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. 2014 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION : The submission of an abstract and its acceptance by the Scientific Committee commits the author (s) to present the paper under respecting to get the necessary clearance for the publication in the SEICO 14 proceedings. Each speaker of a paper will be rewarded by a substantial reduction of the registration fee and by getting in additiona personal gift after the lecture. SEICO 14 CONFERENCE LANGUAGE FOR THE PAPER PRESENTATION AND PROCEEDINGS PUBLICATION WILL BE ENGLISH SEICO 14 SPONSORING : SAMPE Europe would be very pleased to welcome your organisation or company to discuss and sign for a sponsor amount for SEICO 14 based upon a comprehensive scheme providing in exchange the visualization of your name and Logo in all publication world-wide and on the proceedings in addition to sustaining complementary advantages. Please contact by e-mail for any such inquiry Mark Erath, Conference Manager : erath@bluewin.ch SEICO 14 CONFERENCE LOCATION : SEICO 14 will become organized at the Hotel MERCURE, Paris Porte de Versailles EXPO, 36-38 Rue du Moulin, F-92174 Vanves (Paris) which is located very next to the PARIS EXPO Complex, Porte de Versailles where the JEC COMPOSITE SHOW 2014 will take place. POSTER EXHIBITION OF SAMPE EUROPE STUDENTS CONFERENCE 2014 : As realized in previous years, the participants of the SAMPE Europe Students conference 2014 will exhibite their work in a special Poster Exhibition Room next to the SEICO 14 Conference Auditorium at the Hotel MERCURE. HOTEL ACCOMODATION : All SEICO 14 attendees will get special hotel-rates proposed for hotels in all categories near to the Hotel MERCURE, Vanves or at the MERCURE, Vanves, . In the Preliminary Programme SEICO 14 which is due to be published in January 2014 (www.sampe-europe.org) the Hotel Reservation Form and Conference Registration Form will become available. For any complementary and preliminary information please contact as from October 2014 Ati Congrs: Internet: www.ati-abotel.com / E-Mail : jec2014@ati.abotel.com (as from Dec.13) Tel + 33 1 47 27 15 15 Fax + 33 1 44 05 01 48

SEICO 14: First Announcement and Call for Papaers

SAMPE Europe
35th International Technical Conference & Forum March 10th 11th 2014

Low Cost Composite Processing, from Aerospace OOA to Automotive Thermoplastic


AIR France KLM Air Fare Reduction : AIR FRANCE KLM is going to propose special air fares for all participants and attendees of SEICO 14 Conference and JEC COMPOSITE SHOW 2014. Details and reference code for the application of reduction will be published in the SEICO 14 PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME. DO YOU NEED AND FURTHER INFORM ON SEICO 14 ? - Please fill in your data and get it scanned for e-mail transmission or fax it to: sebo@sampe-europe.org- resp. + 41 61 601 81 28

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Internet: www.sampe-europe.org Email: sebo@sampe-europe.org

SEICO 14 35th. INTERNATION CONFERENCE AND FORUM, PARIS, MARCH 10th. 11th. 2014 SEICO 14 of SAMPE Europe is one of the leading International Conference and Forum in the annual Calendar of Technical and Scientific Conference of Advanced Material and Process Technology, where with reference to Thermoset- and Thermoplastic Material Systems SEICO 14 will provide information on the latest achievement in Research, Development and Industrialization and of a wide field of associated Materials and Technologies, applied for leading state-of-the-art Composite Systems. SEICO 14 will be organized like in 2013 as a two days Conference and Forum with Plenary- and Parallel-Sessions presenting an overall of approx. 50 Top Papers and 3 Key-Note Addresses. SEICO 14 guide theme will be Low Cost Composite Processing, from Aerospace OOA to Automotive Thermoplastics The Key-Notes and Papers will make reference to the latest developments and application from Aircraft and Space-Components, Automotive- and Mass-Transport-Systems, NANO Technology, NDT & Repair, Sandwich-Structures, Composite Tooling, Adhesive Bonding, Windcraft Engery- Generation, Deep Sea Exploration, CNG Pressure Vessels, Civil Engineering and Repair and Marine Applications. SEICO 14 WILL BE REALIZED IN COOPERATION WITH JEC PARIS COMPOSITE SHOW 2014 : Based on the long lasting forward oriented cooperation between JEC COMPOSITES, Paris and SAMPE Europe, SEICO 14 will be organized at thwe Hotel MERCURE, Paris Porte de Verseilles Expo, F-92174 Vanves, whilst JEC COMPOSITE SHOW 2014 will be set up at the Paris EXPO Complex Porte de Versailles , which is located in a 8 minutes walking distance from each other. On March 11th. a free of charge Shuttle Bus will operate from 08.00h am 18.15h pm between Hotel MERCURE, Vanves, and the Main Entrance Gate of the JEC COMPOSITE SHOW 2014, which will be held at the PARIS EXPO Complex Porte de Versailles. JEC COMPOSITES Show 2014 is the world leading Exhibition on Composite Materials nd Technology with over 1000 Exhibitors on a stand-area of 54000m2 And expecting > 25000 visitors from all over the world. Information on JEC COMPOSITE 2014 will be available as from September 2013 on Internet : www.jeccomposites.com E-Mail: info@jeccomposites.com - Fax + 33 1 58 36 15 51 Phone: + 33 1 58 36 15 01 Mail: JEC COMPOSITES, 25 Blvd. de lAdmiral Bruix, F-75116 Paris. SEICO 14 : A LEADING EXCELLENCE IN TECHNICAL CONFERENCE AND FORUM FOR ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY: The two days conference concept based upon Key-Note Adress, Plenary and Parallel-Sessions will be based upon well searched and carefully selected papers to provide to all attendees a good and attractive programme. In addition SAMPE Europe organizes on Sunday, March 9th. a Welcome-Reception at the HOTEL MERCURE, Vanves, as from 18.30 20.30h pm where the opportunity is given to create new contacts to other attendees, specialists and colleagues. Please use this opportunity for your individual advantage. This Welcome Reception is an integratated element of the Registration Package as well as the Conference Dinner, to be organized on Monday evening, March 11th. and the daily Coffee Breaks and Lunch as well as the Conference Proceedings which will be prepared as a CD Rom Disc.

SEICO 14 35th. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND FORUM, PARIS, MARCH 10TH.-11TH.2014 CONFERENCE THEME: Low Cost Composite Processing, from Aerospace OOA to Automotive Thermoplastics - Advanced Composite Material Systems and Technologies offer a wide field of possibilities to design and apply an individual tailor made system for any specific define application to be realized as an individual structure or on small serial production or on industrialized size of several hundred component per day. Todays OOA technology contributes strongly to the success of massproduction of such components in an extended field of different industries. Thanks to the excellent ability to define and apply tailor made solutions, for each application the characteristics of the materials and the applied processing technology will provide an excellent platform to match the technical and economic goals to reach. Furthermore aspects like ecological protection, sustainability and recycling can become integrated in the design of the material composition and can also become widely integrated when the most suitable processing technology will be designated and tested. The interlinked reaction of those different elements with the characteristics of the applied materials with the designated technology can be seen as an ideal approach for a successful realization. CALL FOR PAPERS SEICO 14 is defined to show evidence and to stimulate the best ideas and realization in Advanced Composite Material Systems and Processing Technology to make it public and available to a worldwide audience by publishing it on the CD Rom Proceeding of SEICO 14 Conference. SAMPE Europe invites you to submit an abstract of your realized work with reference to the below define segments of application or technology, consisting in maximum of 220 words (1 page) and get it transmitted not later October 15th. 2013 by e-mail to: sebo@sampe-europe.org. AEROSPACE & SPACE AUTOMOTIVE MASS-TRANSPORT-SYSTEM MARINE CNG PRESSURE VESSELS WINDCRAFT CIVIL ENGINEERING OOA TECHNOLOGY NANO TECHNOLOGY ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY SANDWICH STRUCTURES WINDING TECHNOLOGY NDT & REPAIR MATRIX & PREPREG TECHNOLOGY

All in due time received abstracts will become screened and judge during October by the Scientific Committee of SAMPE Europe. In the first half of November 2013 all submitter of an abstract will be informed about the decisions taken. Accepted abstracts are due to be prepared as an electronic file for e-mail transmission to sebo@sampe-europe.org - not later than January 31st. 2014 For any related inquiry or question you will be welcomed to contact either: Prof. Paolo Ermanni, President SAMPE Europe Mark A. Erath, SAMPE Conference Mgr. Federal Technical University ETH Zrich ACMC Consulting GmbH., Riehen / Basel e-mail: permanni@ethz.ch e-mail: erath@bluewin.ch