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ORDER FORM: Electromagnetic Flow Meters ( Flanged & Wafer Type)

Please provide ship to & bill to information on your purchase order

Company Name:
and Location (city,ST)

Note: Lead time varies greatly based on meter sizes, materials and quantity ordered. Refer to quote for specific lead time for your meters. Requested Delivery Date: Ship Meters Via:

Contact Name & phone#: Purchase Order #: Project Name:

and location (city, state)

Ship to Address:

Specifying Engineer/Location:
(Engineering firm, city, ST) ONICON specified by name?

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: ( These affect model number and price)

Transmitter/Converter Type: (with display) 1- Standard: 0.4% of Reading Accuracy 2- Advanced: 0.2% of Reading Accuracy Meter Size (nominal diameter in inches) :
enter 2-digit size in inches such as "04" for 4 inch, "12" for 12 inch, "15" for 1.5 inch

Meter #1

Meter #2

Meter #3

Meter #4

Typical Configuration
1- Standard

01 through 48 (> 24" inquire)

Body & Liner Materials : 1- Carbon steel body/ PTFE liner 2- Carbon steel body/ Polypropylene liner 3- Carbon steel body/ Ebonite liner 4- 304SS body/ PTFE liner (check lead time) 5- 316SS body/ PTFE liner (check lead time) Connection Type: 0- Wafer 1- ANSI Class 150 Flanges 3- ANSI Class 300 Flanges Transmitter Mounting Options: 1-Integral 2-Remote w/o Pre-amp: 65 ft max 3-Remote w/Pre-amp: 1600 ft max(F-32xx only) Remote Mount Cable Length in Feet: 16, 32, 49 or 65 (>65ft, specify) Power Supply: A- Low voltage(LV) 15-40 VAC or VDC B- High voltage(HV) 120/240 VAC 50/60Hz # of 316SS Electrodes: A- 2 Electrodes B- 3 Electrodes C- 2 Electrodes with grounding rings

1 for all HW applications 2 for low temp 6" and smaller 3 for low temp 8" and larger 4&5 for special process applications only- special order

1- ANSI-150 Flange wafer type is also common for smaller sizes < 6"

1- Integral for chilled water and hot water below 212 F 2- Remote w/o pre-amp for hot water from 212 - 266 F Not provided for integral mount Both power supplies require an earth connection for proper operation A- 2 for carbon steel pipe B- 3 electrodes, or, C- ground rings required for non-metallic or lined pipe

Used to configure/program the meter
FLOW METER MODEL: (Correct model will show based on information entered above) METER TAG INFORMATION: (text on laminated tag attached to meter) APPLICATION TYPE:
(CHW, HW, make-up, boiler feed, etc.)

<Reserved For Factory Use





(water, x% ethylene glycol, brine, etc.)

(nominal diameter)

(i.e: carbon steel, pvc, etc.)


Required for hot water systems only

Is This Bi-directional Flow?

Yes / No
Maximum flow per system design

ANALOG OUTPUT RANGE: (1.25 x design max & round up)

( 20 mA = X gpm)

To Be Used with SYSTEM 10 BTU Meter: Yes / No (if yes, please complete Sys-10 form)
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