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Superior Flow Regulators

Saving Water Saving Dollars

As the worlds precious water becomes more and more valuable, Enware Flow Regulators simply make sense. A small but brilliantly-designed device, Enware Flow Regulators have so many environmental and practical advantages, its not surprising that there are now an estimated 60 million flow regulators in use world-wide. Did you know that, on average, a person uses 90,000 to 115,000 litres of water annually? And up to 60% of shower water has to be heated at additional cost? Enware Flow Regulators will give you real savings on household water and water heating costs and in most cases the price of the Regulators are saved in less than three months. These amazing benefits show why Enware Flow Regulators are increasingly important in all tapware, showers and baths. Substantial water and energy savings Constant water flow irrespective of fluctuating supply pressure Simple and fast to install Superior performance to non-compensating pressure variable restrictors 5-year guarantee for correct and lime-free operation Unique pressure compensating action effective from 50 kPa Limits the flow only does not change pressure Available in a wide range of different flow rates (2 15 lpm) Large range of models for all applications new and existing Range of vandal-proof fittings and regulated non-return check valves Aerated or laminar flow available Self-cleaning action Made of non-toxic, calcination resistant synthetic materials Low noise performance (reduced noise in most installations) Temperature resistant materials to 90C (to 120C short term)

Enware Flow Regulators brilliantly simple

What they do
Enware Flow Regulators save water and energy by reducing water flow, but maintaining a pre-determined flow rate independent of the prevailing line pressure and they automatically compensate for pressure variations between 100 and 1000 kPa. (accurate to 10%)

The working principle

Position 1.
Static conditions: the o-ring is relaxed. No pressure (O kPa)

Position 3.
As the pressure increases, the o-ring compresses further into the seating area, reducing the water passage even more. As the pressure decreases, the o-ring relaxes and reopens the water passage (returns to position 2 and 1). High pressure (500 kPa)

How they do it
Enware Flow Regulators consists of an o-ring and an engineered circular seating area the core. Selected models include a housing. The gap between the core and the o-ring is the Housing Core open passage for the water flow. The core can be either on the inside or outside O-ring Flow regulator of the o-ring.

Position 2.
Dynamic conditions: the o-ring subjected to the line pressure is forced into a serrated seating area, thus reducing the water passage. Normal pressure (300 kPa) Using this simple but proven principle, the Flow Regulator continuously produces a constant flow rate, regardless of pressure variations. (Accurate to 10%) (Flow Regulators are not recommended for use in low pressure applications.)

Flow Regulators: superior to Flow Restrictors

Enware Flow regulators have genuine advantages over mere Flow Restrictors. With a Restrictor which is a fixed orifice the flow rate increases as the pressure increases. Restrictors provide poor performance at low pressure and excess flow at high pressure. This is why Restrictors are not recommended for tapware, showers and baths. Flow Regulators, however, maintain a constant flow rate regardless of variations in line pressure. This provides the nominal flow rate even at low pressures. In turn, at high pressures, water is not wasted unnecessarily.
lpm 15.6 Restrictor 11.4 Flow regulator 10 lpm 9.1 6.8 4.5 2.25 Flow regulator 2.25 lpm
Environmental protection Customer satisfaction = Standard (A112.18.1 M)





700 kPa

Environmental protection: = water saving effect, due to reduction of flow rate to 10 lpm Customer satisfaction: sufficient water under low pressure conditions.

Constant flow in all applications


In-line washing basins


Reliable constant flow

1. Eliminate flow rate variations between outlets on the upper and lower levels in multi-storey buildings and improve water comfort. 2. Eliminate flow rate variations between outlets of washing benches or showers close to the supply line or remotely located.
Multi-story buildings

3. Eliminate sudden pressure variations at the point of use (eg. shower) when a large draw-off is made from another outlet in the same installation (eg. toilet, tub filler spout)

Easy installation means you can save water now!


Water Saver for Aerated Taps and Sinks 1. For Aerated Taps, simply unscrew the existing aerator and fit the Regulator insert into the existing aerator housing fits most standard housings.
Order code: MK058 6 lpm flow control Order code: MK059 8 lpm flow control

Recommended flow rates

Typical un-regulated water flow rates Typical regulated WATER SAVING flow rates

Showers Basins

18-35 lpm 10-15 lpm

9 12 lpm 6 lpm 8 lpm

Kitchen Taps 12-18 lpm

Vario Water Saving Sink Spray 2. For Adjustable Sink Sprays the Regulator is supplied with an adaptor to fit all standard male/female threads. Also available integrally with Enware Tapware
Order code: SP326 with 6 lpm flow control Order code: SP326 with 8 lpm flow control
MK058 Aerated MK059 Aerated SP326 - Vario

In-Line Installations for Taps and Showers 3. For Taps and Showers the Regulator is installed in the cold and/or hot water supply line before the outlet.
* Order code: MK054 - specify flow rate
MK054 1/2 BSP Male/Female Connection

4. For Hand Showers the regulator is fitted between the flexible hose and the supply line.
* Order code: MK054 - specify flow rate

To order use product code and specify the flow rate you require. For example MK054 6 lpm black.
2 lpm - Olive 3 lpm - Brown 8 lpm - White 9 lpm - Orange 10 lpm - Blue 12 lpm - Red 15 lpm - Lime Green
lpm = litres per minute

5. For Taps and Showers the Regulator is installed in the cold and/or hot water supply line before the outlet. This is also suitable for all directional showers.
* Order code: MK054 - specify flow rate
* Supplied standard with 12 lpm - Red

4 lpm - Grey 5 lpm - Yellow 6 lpm - Black 7 lpm - Green

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