated to be a vampire so much, that’s why she hated Bella.
“They are not adopted. Who would let an eighteen years old girl adopt a child? She’s probably not
even married.” Emmet said. “I know she wouldn’t forget Edward so fast.”
“Well you’re not suggesting they are actually her kids. Are you?” Rosalie questioned him.
“They are.” I said. Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy.
“Bella herself reminded us she hasn’t been a vampire since ever which made us think she was human
when they were born.” Jasper tried to explain.
“That makes sense. She was probably turned after the babies were born.” Carlisle agreed.
“Though there is another problem. I’m almost sure Edward is the kids’ father. ” I added.
“Kids? She has more than one?” Esme inquired, enthusiasm dripping of her voice
“They’re triplets.” Jasper told her
“Three?” Rosalie asked incredulously
“Though there’s another problem. I’m almost sure Edward is the kids’ father.” I spoke
“That’s not possible Alice.” Carlisle tried to reason.
“They are four years old and the little boy is like a miniature of Edward. Except for the eyes, his aren’t
gold but green.” I explained. “Besides they’re half-vampires.”
“How do you know?” Emmet asked.
“Bella told us and they ran a little too fast in the supermarket. No one was around, so there was no
problem.” Jasper explained.
“The other two are girls?” Esme asked. She looked excited.
“Yes. They are so cute.” I squealed.
“I agree with Alice. I mean, if you had seen them… I’m sure they are Bella and Edward’s.” Jasper told
“How did she react when she saw you?” Carlisle inquired.
“When Alice first spoke she froze. I could say she was afraid. Then when Alice asked her if she was a
babysitter she was very nervous. She probably didn’t want us to know that she had kids. I just don’t
know why, especially if Edward is the father… Anyway when the little boy appeared all I could fell was
an immense love.” He concluded.
“It’s impossible not to love them they are so cute.” I squealed in delight. I just wished we hadn’t waste
these past years. “I just can’t believe we lost so much of their lives, of Bella’s life. I can’t imagine how
difficult this must have been for her.”
“You’re right Alice raising three kids all alone…” Esme agreed
“She’s not alone; while we were with her she got a call from someone named Luke. I don’t know what
he is to her.”
“I’m sure he’s just a friend Alice, when she talked at the phone with him she felt love but it wasn’t
romantic love, more like if he was her brother, and there was also a lot of gratitude.” Jasper assured
“You’re right; he probably was the one who changed her, who helped her during her pregnancy, during
these last years, when weren’t there.” I felt so guilty. Bella had needed us and we weren’t there for
“And you can bet she needed it Alice. Her pregnancy must have been very dangerous. She probably
wouldn’t survive if she hadn’t become a vampire.” Carlisle said. “I would like to know what happened.”
“Is she coming over?” Esme questioned.
“I don’t know. She left as soon as she could. She doesn’t even know where we live.” I answered.
“If she wants to come she’ll find the way. She’ll follow our scents.” Jasper calmed me. What would I do
without him?
“If she wants?” Esme asked confused.
“Would you blame her for never wanting to see us again? After all we left her when she most needed
our help.” I was surprised. Rosalie was being so understanding. I guess that the fact that Bella was a
mother must have softened her. Rosalie’s biggest desire was to have a baby.
“Then let’s go and find her, see if she needs something…” We had to do something.
“No. we should wait. Give her some space and time to think.” Jasper reasoned.” This must be difficult
for her. Besides we’ll have to tell Edward. When is he returning from his hunt?”
“He called right before you and Alice arrived. He’s going to be here tonight. I still can’t believe I have
three grandchildren.” Esme was enchanted.
“And they are so amazing. Bella did a great job raising them. While Bella was at the phone an old lady
dropped a few things and they ran and helped her. Bella is a great mother. I just don’t know why she
was so afraid that we would find out about the kids.” I told them
“She must afraid we’ll take them away from her. “ Jasper said.
“We would never do that!” I said looking confusedly at him.
“What we have to do now is decide how we are going to tell Edward that he has three kids with
Bella.”Emmet said. And he was so right.
It was already night and Edward hadn’t arrived yet. Everyone was sitting on the living room waiting
for him. The TV was on but I think Emmet was the only one who was actually paying attention to it.
I was so frustrated. Why hadn’t I seen that Bella had had kids? I should have seen she was pregnant.
Why couldn’t I? Maybe I couldn’t see the kids. Maybe they had a power that stopped me from seeing
them and they would be always with Bella so I couldn’t see her either.
“It’s not your fault. No one blames you for not see this coming nor for didn’t see it earlier.” Jasper
knew me so well.
“I know. I’m not sure Edward’s going to have the same opinion.” I told him.
Right then we heard the sound of a car parking in our driveway. Edward was home. It was time to
break the news.
We all looked at each other. We had decided to let Carlisle speak. Edward got into the house and got
ready to go his room, like he always did for the last five years.
Since Edward had left Bella he was a complete wreck. The only thing he did was moping around. We
almost had to force him out of the house and order him to go hunt.
“Edward, wait!” Carlisle called before he reached the stairs. “We need to talk to you.”
“I’m not really in the mood to talk.” He said looking at the ground.
“Please join us in the living room.” Carlisle asked. ” We have a very important matter to discuss with
“Are we going to move again? Is that it? It’s fine for me. You decide what’s best. I don’t care about
anything.” He answered gloomily.
“Not even if it’s about Bella?” I asked. I was tired of his attitude. He was the one who chose to leave
Bella. I had told him that he would regret his decision but he still did it. Why did he have to make
everyone more miserable?
“What?”He whispered looking at me.
“Let’s sit.” Carlisle ordered. We all sat in the living room.
“What did you mean Alice? I asked you not to look to her future!”
“She didn’t Edward. Today Esme asked Alice and Jasper to go to the supermarket and they found
Bella.” Carlisle explained.
“She’s here? We have to move. She has to live a normal human life! There isn’t place for us in that
life. That’s why we left; we can’t endanger her life anymore.” He insisted.
“We can’t move again besides, living a normal human life is no longer an option for Bella. It hasn’t
been for the last four years.” I answered. We were not going to leave Bella again.
“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked Carlisle, his eyes wide open.
“According to Alice and Jasper, Bella is a vampire.” Carlisle explained him calmly.
“What? No… She can’t be! I left so she could be human, to protect her, and now you tell me it was all
in vain?” This was not going to be easy. He looked crazy.
“That’s not all… Bella has kids.”Carlisle dropped the bomb.
“I thought you said she was a vampire.” He stammered after a while.
“Apparently she had them while she was still human.” Carlisle clarified.
“What happened? I thought she was safe. Who changed her? Why? What about her kids how can she
be near them? And her husband or boyfriend?” I had never seen him like that. He thought Bella had
someone else and it was eating him inside. Jasper couldn’t stand it anymore.
“We don’t know what happened to her. But there’s something else you should know… You’re her kids’
father.” I thought it was best to just tell him. Maybe it would put an end to some of his suffering.
“What? Are you insane Alice? Vampires can’t have kids! I am a vampire.”
“You are Edward! She has triplets, they’re four years old and the little boy is like a miniature of you.
They are yours. I am sure!” I yelled. I was so angry he didn’t believe what we were telling him.
“Alice’s right Edward. Listen to us.” Jasper tried to reason with him.
“Carlisle?” Edward was a mess but he had to assume his responsibilities. Bella needed him. It
shouldn’t be that Luke guy to help her, it should be Edward. Why was he acting like this?
“It can be possible Edward. I don’t know. What happened between you and Bella had never happened
before. Standard rules don’t apply to your and Bella’s relationship and from what Alice told us you are
the father of Bella’s children.” Carlisle told him.
“It can’t be!” I understood it was hard for him to believe especially considering the implications that
acknowledgement would bring. Accept that Bella’s kids were his too, would mean he had left Bella
when she most needed him and that he had lost four years of his children growth. It would signify he
had made an even bigger mistake than he had imagined, but this was the truth and the only thing he
could do was try to fix what he did wrong. We could not abandon Bella again. She needed us.

Chapter 4
Bella’s POV
I still couldn’t believe I had found Alice and Jasper in the Supermarket. Right now we were on our way
home. Luke was already waiting for us; he had promised the kids he would play with them after we
got back, while I stored our purchases.
“Mommy will we still have time to play with Uncle Luke?” Lizzie asked.
“Yes, you will honey.” I answered.
“Yes Lily?”
“Who were those vampires at the supermarket?” I couldn’t lie to them, besides I was never good at it,
but I didn’t know what I was going to do so I decided that I wouldn't tell them everything right now.
“They were just some old friends of mine.” I kept it simple.
“Oh! Okay.” I knew she wasn’t satisfied but I knew she wasn’t going to push it.
The rest of the ride was quiet. They were still tired from the trip and all the excitement in the
supermarket wore them off.
When we got home Luke was waiting at the door. Our home here was slightly smaller than the one
where we lived during the rest of the year but it was more than enough for me. Luke was the one who
liked big houses.
“So… how was the trip to the supermarket?” Luke asked while picking Lizzie up.
“It was good; mommy let us go get our yogurts alone.” She answered excited. I already knew that all
their tiredness would fade when they got home.
“We found two vampires too. They were strange. They just stood there looking at us. They were old
friends of mommy.” Lily commented casually, to her this wasn’t important, she didn’t know, but for
Luke was enough for him to send me a worried look.
“Later” I whispered too low for the kids to listen. He just nodded but I noticed his eyes still held a
concerned look.
He sent the kids inside and helped me unload the trunk of my black Passat CC. He tried to talk to me
about what happened in the supermarket but I preferred to wait until later, when the kids were asleep.
We put everything in the kitchen’s counter and went to the room where the kids were watching TV.
“Can we play now, Uncle Luke?” Luke asked excited. Sometimes it was confusing having two Lukes
living in the same house but after all Luke had done for me during my pregnancy and what I knew he
would still do, I realized that I had to honour him in some way. What would be better than name one
of my babies after him?
“Sure kido. What do you want to do?” He asked the three of them.
“You can play while I store everything we bought and until I start to make dinner, then you have to
have shower. Okay?” I tried to negotiate. It was difficult to get them to have shower, at least until they
were in the bath tub, then it was water all over the place. It was really tiring to bath them… and
messy. Luke usually spends almost half an hour cleaning the bathroom. The hardest was to choose
who went first, especially when they were watching a program they liked, on TV. Luke and I may be
vampires but taking care of three four-years-olds was exhausting. There was always something to do
or to clean up. I don’t mind, I love them, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for them, but I must admit,
sometimes a pair of extra hands would come in handy.
“Okay.” They reluctantly agreed. I left to the kitchen leaving them drawing with Luke.
Now that I was alone in the kitchen I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering about what had
happened this afternoon at the supermarket.
Seeing Alice and Jasper again was amazing. The truth was that I missed the Cullen’s like crazy. Even
after what they did to me, I still loved them. I still felt them as my family. They still had a place in my
heart. A place that had been empty until the triplets were born, they didn’t close that hole, they didn’t
fill the space. They simply made the pain more bearable. Most of the time my thoughts were filled with
the triplets, but sometimes, when they went to sleep, for example, my mind always wandered to how
things could have been if Edward hadn’t stopped loving me, if he hadn’t left.
Would I be happier? Would I have my family complete? I don’t know. What if Edward had placed my
safety above everything else and hadn’t let me continue with my pregnancy? After all, Luke had
always commented about how dangerous my pregnancy was, and Edward had always been over-
What if Edward had never left and had let me had the triplets? Right now we would probably be a
happy family. My kids would have a father, someone to call daddy. But I wouldn’t have met Luke. Why
was everything so difficult?
I should have been stronger. I should have looked for the Cullen’s. For… Edward. It hurts just to think
of his name. I shouldn’t have deprived my kids from their father company, the Cullen’s company. How
could I have done this to my angels?
Most people would tell me that this was the time to make this right. That I shouldn’t waste this chance
to introduce my kids to their father’s family, to their family but what stopped me when they were born
was going to stop me again. What if Edward decided to stay with me just to be near his kids? I
wouldn’t be able to deny him anything and I would be stopping him from being happy with his true
love, from seeking his true love. There was a time I thought I was his true love, I think he thought
too. What if he met them and then left as he did with me? Could I risk my kid’s happiness like that?
What if he got mad I didn’t tell him sooner and took them away from me? I wouldn’t survive. My kids
were the only reasons I had to live. If Edward took them away from me… I don’t know what would
What was I thinking? The Cullen’s weren’t bad, they may have made me suffer but I knew they were
good people. They would never do these things to me or to my children. I just couldn’t be sure. Not
anymore. Edward had promised to stay with me for as long as I wanted him and he broke his promise.
As much as I want I can’t bring myself to trust him.
I looked at the kitchen clock and found I had to start making dinner and bath the kids. With all the
thoughts that had been passing through my mind I had lost track of time.
“Okay… who’s going to be the first to have shower?” I asked entering the living room.
Here we go again. It had become some sort of ritual over the last years. They would start to run
around the house and the first one I got would be the first to be bathed. It wasn’t that they didn’t like
to have bath; it had more to do with the fact that they had to stop what they were doing.
“You’re first” I said grabbing Lizzie while she giggled in my arms.
The kids were all bathed and were helping Luke set the table while I made dinner for them. It had
been a bit difficult to get used to cook without being able to taste the food but I had learned to rely on
smell and the practice I had from when I was human.
“Dinner will be ready in five minutes.” I informed them.
“Go wash your hands.” I heard Luke say in the living room. While they went to the bathroom he
entered the kitchen.
“When they go to bed, we’ll talk.” His voice filled with seriousness. “Don’t think you can escape it!” He
“I won’t. Dinner’s ready.” The triplets sat at the table and started eating and talking about the show
they were watching on TV.
I loved to see them like that: calm, just talking to each other. In these moments I realize how close
they are to each other and to me. Their relationship between each other was intense because they can
communicate through their minds. Like if their minds were connected though they could choose when
to open their minds to each other. Because of this ability they often share their dreams since while
they are unconscious they cannot control it.
They should have a chance to meet their father, to share with him the same bound they share with
me. To know him as well as they know me, to meet the rest of their family, but if something went
wrong and they got hurt I would never forgive myself. Why did things have to be so complicated?
“Mommy we’re done” They said snapping me off of my thoughts.
“Lets put you in bed then, it was a very long day. Go brush your teeth.” I said
“Can’t we watch TV just for a little longer?” Lilly asked, or should I say begged.
“Honey you’re too tired.” I tried to reason with her
“No we’re not. We’re not even sleepy!” Lizzie said yawning. I had to make an effort not to laugh.
“Okay but just until I finish doing the dishes and you have to brush your teeth first. Are we clear?” I
knew they wouldn’t last that long. They were exhausted. They would fall asleep as soon as they hit
the couch. I left to the kitchen while they went to brush their teeth and sit on the sofa.
I quickly finished doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. When I got to the Living room I saw
exactly what I had expected. On the couch were my three angels deep asleep.
“Luke.” I whispered. I knew he could listen.
“I’m here.” He said entering the room and absorbing the scene before him. “It looks like three angels
have fallen from heaven and landed in our couch.”
“Yeah” I agreed. “Help me get them in their rooms.” I picked Lizzie up while he did the same with
Luke. They were already wearing their pajamas so the only thing we had to do was put them in bed
and tuck them in. I did it for Lizzie and then went to get Lilly and did the same. I kissed them
goodnight and went to Luke’s bathroom to do the same. The girls slept in one bedroom and Luke in
another one. There were three more rooms in the house: one for me, another for Luke (Sr) and the
last one was for one of the girls when they decided that each one wanted their own bedroom.
I left Luke’s room and went to the living room where Luke (Sr) was already waiting for me. He had
already kissed the girls goodnight and was sitting in the couch. I sat next to him.
“Are you going to tell me what happened, in the supermarket, now?” He asked
“I guess…” I had to do it. I needed help to sort things out and make the right decision. I need his
advice. He’s the only one I trust besides my kids.
“So… who did you found?”
“Alice and Jasper Cullen.” I whispered.
“What? What were they doing in the supermarket?” He almost yelled.
“Ssshh. The kids are asleep. They were most likely buying things to refill their pantry. You know for
the appearances.” I explained.
“Oh. So what happened?” He asked curious.
“Alice hugged me twice and they asked questions after they saw Luke. I think Alice put it together. I
think she knows Edward is their father or at least she’s almost certain. She knows the kids’ age, that I
had them while I was human, she saw them… She knows. And I don’t know what to do.” I rested my
head in his shoulder and started sobbing. I was so confused and scared.
“It’s okay Bells. Everything is going to be fine.” He said stroking my hair. He was in brother mode.
“I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. I mean, I knew this time would come. That I would meet
them again, they would have to meet the kids but I never thought it would be so soon. I’m not ready
yet. I’m not healed yet. I don’t know if I can face them.”
“Will you ever heal?”
“I don’t think so. The triplets made the pain bearable but the hole it’s still there. It still hurts. I don’t
want to make the wrong decision. I don’t want them to be deprived of meeting their family, their
father, just because of me but I’m afraid they end up getting hurt. What if the Cullens meet them and
decide to leave again, like they did with me?”
“I understand that you’re scared but I don’t know what to say. Maybe we should just leave and get
back to our lives. That way we are sure they won’t get hurt. I’m sure you won’t get hurt”
“But they should have the chance to meet their father. Besides, by now, Alice has already told to the
entire family. What if they come after us? What if they try to take them away from me? When Edward
left he didn’t know I was pregnant. Not even I knew. What I’m trying to say is that he left me. He
doesn’t love me anymore but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love his kids. They could try to take them
from me! I wouldn’t survive. They are my angels, my light, and my life.”
“It will be fine Bella. You’ll find a solution. But the fact that Edward didn’t know you were pregnant
doesn’t dismiss the fact that he left you. He was never there neither for you nor for your kids.”
“Why does everything have to be so hard?”
“I don’t know Bells, but we’ll go through it together. I’ll support your decision independently of what
you choose. No matter what happens you’ll always have the love of those angels who are asleep and
you’ll always be my little sister.” He was so good to me; he was the brother I never had. Not even if I
lived forever I’d be able to thank him enough for that he has done for me and for my kids.
We were watching some show on TV when we heard screams and cries. I ran to the girl’s room and he
went to check on Luke.
“What happened?” I asked when I got into the room and saw them sat in her beds crying. My first
thought was that someone had tried to enter through the window. I quickly glanced at it but
everything was normal.
I picked Lilly up from her bed and sat in Lizzie’s hugging them both. Soon Luke brought my boy too.
“Ssshh. Everything is fine. Mommy is here.” I was starting to panic. What had happened? They didn’t
stop crying and were holding onto me like if their lives depended on it. “Tell mommy what happened.”
I asked when they were calming down.
“We had a nightmare.” Lilly sobbed.
“What was it about?” Luke (Sr) asked. His voice was calm though I knew he was as worried as I was.
“It was a man. He came here and took us away from mommy, and we tried to get away from him but
he was too strong and he had hurt you and mommy…” Luke said still crying.
“I don’t want to be away from you mommy. I don’t want the bad man to take us.“ Lizzie cried.
“It’s okay babies. Look at mommy.” I asked. Their eyes were still watered and tears were still rolling
down their perfect little faces. “I will never let anyone take you away from me okay?” This seemed to
soothe them but I knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore. The nightmare was still too present
on their memories.
I was worried. This had been the first time they had ever dreamt about this. Was it possible that this
mess was already affecting them?
We spent the night in my bed, but as I had thought they didn’t sleep more, they just snuggled against
me while I whispered soothing words.

Chapter 5
Edward’s POV
This was crazy! I had come back from hunting and was ready to go to my room when I heard Carlisle
call. Everyone was in the living room so I assumed we were just going to move again though that was
a bit strange since we had just arrived.
I don’t care anymore. I wasn’t in the mood to discuss travelling arrangements and honestly I don’t
care where we go. I don’t plan to do anything else besides stay in my bedroom.
For the past five years I haven’t done anything. I can’t stand it. Everything I do reminds me of Bella
and the horrid lie I told her. How could I break my angel’s heart? How could I leave her like that? I
only did what I thought was best for her. Staying with her and allowing her to be near my family would
only hurt her and someday I might not be able to save her. Now she could marry, have kids, grow
old... She was free to live a happy normal human life. Or so I thought.
I told Carlisle I didn’t care about anything but then Alice said it was about Bella. That stopped me.
How could they know things about Bella? I told Alice not to look to her future.
When they told me they had found her in the supermarket the fist thing I thought about was that we
had to leave. If I saw her once more I wouldn’t be able to leave again. I loved her too much to leave
Apparently that wasn’t everything they had to say. Bella was a VAMPIRE! My angel was a vampire!
How could this have happened? I had spent the last five years suffering with every second I spent
away from her and it had all been in vain.
Though they still had more to say. I could see by Alice’s face and mood. She was way too happy. At
the time I didn’t know what to expect but I would have never imagined. Bella had kids. I was confused
but Carlisle explained she had them while she was human. I couldn’t believe. How much had her life
changed since I left her?
It was hard to believe in all the information they had just dropped on me. But the hardest was when
Alice said they were my kids. She said I was Bella’s kids’ father! Was she insane? I am a vampire I
can’t father children. As much as I wished to be able to give Bella kids I couldn’t.
I have been sitting in my room since they told me all this. I am trying to process, to understand all
this. There is no way I can be Bella’s kids’ father. Everything they said pointed to me; Carlisle thought
that maybe it could happen… I don’t know. What if it is possible? What if I am the kids’ father? How
much did I lose? How much did Bella need me? It couldn’t be true! It’s not possible! I’m so confused.
Everything is a mess!
What happened in these past five years? Why was Bella changed? Where? Who did this to her? How
could she be near her kids? I just want to know what happened. I’m freaking out. I don’t know what
to do, what to think.
All I want is Bella but I pushed her away. Hell! I told her to move on and be happy with somebody
else! I had an angel and I left. If those kids are really mine, my mistake was much bigger than I
imagined. I couldn’t deal with that. Bella will never forgive me. I don’t know how much longer I can
live without her.
What have I done? What have I put my angel through?
“Edward? Edward are you okay?” I heard Alice ask from the other side of the door.
“No, I’m not. Leave me alone.” I cried. I was a monster. I don’t deserve other people to care about
“Edward, if you don’t open this damn door right now I’ll throw it down! I’m serious Edward!” She was
pissed. She was serious. She was worried but I didn’t care. I’m not worthy of her concern and I don’t
want her pity.
“Leave me alone Alice.” I pleaded again. Why couldn’t they leave me alone?
“Enough!” She yelled bursting through my door. “I’m sick and tired of this. Is this all you can do? Lock
yourself in your room moping about the mistakes you did? Do something to fix them.”
“What can I do Alice? I can’t go back in time and change things and if Bella’s kids are mine too than
the mistake I made was much bigger than I ever imagined. Bella will never forgive me.” I said
“You still don’t believe it, do you? And you’re right! Bella will never forgive you if you insist on locking
yourself in here instead of trying to do something to mend your mistakes. You’re giving up Edward! I
never thought you’d give up on Bella.” Couldn’t she understand?
“I don’t want to give up. I don’t know what to do to gain her forgiveness. I will never give up on Bella
but she will never forgive me for what I put her through. I am a monster Alice how could I leave her
alone like that?” I was panicking. I didn’t know what to think, what to do. Bella is everything I ever
wanted.”Even if those kids aren’t mine I’ll love them as if they were. If I could only have Bella back.
I’d do everything to bring her back.”
“You’re still in denial? I told you already they’re yours. You say you don’t know what to do… You can
start by joining the rest of us downstairs around three o’clock pm. We have to decide what we are
going to do. I want to go find Bella but Carlisle thinks it’s better if we wait, to give her space and time
to think. I’m sure this must be really hard for her too.” She informed me.
“Okay.” I whispered.
Bella’s POV
The kids didn’t sleep anymore after the nightmare. Just like I though it would happen. They were still
too scared. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Of course they had had nightmares before.
They usually shared their dreams and nightmares due to their minds connection but it had never been
so strong. They had never had such nightmare. They had probably noticed how worried I had been.
Maybe they had heard me talk to Luke.
In the morning they were quieter. I made them breakfast and they ate silently. I helped them get
dressed and we spent the rest of the morning watching TV. Normally I wouldn’t approve that they
watched so many TV but I would make an exception today. Luke had gone to the hospital early in the
morning and would only come back by lunch time.
It is strange. I’m not used to see my kids so quiet. I should talk to them again.
“Kids, look at me.” I asked turning the TV off. They turned to me. Luke was sitting at my right, Lizzie
at my left and Lilly was in the ground with her head resting against my legs. “I know you are scared
because of your nightmare but that’s just what it was, a nightmare. It’s not going to happen. No one
will take you away from me. I won’t let. Okay? There’s no need to be afraid. No one will take you from
“Okay mommy.” They answered. They seemed happier.
“What if you helped me to prepare lunch?”
“Yay.” They screamed excitedly in unison.
Lunch was almost ready when Luke arrived half an hour later. He helped the triplets set the table and
then sent them to wash their hands.
“They look better.” He sounded relived.
“I talked to them again. They are exhausted though. They’ll have to take a nap after lunch."
“Yes, they will.” He agreed. The fact that my kids were better made me fell better too. I had been so
They ate lunch quietly; they were too tired.
“Now you’ll have to go sleep a bit. You are too tired. Let’s go.” I said taking them to their rooms. I
didn’t even bother to tell them to put their pajamas on. They were worn out. Lilly and Luke fell asleep
immediately but Lizzie couldn’t drop out so I put a blanket around her, picked her up and took her to
the car. Riding it always made her fall asleep. Luke (Sr) would stay with Lilly and Luke.
I started driving not caring where I was going. After ten minutes I noticed Lizzie was already asleep
but I kept driving.
When the car came to a stop I became aware of my surroundings. I had stopped in front of a huge
white house. The scent was unmistakable. I was at the Cullens’ house. Now I only had to decide
whether I dare to get out of the car and knock at the door or turn around and go back home.
Alice’s POV
It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when I heard Edward coming downstairs. Everybody was
already sitting in the living room; he was the only one missing. He had decided to fight for his family.
For our family.
He sat next to me. He looked miserable. Worst than a few hours later when I went to talk to him. He
was driving Jasper crazy.
Carlisle was getting ready to start speaking when we heard a faint knock at the door, at least I did. It
took me less than a second to get up and head to the door. I had hope it was Bella, I couldn’t ‘see’
anything which probably meant it was her. I was so excited. I quickly opened the door almost pulling it
from the hinges. In front of me was Bella holding a little girl bundled in a light pink blanket.
“Bella!” I squealed.
“Ssshh!” she hissed. “She’s asleep Alice. Do not talk so loud.” She whispered
“Ops! Come in! I’m so happy you came.” I was so excited I had to make an extra effort to keep my
voice low. “Where are the others?” I asked as we reached the living room.
“They’re at home with Luke, sleeping. Lizzie couldn’t fall asleep so I decided to ride the car a bit. That
always made her fall asleep.” She clarified.
We entered the living room and everybody was staring, excitement filled their eyes.
“Hi!” Bella faintly whispered.

Chapter 6
Alice’s POV
“Bella!” Emmett yelled getting up and running to her, ready to crush her with one of his bear hugs,
while she gracefully moved escaping his embrace. We all stared surprised. Was she that mad at us?
Not that she didn’t have reasons but still…
“Emmett!” Bella scolded him. “She’s asleep. Don’t scream!” She whispered.
“Sorry. Can’t I hug you?” He was hurt by her action and his voice showed it. He never stopped
thinking of Bella as his baby sister. None of us did.
“Not while I’m holding a very fragile half human girl. You would crush her.” Bella explained.
“Oh.” Realization dawning on his face. “Can I take a look?” He asked glancing at the little girl.
“Sure” Bella said. Emmet got closer and took a peek.
“Wow. She’s so tiny.” He commented in daze touching the girl’s small hand that was on Bella’s
“She’s only four Emmet.” Bella spoke shaking with a silent laughter. “And compared to you…” She
commented looking at Emmet’s huge hand next to the little hand of the girl.
“It’s so good to see you again Bella.” Esme said getting up from the couch were she was sitting and
walking towards Bella. Looking at the little girl in Bella’s arms, Esme could barely conceal her
excitement. “She’s gorgeous Bella and you look absolutely stunning.”
“Thanks Esme.” She replied embarrassed. I bet she would be blushing if she could.
“Yeah Bella but you could wear something more interesting. C’mon, jeans and a top? That’s boring.” I
commented looking at her jeans and her midnight blue tank top, she could do so much better.
“What do you suggest Alice?” She asked amused.
“You would look amazing in a mini-skirt or…” She had great legs, why not show them? She can’t
possibly still think she’s not beautiful…
“Alice, I’m the mother of three very energetic kids. Wear mini-skirts would not be appropriated and it
would make taking care of them a lot more difficult.” She explained. Well it made sense. I will stop for
now but I will not give up.
“Do they usually take a nap in the afternoon?” I asked curious. I was dying to know everything about
my nieces and nephew.
“No, but last night they didn’t sleep very well.” She clarified. What had happened?
“Why? Were they sick?” Carlisle questioned worried.
“No, no… huh… they just… had a … nightmare.” Then before we could ask anything else her cell
started ringing. “Would you mind holding her?” She asked Esme. She didn’t even need to ask. I was
sure Esme would not mind a bit.
“Of course not.” Esme responded eagerly, gently picking the little girl from Bella’s arms. Bella quickly
took the cell out of the front pocket of her jeans and answered it.
“Bella, it’s Luke.” Hearing this, Edward shot me a worried glance.
“What happened? Is everything ok? Did they wake up?” Bella sounded really worried.
“It’s fine Bella. They’re still sleeping. I just called to know if Lizzie had already fallen asleep.”
“Oh. Yeah, she did.” Bella responded relieved.
“You worry too much Bella.”
“When it comes to them there is no such thing as ‘worry too much’. You know that.”
“You’re right.”
“Look I’m going to take a little longer that I thought. If they start to wake up call me. I’ll go home
immediately. I want to be there. They might get scared if I’m not.”
“Sure. Bye.”
“Bye.” She ended the call and put the cell back into her pocket. Esme put the little girl still asleep in
Bella’s arms again.
“Who’s Luke?” Jasper asked. He knew we all wanted to know for sure who Luke was and I’m sure his
power allowed him to fell Edward’s apprehension.
“He’s like a brother. He has been helping me since I found out I was pregnant. I would have died
without him.” Edward’s face was a mask of horror, guilt, pain and jealousy, but there was also some
“Why don’t you take a seat Bella?” Esme invited.
“Can I lay her on the couch?” Bella asked looking at the little girl.
“Of course but if you prefer to put her in a bed upstairs…” Carlisle offered.
“No, here is fine. She might wake up and get scared.” Bella carefully laid the girl on the couch in front
of the one where Jasper and Edward were seated, adjusting the blanket so that it covered the girl’s
entire body except the head. I took my place next to Jasper and Esme next to Carlisle and Rosalie.
“Can I hug you now?” Emmett pouted.
“I guess…” Bella managed to say before Emmett engulfed her in one of his bone crushing hugs.
“Stop Emmett you’re crushing her.” Rosalie told him.
“Sorry Bells.” He told to a shaken Bella, putting her feet back on the ground. I glanced at Edward and
there it was jealousy again. He wished he could do that. He was such an idiot for leaving Bella. If he
hadn’t done it, he wouldn’t be this emotional mess.
“Alice told us you have one more girl and a boy.” Carlisle said encouraging her to speak while she sat
next to where her daughter was laying. We want to know more about her, her kids, their life.
Everything we have been missing.
“Yes I do. They are at home with Luke.”
“What are their names?” Rosalie asked thrilled.
“This is Elizabeth Alice, but we just call her Lizzie.” She said stroking the little girl’s brown hair. Her
hair was just like Bella’s. “The boy is Lucas Anthony though we call him Luke; the other girl is Lillian
Esme, but she goes by Lilly.” She said. Oh! She had named her daughters after me, Esme and Rose.
“Lillian? That’s my …” Rosalie trailed off
“Your middle name. I know. As you can’t have kids I thought maybe you would have liked if I gave
your names to my daughters.” She explained. I couldn’t believe. After all we had done to her she still
did this? I also noticed that her son’s middle name was Edward’s middle name as well, Anthony.
“Thank you so much Bella.” Rosalie said getting up and hugging Bella.
“Did you name your boy after your brother?” Jasper asked, referring to Luke.
“Yes. After all he did for me and for my kids it was the least I could do. Besides I like the name.” She
smiled weakly.
“I’m sure they’re gorgeous too.” Esme stated.
“I… I have some pictures in the car. I’ll go get them. Watch her please.” She left the room. Edward
followed her with his eyes until she was out of sight. Then he just stared at the floor. He hadn’t said
anything yet.
“Are you just going to sit there and look at her or are you actually going to say something?” I asked
“I don’t know what to say. She’s just so beautiful. And I…” he stopped when Bella came back in.
“Here.” She handed the photos to Esme and went back to her seat next to her daughter while
everyone got up and gather around Esme to look at the pictures. Edward was the only one who didn’t
move. He kept staring at Bella and the little girl. There was so much in his eyes: love, sorrow, pain,
amazement, uncertainty… He still didn’t believe the kids were his!
“Oh my…!” Esme exclaimed. She was holding a photo of the triplets; the boy was right in the middle.
“He looks so much…” Bella stiffened and Edward looked at Esme, probably seeing the image on her
“See for yourself!” I said taking the picture from Esme’s hands and handing it to Edward.
“This is not possible.” He looked at the picture with disbelief. When would he stop denying what
everybody had already accepted?
“I think it is Edward.” I told him. He had to start doing something.
“Are they mine?” He asked looking at Bella straight in the eyes, for the first time. I can’t believe! It’s
the first thing he says to her and he’s practically accusing her of cheating on him, when he was the
one who left her.
“Are you really asking me that? I don’t know. Let me see.” She replied ironically, taking the picture
from his hand and looking sarcastically at him. She took a quick glance at the picture and threw it
back to him murmuring “Just like I thought. I had the impression you knew at least a bit about
“I know about genetics. What I want to know is if they are my kids.” He spoke desperate, the
uncertainty was killing him.
“That or right after you left I went to bed with a vampire that looked just like you.” She said angry.
“You’re right. The second guess is a lot more likely.” She finished, irony dripping of her voice. I had
never seen Bella like that. She was really mad. I think I would be too if I was in her place.
“It’s not possible. Vampires can’t have kids.” He muttered
“You don’t believe it? He looks so much like you it hurts. It’s fine for me. I’ll leave. Shouldn’t have
come anyway.” She said turning her back to Edward and going to pick her sleeping daughter.
“Wait!” Edward shouted. Bella quickly turned facing him again.
“Don’t scream!” She hissed.
“Mommy” The little girl called waking up.
“See what you did.” Bella said harshly to Edward, knelling in the ground close to her daughter’s head.
“Mommy’s here honey.” She said sweetly, kissing the girl’s forehead.
“Where are we? Are we at home?” Lizzie asked with a sleepy voice.
“No honey we are not at home. You should sleep a bit more. I promise when you wake up again we’ll
be at home.” Bella said, caressing her daughter’s hair.
“Okay mommy. I love you.”
“Love you too sweetie. Sleep tight.” Bella kept stroking the girl’s hair until she fell asleep again.
“I’m sorry Bella.”
“Save them. I don’t need your apologies Edward. I never did.”
“I want to apologize, Bella. I know it’s not enough… We should talk…”
“There is nothing to apologize for. You didn’t love me and you left. And we don’t have to talk about
anything.” It seemed like she just wanted to end this and leave.
“Of course we do. We have three kids; I think we have a lot to talk about.”
“We haven’t talked in five years and everything is just fine.”
“I don’t agree. You needed me and I wasn’t there.”
“I managed. I won’t say it wasn’t hard because I would be lying.” That shocked us because for the first
time she wasn’t hiding anything. “I have to hear everybody talking and whispering about me, while I
walk in the street or when I take the kids to the kindergarten. The poor girl who was left by her
boyfriend when she was pregnant and is living with her brother, raising three kids. It was disturbing
but Luke helped me get through it. I’m used to it by now.” This was awful. How could she get used to
it? How could people be so mean? I can’t imagine how much Bella must have suffered. Edward was
horrified. Just like all of us.
“I didn’t know Bella. I’m sorry” He apologized.
“That won’t change anything now. I need to leave.” Where did she think she was going? This
conversation was far from finished.
“No Bella!” Edward said grabbing her wrist. “As I said, we have to talk.”
“Let go of me.” She said trying to break free. “What do you want to talk about?” He released her wrist.
“I want to meet them. Can you bring them tomorrow?” He asked with hope filling his voice.
“I don’t know. “
“What? Bella, I want to meet them. They are my kids too!” He said indignant.
“Why? So that you can leave them when you get bored? Just like you did with me?” Those words
surprised us. Especially Edward. Was this what she thought? How much had she suffered because of
my brother’s stupidity?
“No Bella. I won’t leave. I will never leave again. I promise.” Edward said in despair.
“Stop! Your promises are empty. I don’t believe in you anymore. I will not let you do to them what you
did to me.”
“Bella I want to meet them.” He insisted.
“I want a lot of things too. But guess what? I can’t get them.”
“I’m their father. I have rights!”
“What rights? What have you done to be their father? You think that the fact that they share your
genes makes you their father? God Edward! You were never there! You never did anything for them.
You didn’t comfort them, you never played with them. They don’t know you!”
“I didn’t know you were pregnant.” He replied.
“That doesn’t change the fact that you weren’t there for them!”
“What do they know about us? About me?”
“Your names.” She answered curtly. Was that all they knew? Why?
“What? Did they never ask about me?”
“They did.”
“And what did you told them?” She seemed to be afraid of answering.
“The truth. That you didn’t love me so you left before I found out I was pregnant.” She answered
“Why didn’t you look for us?”
“First you’re not the easiest people to find and second I didn’t want you to stay with me just because
we had kids! You don’t love me but I knew that if you found out I was pregnant you would stay
because of them or you would take them away from me. I didn’t want that to happen. I won’t let that
happen.” She still thinks about that as a hypothesis. They we’re so mad I don’t even now how they
could control their voice, they were whispering.
“I would never take them away from you.” He tried to tell her. By now their faces were really close. If I
didn’t know what was going on I would say they were about to kiss.
“I don’t know. I can’t trust you anymore. I don’t know what you’re capable of anymore. I don’t know
you.” These words hurted him more than anything. They hurted all of us. Only now we were realizing
how big our mistake was, how much our departure affected Bella. She’s not as strong as she wants us
to think.
“Please Bella. I’ll beg if I have to.”
“I don’t want you to beg. I’m not doing this as revenge! I would never use my own kids. Besides you
did what your heart told you. You stopped loving me and you left. I understand. I wouldn’t want to
make you unhappy. I wouldn’t make you stay. I’m just trying to protect them. I’m not going to put
them through this. I can’t risk their happiness.”
“Please Bella, stop saying I don’t love you! I do! I won’t leave. Please let me get to know them. Let
me see them. Let me see you.”
“You don’t love me Edward! I will think about bringing them. I have to talk to Luke. It’s his decision
“Bella!” He exclaimed desperate.
“I have to go now.” She said looking him in the eyes.
“No!” He closed the small space that was still between them and kissed her. Oh my!! First she kissed
back but then pulled him away.
“Stop Edward. Don’t make this harder. I really have to go!” She begged dry sobbing. She picked the
little girl carefully wrapping the blanket around her small body and turned to Edward one more time.
“Please Bella…”
“Just know that if I bring them tomorrow it’s not for you. It will be because I think it’s the best for
them.” She was starting to get mad because of the kiss.
“Please Bella, bring them. We will not leave again.” I promised. Even if she didn’t believe in Edward,
she believed in me, right?
“I’ll do what I think it’s best for my kids. If I come and bring them, please be careful with the way you
greet them.” First I thought it was an odd request but when she glanced at Emmett I understood her
“Bye.” She said running to her car, holding my niece and leaving us standing in the room.
Edward sat back in the couch with his head on his hands murmuring “How could I leave her? What
have I done? “

Chapter 7
Bella’s POV
I had just left the Cullen’s mansion and I was driving home. Thankfully Lizzie was still sleeping. I need
to talk to Luke. He has to help me. I can’t make these decisions alone. He’s a part of the family and I
value his opinion. I know he will help me.
I was driving a bit faster than usual, not that I didn’t like velocity but most of the times I have three
kids in the backseat and even knowing I won’t have an accident I’m always careful, but I was anxious
to get home.
I parked in the driveway, got out and took Lizzie out of the car, carefully adjusting the blanket. The
afternoon was chilly and I didn’t want her to get sick. I picked my keys and opened the front door,
getting in the house and closing the door behind me. The TV was on but I guess Luke wasn’t paying
much attention. He was never the one to spend hours watching TV. In fact he only watched TV with
the kids. I slowly walked into the living room trying to recompose myself. I was still shaken due to
what had happened in the Cullen’s house. As I expected, though the television was on, Luke was
reading a book he had bought last week.
“Bella you’re home. I thought you were going to come later.” He said getting up from the couch.
“Yeah… me too, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.” I tried to keep my voice normal but
judging by his face I wasn’t doing a very good job.
“Is everything okay Bella? Where did you go? What happened?”
“Let me put Lizzie in her bed.” I asked.
“You went there! You went to their house!” I could hear concern in his voice.
I silently entered the girl’s room and placed Lizzie in her bed, tucking her in. I kissed her forehead and
glanced at Lilly, making sure they were fine before leaving the bedroom. Luke had been waiting in the
doorway and followed me when I left the room and went to the living room. He didn’t say anything
else. He was waiting for my confirmation.
“Yes, I did” I confirmed and started to sob, covering my face with my hands.
“Oh Bella!” He came closer and hugged me. I took my hands away from my face and hugged him back
with all the strength I could muster, burying my face in his chest.
“I shouldn’t have gone. I shouldn’t have stayed here. I should have left right after I come back from
the supermarket that day.” I cried. He pulled me to the couch and we both sat.
“It’s going to be okay sis. Why don’t you tell me what happened?” He asked faintly patting my back,
trying to calm me.
“I discussed with Edward. First he didn’t believe the triplets were his. He was looking at picture of the
three of them and he still didn’t believed. He even dared to ask me if they were his! It was the first
thing he told me. The first freaking thing he says to me after five years and he accuses me of cheating
on him!” I exclaimed. I could fell my anger arise.
“Calm down Bells. I know you’re angry but think about the kids. You don’t want to wake them, do
you? Besides I don’t like to see you like this.” He was truly worried and I was making it worse. I had to
calm myself.
“I was getting ready to leave but he screamed to stop me and woke Lizzie up. When she fell asleep
again he apologized. For what I don’t really know but it doesn’t matter anyway. I don’t need his
apologies. I survived five years without them. Then he wanted to talk.”
“About what?” he asked curious
"The fact that we have three kids together. Though I don’t think that’s really necessary. I mean we
spent five years without talking with each other and everything is just great. He apologized a few
more times like if that would change anything. Like if that would erase all the whispering and gossip I
heard, all the pain I’ve been through because of him…” I trailed off, now laying in the couch with my
head on his lap, looking at his face.
“Ssshhh little sister. I know nothing will erase that but you have to be strong now. Your kids will need
you more than ever.” He was right but it hurt so much to think about all this again. To think about him
“He wants to meet them. He wants me to take them tomorrow and I don’t know what to do. When he
started saying that he was their father and that he had rights I lost it. I got really angry. Does he
really thinks that just because they have their genes he can say he’s their father? He never did
anything for them. He didn’t know but that doesn’t change the fact that he was never there. God! I’m
so confused.”
“You’re right Bella. He never was there for them and he never was there for you. He left when you
most needed him.”
“I’m afraid! I’m afraid he gets bored and leaves them like he did with me. I don’t want my angels to
go through the same I did. He promised he wouldn’t leave but I can’t trust him anymore. As much as I
want to, I can’t. I need your help. I need you to help me decide what to do.” I pleaded.
“Whatever you decide is fine for me. I’ll be there to support you no matter what. What do you think
it’s best?”
“I don’t know. On one hand I don’t want to ruin their happiness and if they meet Edward and then he
leaves, they will be heartbroken, but on the other hand I don’t want to deprive them of meeting their
father and his family. There is so many things the Cullens can share with them, teach them; and they
were always so kind with me. You should have seen Esme’s reaction today when I entered the room
with Lizzie, she was ecstatic… Emmett was completely amazed and Rosalie even hugged me when I
told her I had named Lilly after her... I don’t know what to do Luke. I fell so helpless. I don’t think I
can forgive Edward but if it’s what’s best for my angels I can try to get along with him… He doesn’t
love but I can try to be friends with him…”
“It’s okay Bella. Your fears are totally justified. Edward hurted you a lot. I saw it. I saw how torn you
were when I saved you five years ago. If I was in your place I wouldn’t trust Edward either. There is
nothing that can assure you that he will stay this time. Do you think he can leave?”
“That’s it. I fell like I don’t know him anymore. I don’t know what he’s capable of anymore. He’s not
the same Edward I knew. He stopped being that Edward in the day he abandoned me in the woods.”
“I don’t like the idea but maybe it’s best if you take them. I’m saying this because I know you Bella. I
know that if you don’t do this you’ll spend the rest of you existence wondering what could have
happened if you had done it. Maybe Edward will do the right thing this time, maybe he had learned
with his mistakes. If he hurts them or you I promise I’ll give him hell for it.” When he talked like this,
it made fell like I had always been his younger sister. It made me feel safer. “But this is not the only
thing that it’s upsetting you, is it?” He knew me so well.
“Edward kissed me.” I told him.
“What?” I started sobbing.
“I can’t believe he did it! He doesn’t love me! Why did he do it? Can’t he understand that this only
hurts me more? It brought back so many memories. Memories that I that I have to hold off.” I was
starting to panic. I had to stay strong.
“If I find him… I’ll kill him. He doesn’t have the right to do this.” His voice was cold as ice. I had no
doubt that if he found Edward it would not be pretty. “You can’t let this affect you so much. I know it’s
hard but you’re strong Bella. You can do this!” He was right. I had to be strong. I needed to protect
my kids. I would be strong for them.
Luke has been my rock these past five years. He is always here when I need. Of course it was not the
same as if Edward was the one to be with me, but I couldn’t have asked for better. The truth is that
Edward wasn’t there, Luke was, and I couldn’t be more thankful that he was. I would have never been
able to go through these last five years alone.
“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I will never thank you enough.” I loved these
conversations we had. He always made me calm down and helped me to think.
“It was my pleasure sis. You’re the little sister I never had Bella.” We stayed in the living room just
enjoying the silence until a small voice call.
“Mommy.” They were awake. I had a lot of thinking to do but talking to Luke made me see things
more clearly. I just hope to be able to make the right choice.
Edward’s POV
Bella had just left taking the little girl with her. The little girl that I now knew was my daughter. She
was so beautiful: she had the face of an angel, her hair was chocolate brown like Bella’s and she had
the same green eyes I had when I was human, and her name was Elizabeth, which was my mother’s
name. Did Bella knew that? Bella… there is no words to describe how gorgeous she is. I was absolutely
stunned when she entered the room. Her hair was a bit darker and waved, her eyes were bright gold,
she was very thin but she was absolutely astonishing. When she was human I couldn’t believe she
could be anymore beautiful but I was clearly wrong.
“Bella is absolutely gorgeous. Maternity suits her so well. Like if she was meant for it.” Esme spoke,
breaking the silence that the room was dived in since Bella had left.
“You’re right Esme. Though she’s a lot thinner than I remembered. I wonder if she was sick before
being changed or if it was because of her pregnancy.” Carlisle commented slightly worried.
“I can’t believe you actually kissed her.” Alice choked out. It had been the best kiss of my life, even if
it was the last one I would ever give her. Her lips were perfect, everything about her was perfect, and
my memory didn’t do her justice. Even the clear images of my accurate memory palled in comparison
to her beauty when she was here. Her voice, her skin, her smile… she was absolutely faultless.
“Yeah, me neither.” I sighed. “But that doesn’t matter. She hates me. She doesn’t trust me. She
doesn’t believe me. I will never get her back.” I cried. “Hell! She doesn’t even care!” I screamed. I was
desperate. I would never hold Bella in my arms again. I would never kiss her again. I would never
touch her soft skin. I would never hear her say she loved me again. I had lost Bella forever.
“Of course she does Edward.” Rosalie said.
“If she didn’t care she wouldn’t be so mad Edward! If she didn’t care she wouldn’t even have come.
She may not want to but she cares. And she does love you otherwise she wouldn’t be so hurt by some
of the things you said and she wouldn’t be suffering so much.” Alice continued trying to convince me.
“If she doesn’t love you, if she doesn’t care, why did she kissed you back?” Rosalie finished.
“In case you hadn’t noticed she pushed me away.” I replied hurt.
“Of course she did Edward. She thinks you don’t love her; she doesn’t want to suffer more. She
cares.” Alice reasoned.
“I love her. I love her more than anything Alice. I would do everything to have her back! I want to be
with her and with our kids but she will never forgive me.” What could I do? She had just left and I
already missed her so much. These years had been hell. The only reason I hadn’t gone to the Volturi
and beg them to kill me was because of my family. I couldn’t do that to Esme and, secretly, I still had
hope that maybe Bella and I could be together again.
“Never say never Edward. If you really love Bella you won’t give up! You will fight for her, for your
kids. You have to show her that she can trust you, that you will never leave her again. You’ll have to
tell her the truth, the real reason that made you leave. Don’t give up Edward! Bella needs you! Your
kids need you! You have to fight for them!” Alice was right. I had to, at least, try. No matter how hard
it is, I’ll do everything in my power to have Bella back.
“You are so lucky Edward!” Rosalie said.
“You have three beautiful kids and unbelievably Bella still loves you, eve after all you’ve done to her.” I
should have known this was probably being very difficult for Rosalie. All she ever wanted was to have
a baby, someone that she could love and raise, that’s the reason why she hates being a vampire so
“I don’t even know if she will come and bring the kids tomorrow.” Bella’s fears were justified but I
hoped she would put them aside. I just needed one opportunity.
“You’re lucky she’s even considering to do it. If I was on her place I would have left on the same day I
had found Alice and Jasper at the supermarket.” Rosalie was right. No one in Bella’s shoes would have
done what she did.
“Bella has been through a lot and she loves her kids very much Edward. If she brings them tomorrow
you’ll be the luckiest guy alive. They are everything to her. Today when the little girl woke up and Bella
talked to her… I don’t even have words to explain it. I had never felt anything like that in my entire
existence. Of course I already felt the love parents have for their kids but nothing compares to the
way Bella loves hers. It made me feel so complete. It’s an amazing feeling. It can overcome all the
other feelings.” Jasper commented. I believed. No one could love like Bella did. After all she fell in love
with me, the most awful monster you could find. I was a monster, no matter who says I’m not, I am. I
left Bella when she most needed me and I would never be able to forgive myself or make it up to her.
There was no way I could.
“Snap out of it Edward!” Alice said.
“I really hope Bella comes tomorrow, I missed her so much. And now she has those tiny children.
They are so cute.” Emmett said looking at the pictures Bella had left here again.
“Emmet give the photos to Edward. He hasn’t seen them yet.” Esme asked.
“Of course not he was too busy ogling Bella and kissing her.” Emmett snorted.
“Emmett!” Rosalie yelled slapping him in his harm.
“Ouch baby! Why did you do that?” Rosalie ignored his question while he gave me the pictures.
What had I missed? This was the first thought that came to my mind when I started looking at the
photos. There wasn’t many but it was enough for me to realize how much I had been missing. The
first picture had been taken at Christmas, maybe last year, Bella and the triplets were sitting in a
beautiful living room in front of a Christmas tree, and they all had huge smiles on their faces. The
other pictures were very varied. Some had been taken on a park, others at the street; some inside of
a house that I assumed was theirs.
Look at those pictures gave me the strength I needed to start fighting for my family. I would bring
Bella back and I would be a father to my kids. I wouldn’t give up. I had already lost too much.

Chapter 8
Bella’s POV
I had spent the entire night in the girl’s room thinking, going over my options. I was so scared of
making the wrong choice. The last thing I wanted was to make my kids unhappy or cause them any
kind of pain. They were my angels I would not bear to see them suffering.
I decided to take them to the Cullen’s house after lunch. I couldn’t run away forever, they would have
to meet the Cullens. Maybe Luke was right, maybe Edward wouldn’t leave this time. I know he can be
a wonderful father; maybe he just needs an opportunity with them. I’ll give it to him, he better not
waste it.
Edward’s POV
I was so nervous. It is past midday and I haven’t heard from Bella. She won’t bring them. She has
probably left the town by now… I couldn’t blame her…
“Edward? Come downstairs immediately!” Alice screamed. I don’t know why she yells so much… We’re
vampires, our hearing is perfect, she could have just whispered, I would still hear perfectly. I did as
she asked. I knew Alice too well to dare not to go and my mood had improved slightly since I had
seen… and kissed Bella.
When I got to the living room they were all seated in the couches, just like the day before.
“What’s happening Alice?”
“We are waiting for Bella and you should wait with us.” She said excited. Wow! Bubbly Alice was back!
Bella hadn’t been missed just by me.
“Did you have a vision?” I asked animated.
“No but I’m pretty sure she’ll come.”
“How can you know that?” All this anxiety was killing me. I needed to know if Bella was going to come
or not.
“Relax Edward! I know she’ll come.”
“But if you can’t see that how do you know?” Emmett asked confused.
“Bella is my best friend I know her. She’s hurt but she won’t let that interfere with her kids’ happiness.
She’ll do what’s it’s best for them…”
“What if she thinks that the best for them is not to meet us?” I cut her off.
“Don’t be such a pessimistic Edward. Are you forgetting that Bella almost never seen Charlie until she
moved to Forks? She knows what it’s like not to know your own father, because even though she knew
Charlie she just spent a few days with him every year. I know she won’t put her children through
that.” She explained. I had to admit that her arguments were very plausible and logic but I couldn’t
stop myself from being negative.
“I think Alice is right Edward, besides Bella may be hurt and angry but she still cares. She won’t deny
us the pleasure of meeting those beautiful little angels.” Esme agreed calmly. They seemed so sure
Bella would come…
“By the way, why can’t you ‘see’ Bella? You never saw any of this happening right?” Emmett asked
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s her power, maybe my power doesn’t work on her anymore, like Edward’s
didn’t work when she was human.”
“Or it may be because of the triplets.” Carlisle suggested. “Let’s hope Bella can explain it to us.”
“Don’t forget Emmett we don’t want to scare them or kill them so try to control yourself when you
greet them.” Rosalie said to Emmett looking at him seriously.
“Could you stop Edward?” Jasper asked suddenly. I looked confusedly at him. I wasn’t doing anything.
“All those feelings… you’re killing me, can’t you just stick to one feeling at a time? “
“Sorry.” I mumbled. “It’s not like I can control it…” I defended myself. Then a wave of calm washed
through me, I felt more relaxed. “Thanks Jasper.”
“You’re more than welcome.” He replied
Twenty more minutes passed… God! Why doesn’t she just call saying she won’t come? At least it
would spare me all this anxiety…
Before I could finish my thought I heard a car coming up our driveway and park.
“It’s her! It’s her! I knew she would come!” Alice screeched getting up from the couch and graciously
dancing to the window to confirm. I was so relieved and happy. I would never thank Bella enough for
this opportunity.
Bella’s POV
“Mommy we’re done can we go watch TV?” Luke asked while I cleared the table.
“Just while I clean this. Then we have to go to a place.” I answered.
“Where? Where are we going?” Lilly asked curious.
“You’ll see. Now let me clean this so that we can go.” I replied ushering them to the living room while
they pouted. I started putting the dishes in the dishwater when Luke entered the kitchen.
“You’re going to take them to their house, aren’t you?” He inquired too low for the kids to listen.
“I will. I just hope I won’t regret it.” I breathed.
“We have to believe everything is going to be fine. Think positive Bella.”
“I’m worried about their reaction.” I explained referring to the triplets. “After I told them that Edward
had left me they never asked about it again. And everytime I would try to talk about him they would
ignore me. I don’t want them to judge Edward because of the past. They may be four years old, they
may look four years old but you know that mentally they appear to be eight years old. Most of the
times they act like they’re four years old.”
“Think positive.” Luke insisted. “Do you want me to go with you? I can postpone the meeting I’m going
to have in the hospital...”
“No. You came here to help you friend to diagnose his patient, and you’ll do it. I’ll be fine.” I assured
“Okay. I’m going to leave now. Remember you’re strong. You can do this. And think positive.” He said
“Thank you.” I said while he went to the living room to say goodbye to the kids and left.
I cleaned everything as slowly as I could. I wanted to delay what I was about to do for as long as I
could. But eventually I finished.
“Okay kids, get ready to leave. Go get your coats.” I told them while I picked a small backpack where
I put some yogurts and cookies as well as some fruit in case they got hungry during the afternoon. I
put the backpack on my back and went to the front door where my kids were already waiting.
I knelt down and buttoned up their coats. I grabbed my cell and my keys and we went top the car. I
was nervous and worried…
“Mommy is everything okay?” Lizzie asked. Why did they have to be so observant?
“Yeah honey, everything’s fine.” I relied trying to hide my feelings better.
One by one I put them in their car seats, making sure they were safe. I headed to the driver’s seat,
put the backpack in the front passenger seat and started the car, heading once more to the Cullen’s
“Mommy where are we going?” Lilly asked.
“You’ll see when we get there.”
“Why don’t you tell us? Are we going to visit someone?” How did she know?
“Who?” Luke inquired.
“You’ll see.”
“Are we too far?” Lizzie questioned.
“No. We’re almost there.” I said as the Cullen’s house appeared at the end of the road. Two minutes
later I parked the car in the Cullen’s driveway announcing. “We’re here.”
I got out of the car, put the small backpack on my back and reached for the car’s back door when I
heard a screech coming from the house. I was sure it was Alice. They must have heard me parking the
I opened the door and took the kids out of the car. They looked a bit frightened.
“It’s okay.” I picked Lizzie up and after I knock at the door Luke grabbed my free hand, while Lilly
stood behind me.
Not ten seconds had passed when Alice opened the door smiling broadly.
“I knew you would come!” She said enthusiastically, jumping up and down. Lizzie put her arms around
my neck and hid her face in the crook of my neck and Luke squeezed my hand harder. “Come in!” She
was way too excited and she was scaring my kids, they weren’t used to her bubbly personality.
They reluctantly entered the house. I knelt in the ground so that I could look them in the eyes. “It’s
okay. Nobody is going to hurt you. Do you think I would bring you if there was any danger?”
“No.” They faintly whispered.
“She’s just excited.” I said getting up again and entering the living room where the entire family was.
Alice hadn’t stopped jumping. “Please stop Alice. You’re scaring them.” I explained. She stopped
immediately. “Thank you.”
“Hello Bella, thank you so much for coming.” Esme said sweetly smiling at us.
“Bella!” Emmett said running to us. Before I could say something he was floating in the air. Damn!
“Lillian!” I scolded. Al the Cullens were staring stunned. “Put him back on the ground immediately.” I
ordered. “Carefully. Luke help your sister please and try not to ruin anything.”
“But he was going to hurt you and Lizzie.” She defended.
“No he wasn’t. He was only going to greet us. Now put him down.” I asked gently. This really wasn’t
the best way for the Cullens to find out about my kid’s powers. Thankfully they lowered him down
without breaking anything, which I considered difficult taking into account Emmett’s size.
“I’m so sorry.” I apologized.
“It’s fine for me Bella. I actually thought that was really cool.” Emmett said excited. I could see he
wasn’t going to be a very good influence to my kids. I just wanted to see if she had sent him flying
through the wall, I was sure he wouldn’t find it cool. Esme certainly wouldn’t like. Lilly and Luke
smiled mischievously.
“Don’t give them any ideas.” I said looking sternly at Emmet. “And you don’t even think about pulling
a stunt like that again. Haven’t I told you already not to do that?” I said turning to Lilly and Luke
“It’s okay Bella.” Esme told me kindly. Lilly leaned against my leg looking for support. That was
another reason why I didn’t want them to use their powers like that.
“Here.” I said handing an apple to Lilly and another one to Luke. Using their powers drained energy
from them.
“Mommy what are we doing here? Isn’t that the girl from the supermarket?” Lizzie asked pointing at
Alice while I put her in the ground.
“Yeah who are they and what are we doing here?” Lilly asked confused. Everyone was staring at me. It
was time. I had to put my fears behind and do what I came here to do; there was no turning back
now. I made my decision and now I had to stick to it.
“Guys,” I looked at the Cullens. “meet Lillian Esme, Elizabeth Alice and Lucas Anthony Swan-Cullen.”
They looked a bit surprised; they probably weren’t expecting that I had given the triplets the surname
Cullen. “Kids,” I said kneeling on the ground behind my children. “These are the Cullens.” They looked
at me wide eyed. “Your uncles Emmett and Jasper, your aunts Alice and Rosalie, your grandparents
Esme and Carlisle and… your… father, Edward.” I pointed.
“Hello! It’s very nice to meet you.” Esme said tenderly. Edward just stared, like he had been doing
since we came in, like if he closed his eyes we would disappear.
“No!” Lilly screamed. “You can’t do this mommy!” She turned to me.
“I want to go home!” Luke asked.
“Stop kids! Please greet your family.” I asked.
“No!” Lillian said crossing her arms.
“Lillian Alice! Behave!” I hated to have to talk like this to them but they couldn’t do this. They had to
meet the Cullens. I had kept them from their family for too long.
“We will not greet them because they are not our family. We don’t know them and we don’t want to.”
She yelled stomping her foot. The Cullens were staring shocked and I could see they were hurt.
“Excuse me but I think my kids forgot their manners outside. We’ll be back in a few minutes.” I knew
the Cullen were probably going to hear everything anyway but still…
The triplets went to the door while I looked one last time at the Cullens.
“Bella you don’t have to… We understand they…” Esme started.
“I have to Esme. I’m trying to raise three polite and civilized kids not savages.” I answered before
leaving the room.
“What was that Lillian?” I asked when I came outside.
“We want to go home. Please mommy.” She begged.
“No. You have to meet them they are your family too…”
“No they’re not.. We don’t know them and we don’t want to. They are nothing to us. They’ll never be
after what they did to you! They made your heart hurt. Our family is you and Uncle Luke and grandma
Renée and Grandpa Aro and Uncles Felix and Demetri.”
“They are your family whether you want it or not and you owe them the same respect you have for
me.” I felt so guilty. They were being like this because of me.
“No we don’t. You can’t compare it. They did nothing to deserve our respect or love. They left you
alone, they made you suffer mommy.” She insisted. I couldn’t give up. I had to make them see how
wonderful the Cullens are.
“You don’t know them. You have to give them a chance. Didn’t I teach you that we should always give
people a chance before judging them? What they did to me doesn’t matter. They love you. When they
left they didn’t knew I was pregnant. Please go back inside and greet them give them a chance.
Edward is your father and the Cullens are your family too.”
“He’s not our father. He never did anything for us. He never went to our school parties and he never
taught us anything. We don’t need him. We don’t want to meet him.”
“You don’t know what you’re saying Lillian. I know what it’s like not to know your own father. Before I
moved to Forks I barely knew your grandpa Charlie and I only realized that when he died two years
ago, when it was too late. I lost so much time. I regret so much not to have spent more time with
him. I don’t want you to go through the same. I don’t want you to grow up regretting not to have met
your father.” I sobbed. I didn’t want to talk about this because I knew I would break but they had to
understand. I know how much I suffered when Charlie died. I felt like I had wasted too much time. I
don’t want them to feel the same.
I should have come sooner. I should have looked after the Cullens right after the triplets born. All this
was my fault. They needed to understand how important this was.
“Mommy don’t make us do this. What if they take us from you? We don’t want to stay away from you.
They make you sad and we want you to be happy.” Luke talked.
“Honey they just want to meet you. They’ll not take you from me because I won’t let.” I tried to
tranquilize them.
“But they are so many and that big one is very strong.” Lizzie cried.
“They won’t take you from me but if they tried Uncle Luke and grandpa Aro would help me. Don’t
worry about that. They won’t hurt you. Look I’m not asking you to like them. I just want you to be
polite and give them a chance. They are wonderful, I’m sure you’ll like them. Emmett likes to play
video games like you Luke. Alice and Rosalie would love to play with your dolls Lizzie. Jasper and
Carlisle adore reading, I’m sure they would tell you wonderful stories Lilly. Esme is always very kind
and … Edward likes music just like all of you, he plays the piano very well and I’m sure he would love
to teach you.” I tried to show them how they would like to meet the Cullens.
“But mommy they hurt you…” Lilly insisted.
“Lillian, listen to me, you don’t know them. Don’t judge them for something they did to me. That it’s
not important. If I brought you it’s because I want you to meet them. Nothing would make happier.
Understand something, when I’m with you all the pain goes away and when you’re happy I’m happy
too. Please go in there, greet them and give them a chance. If you don’t do it for you then do it for
me.” I asked.
“Please Lillian.”
“This is the end of this discussion. You are going to go inside and give a kiss to each one of them. Just
be polite please. We’ll talk better when we arrive home.” My voice was gentle but firm.
I hope this works or I’ll blame myself forever. I never wanted them to hate Edward and his family. It
may be difficult now but they’ll calm down and when they meet the Cullens they’ll like them, I’m sure.
It was impossible not to. For me it was going to be difficult to have to talk to Edward but I would do it
for my kids. I had to be strong.
Chapter 9
Bella’s POV
I got the kids to go back inside and it was very awkward because I knew the Cullens had been able to
hear everything Lillian said. Their faces showed it too. They were hurt, shocked, but I could see the
love and adoration in their eyes when they looked at the triplets. I knew this was a phase but I hoped
it would pass soon. I didn’t want the Cullens to suffer because of this.
“C’mon!” I encouraged the kids to step forward and greet the Cullens. They looked at me as if asking
if they had to. I nodded. Someday they would understand why this was important. “Please.” Lizzie was
the first one. Slowly she went to stand in front of Esme, who lowered herself in order to stay at the
same level as her.
“Good afternoon.” She politely said. Then she kissed Esme. Luke did the same and Esme was amazed.
“Lillian.” I said firmly. First she hesitated but eventually did the same as her siblings. One by one they
greeted all the Cullens, including Edward. I saw Edward’s eyes sparkle when the kids greeted him. I
just hoped that meant he wasn’t going to leave again.
“Thank you Bella.” Esme managed to say. I could clearly hear all the emotion in her voice; I knew she
would be crying if she could.
“Mommy can we go outside?” Lilly asked. I knew they were nervous maybe it was best if I just let
them go for a run, to calm down, besides I knew the Cullens would want answers.
“Sure but don’t go too far. Call if you need something and be careful.” I kissed them on the top of their
heads and they left running.
“Thank you so much Bella. You can’t imagine what this means to us.” Esme said hugging me. When
she released me I felt that I should say something about the talk I had had with my kids a minutes
“I’m sorry. I never wanted them to react this way. I guess it’s my fault, I should have insisted with
them. Every time I tried to talk about you they would ignore me or change the subject. I should have
insisted. I’m sorry…”
“It’s not your fault Bella. They have every right to react like that. They are right. I can’t blame them. I
never was a father to them. I was never there and I’m truly sorry for that but I can’t let you blame
yourself for this. I have to deal with the consequences of my actions.”
“Edward is right this is not your fault, Bella. C’mon sit here.” Alice said pushing me to the couch.
“I guess you have some questions.” I knew they wanted to know what had happened to me after they
“What happened after we left? And how did the Volturi fit in this? We heard them call Aro…” Edward
asked. The way he looked at me was strange; I couldn’t name the emotions in his eyes. If I didn’t
know better I would say it was love but Edward didn’t love me and I had to stop thinking about that.
It would only make this harder.
“When I found out I was pregnant, two weeks after you left, I decided to look for your meadow. I was
desperate and I needed to think about what I was going to do. I thought I was never going to find it
but I did and then out of nothing Laurent appeared.” The Cullens gasped in surprise. “He said he was
working with Victoria but that he couldn’t resist my blood. He attacked me and right before he sank
his teeth into my neck someone threw him across the clearing. It was Luke. While Luke was fighting
with Laurent a few huge wolves, that later I found were werewolves, appeared. They were going to
attack Luke but I managed to say that he was helping me. They helped Luke to kill Laurent. While the
wolves burned Laurent’s body, Luke approached me and I saw his eyes were golden. He said he used
to be a doctor when he was human and he wanted to know if I was alright. I told him I was pregnant.
He picked me up from the ground and took me home. Charlie wasn’t at home yet so we had time to
talk. He said he had heard about your family and he wanted to meet you. I told him what had
happened and that you had left. In the following month he kept visiting and I introduced him to
Charlie. He helped me tell Charlie that I was pregnant. Then he decided that it was best if we left
Forks. I agreed. The town held too many memories. Besides we didn’t know how my pregnancy was
going to be and we didn’t want to raise suspicion. First Charlie didn’t agree but I explained him I
needed to leave and eventually he understood. I have been living with Luke since then. I would have
never made it without his help.” This was my story. I left out some details but I didn’t want them to
fell guiltier than they already felt.
“Mommy! Mommy!” Lizzie ran into the room calling. Did something happen? Maybe one of them got
“What is it Lizzie? Did any of you get hurt?” I asked worried.
“No. I need your help. Lilly wants to play hide and seek but Luke wants to play Red Light/Green Light
and they said I have to choose. But if I chose hide and seek Luke will be mad at me and if I chose
Luke’s game Lilly will. I don’t want them to be mad at me.” She quickly explained. Thankfully it was
nothing serious.
“Let do like this: first you’ll play hide and seek and then you play Red Light/Green Light. Is that ok?”
“But how will we know we have to change the game?”
“I’ll say.”
“Good. Thank you mommy. You’re the best!” She said hugging me and running outside again.
“What about the wolves? Did they create any problems?” Jasper asked.
“Luke and I talked to them. It wasn’t easy to convince them but one of the wolves was Jacob, an old
friend of mine. When Luke mentioned how dangerous my pregnancy could be they allowed him to
watch me and change me when it was necessary. It was very difficult to convince them. Jacob moved
closer to us after the babies born. We’re still friends.” I explained.
“You still haven’t told us how the Volturi fit.” Edward pointed out.
“Luke though it was best to tell the Volturi while I was pregnant to prove that we hadn’t changed them
and that the triplets were mine. So Aro came with Felix and Demetri to see me. After the triplets were
born we spent almost a year in Italy.” I explained.
“Why?” Alice questioned
“Aro offered and all the help we got was welcome, we didn’t know how they were going to develop and
Aro wanted to make sure they wouldn’t become dangerous. He tried to convince me and Luke to join
the Volturi but we refused and he agreed with us that that wasn’t the most appropriated environment
to raise three children. We usually visit them on holidays and they come to visit us too. That’s why the
kids are so close to them, especially after Charlie passed away two years ago.”
“So you kept visiting Charlie and Renée even after you were changed? Don’t they notice that you
aren’t aging?” Carlisle asked
“They knew I was pregnant they called a lot of times to know how I was, I couldn’t just disappear or
die, and I didn’t want to. Anyway for now it’s not something that draws a lot of attention. Most of the
times they just have eyes for they grandchildren.”
“But you are different!” Rosalie stated.
“I wear contact lenses so that they don’t see that my eyes changed color and as I said they pay more
attention to the kids then to me.”
“You can’t blame them Bella.” Alice commented.
“Alice’s right they are the most beautiful children I’ve ever met and you raised them very well. I
wouldn’t do a better job.” Esme complimented.
“Bella… I was curious about what Lillian did to Emmett… Do they have the same powers? Because you
asked Luke to help her…” Carlisle started.
“They don’t have the same powers but they can share their powers between them. Lillian can move
things with her mind, Luke can blow things up, and Lizzie can create and manipulate force fields.”
“It must be difficult to raise them having those powers, I mean, when they fight with each other don’t
they use their powers? They could probably destroy a house!” Esme observed.
“I already took care of it.” I said remembering the first and last time my kids used their powers
against each other. The Cullens looked curiously at me. “A few years ago they started fighting with
each other and decided to use their powers, to punish them I stopped them from talking and seeing
each other for three days. It was enough to make them understand how important they were to each
other. They never fought like that again. I also prohibit them from using their powers inside of the
house. Time to play Red Light/Green Light.” I said. I knew they could hear.
“Amazing Bella. I have to say you are a wonderful mother.” Esme complimented.
“Thank you Esme but sometimes it’s not easy and there is times when I’m not so sure of that.”
Sometimes I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing for my kids.
“Bella why did Luke changed you?” Edward asked. He seemed to be upset about that. I knew he didn’t
want to change me
“We had agreed that he would change me a few months after the triplets’ birth but there were some
complications during the delivery and he had to change me right after they born.”
“But even if everything had gone alright he would change you! Why?”
“Because it would be very difficult to me to raise three half vampire kids when I was merely a fragile
human.” Why was he so against the idea of me being a vampire? God! I couldn’t understand him!
“Bella how could you control your blood lust around your kids when you were still a newborn?” Jasper
asked truly curious.
“I didn’t have time to worry about that. My kids were alone, they needed me. Luke couldn’t take care
of them all by himself. First I thought it was out of need but later I found that I could easily resist
human blood. It was not very appealing to me, maybe because I was so averse to it when I was
human.” I explained.
“Mommy can we leave” Lilly asked impatient. “Please.”
“Okay. Call your brother and your sister.”
“Are you already leaving Bella?” Alice questioned disappointed.
“I have to Alice. The kids are tired and I think it’s enough for today.”
“Does that means you’re coming back tomorrow with them?” Rosalie asked hopeful.
“I’ll try.” I still had a conversation to finish with them and I could only hope they understood my
reasons. “C’mon kids say goodbye.” I encouraged when they came into the room.
“Goodbye.” They said in unison before leaving the room. Edward came closer to me.
“Thank you Bella. You don’t know how grateful I am.” He said taking my hands in his.
“I asked them to give you a chance, do not let them down. That’s all I ask and don’t hurt them.”
“I won’t Bella. I promise.” Being so close to him made fell good but I couldn’t let myself believe that
something might happen. It will only hurt me more. Edward doesn’t love me. I have to stop thinking
about that. He’s just being gentile and expressing his gratitude. I tried to convince myself. I carefully
removed my hands from his.
“Bella!” Alice called coming closer. “You asked your kids to give us a chance. Won’t you give us a
second chance with you?”
“I already did Alice. My kids are the most important thing I have, bringing them today was the biggest
proof of trust I could give you. This is your second chance with me.” I told her.
“Bella…” Edward started. I put my hand in his lips stopping him before he could say anything else.
“Edward… I’m doing this for our kids. I don’t want them to live without a father. I hope we can at least
be friends. I don’t want them to suffer because of our… indifferences.” He looked surprised.
“But Bella, I…”
“Some things just aren’t meant to be Edward. I just want to do what’s best for them.”
“Sure” He said with… disappointment? Why would he be disappointed? Maybe I was imagining. I
picked the small backpack I had brought and left before any of them could say something else.
The triplets were already waiting by the car. I put them in their car seats and headed home.
Edward’s POV
Bella had just left and I never felt worse in my entire life. First my kids practically said that they hate
me and now Bella said she wanted to be friends with me? I can’t be just her friend. I need more. I
need to hear her say that she loves me. I need to kiss her and hold her. Without her I don’t fell
complete. She’s the best part of me and without her I’m just a monster. I’m nothing.
“They hate me and Bella wants to be my friend. What am I going to do? I could have everything and
because of a stupid mistake, because of a lie I lost everything I ever valued. I lost Bella, my Bella and
I lost my kids. It hurts so much.” I cried falling on the ground.
“You haven’t lost anything yet Edward.” Alice stated. “Your kids just need time to calm down. They just
want to protect Bella. She’s their mother and they don’t want to see her suffer. They will accept you.
And you certainly did not lose Bella. How many more times will I have to say you that she loves you?”
“Didn’t you hear her?” I sobbed. Her words stung in my heart. We were meant to be. Bella is my true
and only love. If I can’t have her I won’t have anyone else. She was my light, my sun, my world… She
was everything to me.
“Edward, Bella thinks you don’t love her and you insist in making her believe that. Why haven’t you
told her already that all you said was a lie? She needs to know!”
“Son, Alice is right. Bella needs to know. She’s suffering because of a lie. You have already seen the
extent of your mistake, what it took from you. Now you have to make it right and fight for your
happiness, for your family’s happiness. You’ll do no good if you continue there mourning over what’s
not lost yet.” Carlisle said.
“You’re right. You are all right. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start to fight tomorrow.” Bella would be mine
again and this time it would be forever.
Bella’s POV
I got home with the triplets and made them sit on the couch. I had to finish the conversation we had
started at the Cullens’ house. Their future depended on that.
“You will never do the same you did today. The Cullen’s are your family too. They love you. They want
to spend time with you and meet you. “
“But…” Luke tried to talk.
“No. You have to understand something. Your father never knew I was pregnant. I only found out after
he left. It’s not his fault.”
“But he shouldn’t have left you! You loved him.” Lillian said.
“He didn’t love me. It happens. I wouldn’t want him to stay with me if he didn’t love me. Some things
aren’t meant to be but I don’t regret anything because I have you. Please try to forgive him. Give him
a chance. You have a wonderful father and I don’t want you to regret not meeting him.”
“We won’t. We don’t need him.”
“You do. He is your father and no one can take is place. You will regret not meeting him and that’s
why I’m doing this. So please promise you’ll give Edward and the Cullens a chance. For me.”
“We’ll try. But it’s just for you.” Lizzie agreed.
“Thank you.”
The rest of the day went by calmly. Tomorrow would be a new start on my kids’ lives, or so I hope.
Chapter 10
Bella’s POV
Another day, a new start, I hope. We were on our way to the Cullens’ mansion. I trusted that after the
talk I had with the kids yesterday, they would be more receptive to the Cullens but Lillian and Luke
didn’t seem to be convinced. Lizzie was more interested. She was always the less stubborn and the
sweetest. I knew she would be the first to give in.
“Mommy, why do we have to see them again today? It’s Thursday, it’s the day you let us practice our
powers!” Lilly whined.
“The Cullens have a yard too and it’s even bigger than ours. You can still practice.” I said. Every
Thursday I would let them practice their powers. It was important that they learned to master them so
that they wouldn’t accidentally use them in public.
“Do they have powers like us?” Lizzie asked. I was glad she wanted to know more about the Cullens.
“They do. Alice can see the future, Jasper can sense and control emotions and your father can read
minds.” I explained.
“Does that mean he has been listening our thoughts?” Lilly asked shocked.
“I don’t know sweetheart. Maybe he can’t listen to you. But you can always ask him.”
“Does that happen?” Luke asked.
“He couldn’t hear me so maybe he can’t hear you either.” I told them parking in the Cullens’ driveway.
I was still taking the kids from their car seats and Alice had already opened the front door and was
jumping in the porch steps. I almost laugh at her enthusiasm.
“Hello.” She chirped happily letting us in.
“Hey Alice.” I greeted her while she led us to the living room. Jasper and Emmet were sitting on the
ground playing PlayStation, Esme and Rosalie were looking at a magazine and Edward and Carlisle
were talking. They were the picture of a perfect family.
“Bella!” Edward said getting up. He was strange. Was he happy to see me? It looked like that. No. He
is happy to see the kids again; but he can be happy to see me too right? I mean friends are happy
when they see each other. He also looked nervous.
“Hi Edward.” Why did I love him so much? Why couldn’t I just forget him and be just his friend?
“Hello kids.” Esme greeted them.
“Hi.” Lizzie replied walking in Esme’s direction and hugging her waist. I couldn’t describe the look in
Esme’s face. She was so happy. I think she wasn’t expecting this. Luke went to stand behind Emmet
and Jasper, watching them play. He looked very interested in the game.
“Try like this.” He said grabbing Jasper’s controller and pressing the buttons with a concentrated look.
“Hey! You won!” Emmett exclaimed surprised though I could also tell he was a bit angry. It probably
hurt his pride to be beat by a four-years-old boy.
“How did you know that?” Jasper asked curious.
“My Uncle taught me.” Emmet and Jasper were amazed, looking at Luke like if he was a god.
“Can I ask you something?” Lizzie asked Edward.
“Of course. Anything.” Edward was so happy. I swear I had never seen his eyes shinning so much. He
could barely control his voice.
“Mommy told us you could read minds. Can you read ours?”
“No, I can’t.” He said frustrated. I bet his only wish was to be able to read their minds. Lizzie and Lilly
sighed relieved.
Suddenly my cell started ringing. I pulled it out of the front pocket of my jeans and answered it.
“Hello.” I didn’t know the number.
“Hello, is this Isabella?”
“Yes, may I know who I’m speaking with?”
“Oh. It’s Amanda.” Amanda? I knew that name was familiar but I couldn’t place it.
“Melanie’s mother. My daughter is in the same class as your children.” Oh. I wondered why she was
calling me. It’s not like we were friends, in fact I had only seen her a couple times. She almost never
went to pick her daughter up from the kindergarten. Her mom, Melanie’s grandmother used to do
that. She was a very nice lady.
“Yes, I see.” Even though I didn’t particularly like her I had to be polite. She reminded me of Lauren
Mallory, my high school colleague.
“Well Melanie’s birthday is coming up and I would like to invite you and your lovely triplets to her
party.” My kids were already next to me furiously whispering, begging me to say no. I found that a bit
strange. Why wouldn’t they want to go to their colleague’s party? I knew they weren’t very fond of her
but still… Luke particularly was very nervous and energetically shaking his head.
“When is it?” I asked.
“In two days. Melanie would love to have your beautiful kids at her party. She talks about them all the
“Well, unfortunately we won’t be able to attend. We are out of town visiting some family.” I answered.
The kids immediately relaxed.
“Family?” She rudely asked. I could hear the sarcasm in her voice which made me very angry. The
entire Cullen family was also listening. “I though it was just you and your brother. Didn’t your
boyfriend abandon you when you were pregnant?” I could kill her right now! How dare she? She didn’t
know anything about me or my story.
“We are visiting some family!” I vehemently affirmed. “And what my ex-boyfriend did or the family
members we’re visiting are none of your business.” She had stopped being polite, so I didn’t saw a
reason to keep being it myself. Besides she was humiliating me and mocking with my life. She was
insulting me; it was like if she was telling me I wasn’t good enough.
“I’m sorry but everybody in the town knows you are a single mother because your boyfriend left you…”
Then there was some strange noise on the other side of the line like if someone was trying to take the
phone from her. Then I heard a muffled voice yelling “What do you think you’re doing? How dare you
talk to Miss Swan like that?” I immediately recognize this voice. It was Melanie’s grandmother. “Bella?
I am so sorry for my daughter’s inexcusable behavior.” This lady was a very good friend of mine. We
would always chat a bit while we waited for the kids and she invited me over to her house at least one
day a week.
“It’s alright.” I replied trying to keep my voice normal but failing miserably.
“Of course it’s not all right. I can’t even believe she was so rude. I haven’t raised her to be like this.”
The poor lady lamented. “Sadly she has become an awful person and I’m afraid my granddaughter is
will follow the same path. She’s going to turn into a shallow and frustrated person.”
“Don’t say that Mrs. Cooper. Melanie is a wonderful girl.”
“No she’s not and we both know it. She may be beautiful but my daughter is not raising her the right
way. And haven’t we agreed that you would call me by my fist name?”
“Of course Natalie. Anyway as I said we won’t be able to attend to Melanie’s party since we are out of
“We’ll I’m very sorry. And please do not let my daughter’s words affect you. She’s just jealous.”
Jealous? Why would Amanda Geller be jealous of me? She had everything. A husband, a daughter,
money, looks…
“Jealous?” I asked incredulously.
“Of course my dear Bella. She is jealous of everything you have. My granddaughter will never be as
amazing as your wonderful kids. You are young and gorgeous, and you have your entire life ahead of
you. Not to mention the fact that every single man in this town has his eyes set on you.”
“Excuse me?”
“Of course honey. I’m sure you know that all the single men in this town want you to be theirs. They
just don’t have the guts to ask you out dear. Especially that friend of your brother, the one with green
eyes and blond hair that works with him at the hospital.”
“Who? David?” It was the only friend of Luke who fitted the description.
“Exactly honey. I’m sure you have already noticed he has his eyes set on you. If you want my opinion
I think you should give him a chance. He’s a wonderful young man. You two would make a wonderful
couple.” I was astonished. I always thought of David as a friend. I had no idea he liked me that way. It
was so embarrassing to have this conversation when I have the entire Cullen family listening. I mean
it’s not like they could actually avoid it. Our supper enhanced senses could be a problem sometimes.
“Uh…well…” I stammered.
“Look Bella, I know everyone in the city comments and gossips about you but you have to be superior.
We both know my daughter is not the only one who acts like this but as I have already told you they
are just jealous because none of them will ever be a third of what you are. Believe me Bella, you are
the best mother I have ever seen and the fact that you had to fend for yourself with only the help of
your brother is nothing but a motive to be proud. You should not let other people affect or hurt you.
The idiot who left you doesn’t even dream about what he’s missing.”
“Thank you Natalie. As always it was very good to talk to you.” It was very comforting talking to
“Well I hope you come back soon and when you do don’t forget to give a chance to the green-eyed
doctor. You would make the perfect couple. You're youthful and beautiful, you deserve nothing more
than to be happy Isabella.”
“Thank you and goodbye.”
“Goodbye.” I ended the call returning the cell to my pocket. “Now are you going to explain why you
don’t want to go to Melanie’s party?” I asked turning to my kids.
“Well… Melanie is a bit…” Lillian started.
“Yeah she’s…“ Lizzie tried.
“She’s just too… we don’t really like her. She just wants to be our friend because we are pretty. She
doesn’t even know our favorite color or games. ” Lilly finally said.
“Yeah and she only talks about clothes, shoes and shopping. She never wants to play with us because
it will ruin her hair or her dress.” Lizzie completed.
“She just wants us to go to her party because of Luke. She says she wants to be his girlfriend but of
course he doesn’t want to.” Lilly completed. What? Weren’t they too young to think about these
things? Here I am overreacting. It was just kids’ crushes. Everyone has one and from what I could see
my kids weren’t very interested in their admirers.
“Lilly! You couldn’t tell anyone.” So this was the reason why Luke had been so nervous when I was at
the phone.
“Why not?” She asked angry.
“Well for the same reason you don'’t want anyone to know Andrew is always after you.”
“Hey! He’s just my friend.” Lilly defended. I had to admit they looked really cute.
“Okay, okay! Calm down. Is there anything else I should know?” I asked playfully.
“David likes Lizzie.” Lilly and Luke said in unison. I had to laugh. Edward looked at me like if I was
crazy. He held a worried look in his face. I think he was taking this too seriously. I would have to talk
to him about this. I could truly imagine Edward as the type of father that would try to kill any boy who
tried to get too close to his girls. Now that I noticed Emmett and Jasper didn’t seemed too happy
either. What was with the men in this family and overprotection? Jesus!
“Can we go practice outside mommy?” Luke asked.
“C’mon! You promised we could.” Lilly insisted.
“Sure, but be careful. I don’t want you to get too tired.” I agreed. I hadn’t even finished and they were
already leaving the room. They really needed to release some energy.
“Why did you laugh Bella? Aren’t you worried?” Edward asked in disbelief.
“About what Edward? There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just kids’ crushes. It’s totally normal.
Besides they aren’t even interested.” I replied.
“What are they practicing Bella?” Alice asked jumping. Honestly! She looked like a kid on Christmas
Eve. Didn’t she get bored from jumping all the time?
“Can you please stop jumping Alice?” Thankfully she did. “They went to practice their powers. They
need to be able to control them around humans and it also allows them to consume some energy
which makes my life a lot easier. Sometimes, even being a vampire, it’s difficult to keep up with
“Can we watch?” Emmett asked excited.
“I’m sure they won’t mind.” I didn’t need to say anything else; Emmet had already left the room. I
think that describe Emmett’s state as excited would be an understatement. I followed him with the
other Cullens behind me.
The Cullens watched amazed my kids using their powers. To the triplets this was more of a game than
anything else. Luke would separate a branch from a tree, Lilly kept it floating in the air while Lizzie
formed a force field around it, lowering it to the ground. Then Lilly would send the branch flying and
Luke would blow it up. Then they would exchange powers and do it all over again.
“Bella I’m very curious about the triplets. I had never heard of half-vampires. I wonder if you could tell
me some things about them.”He asked when we sat in the grass watching the kids. I was already
waiting for this. I knew Carlisle would want to know more about the kids.
“Of course. What do you want to know?” I said. Edward came to sit next to me and I don’t know why I
had the feeling he was nervous. I just couldn’t know why.
“Do they grow at the same rate as humans?”
“Physically they do, though mentally they seem to be a lot older, I mean, in some situations they are
more mature than a human kid with their age. They understand things that most kids with their age
wouldn’t. Aro thinks that when they reach a certain age, probably twenty or so they will stop aging.
But of course this is just a theory.”
“Interesting. That’s very interesting. What about their vampire and human characteristics?”
“Well they can’t run as fast as us and they are not as strong, but Luke says it may be because they
are still little. Their senses are not as enhanced as ours but they are still better than humans’. As
already noticed their hearts beat. They have some venom mixed in their blood which makes their skin
harder then humans’. They rarely are sick, though it happens.”
“What about their diet?” Edward asked.
“They eat human food though once a month I have to take them hunting. They also don’t sleep a lot.
About six or seven hours each night. As they grow older they sleep less.”
“Is their body temperature the same as humans?”
“No, because of the venom mixed in their bloodstream, their blood runs slower. This makes their body
temperature lower.”
“You mentioned that they shared their powers. How exactly does that work?” Carlisle was fascinated.
“Have you heard saying that twins share a special bond between them?”
“Well Luke thinks that because they are half vampires that connection is stronger. They can share their
thoughts and powers, but only if they choose to. Usually they have the same dreams since during the
night they can’t choose to open or close their minds.”
“Amazing.” Carlisle exclaimed. “Do you have any powers Bella?”
“Yes. I can shield myself and others from vampire powers’ attacks.”
“Is that why I can’t read you?” Edward questioned.
“Yes but now I also block Alice and Jasper’s powers.”
“Does that mean I will never see your future again?” Alice whined.
“Only if I don’t want you to. I can control my shield, which means that if I allow you can see my future
and Edward can hear my thoughts. Though I’m still practicing. It’s still a bit difficult to pull up the
“Oh” Edward exclaimed. “Bella can I talk to you?” He said getting up.
“Sure.” I wonder what he wants to talk about. He led me to a small bench that was near a tree and we
both sat.
“Look Bella first I want to apologize for all the pain that I put you through and to say that I’m truly
sorry. I never regretted anything in my life like I regret leaving you.” I was shocked. What did this
meant? I tried to talk but he stopped me. “Don’t let me finish before I lose my courage. I love you
Bella, I never stopped loving you, and all I want is…”
What was he saying? Where was he going with this conversation? I couldn’t let him continue. It would
only make me suffer more.
“No. Stop Edward. I understand that you’re confused with all that happened and I think you are
mixing everything up. You’re just afraid that after Luke help his friend we will leave again but I assure
you that I’ll do everything in my power so that you can keep seeing them. I want you to be present in
their lives. So don’t worry. You don’t have to stay with me just so that you can be with your kids.” This
was exactly what I was afraid he would do, but I wouldn’t let him do it. I don’t want to suffer more
and I don’t want him to suffer either.
“No Bella you don’t understand, I’m not confused, I want to…” He was cut off by Luke who was
running towards us.
“Mommy c’mon you have to see what we are doing.” He said grabbing my hand and pulling me away
from Edward. Edward remained seated in the bench, looking at me while I let Luke drag me along to
where his sisters were.

Chapter 11
Edward’s POV
Today when I was seated in my room’s window bench, watching the sun raising I thought about how
blessed I was, how much I have. And I realized Bella had been the one to give me everything that
makes me truly happy. She passed through the walls I had raised to keep everyone away from me,
knocking them down. She always saw the best in me. I will never be able to thank her enough for all
she did for me. For what she keeps doing. She brought me back to live, she loved me, she showed me
why people devote their entire lives seeking their true love. I didn’t believe in that kind of love until I
found her. I never thought such a strong feeling could exist. Actually I knew, I saw it between Esme
and Carlisle, Alice and Jasper, even Rosalie and Emmet. I just never imagined it would happen to me.
I underestimated her feelings and she proved me wrong. I broke her heart and she still defends me.
She’s unique. She faced dead because of me, yet her only fear was losing me. I let her down. She
gave me so much and I let her down. God! She offered me more than I thought was possible.
Bella is everything. She’s my everything. I know I can’t live without her. I also know I don’t deserve
her but I’m going to win her back. I’ll spend the rest of my existence trying to make it up to her. It will
never be enough but at least I will try.
It was the first time I saw the sun raise since I left Bella. Maybe because it represented my life now.
Bella was my sun, the light. She keeps the darkness away. Now that she was back, I would do
everything I could to make her stay, to make the day last forever because I know that if she’s by my
side there will never be another night in my life.
I couldn’t wait for the afternoon. Bella would bring the kids again. Even though I know they don’t like
me because of what I did to Bella I was eager to see them. Somehow I knew today would be better.
Maybe someday they will fully accept me. I understand it’s hard for them and they need space. I know
I have to earn their trust and I’ll do it, even if it’s the last thing I do.
I had been right. Today was better. Elizabeth actually talked to me. I was so thrilled I could barely
answer. She wanted to know if I could read their mind. Unfortunately I can’t. It’s ironic. The minds I
wish I could read are the only ones I can’t. When I answered I saw the relief in hers and Lillian’s face.
Lucas taught Jasper a trick that helped him to defeat Emmet. I was so happy the kids were starting to
get along with us.
At that moment Bella received a call. The things I heard shocked me. I had no idea people treated
Bella so badly. She didn’t deserve; she was the most kind and loving person I knew. Then the
grandmother of the kids’ classmate came to the phone and said all the man in town were interested in
Bella… I didn’t doubt it but Bella is mine. I had to talk to her. I had to tell her as soon as possible what
I really felt for her.
When the kids went outside we followed and after Bella talk to me and Carlisle about the kids I
decided it was the time to tell her the truth. I led her to a small bench next to a tree and started.
“Look Bella, first I want to apologize for all the pain that I put you through and to say that I’m truly
sorry. I never regretted anything in my life like I regret leaving you.” I think it was a good way to
start. I had to let her know how much I regretted the decision I had made back then. She seemed
shocked and tried to talk but I couldn’t let her. If she stopped me I would lose my courage. I couldn’t
delay this anymore. “Don’t! Let me finish before I lose my courage. I love you Bella, I never stopped
loving you, and all I want is…”
“No. Stop Edward. I understand that you’re confused with all that happened and I think you are
mixing everything up. You’re just afraid that after Luke help his friend we will leave again but I assure
you that I’ll do everything in my power so that you can keep seeing them. I want you to be present in
their lives. So don’t worry. You don’t have to stay with me just so that you can be with your kids.”
What was she saying? Why didn’t she believe me? She had to believe in me! I need her! I can’t be
away from her!
“No Bella you don’t understand, I’m not confused, I want to…” I’m not confused. I never was so sure
of anything before. I love her. I love Bella! She needs to know. Unfortunately Lucas came and took
“Mommy c’mon you have to see what we are doing.” He grabbed her hand and she went with him. I
stayed seated in the bench watching her leave. What if she never believed me? What if I couldn’t
convince her that I love her? I can’t stand another day without seeing her. Every time I touch her I
feel complete and when I have to let her go it’s like the place where her body touched mine is on fire.
I was so lost in my thought that I did not notice Alice was by my side.
“I guess it didn’t go very well.” She stated.
“She didn’t believe me. She says I’m confused. She thinks I just wanted to be close to the kids. I need
her Alice. I have to make her believe me because I can’t spend another day without her. It hurts not
to have her near. Why doesn’t she believe me?” I whispered. I couldn’t avoid feeling desperate.
“It’s going to be fine Edward. She’s protecting herself. She just doesn’t want to suffer more. It’s not
going to be easy. You know that. You have to keep trying. It doesn’t matter how many times she tries
to resist, you have to keep trying. You have to show her you won’t give up Edward.”
“But I can’t understand! Why did she believe in me when I said I didn’t love her five years ago but
now she doesn’t believe I lied?”
“You know Bella, Edward. She always thought she wasn’t good enough for you. It was easier for her to
believe when you said you didn’t love her because, in her opinion, she’s not worthy of you. She
believes that she’s not the right girl for you.”
“But she is Alice. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve her. Have you seen how perfect she is? She’s
gorgeous, smart, kind, loving. She’s a wonderful mother. Right now, I don’t care if I deserve her or
not. I just know I need her here, by my side. I’ve been alone for years. I had you but all of you had
someone and sometimes it was like if each couple was inside their little bubble. I wanted that for
myself. I wanted to be as happy as everyone else. I wanted my other half. Now I could have that if
only I wasn’t so stupid. I could have more than that. Bella gave me three beautiful kids and I already
lost five years of their life. I want them with me. I want my family with me.”
“It’s going to be okay. Bella can’t hide her love for you. She will believe you. She won’t be able to keep
denying your feelings or hers for that matter. She will give in. She needs you too.” Alice reassured me.
“Let’s join the others. Bella will leave soon. The kids are getting tired.” Alice went to stand next to
Jasper and I took my place next to Carlisle.
“They are fantastic Edward.”
“They are. Absolutely amazing.” I agreed.
“I see your talk with Bella didn’t go very well.”
“I didn’t really had time to finish but no it didn’t go very well. I don’t know what to do. She doesn’t
believe me.”
“She will son. You’ll have your family with you soon. I know it. And what a wonderful family Edward.
Esme is right, motherhood suits Bella. I’m sure you going to be a great father too.” He said patting my
shoulder. “Bella knows that too.” I stared at him. How could he know that?
“She wouldn’t let the kids meet you if she didn’t think you’d be a good father. As she said she will
always do what’s best for them.” He answered to my unspoken question.
After a while they started playing, rolling in the grass and getting all dirty, but they were having fun.
Bella would have a hard time washing all that. They were laughing.
“Okay kids that’s enough. I don’t want to spend the night washing your clothes.”
“You can ask Uncle Luke to do it.” Lillian suggested.
“I don’t think he’ll like it either.” Bella answered.
“I’m hungry mommy.” Elizabeth complained.
“Wait a minute.” Bella quickly went to her car and came back with a small white backpack. “Go wash
your hands.” She ordered them.
“Come I’ll show you where the bathroom is.” Esme offered. They looked at Bella, she nodded
reassuringly and they followed Esme.
“Here” Bella said when they came back handing each one of them a yogurt and a spoon. They sat in
the grass eating happily.
“Mommy can we eat chocolate ice cream after dinner?” Lillian asked. So they liked chocolate ice
“I don’t know…” Bella taunted.
“Please, please, please.” They begged.
“We’ll see…”
“But we were good and we behaved.” Lucas reasoned.
“Maybe…” Bella caved.
“Yeah!” When they finished Alice went to wash the spoons.
“Will come again tomorrow?” Rosalie asked.
“I don’t know.” I panicked. Was it because of what I had said to her? “I was thinking about going to
hunt tomorrow.” She explained.
“Then why don’t you leave them here while you go hunting?” Alice suggested. I saw Elizabeth grab
Bella’s hand harder. I think they don’t like the idea.
“I don’t think they would stay here alone. But maybe…” Bella trailed off.
“What?” Emmett asked animated.
“Maybe Luke could stay here with them. If you don’t mind.”
“Of course we don’t mind! In fact we’re quite anxious to meet him.” Esme exclaimed. I think I want to
meet him too. What I really want to do is thank him for everything he did for Bella and my kids. I also
wanted what Bella didn’t tell us. I know she hid things. She never talked about her pregnancy, for
“I’ll talk to him then. I just hope he doesn’t have to go to the hospital.”
“Great!” Alice yelled. Elizabeth leaned against Bella’s leg looking for support, so Bella picked her up.
She placed her head on Bella’s shoulder and immediately closed her eyes, drifting off. They must be
really tired. While we spoke Lillian and Lucas had lie down in the grass and fallen asleep. Bella noticed
and silently laughed.
“They always get tired after practicing their powers. Edward, can you help me to put them in the car?”
She asked. I was so surprised.
“Of course.” I wouldn’t lose the chance to hold my kids. I carefully picked Lillian and Luke off the
ground and hold them close to my chest. They were gorgeous. It felt so good to hold them.
I followed Bella to the car and waited while she put Elizabeth in her car seat. Then she took Lucas and
did the same. While Bella placed Lucas in the car, Lillian leaned her head against my neck. I could fell
her gentle and slow breaths. It reminded me of when I used to hold Bella, but at the same time was
different. She looked so fragile and so beautiful. She was an exact copy of Bella. I passed her to Bella
who accommodated her in her car seat. Carefully, not to wake the kids, Bella closed the car doors and
turned to me.
“Thank you.” It was all I could say but I knew she understood.
“I figured you would like to hold them. You never had the chance, when they were babies and now
they don’t let you get too close. But I’m sure that will change. They just need some more time.” She
looked sympathetically at me. I could also see guilt in her eyes.
“You don’t know how much it meant to me Bella. And this is not your fault. These are the
consequences of my mistakes and I have to deal with them. Anyway thank you for giving me this
chance. I already loved them. I will not let them down. I will not let you down.”
“You’re welcome. They love you too. They can’t help it. You’re their father. I’ll be going now. Tell
everyone I said goodbye.” Then she reached and planted a small kiss in my cheek. I was astounded.
“See you tomorrow Edward.” She got inside of the car and drove off.
I stood there for a while. I couldn’t even describe how I was felling. Happy yet incomplete. Though I
had hope. Maybe some day she would not have to leave. Maybe someday I would be able to hold my
children when they were awake. Maybe someday they’ll call me ‘daddy’. Someday I will have my
family with me. I know I will. It will be the happiest day of my life.
Chapter 12
Bella’s POV
Everything was better this afternoon. I was relieved and happy the kids were starting to accept the
Cullens. They were so tired they fell asleep while I talked with the Cullens. I asked Edward to help me
to get them in the car. He looked surprised but eager at the same time. I know it must be hard for him
not to be able to hug his kids whenever he wants. He had never got the chance to hold them when
they were babies and now they kept their distance and he respected it. I wanted to believe the kids
would feel comfortable with the Cullens soon.
It hurt to see Edward suffer because of this. Even if he doesn’t love me, I love him and I see how
much pain it causes him to have to stay away from his children. We were almost arriving home so I
called Luke.
“Yeah. Are you at home?” I asked.
“Yes. Why?”
“I’m almost there and I need help to carry the kids inside. They fell asleep.”
“Sure. I’ll be waiting for you.”
Two minutes later we arrived. Luke was waiting in the porch steps. I parked the car in the driveway
and got out.
“So… they fell asleep.”
“Yes. They were practicing their powers at the Cullens and then fell asleep.”
“Who helped you to put them in the car there?” He asked while carrying Luke and Lizzie, while I took
Lilly, inside.
“I asked Edward to help me. You should have seen his face. He was so happy. He’s suffering a lot with
“He’s only suffering the consequences of his mistakes Bella, whether you want it or not.” We laid the
kids in their beds and went to the living room.
“Are you going to the hospital tomorrow afternoon?”
“No. My friend will do the night shift so I’ll only go at night. Why?”
“Well I was thinking about going to hunt tomorrow afternoon, and Alice suggested that I left the kids
there but I know they won’t stay there alone so I was hopping you could stay with them. Besides the
Cullens want to meet you. What do you say?”
“It’s fine for me. After all, before I saved you, my main goal was to find them and meet them. Now I
just have more things to talk about with them.” He said smiling.
“Please don’t give them a hard time because of what happened with me. They are already suffering a
lot.” I asked.
“Don’t worry Bells. I’ll behave. Is there something you’re not telling me Bells?” Dang! How did he
know? I thought I would be able to hide my conversation with Edward.
“No. Why do you ask?” I tried. Maybe I could still avoid this. I didn’t want to talk about that. I just
want to forget. God knows I want to believe in Edward but I don’t want to get hurt again. His feelings
can’t change so drastically. Five years ago he didn’t love me and now he does?
“I’m not a fool Bella. Something happened and you’re not telling me. What happened? You’re not very
good at lying and you know it.”
“Edward tried to talk to me again today. He told me he was sorry for what he did and he said he loved
me, that he has always loved me but I know he doesn’t.”
“What do you mean with he tried?”
“We didn’t have time to finish. Luke wanted to show me something.” I quickly explained.
“Why don’t you believe him? Did he sound insincere?”
“No. No. He sounded very genuine, I want to believe him. In the past five years all I ever wanted was
to hear him say that he loves me but it doesn’t make sense.”
“I didn’t know that Love was supposed to make sense.”
“Not Love. Edward, Edward doesn’t make sense. First he loves me, then he doesn’t so he leaves and
now we meet again, he finds out we have kids and he loves me again? It’s insane. I’m sure he’s just
afraid of what will happen when we go home. He doesn’t want to stay away from the kids. I
understand that but I don’t want to suffer more and I don’t want him to be unhappy. So it’s not
important. I just have to forget what he said and I’ll be fine.”
“Will you?”
Edward’s POV
Bella and Luke must be almost arriving with the kids. Everyone is really excited and curious about
Luke. We all feel grateful towards him. After what he did for Bella and the kids, how couldn’t we?
Especially me. Bella herself said she would have died if it wasn’t for him.
“They’re here.” I heard Alice call. I was so distracted I didn’t hear the car pull in. I quickly made my
way downstairs.
“Hey.” Bella greeted us. She was wearing dark grey yoga wrap waist pants and a white halter top.
“Where’s Luke? Isn’t he coming?” Alice asked disappointed.
“He’s going to meet us here. He had to go to the hospital just to check something with his friend’s
patient. His friend is going to do the night shift so he’ll only have to go at night.” She explained.
“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” Alice asked horrified.
“Have you forgotten that I’m going to hunt? I don’t think the animals I’ll hunt need me to be all
dressed up, do they?” Alice thought for about a minute.
“No. I don’t think they do.” She finally answered. Seriously, Alice was crazy.
“Dang it.” Luke exclaimed. Then he handed Lizzie some candies. “I actually thought she was going to
say yes.” He mumbled.
“Betting again?” Bella asked disapprovingly.
“They bet? Definitely Cullens.” Emmett laughed. Five minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time
Carlisle was the one to open the door.
“Welcome to our house. Please come in.” A few seconds later they were in the living room. Next to
Carlisle was a tall young man. Didn’t seem to be older than twenty five. He had curly brown hair and
golden eyes.
“Hello. My name is Luke and I’m Bella’s brother.”
“It’s very nice to meet you.”Esme said hugging him.
“This is Esme and Carlisle.” Bella introduced. “Rosalie and Emmet, Alice and Jasper and Edward.”
“It’s very good to meet you.” He said.
“Now that you’re here, I’ll be going.” Bella turned to the kids. “Mommy is going to hunt and you stay
here with uncle Luke and the Cullens okay?”
“Why can’t we go with you?” Lizzie asked.
“Because you’re not thirsty yet. I promise I’ll take you next time. Be good.” She turned to Luke. “In
that bag there are clothes so that I can change but also fruit and yogurts for them. I’ll take my cell
with me so if you need anything call.” She said pointing to a blue bag that was next to the couch.
“Relax Bells. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.”
“Behave.” She told him before leaving. What was that supposed to mean?
“Please take a seat.” Carlisle offered.
“Oh, Oh. Uncle Luke can you give us the knives Uncle Jacob offered us so that we can make some
charms to mommy’s bracelet?” Lillian asked excited.
“Here.” He handed them small knives. “Be careful.”
“Okay.” They ran outside excited. I was worried and I was not the only one. They could get hurt. Luke
seemed to notice our concern.
“Don’t worry. Those knives aren’t strong enough to pierce their skin and they are very well trained.
Jacob taught them an old technique of his tribe that allows them to sculpt very small figures but with
great detail. He gave Bella a bracelet with a few charms made by him, after the triplets born; now
every now and then the kids sculpt some charms to the bracelet. They are quite talented.” He
explained. “So… finally I meet the Cullen family.”
“Bella told us that when you found her you were looking for us.” Carlisle stated.
“Yes. I had found the Denali clan and they told me about you. Then when I went to Forks to look for
you, I found Bella and I had to help her. I’m glad I decided to do it.” I’m glad too. To think that Bella
could be dead now…
“Her pregnancy must have been very difficult and dangerous. We all want to thank you for everything
you did for Bella. She’s very important to our family.”
“I wouldn’t say. I don’t mean to offend you but you have no idea of how much Bella needed you, what
she went through.”
“I only did what I though was best for her. I was just trying to protect her. I never stopped loving her
but it wasn’t safe for her to be around me and my family.” I said.
“When I found Bella she was not only emotionally hurt but also physically weakened. Her health was
rapidly deteriorating and the pregnancy was not helping. I had to take her away from Charlie before
things got worse. He could notice something was different, besides she needed to get out of Forks. Too
many memories… “It hurt to hear him say that but it was true.
“How was her pregnancy?” I asked.
“As I said Bella was very weak; she barely ate, she didn’t went to the street, and she had nightmares
every nights, so she almost didn’t sleep. That’s the state I found her in. After she told me she was
pregnant I told her how dangerous it would be. She still wanted to have the babies so I told her that
she had to be more careful with her health. I used to spent almost the entire day with her, making
sure she ate and slept but she was still very weak. When she moved in with me I was by her side
“How long did her pregnancy last?” Carlisle asked.
“Seven months but the kids were completed developed. I had no idea of what I was doing, I had never
seen anything like that happening: a human pregnant with half-vampires; but I knew it would be
dangerous. When she reached the fourth month she could barely move. Her legs were too weak and if
the babies moved a lot she could get seriously injured or even die. She started getting too weak
again, she said she wasn’t hungry and most of what she ate was to feed the babies. I thought she
wasn’t going to survive. I knew I would have to change her right after the babies were born, if she
made that long. The last month was the worst. She looked like a ghost. She was paler than now; she
didn’t move at all, a small movement was painful. The babies were too strong but I’m glad she didn’t
give up. She kept fighting.
I have never seen anyone like her.”
“Is that why she’s so thin? Because she wouldn’t eat?” Alice asked horrified.
“Yes. When you left Edward, Bella stopped living, she gave up. The only reason why she survived was
her kids. She didn’t give up because she didn’t want them to lose their mother too.”
“I had no idea. I didn’t know she was pregnant.” I buried my face in my hands. If regret could kill, I
would be dead. To imagine what Bella had gone through was one thing. To know what really happened
was another completely different. We were all shocked. Rosalie, Alice and Esme would be crying right
now, if they could. How could I do this to Bella? My Bella! My angel, she didn’t deserve this.
“It’s no use to blame yourself now Edward. It won’t change what happened. It was hard, difficult and
dangerous but it’s over. You weren’t there. You should have but you weren’t. Deal with it.” His voice
was harsh and cold.
“I want to make things right. I want to be a father to my kids and I want Bella. I need her. I can’t live
without her. I left. It was wrong and I regret it more than anyone can imagine. Hear you talk about
what happened hurts more than any of you can imagine because none of you knows how much I love
her. I’m desperate. I want to tell her but she doesn’t let me. I want to end with her suffering. I want
her to know that I love her, that I never stopped loving her. That’s the truth. Please do not make me
suffer more. I know I deserve it for all the pain that I caused her, but I can’t take it anymore. Before
Bella I was empty, when I found her I told myself I couldn’t lose her because she meant the world to
me but I left. I felt even worse than before because I knew what was missing and now… Now I look at
her, I see her everyday but I know she will never take me back because I left her alone when she
most needed me.”
“But you also gave her what she treasures the most. Bella looks at what happened and says it was all
worth it. If she had given up, those beautiful and brilliant children wouldn’t be outside right now.” I
understand what he meant but it didn’t change the guilt that was burning me inside. “I didn’t say this
to make you feel bad but so that you understand that Bella went through a lot, she suffered too much
and she’s only trying to protect herself and her kids.”
“What exactly are you talking about?”
“In the day Bella found Alice and Jasper in the supermarket she freaked out. She wasn’t ready to meet
you again. She got scared. She hasn’t healed yet. The day you told her you didn’t loved her is still
very present in her memory. She never forgets, she never will. Now I ask do you love her Edward
“More than anything.”
“I’m going to say the truth, I don’t like you! You’ve made Bella suffer too much. You made your kids
suffer too much. They try not to show but I know them. That’s why they are so mad at you. They hate
you for what you put them and their mother through. It’s not easy to take your uncle instead of your
father to your class on father’s day, but they will forgive you.”
“I hope so.”
“But if you love Bella as much as you say you do, you’re not being fair to her. You’re hurting her by
hiding the truth from her and not controlling your instincts. Bella told me that you kissed her; she
thought you were playing with her feelings because she doesn’t believe you love her. Tell her the truth
or else you have to stop doing that kind of things. I won’t be happy if you stay with Bella but I won’t
oppose if that’s what she wants. I just want her to be happy. This is the only help I can give you.”
“Thank you.” It had passed almost an hour. Bella would be arriving soon. I would have to find a place
where I could talk to her without being interrupted. Luke was right! She needed to know the truth and
I couldn’t spend one more day without being able to be close to her.
“She said Luke is going to be in the hospital tonight. You should go to their place when the kids are
asleep and talk to her.”Alice thought. It was actually a good idea.
“We finished!” Luke shouted entering the living room followed by his sisters.
“Let me see.” Luke (Sr) asked. Each one of them held a tiny figure in the hand.
“When will mommy arrive? I miss her and I want to give her her present.” Elizabeth whined.
“She must be here soon princess.” He said. Right after he said that I heard steps outside. Two seconds
after Bella entered in the living room. Her clothes and arms were dirty with mud, but she still looked
“Hey.” She spoke.
“Mommy! We made presents for you.” Lillian said.
“I’m really curious but I think I should change first don’t you?”
“I’ll show you the bathroom. You can shower if you want.” Alice offered.
“Thank you Alice. I would like that.” Bella grabbed her bag and followed Alice upstairs. Alice returned
to the living room, ten seconds after and ten minutes later Bella came down.
I couldn’t believe in what my eyes were seeing. Bella was wearing a beautiful royal blue, white and
black dress with a floral print and a blue ribbon in the waist and white ballet flats. Her hair was dry
and loose forming curls at the end. She was gorgeous. I doubt I would be able to get my eyes off of
her. She was my angel.

Chapter 13
Bella’s POV
After I had a quick shower I came down, carrying my bag that now contained my dirty clothes.
Everyone was staring at me like if they had never seen me before.
“That’s what I talked about Bella! See that dress looks lovely on you.” Alice squealed. I wonder if she
ever stops thinking about clothes and fashion.
“Alice is absolutely right about the dress.” Esme complimented me. Thank god I can’t blush!
“You look hot Bella!” Emmett stated. Rosalie smacked him.
“Mommy what does that mean? And why does everyone say that about you? You can’t have fever,
right?” Lizzie asked with a puzzled expression. That’s it! I will kill Emmett! What is he doing to my
baby girl?
“Huh… Mommy will tell you when you’re older. Is that okay? It’s grown-up things.” I tried to explain. I
glared at Emmett.
“It’s fine mommy. You always look like a princess when you wear that dress.”
“Thanks honey. Aren’t you hungry?” When I changed I noticed that the yogurts and the fruit I had
packed for them were still in my bag.
“Yes, but we want to give you the presents we made first.” Lillian said impatiently dragging me to the
couch and forcing me to sit next to Luke.
“What did you made me?” I asked. I don’t like to receive presents but just because I don’t like people
spending money on me. This was different.
“We made charms for the bracelet uncle Jacob gave you.” Luke said happily. Jacob gave me the
bracelet after the triplets were born. Back then it hold just five little wooden charms: tree baby
strollers, a wolf and a heart. During these last five years Jacob has been adding some and now that
my kids learned the technique, they do it too.
“Let’s see then.”
“I made an L; it stands for Lizzie, Lilly, Luke and love.” Lizzie said smiling. They had already put little
cufflinks on the top of the charms so I only had to interlock them on the bracelet.
“Now, it’s my turn. I made a strawberry because that’s it’s how you smell.” Luke said handing me a
small strawberry.
“And I made a chocolate bar because your hair is brown like chocolate and we love chocolate and we
also love you…” I laughed.
“Thanks honey. Now come here and give me a hug.” The three of them came hug me at the same
time. I love them so much. I would die for them without a second thought. “Have you given the knives
back to your uncle?” They immediately handed the knives back to Luke. I reached for my bag and
took the yogurts handing one to each one of them.
“How was your hunt?” Luke asked.
“You’ll take us next time, right?” Lilly asked.
“Sure sweetheart. I promise.” I said caressing her hair. My cell rang. Was it me or my cell always rang
when I was at the Cullen’s.
“Bella?” I didn’t recognize the voice and I didn’t know the number either.
“May I know who I’m speaking with?” I politely asked.
“I should be upset that you don’t recognize my voice, I thought we were friends but I don’t think we
ever spoke at the phone so you’re forgiven.” I was a really bad friend if I couldn’t recognize my
friend’s voice. “It’s David, Bella. Green eyes, blond hair… I work with your brother at the hospital…”
“Oh David! I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine Bella. So… I called because… huh… I… wanted to… ask you something.” He stuttered. He
seemed nervous.
“Well, go ahead.” I encouraged.
“I… wanted to know if you… I wondered if you would like to… catch a movie with me.” Was he asking
me out? On a DATE? I couldn’t believe Natalie was right. I wasn’t sure what to answer. Would I want
to go on a date with him?
“I… We’re out of town.” What was I supposed to answer? David was goo-looking and very nice but I
didn’t know if I could be more than his friend.
“Maybe we can plan something when you come back.” He insisted.
“Sure. I’ll call you when we go back home.” How bad could it be? I could at least go out with him once.
It didn’t mean we had to do it again or that I had to be his girlfriend. Friends go out with each other
“Thanks Bella. I’ll be waiting for your call. Bye.”
“Bye.” I shut the phone. I wondered how he got my number. I was sure I had never given it to him.
Only if… I turned my head to my side finding a very amused Luke. “You gave him my number.” I
accused him playfully, slapping him in the arm while he laughed.
“He’s my friend and asked me a favor. What? Would it be that bad to go out with him? He’s a very nice
guy and you know it, besides he really likes you. Actually I’m surprised he took so long to call. I
already gave him your number two days ago.”
“I guess not. I’ll see when we go back. You could have at least told me. I didn’t even recognize him on
the phone. I just made a fool of myself.” I wept.
“I’m sure he didn’t notice. He was too nervous; he couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.” Luke
continued to laugh.
“Excuse me. I’m going to get some air. I’ll be back soon.” Edward said. He looked upset. Why would he
be upset? Did I say something wrong?
“Are you okay Edward?” I couldn’t stop myself from worrying.
“Just fine.” He answered sarcastically, stomping angrily out of the room. What the hell was wrong with
him? “What happened in here? Did I miss something?”
“No Bella. Edward is just being an ass for no reason. Don’t worry.” Rosalie said. I was really
impressed. In the past days Rosalie had been really nice, but now that I was a vampire there was no
danger that I would expose them, so I guess it made sense. I was very happy we were getting along.
“Okay.” I didn’t know why, but I was feeling guilty. I don’t know what I did or said to make him so
upset. Perhaps I should go talk to him… try to figure out why he was so angry. The Cullens were
chatting with Luke and the kids. It was so good to see that my two families were getting along. Even
thought the Cullens had left me I still considered them my family and even if I tried I couldn’t hate
them. Lillian was the only one who still offered some resistance but I knew that someday she too
would give in. I hoped that my kids would soon look at the Cullens as their family too. Nothing would
make me happier.
Everyone was distracted so no one noticed when I left the room and made my way outside. The sun
was almost setting and the sky was painted in orange and yellow. Edward stood with his back to the
house, looking at the sky. I just wanted to run to him and hug him. It took all my strength not to do
it. I couldn’t. Suddenly he turned around.
“Bella.” He breathed. He was so beautiful. His skin sparkled a little as the last rays of sunshine met his
“Huh… I…” Damn! Even after five years he could dazzle me. He could still leave me speechless with his
beauty. “I just wanted to know… if you’re okay. You seemed really upset.”
“I’m fine, Bella.” He insisted. I knew he was lying.
“I’m sorry if I said or did anything that upset you.” I apologized.
“It’s not your fault. Don’t worry Bella. I’ll be fine… I can only blame myself.” He stared intensely at me,
like if he was trying to tell me something. He seemed to be in pain. It broke my heart to see him like
that. I just wished I could take his pain away. I longed to hug him, kiss him… I just wish there was
something I could do to comfort him. He was suffering but I didn’t know why and I couldn’t think of
any way to comfort him.
He had this crazy, desperate look in his eyes. Though that was not the only thing I saw, there was
something else, something I couldn’t describe.
He raised his hand and reached for my face. When his skin came in contact with mine I leaned against
his hand. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I couldn’t stop myself.
“Bella…” The way he said my name made me feel so strange, it felt… right. “Can I hug you?” His voice
was so frantic, so full of emotion. It was not smooth and calm like I was used to. I don’t remember of
ever seeing him like this.
Before I could say something he came closer and held me in his arms. Maybe later this would cause
me pain but if took his away, I didn’t mind. If this gesture relieved his suffering then I wouldn’t mind
at all. I fought against the feelings that were threatening to come over, all the words that I had kept in
my heart for the last five years. It felt so good to be held for him again.
He tightened his embrace, like if he was afraid I would leave. He buried his head in my hair and
inhaled, just like he used to do when we were together. I had to keep remembering myself that we
were not together, that he didn’t love me anymore. It hurt but I couldn’t pull away because this was
everything I had wanted to do for the last five years. I had wanted to touch him, to feel that he loved
me just one more time. Suddenly he started sobbing, crying tearlessly, and hugged me even tighter.
“Thank you, Bella. Thank you so much.” I didn’t know what he was thanking me for. I didn’t care. All it
mattered was that we were together, holding each other. One more time. One last time.
Edward’s POV
It tore my heart to hear Bella talking on the phone. It hurt to think of her with someone else. When
she agreed to go out with the guy she was talking to on the phone… It was like all the hope that I had
been feeling these last couple of days had vanished.
She was saying yes to someone else because I had hurt her, because I had told her the most horrid
lies. There was no one else to blame but me. Right now the pain was stronger than the guilt.
When Bella ended the call and started talking to her brother about it, I couldn’t take it anymore. It
hurt too much so I decided to come outside and see the sunset. It was gorgeous but it had nothing on
my Bella. I felt someone behind me and immediately thought of Alice. I quickly spun around ready to
send her away when I recognized the person standing in front of me. Bella. My Bella.
Her skin was sparkling because of the sun that was almost set, the wind made her beautiful dress
move, flowing around her legs, she was so beautiful. She was an angel, my angel.
“Bella.” It felt so right to say her name. It made me feel complete.
“Huh… I… I just wanted to know… if you’re okay. You seemed really upset.” She had noticed. She
cared enough to come outside and see how I was. Maybe there was still hope.
“I’m fine, Bella.” I persisted.
“I’m sorry if I said or did anything that upset you.” She whispered.
“It’s not your fault. Don’t worry Bella. I’ll be fine… I can only blame myself.” If I lost her I wouldn’t be
able to deal with it. I couldn’t lose her now. I was addicted to her. I love her so much, it hurts. My
fingers ache to touch her soft skin; my lips burn to kiss hers, every cell in my dead body wishes to feel
her. I couldn’t stand to be near her without feeling her in my arms. What if this was the last chance I
would have to be with her? I couldn’t let her go! I panicked. I can’t lose her. I love her. I want to tell
her the truth, so much.
I slowly raised my hand and touched her face; her skin was smooth and flawless. Surprisingly she
leaned against my hand. Touching her face wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to hold her, to feel her
close to me.
“Bella… Can I hug you?” I was afraid she would reject me so I didn’t wait for her answer. I took her in
my arms and held her small body against mine with all the strength I had in me. Our bodies fit like
pieces of a puzzle. I couldn’t let her go. She had to stay with me! What was I going to do without her?
How would I be able to survive if she was with someone else? I buried my head in her hair, eager to
breath in her sweet smell. She was my angel and I would never let her go. I would die before I lose
her to someone else.
A huge hole was open in my chest and only Bella could close it. Only she could stop the pain I was in.
Only she could save me. I started sobbing. I couldn’t held all this pain inside me for any longer. I was
so grateful she hadn’t pull away. I tightened my embrace.
“Thank you Bella. Thank you so much.” I had so much to thank her for. She had done so much for me.
I just wanted to hold her forever. I would never leave her again. I wanted to tell her how much I loved
her but I was afraid she would go away. I wasn’t ready to let her go yet. I just wanted to hold her a
little longer. Who knows when I’ll be able to do it again?
“Bella?” Someone called from the inside of the house. Reluctantly I let her go. The places where her
body touched mine immediately burned, longing for her.
“I’m going.” She turned around and walked to the door. Before getting in she looked one more time at
me, smiling sadly.
I had to get her back as soon as possible. She belonged to me and I belonged to her. I wouldn’t let a
lie to get in the way of our happiness.
A few minutes later, Bella, the kids and Luke left. Each day that passed made it more difficult to watch
her go. Every day I wished she didn’t leave.
“So… will you go?” Rosalie asked sitting beside me.
“To Bella’s house tonight. I don’t know what happened when you two were here alone but I know that
neither of you wanted to part. It’s not right. You shouldn’t be separated. You love each other to much
to bear this. You need her and she needs you. Being like this is only causing more pain to both of you.
Honestly, I don’t think you can take it anymore. This is tearing you apart Edward. Bella is suffering
too. Do you want her to suffer?”
“Of course not.”
“Then move your but, go have a shower and go fix this mess.” She ordered getting up and leaving. I
decide to take her advice. Tonight Bella would believe me. No matter how long it takes for her to
believe me, I’ll tell her how much I love her and how much I need her I my life.
Bella’s POV
The kids had finished their dinner and Luke had already left to the hospital. Lilly and Lizzie were
watching a bit of TV while I cleaned the kitchen and Luke (Jr.) was already sleeping. The kitchen was a
mess. It took me at least twenty minutes to clean everything. My daughters should be already asleep
on the couch.
I made my way to the living room stopping dead on my track when I saw him standing in the middle
of the living room, looking lovingly at the girls.
“Edward? How did you came in?”
“The window. I’m sorry. It’s the habit.”
“What are you doing here?”
“We need to talk.”
“Want to help me to put them in bed?” I asked hopping to delay our conversation.
“Sure.” He answered without hesitation. He quietly picked Lizzie up and waited while I did the same
with Lilly. Then he followed me to their room. When I looked at him I noticed that Lizzie had already
adjusted her position in Edward’s arms. She was holding his shirt with her little hands and had her
face against his chest.
I laid Lillian in her bed and Edward moved to Lizzie’s and did the same, carefully unclasping her little
hand from his shirt. He put the covers over her, caressed her face and kissed her forehead. He made
his way to Lilly’s bed and did the same. I knew he would be a great father. The love he already had for
our kids was obvious.
“Luke is in the room in front of this one.” I informed him. He instantly headed for our son’s room while
I kissed our daughters goodnight.
I waited for him in the living room. What we did seemed so right. This was how it was supposed to be
all along. For these few minutes we were a normal family. I was brought back from my thoughts when
Edward entered the room.
“What do we need to talk about?” I asked already knowing the answer.
“Us.” He answered shortly. This time I wouldn’t be able to escape.
Chapter 14
Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and
all fear of an end. Unknown author
Bella’s POV
“There is no ‘us’, Edward. It ended five years ago.” I whispered remembering that dreadful day.
“Yes there is Bella. There will always be ‘us’. As long as I love you there will always be us. I may not
know the future but I know I’ll never stop loving you.” Why was he doing this to me? Didn’t he
understand that all this was hurting me? I don’t want to hurt anymore.
“Please stop Edward! Don’t do this to me. I can’t handle it. I’ve already promised you I would do my
best to keep you in our kids’ life. Please don’t do this to me.” I begged seating in the couch with my
head in my hands. It hurt. It hurt too much. His voice, his eyes, his face… It hurt to hear him say he
loved me knowing it wasn’t true.
“Look at me Bella.” He was in front of me kneeling on the ground. His hands gently grabbed my wrists
moving my hands away from my face. “Please believe me! I’m telling the truth. I do love you. More
than anything.” I turned my face away from his. I couldn’t bear to look at him, afraid of what I would
see in his eyes. He released one of my wrists, using his now free hand to lift my chin forcing me to
look in his eyes. “I love you Bella. Why is it so hard for you to believe?”
“Because it’s not possible! First you loved me then you didn’t and you left and now you find out we
have kids and you love me again? It’s not possible. I don’t want you to stay with me just because you
think it’s your responsibility. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t look for you. You can’t love me!
It’s impossible!” I cried in despair.
“I know it may look like that but… it’s not. I never stopped loving you! You are my life Bella. I can’t
live without you.” He tried in vain to convince me.
“I don’t believe you. I can’t believe you.” I tried to turn my face away from his but he didn’t let me. “I
can’t understand!”
“I lied Bella. That day in the forest… I lied.” He lied? What is he talking about? Why doesn’t he just
“You lied?” I asked disbelievingly.
“I did and I regret it more than anything. I started regretting it in the moment that I left you alone.”
“Why? Why would you lie?”
“I wanted you to be safe. I didn’t deserve you; I was keeping you from living a normal, human life.
Every second I spent with you made me love you even more and increased the danger my world
represented to you. If I didn’t say what I said you wouldn’t have let me go. I lied to protect you Bella.
I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you because of me, because of what I
am. But I didn’t hope you believed me so fast. It hurt that even after I tell you countless times that I
loved you, you believed so rapidly when I said I didn’t. One time was enough to convince you. Why?”
“You seemed pretty sincere. And I always knew I wasn’t enough for you. I was just boring and plain.
There are a lot of better girls for you out there than me. I always knew that someday you would
realize your mistake and leave me.”
“I’m a good liar Bella. I had to be. You had to believe me but I never stopped loving you. Not for one
second. And I don’t care if there are better girls for me out there because I don’t want any of them. I
want you. I love you. You are more than enough for me. You were never boring and plain. You were
always gorgeous and lively. You brought me back to life. I love you and I’ve missed you like crazy.”
“Are you telling me that for five years my kids have lived without a father because you decided that it
would be safer to me if you left? Are you telling me that for five years I’ve been miserable, thinking
you didn’t loved me, because you lied?” I spat at him. How could he do this to me? I was so angry…
“Please Bella, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. If I knew you were pregnant I would have never left because my
reasons to stay would be much stronger then my reasons to leave. I love you, I do! Please believe me.
I can’t live without you!”
“How do I now that you’re not lying now? How can I say what’s true and what’s not? How can I believe
you Edward?”
“You have to trust me Bella! You have to believe me!” He sobbed desperate, placing his head on my
knees. “Since I left you everything is always the same. It’s just loneliness and pain. It doesn’t matter
how many people are with me, I always feel alone. I miss you. I miss everything about you. I miss
your laugh, your voice, your hair, your touch, your kisses… I miss to be able to hold you in my arms,
to sing to you, to be with you… I need you Bella! I can’t live without you! Since I left you I’ve only
existed, like an empty shell. I need you like a bird needs his wings because without them he can’t fly;
like a fish needs the water because without it he’ll die. I feel lost without you. There’s this pain in my
heart that won’t go away, no matter what I do. It doesn’t matter where I look at, I can only see your
face, your smile. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to go back in time and undo my mistake, but I can’t.
Please Bella you have to forgive me! You have to believe me! I need you to love me!” I didn’t know
what to think. I didn’t know what to believe in.
“Edward… I…” I could barely speak.
“Please Bella come back to me. You’re the best part of me, without you I’m just a monster. I need you
so much.” He looked at me begging. “I can’t loose you again. I can’t let you go again. I love you. I
never stopped and I never will. You’re the most important thing in my life. Please believe me.”
“I don’t know Edward… I…”
“Please Bella. I lied to protect you. I lied and it didn’t work. I’m sorry but I need you Bella. I need you
to be with me. I know I don’t deserve you but I can’t take this anymore. It hurts so much, to see you
and not be able to touch you, to talk to you and not be able to say that I love you. I know I haven’t
been here for you and for our kids but I want to make up to you. Please don’t leave me. Please take
me back!” He kept sobbing and I couldn’t ignore his sincerity anymore. I grabbed his arms and pull
him up while I got up from the couch. I looked in his eyes and we stay we like that for a few seconds.
His face was inhumanly beautiful but it was filled with sadness, pain and despair.
“I want to believe you Edward. I really want. God knows there’s nothing I want the most, but how can
I be sure that you’re not going to leave me and the kids again? I don’t want to suffer more.” I said
voicing my worries.
“I wouldn’t have the strength to leave you again. I’m too selfish. Now that I know how much it hurts
to be away from you I know that I’ll never be able to do it again. You’re the most important thing for
me Bella. Leaving you is not an option anymore. Even if it is the best for you, I’ll never be able to do
it. Nothing will keep me away from you again Bella.” Was it possible that this desert of pain and
suffering that I’ve been crossing is coming to an end?
“How can I be sure that you love me as much as you claim?” I asked. I had to be sure.
He said nothing; he just looked me deep in the eyes. I could see he was being sincere. His beautiful
eyes showed me that. There was nothing in his eyes besides love and adoration. He placed his hands
on my back and pulled me closer. His eyes never left mine and for a moment he just stared at me,
then he slightly brushed his soft lips against mine, when I didn’t pushed him away he tilted his head
and deepened the kiss. I could feel all his love in that simple and soft kiss. This was all I had been
waiting for five years and I had never thought it would actually come true. Now I just wished it would
never end.
“I love you so much Bella.” He said when we parted, opening his eyes. They were filled with happiness
and love.
“I love you too but…”
“Please believe me Bella. I know I can’t erase the things that I’ve done to you but I do love you and I
want to make it up to you.”
“I believe you Edward.” Relief washed over his face. “’But it’s not just me anymore. There’s the kids
“I want them too. I want to be their father. I know that I failed them and you but I’m here now and I
want us to be a family.”
“I know Edward and I’m sure you’ll be a great father but I don’t want them to fell pressured to accept
you and your family just because we’re together again. I would never do anything that would cause
them pain. If they didn’t like you I would never go back to you. I love you, I do, but I could never do
anything that hurt them. I…”
“It’s okay Bella. I understand but where does that leave us? I promise we’ll find a solution but please
take me back. I miss you.” He was worried. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to loose Edward
again. I wanted to be with him so much, but I couldn’t hurt my kids or force them into something they
were not ready for.
“I know that soon they’ll forgive you and accept you, but I don’t think it’s fair to ask you to wait…”
“I would wait for as long as it was necessary but I don’t know if I’ll be able to be away from you. I just
got you back.” He said burying his face in the crook of my neck and pulling me closer. It felt so good to
have his body close to mine again. I didn’t want to part and I don’t think I would be able to be away
from him, now that I know he loves me.
“Let’s not tell them then. Let’s keep this from them. I don’t like the idea but I don’t want to be without
you anymore. I missed you so much!” I cried hugging him tighter.
“I missed you too Bella. My Bella. You don’t know how difficult it has been for me these last days. I
just wanted to kiss you and tell you how much I loved you.”
“We have to be careful around the kids.” I warned.
“Don’t worry love. So how long do we have until they wake?” I laughed. I felt so carefree, so happy. I
hadn’t feel like this in so long.
“They’ll wake up around five am. Luke should be here around five too.”
“Should we tell him and our family about this?” He asked emphasizing the word our.
“If they can keep it from the kids…” He kissed me once more. We settled in the couch, Edward was
holding me in his arms. I was so happy I thought I would burst. “Will you tell me now why you were
so upset this evening?” I asked curiously.
“Because of you.” I look at him confusedly. “I was upset because you were considering going out with
that David guy. I was jealous.” He admitted. I guess it made sense now. “The only thing I could think
about was how I was losing you. I knew that every day that passed I lost a little more of you to
someone else. I don’t want to loose you Bella. I can’t imagine you in someone else’s arms. I want you
to be with me. You belong with me. You said you’d go out with him and then you started talking with
your brother about it and you were worried about what that David would think about you because you
didn’t recognized him on the phone. I couldn’t take it anymore.”
“Even if I went out with him, I doubt we’d be more than friends. You’re the only one I’ll ever love
Edward and no matter what happens, that will never change.”
Edward’s POV
A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.
Author Unknown
I was so happy I had got Bella back. There are not words to describe how I’m felling right now. I could
have sworn I had died and gone to heaven. Now I only had to win my kids trust. I couldn’t wait to be
a father to them.
I didn’t get tired of kissing Bella and tell her how much I love her. She’s everything to me. I don’t
know how I would have survived if she hadn’t taken me back. We were laying on the couch, she was
on top of me and I had my arms around her waist. We were enjoying the hours we had before the kids
wake up.
“You’re so beautiful Bella.” I commented looking at her. “You look like an angel. You’re my angel. Tell
me about the kids. I want to know everything about them. I want to know what I missed.” I pleaded.
She tried to get up but I stopped her.
“Please let me go Edward. I’m just going to grab a few scrapbooks that I keep here. I’ll be right back.”
She said laughing silently. Reluctantly I let go of her. She came back a few seconds later holding three
scrapbooks. She sat next to me and opened the first one.
“This one has a few pictures of me when I was pregnant and of the triplets first year.” She informed
me. I looked at the first picture, she was smiling but it didn’t reach her eyes and she was too thin. She
was beautiful though. An intense feeling of guilt and sadness washed over me. There were only a few
pictures of Bella pregnant and comparing the first and the last ones you could see how the pregnancy
had affected her health.
“It’s not your fault Edward.” Bella said noticing my face. She understood me so well.
“It is. This was rough for you. Luke told us. You could have died and I wasn’t even there, helping you
and giving you strength to pull through. I should have been there.”
“Please Edward don’t blame yourself. I survived and you’re here now. That’s what matters. Let’s leave
the past in the past and live the present.” She pleaded.
“Okay. “ I agreed. She quickly kissed me. I watched the three scrapbooks and Bella told me what led
to each picture. I was sad I hadn’t been able to watch everything through my own eyes but Bella was
right. There was nothing I could do about it, now. So I just have to enjoy the present. I’ll be here from
now on, that’s all that matters.
We cuddled in the couch kissing and saying how much we loved each other. I would never get tired of
hearing her saying it. Then, too soon, it was time for me to leave; the kids would be waking up
“Come on Edward! You have to go.” She said leading me to the door.
“I’ll miss you so much Bella.” I whispered pulling her close to me, trying to delay my departure for as
much as I could. I had missed the way her body fitted mine.
“I’ll miss you too. I promise I’ll take the kids right after lunch.” She said. I couldn’t wait, maybe if the
kids went to play outside I would have some time with her.
“I love you.” I said.
“I love you too.” I kissed her and if she hadn’t broke the kiss I’m sure we would continue forever. “But
you have to go now. “ She gave me one last kiss and I left.
I got inside of my car and drove home as fast as I could. When I got home, I went to the living room
and sat on the couch. I closed my eyes and played in my head the last hours at Bella’s place. I still
couldn’t believe she had forgiven me and we were together again. It was pure bliss. I was so
abstracted I didn’t hear the entire family entering the living room.
“So how did it go?” Alice squealed. Only then I became aware of my family’s presence.
“Can’t you tell by his face? He’s whipped.” Emmet teased. Rosalie smacked him. “Why did you do that
“It must have gone really well.” Jasper said.
“Come on Edward, tell us!” Alice begged. “Or do you prefer I torture Bella until she tells me
everything?” She threatened.
“NO!” Bella would hate that.
“Then are you going to tell us?” She asked impatiently.
“We are together again but we are keeping it from the kids so please don’t bring it up in front of
them.” I asked. They all nodded.
“Why can’t they know?” Emmett asked.
“Because Bella doesn’t want them to accept me just because we are together. She doesn’t want to
force it on them. And I agree.”
“Right now I’m sure you’d agree to everything she said son.” Carlisle said laughing.
“I’m so happy for you Edward. It’s good to have you back. It’s been a long time since I saw you like
this.” Esme said hugging me.
“I’m happy too mom. It’s been a long time since I felt like this. It’s good to be back.” Now I just had to
wait about… ten hours to see Bella again. So long… I can’t wait to have her in my arms again, to taste
her sweet lips, to hear her say she loves me again…
At least now Bella is mine again. She is my Bella. That sounds just right.
Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're
close in heart. Kay Knudsen
Bella’s POV
Edward had just left. I can’t believe this is happening. Edward loves me. It feels so good to be with
him again. I have missed him so much.
“What happened to you Bella?” How couldn’t I have noticed Luke had arrived?
“What do you mean?”
“You have that silly smile on your face and you didn’t even noticed when I came in. What happened?”
“Edward was here.”
“What?” He screeched.
“Ssshhh the kids are asleep. Edward was here, we talked and…” I trailed off.
“You’re together again.” He concluded. I just nodded.
“I’m so happy Luke. I never thought I would feel like this again.” Then I noticed his face. “Aren’t you
happy for me?” I asked.
“I just don’t want you to be hurt again. I would be lying if I say that I like this but if he makes you
happy… All I want is for you to be happy. If you love him and he loves you… But I’ll be watching, if he
hurts you, this time he’ll have to deal with me.”
“Thank you for supporting me. I know that Edward loves me and he won’t leave me again. He just
wanted to protect me.” I defended.
“What if he decides to protect you again?”
“He won’t. I know he won’t leave me again.”
“If you’re sure. I trust you Bella and I’ll try to trust him too.”
“Thanks. By the way we are going to keep this from the kids. I don’t want them to feel forced to
accept Edward because you’re together.”
“Okay Bells. You did well. They must be almost waking up right?”
“Yes. I wanted you to know that. You’ll always be my family. The fact that I’m with Edward again
doesn’t change anything. Besides the Cullens like you. I bet you and Carlisle will be great friends.”
“I think so too. It’s good to see you happy Bella. Maybe you should recompose yourself if you don’t
want the kids to find out. Try not to smile so much.” He taunted.
“Very funny.”
Edward’s POV
Finally! Bella was parking the car outside. I couldn’t wait to see her again. I had to focus. The kids
couldn’t know so I had to control myself and act coolly. I knew that soon we would be a family again.
Alice went to open the door and soon Bella and the kids were in the living room. She was gorgeous, as
always. She was wearing a turquoise and paisley silk dress. It looked great on her. Everything would
look great on her.
“Hello!” She said. How I had missed her voice!
“Hello Bella. How are you?” Esme asked hugging her.
“Fine, thank you.” She answered, watching delighted as our kids hugged and kissed Esme. Lizzie was
the one who was more at ease. After greeting Esme she ran to Emmet who lifted her up, being careful
not to hurt her. Then she settled on Rosalie’s lap, playing with her hair. Bella watched her with
extreme happiness.
Bella’s cell phone rang. She quickly picked it up from her little purse and answered happily after
checking the ID.
“Hello. How are you?” She answered. As the person from the other side talked all the happiness
vanished from Bella’s face, being replaced by a look of horror and disbelief.
“What?” She squeaked terrified.
“No. No.” Suddenly she dropped the phone and fell on the floor sobbing. What had happened? I
quickly made my way over her.
“Esme, Rosalie take the kids. Alice pick the phone, see who’s talking.” I said. Esme and Rosalie
hurriedly took the kids to the dinning room, though they were screaming for Bella. I knew they were
worried but they shouldn’t see Bells like this. Alice picked the phone.
“This is Alice Cullen, I’m a friend of Bella, may I know who’s speaking?” She politely addressed to
person on the other side of the line. I embraced Bella and tried to comfort her. It hurt so much to see
her like this. What could have happened for her to be like this?
“The… kids…” She managed to say between sobs.
“Don’t worry love; they’re with Esme and Rosalie. What happened Bella? Please tell me.” I begged. I
would do anything to stop her pain.
“No! Not her… not her too…” Bella sobbed. Who was she talking about?
“It’s going to be okay. It doesn’t matter what happened I know everything is going to be fine love.
Please calm down.” I rocked her back and forth but she wouldn’t stop sobbing. She just kept crying
tearlessly as I tried to calm her whispering soothing words and kissing her hair. What had happened to
my angel?
Chapter 15
Bella’s POV
After the kids had lunch we headed to the Cullen’s house. I parked in their drive way and before I
could knock Alice had already opened the door. I already missed Edward so much. I guess that we had
a lot to make up for. Five years. Five years of longing and pain that were finally over.
“Hello!” I said entering the living room with the kids behind me.
“Hello Bella. How are you?” Esme asked hugging me.
“Fine, thank you.” I replied while the kids went to kiss and hug Esme. It looked like they were finally
accepting the Cullens. Lizzie was the one who felt more comfortable with them. While Luke and Lilly
stayed by my side she ran to Emmett who lifted her up in the air. Then she went to sit on Rosalie’s lap
and started playing with her golden locks. I was ecstatic. This had been all I ever wanted. Edward and
I were together again and our kids were starting to look at the Cullens as their family. At least Lizzie
was. I knew she would be the first to give in. She has always been the less stubborn. Lilly would be
the hardest one but I had faith that she someday would see in the Cullens what I always saw: a
family. I noticed Edward was looking lovingly at me and the kids. This was the feeling I had been
seeing in Edward’s eyes in the past day. The only difference was that now I could already identify it. If
I could I would be blushing. This was one of the advantages of being a vampire that I would be
eternally thankful for.
I was brought out of my reverie by my ringing cell. I quickly checked the ID before answering. It was
Phil, my mom’s husband. I had talked with them only a few days ago. Maybe Renée was already
missing the kids.
“Hello! How are you?” I asked Phil.
“Not so good.” He answered. “Bella your mother is in the hospital. She had a heart attack.” I could fell
all the happiness I was feeling just a few moments ago leaving me. Judging by the Cullen’s reaction I
was sure my face matched my feelings. Edward was looking worriedly at me.
“What?” I squeaked. How could this be? Now that everything was going to be fine.
“The doctors are still working on her and I don’t have any other information…” He said.
“No. No.” I dropped the cell phone and fell on my knees. I started sobbing and shaking. This couldn’t
be happening. I had already lost my father; I couldn’t lose my mother too. I couldn’t loose Renée.
I heard someone running to me. I was vaguely aware of what was going on around me. I listened to
Edward’s velvet voice while he asked Rosalie and Esme to take the kids somewhere else and telling
Alice to see who was at the phone.
“This is Alice Cullen, I’m a friend of Bella, may I know who’s speaking?” Alice asked anxiously.
Suddenly I felt to strong and familiar arms wrapping around me, keeping me together. I could smell
Edward and I hold onto him tightly.
“The… kids…” I managed to ask between sobs. I had heard them scream for me when Esme and
Rosalie took them.
“Don’t worry love; they’re with Esme and Rosalie. What happened, Bella? Please tell me.” He begged
in a worried tone.
“No! Not her… not her too…” What if Renée died? I wanted to tell him but all I could think of was what
was happening. My mother couldn’t die. She couldn’t!
“It’s going to be okay. It doesn’t matter what happened I know everything is going to be fine love.
Please calm down.” He rocked me back and forth but I couldn’t stop crying. I was so scared of what
could happen. Edward tried to calm me whispering comforting words and kissing my hair.
Alice’s POV
While Edward tried to calm Bella down, I attempted to find out what was causing her all this pain.
Jasper tried to send waves of calm but it wasn’t working. Bella kept sobbing. I remembered that Bella
was a shield; I can’t see her future anymore unless she lets me so probably the same happens with
“This is Alice Cullen, I’m a friend of Bella, may I know who’s speaking?” I asked hoping to find out who
was at the phone. Edward was holding Bella and talking to her hopping to calm her.
“This is Phil.” Phil? Who is...? Then it dawned on me.
“Edward!” I called. He stopped kissing Bella’s hair and looked at me expectantly.” It’s Phil.”
“Phil? ... Bella’s stepfather?” He asked unsure. I nodded.
“Bella is very nervous and scared would you mind telling us what’s happening? Bella won’t tell us.” I
politely asked.
“Renée, Bella’s mother, is in the hospital. She had a heart attack. I don’t know anything else; the
doctors are still with her.” He explained. He too was nervous and afraid. This was awful. I’m not
surprised Bella’s reacting like this. She lost her father just a few years ago and now she can also lose
her mother.
“Edward!” I called again. “Renée had a heart attack.” He looked at me shocked. Bella only screamed
and cried harder. I turned back to the phone. “Thank you Phil, please call if you get more information.”
“You’re welcome. Please take care of Bella and the kids.”
“We will.” I ended the call.
“Call Luke, Alice. Tell him to come as soon as possible.” Edward asked worried.
I did as he said and looked for Luke’s number on Bella’s contact list.
“Who is this?” He asked not recognizing my voice.
“Alice Cullen. You have to come to our house right now.”
“Why did something happen to the kids? To Bella? I swear if you...” I cut him off. I wasn’t in the mood
for his
“Bella’s stepfather called. Her mother is in hospital. Hurry!”
“I’ll be right there.” He answered ending the call.
Edward’s POV
When Alice told me Renée had had a heart attack and was in the hospital I understood Bella’s
reaction. I was glad we had gotten back together before this happened; otherwise I wouldn’t be able
to hold her like I was doing right now.
I know this must be extremely difficult for her. Hell. This is extremely difficult for her. I see the look of
pain in her face and I just want to take it away. It hurts me to see her in pain and know that there is
nothing I can do to stop it. I can only hold her and be strong for her. She needs me, and this time I’m
“Bella, love, please calm down.” I tried again to sooth her.
“Edward, what if... what if... she... dies?” She asked breaking down again. I hold her tighter.
“She won’t love. There are lots of people that have heart attacks and survive. Until we find out how
bad it was there is no way to know what will happen but you have to calm down. Luke is on his way
here. I told Alice to call him though we have to talk with the kids. They are worried about you. Please
calm down. I begged. Everything will be fine.” It looked like she was getting better. She had stopped
shaking and her breaths became more controlled. She was making an effort to calm down but I could
see in her eyes how much she was suffering.
“You’re right. We have to talk with the kids. Thank you so much Edward. Thank you for this.” She said
eyeing my arms wrapped around her. “I love you.” She whispered so that no one else but me could
hear. Then she gave a soft and chaste kiss.
“Love you too” I mouthed. I helped her to get up from the ground and enveloped her waist with my
arm, pulling her close to me. I led her to the dinning room, where the kids were with Esme and
Rosalie. As we entered the room I unwillingly removed my arm from Bella’s waist and our kids ran to
“What happened mommy? Why were you crying?” Lizzie and Luke questioned.
“Did you do something to her?” Lillian asked turning to me.
“Lillian, this has nothing to do with Edward. Now calm down because mommy has to tell you
something.” Bella asked them. They immediately quieted.
“What is it mommy?”
“Well, Phil called...”
“Grandpa Phil?”
“Yes. He called telling that grandma Renée had gone to the hospital.”
“She’s sick?” They asked worried. It was obvious they cared a lot about Renée.
“Yes, her heart is ill so she had to go to the hospital.” Bella explained letting a small sob escape from
her lips.
“Is she going to be okay?” Lillian asked.
“Or is she going to heaven like Grandpa Charlie?” Lizzie questioned.
“We still don’t know but I’m sure she will be fine. She will.” I don’t know if she was trying to convince
the kids or herself. She started sobbing again, though not as violently as before. I just wanted to hug
her and kiss her but I couldn’t, not while our kids were around, besides they were already hugging
“Don’t cry mommy. Grandma Renée is strong. She will be okay. I’m sure.” Luke said caressing her
“I know baby. I know. “
“Bella!” We heard someone call from the living room. It was Luke.
“Stay with Esme and Rosalie for a while mommy will be right back.” She said smiling weakly. As soon
as we left the living room, Bella broke down again in my arms. I picked her up and carried her to the
couch, sitting down a placing her in my lap. I started rubbing soothing circle on her back while Luke
came running to us.
“Bells it’s okay. She’s going to be fine.”
“I have to... I ... I have to go there. I... I can’t just stay here and wait. I need to see her. I need to go
to Florida.” She managed to say.
“Are you sure Bella?” Luke asked her.
“Yes. I need to do this. She needs me! I need to be next to her.” She insisted, getting up from my lap.
“I’ll go with you. You can’t go alone!” Luke said. I want to go too. She’ll need me.
“No Luke you can’t. Who’s going to stay with the kids?” Bella reasoned.
“I’m going, Bella.” He insisted. Bella seemed desperate.
“I can call Aro and Demetri but I don’t know how long it will take them to arrive and I have to go as
soon as possible. I...”
“Why don’t you let them stay with us?” Alice suggested. Bella looked at her surely thinking about her
“I don’t know. You guys are not used to take care of them. Not that I don’t trust you it’s just that it
takes a lot to keep up with them.” She quickly explained. “Besides they probably would refuse to stay
here with you alone...”
“Bella there’s seven of them. If just the two of us could take care of them for four years, I’m sure that
the seven of them will handle it, even if they are not used. Besides you could still talk to Aro and he
would meet them here when he could.”Luke said. “If the Cullens agree, of course.” He added rapidly.
“That’s perfect!” Alice squealed.
“I want to go with you too Bella.” I told her.
“No Edward. If the kids are going to stay here they’ll need you. We can’t both go.”
“Bella, they don’t even recognize them as their father...”
“But you are and this is a good chance for you to get to know them and for them to get used to you.”
“But you can need me...” I tried to reason.
“They’ll need you more. I’ll be fine. I promise.” How could she say she would be fine when she was so
broken, so sad? Though she had a point. I could start to be a father to my kids. I could get to know
them and let them know me. Still, just the single thought of being away from Bella made my whole
body burn. I had just got her back and she was already leaving. I knew she would come back, but
thinking that I would be away from her for God knows how long... Days, weeks, who knows? Alice
gave Bella her cell and she quickly dialed a number.
“Aro?” Bella asked.
“Bella! How good it is to hear you. How are you and my little grandchildren?” Wow. I think I had never
heard Aro talk like this. He sounded very sincere and truly interested.
“The kids are great but... my mom had a heart attack and she’s in hospital. I don’t know anything else
but I want to go there... I need a favor.”
“Of course Bella. I’ll do everything I can to help.”
“Well, Luke will come with me and I’ll leave the kids with the Cullens but I know that they won’t stay
here alone... I would wait for you to come but I want t leave as soon as possible and I don’t when
you’d arrive so I thought that maybe you, Demetri and Felix could meet them at the Cullens and stay
here with them. The Cullens are okay with it...”
“The Cullens?”
“It’s a long story that I’m sure they would be glad to share with you since I won’t be here. I’ll stay
there for at least a week... Renée may need something... after she leaves the hospital...” It was good
to see that Bella was trying to be positive.
“It would be a pleasure. I will only be able to be there in three or four days. I wouldn’t miss the
chance to be with my grandchildren and it’s been a while since I saw the Cullens.”
“Good then. And thank you so much.”
“I already told you it’s my pleasure Bella.” She ended the call.
“It’s set.” She announced. “Now I just need to convince the kids.” In that moment Esme and Rosalie
brought the kids back to the loving room. They greeted Luke and came to sit next to Bella.
“Well...” Bella started. “I’m going to Florida to be with grandma Renée and Uncle Luke is going with
me, but you are still too little to go to the hospital...”
“Will we stay with Grandpa Aro and Uncles Felix and Demetri?” Luke asked excited.
“Well they will only arrive in three or four days so you’ll be staying with the Cullens until then because
mommy has to leave soon. Then Grandpa Aro will meet you here.”
“No. Mommy we can’t stay with them.” Lillian said looking at us. “What if... they take us away?”
“Lillian, I have already told you they are not going to take you away from me. We have already
discussed this. Besides even if they did your Uncle Demetri would be able to find them and you. Please
Lillian don’t make this difficult.” Bella pleaded.
“When will you leave?” Luke asked.
“Tonight.” Luke (Sr) answered. Bella looked at him surprised. “While you talked to Aro, I called the
Airline and bought the tickets on the next flight. It’s tonight.” He explained.
“So soon!” Lilly exclaimed.
“Well, we have to go then. There’s a lot to do. We have to pack their clothes and some toys. We’ll
bring them after dinner.” Bella said.
“Okay.” Alice chirped.
Luke took the kids to the car and Bella stayed behind. She approached me and kissed me.
“I love you.” She murmured to my ear.
“Love you too.” I said burying my face in her hair. We kissed again and she left, waving goodbye to the
rest of the family. A minute later I heard a car sped away... and she left. At least she would come
again later. Only to leave again and this time for a week. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle a
entire week without even seeing her.
“This is going to be so exciting!” Alice said. “Esme we have to finish their bedroom.” Alice and Esme
had been preparing the triplets’ room here since they found out they were my kids. It was almost
finished and I must say it was wonderful.
Bella’s POV
Once we got home, Luke and I started arranging everything for the triplets’ stay at the Cullen’s. We
had packed some of their clothes and a few toys while they sat in the living room watching TV. Lizzie
and Luke weren’t as mad as Lilly. They were indifferent, though I could say Lizzie was a bit excited.
While Luke finished packing our stuff for our flight and bathed the kids, I cooked their dinner. When
they finished I cleaned everything and we drove to the Cullens’ mansion. When we arrived Alice was
waiting at the door.
“They room is ready.”
“What?” How did they have time to decorate a room for them?
“Well... Esme and I were working on this since we found out they were Edward’s and today after you
left we finished it.” She led us to the top floor where there were two doors in front of each other. “The
door on the right is Edward’s room and the one on the left is the kids’ room.” She opened the door and
let us in.
I must say it was amazing. The walls were white but there was several painting hanging on them.
There was three beds and, in the corner of the room, a rocking chair, there was also a bookcase.
There were two doors, one led to a walk-in closet and the other one to a bathroom. Why would five
year olds need a walk-in closet?
“We are going to spoil them Bella.” Alice announced. Just what I thought. Luke and I put their bags on
the room while the kids stayed there Luke, Alice and I came to the living room.
“So Bella... Is there anything we should know?” Esme asked.
“Well when it’s bath time they always fight about who’s going first and run around the house, trying to
escape. At night I usually tell them a story, sing them a song or just let them see a bit of TV. Oh I
brought this.” I said handing Edward a backpack.
“What is it?” He asked.
“Some of my shirts. Just in case they wake up with a nightmare or if they can’t fall asleep.” They
looked at me with puzzled expressions.
“If any of this happens give them a shirt.” I said
“Bella’s smell calms them. Since she’s not going to be here we thought that may help.” Luke
“Oh!” They exclaimed.
“If you want to put them in bed before you go you better do it now because we’ll have to go soon.”
Luke said. I made my way upstairs followed by Edward, Alice and Luke.
I helped them to dress their pajamas and then Luke and I tucked them in. Alice and Edward watched
“Bye mommy. We’ll miss you very much.” Lizzie said.
“I’ll miss you too but I promise I’ll come back really soon. And I’ll call every day. You have to be good
and behave with the Cullens okay?”
“Okay mommy.” They answered. I kissed them and after Luke did it too we left the room and returned
to the living room. I could hear my kids’ heartbeats slowing down letting me know they were asleep.
They must be tired.
As soon as we got to the living room Edward sat in the couch and pulled me to his lap.
“Thank you for letting us stay with them Bella. We’ll take good care of them.”
“I know Carlisle. I just hope they behave. If you need something call.” Edward took my hand and
guided me outside.
“I can’t believe your leaving love. I’ll miss you so much. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle all this
time without you.” He said, looking at me.
“I’ll come back as soon as possible. I’ll miss you too.”
”I’ll take good care of our kids, Bella. I promise. I love you.”
“I love you too.” I replied leaning to kiss him. Every time I kissed him it was like if I was in heaven.
Everything was perfect and all my worried vanished. I put my arms around his neck while his found
their way to my waist and we held close never breaking the kiss.
“Sorry to interrupt lovebirds but Bella has to leave now.” Emmett said. I groaned. Danm! Why did
Emmett have to ruin the moment? I hate him right now. Edward seems to agree with me, judging by
his face.
“He’s right Bella we have to leave otherwise we’ll miss our flight.” Luke said. I let go of Edward and
said goodbye to the rest of the family.
“Call if you need something.” I told Edward.
“Don’t worry everything will be fine. I love you.”
“Love you too.” I leaned in to a last kiss and then ran to the car. I was afraid that if I took longer I
couldn’t leave. It was very hard to leave Edward and the kids but I needed to be with my mom right
now. She needed me.

Chapter 16
Edward’s POV
As soon as Bella entered the car Luke took off. When we could no longer see the car we returned to
the living room.
“This is going to be so great.” Alice squealed. “An entire week with the kids...”
“Don’t speak so loud. They may wake up!” I warned.
“That’s very fatherly Edward but aren’t you excited? You’ll get to spend a whole week with them. Not
just the afternoons but the entire days.”
“I would be more excited if they didn’t hate me or ignore me. I don’t know what’s worse. I would also
be more cheerful if I didn’t have to be away from Bella for a week when I just got her back.” I
“They don’t hate you. They just don’t trust you enough yet. That’s why you should use this week to
get closer to them. They just need to get used to you.” Rosalie said. It was strange to see her like
this: understanding, calm and so happy. She was just as excited as Alice but thankfully she could
contain it. I know that Rosalie’s biggest wish is to have a daughter or a son, that’s why she’s so
revolted by what we are. It’s good to know that she will settle for a nephew and two nieces. I don’t
think I ever saw her like this. When Bella showed up with the kids I actually thought she would hate
her and me for having what she always wanted and never will have.
“But I don’t know how to get to them. This is all new to me. Until a few days ago I had never even
thought about being a father. It’s obvious I’m happy. I’m thrilled but I don’t know what to do. I’m not
like Bella who looks like she was born to be a mother. I see her interact with them and I’m not sure if
I’ll be able to do the same. Especially not on my own. If only she was here...” I was starting to freak
out. I don’t know anything about kids. I never had brothers or sisters. How am I supposed to take
care of them?
“You’re not on your own Edward, we’re here. We will help you. Besides you’re not as helpless as you
think. Some things just come naturally. Bella would never leave them here if she didn’t think you could
do this.” Esme said placing her hand on my shoulder.
“Exactly! Bella trusted me with them! What if I let her down? What if I can’t do it?”
“You won’t let Bella down. She knows you better than anyone, if she did this it’s because she knows
you can do it. And as Esme said we will be here to help you, son.” Carlisle reassured. I felt better:
first, because I knew that at least I would have my family’s help; and second, because I could fell
Jasper’s influence. Waves of calm filled the room, making everybody relax and calm down.
I thanked them and went up to the kid’s bedroom, where they slept peacefully. I had to admit that
Alice and Esme made a wonderful job.
They were so beautiful; I would never get tired of looking at them, realizing how perfect they are.
I sat in the rocking chair placed in one corner of the room, just like I used to do with Bella. She had
just left and I already missed her. I found some comfort in the kids presence. They were also a part of
Bella. As long as I was with them there would always be a bit more of Bella with me.
I was so lost in my mental rambling that I didn’t notice Alice had come into the room until she spoke.
“They are amazing, aren’t they?”
“Indeed. I just hope that someday they’ll accept me. It hurts to know that they don’t trust me, that
they don’t like me. I know it’s my entire fault but still...”
“They can’t not like you. They don’t know you. You’ll see that by the end of this week everything will
be better. And it’s no use to keep blaming yourself. It won’t do any good. You made a mistake,” I
glared at her. A mistake? That was an understatement. “Okay, a very big and stupid mistake, but what
matters is that you’re doing your best to amend it. Sooner or later they will see that, they are bright
“The day they call me dad will one of the happiest of my life. Coming to think of it, all the best days of
my life are somehow related to Bella. She makes everything better. When I think I couldn’t be happier
she does something that proves me wrong.”
“Do you think you’ll miss it?”
“Miss what?” I asked confused.
“Her humanity. Will you miss human Bella? You were always against turning her.” She rephrased. I
thought for a minute before answering.
“No. At least not as much as I thought I would. I was afraid that if she became a vampire I would miss
too many things about her: her blush, her clumsiness, her sleep talking...”
“You were afraid of not loving her so much.”
“I was just afraid she would be too different. I was afraid it would change the way we felt about each
other.” I tried to explain.
“But nothing changed...” She concluded.
“Everything changed. But it was a good change. I love her even more. All the things I thought I would
miss are not so important. Now I don’t have to hold back, afraid I’ll hurt her, I don’t have to leave her
to go hunting because we can go together, I don’t have to wait while she eats or sleeps...”
“But you loved to see her sleeping.”
“I did. It calmed me but I prefer when she’s awake. I’ve been without her for too long. I don’t want to
waste any time. I wanted to change her but I was afraid of doing so. I didn’t want to lose her. She’s
everything to me Alice. Now they are everything to me too.” I said eyeing the kids. “My world is Bella
and them. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family.”
Elizabeth was the first to wake up. She stirred and sat in the bed, slowly opening her eyes and taking
in her surroundings. She eyed the whole room until her eyes fell on me.
“Were you here all the time while we slept?”
“Yes.” I answered unsure of what to say. Would they prefer I didn’t?
“Mommy does that too, sometimes.” She commented.
“Are you hungry? I can ask Esme to prepare something...”
“Do you cook?” She asked interested.
“Just eggs.” I said ashamed. Being a vampire I didn’t need to eat therefore there wasn’t necessary to
know how to cook. The only thing I could prepare was eggs. It was the easiest.
“That would be great.” She said smiling. Was she really asking me to cook her breakfast? I waited for
Lillian and Luke to wake up and while they went to the bathroom I made my way downstairs to the
kitchen to start preparing their breakfast.
Esme had already everything I would need laid in the counter. I quickly prepared everything and when
they came down with their pajamas still on, breakfast was ready.
“Has mommy already called?” Lizzie asked. She was clearly the one who felt more comfortable around
“No she hasn’t but I’m sure she will soon.” I assured them. “What do you think of the eggs?”
“Very good.” Elizabeth complemented giving me a small smile. I felt a smile of my own appearing in
my face.
“What do you want to do after breakfast?” Alice questioned.
“Can we play outside?” Luke asked eager. “You have a really big yard and no neighbors so...” He
trailed off.
“Sure.” Alice chirped. “Can I help you pick your clothes? Maybe we could go shopping sometime.” I
just hope my kids are all like Bella when it comes to shopping. Our family can’t handle more than one
“We don’t mind if you help us pick our clothes... but... about the shopping thing... maybe we can think
of that... some other time.” Lizzie said. I hold back my laughter. I think Alice will have a hard time
convincing my kids to go shopping with her. Maybe Bella has warned them about my crazy shopaholic
“Okay. We’ll talk about it later.” Alice peeped.
After the kids finished their breakfast Alice and Rosalie went upstairs with them to help them dressing
and Jasper and Emmett went to the living room to play videogames, leaving me and Esme to clean the
kitchen, since Carlisle had already left to the hospital.
After being dressed the kids went to play outside and I went to my bedroom. The glassed window
allowed me to watch them play.
I glanced around the room and my eyes fell on the big piano that rested in one of the corners. It had
been too long since the last time I had played. After leaving Bella never again I touched the piano.
Maybe I should start playing again. She had always loved to hear me.
I unhurriedly seated in the piano bench letting my fingers wander above the piano keys before
pressing them, letting the melody fill the room. It felt so good to play again. My love for music had
never faded but in the last five years I had done nothing besides hunting and thinking about Bella. I
just couldn’t appreciate anything but now that I have Bella back, I feel free and happy again.
“Mommy said you play very well. She was right.” A small voice sounded above the slow music. I was
so focused that I didn’t noticed Lizzie coming in. She was standing by the door and I turned around in
the bench so that I was facing her.
“Thank you.”
“Will you play something for me?” She asked.
“Of course.” How could I deny this to her? I thought I would burst with happiness. She came to sit by
me in the bench and I started pressing the keys not really thinking about what I was playing. It
started to be one of Esme’s favorite song but when I noticed I was playing Bella’s Lullaby.
“It’s so beautiful.” She whispered amazed when I finished.
“I composed it for your mother when I met her.” I told her.
“You composed a song for mommy?” She asked surprised.
“I did. It’s a lullaby. I used to hum it to her at night so that she would fall asleep.”
“Is this your room?” She questioned getting up from the bench.
“Yes Elizabeth.” I simply answered.
“You can call me Lizzie or Beth. Whatever you prefer.”
“Did you know that Elizabeth was my mother’s name?”
“I didn’t. Why are there so many photos of mommy in here?” Through the last five years these photos
had helped me remember that what I had with Bella had been real and made me feel that a bit of her
was still with me. “Where was this one taken?” She asked pointed to a picture that was hanging in the
“The Prom.”
“Mommy was so beautiful. She seemed happy.”
“She didn’t really want to go but she was happy.” I explained.
“You looked happy too.” She commented turning her face to me, waiting for a confirmation.
“I was happy. Very happy. I had never been happier.”
“Did you love her?”
“More than anything in my life.”
“Then why did you left? Mommy said you left because you didn’t loved her anymore. Did she do
something you didn’t like? Why didn’t you love her anymore? She’s so beautiful and good.” She was on
the verge of tears. I reached for her little hand and pulled her to the piano bench so that she would
seat beside me.
“I did. I do.”
“Then why? Why did you left?”
“It’s complicated.” I didn’t know if we should be having this conversation. She deserved the truth but I
wasn’t sure if this was the right moment.
“Try.” She persisted.
“I left because it wasn’t safe. It wasn’t safe for your mother to hang out with us. She could get hurt. I
didn’t want anything to happen to her so I thought it would be better if I just left, so that she could be
safe. Besides there were things I couldn’t give to her. Or at least I thought I couldn’t and she deserved
everything. I thought it would be better if she lived a human life. If I knew she was pregnant I would
have never left.” I explained the best I could.
“Why did you tell her you didn’t love her?”
“Because it was the only way she would let me go. It hurt. It was the worst lie I ever said and it was
also the one who caused most suffering but I just wanted to keep her safe. I would do anything to
keep her safe.”
“So... you still love her.”
“I do.” We remained seated in silence for a few minutes.
“Will you teach me how to play the piano? I’d like to learn.”
“Of course I will. I would love to teach you but we’ll have to start after you eat because Lunch is
ready.” We left the bedroom and went to the kitchen.
By the time the kids were finishing their lunch I was starting to worry about Bella. She hadn’t called
yet. Had something gone wrong? Maybe she still hadn’t news... Suddenly the cell buzzed and I
answered at the first ring.
“Bella.” I breathed. I was immediately surrounded by the kids and my family.
“Is everything okay? How’s Renée?”
“She seems to be okay but the doctors are still making exams to know if there were any
consequences. I’m so nervous. Phil’s a wreck.”
“Everything’s going to be fine Bella.” I tried to calm her. I just wish I could hold her in my arms.
“Yeah you’re right. Have the kids behaved? How are they?”
“They’re fine and they have been on their best behavior. Do you want to talk to them?”
“Of course.” I put the phone in high speaker and hand it to Lizzie.
“Hello mommy. How are you?”
“How’s Uncle Luke? And grandma Renée?”
“She’s going to be okay, right?”
“Calm down kids. One at a time. I’m good and your uncle is fine too. I think grandma Renée will be
okay but the doctors are still running some tests. What about you? Have you been good?”
“Yes mommy.” They said in unison. Bella laughed.
“Good. I’m sorry but I have to go know, the doctor is coming. I’ll call tonight to wish you good night.
“Okay. We miss you mommy.” Luke said.
“When will you come back?” Lilly asked.
“I still don’t know Hun but I’ll come back as soon as possible. I miss you a lot too.”
“Love you mommy.”
“Love you too sweethearts. Now give the phone to your father please.” Lizzie handed me back the
phone and I went to the kitchen, leaving the kids watching TV.
“I miss you so much love. I wanted to be there with you.”
“I know. I miss you too but I promise I’ll come back soon. I really have to go now. I’ll call again
tonight. Love you.”
“Love you too Bella.” I ended the call. At least I knew she was fine.
The rest of the day passed slowly except of course when it was time for the bath. It’s incredible how
seven vampires take half an hour to catch a five year old kid. I don’t know how they did it but every
time we thought we were going to catch one of them they would just slip away. I think it’s because
they are smaller, because we are faster. Emmet almost broke the entire house trying to catch them.
Esme wasn’t pleased when she find he had broken her favorite vase.
I swear I don’t know how Bella and Luke do it but I have to admire their guts and their patience. I
never thought it would be this difficult to give the kids a bath.
Eventually we caught them. The house was a mess but we did it. The kids were amused. Of course
they thought it was very funny that we couldn’t catch them.
While they ate we cleaned the house. The bathroom was a mess. There was water and soap
everywhere. Esme, Alice and I had been the ones to give them the bath and after that we had to
change our clothes because they were all wet. It was kind of fun, actually.
After everything was cleaned and the kids had eaten their dinner we allowed them to watch TV until
Bella call.
As promised, she called five minutes before their bedtime to wish them goodnight. The call was short
because the kids were tired and she still didn’t have any news about Renée’s condition. When I told
her about the bath problems she just laughed and said we would get used to it, that we just needed to
When the kids were in bed I sat in the rocking chair and waited for them to fall asleep. Luke and Lillian
fell asleep immediately but Lizzie was taking longer so I was careful not to make any noise.
“Daddy, are you there?” Her small voice sounded, full of fear, in the dark room. Wait! Did she call me
daddy? I had probably misheard. I quickly made my way to her.
“I’m here. Did you call me daddy?” I wasn’t sure I had heard well.
“Yes. You don’t want to? I can...”
“No, no, no. Of course I want to. Nothing makes me happier.” I was absolutely ecstatic.
“I’m scared of the dark and I miss mommy very much. She would always stay with me until I fell
asleep so that I wouldn’t be afraid.” She said almost crying.
“It’s okay. I’m here. I will stay until the morning. I will not let anything happen to you okay? You don’t
have to be afraid. Do you want me to go get one of mommy’s sweaters?”
“No, just stay here with me. Can you stay here by my side?” She sobbed.
“Of course I can.” I took off my shoes and laid next to her in the bed, making sure that the blanket
was between us so that she wouldn’t get cold. She placed her little head in my chest and held tight on
my button-up shirt, sighing.
“Thank you daddy. I love you.” There were no words to describe what I was feeling. Hearing those
little words coming from her mouth had made me the happiest person in the world. I never thought it
would feel so good, so indescribably. I felt her calming down.
“I love you too sweetheart. Sleep well.” I started stroking her hair and humming Bella’s lullaby. I
decided that I would compose one especially to the kids. Soon she fell asleep lulled by the sweet
Chapter 17
Edward’s POV
I stayed in the same position all night, which is not that difficult considering I’m a vampire, with
Lizzie’s head still in my chest. She slept peacefully but her hand never stopped gripping my shirt, like
if she was afraid I would leave. Though I knew I would never do that. She asked me to stay with her
and I would.
She was also the first one to wake up today. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, a huge smile
on her face.
“Daddy, you stayed!” It reminded me of Bella's reaction the first night she was 'aware' that I had
stayed with her.
“Of course I did. Did you sleep well?”
“Yes. Did mommy call during the night?”
“No she didn’t. I know you miss her very much but she will be here soon. Okay?”
“Yeah. Do you miss her too?”
“Yes. I miss her very much.” I stated. Her smile widened. Lizzie was the perfect combination of Bella
and me but her smile was just like Bella’s.
“Will you tell me how you and mommy met? I knew mommy would be sad if I asked her so I never
did. Can you tell me?”
“Sure but your brother and your sister are waking up so I’ll tell you later. You need to have breakfast.
Esme is already preparing it.”
“Daddy, can I call Esme and Carlisle grandma and grandpa? What about Aunty Alice and Aunty Rosalie
and Uncles Jasper and Emmett?” I laughed at her excitement.
“If you want to, I’m sure they would love it sweetie.” In fact I knew that nothing would make my
family happier.
“Okay.” Her answer was followed by a light knock at the door and Alice entering the room.
“Good morning aunty Alice.” Lizzie whispered animatedly. Alice stopped right where she was and
looked between me and Lizzie with a confused expression on her face.
“Did she...?” I can’t believe my four-years-old daughter left Alice Cullen speechless. This was really
funny. “She... she...” Called me aunty. She finished mentally, shocked.
“Are you okay Aunty Alice?” Lizzie asked concerned. “You don’t seem very good...”
“I’m very well. Perfect...” She shot me a meaningful look and I knew that later I’d be attacked with
questions. “I came to help them to pick their clothes. Their breakfast is almost ready.”
Luke and Lilly woke up and I left them with Alice after they politely wish me a good morning. Instead
of joining them while they had breakfast I went to my bedroom and sat at the piano, to work on the
kid’s lullaby. It flowed so easily even I was surprised. Never a song had come to me so effortlessly. I
played it again enjoying every piece of hope, love and happiness the song carried.
“You’ve started composing again.” Esme said delighted. I know how much she loves to hear me
playing. “I’m so glad you’re playing again.”
“Me too. I’ve missed this feeling.”
“It’s so beautiful! Who is it for?” Lizzie questioned coming from behind of Esme and seating in the
bench next to me.
“You. I promised I would create a lullaby for you, didn’t I?” I said stoking her hair which was just like
“Can you play it again?” I immediately started playing. I couldn’t deny her anything but we were
interrupted by my cell. I quickly grabbed it and answered.
“Bella.” I breathed.
“Hi Edward.” It was so good to hear her voice and I immediately noted the difference in it. It was
lighter, she wasn’t so worried which meant that Renée was getting better.
“I assume Renée is better.”
“Yes. She has awakened and the doctors say everything seems to be fine. She’s going to stay here two
more days and then if everything is okay they are going to release her. I’m so relieved. I was so afraid
she would...”
“It’s fine love. What matters is that she’s going to be fine. I miss you. When will you come back?” I
just wanted to hold her in my arms. It seemed like she was gone for weeks instead of two days.
“I miss you too. And the kids too but I want to stay around here for a few more days to make sure
she’s going to be fine. Besides she’s probably going to need some help at home. I’ll be there as soon
as possible. How are things around there?”
“Great. Lizzie is really getting along with us.”
“Do you mean she has accepted you? Oh Edward! I knew everything was going to be fine.” She was
even more relieved.
“I’m so happy Bella. This is one of the best things it has happened to me. And it’s all thanks to you.
I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me. I’m going to pass her the phone before she bursts.
Love you.”
“Okay. I love you too.” Her voice was filled with emotion.
“Mommy! Daddy and I miss you. And Lilly and Luke. When are you coming back?” I couldn’t help but
smile every time she called me daddy. I heard Bella let out a strangled cry before answering.
“I’ll come back as soon as possible. I miss you too very much. Grandma Renée is almost fine. Be good
“Yes mommy. I love you very much.”
“I love you too very much sweetheart.” She then handed the phone to Esme that chatted with Bella
while taking it to Lilly and Luke who where downstairs.
“Are you going to tell me know how you and mommy met?” She asked excited.
“I guess. Well...” Just as I was going to start speaking Emmet burst through the door.
“You’re not going to believe Edward! There’s going to be a huge storm tonight!” He looked like a child
in Christmas Eve. No. He was worse.
“And we are going to play baseball! Are you in?”
“I don’t know... The kids...” I hesitated.
“We’ll take them with us. Of course. It’s going to be great.” I looked at Lizzie trying to decide.
“It sounds fun daddy.”
“Okay. We’re in.”
“Nice!” He disappeared from the bedroom, closing the door as he walked out. Lizzie and I made our
way to my window bench and sat looking outside, with her in my lap.
“We had been in Forks for two years when your mother moved there to live with your grandpa Charlie.
We attended Forks High School and that’s where I saw her for the first time, during Lunch time. The
first thing I noticed about her was that I couldn’t hear her thoughts, that’s what called my attention in
first place. I could listen to everyone around her but from her I got nothing. It had never happened to
me before. I stared at her picking the thoughts from everybody around her and trying hard to hear
her but I couldn’t and it frustrated me. After Lunch we had Biology together, the seat next to me was
the only one available but as soon as she entered the room her scent hit me. It was irresistible. She
had the sweetest blood I had ever smelled.”
“La tua cantante.” She whispered with fascination.
“How do you know...?”
“Grandpa Aro tells us stories about vampires all the time. He already told us about that. He said most
vampires cannot resist the calling.”
“It took a lot of effort but I did it and I’m so glad I did.” I sighed. I could not imagine how my life
would have been if I hadn’t resisted that day. “After that day I went to Alaska. I wasn’t sure I could
resist her but she was always on my mind, everywhere I looked I could only see her face so I came
back after a few days. It was like her face was haunting me. She was so fragile looking that I felt the
urge to protect her though I wasn’t yet sure I could be around her. But I was so curious the first day I
went to school after my trip to Alaska. That was the first day I actually talked to her. Your mother is
really special. She never did or said what I thought she would and she was very observant. Every day
with her was a surprise, she would never react the way I thought she would and sometimes the way I
wanted her too.”
“Was she scared when she found out what you were?”
“No and that bothered me because she trusted me too much. Every day she spent with me her life
was at stake but she didn’t seem to mind. We love each other too much.” I explained. Lizzie just
Lizzie’s POV
I loved to hear daddy tell me about how he and mommy met. I had always wanted to know. I was
surprised to find that mommy had been daddy’s singer. From what I knew, few were the vampires that
could resist the calling of their singer's blood. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for dad to
hang out with mom. He really loved her and he still does.
Lilly, Luke, where are you? I asked them mentally while coming down the stairs.
Outside. By the big tree. Luke’s voice sounded clear in my head. Something was up. I could feel Lilly
was upset and Luke’s voice was too controlled. I rushed outside. They were both sitting against the big
tree and immediately got up when I reached them.
“Where have you been?” Lilly asked.
“Upstairs with daddy, he was...”
“Liz...” She cut me off with a scolding voice. “What are you doing? Why do you call him that? He’s
“He is.” I should have been waiting for this. “He’s our father Lilly. You know he is. You’re just too damn
stubborn to accept it. But you’re wrong. He won’t stop being our father just because you don’t want
him to.”
“He is not our father! We don’t have a father. He stopped existing to us the day we found out what he
did to mom. He hurt her. He made her heart hurt. He left her and he left us too! He doesn’t care about
her and he will only make her suffer more. We don’t need him!” She screamed angrily.
“No! Can’t you see? Can’t you remember all the times we wished we had a father? All the times we
wished he was with us and with mom? How many times have we hoped that he was there with us?
That he was the one to go to our father’s day party at school? He loves mom and he loves us too!”
“How do you know? How can you be sure? Do you want him to hurt mommy again?” Luke questioned.
“Come!” I said grabbing their hands and dragging them to the house.
“Where are we going?” Lilly asked.
“You’ll see.” I answered curtly. We passed through the living room where everyone was and headed up
the stairs. Dad sent me a questioning look and I could see the sadness in his eyes. Of course he had
heard our screams in the yard. I shot him an apologetic glance and kept going.
I took them to the last floor where our room was but stopped in front of daddy’s room door. I let go of
my siblings’ hands and reached for the doorknob, opening the door and entering.
“Whose room is this?” Luke asked. I could feel the curiosity burning him inside.
“Daddy’s.” I whispered.
“What are we doing here?” Lilly hissed.
“Look! It’s mommy!” Luke was looking at the pictures on the walls. He stopped in front of the one
taken at Prom. The same one that caught my attention when I looked at these photos for the first
time. “She was so beautiful.”
“Look at all these pictures! Why would he have them in here if he didn’t like mommy anymore?” I tried
to reason with them.
“Then why did he left?” Luke inquired confused.
“He left because he thought it would be safer to mommy. He was afraid that she would get hurt
because he was a vampire. Did you know mommy was daddy’s singer?"
“Really?” Luke questioned interested.
“Yes. He likes her very much. He even wrote a lullaby to her. He’s really great and you should give him
a chance. This is all we ever wanted.”
“I don’t care!” Lilly shouted. Why did she have to be like this?
“You’re just being stubborn and spoiled.” I yelled back. She ran out of the room, slamming the door.
Luke and I looked at each other and sighed.
“Daddy promised he’s going to teach me how to play the piano. He plays very well. You should give
him a chance Luke. He really loves us. And mommy wants this too. Maybe when she comes back we
can all stay together and be a real family. Mommy would be happier and people would stop talking bad
about her. Don’t you want to have a real family? Look how much fun you have with Uncle Jazzy and
Uncle Em! And I’m sure daddy would also teach you to play the piano if you want to.” He seemed to
be giving in. I really hope he did.
Edward’s POV
The kids had gone upstairs and a few minutes later Lillian came running down the stairs. I couldn’t
help but wonder what had happened.
“She’s furious.” Jasper stated.
“I’ll try to find what had happened.” I said heading outside. She was seating in a branch of the big tree
in our yard. I got closer and looked up. “Is everything okay Lillian?”
“No! And it’s all you fault! I hate you! You will never, never be my father. I don’t want to. Go away!”
Her words hurt me more than I let it show. She was so mad.
“Do you want some help to come down?” I asked concerned.
“NO! I HATE YOU! Just go away!” She yelled. Then she jumped and landed swiftly on the ground,
stomping away from me.
I slowly made my way to the house wondering if I would ever get to her. It seemed so impossible.
Lizzie was waiting for me on the porch steps. She noticed my face and got up.
“It’s okay daddy. She doesn’t really hate you, she’s just stubborn. It will be fine someday, you know?”
I picked her up and carried her to the inside of the house. “I love you daddy. Don’t be sad.” She gave
me a small kiss on my cheek and hugged me. I instantly felt better. She was right. Someday Lilly
would accept me. Or so I hope.
The night had come quickly and after the kids had dinner we headed to a clearing Emmet had found.
Luke was very excited by the prospect of playing baseball, apparently he was a fan of sports.
We decided that we would run, carrying the kids in our back, to the clearing and Emmet would take
the jeep to carry the bats and in case it would be raining when we come back, that way the kids would
ride the car and wouldn’t get wet.
Lizzie jumped to my back right away, Luke did the same but to Jasper and Lilly chose to go with Esme.
She was still mad and I hoped she would calm down during the game.
We took off and five minutes later we were in the clearing. When the thunder sounded Lizzie got
scared and grabbed my legs.
“It’s okay Liz. It’s just the thunder. We need it so that the humans won’t notice we are playing. They’ll
think it’s the thunder.” She nodded but kept gripping my legs.
We decided to let the kids bat some balls before we started playing, since they had never done it.
Emmet had built three small bats and in each one of them he had carved their names. That way they
would have their own bats. Luke was delighted and he wanted to be the first one to try.
Alice went to the middle of the clearing to pitch the ball. Luke wanted to try alone, so we allowed him
to. Alice threw the ball and he swung the bat though he missed the ball. I could say he was upset but
he wanted to try again. Persistent. Just like Bella. Unfortunately he missed again.
“Can I help you?” I asked carefully looking at him. He looked back uncertain.
“Okay.” He agreed smiling, like if he had suddenly remembered something. I told him how to hold the
bat correctly and how to swing it. I was on my knees and kept my hands on top of his to help him. I
sent Alice a glance telling her that she could pitch. This time he made it. The bat hit the ball as I
helped him to control the movement.
As soon as the ball went flying through the hair he dropped the bad and started jumping with joy.
“I did it! I did it! Thanks dad!” He said ecstatic, putting his hands around my neck and hugging me
tight. I hugged him back barely containing my happiness. “Dad.” He whispered as if testing the word.
Then he smiled at me. Behind him was Lizzie smiling widely, when I looked at her she winked. I smiled
I had never imagined I would feel like this. The happiness on Luke’s face after hitting the ball was
inexplicable and I couldn’t even describe how it felt to help him achieve something. It felt so good to
be a father. To see the happiness on their faces when they accomplished a goal.
Lizzie wanted to try next and I also helped her. Lilly was the only one who remained seated in the
grass with her bat next to her. I knew she was suffering and it pained me so see her like that, like if
she was jealous. I tried to talk to her but as soon as I came next to her she turned her face.
We decide to play a slower than usual so that the kids could keep up. Lilly didn’t want to play so the
teams were me, Lizzie, Jasper and Carlisle and Esme, Luke, Emmet and Rosalie. We played for a while
until I felt something was wrong. I couldn’t really explain; I just felt like something wasn’t right. I
looked around and noticed that Lilly was nowhere to be found. Her scent was barely traceable. I
immediately called Luke and Lizzie.
“Do you know where your sister is?” I asked trying to conceal my concern. I didn’t want to scare
them. The closed their eyes concentrating.
“She’s lost!” Lizzie cried suddenly opening her eyes.
“It’s okay we are going to find her. Can you tell us where she is?” I asked gently, rubbing small circles
on her back.
“It’s a small clearing with a lot of flowers and a big tree. She’s so scared. She’s crying.” Liz
“Ask her how long she walked?” I tried to gather all the information that could help me to find her
“She says she ran for more less twenty minutes.” Luke answered.
“It’s fine. I’m going to find her and bring her back okay? Tell her I’m on my way.” They both nodded
and I left them with the rest of the family. Her scent indicated me from where she had taken off but I
couldn’t follow it since it was too weak. I started running, paying attention to all the sounds around
me and trying to pick out her cries.
After running for about ten minutes I could hear her crying. I followed the sound until a found the
clearing Lizzie had described. Lilly was seating in the middle with her head resting on her legs and her
arms around her knees. Relief flowed through me. Thank god she was okay.
I reached out towards her and embraced her. Her crying became louder as she gripped my shirt
“It’s okay now. I’m here. I’m going to take you back. You shouldn’t have left on your own. It’s very
dark, Lilly. Everybody was very worried, especially your brother and your sister.” I tried to comfort her
while picking her up.
“It’s so dark... I was so scared...” She mumbled to my shirt, soaking it with tears, not that I minded.
“You’re safe now.” I quickly carried her to the big clearing where everybody was waiting. Luke and
Lizzie as well as the rest of the family breathed relieved when they saw me arrive with Lilly in my
The minute Lilly’s feet touched the ground, Lizzie and Luke ran to her and hugged her.
“Don’t do that again Lil. You scared us to death. What if daddy hadn’t found you?” Lizzie scolded.
“What if you had gotten hurt or someone had taken you?” Luke supported.
“But none of that happened. What matters is that Lillian is safe. Now, do you want to stay a little more
or do you want to go home? It’s already late.” I said.
“No let’s stay a bit more. Lilly hasn’t learned to swing the bat yet.” Lizzie spoke.
“Okay, but just a bit more.” I allowed. Esme was the one who taught Lilly to bat the ball since she still
wasn’t comfortable with me. I believe it’s just a matter of time, now. Lilly had gotten it right at second
Alice was preparing to pitch the ball again when her eyes glazed over and she fell on her knees. Her
face horror struck. When I focused on her thoughts the vision was over so I was as clueless as
everyone else. She didn’t move from the ground so Jasper ran to her and carried her to where we
were standing.
“What have you seen Alice?” I asked worried. She didn’t look very good. She tried to talk but nothing
came out of her mouth. “Speak Alice! What have you seen?” I pressed.
“Daddy, what happened? Is Aunty Alice okay?” Lizzie asked worried.
“I don’t know honey.” I replied.
“Alice dear, what have you seen?” Jasper asked gently, slightly shaking her.
“Aunty Alice what happened? You’re scaring us!” Lizzie said brushing her hand across Alice’s cheek.
That seemed to bring her out of her trance. She looked at me terrified. I tried to listen to her thought
but they were so confused I couldn’t make anything out.
“She’s coming Edward!”
“Who’s coming Alice?” I demanded. (I was going to leave it here but I don’t want to die anytime )
“Victoria! She’s coming Edward!” No! This wasn’t possible!
“Are you sure Alice?” I already knew the answer. Everyone was silent. “When? When is she coming?”
We needed time to plan everything.
“Tomorrow night. Maybe at dawn.”
“What?” She had to be joking! What are we going to do? What about the kids? We don’t have time to
call anyone else. No one will get here in time. Not Bella, not the Denali clan... No one.
“Are you serious Alice?” I asked disbelievingly.
“Do you think I would joke around with something like this?”
“Is she alone?”
“No. Right now she has fifteen newborns with her.”
“The number will certainly come down. But still... There’s too many for us to handle. What about the
kids?” Jasper commented. I looked at my kids.
“What’s going o... on... daddy? Who’s... coming here? Is it a... a... bad vampire?” Lizzie cried, holding
onto my jeans like if her life depended on it. They were so scared.
“It’s going to be fine! Don’t worry. Let’s go home now.” I said in the most calming voice I could
manage. I picked Lizzie up and put her on my back. She gripped my neck with so much strength that I
would have suffocated if I wasn’t a vampire. Jasper and Esme did the same with Luke and Lilly. I tried
to convince them to go in the jeep with Emmet but they refused.
I would do everything to protect my kids. I would die for them if I had to. Things weren’t looking good
but I would never give up on my family. They are the most important thing to me and I’ll do
everything to keep them safe.