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Georgios Panagiotou Avenida Els Tremolencs.

24, 08530, La Garriga Barcelona, Spanien SIS Swiss International School Friedrichshafen Katharinenstrae 55 88045 Friedrichshafen Deutschland Dear Ms. Hausmann, I am writing to express my keen interest in the part-time position of English-speaking Preschool teacher at your school for the next academic year 2012/2013. I enclose my CV for your consideration. You will see from the attached CV that I am a CELTA qualified teacher and a recent university graduate with a BA (Hons) in Spanish and TESOL. Furthermore, you will find that I am currently interning at the international school SEK Katalunya in Barcelona, Spain. There, not only do I currently have the pleasure of working with a preschool class of 5 year olds as a classroom assistant but I have also taken the fantastic opportunity of actively aiding the school in setting up a phonics library for each of the preschool classes. The aforementioned activity includes persistent hands-on work with the Jolly Phonics system as well as books by Rigby-Star, Floppy Phonics and a few books which I volunteered to author myself for the particular program. Moreover, it is worth noting that after dedicating great portions of my time in dabbling with the Rosetta Stone software - Both in the classroom with my students and on a personal level as a student of German - I was recently one of the two members of staff chosen across the entirety of the school to comment and give my personal feedback and suggestions on the Rosetta Stone language learning experience. As a new and upcoming teacher of English who is hungry for new experiences, it would indeed be my pleasure to be part of your international team, and actively contribute to the teaching of English at your school. Generally speaking, as someone who has studied and immersed myself in the vast richness of both the English and Spanish languages and cultures, I consider it my obligation to enable future generations to experience the truly eyeopening wonders of language learning. In order to achieve the above, I entirely espouse and practice the ideals of a dynamic language immersion environment. I strongly believe that young learners are more prone to learn the language they are exposed to through games and activities designed to trigger their intuition and give them the feeling of discovery. Thus, I actively pursue the study and usage of language learning activities which allow the children to personalise the knowledge they discover and make it a truly memorable experience for them.

05 June 2012

On a slightly different note, and after having been a self-motivated student of German for 9 months now, I feel very strongly towards coming back to Germany and further immersing myself in the language and culture of your country. Should any kind of interest be shown towards this application, I shall welcome the opportunity to have a preliminary Skype or phone conversation with you at your convenience. Additionally, I will be visiting Germany in 3 weeks, and I would be very pleased and willing to visit your establishments for an interview. On a final note, should you require any further information before considering this job application, please do not hesitate to contact me. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Georgios Panagiotou